By Maquis Leader



Rating NC17

Author’s note: This is the fourth story in the Song Series. Please read the previous chapters first. Endgame never happened in this world. Shiver lyrics by Jamie O’Neal, Lisa Drew, and Shaye Smith. Performed by Jamie O’Neal.




“Janeway to Chakotay.”


“Chakotay here.” He put down the report he was reading.


“Have you looked at the request the Doctor submitted on installing holoemitters in other parts of the ship?”


“I looked over that one earlier.” He shuffled through the PADDs on the sofa next to him. “I’m going over the specs on the new torpedoes. I think we can make our own replacements, but there’s certain parts we’ll have to stock up on that can’t be replicated.”


“I saw that.”


He heard her moving PADDs around. “Kathryn, this might be easier if we were in the same room.”


“I know you’re off duty, it can wait.”


“You’re off duty, too. That’s why we’re both sitting in our quarters going over a stack of reports and checking with each other over the comm every five minutes.”


“True.” She laughed. “Come on over, Chakotay.”


Gathering up his collection of PADDs, he went next door to her quarters. The door opened as soon as he hit the call button.


“You’ve got more of the damned things than I do!” Kathryn was sitting on the sofa, bare feet propped up on the table. She patted the sofa next to her. “We need to designate someone to read these for us.”


“That would be your First Officer.”


She looked at him blankly for a moment. “I forgot, you read these before I do, don’t you?”


“It’s my job to see that you only get the ones important enough to need your consideration.” Chakotay set the stack on the table in front of the sofa. “And don’t think I don’t know you go through the ones I don’t pass on to you.” He tickled a bare foot.


“What kind of Captain would I be if I didn’t keep on top of things?” She pulled her feet back to safety.


“A well rested one.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “You want something?”


“What?” She wanted him.


“From the replicator. I’m going to get some iced tea.” Chakotay smiled at the blush that stained her cheeks. “What did you think I meant?”


“Umm… coffee. I need coffee.” Kathryn watched him walk over to the replicator.



Don’t know how you do it

Like there’s nothing to it

You just look my way

You come a little closer

I lose my composure

Don’t know what to say.



When he brought back the drinks, he sat down close enough so that their thighs were touching and his arm was around her shoulders. “Okay, let’s look at the Doctor’s request.”


“He wants to put emitters on the bridge and in engineering – something we’ve thought about doing anyway. Also in the shuttle bay and on deck 3.”


“It would save wear and tear on his mobile emitter. I tagged on another report from a few months ago. Tom thinks we need to convert some of the unused crew quarters into another holodeck or two.”


“He would!” Kathryn snorted. “What’s the matter, isn’t he getting enough playtime?"


“Actually, no. And neither is anyone else.” He scrolled down through the information on the PADD she was holding. “The crew is getting about 2.1 hours of holodeck time allotted to them per week.”


Kathryn was having trouble thinking with Chakotay breathing down her neck. “That’s not nearly enough time, not in the Delta Quadrant.”


“There’s some creative pooling and swapping going on, but we’re heading for trouble.” He scrolled down farther. “And the Doctor is recommending a nursery be placed across from Sickbay.”


“A nursery?” She turned to look at him. His face was so close their lips almost touched. Gulping, she leaned back to find his hand on her shoulder, holding her firmly in place.


“We’re having babies, Kathryn.” His breath fanned her lips.


“We – we are?”


“We are.” His lips brushed hers. “Don’t you want babies?”


She turned her face away so he wouldn’t see the tears that flooded her eyes.



I’m overwhelmed you smile, I melt.

And somewhere inside, oh, baby,I

Shiver, tremble ,I never

No I never once felt so much



“We may have people who want to care for the children or teach. I thought that we might use a hologram of Neelix or even Kes if we need extra help.”


“Is that something we need to worry about right now?”


“We have four crew members that are pregnant, five if you consider that B'Elanna just had Miral. We’re going to have to have a place for them to play and learn.”


“Four? When did this happen?”


“All in the last two months.”


Turning her head had been a tactical mistake. Chakotay was nuzzling her ear. “People are pairing off.”


“Um… hmm…” He nipped at her earlobe. “There’ll be more babies as time goes by.”


Shivers raced down her spine as his mouth settled on her neck, his tongue tickling the spot just below her ear. “Chakotay…”


“Kathryn…” His breath blew across the wet trail.



It shakes me how you take me

Deeper than I’ve ever been.

It’s to the core, under my skin I




Trying desperately to ignore what he was doing to her, Kathryn picked up another PADD. “These torpedoes. The tests were pretty impressive.”


“Taking out a Borg cube with one shot? Impressive doesn’t begin to describe it.”


“I still can’t believe they’ve decided to hunt down the Borg.”


“Sometimes you have to stop running.” His hand settled on her thigh. “And start fighting for what you want.”


Trembling, she watched the golden fingers move in lazy circles on her thigh. Pushing up off the sofa, Kathryn dumped the PADDs on the floor. “I programmed something for us to eat.”


“If you’re hungry.” Chakotay watched her fidget with the replicator.  The dress she was wearing swayed around her knees, making her look more feminine than she usually did.


She’d confused him last night. Turnabout was fair play. After he’d gone back to his quarters, he’d rethought his first impression of his vision. Maybe it had meant that he needed to change his approach with Kathryn rather than walking away from her. Judging by her reactions so far, cranking up the heat when she was obviously wavering was the way to go.



I love the way your whisper

Slowly, softly lingers

In my ear.

You move a little lower

The world starts spinner slower

Then it disappears.



“I’ve got something light to keep us until dinner.” She called from across the room. “Chell has an Italian buffet planned for tonight. He’s discovered pasta.”


He picked the fallen PADDs up off of the floor. “I like Italian – “ What was this old-fashioned notebook doing under the table?


“He’s going to have meatless sauces for you and Tuvok.”


It was a list of some kind. He recognized Kathryn’s handwriting. I love him. The words leapt off the page at him. Tucking the notebook under the pillow next to him, he sat back as she came back carrying a tray.


“Cheese, grapes, a little turkey and ham for me.” She set the tray down on the table. “We can – Chakotay!”


Hands on her hips, he had pulled her down to sit between his legs as she had the night before. “Looks good.”


“A little warning next time would be nice.” She tipped her head back to look at him.


“Then I’d lose the element of surprise.” He held a grape to her lips.


“You could also lose me to a heart attack.” She took the grape from his fingers.


Picking up a small cluster, he fed the grapes to her one at a time. His other hand rested on her belly, rubbing gently.


“Aren’t you going to eat anything?”


“Depends on if you feed me anything.” The dimpled smile melted her bones.


“Well, I wouldn’t want you to starve.” Taking a piece of cheese from the tray, she turned and held it to his lips.


They fed each other, occasionally licking or nipping at the other’s fingers. Pulling her down on his chest, Chakotay kissed Kathryn gently, lips caressing hers. For now, he’d keep his tongue to himself.


His mouth was wonderfully soft and warm. She sighed as he nibbled on her lower lip. Now would be the time to tell him she loved him. Sliding her fingers into his raven hair, she deepened the kiss, touching her tongue to his lips. He swirled and danced his tongue around hers, drawing a moan from her.


Kathryn pulled away, laying her head on his chest. Chakotay’s heart pounded in time with her own. Against her belly, she could feel the hard, throbbing proof of his desire. I love you. The words stuck in her throat afraid to come out. Frustrated, she rolled over, lying back against him.


Your lips so close, we kiss almost

Just barely touch, but that’s enough.

To make me shiver, tremble, I never

No, I never once felt so much



“Read this for me.” He handed her the notebook.


“What – “ The notebook shook in her hands.


“Here, read this one.” He tapped a reason on the ‘why not’ list.


“Chakotay, I was – “


“Read it.” He ordered.


“It’s against the rules.” She whispered.


“Let’s talk about that. The rules were made by people over 30,000 light years away. They didn’t take our situation into account. They never dreamed it could happen. When we get home, Kathryn, if we’re married with children – what will they do to us?”


“I don’t know.” She hadn’t really thought about that part of it.


“They’ll probably throw us out of Starfleet at the very worst – you anyway. I’m not in Starfleet anymore. In thirty years you might be ready to retire anyway. Would that be so bad?”


“I guess not.”


“Read this one.” He tapped another reason on the list.


“What will the crew think?”


“I can tell you what they think. Jenny Delaney told me I’m a two timing creep.”


“She did what?” Turning to look at him, Kathryn saw laughter in the black velvet eyes.


“Right in the mess hall the morning after the banquet.” Kathryn was laughing now. “The crew already thinks we’re lovers – worse – now they think I cheated on you with Seven.”


“What does Seven think?”


“She’s mad at me.”


“For what?” She should be grateful Chakotay had given her a single minute of his time.


“For running when she took her clothes off.”




“Like a scared rabbit.” He admitted.


“I’d have paid a month’s rations to see that.” She dissolved into helpless giggles. “I wondered what you’d do if you saw her other implants!”


“You could have warned me!”


“I never thought you’d see her naked.” That thought sobered her up.


“Let’s just move on.” He kissed her cheek. “Read this one.”


“How can I send him on away missions?”


“Haven’t you been doing that for the last seven years? I’d like to think you’ve cared for me since New Earth or maybe even before. And tell me you don’t care for every member of this crew. Didn’t you cry for Tom when you thought the Kazon had destroyed his shuttle? And Neelix when the Viidian took his lungs?”


She nodded, remembering both incidents. And countless others, including Joe Carey’s senseless murder.


“Kathryn, we could die here and now. Someone could spill coffee on a console and the warp core could explode.” He stopped as she twisted around to look at him again. “Okay, that’s stretching it a bit.”


“I know what you’re trying to say. Nowhere is perfectly safe.”


“Exactly. Now this one is written on the line: ‘what if I get pregnant?’ Why on the line?”


“It was a ‘why’ and a ‘why not’ both.” She rubbed her finger over the words.


“This one’s simple. If you get pregnant – you have a baby. B'Elanna’s still working, why wouldn’t you? You don’t even have to crawl into Jefferies tubes on a daily basis. You would have to cut back on the caffeine and your work hours. But luckily, you have a wonderful First Officer who can take up the slack.”


“Really? I hear he’s a two timing creep.”


“False reports I intend to stamp out as quickly as possible.”


“Good.” Kathryn snickered. “Be sure they know I’m the jealous type.”


“Do you want a baby, Kathryn?” Chakotay’s voice was soft.


“Yes.” The thought of never having a child kept her awake at night.


“Here’s the only reason on this list that matters.” He taped the lone entry in the ‘why’ column. “Read it to me.”


“I – I love him.” The words scratched her throat.


“And this is another reason.” He picked up the pen from the table. Carefully he wrote ‘Chakotay loves Kathryn’ in the ‘why’ column.


“Chakotay loves Kathryn.” She whispered.


“I do love you, Kathryn. And I want to give you that baby. And as many others as you want.”


“I love you, Chakotay.” She leaned her head back to look up at him. “I love you.”


Pulling the notebook out of her hands, he laid it on the table. “Our children may want that someday.”



It shakes me how you take me

Deeper than I’ve ever been

It’s to the core, under my skin I




Relaxing against him, she lay still as he undid the buttons on the front of her dress. Raising her mouth to his, she unhooked the clasp on the front of her bra so he could take her breasts in his hands. “I love you.” Now that she had finally said the words, she couldn’t seem to stop saying them.


His mouth came down on hers, his tongue thrusting hungrily inside. One hand slid down her body into the auburn curls while the other stayed with the firm breast it was playing with.


Arching up as Chakotay thrust his fingers inside of her, Kathryn gasped for breath. The heel of his hand pressed down on the excited nub, sending shards of fire racing through her body.


“I’m going to take you, Kathryn. Right here on this sofa.” He pumped his fingers into her. “I’m going to plant our first child in your belly now.”


His voice was harsh and fierce in her ear, his words pushing her towards her orgasm. She smiled at the thought of making him work at it awhile before she reminded him of their contraceptive boosters. “I love you, Chakotay.”



It shakes me

How you take me

Deeper than I’ve ever been

It’s to the core, under my skin I

Shiver, tremble ,I never

No, I never once felt so much



Watching Chakotay sleep was quickly becoming Kathryn’s new favorite pastime. The rise and fall of his chest under her hand was comforting, filling her with a sense of peace she hadn’t felt in so long she couldn’t remember. Maybe she’d never felt this way before. Gently, she brushed back the raven hair that obscured part of his tattoo. His face was peaceful in sleep, a slight smile on his lips.


Snuggling against his side, she rested a hand on his stomach, pressing gently on the firm muscles. As strong as he was, he’d been surprisingly gentle. Despite his growled threat to ‘take her’, he’d let her lay back against him and brought her to orgasm several times. Finally, he’d turned her so she could sit astride him and ride him.


The joy and pleasure in his black velvet eyes as she slid slowly down on him brought tears to her eyes. Being on top had always been a power position for her, a way to dominate and take. This time was different. This time she’d used the power to bring him slowly to the brink before backing him off. After a second time, Chakotay was begging for release, his fingers digging into her hips and thighs. Even then, he had let her set the pace, hadn’t tried to hold her down and thrust up into her. Some devil had made her ask if he liked serving under her. He’d thrown back his head and laughed.


“What’s so funny?” Chakotay blinked at her sleepily.


“Just remembering.” Kathryn raised up to look at him, still chuckling at the memory. “It was pretty good serving under you, too.”


“The best is yet to come.” Chakotay pulled her onto his chest for a slow sensual kiss. “I promise you that.”



It shakes me how you take me

Deeper than I’ve ever been

It’s to the core, under my skin I



I Shiver




Chapter 5 Good Morning Beautiful