Vision of Love

By Maquis Leader



NC17 adults only


The nebula was a bundle of electrostatic charges moving through clouds of energy, causing colors to ripple in a constantly changing light show. Kathryn watched the colors move across Chakotay's face gilding him with blue one moment then red the next. The white shirt he wore accented the darkness of his skin. His eyes were closed allowing her the forbidden to luxury of staring at his beautiful features. Full sensuous lips, high cheekbones, strong nose with that small bump on the bridge, the tattoo spread over his eye. She longed to touch and kiss the tribal marking to see how it tasted. A smile crooked the corner of her mouth. No doubt that would disturb his concentration and bring him out of his vision.


They had detected the small nebula two days earlier and scans showed a high concentration of energy particles that Voyager would be able to collect and convert into much needed fuel for her systems. The light show was an added benefit, lifting tired spirits. Funny how they prayed for it to be quiet then got bored when it was.


When Chakotay told her he wanted to seek a vision, she was surprised that he would ask permission; until he told her he wanted to go out in the Delta Flyer. She'd been about to reluctantly agree when he added that he was going alone and would be shutting off the comm system. Her foot had come down so quick it was a wonder the deck hadn’t caved in. Out of the question, no way was she letting him put himself at risk. Not after what had happened the last time. After a brief argument they had compromised on her going with him and shutting down the Flyer’s comm system and his combadge. Hers would remain on but Voyager would be restricted from contacting her except in a life or death situation.


Parking the Flyer on the opposite side of the small nebula, they’d shut down all nonessential systems. The only light came from the colors spraying across the viewports, the only sound from their breathing. Chakotay had spread his medicine bundle on the floor next to the pilots console and quickly faded into the meditative state required for the vision quest.


At first she’d thought to catch up on reports but midway through Seven’s interminable astrometrics report she felt a killer headache coming on. Picking up the PADD with the book she’d been reading she soon tired of it as well. Looking up, she'd realized she had the perfect way to pass the time. Leaning back in her seat, she drank in the sight of Chakotay sitting at her feet.


She could see his eyes moving under the closed lids like in a REM sleep and his breathing was steady and even. Emotions flickered across his face from time to time. A small smile or frown. Once he'd moaned softly in a way that made her ache to touch him. What could he be seeing? Was it possible to have an erotic vision? Maybe she should try one.


" It’s beautiful, Kathryn. " His voice was soft and husky as he came out of the vision.


" Chakotay, it's electrostatic charges – " He turned to her, his raven hair highlighted with violet and a rapt expression on his face. She melted. " It is beautiful, isn't it? "


" We’re not killing it, are we? " His eyes were worried.


" No, it's not alive. " They'd run into too many phenomena that turned out to be alive. Every possible scan they could think of had been run to be sure this ball of energy was just that. " Unless you saw something in your vision? "


" No, just... " He turned back to the viewport as a dazzling flash of green lit up. " It just looks so alive. "


" We’re not taking enough energy for it to notice even if it was alive. " She laid a hand on his shoulder. " Are you ready to go back now? "


" No, I'd like to stay here awhile longer. " He smiled. " It’s not often we get a moment alone. Just think, no one needing us to make a decision, read a report, or give an order. "


" It is nice for a change, isn't it? " She looked out at the ever changing mass."It reminds me of a toy I had as a child. A ball my father brought home from somewhere. It changed colors as you ran your fingers over it. "


" Did you play with it often? "


" I took it apart trying to figure out how it worked. "


" Why am I not surprised? " He laughed, envisioning a young Kathryn taking apart her toy. " Come down here, sit with me. The view’s better. " He patted the floor next to him.


The view was pretty good from where she was sitting. Still… " Why not? " Sitting on the soft fur throw he'd brought along, she looked up the changing colors. Her shoulder rubbed against his in the small space. " It is a better view isn't? "


" Yes, much better.The dress she was wearing had the top buttons undone to show a hint of cleavage. Her head was tipped back exposing her pale white throat and the shifting light painted her skin with its colors. He wanted to kiss the soft spot beneath her ear and see if she tasted cool as blue and hot as red.


She felt his warm breath on her neck " Chakotay? "


" Do you want to know my vision? "


" I didn't think you were supposed to tell. " She shivered as his breath feathered across her skin.


" Sometimes the vision is so strong it has to be shared. " He leaned closer until his face was buried in her auburn hair and he could breathe in the rose scent she wore. " Sometimes it's wrong to keep the vision to yourself. "


She tried to pull back, but the pilot's seat was in her way. " Chakotay. " Heat seemed to radiate from his body pulling her into him.


" It was about us, Kathryn. " His lips settled against her ear. " I saw us. "


" There is no " His tongue was tracing around her ear. " There is no us. " Placing a hand on his chest to push him back, she realized it was a mistake when he captured it and held it over his heart.


" I saw us making love, Kathryn. " His lips moved down just under her ear. " Your body moving under mine, pleasure on your face.”


The erotic picture he painted filled her mind reminding her of the frequent dreams she had that woke her panting and aching in the night. " We can't. "


" We can. " He sucked on her earlobe before moving down to nibble on her neck. " We can. " He repeated as he slowly worked his way across her jaw to her lips. His mouth hovered over hers taking in her breath. " We will. "


" No. " His heart was pounding under her hand his mouth stealing her breath. Who was this aggressive stranger? Chakotay always backed off when she wanted him too.


" I saw you with your head thrown back so I could kiss your neck. " His lips brushed hers gently. " Moaning as I took you. " Hot pink sprayed through the cabin before plunging into deep blue.


" Chakotay, no " Her protest was cut off as his lips touched hers again. His warm wet tongue whispered along her bottom lip. " You’re – you’re making this up. "


" You have freckles. " He smiled against her mouth. " Scattered across your white breasts. "


" How do you know that? " Nobody saw those horrible freckles! Every low cut dress and swimsuit she’d ever owned was designed to come up high enough to cover them.


" I saw them, kissed them, tasted them ... " His hand brushed across her breasts. " Before I suckled on your pink nipples. "


Her traitorous nipples came to attention under his hand. They ached as his fingers abandoned them and moved back up to her face. His mouth settled on hers again, his tongue pushing against her lips trying to force them open. Her hand came up to his shoulders to push him away.


Looking back on it, her mistake was trying to tell himno. The moment her lips parted, his tongue plunged inside. One hand tangled in her hair while the other cupped her face so she couldn't move away. Stroking and sliding, his tongue moved against hers, finally coaxing it into his own mouth. Her hands curled around his neck sliding up into his hair. Pleasure sizzled through her as their tongues mated. The ache spread down from her breasts into her belly before settling between her legs.


He moved over her, pressing her down onto her back without breaking contact with her lips. Settling his weight on her, he pulled her skirt up, trailing his hands along her inner thighs until they felt the silk covering her mound.


Her mouth twisted under his as she tried to end the kiss. Relentlessly, he followed her movements sucking her tongue back into his mouth. Gently he rubbed the small swollen bud coaxing her toward a climax. Moaning into his mouth she arched up against his hand. With his free hand he undid the buttons on the front of her dress. Lifting his mouth from hers, he kissed his way down her throat to the valley between her breasts. The freckles were there just as they had been in his vision. Using his tongue he traced a trail from one to another.


The shards of lightning crashing through her exploded behind her eyes. Lying limply under him, she marveled at what had just happened to her. Chakotay had made her come without putting so much as a finger inside of her. "Wh – what are you doing? " Red light was pulsing around them.


" Freckles ... “ His reply was somewhat muffled.


" Oh, God ... You have to stop ... " It felt good so good but she couldn't let it happen.


" No. " He tore her bra open and his mouth moved to take a hard nipple. Moving to the other breast, he sucked that nipple gently as well. His fingers slid inside her wet panties to stroke along the sensitive lips.


" No, oh, no ... " Her legs spread against her will, wanting his touch.


Raising up to give her a quick kiss on the lips, Chakotay followed the changing colors down Kathryn's body from violet to blue to green, until his mouth brushed the silk of her panties. Nuzzling the small excited nub, he suckled it gently through the silk.


Crying out in pleasure, She tangled her fingers in his hair holding him to her. His hot breath through the material and his fingers stroking up and down were driving her slowly insane. When his finger finally slid inside of her, she came hard, clenching around it.


Tearing her panties out of his way, he lapped at her with his tongue as he thrust a second finger inside her. Mercilessly he nibbled and sucked at her until she was crying and whimpering mindlessly. He was thrusting his tongue inside her as she came again crying his name.


Tasting herself on his lips, she accepted his tongue into her mouth again as Chakotay moved back on top of her. Stroking her with his fingers, his other hand worked to free his painful erection from his pants.


" Wait ... " Kathryn broke away from his hot mouth. He was rubbing himself against her spreading her wetness over the swollen tip. Her mind was screaming at her to stop him, but her body wasn’t listening. Not this time. Involuntarily she spread her legs, arching up to meet him. " Chakotay wait ... "


" No. " He buried himself inside her with one stroke. Her cry of pain stilled him, not wanting to hurt her. Pressing a kiss to her trembling lips, he breathed into her mouth. " I love you, Kathryn. "


" I love you, too. Oh God, I love you, too." Pulling her knees up she tried to open herself more to him as he began moving within her again. He was big, much more than Jaffen had been. She concentrated on relaxing her inner walls against the stinging, focusing instead on the feel of his hands on her hips, his mouth sucking and nipping at her breasts, the cool leather of his pants against her inner thighs. " I should've known you wore those pants for a reason. "


" I know you like them " He grunted as he pumped into her.


" They make your ass look so good. " Her hand cupped his buttocks pulling him tighter against her. He moaned and came within her in one last lunging stroke.


Rolling onto his side, he cradled her against his chest. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rough. "


" You planned this. " Kathryn smiled to herself. Did he actually think he needed to apologize after making her come like that?


"Yes. " He lay tense beside her. The colored lights playing through the cabin had lost their magic. He'd intended seduction that would leave her satisfied and content. Instead he’d lost control and been an inconsiderate clod. He hadn't counted on seven years of pent up lust and desire. A tactical mistake that would likely land him in the brig for the next 30 years.


" You knew I wouldn't let you come out here alone, didn’t you? " She didn't wait for him to answer. " ‘Casual clothes, Kathryn, we're not on a mission. That was planned too, wasn't it? There wasn't a vision. "


" I had the vision the day we found the nebula. And I did see us making love. " He sighed. " It was so hard not to tell you. When a vision is meant to be shared, it's hard to hold it back. But I knew that I wouldn't get you out here if I did. "


" Not a chance. " Rising up on her elbow, she looked down into his face. " I should toss you into the brig. However ... " She gave him the sternest look she could manage while half naked. " I've decided to give you another chance. "


" I'll try harder this time. " Chakotay wriggled onto his back pulling her on top of him.


" Harder wasn't a problem as I recall. " Sliding her dress off, she pulled off what was left of her bra. " You owe me some underwear, Commander. "


" My replicator rations are your replicator rations. " Reaching up, he took her breasts in his hands. A perfect fit, not too big not too small. The nebula had painted one breast blue and the other violet. Before he could decide which one he liked best she was covered with red as if she were made of fire.


" Remember that when I need coffee. " Leaning down, she kissed him, her tongue thrusting into his mouth as he had done to her earlier. He was hardening between her thighs and rubbing against her. " Know what I like? "


" Being on top? " He didn't need a vision for that one.


" Being on top. " Sitting up, she slid down taking him deep inside. Hissing in her breath as he filled her. " Oh, God, you're huge ... "


" Maybe you should --" She ripped his shirt open. " Wait? "


" Uh--uh, we waited long enough. " Rotating her hips, she sighed as waves of pleasure rippled through her. “If we’re breaking the rules, let’s do it in style.” Her hands slid over his chest and belly chasing the colors flowing over his skin.


The colors rippled over her white skin just as it had in his vision of their love. Chakotay had seen her painted in blue, red, violetriding him, her head thrown back and moaning passionately. Silently thanking the spirits for their guidance, he rested his hands on Kathryn’s hips and lost himself within her.

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