Learning Curves


By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17

Author’s note: In the scene in Learning Curve where it’s decided the Maquis problem children need to go to Starfleet boot camp. Didn’t it look like J/C had already decided what to do?




Kathryn Janeway was sitting behind her desk in the ready room listening to Tuvok’s report. She shot a look at Chakotay where he stood to her right. They were both waiting for the Vulcan to get to the problem they had discussed in private last night.


“There is one other matter I wish to discuss.” Tuvok’s voice made a subtle shift into disapproval. “I am concerned about crewman Dalby. He attempted to make unauthorized repairs on a damaged gelpack. When I confronted him, he lost control.”


“How so?” she leaned forward as if this was something she didn’t already know.


“He became extremely angry – to the point of insubordination.”


“Dalby?” Kathryn’s voice lowered and she frowned as though trying to place the name. “I’ve heard complaints about him from others.”


“Indeed, this is not the first incident involving Mr. Dalby. Last week…”


Tuvok’s voice faded away when she caught the half smile on Chakotay’s face as he looked at her. He wasn’t listening to Tuvok either, he was remembering last night just as she was.




“He was insubordinate.”


“I agree.”


“Then what do you suggest we do?” Kathryn leaned back. She and Chakotay had just finished their dinner and moved over to the sofa under the viewports. He’d settled back into the corner. She’d noticed he’d claimed that as his spot after the first night or two. They sat angled toward each other knees touching, her hand along the back of the sofa almost touching his shoulder.


“They’re feeling frustrated, Dalby most of all. He’s a good man, but he’s not used to the protocols and procedures.” Chakotay took a drink from his tea. “In the Maquis, you didn’t need permission to do something that needed to be done.”


“He has to understand that we do things differently on a Starfleet vessel.”


“It’s not understanding – it’s respect that’s the issue here. He doesn’t respect Starfleet or anything about it.”


“That could be a problem down the road. We have to put a stop to it now. If you speak to him –“


“Kathryn, I’m not the one who needs to gain their respect. You do.”


“Me?” She looked shocked.


“Not you specifically.” He patted her knee reassuringly. “They see Tuvok as a traitor. Most of the reports I get on insubordination and not following procedures are directly related to him. He’s expecting Starfleet behavior from people who never went to the academy.”


“So what do you propose we do about it.” His hand was still on her knee.


“I think we should give them a crash course on Starfleet training. Let them see why we do things the way we do.”


“And you think Tuvok should be the one to teach them.” The corner of her mouth crooked up. “He’s not going to like the idea.”


“I say we don’t give him a choice.”


“Railroad him into it?”


“He did teach at the academy for several years.” Chakotay shrugged. “I’d say he’s the logical choice.”


“You are a devious man.” Kathryn placed a hand on his shoulder. “I like that.”


Chakotay had noticed that she was a toucher. The occasional pat on the shoulder or her fingertips touching a crewmember’s arm. Always a brief touch conveying strength and support. When she touched him, however, her hand lingered on his chest or arm and she touched him with greater frequency as time went by. After he’d awoken in Sickbay when the alien had forced him out of his body to find both her small hands on his bare chest, he’d realized how important her touch was becoming to him. There was a woman behind the Starfleet armor, and he intended to have her.


“I prefer to think of it as a tactical maneuver.” He told her. “Tuvok takes care of my problem children and heads off a potential future problem at the same time.”


“You taught at the Academy as well.” She squeezed his shoulder. “Advanced Tactics as I recall.”


“They already respect me, remember?” He smiled. And nowhere in his tactics courses had he taught how to seduce your superior officer. He leaned forward, ostensibly to put his cup on the table. Instead of sitting back, however, he raised a hand to her hair. “Doesn’t this give you a headache?”


“Sometimes, but its regulation this way.” Kathryn’s hair fell around her shoulders as he tugged the hairpins out.


“That’s better.” Combing his fingers through the waist length hair, Chakotay pulled it back to the nape of her neck. “This is regulation and wouldn’t give you a headache.”


“I suppose.” He was much too close. She could feel his breath on her cheek. “I could cut it – “


“No!” He smiled slowly. “Indians like long hair, remember?”


“Do I have to worry about you scalping me in my bed?” She couldn’t help smiling in return.


He laughed softly. Scalping wasn’t what he was of a mind to do in her bed. “I like it where it is. Such a beautiful color.”


“It’s pretty common where I come from.” Chakotay had tangled his fists in her hair pulling her closer.


“Not where I come from.” Lifting a handful to his face, he rubbed it against his cheek. “The Spirits have painted your hair with fire.”


Her heart was pounding. He was too close. She should push him away. Instead, her hands curled around his shoulders bringing him even closer. His lips skated across her cheek before settling on hers. His mouth was warm, gently caressing her lips. He tasted of the tea he’d been drinking, sweet and spicy.

Slowly so that he wouldn’t startle her, Chakotay closed his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. He’d have to keep his hands in neutral areas for now until she was too excited to pull away.


Kathryn had never been kissed so expertly before. Chakotay kissed, sucked and nibbled with his lips and tongue until the fire pooled in her belly spilled over spreading up through her breasts and down between her legs. One of his hands was still in her hair, and the other was splayed across her back. Tugging on his arm, she moved one large hand to her breast.


Moaning into her mouth, Chakotay squeezed the firm breast seeking the nipple through her jacket. Frustrated, he zipped her jacket down to get his hand inside. Better, but still not enough. Patience he scolded himself. One wrong move and she’ll bolt. Rolling the taut nipple between his fingers, he sucked her tongue gently, wanting her to picture him sucking at her breasts.


Arching back, Kathryn broke away from his mouth, panting and gasping for breath. Electricity sparked from his hand on her breast. “I need – “ His mouth was on hers again, tongue lapping at her. She needed his mouth on her skin. Tugging at her shirt, she pulled it up exposing the grey tank top underneath. She had on too many clothes!


Chakotay chuckled silently, he could feel her frustration as she arched against him, her hand in his hair tugging painfully. Sliding his hand under the tank, he was rewarded with her tongue thrusting greedily into his mouth. Soft cotton, no doubt standard Starfleet issue, his fingers found the catch between her breasts. He could open one of these in his sleep.


When his mouth pulled away from hers, Kathryn felt abandoned until his tongue slid over her left breast to circle the nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Clutching his head to her breast, she let him push her down onto her back.


Holding her breasts together, he feasted on one then the other. Nipping and sucking, he traced the freckles he found. Sliding his tongue from one to another. She was moving restlessly under him rubbing against the thigh he had laid between hers.


Clamping her thighs around the muscular leg, she trapped it against her. Rubbing up and down, she rode the wave of pleasure seeking release whimpering as it stayed just out of reach. Cool air washed across her stomach as he raised himself off of her. Crying out at the loss, she tried to pull Chakotay back to her. Then his fingers were stroking her, circling the excited bud. “Yes!” That was exactly what she needed!


Burying two fingers inside of her, he rested the heel of his hand on the center of her pressing down hard. His other hand continued to pull her pants down. Starfleet uniforms weren’t the easiest things to get a woman out of, luckily he’d had plenty of practice. Taking her mouth with his once again, his slid his tongue in and out mimicking what his fingers were doing to her.


Hands moving frantically over his back and shoulders, Kathryn cupped his buttocks to pull him closer. The pressure was building to a painful level as his fingers pumped inside of her.


When she cried out in her orgasm, bucking against him, Chakotay stilled his fingers inside of her. Kissing her trembling mouth gently, he opened his own pants to free his throbbing erection. Rubbing the swollen head in her wetness, he drank in the sight of Kathryn with her auburn hair spread around her, cheeks flushed with pleasure, her lips swollen from his kisses.


Kathryn experienced a moment of absolute clarity as he pushed the hot tip inside of her. Knew this was wrong and she should not allow it to continue. Then he pushed the thick length completely inside of her and the thought was gone. Wrapping her legs around him, she held him as he rode her to another shattering climax.


“Spirits, you’re so tight...” He groaned. “So hot and sweet...” Chakotay rested his forehead against hers as their hips ground together.


Chakotay was heavy. He was much bigger than Mark in more ways than one and his weight was crushing her down into the sofa cushions. The aftershocks were still tearing through her as he strained for his own climax. He was panting in her ear, whimpering her name as the contractions rippled across his stomach. Drawing her knees up, she squeezed him deeper inside of her as he cried out.


Stroking the raven hair, Kathryn cradled Chakotay in her arms. Amazing how a man could be strong as an ox one minute and weak as a kitten the next.


“Kathryn...” The soft husky voice sent a shiver through her. “I love you.”


“I love you, too, Chakotay.”


“From the first moment I saw you.” He rose up to look at her. “From the very first moment.”


There was a flush staining his cheeks. Was it possible he was shy after what they’d done? Or was he afraid she’d push him away? “For me, too.” She kissed him softly.


“...last ten duty shifts.”


Snapping back to the present, Kathryn turned to Chakotay. “Commander, you know Mr. Dalby better than I do, any idea what might be bothering him?” She sat back in her seat, trying not to squirm to relieve the ache between her legs.


Chakotay sighed. “Dalby’s always been pretty aggressive. My guess is – the man’s frustrated. He’s not used to dealing with Starfleet protocol and procedure.” He shot Kathryn a sidelong glance reminding her they had trampled protocol and procedure into the dirt last night. If not the first time they’d made love, then definitely the second time.


Tuvok continued, unaware of the silent communication between the Captain and first officer. “A starship cannot run without protocols. Mr. Dalby’s attitude is disrupting this vessel’s operations.”


“What do you suggest? Dragging him in front of a disciplinary board?”


“Perhaps that would be the best approach.” The Vulcan overlooked Chakotay’s sarcasm.


“I doubt that’s going to help. Dalby’s not the only Maquis who’s having trouble adjusting.” She stood, making a conscious effort not to look at Chakotay. He was one Maquis who was fitting in entirely too well. “And besides, it’s not only a matter of attitude, it’s also a matter of experience. It’s not fair to expect Starfleet behavior from people who never went to the Academy.” She set the bait knowing Tuvok would bite.


“What do you propose?” The Vulcan asked.


“We need to bring some of these people up to speed. Instruct them on how to run a Starfleet vessel. Show them why we do things the way we do. Give them an opportunity to feel like they’re part of the team.” She mentally tossed the ball to Chakotay.


“A crash course in Starfleet operations.” He sent another sidelong look at her. “Field training.”


“Exactly!” Kathryn smiled at him. They did make a good team. “So, what do you think, Mr. Tuvok? Are you up to training a group of raw cadets?”


“Me?” His eyebrows rose as the trap closed neatly around him.


“You taught at the academy for sixteen years – you’d be perfect for the job.” Smiling innocently at him, she caught Chakotay holding back his own smile.

“Commander Chakotay would be a more logical choice to be their instructor. He is a Maquis as well as their former Captain.” Tuvok pointed out.


Kathryn caught Chakotay’s ‘I told you so, he’s trying to dump this on me’ look. “That’s my point. He doesn’t have to earn their respect. We do.”


“Very well, Captain. I will prepare a curriculum. “ Commander Chakotay looked smug as if he had anticipated these results.


“Commander, pick out the Maquis crew members you feel . . . ” She winked at Chakotay. “Would benefit most from the training. Have them report to Lieutenant Tuvok at the next duty shift.”


“Right.” Chakotay started to leave, pausing behind the Vulcan to whisper. “Don’t worry, Tuvok, I’ll tell them to take it easy on you.”


As the other man left the ready room, Tuvok felt very unsettled. He had the distinct feeling he’d been set up.



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