Corporal Punishment

By Maquis Leader



Rating NC17

Author’s note: Who hands out the discipline when the Captain misbehaves?




“Commander, we’re being hailed. Prefix Jetric.”


“On screen.” Chakotay stood as the main screen changed from a view of the planet they were orbiting to that of a large alien covered in dull gray fur. He reminded Chakotay of his sister’s ratty stuffed cat.  The inhabitants looked like large bipedal cats and had been dubbed ‘furballs’ by the crew. “Prefix Jetric, I’m Commander Chakotay.”


“Are you in charge of this Voyager crew?”


“Yes, I am. Is there a problem – “


“Your crew violent too much!”  The fur around his neck stood out. “Much breakage!  Much cost!”


Biting his lip to keep from laughing at the outraged furball, Chakotay asked. “Am I to understand that some of the crew has been in an altercation?”


“Much breakage! Detain your crew for cost met!”


“I’ll come down and make arrangements for compensation.” Another shore leave another brawl.  Tom Paris must be down planet.


“Quickly! Your crew violent too much!  Safety in detaining unsure!” The furball spit out.


The situation was no longer funny. “If any of my crew is injured, I’ll find you and shave your face.  Give me the coordinates and I’ll beam down.”


“Safety unsure for guilty.” Prefix Jetric smoothed the fur around his face. “Security building is place for detaining.”


“Voyager out.”  The downside of the Delta Quadrant not being familiar with transporters was that they couldn’t give coordinates. “Tuvok?”


“I’ve locked onto their combadges.” He looked up from his console. “I can beam them up if you’d like, Commander.”


“No, we’ll play by the rules. For now.” It would be easier to beam them up, but Kathryn would have a fit if he didn’t follow Starfleet protocol. He tugged at his ear as he pondered the situation. “Keep a lock on them just in case.”


Turning the bridge over to Tuvok, he headed for the transporter room.  He hadn’t asked which crewmembers were involved. No doubt Tom Paris was the instigator, Harry had probably been pulled into whatever scheme Tom had hatched, and Ayala had taken to accompanying them lately as well. Chakotay sighed. His problem children. Harry he could ‘ground’, Tom he’d use as a punching bag, and Ayala… An image of the muscular ex-Maquis came to mind. Ayala could use Tom as a punching bag.


Beaming down to the security building, Chakotay was ushered to a desk where a black furred official sat behind a desk.  “Your crew most violent.  Repairs are much.”


Picking up the list the furball slid across the table, his eyes widened at the final tally at the bottom. “This is outrageous! They couldn’t possibly have done this much damage.”


“Very much damage – much cost.” The offical’s tail flicked back and forth in agitated strokes. “Guilty pay fines for all!”


“I’ll agree to pay reasonable compensation, but not this amount.” He tossed the list down.


“Choice yours.” The furball flared his neck fur out. “Trial is next. Six months they wait.”


Six months? Coolly Chakotay shrugged. “Keep them then. They’re nothing but trouble anyway.”


“Crew is Captain.” The furball purred. “Six months could not be safe.”  He pointed to a bleeding captive sitting nearby.


“You have Captain Janeway?”  She was supposed to be with B'Elanna shopping for things for Miral.


“Yes we have.” His smile displayed sharp fangs as he slid several combadges across the desk.




Twenty minutes later, Chakotay had signed over almost a third of the credits Voyager had gotten from the planet during their earlier negotiations.  Fuming, he was led to the holding area. The holding area held plenty of captives, it seemed the furballs were an aggressive race.  The howling and screeching hurt his ears and the stench was overwhelming. 


Breathing shallowly through his mouth, he tried not to appear shocked at what he saw.  At one cell, guards were dragging out a dead body.  The furball had been disemboweled, his insides spilling out.  In another, a female was being held down and raped while other inmates waited their turn.  He turned away as one male finished and another, his engorged organ jutting out before him, forced his way between her furred thighs.  Her screams echoed off the walls as they walked past.


Chakotay’s heart began pounding until it threatened to burst through his chest.  Somewhere in here Kathryn was in a cell with these animals.   Had she been clawed to death or raped while he signed his name on forms? No, Tuvok had a lock on them and would have beamed out anyone in danger. Somehow that didn’t make him feel any better.


Finally, the guards stopped at a cell. Behind the bars were his problem children, Paris, Harry, and Ayala. And two new recruits. The Captain and B'Elanna.  They were in a defensive position in one corner of the large cell.  Several furballs were pacing back and forth past them. Ayala had several tears in his jacket and both Tom and Harry had bloody faces.  B'Elanna had a black eye.  Kathryn was pale and there was a large tear in her skirt, but she appeared unhurt.  His heartbeat slowed slightly until he was able to hear again.


The guards pulled out stun wands before they opened the cell door.  Sullenly, the furballs slunk back to let Voyager’s crew out.


Chakotay glared at them causing them to wilt back. Except for the Captain, she had an amused expression on her face. Slapping his combadge, he ordered them back to the ship.


In the transporter room, he waited until they stepped off the pad before barking at them to come to attention.  Instantly, they were at full attention.  Harry’s spine was so straight he had to be two inches taller.  The Captain continued toward the door. “Where do you think you’re going?” Chakotay asked quietly.


“To my quarters, Commander.”


“Oh, I don’t think so.” His voice was dangerously soft. “Get. In. Line. Now.”


The hair on the back of her neck rose.  She was suddenly reduced to the time she was a first year cadet and first heard the crack of command from an instructor. Kathryn found herself moving to stand beside Tom without a thought.


“Mr. Paris.” Chakotay stepped up to Tom. “Would you like to tell me what you did this time?”


“It was a misunderstanding, sir.”


“If I had a credit for every time you’ve started a sentence with that phrase – “ He leaned down until his face was inches from the younger man’s. “I’d have a pile of latinum up to my ass!”


Tom flinched. “Honest, sir, I didn’t start it. This time.”


Chakotay paced down the line to Harry.  The ensign was visibly trembling. “Harry?  Would you like to explain?”


“Tom didn’t start it, sir.”


“Really? I find that hard to believe.”


Kathryn watched Chakotay move up and down the line chewing out everyone equally regardless of rank.  He was fierce and angry, sparks seeming to fly off of him.  His eyes had darkened until they were almost as black as his hair.  When he moved behind her and growled about the proper behavior for officers, she felt an ache start between her legs. Good lord! I can’t possibly be getting sexually excited by this!




His breath ruffled her hair as he leaned down close to her ear. “Commander?” Had he asked a question?  His body brushed against hers.


“Care to explain your role in the brawl?”  The question was low, more like a lover than an interrogator.


“I’ve never gotten along with cats.”  Even to her own ears it sounded weak.


His breath fanned across her cheek. “That’s no excuse for your actions.” His chest pressed against her back and his hip to her buttocks.


Not having a comeback for that, she shrugged.  Sparks shot through her at the intimate contact before he turned away.


“After reporting to Sickbay, you’re all confined to quarters. No replicator usage will be allowed. Your replicator rations and holodeck privileges for the month are gone. Maybe eating leola root for a month will help improve your decision making abilities. No entertainment of any kind will be allowed. When you’re off duty you can stare at the walls until you gain enlightenment.” He stopped to stare down at Tom again. “That means no TV, Mr. Paris.”


“Yes sir!” He gulped. “Sir, the baby – “


“Your replicator will provide Miral’s formula and nothing else.”  He glared at the group once again. “This incident cost Voyager needed supplies.  A third of our credits went to bail you out.  I considered leaving you there to serve your sentence.” Chakotay raked them over with one last burning glare. “Think about that for the next month. Dismissed.”


He grabbed the Captain’s arm before she could leave. “Oh, no, we’re not done yet.”


“Commander?” She pulled her arm but he refused to let go. “Chakotay?”


“You’re in even bigger trouble than they are.” Pulling her along, he marched them to her quarters.


The ache had spread to an all out throb.  Instead of being angry at his behavior, she was becoming more and more sexually excited by the moment. “Isn’t taking my replicator rations enough? I’ll die without coffee.”  Kathryn licked her lips as she watched the lean brown fingers punch in the code for her door. Not an override code – her code. He could have opened her door at anytime.  Come into her bedroom in the dark –


“You could have died in that jail cell!” Sitting on the sofa, he pulled her face down across his lap.


“What the hell are you doing?”


Trapping her flailing legs between his, Chakotay pulled up the skirt of the dress she was wearing.  His hand slapped down hard on her bottom. “That’s for getting into the fight to begin with!”


“Ouch!”  The silk panties offered no protection. “Chakotay!”


That’s for costing us the credits we need for supplies!” His hand came down again. “That’s for putting yourself in danger!”


Her bottom was stinging and she tried to twist away.  A large hand pinned her face down in the sofa cushion.  Even her father had never spanked her! Part of her was absolutely outraged and planned to throw him in the brig as soon as he let her up.  There was another part of her that wanted him to rip her panties off and fuck her. Hard. Now! Kathryn was scared of which part of her would win out.


“And that’s for scaring the hell out of me!” Chakotay’s hand slapped down one last time. “If you ever do anything like this again, you won’t be able to sit down for a month!”


“I’ll be good! I promise!” She smothered a giggle in the cushion.


Chakotay closed his eyes. “Kathryn, did you see the claws they have?” His hand trembled on her back. “Did you see what – what – “


“Chakotay?” Twisting around, she looked up at him. Fear was in his eyes and his skin had an ashen tinge.


His hand came back down on her bottom, but gently this time.  “Did you see what was going on in that place?”


His fingers on her tender skin brought another gush of wetness between her legs.  “I didn’t know – didn’t know it was like that.”


“The farther in I went, the worse it got. I was scared to death I’d find you being beaten or – “ He couldn’t force the words out.


She’d been frightened herself when a female furball was attacked and raped in the next cell.  She and B'Elanna were the only females in their cell.  The furballs looked like big house cats, but they were human enough to be a danger.


“What possessed you to get into a bar fight?” Now that she was safe his anger had ebbed away.


“They were insulting Voyager.”


“I don’t care if the next bunch is insulting your mother, keep your cool.” Moving his leg off of hers, he let her roll over off his lap.


Standing up, Kathryn rubbed her stinging bottom.  “I don’t care how scared you were. If you ever do that again, I’ll toss you in the brig!” Now that she was up, she was madder than hell. Most of her anger was directed at herself for being aroused.


“Next time, I pull your pants down first and spank your bare ass!”


“You wouldn’t dare!”


“Try me!”


The air was sizzling between them. Kathryn took a step back as Chakotay lunged for her, catching her arm. Jerking her back down onto the sofa, he pulled her panties down.


“Chakotay!”  She shrieked as he raised his hand.


Despite his fear, Chakotay had found himself aroused at the sight of her buttocks with only green silk panties covering the soft round cheeks. Now, he could see the red handprints that stood out from the white skin and his erection ached painfully. “Oh, Kathryn, I’m sorry. “ He caressed the pink skin.


“Let me up!” His hand on her tingling skin was causing the throbbing inside her to increase unbearably.


Rubbing at the handprints on her skin, he kissed his fingertips and touched them to her.  Not satisfied with that, he slid off the sofa to kneel on the floor.  Holding her down, he kissed the abused skin. “Forgive me.”


“Chakotay, oh God, wait…” His mouth moved from one tingling cheek to the other.  Helplessly, she spread her legs as his fingers opened her so his tongue could lap at her.  This could not be happening! This was one of the crazy dreams she was always having about him. Starship Captains didn’t get on their knees so their First Officer could give them a tongue job. An incredibly wonderful – oh my God – tongue job!


Pulling her back until she was kneeling in front of him, Chakotay tore her panties away.  His hands squeezed her pink cheeks spreading them to let him lick and suck at her.  One hand stole down to caress the swollen bud until she screamed out his name.


Sitting her up on the sofa, he kissed her trembling mouth so she could taste herself on his tongue.  Moving back down, he pushed a finger inside of her as he began nuzzling at the tight bud again.  One big hand under her bottom held her up to his mouth.


Dazedly, Kathryn watched the raven head moving between her thighs.  Lifting her legs over his shoulders, she pushed against his mouth. If this was a dream, she was going to enjoy it. And if it wasn’t – well it was too late not to go ahead and enjoy it anyway.  Oral sex had always been something she’d tolerated but never really enjoyed.  Ripples of pleasure spread out from Chakotay’s mouth through her body.  Obviously, she hadn’t had it done right.  Tangling her fingers in his hair, she pressed his face to her as the ripples became crashing waves once again.


Lifting his head, Chakotay kissed the auburn curls.  Her inner walls were clenching around his fingers as she climaxed.  He’d been surprised at himself for spanking her.  But it didn’t compare to what he’d just done.  Still, her gasps and moans hadn’t included the word ‘no’.


“Chakotay…”  Lying back on the sofa, Kathryn panted for breath. “Chakotay… show me…”




“Show me… show me…” She spread her legs. “What you were afraid would happen…”


Moving up over her, he pushed her legs farther apart. “I thought you’d be on your back.” He tore her dress open. “Your clothes ripped off.”  Unhooking the satin bra, he squeezed her breasts together. He was quickly into her fantasy with her.


“And then…”  Her nipples ached as he sucked and licked them. “Then what would happen to me, Chakotay?”


He fumbled with his pants. “Then you’d have a hard, throbbing cock shoved inside of you!” He plunged into her with one hard stroke, groaning at the tight heat enclosing him.


“Oh, yes, Chakotay!”  Lifting her legs around his waist, Kathryn held him to her and matched his frantic movements.  The material of his jacket was rough against her breasts and belly.  Wanting to feel his skin against her own, she tugged at his jacket until he raised up enough to slip it off.  Pulling off his turtleneck as well, he tossed it away.  Her hands slid over his chest and shoulders up into his hair.


Rubbing his bare chest over her breasts sent flashes of lightning through him. She was setting him on fire.  Her teeth nipped at his shoulder, marking him in her passion.  Seeking her mouth again to taste her, Chakotay ground his hips into hers.  Her cries of pleasure urged him on harder and faster until his seed spurted into her.


Holding his heaving body, Kathryn tightened her inner walls around the pulsing shaft, drawing a moan and one last thrust from him.  The muscles of his stomach clenched against her belly again and again as he arched helplessly until he was finally spent.








“Hmm…” He didn’t want to lift his head from where it was pillowed on her belly.


“I did it.”


“Did what?”


“Started the fight.” Kathryn bit her lip to keep from laughing as his head shot up.


You threw the first punch? Not Paris?


“Now, technically, they threw the first punch.”


Technically, what did you do?” He got up on his knees.


My goodness he looks wonderful naked! “I… ah… poured a beer over one of the furball’s heads.”


Crawling up beside her on the bed, he pulled her over on her belly. She shrieked as his hand came down on her bottom.




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