All Roads Lead To You

By Maquis Leader



Rating: NC17

Author’s Note: This is an AU where Kathryn and Chakotay meet before the Caretaker pulled their ships into the Delta Quadrant.



“The popular theory is that the weapons targeted the females of the species and that the men died out from extinction.” Kathryn brushed back a strand of hair that had slipped out of her once neat ponytail before continuing her report. “The position of the bodies, however, seems to disprove that theory.”


Kneeling next to where a member of the archaeology team was working, she wrapped her fingers around a partially exposed bone. “The bodies – ouch!” Her knuckles stung as they were smacked hard.


“Don’t touch.”


She looked up at the man holding the wooden digging tool. “You hit me!”


“I haven’t finished with this.”


“Well, pull it out of there and we’ll scan it.” She pulled her hand back as he raised the tool threateningly. For a moment she stared at the dark eyed man. “I’m with the Galileo.”


“I know.” He snorted. “Your team has been trampling around for two days, destroying weeks of hard work.”


“Just who are you?”




“Chakotay?” She waited but no other information seemed forthcoming. Looking over his dusty clothes, she decided he must be one of the civilian diggers. “Listen, Chakotay. This is a Starfleet operation.” The corner of his mouth crooked up slightly as if mocking her. “I need to scan this to see if it was female.”


“I can tell you she was female without scanning.”


“And how exactly can you do that?”


“See the necklaces and earrings?” Chakotay gently lifted a scrap of cloth. It was faded and dull, but she could tell it had once been a bright color. “Also the color and pattern of the cloth.”


“You know, in many cultures, it’s the male that dresses up like a peacock.”


“We have pictures of these people.” He laughed and the dimpled smile dazzled her. “And there’s also a baby with her.”


“A baby? Where?”


“Here.” He helped her down into the area he was working in. “Under her arm.”


“Oh.” Tucked against the skeleton’s chest was a smaller cloth wrapped skeleton. One hand was curled protectively over the tiny head. “Poor thing.”


 “They died quickly.” Chakotay softened.  “They didn’t suffer, as far as we’ve been able to tell.”


“Do you think so?” She reached out to touch the baby, but he caught her hand.


“Look at the other objects that I’ve uncovered.”  He pointed out a box with carefully labeled bowls and cups. “Everything I’ve found reminds me of kitchen utensils.”


“This is her kitchen?” Kathryn looked at the large metal basin that was still half buried. “That could be a sink.”


“And there’s something buried over here.” He pointed a few feet away. “That I think is a refrigeration unit of some kind.”


“So she died in her kitchen.” She sat down and switched her PADD on again. “If her husband was still alive, he wouldn’t have left her here.”


“Not likely.” Chakotay looked her over carefully while she made notes on the PADD. Her Starfleet uniform fit her well, the blue accenting her blue eyes. Auburn hair straggled free of the ponytail she wore it in and a sheen of sweat covered her face. “You should have worn something cooler.”


“I’m fine.”


“Uh, huh.” He handed her his hat. “At least put this on; your face is burning.”


“Won’t you need it?”


“My skin doesn’t burn as easily as yours.”


“The curse of Irish skin.” Kathryn scanned the area he was working in. “There’s a tunnel or I guess maybe a hallway about a half a meter behind her. If we move her, we can dig it out.”


“I need to get everything labeled and recorded first.”


“I’ll help.”  She snapped her tricorder shut.


“It’s very delicate work.” He laughed as she planted her hands on her hips and glared at him. “If you promise to be careful!”


“I’ll do my best.”




Chakotay found her to be a quick study. He had only to show her something once and she had it down. As they labeled and scanned in the information on the two skeletons, he studied her. “You’ve got an advantage on me; you know my name and all I know is that you’re with the Galileo and you’re a commander.” He grinned. “And very pretty.”


Flushing, she extended her hand. “Commander Janeway.”


“Commander?” He frowned. “Did your mother have a difficult labor?”


“Kathryn Janeway.” She couldn’t hold back a smile.


“Nice to meet you, Kathryn.” He smiled as he shook her hand.


Wow! “Um, we can dig out that tunnel now.” Anything to keep my mind off those dimples!


They dug out the hallway, carefully depositing the dirt into a pile to be sifted later. Kathryn dug her trowel in and was surprised when it met no resistance. With a startled squeak, she tumbled through into a large chamber. The air was foul and thick.


“Kathryn!” Chakotay grabbed her boots and pulled her back as she choked and coughed. “Hang on.” He snatched the air canister from his equipment and placed the mask over her face.


Sucking fresh air in gratefully, she clutched at his shirt and let him lead her away from the opening.


“We’ll have to wait until the air clears.”


“Uh huh.” She nodded.


He held his breath and went back to peer in the opening. Coughing as he came back to her, he sat down and accepted the air canister.


“What’s in there?”


“Another body. Male, I think.”


“Her husband?” Kathryn chewed on her lip. “I’m thinking they killed everyone at once.”


“That would look better for the Trylian Union.” The two planets had recently applied for Federation membership and one of the conditions for acceptance was the archeological dig on the planet’s southern continent.  Four hundred years ago the inhabitants of Trylian III had murdered their less technologically advanced neighbors on Trylian II and colonized the planet. Their more civilized descendants were quite embarrassed by the mass murder.


“Proving they killed everyone at once instead of only the females isn’t much of an improvement.” She shook her head.


“It’s a small difference, but slightly better than murdering half the population and deliberately letting the other half die of extinction.”


“I need a bath.” Kathryn brushed at the dirt on her arms.


“It’s getting close to sunset.” Chakotay held out a hand to help her up. “We can grab a shower and dinner.”


“Thanks for the invitation, but I have reports to work on.”


A slow smile curled his lips. “It was nice meeting you, Kathryn.”


Watching him walk away, Kathryn mentally kicked herself in the ass. “What’s the matter with you? A gorgeous man shows some interest and you run like a scalded cat!”


Trudging back toward the encampment, she stopped and stared at the lines for the portable showers. “This is just wonderful.” The Galileo had warped out to investigate the launch site of the weapons on one of the outer moons so she couldn’t beam up to her quarters. “Just great.”


From one of the tents, Chakotay came out with a towel around his shoulders and a duffel bag in his hand. He turned and walked away from the showers and into the trees.


“Now where are you going?” She muttered. Jogging after him, she called out. “Chakotay, wait up!”


“Kathryn.” He smiled. “Done with your reports already?”


“I’m curious. The showers are that way, but you’re heading this way.”


“Very observant.” He kept walking, forcing her to follow.


“You’ve got a towel.”


“Yes, I do.” He smiled again at the frustrated sound she made.


“So, where are you going?”


“Nosy thing, aren’t you?”


“I’m curious, there’s a difference.”


“There’s a hot springs up here.” He grinned over his shoulder. “I don’t like to stand in line.”


“Hot springs? I’d kill for a hot bath.” There was so much dirt on her she could taste it.


Chakotay stopped as they reached a collection of steaming pools. Setting down his bag and towel, he pulled off his shirt and laid it aside.


“What are you doing?” Her eyes widened as he undid his pants.


“I’m not bathing in my clothes.” Her cheeks were a delightful shade of pink that had nothing to do with her sunburn. “Did you bring a swimsuit?”


“No.” She looked longingly at the hot water.


“Do you wear a bikini?” When she frowned, he shrugged. “Bra and panties are pretty much the same thing.”


“Sort of.” She turned as he stepped out of his pants. “Not shy are you?”


“I’m not ashamed of my body.” He splashed into one of the pools. “Why are you?”


“I’m not ashamed of my body. I just don’t go around stripping in front of people I don’t know!”


“You can relax, I’m decently covered now.”


Kathryn’s temper rose as he laughed at her. She spun around to give him a piece of her mind. “I – “ Oh my God! He’s beautiful!


Chakotay stood with his back to her and the water came up to the top of his buttocks. Muscles rippled in his back and arms as he lathered himself and soap was running over his shoulders and down his back.


Watching the bubbles glide down his golden skin, she felt an ache start inside of her. It was all she could do not to go rub her hands over his slick body.


Turning away, she pulled off her tank top, pants, and boots. Stuffing her socks into her boots, she waded into one of the pools next to where he was bathing.


“Soap?” He held it out to her.


“Um, thanks.” He was lazily rubbing his soapy hands over his chest and belly. The water came up to his hips and she could see a hint of black hair on his otherwise hairless body.


Rinsing off, Chakotay waded over to one of the larger pools and relaxed back in the steaming water. Kathryn was pale skinned just like he liked. Not that he discriminated against any attractive woman, but white skin had always intrigued him.  He smiled as she turned her back to him; she was obviously unaware that her white panties were transparent now that they were wet.


Soaping quickly, Kathryn felt him watching her. The ache inside her grew to a throb as she ran soapy hands down over her breasts and belly. She’d never bathed in front of a man before. It was erotic knowing he was watching her.


Rinsing off, she turned and waded over to the pool he was sitting in. putting the soap into a container he held out, she relaxed back into the hot water.






“I wasn’t sure if it was dirt on your skin or freckles.” As they dug, she had removed her jacket and the tank top had given him a nice view of her breasts every time she bent down.


“Oh.” She wrinkled her nose. “I always hated them.”


“Why?” He cocked his head. His people regarded freckles and birthmarks as signs that spirits watched over a person. Not that he believed in that sort of thing.


“They’re ugly.”


“I don’t think so.” He trailed a wet finger over her shoulder. “I think they’re very… attractive.” And a game of connect the dots could be a lot of fun.


“I should go back.” Shivers of desire spread out from his fingertip.


“Are you hungry?” Chakotay stood up and picked up the duffel bag. “I’ve got cider and sandwiches.”


I’m not staring! I am not staring! Kathryn couldn’t look away as he rose up out of the water. It poured off his belly and hips and flowed down over his penis. Kathryn jerked her eyes away from the sight. He was semi-erect and big. Not a virgin by a long shot, she never the less felt a ripple of fear at the length and thickness of him. Jesus! And he’s not even hard! A bolt of desire shot through her at the thought and she squirmed on the rock seat.


“Cider?” He sat back in the water and offered her the bottle. “Sorry, I didn’t bring any glasses.”


“Thank you.” She took the bottle and sipped at it carefully.


“It’s apple cider, Kathryn.” He laughed. “I’m not trying to get you drunk.”


Feeling foolish, she tipped the bottle up for a longer drink of the cool, sweet cider.


“I have sandwiches and pickles, and some chocolate cake.” He dried his hands off on his towel before picking up one of the sandwiches and handing it to her.


She chewed slowly. Good and lots of extras, but missing something. “There’s no meat.”


“I’m a vegetarian.” He took a bite of his own sandwich.


“You look like a meat and potatoes man.”


“Potatoes yes. Meat no.” He took a drink of the cider. “Sweets definitely.”


She giggled. “We’ve spent all day together and I don’t know anything about you.”


“You know I’m a vegetarian.” He smiled, dimples flashing.


“And an archaeologist.”


“And I think you’re beautiful.” His eyes dipped to her breasts. The white bra had turned as transparent as her panties and he could see her pink nipples.


“Thank you.” Cheeks red with embarrassment, she slid down until the water came up to her chin. “You let me go on and on about myself today.”


“I enjoyed listening to you.”


“Tell me about yourself.”


“Not much to tell.” He shrugged. “I was born on Trebus, left at fifteen to go to the Academy, and now I teach there.”


“You’re with Starfleet?” She almost choked on her sandwich.


“Yes.” He cut a bite of cake and offered it to her. “Cake?”


“You said you were a civilian.”


“No.” He ate the bite of cake. “I never said that. You assumed.”


An auburn eyebrow arched. “An assumption you did nothing to dispel.”


“It wasn’t important.” He shrugged again and took another bite of the cake. “Triple chocolate, want some?”


“You teach archaeology?” Kathryn thought back to the course she’d been required to take. Some dusty old man in a dusty old room. Chakotay didn’t fit that picture.


“I teach Advanced Tactics.” He smiled at her surprise. “I’m out here with the archaeology team for the summer.”


That fit him better. Strategy and planning. The black velvet eyes were hot as they roamed over her. Planning a method of attack. “Trebus. That’s one of the border colonies.” A shadow crossed his face. “I’m sorry. I’ve heard about the trouble out there. I don’t agree with the treaty.”


“I haven’t been home in years, but I don’t want the Cardassians to take it.” The last visit with his father flashed into his mind. His father wanting him to return home and marry.



“Give me grandchildren, Chakotay.”


“Is that what I am to you?” He’d turned away in disgust. “Am I to be put to stud? Have you picked out the mare for me?”


“Chakotay, you know that’s not what I meant.” Kolopak’s voice had been as calm as always. “You need a wife.”


“Some nice, docile woman who’ll be happy to bear my children and let me walk all over her?”


“Do you think that your mother let me walk all over her?” His father had laughed. “Oh no! Your mother was a strong woman. You need a strong woman, Chakotay. Maybe if you seek a vision – “


The anger had boiled over as it always did in his father’s presence. “I don’t believe in your visions! Your primitive superstitions!”


“Then you will never know peace, my son.”






“What?” He blinked.


“I asked if you’d heard the rumors about the trouble relocating the people of Dorvan?”


“Those aren’t rumors. They won’t move.”


“Can’t say as I blame them.” She shook her head. “Seems to be they’ve been moved enough. At some point you have to dig in your heels.”


“And they will. They’re hard line traditionalists. They’ll die before they move.”


“I’ve been curious about why they left Trebus to form a new colony. Trebus is only what, 200 or so years old?”


“They believe we should go back to the old ways completely.” He snorted. “They wanted to move away from us.” As if our ways weren’t primitive enough!


Kathryn noticed he was uncomfortable talking about his home world. “You don’t agree with them?”


“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a replicator or a computer.”


“A replicator is a must!” She grinned at him. “I can’t cook.”


“A modern woman.” He laughed.


“I try, don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t come out right!” She splashed water at him. “Quit laughing!”


“Watch it! You’ll get the cake wet!”


“If there’s any left.” She eyed the remains of the piece of cake. “Let me have a bite.”


When she leaned forward, he lifted a forkful of cake to her mouth. His other hand cupped under her chin to catch the crumbs.


Settling back, Kathryn raised a hand to her face, certain the skin was scorched from his touch. There was a sensual half smile on his lips and desire simmered in the dark eyes. “I need – to get back.”


Chakotay chuckled as she bolted up out of the pool. She pulled her clothes back on while he packed up the remains of his – their dinner.


Taking the clean clothes he’d packed out of the bag, he slipped them on. He could feel Kathryn watching him while he dressed. There was no doubt in his mind that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, but she wasn’t the type of woman to give herself so quickly.


As they walked back through the woods to the campsite, he took her hand and twined his fingers with hers. Her quick smile and a squeeze of his fingers made his heart beat faster.


“Here it is. Home sweet tent.” Kathryn waved a hand at the small tent.


“Love what you’ve done with the place.” A dimple flashed in one cheek and the black velvet eyes sparkled with humor. “Wear something cooler tomorrow.”


“What makes you think you’ll see me tomorrow?” She smiled. “I may have something better to do.”


Chakotay was already in love with that crooked smile. He tucked a wayward strand of auburn hair behind her ear. “Wear something cooler tomorrow.” Brushing a kiss across her cheek, he walked away.





“Good morning, Kathryn.”


“I had to return your hat.” She held it out to him. He didn’t take it; instead, he walked into the cavern they’d uncovered the day before. “Chakotay?”


“Come see what we found!” He called out to her.


Following him into the cavern, she found him crouched next to the body they had uncovered the day before. “Is it male?”


“Yes. Look at the leggings and the belt.” Chakotay pointed out the rotting leather. “He was an adult male.”


Scanning the body, she nodded. “And he seems to have died fairly quickly.” She looked up. “So, it’s theory number two after all.”


“Looks that way.” He tugged at the sleeve of her t-shirt. “You dressed a little more appropriately today, I see.”


“Are you always this smug?”


He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “Only about things I’m sure of.”




They spent the day working side by side, cataloging each item they uncovered. Comfortable with each other, they passed through long stretches of silence with only the occasional touch on the arm or smile shared between them. At times they speculated on the life of the family or the various items they found.


“Here.” Chakotay handed a cup to Kathryn.


“It’s beautiful.” The dark blue glass caught the sunlight and threw it over her face.


“Take it with you.”


“Oh, I can’t.” She handed it back. “It has to be cataloged.”


“Kathryn, we’ve found plenty of cups and glasses. This isn’t something valuable.” Turning it, he admired the cut glass. “Except to me. It reminds me of your eyes.”


Cheeks pink, she took the cup. “Big flirt.” The dimpled smile was his only answer. “Come on, let’s go get cleaned up.”


“What, no reports to do?” He laughed and dodged out of the way as she smacked playfully at him.




The lines to the shower were as long as they had been the day before, but Kathryn ignored them. Ducking into her tent, she found the bag she’d packed that morning. Adding the food containers from the refrigeration unit, she went back outside.


Chakotay was just coming out of his tent, towel around his shoulders and bag in his hand. He smiled and held out a hand to her.


At the hot springs, Chakotay quickly stripped and began washing himself. After staring at him for a few moments, Kathryn pulled her clothes off and waded carefully into the steaming water.


Taking the soap, she washed off quickly and moved to join him in the same pool they’d sat in the night before. “I brought dinner tonight.”


“You told me you couldn’t cook. Should I be scared?” The black panties and bra weren’t transparent like the white ones she’d worn the day before, but they accented her pale coloring very nicely. Chakotay shifted slightly as his cock hardened at the sight of the milky white skin.


“I can replicate with the best of them.” Setting out the fruit and cheese, Kathryn took a cluster of grapes and leaned back against his side to offer him one. “Most of the time.”


They fed each other, nibbling and licking at each other’s fingers before kissing and finally touching until Chakotay moved over her and forced himself past her unresisting outer lips and inside her body. After a smug smile at her gasp and moan of surprise at his size, Chakotay was groaning and grunting strange words into her ear as he pumped into her with long hard strokes.


Wrapping her legs around his pumping hips, Kathryn ran her hands down his back. His cock was thick, filling her until she thought she’d burst. As strong as Chakotay was, he would last long enough for her to come.


“Tight – hot – Kathryn, spirits – you’re perfect – “ He nipped at her neck. “So perfect – “


His hands had torn her bra open and were kneading her breasts. Waves of fire and lightning ripped through her as he thrust in and out of her. Sliding a hand over her belly, she rubbed at the excited bundle of nerves above where they were joined.


Arching into him, Kathryn stroked at herself while he continued to pump his cock into her. “Harder, Chakotay! Harder!” When he pulled her hand away, she cried out in frustration.


“Let me.” He circled the swollen nub before pinching it gently. Laughing at her gasp of pleasure, Chakotay slowed his strokes to concentrate on playing with her. “I only wish I could taste you.”


“Oh, yes – god yes!” Her nails dug into his back.


“I wish I could suck and kiss your woman’s jewel.” He pinched it gently once again. “Do you like it that way, Kathryn?”


“Yes…” The words made her smile. Not clit or pussy or cunt like Mark liked to say. Woman’s jewel. How archaic. And romantic. “Make love to me, Chakotay.”


His mouth covered hers and his tongue plunged in to play. The muscles under her hands bunched and flexed as he moved deeper and harder within her. Her orgasm rolled through her suddenly and she cried out with the pleasurable pain.


“Come for me, Kathryn.” Chakotay circled and pinched the engorged bundle of nerves. “Come for me.”


Sparks danced behind her closed eyelids as a second climax rumbled through her. “Please – oh please –“


“You do like that – don’t you, Kathryn?” Chakotay gritted his teeth as her inner muscles clenched down on him.


“Oh my god, yes…” Kathryn tangled her fingers in his raven hair and pulled him to her for a long wet kiss. “Do it again.” Multiple orgasms were something she’d only heard about until now.


His laugh tickled her lips. “I can’t wait to have you laying on my bed.” He caressed the swollen nub again. “Thighs spread wide so I can taste your sweet juices.”


“Oh, yes – yes – “ She could see them laying across cool silk sheets, his mouth buried between her legs. “Oh! Again – “


“Will you – suck my cock – Kathryn?” He grunted in her ear.


Her eyes popped open and a giggle burst from her. So much for the romantic stuff!


Chakotay lifted his head to look at her and there was amusement in the dark eyes. “Is that a yes?”


“Yes!” She laughed again. “Yes!” To hell with romance. “Fuck me, Chakotay.”


She clung to his shoulders as he lifted her out of the pool. Kneeling between her legs, he looked fierce and pagan, making her shiver in anticipation. A slow, sensuous smile curled his lips as he pushed her legs up against her body. A squeak escaped her as his body crushed hers and the head of his cock slammed into her womb.


“Fuck you?” He grunted out. “Until you – can’t – walk!” Pounding his body furiously into hers, Chakotay gave himself over to the howling beast inside. The woman beneath him whimpered and moaned as he mated with her. Her cries excited him to thrust harder until the fire crawling over his body ate him alive.


Kathryn caught him as he collapsed onto her, his cries of pleasure muffled against her neck. Inside of her, his cock jumped and spasmed as his seed spurted into her. Her own orgasm was still shaking through her as she soothed his quivering muscles.





Lusty. Kathryn smiled to herself as she brushed dirt away from the piece she was unearthing. It was a term bandied about. Lust for life, lustful, lusty. Chakotay was the personification of lusty. The last two days had been a sexual marathon like she’d never experienced before. They would barely recover from one round of mind blowing sex and he’d be hard and ready to go again. Playful and aggressive, he lusted for life like no one she’d ever met before. Chakotay must mean fucked lustily. She giggled softly.


Before now she’d been in three positions. Missionary, doggy, and her on top. She’d never had sex standing up or in the water. Kathryn sighed. Or up against a tree. And the sixty-nine had been more fun than she’d thought it would be.


Looking back over her shoulder, she caught Chakotay watching her. His eyes were almost black and he was panting slightly. No doubt ready to jump me again. Smiling, she turned back to her work. Kneeling in front of him probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do if she expected to get any work done.


It was no surprise when he lifted her up in his arms, a fierce growling rumbling in his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nipped at the golden skin making him growl again. Outside, he carried her into the woods until they were a good distance away from the worksite. Sitting her down, he pulled her to him for a hard kiss


Kathryn shivered as his mouth moved over hers. Opening her lips for him, she teased his tongue until he moaned and pushed her away. Staggering, she fell to the ground. “Chakotay!”


He stood over her, panting, teeth bared, and chest heaving. Kneeling in front of her, he grabbed her wrists and pulled her up to her knees. One large hand tangled in her hair pulling her head back so his teeth could bite into her neck. The other tugged at the fastenings of her shorts.


There was no fear; she knew Chakotay well enough to know he wouldn’t hurt her. He’d been aggressive but never rough.  She let him push her down onto her hands and knees. “You want me to suck your cock, Chakotay?” Nuzzling the hard bulge, she bit it playfully through his pants.


“No…” The thought of her lips around his cock dropped his control another notch. Jerking her around, he knelt behind her. “I want to fuck you like a bitch in heat!”


He was on her then, hands pawing at her shorts, pulling them down around her knees. Chakotay hadn’t fucked her this way yet, but she’d known it was only a matter of time. Spreading her legs, Kathryn settled on her forearms to get comfortable for what was to come. This was the one position she hated. Being ridden and fucked like a dog, her body used in a male power play.


He let you ride the hell out of him, Kathryn. Laid back and let you enjoy yourself. Sighing, she relaxed her tense muscles. Turnabout is fair play.


Kneeling in front of Chakotay while she worked had excited him, and Kathryn knew she was in for a rough fuck, but even now his fingers slid through her sensitive outer lips carefully, testing her with a finger to be sure she was wet.


“I’ve been wanting you all day.” Rubbing the swollen head in her wetness, Chakotay squeezed one round cheek. “Imagined fucking your perfect white ass…”


Grunting as the air was forced out of her, Kathryn braced herself as he buried himself inside of her in one powerful lunge. Even as she hissed at the sudden intrusion, her inner walls were clutching at his thick cock. Sucking and licking, screaming when it pulled out and clamping down to hold him. Spreading open eagerly to take him back in.


“Spirits – how I – need you!” Chakotay dug his fingers into her hips to hold her while he pounded into her. “Can’t get – enough – of you – Kathryn!”


“I need you, too, Chakotay.” It wasn’t a lie. While it might not be her favorite position, it wasn’t all bad.  His cock was long and thick, filling her and hitting all the right spots, and Chakotay was strong with a stamina that exhausted her.


Laying her head down on her crossed arms, Kathryn leaned back into him to take him fully and sucked in her breath at the delicious friction inside of her. His hands were on her breasts, squeezing and kneading them while he grunted and strained. His native language and the occasional word in Standard burst out of him. Quiet, sensitive, thoughtful Chakotay had a surprisingly dirty mouth during sex.


Kathryn jumped as he rubbed one hand over her mound and searched through her curls with his fingers. “What – what are you – “


“I want you – to come – too – “ He held himself still until he found what he was after. “I want your pussy milking my cock every time you come.”


Sparks shot through her as he circled and teased the engorged nub. Tears burned her eyes as she realized this was not just for him, that he wanted her to share the pleasure with him.


“Skin – so white – “His thrusts were hard and fast again. “"Fuck your ass – spirits!” He cried out as she buckled under him


Driven down to her belly by the force of his thrusts, Kathryn arched up helplessly as he continued to pump into her. His hand was still working at the small excited bundle of nerves, forcing the waves of pleasure through her body.


Her inner walls spasmed around his cock as she cried out and bucked beneath him. Slipping his legs over hers, Chakotay clamped his thighs tight on hers and began thrusting frantically.


“Chakotay – oh god – stop!”  Her fingers carved furrows in the dirt as the increased friction threatened to kill her with the endless waves of fire and lightning. “Please – “


“Fuck you – “ Kathryn’s tight pussy was made even tighter with her legs clamped together and his cock screamed in pleasure and pain with each stroke. “Fuck you – to death – “ Lying prone on her heaving body, Chakotay pumped into her furiously, crying out as the fire ate into his cock and out into his belly and thighs. His balls clenched until he had to bite into her shoulder to keep from screaming.


The gushes of hot seed were a relief, quenching the white hot fire inside of her. Sobbing as he rolled over to hold her against him, Kathryn slid a trembling hand down to cover her aching mound.


“No, your hands are dirty.” He panted in her ear as he caught her hand. “Lay still.”


Holding up her shaking hands, she saw they were filthy, as if she had been digging in the dirt. “When – “ She cleared her throat. “When did I do that?”


“I think while you were begging.” He cupped a hand over her mound and squeezed gently.


“Smug bastard.” His chuckle made her shiver. “You’re really going to fuck me to death one of these times. How will you explain that?”


“My natural attraction to women will be – ouch!” Her elbow smacked into his stomach. “Guess I shouldn’t mention my virility and stamina?” This time he caught her elbow and rolled her over for a kiss.


“I hate to burst your bubble.” Kathryn waved a hand dismissively. “But I don’t even like that position.”


“Let me guess. You like being on top?”


“That’s right.”


“I see.” He pretended to think that over. “Good theory, but I don’t remember you begging like that when you were on top last night.”


“True.” She rose up on his chest. “You were doing all the begging.”


Chakotay smiled broadly, dimples flashing. “What man wouldn’t love a beautiful woman riding him?”


“Some don’t.” She chewed her lip. Justin and later, Mark had tolerated her being on top occasionally. They both favored the basic missionary style. And Mark had a real thing for getting her on her hands and knees.


“Then they’re fools.” One brown finger traced her lips. “You don’t like being taken in the old way because they used your body. Made you feel… worthless.”


“Yes.” A vivid memory of being bent over a table in a supply room at her promotion party flowed into her mind. I’ve never fucked a commander before. She shook her head to clear Mark’s voice away. “The old way?”


“Like our ancestors mated.” A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Doggy style, wasichu.”


“I like your description better.” The full bottom lip was too tempting to resist and she licked at it.


“Why don’t we go take a bath?” Chakotay sucked her tongue for a moment. “And if you want, you can get on top.”





Kathryn was working on a report of their day’s findings while Chakotay brushed her hair, a task he took seriously. She suspected there was something to the ritual she wasn’t aware of. As much as he disdained his people’s customs, he unconsciously fell back on many of them.


There was a sharp rap on the tent’s metal frame. They looked up just as an armed Starfleet Security officer came through the doorway. “Commander Chakotay?” Three more officers filed in, weapons drawn.


“Yes.” Rising from the cot, he stepped in front of Kathryn. “Is there a problem?”


“We have some questions about your father and the Maquis.”


“I haven’t spoken to my father in years.” He frowned. “And I don’t know anything about the Maquis.”


“They’re a terrorist group your father has joined.” The officer hadn’t lowered his weapon. “We’d like to talk to you about that.”


“A terrorist group?” Chakotay laughed. “My father won’t even kill bugs!”


Kathryn had pulled on her shorts under the shirt of Chakotay’s she was wearing. “What exactly is going on here?”


“Ma’am, I suggest you return to your tent.” The man’s gaze swept over Kathryn with her bare feet and oversized man’s shirt. “The Commander just has a few questions to answer.”


“Kathryn, go ahead.” Chakotay told her. “This will only take a few minutes.”


She didn’t like leaving him. Something about this felt all wrong. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, she left his tent.



Back in her tent, Kathryn tried to finish her report, but the image of Chakotay surrounded by armed Security officers kept intruding until she finally threw down the PADD and left.


By the time she reached his tent, she was running. Her calm sedate walk had changed to a jog and then an all out run as her fear grew stronger.


“Chakotay!” She burst into his tent. It was empty. All his neatly labeled artifacts were gone, the PADDs with his reports and notes were missing from the desktop, and his personal belongings were gone as well. The tent was neat and tidy. The hair on the back of her neck rose. Too neat and tidy. Chakotay had spent a month here, and there was absolutely no sign anyone had ever lived in this tent. Even the stain on the flooring where she’d spilled her glass of wine was gone.


Numbly, she walked back to her tent. The blue cup was sitting on her desk and she snatched it up. For a crazy moment she had been afraid he’d never existed and that she’d conjured him up out of her imagination somehow.


Her combadge chirped, startling her. “Janeway here.”


“Commander, Lieutenant Bigalow, the Galileo will be in orbit in two hours.”


“I’ll be ready.”




“I’ll be ready to leave.”


“The Captain says we can stay a few more days if you need to.”


“No.” She clutched the cup to her heart. “There’s nothing here anymore.”





In her quarters, Kathryn pulled up information on the Maquis. It was sketchy at best. Terrorist group opposed to the treaty with Cardassia that handed over some of the border planets. Attacks on Cardassian and Starfleet ships and outposts in response to alleged Cardassian attacks on colonists.


“Standard crap.” She muttered. “Alleged Cardassian attacks my ass.”


Accessing Chakotay’s service record, she was surprised by the serious man there. Impeccable service record, decorated several times during the conflict with the Cardassians, and respected instructor at Starfleet Academy for the last ten years. His profile listed notes and commendations from his former Captains and superior officers as well as the crews he’d worked with. There was even an extensive note from Admiral Paris praising his dedication to Starfleet. Several of his students had also added laudatory notes to his file. Students who were now officers of excellent standing in Starfleet.


The picture of Chakotay made her smile. Unsmiling and stern, he was very much the image Starfleet tried to project on recruiting posters. But there was a twinkle of mischief in the black velvet eyes.


“Computer, open a channel to Admiral Paris at Starfleet headquarters.”


“Opening channel. Please wait.”


After several tense minutes, the Admiral’s aide appeared on the screen. “Commander Janeway, good to see you!”


“Commander Klenman, I need to speak with Admiral Paris.”


“It’ll just be a moment; he’s just finishing up with Admiral Hayes.”


“Thank you.” Kathryn waited anxiously, exchanging idle chit chat with the other woman until she was able to speak with the Admiral.”


“Katie! Hello there!” Owen Paris smiled at her.


“Owen, something strange happened out here. One of the officers working on the archaeology team was taken away for questioning about the Maquis. Do you know any –“




“No?” She blinked at his abrupt answer. “They took – “


“No.” Owen repeated firmly. “I know that someone was arrested and they’re looking for his… associate. Other than that, I don’t know anything.”


His associate? Me? “I was just curious, Owen. You know I’ve heard rumors we may have trouble with the Cardass – “


“Don’t worry about it.” He shook his head. “It’ll all work out. We have a treaty, after all.”


“I understand.” The message was shut your mouth, all hell’s about to break loose. “So, Mom said you’re bringing April and the girls to the lake for Labor Day.”


They spent the remainder of the call talking about the plans for the holiday weekend but there was an underlying tension. Kathryn was sharp enough to know that Owen was warning her to lay low and not ask questions. As much as it galled her – she had to follow that advice. For now.





“Excuse me, I’m looking for the instructor.”


The cadet looked up from the box she was packing. Her eyes were red and swollen as if she’d been crying. ”The class doesn’t have an instructor assigned to it yet, ma’am.”


“Oh, I thought the same instructor taught here for several years.” Kathryn walked over to where the cadet was gathering PADDs from a cabinet.


“He – no – he – not anymore.”


“Too bad. A friend of mine and I were arguing about something and I thought the Tactics instructor would be the person to ask.” Casually, she leaned against the cabinet. “We were debating the role of the French resistance in World War II and if that type of strategy would work in our time.”


The cadet raised her eyes slowly to Kathryn’s. “He might say – that they would.”


“He might?”


“But, he’s not here anymore.” She bit his lip. “Resigned to – go home – I think.”


“Home? Here in San Francisco?” Her heart beat faster at the hope that he was just across the city.


“He did – but I don’t know.” The cadet was practically up to her shoulders in the cabinet again. “He should have taken this stuff with him.” She dropped some papers on the desk and walked across the room to the podium and began scrounging along the shelves below it.


Glancing down, Kathryn saw an address written on one of the papers. Tucking it into her jacket pocket, she walked out of the classroom.




“He moved out, honey.”




“Day before yesterday, I believe.” The old woman unlocked the door and led Kathryn in. “He was so angry. All the time he’s lived here, I’ve never seen anything but a smile on that boy’s face.”


Kathryn looked around the small apartment. “Did he say where he was going?”


“No.” The old woman shook her head. “Just threw things in boxes. Told me to keep the furniture and paid me 3 months rent. He didn’t have to do that, but he insisted.”


Kathryn felt like crying in frustration. She’d been one step behind Chakotay since she’d arrived on Earth. Forty-eight hours before her ship arrived, Chakotay had resigned from Starfleet. It was the talk of Starfleet when the Galileo docked at McKinley station.


“He didn’t say anything?”


“No, honey. He was so angry, he built a bonfire out back and burned his uniforms.”


“Has anyone else been here?”


“Some boys from ‘Fleet Security.” She frowned. “Not nice a’ tall.”


A shiver chased down her spine. They were looking for him now that he’d resigned? Were they still looking for her as well?


“Poor boy. And he just got the news about his father, too.”


“His father?”


“Didn’t you hear? The Cardassians killed him.” The old woman shook her head as she went to the window. “Such a shame. He sure was handsome in those uniforms.”





Kathryn rubbed her aching temples. The rumors of Cardassian attacks on Trebus and other colonies had led to a division within Starfleet. Commander Hudson had left and taken several loyal officers with him. Too many remembered the war and the atrocities committed by the Cardassians. The recent treaty was viewed by many as the start of a downhill slide into war.


Sighing, she rose and stared out the window at the sunset. Crawling through the maze of misinformation, she’d discovered the truth. Trebus and Dorvan had both been laid to waste along with countless other colonies. The Maquis acted as independent cells and there was little or no information on them. There was no trace of Chakotay; he’d vanished. Seemingly swallowed up by the universe as if he had never existed.


The blue cup caught the dying sunlight and threw it across her face. He was out there somewhere and she’d find him. “Look for me, Chakotay.”





Watching the stars streak past the viewport, Kathryn pressed a hand to her stomach trying to still the flutters there. Now that the excitement of the Caretaker’s destruction and their escape from the Kazon was over, there was only one thing left to deal with. Chakotay.


He hadn’t recognized her on the view screen across the distance when they first spoke. When she stepped between him and Tom on the bridge, the dark eyes had widened with recognition before they went blank. His command mask slid into place as firmly as hers did. They had worked easily side by side to rescue Harry and B'Elanna and he had sacrificed his own ship to save Voyager.


Chakotay had listened quietly when she asked him to be her first officer, asking only that his people be treated fairly. Kathryn smiled slightly; Chakotay would never have trusted anyone else. Any other Starfleet Captain would have been in their own brig by now.


There had been no chance to talk with him. Tuvok and Andrews had been standing guard and B'Elanna had glared at her the whole time. And the other woman had clamped a possessive hand on his arm as they left her ready room.


Seska. Tuvok’s reports included information on her. Ruthless, manipulative, and untrustworthy was his assessment. Also very jealous and possessive of Chakotay despite their affair having ended several months ago.


“Computer, where is Chakotay?”


“Commander Chakotay is in his quarters.”


Tuvok had advised against making Chakotay her first officer, but he’d followed her orders to the letter. Crushing the butterflies in her stomach, Kathryn squared her shoulders and walked out of her quarters.




The duffel bag held all his possessions. If not for B'Elanna stopping by his cabin as she abandoned ship, he’d have nothing. Chakotay dug through the bag until he found his medicine bundle.


“Thank you.” The soft fur tickled his nose as he held it to his face. The peace his visions brought him was something he desperately needed. Seeing Kathryn had rattled his hard won composure. He hadn’t recognized her at first; saw only the uniform and a woman who could easily be overpowered if necessary.


Not until she’d stepped between him and Paris had he realized who she was. Her beautiful hair was restrained in an ugly bun, but the smoky blue eyes were unmistakable. His traitorous heart had begun throwing itself against his ribs and his cock had hardened as her soft rose scent surrounded him.


What joke of fate had sent Kathryn here with him? On the one hand, he was grateful it was her because otherwise he’d be trying to take over the ship. On the other hand, he was stuck with Kathryn for the rest of his life. A woman who may or may not hate me. Coyote, I see your paw prints in this mess.


The effort required to work with her and not touch her had stretched his nerves to the breaking point. He needed to meditate and seek a vision; hopefully his spirit guide could help him.


The door chime startled him and he jerked back from the akoonah. “Come in.” If that was Seska trying to crawl in his bed again –  “Kath – Captain.”


“I brought you a housewarming gift.” She stepped carefully inside as if expecting to be thrown out.


“As you can see, I have so many things, finding room may be difficult.”


Her gaze swept over the bare room. On the table was a duffel bag and a fur of some sort was spread out with some small items on it. “I thought this would look good in here. A – friend gave it to me.” She held the cup out to him.


“How dare you?” His voice was soft, almost a whisper.


The rage in Chakotay’s eyes made her back up a step and clutch the cup to her chest. “What’s – “ He grabbed her upper arms and shoved her away.


“Get out!”


“Chakotay, what’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He advanced on her once again. “Do you really want to know?”


“Yes.”  His fingers dug painfully into her arms. “You never contacted me.”


“That would have been difficult to do from my cell!” He shoved her against the bulkhead. “They interrogated me for four days!”




“No food or water. No sleep.” He pressed his body into hers. “Bright lights in my eyes – questions thrown at me constantly.”


“Oh, Chakotay.” She raised her hand to clutch at him.


“I gave my life to Starfleet and they turned on me! They told me my father was dead – taunted me with it!” His chest was heaving in his anger and he could feel the cup pressing into his skin.  “Then they let me go. They apologized. Like it was an inconvenience.”


“They let you go? But they were looking for you when I got to Earth.” She slid her free arm up around Chakotay’s neck and pulled his face down next to hers. “Your landlady told me Security had been there after you left.”


“You talked to my landlady?”


“And your student aide. She gave me your address.” He was relaxing against her now, his hands sliding down to her hips. “I was too late. You were gone.”


“Damn right I was gone. I resigned and took the first ship headed for the border.” He laughed bitterly against her neck. “They were worried about my joining the Maquis. Well they were right, weren’t they?”


“I was afraid they had you locked up somewhere or you were dead.” Her fingers tangled in his raven hair. “I had nightmares of them kicking in my door and dragging me to a cell next to you. And you were dead.”


“Why?” He pushed himself away from her. “You were safe.”


“I contacted Admiral Paris after they took you. He said they were looking for your ‘associate’.”


“Associate? I – I didn’t know.” He collapsed onto the sofa. “I never dreamed they were looking for you.”


“Luckily, they thought they were looking for a civilian woman.” She sat down next to him and placed the cup next to the items on the fur. “They were looking for a woman with long red hair.”


“That’s why you’re wearing that thing on your head.”


“This thing is very…uncomfortable and ugly, but that’s beside the point.” She laid a hand on his arm. “Why didn’t you contact me?”


“You had your life all planned out. Your career in Starfleet was important to you. You wouldn’t have left it all to come with me.”


“How do you know? Did you ask?” It was her turn to be angry.


“Would you?”


“Yes! I loved you!” Tears welled up in her eyes. “I would have followed you anywhere!”


Chakotay sat stunned. He’d dreamed of going to Kathryn and asking her to come with him, but he’d always assumed she’d say no.


“You know why I took this mission? Not for Tuvok. I was worried about him.” She wiped her eyes. “But I took it to find you.”


“Why?” His heart contracted painfully. Did she still love him? Or had it turned to hate?


“To capture you! The reason Admiral Paris assigned Tuvok was to get the information to me.”


“That angry are you?” He couldn’t blame her. The least he could have done was let her know he was all right.


“No. I should have been.” Kathryn smiled crookedly. “I kept a close eye on Starfleet and the Maquis.  Admiral Paris told me they planned to send you to Cardassia. I couldn’t let them do that to you.”


“Admiral Paris? Why would he tell you?”


“We were captured by Cardassians during the war. They tortured him, Chakotay.” She shuddered at the memory. “He’ll never trust them and neither will I.”


“I didn’t know.” He captured her hand and squeezed it. “I didn’t know they hurt you.”


“They didn’t do much to me. Slapped me around a little. They were more interested in the Admiral.” And saving me for later. “He convinced Starfleet that Voyager was the ship to send after you.”


“She’s not a combat vessel.”


“I didn’t ask how he did it, Chakotay. I just know he did.”


“What were you planning to do if you caught me?” His mind was spinning dizzily. “If you weren’t going to hand me over – then what?”


“Get you out of the Badlands. Maybe through the wormhole to someplace safe.”


“Kathryn, if we weren’t here, I’d still be fighting.”


“Then I’d be fighting with you!” She squeezed his hands fiercely.


“No. It was – I wouldn’t want that life for you.”


“But you wanted it for Seska?”


Chakotay smiled at her jealous tone. “Seska was a convenient fuck for awhile, Kathryn. Nothing more.”


“Good.” She sighed as he pulled the pins out of her hair so that it fell over her shoulders.


“I love you, Kathryn.” He lifted her hands to his lips. “That’s why I didn’t come for you.”


“You could have let me know you were alive. Every night I would tell myself that you weren’t dead or locked away somewhere.” She kissed the palms of his hands. “You were gone as if you’d never existed. All I had was a blue cup to prove you were real.”


“You had my shirt, too.” He grinned until he saw fresh tears flood her eyes. “Forgive me, beloved. I couldn’t bring you into the hate and rage my life became.”


“Your tattoo.” She raised a trembling hand to trace the unfamiliar lines on his face. “For your father?”


“Yes.” The black velvet eyes fluttered shut. “How did you know?”


“I have your intelligence file, Chakotay.” The lines weren’t black, but a dark blue, something no one would notice unless they were very close. Her tongue flicked out to taste it. “Now what do we do?”


“What do you want to do?” His mouth hovered over hers.


“Make love to you.”





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