Shattered Image

By Maquis Leader


Rating NC17

Author's note: Set during Shattered.




Jogging down the corridor from engineering, Chakotay tried to piece together what was happening to the ship. Engineering was five years in the past, the Bridge was seven, and Sickbay was – his head hurt. One thing was certain; he seemed to be the only one able to pass between the different zones. The injection the EMH had given him to bring him into temporal alignment must be the key. He’d head back there for now.


“Commander, tough day on the bridge?”


“What?” He turned to see Neelix passing him in the corridor.


“Your uniform, it looks burned.”


“Oh, well….” He looked down at the marks on the front of his uniform. “One of the Captain’s death glares.”


The Talaxian chuckled and nodded his head. “Say no more! I understand completely.”


Chakotay headed for his quarters. He’d be less noticeable in a clean uniform. Surely a uniform borrowed from himself wouldn’t upset the timeline. As he passed the Captain’s quarters a harsh voice brought him to a stop.


“Prey.” A Hirogen hunter brought his weapon up.


Jumping backwards, Chakotay hit the floor rolling as the hunter fired. He lay there panting as a second hunter joined the first. “Turn down the setting, fool, you can’t take trophies from vaporized prey.”


Getting slowly to his feet, Chakotay turned back down the corridor. His quarters were on the wrong side of this particular fracture. Keying open the door to the Captain’s quarters he went inside. The main room was dark so she must be on the bridge. Kathryn wouldn’t mind if he used her replicator. Hopefully. Depending on which Kathryn’s time this was. She’d either throw him in the brig or tell him to help himself. He sighed; he sure could use her help on this.


There was another sigh. Was she in her quarters after all?


“No… I can’t.” Her voice sounded weak and breathless. Was she talking in her sleep?


“Wrong answer.” Another voice, harsh and male.


The only light in the room was the starlight streaming in from the view ports. Two figures were by the forward view port. Kathryn was bracing herself against the ledge of the view port. Her head was pulled back by the large male figure behind her. Chakotay was shocked, frozen in place by what he saw.


“Tell me what I want to hear or the whole crew gets to hear their Captain begging a Maquis to fuck her.”


Exploding across the room, he pulled the man away from her and punched him in the face. Dropping down onto the fallen man’s chest, he used his legs to pin his arms. “You bastard!” He hit him again and was pulling back his fist for another punch when he felt the press of a phaser to his temple.


“Get off of him.” Her voice was the cold crack of command he’d heard only in crisis situations. “Lights at seventy-five percent.”


Chakotay looked down at…. himself. His other self looked only slightly less shocked.


“I said get off.” She pressed the phaser harder against his temple. “Who the hell are you?”


“It’s alright, Kathryn.” Chakotay assured her as he got up, holding his hands out to her.


“No, it’s not alright.” She glared at him. “I had one hell of an orgasm building up and you stopped it.”


He felt his jaw drop. “I must have contaminated the timeline somehow. I’m sorry Kathryn, so sorry.”


The other man started laughing as he got up and fastened his leather pants. “This is not what it looks like.”


“It looks like you were raping her – trying to make her tell you her command codes to take control of the ship.”


Kathryn joined in the other man’s laughter. “No, it’s really not what it looks like.” She tossed the phaser on the table and sat down to pull off her pants and boots.


“It’s the time the ship fractured into different times, isn’t it?” His other self asked as he settled on the couch.


Chakotay didn’t answer, he was staring at Kathryn wearing only her torn tank top sitting on the floor pulling off what was left of her panties. Black panties. He fought the urge to reach down and touch her.


“Here, put this on before he takes my place.” His other self had pulled off his shirt and tossed it to her. “This is the night I burned out the deflector dish.”


“You never told me about this part.” She sat down on the couch next to him.


“Would you have believed me?”


“Probably not.” Her face burned red at what he’d seen. And just seen. And would see again. Time loops gave her a headache.


“There’s a temporal rift right before my quarters.” His other self explained. “So I came in here to try and sort things out. Imagine my surprise at finding myself doing, well…. what we were just doing…”


“Playing Maquis and Starfleet.” She finished for him.


“I don’t understand.” Chakotay shook his head; this wasn’t helping his headache any at all.


“Don’t worry you will. I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you three things. One, she’ll ask you a Question – and you have to tell her the truth. The truth from your time – not what you just saw.”


“A question?” Some help that was. Damn Temporal Prime Directive.


A very important question – you’ll know it. Just the truth is all you need to tell her.” He hugged Kathryn against his side. “Don’t screw it up for us.”


“What question?” she asked curiously.


“Never mind. Two, I’m not that far in your future but you know I can’t tell you how far.”


Chakotay was disappointed but still filled with hope that his time of waiting to be with Kathryn was almost over. He picked the phaser up off the table and looked at it closely. It looked odd somehow. “This is a toy!”


“Of course. You don’t think I’d pull a real one on her do you? The combadge is fake, too.” He laughed, black eyes twinkling. “I really don’t want the whole ship to hear her.”


Kathryn got up off the couch and pulled him to his feet. “Go on, Chakotay, you’ve got work to do. Go save our ship.” She stood on tiptoe and gave him a kiss. “Good luck. And whatever the damn question is, give me the right answer!” She kissed him again, deeper this time.


The first kiss had caught him unaware, but when her lips touched his the second time, he pulled her against his body one hand tangling in her hair the other on the small of her back.


Kathryn felt his erection pressing into her belly as he bent her back. His mouth moved over hers hungrily, tongue plunging inside her mouth. She kissed back gently and lovingly, realizing this was the first kiss for him.


“That’s enough of that.” Chakotay heard his other self say and he reluctantly stepped back. He caught the flash of jealousy in the other’s eyes before he turned to Kathryn. “Go in the bedroom and wait for me.” When she started to protest, he ordered firmly. “In the bedroom, on the bed, naked.”


She flounced off to the bedroom. “Damn Temporal Prime Directive.”


“Oh and three, she likes to be ordered around a little – in private.” He smiled wolfishly.


They walked to the doorway. Before the doors opened, the other man stopped Chakotay. “By the way, I wasn’t after her command codes – I wanted her to tell me she loves me.”


“Does she?” His heart stopped for a painful moment.


“What do you think?” His other self was smiling as he pushed him out the door. The status light in the code panel flashed red indicating it was locked.


Chakotay stood in the corridor looking at the door for several moments. He had an insane urge to use his codes to override the lock and go back in. Then with a smile he turned to save her ship…. their ship.




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