Single White Borg


By Maquis Leader




NC 17 Adults Only

Time: Immediately following Endgame



“You will remain on Voyager until the entire crew has undergone a thorough physical.”


“Admiral, we’ve recently finished the yearly physicals.”  Captain Janeway assured Admiral Paris.


“Understood, Kathryn, but we have to be absolutely sure that no one has any Delta Quadrant infectious organisms lurking inside.” He smiled.  “It’d be a good example to the crew if you and your first officer had yours first, followed by the rest of the senior staff.”


“I’ll have Commander Chakotay set up a schedule – “ She hedged.


“I expect to see a report on your physical in three hours, Captain.” Admiral Paris’ voice was sharp.


Janeway was stunned.  She’d just been slapped into place, an unfamiliar feeling and one she didn’t like.  “Understood.”  Chakotay was having dinner with Seven when she called him to her ready room.  She was sorry to interrupt him, but orders were unfortunately orders.


Lying on the bio bed, she turned to watch the scans.  It seemed she still had a heart and it was in perfect working order.  Funny, she would have sworn there was a gaping hole in her chest.


Chakotay was lying on the other bio bed.  “Hey, does this count as going to bed together?” He flashed a dimpled smile at her.


She returned it.  “Somehow, I always thought we’d have a more romantic setting.”  The words slipped out before she remembered that things had changed.  Turning quickly, she hid the tears that threatened to spill.


“Kathryn?  Are you okay?”  His voice was concerned.  He knew she was hurt over his relationship with Seven even though he’d tried to be as discreet as possible.


“I’m just wishing this was over.” She lied. “You know I hate physicals.”


“Well, then, you’re in luck.  We’re finished.”  The EMH retracted the encircling biosensor arm out of the way so she could sit up.  “You are perfectly healthy, Captain.  Although you do need to cut back on the caffeine and get a good nights rest.”


“You’ve been telling me that for seven years, Doctor.”


“Well, now you have the chance.”


Kathryn stepped over to the small dressing area to put her uniform back on.  The chance?  Maybe so, but long nights alone weren’t going to ensure any rest.   They were just that long dark period between the long daytime hours.  Hours where she was tortured by Chakotay’s presence next to her putting the ship’s logs in order.


“Hmm…. Commander, I need just another moment or so of your time.”  The EMH was frowning at a display of Chakotay’s brain.  “This is very odd.”


“What?”  He craned his head to look, but the Doctor blocked his view.


“Very odd….”


“What is it?” Kathryn came out in just her tank top, still closing her pants.


“There seems to be some irregularities in Commander Chakotay’s brain.”


She stumbled to the Doctor’s side.  There were glowing green dots on the scan of Chakotay’s brain.  “What the hell are those things?”


“I’m not sure.  I need to scan further.” The hologram began putting commands into the bio system.


Going to Chakotay, Kathryn took his hand. “You’ll be all right.”


“What is it?”  He stared at the green things in his brain.  His voice was smooth, but his eyes betrayed his fear.  “Is it a virus?”


“Whatever it is, it’s nothing.  Admiral Janeway didn’t say anything about you not getting home.” Kathryn soothed him.


“She didn’t say anything about me getting there, either, and she came by herself, remember.”  He jerked his hand from hers.  “I need to talk to Seven.  I need her here!”


She did still have a heart after all because it shattered into a thousand pieces.  He wanted Seven not her to comfort him.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” The Doctor turned from the scans.


“No, I need her!” Chakotay struggled to unlock the biosensor arm. “I have to tell her – “ He slumped down as the hypospray hissed against his neck.


Shocked at his panicked outburst, Kathryn let the EMH guide her into his office.  “Sorry, Captain, but I couldn’t risk his alerting Seven.”


Alerting her?  To what?”  She was numb from his rejection.


“The things in his brain are nanoprobes.”


“Nanoprobes?  Are you sure?”


He turned the screen of his desktop console to her.  The green dots had been magnified several million times.  Thousands of mechanical nanoprobes were busy working in Chakotay’s brain.


“Oh my God!  What are they doing?” She recoiled from the sight. “How did they get – “


“They’re Seven’s.”


“Couldn’t they be from when he was almost assimilated?”


“They’re Seven’s.”  The Doctor repeated quietly.  “This is the Commander’s scan from his last physical four months ago.”  The image was normal.


“Is it possible they’ve been dormant until now?” Her mind crashed blindly into the walls looking for logical answers.


“Not likely.  We’ve gotten very sophisticated in working with the nanoprobes since Seven joined Voyager.”  He pulled up another set of scans for her to look at. “Also, the nanoprobes are unique to the individual.  Here are some of Icheb’s and here are some of Seven’s.  See the differences?”


Looking closely, she did see some differences in the two sets of mechanical monsters.  “You’re saying Seven injected him with her nanoprobes?  For what reason?”


“I’m not sure yet, the computer is running a comparison of his brain scans to look for any deviations, no matter how minute.”


A thought occurred to her, a painful one.  “Doctor, you’re aware they are – involved?”


“Yes.” He looked as bad as she felt.


“Is it possible that she injected him during….” She couldn’t say it.  The image of them making love had haunted her empty nights.


“During sex?” He angrily cleared out the scans. “I suppose it’s possible, however, I don’t believe so.  They’re consciously directed, not unconsciously.”


“Scans complete.”  The computer interrupted. “Deviations noted in five regions.” The new scan highlighted the affected areas.


“Memory engrams?”  The Doctor studied the information. “This is very similar to what happened when the crew was shanghaied recently.  His memories have been altered here and here.” He tapped the screen.  “And there’s evidence of manipulation in some brain functions here.”


“I’m not sure I understand.  Are you saying Seven has brainwashed Chakotay?”


“For lack of a better word, yes.  Look.” He superimposed one scan over the other. The original scan was in red the new one in blue the differences were startling.  Entire pathways had been rerouted and in some places blocked completely.


“Why would she do this?”  Anger rose up flooding her vision with red until she could no longer see the scans.


“Captain? Kathryn?” The Doctor laid his hands over her clenched fists. “Right now the important thing is to help him.”


“Yes, yes, you’re right.”  She could always kill Seven later.


After Chakotay was awakened, he fought the Doctor; calling for Seven until in the end he had to be sedated again while the hologram decided how to remove the nanoprobes.  “Eureka!  I have it!”  He held up a hypospray.  “It takes a thief to catch a thief.”




“Old Earth expression.  Using one thief to catch another.  Or in this case, nanoprobes.”


“You’re not going to inject him with more of those things!”  Kathryn stepped between him and Chakotay.


The Doctor walked through her. “These are Icheb’s and are designed to seek out and kill Borg nanoprobes. They should do the job nicely.”  He injected them into Chakotay’s still body. “Once they’re gone, his memory may be a bit fuzzy, but should come back to him.”


Taking Chakotay’s hand, she held it to her lips.  “You’ll be okay, love.”


“Seven of Nine to Chakotay.”  They both turned to stare at Chakotay’s combadge laying on top his neatly folded uniform.  “Seven to Chakotay.”


The Doctor raced for the combadge and snatched it up. “Chakotay here.” His voice was a perfect match for Chakotay’s.


“Our dinner is approximately seventy-five minutes late.  When will you be returning?” her voice was slightly petulant.


“Uh, the Captain and I have a report that has to go to Starfleet headquarters by 2200.  Um, I’ll be there as soon as we’re done.”


“Acceptable.  Seven out.”


“I’ve had more romantic conversations with my replicator.” Kathryn snorted.


“Seven is still new to human relationships.” The Doctor couldn’t help defending his former pupil.


“Well she’s doing pretty well in the deception and manipulation department.”


An hour later, Chakotay’s system was clear of nanoprobes and the Doctor had done what repair work he could do on the brain itself.  Administering a counter to the sedative, the hologram leaned over him.  “Commander?  Commander can you hear me?”


“Yes, now shut up.”  Chakotay put his hands to his face


“How do you feel?”  Brushing his hair back from his forehead, Kathryn kissed the tattoo over his left eyebrow.


“Like shit, what did he do to me?”  His head felt like it was being crushed in a vice.  “This is the last goddamn physical I let him do.  At least I can punch a real doctor in the mouth.”


“Do they teach a class at the Academy on how to be a bad patient?”  The Doctor asked. “Irritating the CMO 101, perhaps?”  The hypospray pressed against Chakotay’s neck again. “There, now stop whining.”


“I was perfectly healthy when I came in here, now my head is killing me. What did you do to me, you light show reject”


“That’s what I do it for, the adoration of my patients.”  The Doctor sighed dramatically.


“You had something in your brain.” She floundered, how was she supposed to tell him what they’d found?


The Doctor stepped up. “There were nanoprobes in your brain. Do you recall being injected with them?”


“Nanoprobes?”  Horror painted his face.


“Chakotay, it’s alright, the Doctor removed them.”


“The Borg? Were we attacked by the Borg?”  He clutched his aching head in his hands. “I don’t remember.”


“Bring me a wet cloth.” She ordered the Doctor before turning back to Chakotay. “What do you remember?”


“I remember – I – “ He shook his head.  “I don’t know, it’s jumbled.  Are we home or was it all a dream?”


“No, we’re home, Chakotay.”  She placed the cool cloth over his eyes.  “We were ordered to be the first of the crew to take physicals.  The scan showed something strange in your brain.”


“Nanoprobes.”  He felt blindly for her hand.


“We think Seven put them there.  Do you remember her doing anything to you?”  The Doctor asked. “Just start with the last clear memories and we’ll work forward from there.”


“She asked me to join her for lunch.  I didn’t really want to, but I had encouraged her to interact with the crew more, so I accepted.  I didn’t want to be rude.  We ate in the mess hall.”


“Then what happened?”  Kathryn rubbed his knuckles with her thumb.


“I returned to the bridge, finished my shift.  Nothing unusual.”  He squeezed her fingers.  “She asked me to dinner a few days later. I declined – told her I didn’t think it was appropriate.”  He stopped, clearly struggling with the memories. “Then she came by my quarters.  It was late, around 0130 or 0200.  Said she had something important to discuss with me about her…. interactions with…. the crew….” His body started to tremble.


 “Chakotay, what else?”


“Oh, spirits….” He remembered her stepping into his quarters….



“You said I needed to interact more with the crew.”


“Seven, it’s late, can’t we discuss this in the morning?”  He was suddenly very conscious of his bare chest.  He’d pulled on a pair of sweatpants to answer the door but hadn’t bothered with a shirt.  His only late night visitors were usually B'Elanna who thought of him as a brother, or Kathryn who he always hoped thought of him as much more.


“No, this cannot wait.”  Seven stepped closer.  “You declined my invitation to dinner stating it was inappropriate. Yet later you had dinner with the Captain in her quarters.  Would that engagement not also be considered inappropriate?”


“My having dinner with the Captain is none of your business.”  He was swiftly losing patience with the former drone. “The Captain and first officer of a starship have to work together as a team.  Discussing reports over dinner is hardly inappropriate.”


“You desire a liaison with the Captain.”


“That’s enough, Seven, you’re dismissed.”  Chakotay motioned toward the door. “And don’t ever come to my quarters again. You want to talk to me, do it during my shift and in my office.”


“I wish to have a liaison with you, Commander.”


“I’m not interested.” He said harshly. The thought of her touching him with that Borg hand made his skin crawl.


“The Captain desires you, but will not break with Starfleet protocol.  Perhaps you should seek another female – “


“Get out!”  He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the door.  “I should have spaced you along with the rest of the drones!”


“You leave me no choice.”  Her Borg enhanced hand curled around his throat choking him.  The tubules shot out from under her skin and plunged into his carotid artery.


“Security – Security to – “ he gagged as his nerve centers began shutting down.  Chakotay crashed to the floor at her feet.


Standing over him, Seven stripped off her uniform.  Kneeling next to him, she injected the tubules into his neck once again.  “As I stated, I wish to form a liaison with you.”  With the other hand, she pulled his sweatpants down.  “We will copulate now.”


His worst nightmares about the Borg had never included rape. Unable to move, he whimpered as she fondled him roughly.  Her Borg hand moved from his neck to squeeze his balls painfully.  Chakotay tried to force his hands to move, but they lay limp at his sides.   That wasn’t the only thing that was limp.  It was a small victory, but she wasn’t getting him hard with her manipulations.


“You are not circumcised, I find that intriguing.  Over eighty percent of human males are circumcised.  Perhaps because you are from a primitive culture.”  Was that her idea of romantic small talk?  Hysterical laughter bubbled in the back of his throat, unable to escape.


 She had lowered her mouth and was sucking at him wetly.  After several moments, she raised her head and glared at him.  “You will comply.”  She raised her hand towards his face, the tubules sliding out obscenely, dancing in front of his eyes, and seeking flesh.  They bit painfully into his neck once again.


“N—n—n—oo….” He forced out the word.


The tubules withdrew and Seven studied him coldly.  “I have studied sexual techniques from many different cultures.”  She pulled his legs apart.  “There is a primitive technique to arouse a human male.”  Putting her human hand under one knee, she lifted his leg up and out, forcing his legs open wider.  “ Direct stimulation of the prostate gland by digital insertion through the anus.”  She forced a finger hard inside of him. “You will comply.”


The metal covering her fingers scraped and tore at him as she felt for the right spot.  He couldn’t hold back the whimpers of pain from the cruel treatment.  He’d had a lover on Risa who had used this technique on him once after a wild night of sex had left him worn out – or so he’d thought.  But she had been gentle and considerate, coating her finger with oil.  She’d been quick, knowing exactly what to do.  It had been wonderfully erotic.  This was painful torture.


Frustrated, Seven forced another finger inside of him pressing deeper, curling her fingers upwards.  “The technique appeared simple in the text.”  A sudden bolt of electricity shot through him, she’d finally hit the right place.  He hardened instantly against his will.


She moved over him and lowered herself down onto him.  Sucking her breath in against the pain. “Pain in illrelevant.”  She rode up and down on him in a jerky fashion.  After several minutes, she paused.  “Average copulation for humans lasts 12.5 minutes. Yet that time has passed.  You are better than average.  I – I am pleased.”  She didn’t sound pleased.


The one small satisfaction Chakotay had was that she was hurting herself.  She was dry as a bone and he was a big man.  The cry of pain she’d given as her maidenhead tore gave him a sadistic thrill.  Not as much as shoving her out the airlock would, something he fully intended to do once he could move.


She began riding him harder and faster, lunging clumsily on him.  Despite his revulsion, he felt himself building to a climax.  He tried using grotesque disgusting images to stop it, to make himself go limp inside her.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of anything more revolting than what she was doing to him.  Even Seska’s groping him when the ship was time fractured didn’t compare.


“Fuck me.  Fuck me now.”  Seven said the dirty words as if reciting them from a textbook.  “Your cock is so hard.  I want you to cum.”  Tears ran down her pain twisted face.  Why was she doing this if she wasn’t getting any pleasure from it? 


She was hurting herself fucking him as dry as she was.  Forcing himself to take shallow breaths, he concentrated on backing his climax off.  Take your revenge where you can the Maquis said.  Seven wanted to ‘copulate’ did she?  Well, be careful what you wish for, Borg bitch!  You should have picked on Harry; he’d have shot his wad by now.  Instead you picked a man who can last. 12.5 minutes?  Huh!  I couldn’t even jack off that fast.


Seven rode him, stopping and starting, adjusting her position several times. “You will ejaculate, you will comply.”


“F—F—uc—k – y—y—ou….“ He ground out.  Not anytime soon, bitch, not with your lousy technique.


She stared down at him in disbelief.  “It has been 45.8 minutes.  You will comply.”  She lifted her breasts in her hands.  They were covered in a latticework of Borg metal. “Perhaps if you suck on my breasts.  Most males are said to enjoy that action.”


When he turned his head away, Seven began moving on him faster, violently until finally he exploded inside of her.  His stomach clenching, retching at the thought of his seed inside of her.


Getting up, she staggered to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later with a wet washcloth.  Washing off all traces of what had happened, she looked at the cloth.  There was blood on it as well as his semen.


Lifting Chakotay, she carried him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed.  She left him there, returning to the main room.  When she came back she was dressed and held a hypospray in her hands.  “You will not remember this.  By tomorrow the nanoprobes will have significantly changed your memories.  You will seek a liaison with me, Commander.”  The soft hiss against his neck and the world faded to black. “You will comply.”



“Oh, spirits….” Chakotay lurched up off the bio bed. “Oh, no, no….” His stomach heaved and he was sick onto the Doctor’s restraining hands.


“Well that makes my day complete.”  Looking at the vomit on his holographic shoes, the Doctor sighed.


Kathryn held Chakotay, wiping his mouth with the wet cloth as he retched until he had nothing left.  He was dry heaving onto her shoulder when the Doctor returned with another hypospray.


“Forgive me.”  Chakotay’s was so soft she almost didn’t hear him.


“Chakotay, you didn’t do anything wrong.” She rocked him in her arms.


“I did, I hurt you.” He pulled back to look in her eyes.  “I put you aside. I broke my promise.”


“She reprogrammed your brain, Chakotay.” The anguish in the black velvet eyes tore at her.  “Chakotay, I love you, it’s okay, we’ll be okay.”


“I love you, too.”  He lowered his mouth to hers then stopped suddenly.  “I need to wash my mouth out. I don’t want our first kiss to taste like vomit.”  Getting down shakily, he made his way to the small washroom.


“Are the nanoprobes gone, Doctor?”


“Yes, Captain. Icheb’s killed Seven’s and his have been flushed from the Commander’s body – rather unexpectedly onto my shoes.”


Tugging at her soiled tank, she grinned. “You’ve got company, Doctor.”  Stepping into the washroom, she found Chakotay leaning over the sink rinsing his mouth out. Spitting one last time into the sink, he stared into the mirror as if he didn’t recognize the man he saw.  “I remember having a picnic in the cargo bay, having dinner in my quarters.  She kissed me and I liked it – how could I?”


“You were brainwashed.”


“It was like kissing a plastic doll.  Oh, spirits, Kathryn, I slept with her!  We fucked like rabbits!”


“Hey, remember how upset I was over Jaffen?”  She rubbed his shoulders comfortingly. “I moved in with him after two weeks for God’s sake!”


“Kathryn, it felt so good at the time – but now I realize it was the worst sex I’ve ever had.  She just laid there, she only did what I told her to do.  Who ever has her next better thank me – she knows how to give a blow job!”  His laugh had a hysterical edge. “She knows to keep her mouth open while she gets it rammed down her throat!”  He sank down on the floor, hanging over the toilet, retching again.


She hollered at the Doctor to bring her an icepack.  When he brought it to her, she shoved him back out and shut the door in his face.  Putting the ice on the back of Chakotay’s neck, she held it there until her hands went numb.


The heaving stopped and he leaned back against her.  “I remember what she did to me that night.  Kathryn, you should have let me space her with the rest of them.”


“It’s not too late.” Pulling him up, she helped him rinse his mouth again.  Getting a washcloth wet, she washed his face and neck.  Taking off his med gown, she bathed his chest as well.  Tugging off her soiled tank top; she threw it in the recycler followed by her bra.  Handing him the cloth, she guided his hand over her face, neck, and breasts.


Chakotay kissed her gently, afraid she’d pull back after his confession.  Her lips were soft under his.  Then he felt her fingers in his hair guiding his head down to her breasts.  He suckled eagerly, finding comfort in their fullness.


“Everything is okay now, love.”  She held his head to her. “Trust me.”


When they came out of the bathroom, they dressed while the Doctor gave his report.  “I’ve analyzed the sample of Seven’s nanoprobes that I extracted from Commander Chakotay’s brain.  The nanoprobes have a short life span.  Another two months, three at most and they would have dissolved.  Unfortunately, by then the damage would have been permanent and irreversible.”


“His last physical was four months ago, the probes would live maybe another two to three months, and so they’d be gone before his next physical.  When we detected them Chakotay did everything he could to alert her.”  Kathryn paced around the bio bed. “She didn’t just do this in a moment of passion.  She planned this.”


“It would seem so.”  The Doctor admitted.  “They show evidence of having been programmed.”


“Probably since I put a stop to her holo-Chakotay she decided to go for the real thing.” Kathryn said angrily.


“Holo-Chakotay?” Chakotay demanded grabbing her arm as she paced past him. “What do you mean, holo-Chakotay?”


“I didn’t want to tell you, I knew it would embarrass you.”  She’d deleted the program ordering Seven and the Doctor to never mention it to anyone.


“She had a hologram of me?” His stomach rolled again.  By the time Kathryn and the Doctor finished explaining about Seven’s holodeck adventures into the human experience, Chakotay had gone from surprise to outrage to spitting mad.


His combadge chirped.  “Seven to Chakotay.”  Kathryn grabbed his hand before he could answer. Pulling the combadge off, she handed it to the Doctor. “I’ll handle her, Chakotay.  Doctor, tell her ‘you’re’ going to be busy for the next few hours and you’ll see her tomorrow.


While the Doctor did his Chakotay imitation for Seven, Kathryn beamed herself and the real thing to her quarters.  “Computer initiate Lockdown Janeway Sigma One.” He grinned at her before giving his code. “Authorization Chakotay Maquis Alpha.”


“Lockdown complete.”  The lockdown was a security procedure that erected both damping fields and level 10 force fields around her quarters.  The lockdown could only be lifted by Chakotay, Tuvok, or the Captain herself.


“Now we don’t have to worry about her getting you out of here before we figure out what to do.”  She guided him to the sofa.


“I can’t believe she’d try to snatch me –” He stopped.


“And then again we can’t believe she’d shoot you full of nanoprobes, either.” Kathryn joined him on the sofa.


“I’ve got the headache to prove it.  I’d just don’t know why she did it.”


“Guess it’s your curse to be irresistible to women.”


“Everybody’s got their cross in life to bear.”  He put his hand over his heart dramatically.


“Here I thought yours was your warped sense of humor. Maquis Alpha?”


“I needed a unique code.” He shrugged.  “Don’t want just anyone locking you in your quarters, do you?”


“Can I make a confession?” Kathryn chewed her bottom lip.  “I kind of liked the idea of a Maquis mutiny.”


“Really?  Kathryn, I’m shocked!”  His face was stern, but his eyes were dancing with laughter.


“Well, maybe not all of the Maquis.”  She moved closer.  “Just this one guy in sexy leather pants.”


“I had a few thoughts in that direction myself.  There was this Starfleet Captain I wanted to see with her hair down.” Chakotay lowered his lips to hers.


Kathryn opened her mouth to his coaxing tongue, meeting it with her own.  Pulling him closer, she ran her hands up his shoulders and neck to twist in his hair.


Gasping for air, Chakotay pulled away to nibble along her neck.  “Wait…. wait….” Pulling her hands down, he held them to his chest.


“Chakotay, please don’t push me away.  I know I deserve it, but please – “ She choked back tears as he pulled her against his chest.


“Kathryn, I love you, I’m not pushing you away.  I feel unclean, I feel sick inside.”  He kissed the top of her head.  “I don’t want to touch you feeling this way.”


“Come with me.”  Getting to her feet, she led him into her bedroom. “Strip, Commander.”  Chakotay arched a raven brow sending her into peals of laughter.  “I’ve always wanted to say that.”


“Now it’s my turn to confess.  I’ve always wanted to hear it.”  He pulled his jacket off and dropped it to the floor.  Tugging off his turtleneck, he pitched it to her. “Aye-aye, Captain.”


Watching him undress was too much temptation all at once.  Turning Kathryn went into the bathroom to get towels and a washcloth out of the small closet.  Setting them on the counter, she turned to see Chakotay standing nude in the doorway.  She’d seen him shirtless often enough, but never completely naked.  He was magnificent.  Bronze skin covering heavy muscles, a magnificent male animal.  Circling him, she let her eyes roam over him, something she’d never allowed herself to do.  His broad shoulders tapered to a trim waist, slim hips, and taut buttocks.


“Do I pass inspection, Captain?”


“Oh, yes Commander, oh yes indeed.”  The size of his erection was thrilling and scary at the same time.  Looking up, she met his gaze in the mirror.  His eyes were black glittering with desire.  “You’ll do.”


He stepped into the shower and turned on the spray.  Panting, she tore her uniform off and snatched up the washcloth before joining him in the shower.  Pouring soap onto the cloth, she began washing him clean.


Bracing his arms against the shower wall, Chakotay let the hot water pour down on his head.  Kathryn hands on his back were soothing, easing the weight off his shoulders.  She slid her soapy hands over his buttocks and down between his legs. He flinched when her hand slid past the sensitive opening, then relaxed as she caressed his balls.  Ducking under his arms to stand in front of him, her lips brushed his. “Kathryn?”


“Uh hmm…..” She’d discarded the cloth in favor of using her own hands.  His chest was getting a thorough soaping. 




“It’s the only soap I have.”  His belly was firm under her fingers.


“Well, let’s hope Admiral Paris doesn’t get too close to me tomorrow.”


She bit her lip, unsuccessfully trying to hold back her laugh.  “Sorry, I should have replicated some plain soap.”


“I don’t mind, I love the way you smell.”  Putting his hands on the small of her back, he pulled her against him.  His lips settled on hers caressing gently, his tongue teasing until she opened her mouth for him.  Dipping in and out of her mouth, swirling around her tongue, he lapped up the sweet taste of her.


“Oh, God, Chakotay, now I know what an ice cream cone feels like.”  She panted against his mouth.  “I’ve never had anyone kiss me quite like that.”


“The first time I tried to French kiss a girl I didn’t know what to do.  So I just stuck my tongue all the way in her mouth.”  He crushed Kathryn’s mouth with his and plunged his tongue deep into her mouth to illustrate.  She groaned when he pulled back.  “She bit me – and I was more cautious after that.”


“She bit you?” She couldn’t believe that.


“Drew blood. Well, we were only twelve years old.”  He sucked on her bottom lip.  “Luckily, it turned out that girls liked my new technique, so I forgave her.”


“I forgive her, too.  Matter of fact, I may send her a thank you note.” Kathryn tipped her head back as his kisses moved across her jaw to her earlobe.  She moaned and rubbed herself against him as he sucked at the soft spot just below her ear.  “Oh, oh, my…. maybe a fruit basket, too.”


“Different girl.” He murmured.  His hands grasped her bottom and pulled her tight against him, the soap made their bodies slick as he rubbed his erection against her soft belly.  “The answer is yes.”


“What?” She didn’t remember asking him anything. She couldn’t think straight with his hot breath in her ear.


“You were wondering if I’m that good with my tongue somewhere else.”  He trailed his tongue up over her cheekbone and across her eyelids causing her to buck hard against him. “The answer is yes.”


Kneeling in front of her, Chakotay watched the water pour over her breasts to cascade down her belly onto her mound.  Nuzzling the auburn curls, his hands on her bottom holding her still, kissing the soft nether lips.  His tongue traced the swollen bud, lapping at it circling and teasing.  She whimpered and moaned, her fingers tangled in his hair holding him to her.


Leaning back against the shower wall, Kathryn spread her legs to give him better access to her.  His fingers opened her, letting his tongue push into her throbbing center.  Her knees buckled and only his hands on her kept her from sliding to the floor.  He hooked one arm under her knee, opening her up to him even further while his hand teased her by sliding a firm finger in and out.  When a second finger followed the first, she cried out in pure pleasure.  Pressure was building inside of her, pushing outward until she felt her body pulsing ready to explode.  The universe shrank to his tongue lapping at her, his fingers working her.  The pressure burst inside of her when he sucked the swollen bundle of nerves into his mouth.  Holding his head to her, she ground herself against his mouth, crying out his name.


Gasping painfully for breath, Kathryn looked down at the raven head between her legs.  Chakotay was looking up at her, eyes twinkling as he gave her one last kiss.  Oh my God!  They had to have heard her screaming on the bridge.  Her face flamed, she’d never been a noisy woman during sex.  Of course, she’d never had an orgasm like that from just a tongue job, either.  Hell, she’d never had an orgasm like that.  Ever.  She looked around half expecting to see pieces of flaming wreckage around them.


“Kathryn?”  He let her slide down the wall to straddle his thighs.


“Chakotay….”  She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, mercilessly thrusting her tongue into his mouth for more.


He slid inside of her with one smooth stroke burying himself to the hilt in her warmth.  “I love you, Kathryn.” Encased in the tight sheath, he trembled with the effort to wait to let her adjust to his size.


Sucking in her breath at the sudden shock of being filled with him, she closed her eyes .  “I love you, too.”


Rising up on his knees, Chakotay pinned her against the wall.  His mouth locked with hers again as he thrust deep and hard inside of her.  Her fingers felt between them for the pulsing nub just above where they were joined.  He brushed her hand out of the way and rubbed it himself.  Lightning and fire shot through her at his touch.  His other hand teased her nipples, pinching and rolling them between his fingers.


One explosion ended and another began inside of her.  Clawing at his shoulders, locking her legs tighter around his hips, Kathryn ground herself against him trying to take him ever deeper.


His thrusts changed, throwing her slightly off rhythm as he lurched forward grunting in ecstasy.  “Kathryn look…” He panted.  “Look at me….”  Blue eyes locked onto his for the last violent thrusts before his body arched into hers. His stomach clenched tight against her belly. “I want…. to see you….” Chakotay pushed hard once more. “When I come…. inside of you….” Grinding her against the wall, his seed pumped into her.


“Oh, Chakotay, I love you so much.”  His eyes closed and his head came down on her shoulder. “I’ve got to personally thank whoever taught you how to do that.”  His laughter rumbled against her breasts.


As they lay in bed later she watched him sleep.  She’d almost lost him.  Not just to Seven’s nanoprobes.  Her own stupidity had led her to believe he and Seven could fall in love.  Admiral Janeway had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.  God was she really that stupid?  Of course, had the nanoprobes not been detected – which in the Admiral’s time they weren’t – then how would she have even known?  Their relationship would have progressed along Seven’s preprogrammed lines and she would have choked it down because Chakotay would have been happy.  No wonder Admiral Janeway had been so old and bitter.  The last twenty-six years watching the man you love be with someone else.  Then getting back only the empty shell of a man after Seven was gone.  The Admiral had told her that Chakotay had died after suffering several strokes before succumbing to a massive aneurysm that left the Doctor baffled.  Now she wondered if the nanoprobes had been responsible for that as well.


Brushing the raven hair back, Kathryn traced the lines of his tattoo, something she’d longed to do so many times in the past seven years.  Something she intended to make up for.  Captain’s log: tattoo tracing number three and counting.  Chakotay looked more peaceful than he had in a long time; sleep erasing the lines and stress making him look years younger.  After they’d made love in the shower, they’d dried each other off before getting into bed.  He’d told her what Seven had done to him that night in horrifying detail, purging himself of the memory.  Chakotay was an intensely private sensitive man hiding behind the outgoing personality he showed to the world.  To be violated in his own quarters in such a manner had humiliated him to the very core of his being.  Lucky for Seven, the force fields kept her from getting out to exact revenge.


“How many ways can a Borg die?”


Blinking, she saw him grinning at her.  “What?”


“You looked like you were making a list.  I thought maybe it needed a title.”


“Not much of a list.  So far, all I have is kill kill kill.”  She smiled crookedly.  “Not very constructive is it?”


“It’s a start.  As your first officer, it’s my duty to help organize the Captain’s thoughts.”  He trailed his fingers over her breasts, causing the nipples to harden.


“No one could ever accuse you of not doing your duty.”  She lay back down next to him, snuggling against his chest. “What are we going to do with her? We have to be sure she doesn’t do this to anyone else.”


“We could drop it in Starfleet’s lap and let them deal with it.  We’re due a vacation after seven years.”


“Chakotay, we have to solve this – “


“No, no, we don’t.”  He put his fingers to her lips.  “This isn’t the Delta Quadrant, Kathryn, we don’t have to make all the decisions anymore.  I want to know why, but I don’t care about what happens to her.  Let someone else make the big decisions for a change.”


Chakotay was right.  Her duty was to file a report with Starfleet on the incident and let them decide what to do with her Single White Borg.  “So where are we going on this vacation?”





At 0800 hours the following morning, Captain Janeway sat at her desk in her ready room.  She’d filed a report with Starfleet that included the Doctor’s report as well as Chakotay’s.  Seven stood stiffly at attention.  “You requested my presence, Captain?”


“Yes, Seven, I need to ask some questions about an incident that’s occurred.” Kathryn’s hand curled around the phaser in her lap.  “What do you know about the nanoprobes the Doctor found in Commander Chakotay’s medical scan?”


The ice blue eyes widened slightly before the mask slid back into place.  “I believe the Commander was injected with my nanoprobes while we were copulating.”


The truth and yet not the truth.  “Was Commander Chakotay aware that you’d injected him?”


“Yes.”  Whatever else Seven had learned of human behavior she’d taken to lying like a fish to water. 


It was time to stop beating around the bush.  “Seven, we know what happened.  The Doctor has removed the nanoprobes.”


“Removed them?” Seven appeared stricken.


“Yes.  Why,Seven?  Why Chakotay?”  Perhaps if she acted out of fear or loneliness they could forgive her.


“You are jealous, Captain.” The other woman said smugly.  “Commander Chakotay has decided to pursue a relationship with me, therefore you are acting out of jealousy.”


“Oh, you bet your ass I’m jealous.  And madder than hell!”  Kathryn had to fight to keep from slapping the serene smile off her face.  Bitch!


 “I will tell the Commander over dinner tonight about your reaction.  He will find it amusing.”


“Oh, I don’t think so.”  She purred.  It was her turn to be smug.  “When I say we removed the nanoprobes, I meant to say that we removed them and repaired the damage. Chakotay remembers what you did to him.  He won’t be having you for dinner anytime soon – unless you’re going to be slow roasted as the main course.”  The blonde floundered for a response, her mouth opening and closing several times.


The door to the ready room snapped open and Chakotay stalked in.  He had been sitting on the bridge letting Kathryn handle it as they had agreed the night before.  The urge to confront Seven had proven too strong to resist.  “Why?”  He barked out the word at her.


“Commander, I am pleased to see you.  I missed our dinner last night.”  She moved to place a hand on his arm.


Jerking away, he moved to stand behind the Captain, gripping the back of her chair with both hands.  “Stow it, Seven, I know what you did – now I want to know why!” Kathryn patted one of his hands reassuringly.


Abandoning all pretenses, Seven raised her chin defiantly.  “The number of suitable males on Voyager is limited.  You were the most logical choice for a mate.”


“Logical?” Kathryn winced at the outrage in Chakotay’s voice. Logical?  That had to be a swift kick in the male ego.


“Crew members have been establishing permanent liaisons at an increasing rate for the past 15.6 months.  I concluded that given the number of suitable males on Voyager versus the rate at which liaisons are forming, the possibility of not having a suitable mate was quite high.  It was not acceptable.”


“You did this because you thought we’d run out of men?” Of all the reasons Seven could have given, Kathryn certainly hadn’t seen this one coming.




“What about the Doctor or Harry?” She knew that either of them would have jumped at the chance to be Seven’s mate. “They both care for you.”


“The Doctor is not real and Harry is immature.” Seven dismissed them both with a raised eyebrow.  “I constructed a model of the ideal male to form a liaison with and the Commander was the second highest rated male on the list.”


“Second highest?”  He gripped the chair back tighter.  He wasn’t sure how to feel about that.


“Are you saying you settled for Chakotay?” Kathryn felt her chair shaking.  She’d have to put his ego back together with duct tape.


“Vorik was the top candidate, however I believe he would prefer a Vulcan female.  That left Commander Chakotay as the top candidate.”


“When you found out I wasn’t willing to ‘form a liaison’ –“  He spat the words at her  “Why didn’t you move on to the next logical candidate?”


 “The next candidate did not have a high enough rating of a particular factor.” The former drone lifted her chin. “That was the added factor of your status on the ship.”


“Nothing like the first officer warming your bed?”  He ground out.


“Your rank is irrelevant.  Your status as Voyager’s Alpha Male is the status I refer to.”


“Relationships are based on more than status and logical factors, Seven.” Not that Kathryn could blame her for wanting the man who was the most male out of all the men on Voyager. “There’s compatibility, companionship, love.” 


“Love is irrelevant, Captain.  I offered suitable companionship to the Commander including copulation, as he desired.  He refused even though I am the most logical mate for him.”


“If I follow your line of reasoning, Seven, I’m the Alpha Female on board, therefore you would not be the Commander’s logical mate.  That would be me.” Something she should have admitted to herself years ago.


“You would not allow yourself to mate with the Commander.  Therefore he was free to mate with me.”


"The fact that I love Kathryn and was willing to wait for her, the fact that I turned you down wasn’t relevant?”  Even now, he couldn’t fathom her reasoning.


“I ensured you would be happy.” To Seven the logic was flawless.


“By reprogramming my mind?  By assimilating me?  I’d think you of all people would understand how wrong it is to force someone to be something they’re not!”


“Enough!”  Kathryn tapped her combadge. “Janeway to Tuvok, send in our guests.”


The door opened to admit two Starfleet Security officers.  “Captain Janeway?  I’m Commander Rafferty, this is Commander O’Brian.” Both men shook her hand.  “We’re honored to meet you ma’am.”


“Thank you, Mr. O’Brian.”  She smiled at the dark haired man.


“I’m Rafferty, ma’am, he’s O’Brian.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”  Turning, she indicated Chakotay standing behind her.  “My first officer, Commander Chakotay and this is Seven of Nine.”  The officers moved to either side of the former drone.  “Seven, you’ll be going with these gentlemen to Starfleet Headquarters.”


Seven eyed the men warily. “I do not wish to go.”


Plucking her combadge from her chest, Chakotay looked her in the eye.  “You will comply.”


One of the men snapped restraints on Seven’s wrists and led her to the door.  “Thank you, Mr. Rafferty.” Kathryn said to the blond man.


“You’re welcome ma’am, but I’m O’Brian, he’s Rafferty.  Both men grinned at her as if enjoying a private joke.  They beamed directly out of her ready room.


“Computer, remove all of Seven of Nine’s access codes and remove her name from Voyager’s crew roster.  Authorization Chakotay Maquis Alpha.”


Kathryn tossed the phaser on her desk thankful she hadn’t needed it.  “Alpha.  Seems appropriate somehow.”


“I don’t know if I should feel insulted or flattered.”  He shook his head.  “Alpha Male, huh!  Makes me sound like a Neanderthal.”


“Well, on the one hand you have been known to discipline crew members by using them as sparring partners.”  She slipped her arms around his waist.  “On the other hand you’re the gentlest, most patient man I’ve ever known.”


“If the Admiral hadn’t come back, I’d be with Seven right now, wouldn’t I?”  He knew the Admiral had told Kathryn something that had upset her and made her pull away from him.  “What did she tell you?”


“That you and Seven married.”  She laid her head on his broad chest. “That she died and you were never the same after that.”


“What crap!  Maybe since she programmed me to be her lapdog!”  He tipped her head up.  “How could you believe that I could ever love Seven?  Marry her?”


“I had ‘myself’ to tell me it happened.  If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?”  Tears pooled up in her blue eyes and overflowed.  “It happened, Chakotay, she watched it happen.”


“The day we entered the nebula, Seven tried to break it off with me because the Admiral told her she would hurt me.  I wonder if that was just another step in her relationship manual or if the Admiral was trying to break us up?  And I talked her out of it. I practically begged! Kathryn, it’s not too late to shove her out an airlock. I’ve never crawled for any woman – not even you.”  He rested his forehead against hers. “Bent over backwards, but never crawled.”


“I wonder now, just who the Admiral was here to save, Seven or us?”


Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her gently, tongue teasing her mouth open to taste her.  “Us.  Kathryn, she came back for us.” 


And Then? So? What did they do then?

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