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I like to use Tempus Sans ITC for Chakotay's visions, it really helps set the mood for his vision quests. You can download the zipped file and unzip it into your Windows fonts directory if you don't already have it on your computer. Thanks to Ralkana for figuring out how to get the font into a zip file!

UPDATE 6/14/16: All fic links are now fixed!


Shattered Image11/19/01 NC17

Remember that cat in the cream smile Chakotay had when Janeway asked about their relationship? Ever wonder why? ~ Shattered add-on


Crossing the Barriers11/20/01 NC17

Shattered Image from a future Kathryn and Chakotay's POV. ~ Second place in Love Through The Years Shattered Contest

Strip 11/25/01 G

Short and sweet


Special Delivery11/26/01 PG

Kathryn gets rid of the competition. First place in the Janeway's Got A Gun Contest in the post Endgame catagory!!


Split Decisions12/12/01 PG

As the clock counts down, two Janeways make a decision. ~ Deadlock add-on


Single White Borg12/17/01 NC17

SWB with nanoprobes seeks hunky First Officer to form collective. He will comply. ~ Endgame Add-on J/C I promise!


And Then? 12/17/01 PG

Is this what Admiral Janeway wanted Chakotay to do the first day they met? ~ Added scene to Single White Borg.


The Maquis And Captain Miller 11/02/02 NC17

Captain Miller and Katrine the Maquis spend some time alone. ~ Prequel to Safe In The Arms Of Love Third Place in the Le Coeur de Lion contest


Safe In The Arms Of Love 12/10/01 NC17

The Hirogen are gone, but their spirit lingers. ~ First Place in the Love Through The Years Killing Game contest


Game Over12/30/01 G

Remember the scene in Endgame in astrometrics that made us gag? Yeah, you know the one where Chakotay crawled on his belly like a dog? Here’s what happened after that. And what should have happened for Kathryn and Chakotay. ~ Endgame add-on


Learning Curves12/31/01 NC17

In the scene in Learning Curve where it's decided the Maquis problem children need to go to Starfleet boot camp with Sergeant Tuvok – didn’t it look like Kathryn and Chakotay had already discussed it? And maybe they railroaded Tuvok? ~ Learning Curve add-on


Captain Proton And The Lost Orgasm 1/05/02 NC17

My turn at a Chakotay and Kathryn are stranded on a really cold planet so they gotta share body heat to keep warm story. And let’s just pretend Tom isn’t here… ~ First place in the Humor Bowl Contest


In Dreams Of You 1/05/02 NC17

Kathryn and Chakotay have reminded me that this is their story not Tom’s! ~ You need to read Captain Proton And The Lost Orgasm to find out how they got to this point. But you did that already, right?


The Boxer 1/11/02 NC17

Chakotay puts Michael Sullivan to good use. ~ Fair Haven add-on


Mud And Flowers1/11/02 PG13

Most couples get moonlight and roses… ~ 2nd Place in the Heart’s Ablaze contest


Life And Death Situations1/20/02 NC17

Mischief forces Kathryn into a decision she doesn’t want to make.


His And Hers1/11/02 PG13

One shore leave – one night – two minds. ~ My first drabble so please be kind!


Stranger In A Strange Hologram 12/16/01 NC17

Kathryn gets more than she bargained for when she and Chakotay run Insurrection Alpha. ~ Worst Case Scenario add-on


What If We Watched? 1/26/02 NC17

Suppose Chakotay went back to the holodeck and watched? ~ Sequel to Stranger In A Strange Hologram


Lies I Told Myself 1/20/02 PG

Admiral Janeway’s thoughts on her way to face the Borg Queen. ~ Endgame add-on


It's How You Play The Game 1/20/02 NC17

Kathryn and Chakotay know it doesn't matter whether you win or lose...

The Rules Of The Game 5/18/02 NC17

“… there shall be no fraternization while on board ship. No senior officer may knowingly enter into a sexual relationship…”

Checkmate 2/14/02 NC17

Captain Janeway never told Chakotay about Seven's holographic tattoo boy. Admiral Janeway decides that's a mistake she's going to correct. ~ I challenged myself to fix Endgame and not change the scenes from the episode ~ First place in The Remembering Chakotay contest

Fate's Pawn3/24/02 PG13

Kathryn and Chakotay changed Admiral Janeway’s past, so shouldn’t something happen? ~ Additional scenes for Checkmate


Tattooed Road 2/14/02 PG

Chakotay takes his father's tattoo for himself and has a vision of his future. First Place in the Tattoo contest

Only Her Hologram Knows For Sure1/12/02 NC17

Ever wonder how Chakotay was able to wait for so many years?


On The Good Ship Liberty 2/23/02 NC17

The question was "would you have served under me?" TPTB may have sidestepped the question, but not me! ~ First place in Love Through The Years Parallax contest


End Around 2/24/02 PG

What was Admiral Janeway really planning when she told Captain Janeway about Chakotay and Seven's marriage?

Vision Of Love 3/06/02 NC17

The Spirits help bring Kathryn and Chakotay together

The Jailhouse Bride Trilogy 3/16/02 NC17

Prison walls can't stop true love

Just Let Me Be In Love 3/23/02 NC17

Tom loves B'Elanna but knows that sooner or later he'll screw it up. For tonight he just wants to be in love. ~ Don't worry, J/C have their moments in this story!

Quarantined 7/16/03  NC17

The love bug strikes again... ~ Prequel to Coffee Break


Coffee Break 3/30/02 PG

Nothing keeps Kathryn Janeway from her coffee... until now... ~ Second place in the Coffee Contest

Workforce Trilogy 4/05/02 Rated R

Corporal Punishment 4/08/02 NC17

When the Captain gets in trouble, who handles the disipline?


The Key 04/11/02 G

What do you get the Captain who has everything? ~ First place in The Touch Of Romance contest


Fate Is Twisted 04/14/02 PG13

Chakotay learns to be careful what you wish for... ~ Third place in the Turbolift contest

Voyagers 4/27/02   Individual chapters vary in rating. Some are NC17

The ride into the Delta Quadrant was rough and Commander Cavit nearly died. Waking from a coma Cavit found that not only had Captain Janeway broken the Prime Directive and destroyed their only way home – he had been demoted and the Maquis terrorist they were sent to capture had been given his postion as Voyager's first officer

Settling Down 5/01/02 NC17

Seven won the game and Chakotay, or did she?

Assuming You And Me 5/06/02 NC17

Kathryn always assumed that Chakotay would be hers when they got home


Exit Stage Left 05/16/02 PG

Young Harry meets an untimely fate... ~ Second place in the Oh my God! They Killed Harry! contest


Peace Treaty 05/16/02 PG

Two enemy leaders form an uneasy alliance. ~ Third place in the I Am Maquis contest

Spoils Of War 5/22/02 R

The Hirogen take more than trophies after a battle... but Chakotay knows the spoils of war go to the victor and he has no intention of losing. ~ First Place in the Chakotay The Invisible Man contest.

Satin Sheets 5/28/02 NC17

A hot and sweaty roll in the sheets

Truth And Consequences 6/01/02 NC17

Kathryn wants answers after the ship was shattered; to get them, she'll have to play Chakotay's game.... ~ Third Place in the Party Games contest

Ladies Man 06/15/02 G

B'Elanna watches Tom with another woman. ~ Third Place in the Daughter Of The Empire contest

Home To Your Heart 6/19/02 NC17

The Captain and Commander brought Voyager back to Earth, but can Kathryn and Chakotay ever go home again? ~ First place in the Blue Alert Contest

Leaving Home 7/17/02 R

Everyone one is happy to be home except for Voyager's first born daughter. ~ Sequel to Home To Your Heart

All Roads Lead To You 7/01/02 NC17

In every life the road leads to your soul mate. For Kathryn and Chakotay it's a road well traveled. ~ First place in the Haven't We Met Before? contest

Survival Skills 7/01/02 NC17

On the run from hostile aliens, Kathryn is injured and Chakotay must keep them alive while they wait for rescue. ~ 2nd Place in the Campfire contest

Love In 60 Seconds 7/13/02 PG

Voyager is home and Kathryn has one last minute to tell Chakotay how she feels

Chakotay and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 7/23/02 R to light NC17

After the kind of day he's had, all Chakotay wants is a nice dinner and a quiet evening at home. ~ After you've read all about Chakotay's day, you can follow the link at the bottom of the story to Ralkana's site, where you can read all about Kathryn's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

What Flavor Is A Second Chance? 8/01/02 G

A well-meaning Chakotay tries to give B'Elanna advice about her love life. ~ Second Place in the Jellybeans contest

Seeing With Your Heart 8/01/02 G

Chakotay teaches Kathryn to see beyond the face in the mirror ~ First Place in the Unimatrix Zero contest

End And Begin Again 8/03/02 NC17

Admiral Janeway hopes the end of her journey is the beginning for Captain Janeway

Sharing Time 8/11/02 G

What sweet secret is Kathryn hiding on the holodeck?

A Line In The Sand 8/11/02 PG

So just how did Chakotay manage to crash all those shuttles?

No Place Like Home 8/11/02 PG13

Was Admiral Janeway The Good Witch of the North? Or the Wicked Witch of the West?

Something Old, Something Tacky 8/11/02 G

Some traditions were better off dead...

Rituals 8/18/02 NC17

As realization that Voyager will not return sets in, Chakotay and Kathryn find comfort in their nightly rituals

Meeting The Family 8/24/02 R

He's faced down the Hirogen and the Borg, so why does Kathryn's grandmother make Chakotay break out in a cold sweat?

Passive Resistance 8/24/02 NC17

Chakotay uses passiveness to lure Kathryn into a false sense of dominance. ~ Second Place in The Queens Of Smut contest!

The Braying Of Jackasses 9/07/02 R

As the rumors of mutiny swirl around Chakotay, he finds himself helpless to prove his innocence.

Home Grown 9/20/02 G

As time goes by, Kathryn feels the need to get back to her roots.

The Song Series 10/9/02   Individual chapters vary in rating. Some are NC17.

While typing in my J/C fiction, I listen to the radio and  I've heard several songs that seemed to relate to J/C and traced a path through their relationship. So I turned them into stories. Each story is complete and can stand alone, but together they make a wonderful series.

No one will sing the songs, nor are they played in the stories. The lyrics are merely a companion throughout the stories.

Let Me Let Go

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This



Good Morning, Beautiful

Bring On The Rain

The River

Past Imperfect 11/14/02

Get Your Vines Off 11/14/02 R

Kathryn's latest acquisition is out to make an acquisition of its own

Past Imperfect 11/14/02 PG

A letter from Chakotay's past may change his future

Home For Christmas 12/12/02 PG

"I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams" ~ Second place in A Voyager Christmas contest

Forever At Your Side 12/24/02 NC17

Chakotay thought his anger and rage had died long ago. A simple question proves otherwise.

The Lady Wasn't Wearing Roses 1/2/03 G

The Doctor forgot one important detail when he impersonated the Captain in Renaissance Man.

Showtime 1/12/03  PG

A Starfleet Captain is called upon to play many roles.

Stones In The Road 1/28/03  PG

Two opposites find a common ground

The Art Of Stubborn Nobility 2/17/03  PG

Is noble another word for stupid? ~ First place in the AQ+1 Contest

Hope 3/12/03  PG

Stranded on New Earth with Chakotay, Kathryn has everything she wants, with just one exception.

Dodging St. Pat 4/02/03  PG

After the Valentine's day fiasco, Kathryn and Chakotay try to give the Talaxian Leprechaun the slip. ~ Third Place in the Rose a Gael contest

Artistic Vision 5/15/03  R to light NC17

When Chakotay needs help deciphering his vision, he turns to the master.

The Ribbon Of Life 5/23/03  PG

Life is what you make of it...

We'll Always Have St. Claire 6/6/03  R

After the war, Captain Miller makes the long journey back to St. Claire.

The 60th Rule* 6/25/03  NC17

When rumors appear to be the truth, who can you trust?

Natural Progression 8/12/03  NC17

Life is a circle.

The Truth Of Truths 10/25/03  PG13

The Queen can assimilate, but can she ever understand?

Just Close Enough 11/4/03  G

After years in the Delta Quadrant, some goals are almost close enough to touch.

Leave The Past Behind 11/24/03  G

What if home isn't what you were searching for?

Matching Pieces 12/1/03  PG

Some pieces fit no matter what the puzzle is. ~ A Shattered extra scene

Grayscaled 12/1/03  G

Discover the truth behind the evil plans of the aliens from the 8th dimension! ~ A Shattered extra scene

Unconventional Methods 6/21/04  PG

Some problems require unique solutions.

Emotional Coil 6/21/04  PG

Chakotay struggles with the aftermath of the events in Basics.

Liberty For Wolves 9/18/05  NC17

How did the hunters ensnare their prey?

Love Is Immortal  ~ My Buffy/Angel fiction

My Other Obsessions ~ A my fanfic from Starsky & Hutch, Third Watch, and Lethal Weapon.

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