Stranger In A Strange Hologram

By Maquis Leader





Time: During Worst Case Scenario



“Have you tried out the Mutiny program yet, Chakotay?”  Kathryn Janeway asked her first officer over her coffee cup.


“Twice, died both times.”


“Poor baby.”  They were relaxing after dinner on the sofa in her quarters.  “You should try playing with the good guys next time.”


“Actually, I was on the Starfleet side both times.  As a matter of fact – “ he gave her a playful push.  “You got me killed the last time.”


“Me?  What did I do?”


“You had this idea about overloading the power grid – let’s just say it didn’t work.  Rather spectacularly didn’t work.”


“I’m sorry, Chakotay.”  She patted his arm.  “What happened the other time?”


“I killed myself.”




“I jumped Seska and my holoself shot me.”  He grinned ruefully.  “I don’t remember being quite that ruthless.”


“He may have just stunned you.”  Kathryn smiled.  She remembered the Maquis Warrior being quite ruthless.  “Want to give it another try?”


“Why not, they say three times is a charm.” Chakotay helped her to her feet.  “Maybe Starfleet will win out with two Janeways.”


“You haven’t done very well on your own.  Maybe we should play the other side.”  Ignoring his exaggerated look of surprise, she shrugged.  “It could be fun to be the bad guys.  Besides, some of my best friends are Maquis.”


Twenty minutes later they met up outside holodeck 1.  Kathryn turned around for him to examine her outfit.  “So, is this the approved Maquis uniform?”


He took in her tan leather pants and dark green shirt.  “Umm…. very nice.  The pants really make your – “


“Chakotay!  It’s not polite to comment on your Captain’s behind.”   She looked him up and down.  Chakotay had on his old leather pants and a loose white shirt that emphasized his bronze skin.  “However, it’s perfectly okay for the Captain to notice her first officer is handsome – as usual.”  Laughing he escorted her onto the holodeck and into Insurrection Alpha.



The plot moved along with the Maquis taking over Voyager and locking up the crew.   The Janeway and Paris holograms returned with her shuttle and were captured.   The real Kathryn and Chakotay were involved in the action but weren’t necessarily major players as the plot flowed with them and around them.  They found themselves in the ready room watching as Seska questioned the holographic Janeway.


“You’ll give me the command codes one way or another.”


“The only way I’ll give you my codes is when hell freezes over.”  Blood was already trickling down her lip.


“Oh, you will tell me!”  Seska backhanded her, causing her head to snap back.  The guards held her up as Seska punched her in the stomach.


“Computer, freeze program!”  Chakotay turned away from the scene and leaned against the desk.


“Chakotay, its all right.” Kathryn rubbed his back, feeling the muscles bunched up under her hands.  “Tuvok programmed this scenario and knowing him as I do, I don’t think it’ll exhibit too much violence.  That’s not the point of this exercise.”  Gradually he relaxed under her hands.


“All right, but I’m not taking too much of this – I’ll shove Seska out an airlock.”


Seska grabbed Janeway by her jacket pressing a knife to her throat.  “Maybe if we – “


“Seska!”  Heads turned as the Maquis Captain came into the ready room.  “What the hell are you doing?”


“I’m tired of waiting for B'Elanna to break her codes.  We can make her talk!”


“No.  Not this way.  Get me a dermal regenerator.”


“What!”  Seska pulled at his arm.  “Are you going soft in the head?  Maybe if she’s hurting – “


“She’s Starfleet, it’ll take a hell of a lot more than a split lip to get her to talk.”


“We learned a few things from the Cardassians if we –“


The Maquis Captain shoved her up against the bulkhead.  “We’re not the Cardassians, Seska, and I won’t do anything they do.  I don’t care if we never get those codes.”  His voice was a low angry growl.  “Get me a regenerator, now.”  He shoved her away causing her to stumble and almost fall.


Kathryn and Chakotay looked at each other, he winked at her.


Taking the medical tool from Seska, he walked back to Janeway.  Putting his hand under her chin, tipping her face to look at the bruise forming on her cheek.  Gently he touched her split lower lip.


She jerked away.  “I know that trick, too, Chakotay.  I won’t tell you either.”


“Did I ask?”  Taking her chin in his hand again, he lifted the regenerator and held it over the bruise.


“I trusted you.”


He didn’t answer.  When the regenerator was done, he ran his fingertips along her cheek then told the guards, Dalby and Suder. “Take her to her new quarters and make sure it’s secure.”  The Maquis Captain motioned to Kathryn and Chakotay. “You two go along.”


“My goodness, are you that scared of me?” Janeway asked mockingly.


“I know better than to underestimate you, Kathryn.”


She stepped up to stand nose to nose with him.  “That’s Captain Janeway – I’ll always be Captain to you.”  Turning she marched out the door her escorts looking more like she had an honor guard.


As they followed, Kathryn leaned over to Chakotay. “My temper isn’t really that bad is it?”


“Oh, no.” He reassured her. “It’s actually much worse.”  He yelped as she stuck the butt of her phaser rifle in his ribs.


They were surprised to find the Maquis Captain had ordered Janeway held in VIP quarters.  One of the Maquis made a comment about wanting her comfortable.


“Yeah, for himself when he stops by.”  Dalby pushed Janeway inside the main room.  It was several degrees cooler than the corridor.  “He’s been hot to fuck her since we came on board.  It’s been driving Seska crazy.”


Suder looked around the quarters. “Yeah, it’ll be more fun here than banging her in the brig – maybe Seska wouldn’t find out.”


“Maybe he needs the privacy to bang them both!” Dalby laughed. 


Chakotay bristled at the suggestion that he’d want to have Kathryn somewhere convenient for him to rape her.  And with Seska?  He shuddered.  Kathryn patted his arm.


“Go make sure everything’s been removed, Dalby.” Suder turned to Kathryn. “You keep an eye on her, and you – “ He nodded at Chakotay. “You check her out and make sure she’s not hiding anything on her.


Handing his rifle to Kathryn, Chakotay made a careful circuit around Janeway with his tricorder until Suder yelled at him to frisk her. “O-o-okay.”  This could be the third way he died in this scenario.  “Take off the jacket and shirt.”


Janeway eyed him coldly. “And if I refuse?”


“Then I’ll take them off for you.  Your choice.”  She glared at him before removing her jacket and gray turtleneck.  “Boots and socks, too.”  He threw the items towards the door.  “Bra.”  That one got him a double death glare from Kathryn as well as her hologram.  He smiled and shrugged.  “Standard procedure – under wires make great lock picks.”


Janeway unhooked her bra, working it off and out the sleeve of her tank top; she dangled it out on one finger towards him.  Taking it from her, Chakotay folded it and put it in his vest pocket.  Black lace?  Now where did Tuvok get that piece of information?  Moving around to stand behind her, he used his foot to nudge her feet apart.  Pulling her hair down out of the tight bun, he pocketed the hairclips.  He doubted that she had anything hidden in her hair, but it paid to be thorough – and spirits knew how many times he’d wanted to bury his hands in the auburn hair and drag it down around her shoulders.  Running his fingers through the waist length strands, he combed the tangles out before massaging her scalp.  Putting her hands up on her head, he ran his hands down her sides, over her buttocks, and down her legs, careful to stay where she couldn’t kick him. 


Chakotay hesitated before running his hands up the insides of her legs.  Skimming quickly across the warmth between her thighs.  To her credit, she didn’t flinch.  Running his hands back up around her waist and over her back, he slid his hands over her stomach and along the inside of the waistband of her pants to her back.  She was trembling slightly now.  “I won’t hurt you, just relax.”  He whispered softly in her ear.  After the crude remarks earlier, she was undoubtedly expecting to be mauled if not raped.  Which made the next step even more difficult for him.  Not daring to look at Kathryn, he slid his hands over her holograms breasts.  He was already hard and the contact with her soft breasts made him ache painfully.


“Enjoying yourself?”  Janeway’s voice was cold enough to freeze a G5 star.


“Just making sure you don’t have anything taped underneath them.”  And yes enjoying myself thank you for asking!


“You flatter me.”  Her nipples had hardened involuntarily in the cool room and it was all he could do to keep from grinding himself against her.  “Maybe I should work in a Dabo parlor when we get back to the Alpha Quadrant.”


Chakotay chuckled as he ran his hands up her arms and pulled them back down to her sides. “Sorry.” He whispered softly.  Stepping away, he nodded at the other Maquis.  “She’s clean.”


“At least you’re quick.  I’m sure that’s something your girlfriend there appreciates.”  Kathryn giggled at the shocked look on Chakotay’s face.  Giggled again when she realized Janeway meant her.


Chakotay felt a flush crawl up the back of his neck.  How could he have forgotten what a sharp tongue she had? “I thought I was doing you a favor.”  His voice was soft and dangerous.  He moved slowly into her personal space until she had to tip her head back to look him in the eye, brushing against her, letting her feel his hardon against her belly.  “But if you’d like, I can take a little more time.”  Chakotay pressed up against Janeway, one hand going to the small of her back to pull her closer and the other tangling in her hair, pulling her head back farther forcing her body to arch into his. “Your choice.”


Her blue eyes blazed but she kept quiet.  The thrum of arousal through his body from the feel of her was killing him.  Too bad she couldn’t see him for who he really was.  Too bad she was only a hologram.  He thrust his thigh between hers pulling her closer with the hand that had settled on her bottom.  A very sexy hologram.  If he’d been in the program alone he might have her on the floor thrusting himself inside of her.  Rape had never held any attraction for him, but right now the thought was strangely exciting.  Maybe he should come back without Kathryn.           


Her hands came up to his chest to push him away.  He immediately stepped back, scooping up her discarded clothing and boots from the floor as he went.


If looks could kill, the look he was getting from Kathryn would have fried him on the spot. “Just what the hell do you think you were doing?”  She hissed at him.


“She started it.”  He hoped the rifle he had swung casually in front of him covered the bulge in his pants.


“Hmph!”  Suder and Dalby laughed at what they saw as a lover’s spat.


“I think she was liking that, Suder.” Dalby nodded his head at Janeway.


“Maybe we ought to do a more in depth search.  She could be hiding something.  A cavity search might be in order.” Suder licked his lips.


“Chakotay said she wasn’t to be hurt.” Kathryn felt confident the Maquis Captain had given just such an order judging from what she’d seen in her ready room.


“Yeah, but he might not find out.”


“If he does, though, Suder, he’s too damn good with his fists.” The other man hesitated.


“Bet he won’t care once we break her codes.  Before we give her back to Starfleet, we can have some fun with her.  I get to go first.”


They circled her like hyenas around a defenseless animal. Janeway set her chin up another notch.


“We can do her at the same time, Suder, why wait? Her mo—“


“That’s enough!” Chakotay swung his rifle in their direction.


“What the hell do you care?  Like you weren’t wanting to fuck her a minute ago?  Hell, you can do her, too.” Suder reached a hand out and grabbed her buttocks. “Three at one time, hey Starfleet?”


“I said that’s enough!” Chakotay shoved the other man away from her.


“Forget it, Suder, let’s go.” Dalby led the way out, Kathryn and Chakotay following.


Chakotay was still shaking as they walked back to the Captain’s ready room.  He knew it had just been talk intended to frighten her, but it still made him angry.


“It’s okay, let it go. I’ve heard worse.”  Kathryn put her arm around his shoulders and hugged him.  “By the way, hand over the bra.”


“No.”  He danced away as she swatted at him.  “Black lace, who would have thought?”


“I’m going to kill you and Tuvok both.”


When they entered the ready room again, they stopped in shock at the sight of the Maquis Captain slumped between two of the Maquis.  He had been badly beaten. His face was cut and bleeding and blood dripped from his scalp onto the floor.


Kathryn’s heart rose up to choke her.  Just because Tuvok might not show the violence didn’t mean it wasn’t happening.  She clutched Chakotay’s arm, looking into the black velvet eyes for reassurance that he was okay.


“He’s only a hologram.” He whispered in her ear.


“You always were weak when it came to Starfleet, Chakotay.  Weak!”  Seska gave him one last backhanded blow to the face.  “Put him in with Janeway, we’ll get rid of both of them later.”


Once again they were assigned escort duty. 


He was half carried half dragged down the corridor by the other Maquis.  At one point he stumbled and almost fell dragging the two men holding him down.


Chakotay pulled Kathryn back, knowing what was coming.


The Maquis Captain suddenly surged up, throwing one man against the bulkhead then turning to punch the other in the face, stunning him.  He turned to run and was brought up short by the phaser rifle Kathryn pushed into his chest.  Reversing it, she drove the butt of it up into his chin, knocking him out.


As they dragged him down the corridor, Chakotay whispered to her.  “Now that just wasn’t very nice.”


“Payback, Commander.”  She tossed her head. “Besides he’s just a hologram.  Try to remember that if I get to frisk him.”


One of the Maquis guarding Janeway’s door keyed it open and they pulled him inside.  Janeway was sitting on the sofa by the viewports, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.  It was cold in the room, no doubt a tactic to keep her from planning anything more than how to keep warm. 


Chakotay felt a twinge of guilt that he’d taken her shirt and jacket.


When they threw the Maquis Captain inside, she bolted off the sofa.  “Chakotay!”  Cradling his head in her lap she turned on them. “What kind of animals are you?”


Kathryn stepped back from the fire and hate in her hologram’s eyes.


As they left, they heard her speaking to him softly, urging him to wake up.  In the corridor, Kathryn was shaken by the realization that she’d cared for Chakotay even then.


“Computer, freeze program.”  Chakotay slipped an arm around her shoulders.  “Are you alright, Kathryn?”


“Yes, it’s just a little too realistic.  So that’s a ‘death glare’, huh?”


“Definitely a death glare.  Factor 10 at least.”  He hugged her to him.  “Let’s quit and go get you some coffee.”


“No, we have to do something! Help them!”


“Kathryn, they’re not real.”  Her intensity surprised him.


“I don’t care.”  She hugged him tight for a moment before pushing him away.  “We’re not done.  The idea is to pick a side and run through the scenario to its completion.”


“We picked a side, remember?”  He smiled, eyes twinkling at her twisted rationalization.


“Well, now we’re picking the other side.  I may just go shove Seska out the airlock myself.”


He laughed and threw his hands up in surrender.  “Okay, so what do you want to do next?”



Next turned out to be bluffing their way past the two guards at the captive’s door. “She wants them healthy enough to stand trial.” Chakotay told them, remembering Seska’s rants to him that they weren’t the ones who should be locked up. “But if you want to be responsible if he dies….” He shrugged.


“Make it quick.”


Inside they found Janeway and the Maquis Captain on the sofa, his head lying on her lap.  She had cleaned the blood off his face and he had regained consciousness.  “Come back for another cheap thrill?”  She asked.


“No, we’re here to help.” Kathryn told her.


Janeway laughed.  “Sure you are.”


Kathryn held out the dermal regenerator and hypospray to her.  Chakotay tossed the blankets he was carrying on the end of the sofa.


Janeway grabbed the medical tools and after checking the hypospray; she placed it at the side of his neck before turning on the regenerator. “Is this some game of Seska’s?  Tell her it won’t work.”  She didn’t look up from her work on the Maquis’ face.  He moaned softly as the pain began to fade away along with his injuries.


“We decided we’re on the wrong side.” Chakotay told her. “And I am sorry about what happened earlier, but would you rather one of them had searched you?”  She didn’t bother to answer.


Setting down the tray of food on the table, Kathryn told her. “We couldn’t bring much without making them suspicious, but there’s coffee.”


Laughter rumbled up from the Maquis Captain. “Don’t tell her that, she’ll leave me half done.”  He laughed again, before wincing and putting a hand to his side.


Kathryn and Chakotay laughed with him. Janeway’s coffee addiction was no secret to anyone. “We have to leave.” He pulled her toward the door.  “We’ll try to get you out of here somehow.”


“Wait…. come here….”


Chakotay leaned over the man lying on the sofa. “Yes?”


A strong brown hand shot up and grabbed him by the throat, pulling him down. “Touch her again.”  The Maquis Captain squeezed until Chakotay saw red streaks across his vision.  He heard Kathryn’s voice calling his name, before he was abruptly released.  “And you die.”  The black eyes glittered in the starlight, promising a slow painful death.


Stumbling back, Chakotay rubbed his throat as they backed to the door.  Janeway never looked up, continuing to run the regenerator over him with one hand, the other stroking his hair.


Outside in the corridor, he coughed and cleared his throat painfully. “Damn!  What happened to the safety protocols?”  He asked when they were safely around the curve from the guarded doorway.


“I don’t know, but that – “ She smiled.  “Was a death glare.  Besides, Chakotay, you should know better than to get that close to an angry warrior.”





The next night Kathryn and Chakotay went back to the holodeck when their shift was over.  Grabbing a quick dinner, they once again put on their Maquis clothing and stepped into the scenario.


They considered getting the crew armed and out from under guard.  Discarding that as too big a job for the two of them, they concentrated on freeing the senior staff.  While Tuvok and Neelix’s holograms went to free Tuvok’s security team, the holograms of Paris and Kim followed them to free Janeway and the Maquis Captain.


After downing the guards at the door, Kathryn keyed it open to let them inside.  The main room was empty.  Going into the bedroom they stopped short.


Janeway and the Maquis Captain were lying in bed together.  Both started up at the sound of the doors opening.  The blanket slid down to reveal her naked shoulders.


“Captain?” Kim’s voice was shocked.


“Come on, Harry, let’s wait outside.”  Paris grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the room.


Chakotay stood rooted to the floor, unable to take his eyes off the scene in front of him.


 “A gentleman would give a lady some privacy.” The Maquis Captain started up out of the bed, the blanket slipping down over his bare shoulders, chest and stomach.


“Computer freeze program!” Kathryn called out frantically.  A blush stained her cheeks.  She turned on Chakotay. “Did you program – no you wouldn’t – Paris?  I’ll bet he’s – no – not even Tom – “ She paced around the room. “ Someone had to – “


“Kathryn, it’s okay.”


“Okay? Okay?  I’m naked, Chakotay!  Naked and – and – “ She looked again.  They were still frozen.  He rising from the bed and she picking her pants up off the floor.  “They – they – “ She leaned against the bulkhead slowly sliding down to sit on the floor.


“I’m sorry, Kathryn, that you find the thought of making love with me is so repulsive to you.” Chakotay turned to go.  “Just remember that Tuvok used our logs to create the characters.  Not just the ships logs, but our personal logs as well.  I won’t pretend my feelings were programmed in as a joke.” He called for an exit and stalked out of the holodeck.


Kathryn sat on the floor staring at the frozen pair.  How had this happened?  She’d kept her distance for three years; this wasn’t the first time they’d been locked alone in a room together.  Hell, they’d been alone on an entire planet and she’d pushed him away.  Of course, he’d never been beaten and thrown at her feet before either.


A sudden, terrible thought occurred to her.  Had it been rape?  Had he forced himself on her?  No, never, unless Tuvok had altered the character radically.  Kathryn shook her head, no; he wanted a realistic training scenario.  He wouldn’t have tampered with the characters.


“Computer, move program back to right after Chakotay and I left the holodeck yesterday.”  Obediently the computer made the changes and the room shimmered changing to the main room.  She sat down in the chair across from the sofa.  “Computer make the characters unaware of my presence and replay program from this POV only.”


“Why do you think they brought this to us?” Janeway asked.


“Most of the Maquis are good people.  Seska wants to kill the senior staff and strand the rest of the crew, they’re not going to go along with that.”  The Maquis Captain answered her.


“Looks like some of them are.  Maybe you don’t know them as well as you think.”


“Maybe.” He lay quiet as she finished tending to his face.


“Sit up and take your shirt off.” He shivered as he pulled his shirt and vest off. “That’s what you get for making it so cold in here.”  She ran the dermal regenerator over the bruises on his chest.


“It’s actually part of the Starfleet manual to make prisoners as uncomfortable as possible.” He told her.


“Starfleet doesn’t condone mistreatment of prisoners.”


“It’s not mistreatment for someone to be cold.  Fatigue and discomfort are important factors in controlling prisoners.” He sucked in his breath as she touched a particularly nasty bruise on his stomach.


“Maquis, maybe, not Starfleet.” Janeway snapped at him.


“I taught at the Academy, trust me, its Starfleet, Kathryn.”  He stopped. “Sorry, Captain.”


“You’re going to need more medical care than I can give you with this.” She probed his ribs gently, drawing a grunt from him.  “I think you’ve got some cracked ribs and that deep bruise on your back makes me think you’ve got a bruised kidney as well.”


The Maquis gave a humorless laugh. “Seska has sharp boots.” 


“I’ll be sure to bury her in them.  What about – did they – “ Her hand touched the waistband of his pants.


“Do you think Seska would let that opportunity go by?”  At her stricken look, he touched her face with his fingertips.  “ Here, I can take care of it myself.”


She pushed him back on the sofa and undid the buttons on his pants. “Just lay still.” Pulling his pants open Janeway discovered the answer to the boxers or briefs question.  None.  “And it’s okay to call me Kathryn.”


“Are you sure?”  He gasped as she touched him.


“Yes.” Handling him carefully, she ran the regenerator over the bruised testicles, trying not to notice the semi hard shaft just above them. When she finished, he fastened his pants and shrugged back into his shirt.


Handing him one of the blankets, she wrapped another around herself. Picking up one of the cups of coffee, she took a deep drink.  “Can I ask you a question?”


“Sure.” He settled back on the sofa next to her.




He was quiet for a long time. “I really don’t know.  I – I’ve been happy on Voyager.”


Kathryn watched him struggle with the answer, searching for the reason for his betrayal.  Tuvok must have neglected to give him one.  Probably hadn’t considered that important to the scenario. I am Maquis therefore I mutiny.


“I’ve done everything I could to make our two crews into one.”  Janeway’s voice was shaky.


“Kathryn, it’s not your fault, you’ve been a good Captain.”


“Oh sure, some Captain I am!  First I strand us 70,000 light years from home, then I lose my ship to mutineers.” Her voice cracked.  “I’m doing a hell of a job.”


“Don’t.” Taking her cup and setting it on the table, the Maquis Captain pulled her into his arms.  “You’ve done everything you could.  I’m sorry I’ve done this to you.”


She relaxed against him.  “How did you wind up in here anyway?”


“Seska wanted to torture you to get your codes.  I couldn’t let her do that.”  His voice was bitter. “I am weak.”


“Why?  Because you won’t hurt people to get what you want?  Doesn’t sound weak to me.  You’re an honorable man, Chakotay.”


“I’m so honorable I broke my word to you and handed your ship over to Seska.”


“Don’t.” Hugging him carefully, mindful of his ribs, she repeated his words back to him. “You’ve done everything you could.  I’m sorry I’ve done this to you.”


His rich laugh filled the room. “We’re quite a pair aren’t we? Sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves.”


“Not a lot of alternatives right now.” Janeway leaned forward to get her coffee, grimacing as she did so.


“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”  He pushed her back on the sofa. “Where?”


“My ribs, but I’m okay.”


“You said he didn’t hurt you.”  Picking up the hypospray he gave her a dose of pain medication.  “I should have strangled him.”


“He didn’t.  Seska has sharp boots.”


Kathryn started.  That must have happened before she and Chakotay were told to report to the ready room.  He would have thrown Seska out the airlock if they’d seen her kick her hologram.


“I’ll be sure to bury her in them.”  He growled.  Moving the blanket aside, he pulled her tank top up.


“I’m okay.” She tried tugging it back down.  He ignored her and held it up to expose a bruise on her side.  He was silent while he ran the regenerator over the area, hand shaking and his jaw was clenched so tight she could hear his teeth grinding together.  “Chakotay, please, it’s –“


“Not my fault? Is that what you’re going to say?”


“Okay, so it’s your fault. Happy now?” Janeway asked sarcastically.


“No.” Leaning down, the Maquis Captain kissed the place on her side where the bruise had been.


“Is – is that supposed to make it all better?”


“It’s an ancient Indian remedy.” He kissed the spot again.


“You’re a fraud.” Laughing she tried to push his head away from her ticklish ribs.


“Fraud am I?  I’ll have you know I’m a card carrying Indian of several varieties.”  His teeth scraped across over the tender spot.


She shivered as his tongue slid down her belly and around her navel before dipping in. “What does that mean exactly?”


“It means I get to pick and choose among the different customs and traditions for the ones I – Oh, spirits, he did take your bra didn’t he?”  The tank top had been pushed up to reveal her breasts.  The Maquis Captain caressed them gently, squeezing their fullness.  “Did he touch you like this?”


“Yes.” Janeway’s husky whisper matched his.


“Remind me to kill him later.” Lowering his head, he took a taut nipple in his mouth.


“Chakotay!”  She pushed at his shoulders.  “We can’t!”


“Yes we can.”  He moved to kiss her.  The weight of his body pinning her down.


Twisting her mouth away, she pushed at him. “No, there are rules – “


“No.” Grasping her wrists, he pinned her hands above her head.  “Right now you’re not the Captain, and I’m not your first officer.  I’m a mutineer and we’re both captives.  Tonight the rules have changed.” Capturing her mouth again, he plunged his tongue inside sliding along hers until she stopped struggling and responded to him.  Moving back to her breasts, he took them in his hands marveling at the whiteness of her skin against the brown of his own. Tangling her fingers in his ebony hair, she held his head to her while he teased and suckled her breasts.  One hand slid down to her pants, pulling them open, tugging them down.


“Oh, God!” the cry broke from her as his hand slid under the waistband of her panties to touch the wetness between her legs.  A strong finger curled inside of her while the heel of his hand rested on the swollen center of nerves.  Pressing down, he rotated his hand in a circular motion drawing another cry from her.  When a second finger joined the first, she began bucking against his hand.


Kathryn was in complete shock.  That could not possibly be an accurate representation of herself.  One kiss and she was throwing the rules out the window!  “Computer freeze program. Did Commander Tuvok tamper with characters Janeway and Chakotay in any way?”




“Ah, hah!  What was the nature of his tampering?”


“Commander Tuvok included a subroutine to Commander Chakotay to lead the former Maquis crewmembers in a mutiny against Captain Janeway.”


“I know that much!”


“Please restate the command.”


“Did he do any other tampering?”




“Did anyone else?”




“Did Tuvok include all personal logs as well as official logs?”


“Affirmative.  All logs, journals, diaries, notes, and messages from all crew members stored in Voyager’s databases were included in the program for maximum accuracy of characters.”


No out there.  This was her down to her bones.  From years ago before she’d even realized she’d fallen for him. “Computer resume program.”



The Maquis Captain slid himself down her body to nuzzle her through the silk of her panties. “Oh, please, don’t, please!”


His laugh vibrated against her.  She was saying no while pushing his head against her.  Sucking the swollen bud through the thin material, he laughed again at her shriek of pleasure.


The pants around her thighs trapped her legs, keeping her from spreading her legs.  Her movements grew more frantic as he nuzzled her, his breath hot, his lips and teeth working through the silk.  Strong fingers sliding in deeper, harder, faster until she cried out his name and collapsed shuddering.


Kathryn shook her head; maybe holosex was better than the real thing because she’d never gotten off by just oral sex.


Sucking the taste of her off his fingers, he moved up to kiss her letting her taste herself as their tongues met.  Undoing his own pants, he pulled her up to a sitting position.  “Touch me….”   He ordered softly.


Pushing his pants down past his hips, she gently took his erection in her hands. “He’s soft….”


“Not hardly.” He laughed.


“Oh my!” Kathryn’s eyes widened.  To hell with Lord Burleigh!  This is the hologram she should have gotten to know.  She watched herself stroke Chakotay wringing moans and gasps from him, fighting a crazy urge to push her hologram out of the way to have him for herself.


He let her push him back on the sofa.  When she took him in her mouth, it was his turn to cry out.  Pulling her long hair to one side so he could see her face, he watched transfixed as she took all of him in her mouth, rubbing her nose against him before pulling back to run her tongue over the engorged head.  Ruthlessly, she plunged her mouth down on him again drawing her name from him in a gasp.


Watching in total disbelief, Kathryn shook her head.  She hated going down on a man.  Anytime Mark had wanted a blow job, she’d done her best to avoid it.  When she couldn’t she generally wound up just trying to relax her jaw and throat to keep from gagging while he held her head down on him.  It had always felt degrading and dirty being fucked in the mouth that way.  Yet here she was giving Chakotay the blow job of his life without even a single token ‘no’.  Hell, he hadn’t even asked for it!


His hands were in her hair but he didn’t force her head down, didn’t thrust himself into her mouth.  Instead, he lay still and let her set her own pace.  Kathryn felt a throbbing between her legs as she watched.  By the time he arched up, coming into her hologram’s mouth, her whole body was humming.  Watching herself gently stroking him, milking the last drops from him to lick up.  Oh no, she, Kathryn Janeway was not a swallower!  Pretending to choke was her favorite tactic or just outright lying and saying she liked to watch him come – Mark really bought into that one.


Kissing Janeway, the Maquis Captain licked the taste of himself from her mouth. “I love you, Kathryn Janeway.”


“I love you, Chakotay.” She kissed him again. “My Maquis Warrior.”


Good God how hokey could you get? A sob rose up from her.  What she wouldn’t give to be able to say those words to Chakotay.


Getting up, he pulled his pants back up and fastened them.  He lifted her off the sofa, carrying her to the bedroom.  “My People have a tradition when it comes to captive white women.”


“Which one of your People?”


Kathryn followed them into the bedroom.  She was shocked at herself. Surely she’d put a stop to this, wouldn’t she? No wait, she didn’t. This had already happened.


In the bedroom, he set her down on the bed. “All of them.” 


“Should I be scared?” She laid the back of her hand to her forehead in mock despair.


“Never.” Kneeling next to the bed he kissed her, nibbling on her bottom lip then sucking it gently.


How could holograms make love?  And how could they do it so wonderfully?  Kathryn undid her pants and slid her hand inside her panties.  When they came together on the bed, she came with them sobbing out Chakotay’s name along with her hologram.  Tears ran down her face.


After they crawled under the blankets, Kathryn ended the program.





It took her sometime to locate Chakotay after she left the holodeck.  The computer said he was in his quarters, but after she’d used her override on his door all she found was his combadge.  When she checked in the mess hall Neelix remembered hearing him say something about going to the holodeck.


After retracing her steps she stood in the corridor.  A program was running on holodeck 2 with the privacy lock engaged. “Computer, what program is running in holodeck 2?”


“Current program is Chakotay Trebus Alpha.”


She punched her override code into the door. Inside was a pastoral village, children ran by playing chased by barking dogs.  A group of women were gathered around a quilting frame laughing and gossiping.  “Excuse me, I’m looking for Chakotay, can you tell me where to find him?”


“Turn left at the well, look for the blue trumpet flowers.” One of the women pointed down the road.


Vague directions, but she could always have the computer find him if she got lost.  “Thank you.”  The women giggled as she walked off.


The road branched left and right in front of a large well. Turning, she wandered down the road looking for blue flowers.  The houses all looked alike, rustic and comfortable, but alike.  Just as she was ready to ask the computer for help, she saw a house covered with a profusion of blue morning glories.


Going to the door, she knocked politely.  After a few minutes she knocked louder.  Stepping off the low porch, she followed the footpath around to the back of the house.  The path led her on a wandering path through pockets of flowers and a small rose garden as if in no hurry to get anywhere in particular.  The placements of the flowers was both soothing and stimulating.  Someone had put in a great deal of work into the landscaping.


At the back of the house, she stepped up onto the back porch and knocked at the door.  Waiting for a response, she turned and looked over the backyard.  There was a cooking area to one side, a table and chairs nearby, and the footpath leading to a gazebo before wandering through several garden plots.  She spotted Chakotay in one of them.  Following the path to a break in a small circular hedge, to where he was on his knees cutting away faded flowers and pulling up weeds.  “I came to see if you’re okay.”


“I’m fine.” He didn’t look up from his work.


“Chakotay, I’m sorry.”


“Don’t worry about it.”


Kathryn watched him for a few minutes, the strong hands gently feeling through the plants cutting away the spent flowers. “I want you to understand how I felt –“


“You made yourself perfectly clear at the time.  You’ve said you’re sorry, now go.”  His back was rigid and tense.


“Chakotay – “


“I’m off duty, Captain, if you want to speak to me, I’ll be on the bridge at 0800 tomorrow.”


His use of her rank stung.  She walked around the small circular garden.  It was divided into four pie shaped sections with small stepping stones between the sections.  Each contained a variety of flowers in a particular color.  The first was blue, then red, white, and finally yellow.  In the center was an ancient sundial. The design seemed familiar to her, but she couldn’t place it.


She completed the circle to stand beside him once again. “This is beautiful.  I almost couldn’t find your house, they all look pretty much the same.”


“Only to those who can’t see.”


“The gardens are beautiful, did you plant them?”




“Your mother?” Kathryn remembered him telling her one time of his mother’s love of flowers.




“Your father?”  This was like pulling teeth.




“I can tell he loved flowers, Chakotay.”




“He planted all these flowers, but didn’t like flowers?”


“My mother loved flowers, my father loved my mother.”  He finished the yellow section and moved to the blue one.


That didn’t get her anywhere. New subject.  “I didn’t see very many men on my way here.  Just women.”




That confused her until she realized what he meant. “No! I just meant that it seemed odd to see women in the gardens and no men working with them.”


“Women work the gardens and fields, men don’t. It’s like a rule, Kathryn, you like rules.”


“Well that’s sexist.” And the part about rules hadn’t been very nice.


“It’s tradition.”


“It’s still sexist and oppressive.”


“Get off your soapbox, Suffrage Kate, women have always worked the fields. They own them, same as they own the house.”


“Women own the houses?”  That was a twist on the norm. “What do men own?”


“The man owns his clothes, tools, and weapons.”


 “So what exactly do the men do?”


“They provide meat for the table and protect their family.”


“What if he’s not a good provider?”  She’d started this line of questioning just to get him talking, but now she was genuinely curious.


“A woman can divorce her husband by setting his belongings outside the house.”


“I think I like that.”


“You would.” He said sarcastically.


Looking around the lovely country setting she shrugged. “What is there to protect against?”


“There are carnivores native to Trebus and several native Earth species were introduced.  Wolf, bear, wildcats – you can’t tell children how bobcat lost his tail if they’ve never seen a bobcat.”


“So how did he lose his tail?” That sounded like a gruesome story to tell a child.


He threw down his scissors. “You didn’t come here to quiz me on my people’s way of life! Say your piece, woman and leave me be!”


Finally!  “No one tampered with the characters, except for Tuvok having you lead the mutiny.”


“I told you that already, remember?” Chakotay was frustrated with her, tired of the games.


“I went back and watched.”


“You did what?”  His jaw dropped.


“I wanted to see how it happened.” Her face flushed.


“I guess if you won’t live life you might as well watch it.”


“I want you to come watch with me.”


 “I’m not a voyeur, Captain, I prefer to experience life first hand.” A knife twisted in his heart. “ I want to make love to you.  I won’t watch my hologram have what I’m denied.”


“I want – I want to – but I’m scared.”


“Of what? Of caring?  You already care; you just don’t want to admit it. Kathryn, we work together, have our meals together, we take shore leave and trips to the holodeck together, laugh, talk, and argue – we do everything a husband and wife do together except make love. It’s like a damn marriage of convenience!”


“It’s just that protocol –“


“To hell with protocol!”  He grabbed her by the shoulders.  “Listen to me for a change! You’re afraid of losing control, you’re afraid that if the crew sees you as a woman, they won’t respect you as a Captain!  That’s bullshit! I know the argument ‘how can you order someone you love into danger’?  You can because you must!  Because that’s what you’ve been trained to do!”  He shook her roughly in his anger.  “Look me in the eye and tell me you aren’t scared now to order me on an away mission!  Look at me and tell me you don’t love me!”


“I can’t!”


“Get away from me!”  Chakotay pushed her from him so violently that she fell.  He stalked toward the house.


“Chakotay wait!”  Struggling to her feet, she ran after him. “Wait!”


He jerked his arm out of her grasp.  “Go back to your ivory tower, I’m tired of your games!”


“I can’t tell you that I don’t love you, Chakotay!” He froze staring at her. “I do love you, I just don’t know what to do! I don’t know how to love you!”


“You have to stop fighting yourself.” Cupping her face in his hands, he brushed the tears off her cheeks. “Stop worrying about what the crew will think or what Starfleet will do.”


“I’ve spent my whole life living with Starfleet’s rules – “


“And have you been happy?”


“I – sure – “ She’d had a successful career, that had always been enough. “I have my ship – “


“Have you been truly happy, Kathryn?”


“No…” Successful and alone. She began to cry again. “No!”


“Then why would you want to cling to that past?  The crew wants us to be happy.  Do you really think that thirty years from now Starfleet will care if you take your first officer as your lover?  Will we even care what they think?”


“Do you think it’ll take thirty years?”  Every morning she woke up convinced this was the day they found the rabbit’s hole that would take them to the Alpha quadrant.  It had never occurred to her that there were no rabbits in the Delta quadrant.


“Do you think it won’t?”


“I don’t know anymore.” For the first time she realized how long the trip might be.


“You have to decide, Kathryn, you can leave your life on hold for possibly the next thirty years or you can start living again.”  He kissed her tear streaked face.  “Forget what Starfleet wants, forget the crew wants – hell forget what I want!  What do you want? What does Kathryn want?”


“I want you.”


“I’ve always been yours, from that first day on the bridge.  You touched me and I knew.  We’re mates, fated to walk the circle of life together.”  Chakotay felt as if his heart would burst from joy.


Thirty years with this man? Kathryn laid her head against his shoulder as she contemplated what that meant.  “And if I get tired of you, can I put your stuff out in the corridor?” She joked.


“You’ll never be tired of me, Kathryn, no more than I will ever be tired of you.”  He lowered his lips to hers, kissing gently learning the feel of her lips.


“Wait, the garden, I know what it is.”  She pulled him back to where he’d been working.  “Your medicine wheel, this is the same pattern.”


“Yes.  The circle reflects the nature of life.”  There was pride in Chakotay’s voice as he walked her around the circle Kolopak had lovingly designed and planted for his wife. “Birth, growth, harvest, death.   The colors are the four seasons. Yellow is spring, blue summer, red fall, and white is winter.  The opening is to the east – the door always faces east to the morning sun.”


“And the sundial?” She stepped to the ancient piece; on it was a representation of the medicine wheel.


“It’s all about time, Kathryn.”  Chakotay smiled remembering how many times his father had said those same words to him.


“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” Pulling him to her, she raised up on her toes to kiss him.



What If We Watched? What if Chakotay decided to go back to the holodeck and watch?

Kolopak's Medicine Wheel Garden Plan I found this beautiful garden plan of the Sioux Medicine Wheel just as I finished this story. Even if you don't garden, it's worth a look!

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