It’s How You Play The Game

By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17




“You’re going to get sunburned.”


“No, I’m not.”


Chakotay eyed the amount of white skin Kathryn’s bikini exposed.  “Yes, you are.”


“Chakotay, I’m trying to get some real sun for a change.”  She glared at him.


“Is that why you’re wearing half a swimsuit?”


“It’s a whole swimsuit, just not a lot of material.”  A smile crooked the corner of her mouth.  “And here I thought you’d like it.”


He did like the skimpy suit.  That was part of the problem.  “Where did you get that thing?”


“From the replicator.  I wanted to soak up as much sunlight as possible.”


“What if the crew sees you in that thing?”  The thought of Tom Paris drooling over her made his blood boil.


“That’s why I beamed down to a remote spot.”  She glared at him again.  “Away from everyone.”


“Kathryn, your skin is delicate, let me put some oil on you.”


“How do you know?”


“Your skin is so white and – “ Chakotay bit back the words.


“You like my skin, do you?”  She grinned at him.


“Yes.”  He sighed.  “I like how it’s creamy and white, and I’d like it to stay that way.  So just get angry at me and get it over with.”


“I’m not angry, Chakotay.  I’ll even confess I like how brown your skin is.”


“Please put on some of the oil I brought along.”


“Okay, okay, go ahead!  I give up!”  She lay back down on her beach towel.


Sitting astraddle of her thighs, Chakotay poured oil onto his hands.  Rubbing it into her shoulders, he massaged the tense muscles.  “You get sunblock and a massage at no extra cost.”


“Must be my lucky day.”


His hands moved over her shoulders and upper back, then down her arms.  Slipping his fingers under the back tie of her suit, he rubbed the oil into the skin underneath.


“Untie it.”



“Go ahead and untie it.  It’s not like you’re going to see anything.”


True.  She was laying on her belly so the most he’d be able to see would be the sides of her breasts.  The thought of pulling the string loose so that the top fell open excited him.  He shifted as he grew hard.  Tugging the tie undone, he undid the one at her neck as well.  In for a penny.


Kathryn relaxed under his expert hands.  Chakotay kneaded the muscles in her back until all the knots of tension were gone.  She jumped as his hands moved down onto the back of her thighs.


“You want to put it on yourself?”


“No, you’re doing fine.”  Her voice was soft and husky.


Pouring more oil onto his hands, Chakotay rubbed it into the backs of her thighs and calves, moving down to coat her feet and ankles.  As he worked his way back up, he was so hard he was hurting.  It was all he could do to keep from rubbing himself against her.


His hands slid up the inside of her legs, coating them with the oil.  Stifling a moan, Kathryn shifted her legs apart.  As his hands reached the insides of her thighs, she began to tremble.  Between her legs the ache throbbed in time with her heartbeat.


Waiting for her to protest, Chakotay caressed her inner thighs.  Surely she would stop him any moment.  She couldn’t possibly be asleep, unless she was pretending.  Moving up, he slid his fingers under the waistband of the bikini bottom and smeared oil along the top of her buttocks until he reached the ties at her hips.  Pulling them undone, he brushed the cloth out of his way.  The sight of her bare white bottom made him groan.


Burying her face in her arms, Kathryn stifled a moan as his hands stroked and kneaded her.  More oil was being drizzled onto her skin as he squeezed her buttocks in his big hands.  Chakotay’s breath was coming in gasps and he was rubbing his erection against her thigh.  When his fingers slid down the cleft between her cheeks, she lifted up slightly to encourage him to explore further.


Now he knew the game they were playing.  Kathryn was pretending to be asleep.  At some point she’d pretend to wake up and they would pretend nothing had happened.  Until then, they could play.  Sliding his fingers down between the soft round cheeks, he found the swollen bud.  He stroked it gently while his thumb pressed against the tighter forbidden opening.  She shifted to give him better access and one leg slid over to open herself to him.


His fingers teased the wet opening, circling and sliding until she was ready to scream.  Finally they slid inside of her and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.  Helplessly, she buried her face farther into the towel as he stroked her until the pressure inside her exploded.


Kathryn’s body was shuddering as she came, her inner walls clenching around his fingers.  Moving down her body, Chakotay put his mouth on the slick skin of her inner thigh.  Pushing her legs farther apart, he lapped at her wetness.


Oh God!  Stuffing the towel into her mouth to stop her cries, Kathryn arched up to let him push his fingers deeper inside of her.  His tongue slid around his fingers as they pumped in and out of her, then pushed up inside of her as he held her open with his fingers.  The shockwaves tore through her again.


Rising up, Chakotay pulled his trunks off.  He wasn’t sure how far she was going to go with this particular game, but he intended to take full advantage of it.  Rubbing his erection against her oiled skin, he nuzzled the back of her neck.


Spreading her legs open wider, he slid the swollen head up and down her wet folds.  Sliding a hand under her belly, he found the hard excited nub and teased it until she arched up against him.


Panting into the towel, Kathryn felt Chakotay playing at the opening of her body.  He was nibbling on her ear and kissing her neck.  Without saying a word, he was asking for permission.  She knew if she made the slightest protest, he’d stop.  Instead, she arched her back, raising her bottom up to push back against the hardness probing her.


Oh Spirits!  She was giving him permission, not saying a word but using her body to show her willingness.  Tipping the bottle of oil up, he drizzled it onto his erection and over her buttocks.  Slowly, he pushed into her inch by inch.  “Kathryn…” He couldn’t hold her name back.  Heart pounding, he waited to see if she’d stop him.  Her head stayed down and her body still except to push farther back on him.


She wanted all of him.  Nothing she’d ever done before had been as difficult as just laying there as he pushed so slowly into her.  Kathryn wanted to get up on her hands and knees and beg him to fuck her.  But that was against the rules.  Something that happened accidentally while she was unaware – that was something they could do.  Willingly giving herself to her first officer was something she couldn’t do.


Grunting as he finally settled his full length inside of her, Chakotay kissed her shoulders and neck as he lay still letting her get accustomed to him.  She’s so very tight and sweet.  He wanted to tell her what he was going to do to her, wanted to tell her how he was going to fuck her until she went crazy from the pleasure.  But that would end the game.  Pretending this wasn’t real was something they could do.  Talking would make it reality and that was something he couldn’t do.  Biting back the words, he began stroking slowly in and out of her.


Pulling her elbows under her, Kathryn braced herself to meet his thrusts.  God, he was huge!  Filling her until she thought she’d tear apart.  No other man had given her this much pleasure before.  Chakotay was thrusting into her roughly, gasping into her hair.   Another climax was building as he rode her.


Sliding his hands under her body, he cupped her breasts in his hands, teasing the nipples.  Nipping at her neck, Chakotay pumped into her harder and deeper.  Kathryn could pretend all she wanted, but she was going to feel what he was doing to her.  Tonight when she tried to sleep, she’d still feel his cock filling her, feel him taking her.


Body shaking from one orgasm after another, Kathryn’s cries were forcing themselves out past her clenched teeth as he pounded into her.  His hands were squeezing her breasts and his teeth bit into the nape of her neck as his body emptied into hers with one last savage thrust.


Lying atop her, Chakotay felt her milking him, wringing every drop from him.  I love you, Kathryn.  Gradually his heartbeat slowed and his breath stopped coming in huge gasps.  Lifting himself off of her, he slid his softened cock from her.


Kathryn lay still as he got up off of her.  Tears leaked out from under her closed eyelids as she felt him gently washing his seed from her body.  I love you Chakotay.  His mouth pressed to her again, kissing the swollen lips, tongue pushing inside to taste their mixed juices.


Lapping up the taste of them, Chakotay felt Kathryn shudder through one last small climax.  Kissing her soft white bottom, he turned and dove off the dock into the water.  Keeping his back to her, he washed himself off in the cool water.  When he finally turned around, she was gone, as he knew she would be.


It was a game they played, a way around protocol.  Each planet presented them with a challenge.  The last one was riddled with caves and they managed to get off alone in the depths.  With the wrist lights off, he’d taken her in the dark.  At least he was able to kiss her that time.  He hated playing the game, but even a small part of Kathryn was better than none at all.


Someday when they got back to the Alpha quadrant, or the day came when she stepped down as Captain, they could be together.  But for now, they’d play their game.  It was all they had.


Sighing, Chakotay climbed up onto the dock.  Pulling his swim trunks back on, he gathered up his towel and the half empty bottle of oil.  Maybe they could use the rest of it on another shore leave.

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