Just Let Me Be In Love

By Maquis Leader



Rating: NC17 for explicit sex

Author’s note: This is set early in Tom and B'Elanna’s relationship. The idea came from the song Just Let Me Be In Love sung by Tracy Byrd. It has a very Latin guitar sound… very sexy and the words are very Tom Paris…



Relax, Tommy! You’re charming, suave, and handsome! How can she resist? Straightening his collar, Tom hit the call button at B'Elanna’s door.

The door slid open and B'Elanna stood there smiling.

“Um…hi!”  Inwardly he cringed. That was smooth! “Ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

When she stepped out into the corridor, he found himself gaping. The yellow dress she wore accented her dusky skin and the bodice was cut low enough to show a hint of cleavage. “You’re beautiful.”

“You don’t have to say that.” She’d been nervous about wearing the dress after she’d replicated it. She rarely wore casual clothing.

“B'Elanna…” He took her hand and twirled her around slowly so that the skirt flared around her knees. “I do have to say it, because it’s true.  You’re beautiful.”

“More than the Delaney twins?”

“Who?” His heart skipped a beat at her smile.  Tucking her arm in his, he led her down the corridor to the lift. “Come, my sweet, dinner awaits.”


My breath is short

My heart is beating fast

Every time I smile at her

She’s smilin’ back



On the holodeck, Tom guided B'Elanna to a small restaurant next door to Sandrine’s.  The atmosphere was close and intimate with dim lighting and soft music.  A waiter seated them at a small table covered in a red checkered tablecloth with a candle burning cheerily in the center.


“This is new.” She turned the wine bottle with its candle around to admire the colored waxes that had dripped down the sides.


“I added it a few days ago.” He looked around proudly. “It’s a little restaurant in Rome I used to visit for the ravioli.”


“Tommy, so good to see you!” A fat, gray haired old man came bustling up to the table. “And such a pretty girl!”


“Enzio, this is B'Elanna.”


“B'Elanna? What a name! Like honey on the tongue!” He bowed over her hand. “Such a beauty!”


“Thank you.” Embarrassed, she pulled her hand away.


“Tonight we have the ravioli Florentine with the red clam sauce just like you like it.” Enzio rolled his eyes. “So fresh it’ll slap your face before the lovely B'Elanna does.”


“I’ll have it.” Tom laughed.


“I’ll try it, too. “She smiled. “It beats leola root.”


“Paulo will bring you some bread and wine while you wait. Paulo!” He bellowed over his shoulder. “Worthless bum, my sister’s oldest boy. Paulo!”


As he hustled off in search of the elusive Paulo, Tom took B'Elanna’s hand. “What do you think so far?”


“It’s nice.”  She squeezed his fingers and smiled. “Very… romantic.”


“I aim to please.” He smiled back at her.


After dinner, they shared a champagne flavored Italian ice. Tom had put his arm around her shoulders and B'Elanna rested comfortably in the curve of his body.


“This was very nice.  There’s hope for you yet, flyboy.”


“The evening’s still young.”  He dipped his head down to kiss her forehead. “I thought you might like to go dancing.”




“At Sandrine’s.”


“So you can play pool with Harry?” She crossed her arms over her chest.


“I promise, no pool.”  He kissed her forehead again. “I’ve got us a table in the corner – very private. I won’t say so much as hello to anyone else.”


“Why do you do that?” B'Elanna tipped her head back to look at him.


“Do what?” What had he done wrong now?


" Kiss those ridges, they're ugly. "


" No they're not. They're beautiful. "


" Whatever. " She looked back down.


" B'Elanna, look at me. " He waited until she met his eyes again. " I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seenand I've seen a lot of them. Remember when you were two people? "


She nodded, remembering when the Vidiians had split her into two separate people, one human and one Klingon.


" Well, not that the human B'Elanna wasn't prettybecause she was. " He cupped her face gently in his hands. " But she wasn't as beautiful as the real B'Elanna. " He watched her amber eyes fill with tears. " Hey, let's go dancing. "


She sniffed back the tears as he helped her to her feet. Smiling again, she kissed his cheek before they left the restaurant.



If I'm dreamin’ please just let me sleep

Anyone can see that she's too good for me

Oh, give her time

She'll find out soon enough

Just let me have and hold her

Till she does



True to his word, Tom guided B'Elanna to a reserved booth just off the rear of the dance floor, ignoring Harry and anyone else who tried to get his attention. Sliding into the booth beside her, he took a bottle of wine out of the ice bucket that was sitting on the table. Pouring each of them glass, he raised his to chime gently against hers.


Taking a sip, she smiled at him. " Are you"


" Hey guys! " Harry plopped onto the seat next to B'Elanna. " How’s the date? "


" Well, it was going pretty well. " He glared at Harry.


" Ayala says no way can you beat him at darts again. "


" Tell him tomorrow I'll kick his butt. " Tom turned back to B'Elanna hoping Harry would get the hint.


" Two weeks rations ... " He said in a wheedling tone.


" Go away, kid, you’re cramping my style. " He could have bitten his tongue off as soon as the words left his mouth. A flash of hurt showed in B'Elanna’s eyes.


" Go ahead and go. " She started to get up.


" No, tonight is your night. I promised and I meant it. " He tugged at her hand until she sat back down.


"Uh, I'll tell Ayala you said tomorrow. " Harry said as he got up. " Sorry. "


They sat in silence for a few minutes. B'Elanna was staring down and twisting her hands in her lap. Gently, Tom brushed her hair back from her face. Please just give me this one night before she gives up on me! " B'Elanna, dance with me? "


" You don't have to pretend, Tom, go play with the boys. "


" I don't want to. I just want to dance with you. " Sliding from the booth, he held out his hand. " Please dance with me. "


Looking up, she could see the silent plea, the fear of rejection in the baby blue eyes. " Sure. "


A smile spread across his face. " Computer, change music to Paris R1. "


The music changed to a slower guitar driven music with a subtle Latin sound that had made him think of B'Elanna when he found it in the database. Pulling her into his arms, he guided her gently onto the dance floor.



 What we got goinon

Is so incredible

This chemistry between us feels so wonderful

But knowing me

I'll probably

Find a way to mess it up

Who knows

Who cares

Right now

Just let me be in love



" Look. " Kathryn nudged Chakotay. " Don't they look so good together? "


" His type always looks good. " He growled. " Right before they break someone's heart. "


" Oh, c'mon. Can't you see he loves her? "


" I'm not the hopeless romantic you are. " Personally he wanted to pound Paris to a pulp. " I can see that she's too good for him. "


" You’re wrong, they're perfect for each other.  Starfleet bad boy and Maquis rebel."


"Hmm ... Starfleet and Maquis? " He grinned at her. " I can see where that could work. "


" Put those dimples away. " Kathryn smacked his arm playfully. " You know what I meant. "



B'Elanna drifted closer to Tom until she could rest her head on his shoulder. His after shave, something he called ‘Brut’, tickled her nose.


Sliding his hands down her back to rest just above the swell of her buttocks, he carefully eased her closer until his hardon rubbed against her belly. Don't scare her off, Tommy; just let her know you're interested. On their other dates he and B'Elanna had shared some hot kisses and a little groping, but she hadn't let him make love to her. Yet.


Lifting her head, she smiled and kissed him. Tightening her arms around his waist, she pulled him closer until he groaned into her mouth. One hand tangled in his blond hair.


" Watch out, B'Elanna, he's not the settling down type! " Sue Nicolletti said as she danced past in Ensign Morgan’s arms. " He left a string of broken hearts across the Alpha Quadrant. "


Flushing, Tom jerked his mouth away from B'Elanna’s. Would no one let him live down his past? God knows it won’t be long before she finds out what a scewup I am.


" Don’t be so catty, Sue. " B'Elanna could feel him trembling against her. " It just shows what a sore loser you are.”


Her smile washed away the sting of Sue's words. Gratefully, he pressed a soft kiss on her lips.



Don't concern me with reality

Don't convince me she's too heavenly

Forget the future

Disregard the past

Those are questions I don't want to ask



" I think it's time to give them some privacy. " Kathryn slid out of the booth she was sharing with Chakotay. Quietly she started shooing everyone out of the holodeck.


Chakotay ordered the computer to remove all of the holocharacters. Standing at the doorway he watched Tom and B'Elanna kissing unaware that they were all alone.


" I feel a little misty. " She slid her arm around his waist and hugged him. " Our  ‘kids’ are growing up. "


" C'mon, ‘mom’, let's go get you tucked in. "


Arms around each other’s waists, they walked down the corridor to the turbolift and directed it to their deck.


" Computer, halt lift. " Kathryn turned to Chakotay. " You know what we should do? "


" What? "


" Oh, Chakotay, it would be so romantic. " She laid her hands on his chest. " Say you will! "


His heart started to pound painfully. " Whatever you want. "


“Let’s go leave some candles and a bottle of wine in Tom’s quarters.”


“Tom’s quarters?” Dissapointment poured over him.


" Good point, what if they go to B'Elanna’s? " She chewed her lip. " We’ll put some in hers too.”


" That’s romantic. " He said dully as he ordered the lift to B'Elanna’s deck. Stupid fool! Did you really think she wanted to make love to you in the turbolift?


In B'Elanna’s quarters he lit the candles she replicated while she replicated a bottle of wine. They did the same in Tom's quarters before taking the lift back to their deck.





Slowly Tom and B'Elanna became aware that they were alone in Sandrine’s. "Where’d everyone go? " He glanced around.


She shook her head. Panting against his neck, she nipped lightly at the soft skin. Under her hands his body shivered slightly.


" Let’s take a walk. " Shutting down the holodeck he led her out into the corridor.


In the turbolift, they kissed and clasped each other close. When they got to her quarters, B'Elanna keyed open the door and pulled him inside. Tom was already envisioning how she looked naked, his hands on her breasts, and the pleasure on her face.




Oh, to my heart

All that matters is tonight

Just let me live

This moment in her eyes






Chakotay went into his quarters and began stripping off his clothes. Once he was naked, he crawled into bed and lay staring at the ceiling. For a moment he'd actually thought she was going to make one of his favorite fantasies come true. Stupid! When will you get it through your thick skull that she doesn't love you?


In her quarters, Kathryn slipped into a nightgown and sat on the bed to brush her hair. Tom and B'Elanna had looked perfect on the holodeck. Made for each other almost. There was such chemistry between them. Sighing, she put the brush on the dresser and walked into the main room. The music was perfect, as well, a little wild like both of them and romantic. " Computer, what was the music selection Tom Paris ran on the Holodeck this evening? "


Paris R1.


" Computer, play that selection. " The Latin sound washed over her and she wrapped her arms around herself. Swaying to the guitar’s rhythm, she imagined being in Chakotay's arms and pressed against his hard body. He'd be smiling at her with those dimples and the black velvet eyes would show how much he loved her – she stopped suddenly almost stumbling.


Chakotay had been quiet throughout their covert operation and in the lift, his face had been full of disappointment. Why? She ran back over the conversation. " Oh, Lord ... he thought I was ... " He'd been breathing a little quicker and his eyes had darkened until they were almost black.  He had thought she was suggesting they have sex in the lift.  He’d been excited by that thought and disappointed that she wasn’t offering what he wanted.


“Janeway to Chakotay.”


“Chakotay here.” He levered himself up on one elbow. “Is something wrong, Kathryn?”




“What is it?” He rolled out of bed and pulled on his sweatpants before racing out of his quarters.


The door hissed open and Kathryn turned to see him standing just inside her quarters. “You were going to tuck me in, remember?”


“Tuck you in?” He drank in the sight of her in the long blue satin nightgown as she strolled over to him.


“Yes, ‘dad’, tuck me in.” She slid her hands over his bare chest.


Carefully, he rested his hands on her hips.  When she didn’t disappear, Chakotay slid his hands around her waist to pull her against him.  His mouth settled gently on hers in a hesitant kiss.


“You can do better than that, Chakotay.”  She stood up on her tiptoes to press herself against him and her tongue teased his lips until they opened for her.


He returned the kiss hungrily, his tongue dancing with hers until they were both breathless.


Resting against him, Kathryn ran her hands over the warm soft skin as they swayed with the music. “I’d like to see their faces when they see our surprise.”


“Which one?”





“You pig!” B'Elanna whirled on him. “Were you that sure I’d put out for you?”


“What?” Tom blinked in confusion. “What are you talking about?”


“This! All this!”  Her arm swung to encompass the candles and bottle of wine. “I should have known!”


“B'Elanna, I didn’t do this!”


Growling, she turned on him. “You had Harry do it then!”


“I didn’t!  I swear!”


“Computer, who’s been in my quarters in the last three hours?”


“Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay.”


“Who?” They said in unison.


“Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay.” The computer dutifully repeated.


“Captain Janeway I could understand.” B'Elanna shook her heard. “But Chakotay?”


“I’d think he’d be more likely to toss me out an airlock.” Tom picked up the wine bottle. “Not encourage me to ply you with liquor.”


“I’m sorry.”  She sat down on the sofa. “My temper…”


“I don’t blame you.”  He sat down beside her. “Everyone else thinks the worst of me, why shouldn’t you?”




“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Wait.” She caught his hand before he could get up.  Tugging him closer, she kissed him.  “Stay.”



What we got goin’ on

Is so incredible

This chemistry between us feels so wonderful

But knowin’ me

I'll probably

Find a way to mess it up

Who knows

Who cares

Right now

Just let me be in love



His lips met hers again, expertly nipping and sucking at her until she growled and pinned him against the back of the sofa.  Her teeth bit into his cheek hard enough to sting.  Rolling her onto her back, he ground his hips into hers as he pushed his tongue into her mouth to taste her.


He was squeezing and caressing her breasts through her dress when she suddenly went limp beneath him. “B'Elanna? What’s wrong?”


“I’m sorry.” Her eyes were clenched shut.  “It’s the damn Klingon!”


“B'Elanna, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Tom stroked her hair and kissed her closed eyelids.


“Don’t you understand? I want to fight with you! Wrestle with you until one of us forces the other to have sex!”


“There’s worse ways to spend the night.” He chuckled. “Come on, don’t you think people play at games like that?”


“It’s not a game!” She was close to tears.


“I know.  It’s the Blood Fever.”  He tugged the top of her dress down to expose the white bra she wore.  “I like it.”


“You would.” She said bitterly.


Pushing off of her, he sat up. “Yeah, I would.  Because I’m a pig and a worthless bum, right?  A fuck ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. Yeah, that’s Tom Paris!  Too bad, ‘cos I really wanted to add a Klingon woman to the notches on my bedpost.”


“Tom, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” She choked on her tears. “I don’t want it to be this way. I want to make love not – not – mate! Mate like some animal!”


Her words tore at him.  Here he was wrapped up in himself and not noticing her fears. “Let’s relax and go slow, okay?”


She searched his eyes and found only love and understanding. “Okay.”


“And I really don’t mind a little biting.”  He nipped at her neck.


Pulling open his shirt, B'Elanna marveled at his pale skin. Forcing down the fever, she touched him gently.  He was cool under her fingers and his skin was smooth and silky.


Unhooking her bra, Tom captured a dark rose nipple in his mouth while teasing the other nipple with his fingers.  His free hand slid up along her inner thighs pulling her skirt up as it went.


“Yes…” She jerked at his belt until it came open and then unzipped his pants.  He was hard and thick, throbbing through the silk briefs.


“God, B'Elanna, I want you…” He gasped against her wet nipples.


Don’t hurt him! Don’t hurt him! The mantra played in an endless loop in her mind as she slid her hands inside the briefs to grasp the velvety shaft.  Gently she stroked up and down until he was thrusting helplessly into her hands.


Tom slipped his fingers inside her damp panties.  She was hotter than any woman he’d touched before, her Klingon blood running her body temperature higher than a human woman’s.  Eagerly, he plunged a finger inside of her and stroked it in and out, adding a second finger to make her moan and wriggle under him.


Arching up against him, she tugged at his hair to pull him back to her lips. Spreading her legs wide as he moved up over her body, she growled as he tore her panties away. “Now!”


Pressing himself against her wet opening, he caught her gaze before plunging deep inside of her. “Jesus, you’re hot! Oh, don’t move, don’t!”  She was hotter than anything he’d ever felt before.  Tight and hot like molten lava.  It took every bit of control he had not to come like some virgin schoolboy.


B'Elanna wrapped her legs around his waist and grasped his hips in her hands. Restlessly, she moved under him wanting more. Don’t hurt him!  She forced her fingernails into her own palms fighting the urge to scratch and claw at him


Finally, Tom began pumping steadily into her. Bracing himself on his arms, he watched her face as it contorted with pleasure. “You’re so soft and sweet, baby.”  He licked his way across her forehead ridges. “So beautiful.”


Knotting her hands into the sofa cushions, she met his thrusts eagerly.  Then his hands were on hers, pulling them free of the twisted material.


“Touch me.”


“No! I can’t!” She tried to pull free. “I want to scratch you!”


“B'Elanna, sometimes sex is rough.  You think human women don’t scratch?”  He pulled her arms around him.  “We are mating, baby, we are mating!”


She dug her fingers into his back as he began pounding into her.  Fireworks shot through her as he bit the side of her neck and his fingers dug into her hips painfully holding her to him as he slammed his body into hers.


Gasping painfully, Tom let the climax roll through him and into her.  Burying his face in her neck, he groaned at the cool feel of his cum coating him inside her hot sheath.



What we got goin’ on

Is so incredible

This chemistry between us feels so wonderful

But knowin’ me

I'll probably

Find a way to mess it up



The soft laugh made B'Elanna stiffen. “What the hell’s so funny?” Was he able to tell I don’t have much experience?


“Usually it’s hotter not cooler.”

“I don’t – I don’t feel right?”


“You feel perfect.” He rose up to kiss her.  “Usually when I cum it’s a rush of heat. You’re so hot it feels cool instead.”  He kissed her again, deeper this time. “You are fantastic.”






“So were you.” She pulled him back down to cradle him in her arms.



Who knows

Who cares

Right now

Just let me be

Who knows

Who cares

Right now

Just let me be

In love






“Do you think Tom and B'Elanna are laying in bed like this?”


“Only if Tom got her drunk on the wine you left.” Chakotay patted Kathryn’s bare bottom. “She’s too smart to fall for him.”


“Come on, he’s a nice kid.”  She trailed her fingers along the graceful lines of his tattoo.


“Give him time, Kathryn, he’ll screw it up. He always does.”


“You are so contrary!”  She tugged on the raven hair making him yelp.





B'Elanna was curled up in the center of the bed sound asleep, a contented smile curving her lips.  Tom watched the slow rise and fall of her breasts for a long time before pulling the sheet up over her.


Padding naked to the bathroom, he threw a washcloth into the sink and turned on the hot water.  Washing the stickiness off his thighs and flaccid cock, he tossed it into the recycler.  Putting a clean washcloth under the running water, he looked at himself in the mirror.  “Don’t mess this up Paris. Don’t screw it up this time.”



Let me be in love

I just want to be

In love

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