Survival Skills

By Maquis Leader




Rating: R

Author’s note: Set after The Chute but prior to Future’s End




“And unless you give us weapons like these, we will kill you.”


Kathryn shrugged. “Kill me then.”


The alien pointed the phaser at her. “You don’t believe me?”


“It doesn’t matter what I believe. Kill me or don’t; my crew won’t give you weapons.” Cold sweat trickled down her spine as he played with the setting on the phaser.


“I’ll give them to you.”




“You’re her crewman.” The alien’s three small eyes studied Chakotay. “You follow her orders.”


“I’m second in command. Kill her… “ He smiled. “And I’m the Captain.”


Kathryn’s jaw dropped in shock. She had only known Chakotay for little more than a year, but she’d never thought he’d do something like this. Her eyes narrowed. What are you up to?


“Ah, I see.”  He nodded. “You advance in rank with her death.”


“And as a show of gratitude, I’ll give you some of our weapons.”


“A gift?”


“One that goes both ways.”


“You son of a bitch!” Kathryn glared at Chakotay. “I trusted you!”


“Your mistake.” He grabbed her wrist before she could slap him. “After you let the Talaxian torture me – you don’t deserve my loyalty.”


“The Talaxian?” She gaped for a moment. “I couldn’t let them have our stores of leola root anymore than I can let him have phasers!”


“Well then, we understand each other.” He jerked her closer to him. “Don’t we?”


“We do!” Chakotay had maneuvered them around and without warning he slung her into the grinning alien and his bodyguard.


Grappling for the phaser, Kathryn found it just as Chakotay put his boot on the alien’s throat. “We’ll be leaving now.”


Rising to her feet, she changed the phaser back to stun and fired at both aliens.


“We’ve got to get out of here.”


“No argument there.” She followed him out of the room they had been held captive in.


Carefully, they made their way outside the small building. “We need to get away from here before his friends figure out we’re gone.”


“If only he hadn’t smashed our combadges.” Kathryn ground her teeth. “I can’t believe they snuck up on us in the first place.”


“I’ll let you explain it to Tuvok.” Chakotay threw her a grin over his shoulder.


They headed away from the village they’d been held in and out into the countryside. The cleared area gradually gave way to scrubby brush and a rocky hillside. Chakotay paused at the top of a steep slope. “We’ll go down.”


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She looked down the slope. It was littered with gravel and pieces of rock.


“Come on.” Turning, he stepped and slid down the slope. At the bottom, he motioned for her to come down.


“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Kathryn took a deep breath and started carefully down the slope. She started slowly, but the angle forced her to pick up speed until she was practically running. Then she tripped.


“Captain!” Chakotay watched in horror as she tumbled over headlong and slid towards him. “Kathryn!”


Her shoulder slammed painfully into the ground and then her back hit as she flipped over. Air burst from her lungs in a painful grunt as she landed. As she slid down the hillside, rocks jerked and twisted her around so the gravel could slice into her skin.


Below her, she caught a glimpse of Chakotay stepping out of the way. At least I won’t take him with me! Suddenly, she felt herself jerked to one side of the trail, and her speed slowed until she finally stopped. Strong arms were wrapped around her.


“Are you okay?”


Gasping in a shaky breath, she nodded. He had her pulled up practically onto his lap and his left hand was on her breast.


Helping her to her feet, Chakotay brushed the dirt off her back. “I’m sorry, I thought it would be the quickest way down.”


“It was quick.” Her breast burned and throbbed where he had touched it. Stop it, Kathryn! He was trying to keep you from breaking your neck! He didn’t even know he had your boob in his hand!


“I spotted a stream off this way.” He was pointing into the forested area just ahead of them. “We can use it to throw them off our track.”


“And clean up, I hope.”


He smiled and wiped a smudge of dirt off her nose. “We’ll make time for that, too.”


They traveled through the woods for over half an hour before they found the stream. Gratefully, Kathryn splashed water over her face and neck. Chakotay lay down on his belly and plunged his head underwater. “Good thing we scanned the planet already. I’d hate to lose you to alien water.”


“I’m sure I’ll go out in a much more spectacular fashion.” He told her.


“I want to be home in my bed with my great – no, my great-great grandchildren around me.”


“Doesn’t everybody?” He stepped into the stream. “Wait here.”


While she watched, he trampled downstream a short way before stopping. Pulling off his jacket, he ripped off one of the sleeves and tossed it into the water. It floated lazily downstream.


“What in the world are you doing?”


“Laying down a false trail.”


“Okay.” Her back and legs throbbed painfully. The skin felt as if it had been ripped off and her shoulder hurt from colliding first with the aliens and then with the ground.  Shifting, she groaned as a sharp pain lanced through her left buttock.


In the stream, Chakotay looked up. “Are you all right?”


“Sore.” She chuckled. “Don’t worry, its nothing serious.”


He tramped halfway back to her before stopping and grabbing a tree branch hanging out over the water.  Pulling himself up onto it, he climbed to the trunk and let himself down to the ground.


“Going native, Chakotay?”


“You could say that.” The black velvet eyes flashed with laughter. “Ready?”


“No, but let’s go.” She let him help her to her feet.


“Get on my back.” He turned his back to her and crouched down.




“I’ll carry you.”


“I’m perfectly capable of walking, Commander.”


He straightened up and turned back to her. “Your injuries are slowing us down, Captain.”


Kathryn couldn’t argue with that. “It wouldn’t be proper.”


“Stop acting like I’m after your virtue.” He snapped. “You’re slowing us down and you’re leaving a trail a blind man could follow.”


“I don’t see you doing any better!”


I’m doing it on purpose! We need to move now without leaving a trail!”


“I was an Eagle Scout!” She put her hands on her hips.


“Not a very good one!” Chakotay bent down until they were nose to nose and his voice dropped to a menacing level. “You’ll either get on my back or I’ll sling you over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes.”


It was on the tip of her tongue to say ‘you wouldn’t dare’, but she could see he would in a heartbeat. “Fine. Turn around.” Placing her hands on his broad shoulders, she clambered onto his back.


His arms hooked under her knees. “Put your arms around my neck.”


“Aren’t you afraid I’ll strangle you?”


He didn’t answer; instead, he started walking along the edge of the water, following it upstream. After a time, he turned back into the woods.


“Doubling back?” She asked.


“Yes, old tricks are the best.”


“I didn’t see anything like tricorders or scanning equipment. If they have any, this is a waste of time.”


“Here’s hoping they don’t figure out how to use ours.” Chakotay told her. “They had that translation device he was wearing, so they have some grasp of technology.”


“You’re just a ray of sunshine, Chakotay.”


They continued to travel steadily back in the direction they had come from until the trees began to thin out and they stood at the edge of the same rocky hill they’d walked down earlier.  Fell down in my case. Kathryn thought.


“Stay here.” He set her down on her feet.


“I’ll check – “


“No.” He pushed on her shoulders until she was forced to sit down. “Sit. Don’t move.”


She winced as her bottom hit the ground. Her left buttock was throbbing miserably. She couldn’t argue with him; there wasn’t a trace she could see of where they had come out of the forest.


“I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”


With a sigh, Kathryn slumped down and tried to take the pressure off her injured cheek. Just my luck to get wounded in the ass!


When Chakotay came back, he found Kathryn lying exactly where he’d left her. Her eyes were closed and she was frowning in her sleep. Silently, he gathered dry sticks and leaves together using his jacket as a carry sack.


“Kathryn.” He touched her shoulder gently. “We need to move.”


“I can’t.” She sat up stiffly. “I feel like I was run over by a Bolian garbage scow.”


“We have to. They’re on our trail heading toward the stream. We need to move in case they pick this trail up.”


“They won’t; I can’t even see it.”


“Take your shirt off.”




“Your turtleneck. Take it off. We need it to carry firewood in.”


“Oh.” She quickly stripped off her jacket and turtleneck. Get a grip, he wasn’t propositioning you!


Tying the neck of the shirt into a knot, Chakotay filled it full of the larger sticks he’d gathered. In the remains of his own jacket, he added a few handfuls of dried grass to the leaves before tying it into a bundle and pushing it into the turtleneck as well. Tearing a strip off his own shirt, he used it to tie the bottom together.


“Put your jacket back on.” He tied the arms of the makeshift carry sack together and hung it around her neck.


“You didn’t learn all this from the Starfleet survival courses.”


“No.” He smiled broadly.” My grandfather taught me to track and hunt. When I went to Starfleet, I added some new tricks to my bag.”


“Tell me we’re not going back up that hill.”


“Climb on.” He turned his back to her.


“Oh, no!” She backed up. “I’m not riding on your back up that hill.”


“Are we back to the sack of potatoes threat?” Chakotay settled his hands on her hips.


“What if we fall?”


“Trust me, Kathryn.”


Once again she reluctantly let him carry her on his back. His turtleneck was soaked with sweat and it quickly seeped through her tank top and bra. Her breasts were already aching from rubbing against his back and the salty, musky smell of him made it worse. Her pussy threw in its two cents worth of screaming as it rubbed against his back. Never mind what her thighs thought of his powerful body clamped between them. Kathryn Janeway! When did you become such a pervert?


Carefully, he made his way up the rocky slope to a flat ledge. Far below, she could see the trail she’d left when she fell down the slope. Chakotay pulled back some brush to reveal an opening. He waved her inside and carefully replaced the concealing brush.


It was cool and dark inside, and Kathryn waited until Chakotay took her hand. He led her slowly through the narrow tunnel. “Where are we going?”


“Farther in. Hopefully there’s a cavern in here somewhere.” And water.


When he stopped, Kathryn leaned against his back. So far he’d been the quintessential Indian guide; she wasn’t going to start getting bossy this late in the game. She was too tired and her ass hurt too badly.


Closing his eyes, Chakotay took several deep breaths to center himself. Sister, guide me, help me find shelter. Your senses are keener than my poor human senses! Help me, sister!


Goosebumps rippled along his left arm as if something brushed past him. Was it cooler that way? Turning slightly, he felt a breath of air. There was a scent that teased him to walk in that direction.


Kathryn stood waiting patiently. Whatever he was doing was working much better than anything she could have done. When he tugged at her hand, she followed along without hesitation.


The rock wall fell away from his left hand and he heard the sound of water. Carefully, he inched his way into the dark cavern until he felt they were far enough away from the opening to risk a fire. “I need the bag.”


She pulled it off over her head and handed it to him before she let her knees give out and sat down.


Sitting down, he pulled out the bundle of leaves and twigs and handed it to Kathryn to hold. Taking out some of the bigger sticks, he felt for the two he had tied together with a strip of his shirt earlier. One was wide with a large chunk gouged out of it and the other was a slender piece that would fit inside of it.


“I’d use the phaser, but I don’t want to risk them picking up the energy signiature.” Chakotay arranged the sticks on the ground in front of him.  “I need some of the grass first.”


“Okay.” She felt in the bundle for a handful of the grass. Reaching blindly in the dark, she found his outstretched hand.


“Get ready with a handful of the leaves.” He chuckled. “Hopefully, I can start a fire quicker than I did last time.”


“We don’t have anything to cut my hair with.” Kathryn laughed as she remembered his frustration at not being able to build a fire on the planet Seska had abandoned them on.


“In my own defense, I carried flint and a striker when I was home, and it’s standard equipment for me on any away mission.” He pushed the dried grass loosely into the hole in the bigger stick. “It’s in the bag our yellow friend confiscated.”


“Wonder what he’ll make of that? Stone age and high tech in the same bag.”


“Probably toss it without ever realizing what it is.” He twisted the slim stick rapidly in the nest of dry grass. “At least now I’ve had practice – I hadn’t started a fire this way in years.”


“I think you were distracted.” Eagerly she watched a small glow grow between them. “You took Seska’s betrayal personally.”


“We should never have gone to rescue the child.” Chakotay blew gently on the small glow and twirled the stick faster.


“It would have eaten you up, Chakotay.”


“No more so than the deaths of Suder and Hogan.” He dropped the stick as the grass burst into flame. “Feed it slowly.”


Kathryn carefully fed it leaves while he laid sticks and twigs around the small fire. Gradually it grew into a respectable blaze.


When he was sure the fire would burn steadily, Chakotay took one of the larger sticks and set it ablaze. Walking around the cavern, he found a trickle of water running down one wall and into a large pool before it flowed out of sight in the darkness. Deadwood was piled along the far wall and he could see watermarks high up along the walls. “We’re lucky this isn’t the rainy season.” 


“Is it deep enough to bathe in?”


“Coffee and baths.” He laughed as he made his way back to her. “The two vices of Kathryn Janeway.”


“Bathing is not a vice!” She pulled off her filthy jacket.


“But coffee is?”


“Coffee is a necessity of life.”


“Let me make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the water before you get in it.” Picking up a piece of the deadwood, he poked it into the pool.  Probing along the sides and bottom, Chakotay satisfied himself that there was nothing lurking in the bottom that would put Starfleet Captain on the menu.




“Seems safe enough.” He tossed the stick to one side. “And there’s enough wood to keep a fire going for a few days.”


“I don’t plan on being here for a few days.” Kathryn pulled her boots off slowly and set them aside. “Tuvok should come looking for us soon.”


“We aren’t due to check in until 18:00 hours tomorrow. And we’re supposed to be on the fourth planet in the system, not the fifth.”


“Maybe having Tom and Harry drop us off here wasn’t such a good idea.” She looked up to see him standing with his hands on his hips, raven eyebrow cocked. “Okay, it was a lousy idea. I just wanted – “ to be alone with you! “Wanted to speed up the mission. They get the supplies from the Argelian outpost and we get the seedlings for the hydroponics bay.”


“It wasn’t a bad idea. We were just careless.” He dumped an armload of wood by the fire.


“It was my fault, for – oh!” She cried out as she bent to pull her socks off.


Chakotay was at her side in an instant. “Where are you hurt?”


“Everywhere.” She winced as he touched her shoulder.


“You do need a bath.” He peeled up her tank top to expose her scraped lower back. “There’s gravel and dirt in these cuts.”


“My ass hurts.” She whispered.




Her face flushed hot and she was glad for the low light. “I – it hurts, badly.” That was an understatement. It throbbed and ached until she was ready to scream.


“Let’s go over to the pool.” He helped her to her feet and when she staggered, he picked her up and carried her the few feet to the edge of the water. Setting her back on her feet, he undid her pants.


“Wait!” Kathryn cried out as fresh pain shot through her. “Its – I think it’s stuck.”


Moving behind her, Chakotay slid his hands carefully down the back of her pants. The material over her left buttock and down the back of her leg was stiff. “You’ve lost a lot of blood. Why didn’t you say anything?”


“I didn’t know it was bleeding. Besides how would you like to say ‘excuse me, my ass hurts?’”


“Just get in, the water will loosen the material.” Chakotay pulled his turtleneck off and unfastened his pants.


“What are you doing?”


“Making sure you don’t drown.”


Kathryn turned her head as he stripped and got into the pool. He held up his hands to her and she stepped off into the water, plunging down to her chin before he caught her.


“It’s shallower over here.” He pulled her backwards into the shadows. “You’ll be able to stand.”


The cold water made each scratch and scrape ache painfully. Tears prickled and burned behind her closed eyelids.


Gently, Chakotay pulled her tank top off and tossed it out of the pool. Unhooking her bra, he sent it after the shirt. The water covered her breasts, but his cock gave him a vivid image of white skin and pink nipples. Behave, damn it!


Kathryn flinched as his hands moved down the back of her pants, but the water had loosened the bloody cloth and he was able to pull her pants off. They joined the shirt and bra on the rock floor. When his hands rested on her hips, she looked up.


His dark eyes glittered in the firelight. Chakotay was obviously aroused and for a moment she shivered in fear. Her panties slid down and she grasped his shoulders to steady herself. Under her hands his skin was soft and warm and she imagined holding on to him while he pumped into her.


“Let’s go over to where I can see better.”


“Is that a good idea?”


“Yes.” He chuckled. “And no.”


At the edge of the pool closest to the fire, Kathryn let him lift her up to lie over the edge. Embarrassment and arousal fought with each other as his fingers slid over her injured buttock.


“Kathryn, why didn’t you say something?” There was a gash at least four inches long across her left buttock. “It looks deep. We need to make sure we get it washed out so it doesn’t get infected.”


She lay on her belly, bent over and vulnerable, while he carefully washed out the wound.  He grabbed her tank top and washed it out quickly to use as a rag.


Although his hand was steady, his heart ached as she whimpered in pain while he cleaned the dirt and gravel out of the deep cut. “Kathryn, you can cry, it’s okay.”


“Starship Captains – don’t – don’t cry.” She gritted out.


“Right now, you don’t look like a Starship Captain.”


“I’ll bet.” She buried her face in her arms. “More like an Orion whore.”


“No.” He pulled her carefully back into the pool. “Much too pale for an Orion.” And much more desirable. His cock had hardened, just as concerned with the pale white ass laying at just the right height to fuck as his heart was with her pain. That’s why you’re not in charge! He told it sternly.


“Is it true?”


“What?” He slid the shirt gently over the scrapes on her back.


“About Orion sex slaves.”


“Yes.” He tossed the wet shirt back up on the ledge.


“They’re just… laying there?” Everyone had heard rumors about the infamous Orion pleasure houses.


“They – “ Chakotay stepped away from her. “Can you stand?”


“Yes, I feel better, actually. Being clean helps.”


He dove under the water and surfaced a few feet away. “They’re laying across tables and in special chairs. Whatever a customer wants, there’s a female in just the right position. A customer is never inconvenienced by having to bend over or lay down.”


What imp was making her ask him about this?  She should be steering the conversation to a safer topic and not quizzing him on the sexual practices of Orions. “You had me going back there for a few minutes.”


He wiped water out of his eyes. “You thought I’d let him shoot you?”


“No, you just took me by surprise.”


“I’d hope by now you trust me.” He paddled back over to her.


“I do. You’ve just never done anything like that. It was more a Tom Paris kind of thing.”


He undid the clasp and pulled her hair free. “Now you’re hurting my feelings.”


“I’m sorry.”


“No, you’re not.” Chakotay put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her head under the water.


She came up sputtering. “Chakotay!”


“Now you’re sorry.” He slid his hands down her shoulders to her waist and pulled her to him. “I forgive you.”


“Gee, thanks.” Kathryn rested her hands on his shoulders. The muscles were taut. “Next time remind me to send flowers.”


“Lean your head back so I can rinse the dirt out.” The move arched her body so that his erection pressed into her belly. His fingers tightened as they moved through her hair.


Kathryn closed her eyes in pleasure as he stroked and combed the tangles out of her hair. She had to hold on to his shoulders for balance and the feel of him throbbing against her belly was almost too much to bear.


With her head thrown back, her breasts rose above the water and Chakotay reluctantly pushed her away. A few more minutes of this and he’d have his mouth on her nipples and his cock between her legs.  Guiding her over to the edge, he helped her out of the water.


Walking stiffly to the fire, Kathryn picked up her wet clothes. She wasn’t looking forward to pulling on the wet and dirty pants.


“Toss them to me so I can wash them out.” Chakotay was still in the pool. “It won’t do any good to clean that wound out if you put those filthy pants back on.”


“I can’t sit around naked, either.” Wound or no wound, if they didn’t get dressed – she cut the thought off.


“Put on your shirt and put your jacket down to sit on. The inside shouldn’t be too bad.”


Pulling on the turtleneck, she shook out her jacket and laid it lining side up. She sat down carefully, reclining on her right side to ease pressure on the cut.


Chakotay scrubbed her pants out vigorously before he laid them over a piece of driftwood. He gave his shirt the same treatment. Averting her eyes as he climbed out, Kathryn waited until he’d turned his back before looking at him. Water dripped from his hair and sluiced down his spine to his taut buttocks.


The ache inside her had nothing to do with the rough day. She imagined putting her hands on his golden skin, squeezing his ass and holding him to her while he pumped into her hard and deep. You had your chance, Kathryn. You blew it.


Fastening his pants, he bent and picked up the wet clothes. “These will dry – eventually.” He hung them over a makeshift rack close to the fire. “The panties should dry pretty quickly.”


Her eyes widened as he laid the pink panties on the rack. “You didn’t wash those!”


“Yes, I did.” He grinned. “Not regulation. I’ll have to put you on report.”


“Better put yourself on there, too.” She huffed. “You’re not wearing a t-shirt or underwear.” Too late she realized what she’d said.


“Were you looking?” Chakotay laughed. “Shame on you.”


“How long before Tom and Harry come looking for us?” A change of subject was once again in order.


“They’re going to check in with us around 20:00 hours tonight. When they can’t contact us, I’m sure they’ll head back.”


“They could be here around 22:00 hours.” She rubbed at her throbbing temple. “What time is it now, do you think?”


“I figure it’s around 16:00. If Tom hasn’t gotten them thrown in the lockup over something, we just have to wait a few more hours.”


“That’s not funny.” Their time in the alien prison was still fresh in her mind.


“It wasn’t meant to be.” He stared across the fire at her. “They’re two of my three biggest problem children.”


“Who’s the third? B'Elanna?”




“Me? What have I done?”


“Besides get us stranded here?” He held up a hand as she protested. “How about going into that prison to get Tom and Harry out?”


“I had a phaser rifle and a full security team!”


“And you were surrounded by how many men who were being driven crazy by that implant? Men who hadn’t seen a woman in months or years? They could easily have overwhelmed the security team.”


“Let’s not have this argument again, Chakotay.”  Kathryn winced as she lay down. He’d been as angry as she’d ever seen him when she came back from that mission. She was supposed to stay on board Neelix’s ship. Instead she had grabbed a rifle and led the rescue.


Tuvok’s stony silence and stern Vulcan visage were nothing compared to the outraged Indian waiting for her when they returned to Voyager. They had a shouting match in the shuttle bay that ended with Tuvok threatening to throw both of them in the brig.


“I’m going to go make sure the fire can’t be seen from outside.” He walked away before she could answer.


Stepping outside into the dark night, he spotted the lights of the village off to the east. There was a light traveling along the direction of the stream. It appeared to be moving downstream. “Thank you, Grandfather.” The old man had been crazy, but no one could lay down a better false trail. “And thank you, sister, for leading us to a safe place.”


Walking back inside, he made his way carefully through the darkness back to the cavern. Kathryn lay staring at the fire. “We’re fine. Looks like they took the bait at the stream.”


“Good.” She was curled into a tight ball.




“A little.”


Checking the clothes, he turned her pants to help dry the other side. “My shirt is dry, do you want to put it on?”


“Won’t you need it?”


“No, I’m fine.” He tugged the shirt off and plucked her panties off the drying rack. “These are dry, too.”


Wearily she sat up and pulled his shirt on over hers. Bracing her hands on the stone floor, she tried to stand up, but her back had stiffened.


“Sit still.” Chakotay held up her panties. Which way is front with these things? “Uh, the tear goes in the back?”


“Yes.” Her face was so hot it hurt as he held the panties so she could slip her feet into the openings. The muscles in her back and hips screamed as she raised a foot and a moan escaped her clenched teeth.


“Just sit still.” He placed one foot and then the other in the openings and slid her panties up to her knees. “Lay back down.” When she did, he pulled them up to the tops of her thighs. The red firelight danced over the curls covering her mound and it took all his willpower not to tear the panties back off and mount her. Putting his hand under her, he carefully lifted her up to slide the silk over her buttocks. “That was different.”


Kathryn was shaking with need. As much as she was hurting, if Chakotay had asked, she would have spread her legs and let him make love to her. From the way he was panting, he’d considered asking. Or taking. His eyes were dark and his jaw was clenched.


Moving a safe distance away, he lay down and tried to forget the softness of her thighs. His cock was sending him visions of those white thighs spread wide.


“I wish we had some marshmallows.” Kathryn poked a stick in the fire. “We could make s’mores.”


“Some more what?”


“Not some more.” She laughed. “S’mores. You get two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate bar and then you put a toasted marshmallow in the middle.”


“That sounds good.”


“It is. All the chocolate and marshmallow smooshed together.”


“You learned that in Eagle Scouts?”


“I did.” Kathryn said fondly.


“No wonder you made tracks like a bull elephant.” The outraged expression on her face made him laugh.


“I was going to offer to take you to the holodeck and make you s’mores.” She lay back down. “I was going to share some of my stash of chocolate with you.”


“Chocolate?” His stomach rumbled.


Real chocolate. Not replicated.”


“You were as graceful as a doe, moving with delicate and dainty steps.”


“Huh, you’re not fooling me one bit.” She yawned and closed her eyes. “You just want my chocolate…”


Chakotay watched her across the firelight as she drifted to sleep. “I want your love.” He said quietly.





Kathryn woke with a start. Someone was holding her down. “Let me go!” She shot her elbow back into the body behind her.


“Kathryn!” Chakotay grunted. “It’s me, relax.”


“What are you doing?” He was pressed up against her back with his arms wrapped around her.


“You were talking in your sleep. You kept saying you were cold.”


“I am cold.”


“I was afraid you’d roll into the fire the way you were thrashing around.” Her skin was hot with fever and the occasional shiver ran through her, he worried that she was becoming ill. His cock was even behaving, only semi hard against the soft pillow of her buttocks. “I don’t want to have to explain that to Tuvok.”


“We’re in enough trouble as it is.” Relaxing back against him, she tipped her head up to look at him. “Tell me a story.”


“A story? Well, how about how Coyote stole fire? Kind of appropriate under the circumstances.”


“No. Tell me about the Angry Warrior.”


Pain punched through his heart. “I don’t remember it.”


“You don’t?”


The blue eyes were fever bright as they searched his and he wondered what she was really asking for. “I – it’s been some time – I – “


“I remember it.” Kathryn trailed her fingers along his jaw. “Tell me, please.”


Unable to deny her anything, he sighed. “There was an angry warrior who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe. A man who couldn’t find peace – “ There was the sudden disorientation of a transporter beam and they found themselves lying on the floor of a shuttle.


“Well, hello there.” Tom lounged against the console. “Want us to put you back? Swing back around in, oh, say half hour?”


“Shut up, Paris.” Chakotay untangled his limbs from Kathryn’s. “Help me with her.”


“Looks like you’re doing pretty good on your own.”


“Paris.” He glared at the younger man.


“Relax, Chief.” Tom already had his med kit out and was switching on the scanner. “She’s got a fever and an infection. Go get me one of the sleeping bags out of the locker.”


Spreading the sleeping bag out on the floor, The two of them lifted her carefully onto it to lie on her stomach. She moved restlessly and Chakotay put his hands on her shoulders to keep her still. “I cleaned out the wound as much as I could, but the gravel and dirt was in there for a long time.”


“Jesus! What the hell did you guys do?” Tom had cut off the turtleneck shirts she was wearing to expose her scraped and cut back. “Did you drag her around by her hair?”


“She fell coming down a slope.” He watched jealously as the other man cut away the bloodstained panties.


“I’ll check you out next.”


“I’m not hurt.”


“I’ll bet you’ve got bruises from kicking yourself in the ass.” Tom grinned at him. “She fell. You didn’t. You feel guilty. Stop me if I’m wrong.”


“Shut up, Paris.” He grinned back.


“Wow.” He ran the scanner over the gash on her buttock. “This is ugly.”


“Are you saying I have an ugly ass, Tom?” Kathryn’s voice was groggy.


“No, ma’am. It’s a very nice ass.” He looked up to see Chakotay glaring at him again. Talk about your rock and a hard place!  “But the wound is pretty bad. I’ll take care of it.  You won’t even have a scar.”


“Leave it.” She laughed. “Every Captain needs an old battle scar or two.”


“Just don’t go showing it off.” He looked up past Chakotay’s shoulder and grinned suddenly. “You might scare somebody.”







Chakotay looked up to see Kathryn standing just inside his office door. “Hey.”


“How about we sneak off to the holodeck?”


“There’s still two hours until our shift ends and I’ve got the duty roster for next month to work out.”


“Can’t get out of it?”


“I don’t know.” He sighed dramatically. “I might get in trouble.”


“I have chocolate.” She held up a chocolate bar. “Real chocolate.”


“It can wait.” He snapped off his computer and walked around the desk. “I’ll replicate the marshmallows and graham crackers. We have to be careful though. My Captain’s a real hard ass.”


“I can truthfully say, she’s not.” Kathryn rubbed her still tender left buttock. Tom had healed the worst of it, but he had left the top layers to heal on their own.


Chakotay laughed. “I’m sorry, I forgot about that.”


“You forgot? I’m hurt! How many men do you think I let see my butt?”


“So far? Me, Tom, and Harry.”


“Harry?” Her cheeks turned pink.


“He came back to see if we were all right. Did a perfect about face and went back to the cockpit.”


“Poor boy.” She giggled. “No wonder he won’t look me in the eye. It’s got to be like seeing your mother naked.”




On the holodeck, Kathryn ordered it to run Janeway E-1. Twin moons shined down on the clearing they stood in and a bonfire burned merrily. “I thought we’d let the holodeck make the fire for a change.”


“This is New Earth.”  He could see the lights from their shelter at the edge of the clearing. When did she make this program? And why?


“Do you mind?” She sat down on the sleeping bag that was spread out next to the fire.


“No.” He sat down next to her. “It’s fine.” While he watched, she quickly toasted a marshmallow and put it between the graham crackers and chocolate.


“Let it cool a little.” She handed it to him. “I don’t want you to burn your tongue.”


Carefully, Chakotay nibbled at the s’more. “Good!”


“Am I a good Eagle Scout now?” She leaned back against him.


“The best.” He shared a bite of the gooey treat with her.


“You were telling me a story and you didn’t finish.”


“Kathryn.” He pushed her away gently. “What are you doing? If you’re playing a game – I don’t want to play. It hurts.”


“I’m not playing, Chakotay.” She touched his cheek. “I wanted to be alone with you. That’s why I sent Tom and Harry on to the Argelian outpost.”


“Are we redefining our ‘parameters’, Kathryn?” A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.


“Yes.” She leaned back against his chest. “After all, you’ve already seen me naked and hopefully, you didn’t think of your mother.”


“Definitely not.” He wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll tell you the story of the Angry Warrior if I can change the ending.”


“Will there be kissing in this new ending?”


“A lot of kissing.” Chakotay leaned down and captured her lips with his. His tongue teased her lips open and slid into her mouth to play with hers. Panting, he pulled back and rested his face against hers. “And anything else he can get away with.”


“Guess we’ll just have to see.” Kathryn slid her fingers into the raven hair and pulled his lips back to hers.



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