Matching Pieces

By Maquis Leader



Rated PG

Author's note: A quick scene from Shattered. This scene is right after Captain Janeway's thank you speech in Engineering.




"That was fun, wasn't it?" Tom slapped Harry on the back. "Did you see Seska's face when Seven walked in?"


"Did you see my face?" Harry laughed. "So we've got Borg on board?"


"Just the one." He grinned, remembering Harry's early infatuation with Seven. "And she's much better looking these days."


"That's all we need." B'Elanna muttered. "Borg."


"Don't worry, sweetheart." Tom put his arm around B'Elanna's shoulders and pulled her against his side. "You know I never looked twice at her. Not sure I looked once."


"Get your hands off me!" She slammed her elbow into his side.


"B'Elanna!" He staggered and clutched his ribs. He was all for a little rowdy foreplay, but this was a bit much.


"Traitorous p'tak!" Snarling at him, B'Elanna pushed him again.


"Sorry, I forgot." No belly should have been a giveaway. Tom smiled as he took in her trim form in the Maquis leather.


"Forgot?" She snorted. "Is that your excuse for betraying us?"


"I never " He pushed down the old hurt. This wasn't his B'Elanna. Not yet anyway.


"Watch him, Starfleet." B'Elanna sneered. "When you need him, he'll turn on you. Sell you out to save his own hide."


"Don't listen to her, Harry." He grinned over her head at the other man. "She changes her mind about me."


"Change my mind? About you? Never!" Another inelegant snort. "Pig!"


"Okay, that's it." Grabbing B'Elanna by the arms, Tom pulled her against him and lowered his mouth to hers.


B'Elanna's hands came up to push at his chest and he shifted his grip, one hand sliding up into her hair to cradle her head and the other moving down to cup her ass and hold her to him.


His tongue was pushing at her lips and despite her anger, B'Elanna felt a spark of arousal deep in her belly at his aggressiveness. Desperately, she bit down on his bottom lip and pushed him away from her.


Grinning, Tom wiped the blood off his lip with his left hand. "Klingon foreplay, I love it." He held up his blood stained fingers. "You will too, baby."


B'Elanna's eyes widened at the sight of the glittering gold band on his ring finger.


Wiping the blood on her lips, Tom smiled at Harry who stood with his mouth hanging open. "I never could resist those leather pants."


Winking at B'Elanna, he strolled down the corridor toward his own time frame and his oh so very willing Klingon wife, whistling a merry tune.




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