Satin Sheets

By Maquis Leader



Rating NC17

Author’s note: There may be a plot in here, but I doubt it...



Chakotay relaxed as Kathryn dug her fingers into the muscles of his shoulders. Closing his eyes, he sighed contentedly. It was nice to be the massagee instead of the massager for a change.


Settling more comfortably astride his lean flanks, Kathryn surveyed the golden skin laid out before her and wiggled a little at the thought of the feel of those flexing muscles under her hands. So many muscles, so little time.


Her husky laugh excited him almost as much as the feel of her damp pussy resting on his ass. Arching his back, he rubbed against her, eliciting another laugh from her.


“You’re lucky.”


“I know.” He shivered as she raked her fingernails down his back. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to tease him with the danger.


“Very lucky.” Tightening her thighs along his side, she rocked against him.




Rocking harder, she ground the swollen nub against his taut buttocks until the ache began to build up inside of her. “You’re lucky – lucky – I can’t fuck – you!” Laughter rumbled through him and he arched up against her again.


Her curls tickled his skin and her juices spread over his ass as she humped against him. Chakotay moaned as his cock rubbed the satin sheets in time with her frantic movements. There was a sudden sharp cry and one last grinding thrust as she came, and more wetness covered him.


Stretching out to lay on him, Kathryn tangled her fingers into his raven hair. “I love your ass.” She whispered in his ear. The other hand slid down his side and over one rounded cheek. Her fingers smeared through the wetness covering his soft skin before sliding between his cheeks.


“Kathryn!” He yelped as a finger probed at the entrance of his body before plunging inside. “No!” Gasping at the stinging pain, he tried to roll her off his back.


“Uh-uh!” She threw her weight across his shoulders and pinned him down. Rubbing her mound against her hand as it pumped into him, she shivered at the waves of pleasure that started once again.


“This isn’t – quit!” Chakotay pushed up off the bed.


“You like it and you know it!”


“No!” She clung to his back like a cat.


“You say that…” Curling her finger, she searched for the right spot. Chakotay cried out and arched under her before collapsing back onto the bed. “But Mr. Prostate says differently!”


“Damn it!” He writhed helplessly as she hit the sensitive spot again and again. She was right. As much as he hated what she was doing, the pleasure couldn’t be denied. “Kathryn, please – no!”


Rising up, she slid her finger from his clenching ass. “Roll over.” The gleam in the black velvet eyes promised revenge. “I want to suck your cock.” Revenge flared to lust in a heartbeat.


Lying between his spread legs, Kathryn nuzzled his balls lovingly.  What beautiful babies he’d make for her. “Someday…” The head of his thick shaft was already swollen and purplish and the fat vein running up the length was pulsing against her cheek.


A smile quirked Chakotay’s mouth. Who would have ever thought Kathryn Janeway loved to give a head job? Or would be so good at it? He gasped as she plunged her mouth down over him and her finger slid back up inside of him. “No, no – Kathryn – please!”


Holding the base of his cock with her free hand, she rode him with her mouth and finger fucked his ass in the same rhythm.


“Spirits! Kathryn – it’s wrong – stop – ah!” Arching up, he cried out as fire and lightning spiked through his body.


Laughing around his swollen cock, she curled her finger inside of him again. His manly pride might not like what she was doing to him, but his body damned sure did.


He moaned and twisted, crying out in his pleasure. Head thrashing on the silken pillows, Chakotay sobbed with ecstasy. “Kathryn! Please – Spirits – I’m dying!” His hands clenched into the sheets and his body bucked as she sucked him without mercy and her teeth bit teasingly around the base of his cock.


Distracted by his rapture, Kathryn was caught off guard when he climaxed and hot cum sprayed the back of her throat, choking her. Both hands held her down, crushing her face into his pubic mound until she fought free.


Coughing and gagging, she watched the rest of his seed spurt out onto her face and his belly.  “Jesus, Chakotay!” she coughed again. “That’s not what I want on my tombstone!”


Rolling off the bed, Kathryn went to the bathroom and ran warm water in the sink to wet a washcloth. She wiped the sticky cum off her face and neck. “Good, god, it’s in my hair!”


Still laughing, she went back into the bedroom. “You got it in my hair – “He hadn’t moved. “Chakotay?” No answer. He was sprawled in the same position and his eyes were closed. “Chakotay?” Leaning over him, she smiled. It wasn’t like him to fall asleep so quickly. As a rule, he would give her a lazy satisfied smile and pull her into his arms for a kiss. While he might be opposed to the occasional finger fucking that she did to him, he loved to taste his own cum from her mouth. “Chakotay?” With a laugh, she pressed a kiss to his mouth. “Was it that good, baby?”


Wiping the cum from his belly and groin, Kathryn kissed his now soft cock. “We’re going to have to wake you up.” She licked up the last of his seed that continued to ooze out. “Mama needs fucked.”


Throwing the washcloth onto the bedside table, she crawled back up Chakotay’s body and settled herself against his chest. “Hey, sleepy.”


Chakotay didn’t move. His chest rose and fell steadily under her hand and his head lolled to one side. Had he passed out? She did from time to time when he’d fucked her half to death, but he’d never done so.


“Well this is just peachy.” Frustrated, she slid her hand down between her legs and stroked the throbbing bundle of nerves. “You can fuck me when I’m unconscious, but it doesn’t work the other way around, you know.”


Sliding over and around the aching center, her fingers traced her pussy lips smearing her juices over them. Inserting two fingers, she began pumping them in and out steadily while her other hand pinched and teased her nipples.


After a few minutes, she was panting and aching, but no closer to release.  Taking Chakotay’s hand, she laid it over her breast. No response. “Oh this is so not fair.” She couldn’t count the times she’d drifted to consciousness to find herself on her belly with Chakotay pumping deep inside of her. Once, he’d even pulled her down to the end of the bed so he could stand between her thighs and it would be easier to fuck her. Nothing like waking up to find your limp legs over someone’s shoulders while he’s happily screwing you. Unfortunately, when he was limp, the show was over.


“Great, now what the hell do I – wait!”  Scrabbling in the drawer of the bedside table, Kathryn pulled out a large dildo. “Well, I know we haven’t spoken in quite awhile…” She kissed the hard rubber. “But I hope you won’t hold it against me.”


Lying back, she rubbed the rounded head along her wet folds until it was coated with her moisture before plunging it inside of her.  “Yes!” Digging her heels into the sheets, she arched up as it slid slowly in and out of her aching pussy. Kathryn clenched her inner muscles to try and hold it inside even as she pulled it out.


The dildo wasn’t as big and thick as Chakotay, but it filled her well enough to do the job. She flicked the switch on, the instant vibrations making her sigh in bliss. It may have lain unused and forgotten for the last two years, but the power supply was still good.


Throaty feminine moans and a soft body wiggling against him greeted Chakotay as he faded awake. “Kathryn?” Propping himself up on his elbow, his mouth dropped open at the sight. He’d watched Kathryn pleasure herself before, that was nothing new.  What was new was the hot pink dildo she was pumping in and out of herself. Where in the hell did that come from?


“Chakotay…” Eyes closed and her teeth chewing her bottom lip, she rubbed at herself with her other hand and her hips arched up to take the dildo as deeply as she could. “Oh… god… Chakotay… fuck me harder…”


He laid his hand over hers and helped stroke her woman’s jewel. “Chakotay!” Kathryn found herself looking into his smiling face. “Oh god – you were – I needed – “ Her face turned crimson.


“I can see.” Lowering his mouth to hers, he slid his tongue inside her mouth to play with her tongue. Gently, he coaxed the hand under his into its earlier rhythm.


Kathryn mated her tongue with his in a breathless kiss. She moaned softly as he pulled away and moaned again as his mouth kissed a hot trail down her neck to her breasts before suckling first one nipple then the other. Continuing down her belly, his tongue swirled into her navel on its journey to where their joined hands tortured her with pleasure.


Circling his fingers around the dildo, Chakotay pumped it into her harder and deeper driving her up to meet his mouth as he sucked and licked the over stimulated bud. He laughed against her as she screamed out his name.


Kathryn’s fingers tangled in his hair and she pushed his face against her bucking pussy. The long awaited explosions hit her and spread through her belly and breasts until she felt lightheaded.


Pulling out the slick wet dildo, Chakotay tossed it to one side and moved his own cock to her hot opening. Spreading her legs up and apart, he began pounding into her while she whimpered and moaned beneath him.


His mouth crushed hers, forcing her to taste her juices from his tongue while he fucked her as ruthlessly as she’d done to him earlier. Another orgasm followed the first with another so close behind that she couldn’t breathe.  When he came, grinding into her womb to spurt his seed, Kathryn cried out in relief and loss at the same instant.


Chakotay’s arms were shaking as he pushed up off of her, afraid he’d crush her petite body. “Kathryn, where did you get this… thing?” And what else do you intend to do with it?


“My sister.” She gasped. “Before I left… it was a joke…”


“Hmm…” He examined the hot pink piece of rubber. “Have you used it often?


“Not since we’ve been together.” She chuckled. “Jealous?”


“No.” He rolled it over her belly making her jump. “Mark?”


“He never saw it.” The crooked smile came out. “He would have been, though, if that’s what you’re asking.”


“I’d never ask such a thing.” His smug expression gave him away.


“Oh, of course not. And I’d never tell you he was smaller than that thing.” She stretched out a hand to cup his balls. “Or this thing.”


“Kathryn, I want to make one thing clear.” He rapped her knuckles with the dildo. “You can use this thing on yourself whenever you want.”


“Thanks for your permission.”


“But if you ever use this on me…” His voice trailed off threateningly.


“You’ll what?”


“I’ll use it on you.”


“Oh, well…” Kathryn spread her legs. “Go ahead.”


“Oh, no, not there.” Chakotay laid the still vibrating dildo on her sensitive jewel before sliding it down past her wet pussy and nudging the other, tighter opening. “Here.”


Scrambling back, Kathryn glared at him. “You wouldn’t!”


The black velvet eyes held a dangerous promise.


“You – you – wouldn’t dare!”


“You stick to fingers and so will I. Deal?”


She grabbed the dildo and tossed it across the room. “I could always hide it so you can’t use it on me.”


His cock jutted out hard once again. “No hiding this.” One large hand stroked it slowly.


For a brief moment, she wondered what it would be like to have Chakotay’s long thick cock shoved into her ass. Then she shivered and stuck out her hand. “It’s a deal.”


“Lay back, beloved and let’s seal it with a kiss.” His body settled over hers and their lips met in a hungry kiss.


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