You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

By Maquis Leader




Author’s note: This is the second story in the Song Series. Please read Chapter 1 first. Endgame never happened in this world. You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This performed by Toby Keith.




The banquet hall was crowded. Voyager’s crew mingled with the Slymarian natives eating, laughing, and dancing.


“Looks like a successful mission, Captain.” B'Elanna said.


“For once! I’m not sure I can handle any more hostile aliens.” Kathryn took a drink of the sweet fruit wine their hosts had provided.


“I dunno, I think it’s a bit average.”


“I’m sure you could have done much better, Tom.” Patting his arm, Kathryn turned away to stare across the dance floor. Sitting on the other side of Tom and B'Elanna was Chakotay. And Seven.


They had made their entrance together, and it was obvious from Seven’s possessive grip on his arm that this was a date. She’d heard a rumor about them but had dismissed it as too fantastic to believe. Chakotay had just begun to be more than barely civil to the former drone. Obviously, once he worked his way past his initial feelings, Chakotay had fallen for the tall blonde the same as every other man on Voyager had. Kathryn sighed. Maybe it was all for the best and he would be happy with Seven. Or she could kill them both and shove their bodies out an airlock.


“Penny for your thoughts?”


She looked back to see Tom smiling at her. “Nothing special, Tom, just feeling a little tired.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. She was tired, mostly of being alone.


“I don’t think it’s serious.”




“Chakotay and Seven.” He glanced over his shoulder at the pair. “I just don’t see it.”


Kathryn didn’t either, but wasn’t about to say so. “They deserve a chance, don’t you think? They could be happy together.”


Tom shook his head. “If it were me – I’d say something.”


“Well, it isn’t up to you, Mr. Paris.” She snapped.


The smile faded from his face. “Sorry, Captain. I forgot who I was talking to.”


Damn! She hadn’t meant to take it out on Tom; he was only trying to help. “Forgive me, Tom. I’m just… tired.”


It was a lame apology, but he accepted it with good grace. He patted her hand before turning to B'Elanna and asking her to dance.


Chakotay looked at Kathryn. Her back was to him as it had been most of the night. He’d known this would be uncomfortable for her. But Seven had practically begged. She felt it was important for their sixth date to be a public one. He’d agreed, feeling guilty that their other dates had been in such secretive places as the cargo bay and not knowing how to back out once he admitted that the Captain hadn’t asked him to escort her.


She never asked. He just showed up at her door. It was assumed he’d be there. That was the problem. Kathryn assumed he would always be there. Waiting. More than once she’d made it clear there could be no relationship between the two of them. They were friends and nothing more.


So why wasn’t she acting like a friend and being happy for him? He’d seen the look on her face before the Captain’s mask slammed down into place. Hurt and anger. Did Kathryn honestly expect him to wait forever?


“You are bored with the festivities?”


Seven’s voice broke into his thoughts. “No, I’m just a little tired.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. He was tired, mostly of being alone.


“Would you like to return to Voyager?”


“No.” He’d seen her watching the couples twirling by on the dance floor. “Would you like to dance?”


“No. I do not see the point of the activity.” Her voice was cool and disdainful. “It is not strenuous enough to be considered exercise and it does not permit communication. Therefore, it is irrelevant.”


“It’s an enjoyable activity, Seven. And there can be plenty of communication. It’s considered – “  Chakotay stopped. He had almost told her it was often considered ‘sex standing up’, but that was an area he was trying to avoid. Sooner or later that had to be on her list and he wasn’t sure what to do when the time came.


“Dance with me, Chakotay!” B'Elanna came out of the crowd of dancers.


“What about Tom?”


“I’m beat, Chief.” The blond man collapsed into the chair next to him. “She’s wearing me out.”


“I want him to save his energy for tonight.” B'Elanna laughed as she pulled Chakotay out onto the dance floor.


B'Elanna was looking slim again after the birth of her daughter and was full of energy. Chakotay gave up trying to lead and let her move him through the other dancers.


“So, what’s with you and the Borg?”


“I can always count on you to cut right to the heart of the matter.” He laughed.


“’Hearts’, actually. What are you thinking? She’s not your type.”


“And what is my type?” He was getting just a little irritated. “Young and beautiful isn’t my type?”


“She’s cold, Chakotay.” B'Elanna shivered. “She has no soul.”


“I doubt the Borg removed her soul.”


“I wouldn’t be too sure.” She snorted. “You’re hurting her, you know.”




B'Elanna rolled her eyes. “The Captain.”


“How am I hurting her, B'Elanna? We’re just friends.”


“Yeah right, and I’m just Tom’s roommate.” She snorted again. “Why don’t you open your eyes?”


“My eyes are wide open for the first time in years.” He didn’t care how bitter he sounded. “I handed her my heart and she didn’t want it.”


“Oh, Chakotay, I’m sorry.” She hugged him. “Don’t you realize she doesn’t know how to take it?”


“She knows – “ He was interrupted by a hand clamping down on his shoulder.


“Excuse me while I cut in.” Tom edged in between him and B'Elanna. “I’d like to dance with my beautiful wife.”


They danced away before Chakotay could answer.


“I think we’ve been dumped.”


Turning, he found Kathryn standing beside him watching after Tom and B'Elanna. “You were dancing with Tom?” When she nodded, he offered his hand. “It’s bad manners to abandon the Captain in the middle of the dance.”


“I’d reprimand him, but I might lose my visitation privileges.” Taking Chakotay’s hand, Kathryn tried to ignore the spark of emotion that forced her heart to beat harder as she let him lead her back into the dance.


“I’ll take care of him; B'Elanna won’t let him keep Miral away from me.”



I got a funny feelin',

The moment that your lips touched mine.

Somethin’ shot right through me

My heart skipped a beat in time.


There’s a different feel about you tonight.

It’s got me thinking lots of crazy things.

I even think I saw a flash of light,

It felt like electricity.



They danced in silence for a few moments, unaware of the looks others were giving them as they moved gracefully together.


Her head was down as if she were watching her feet. “Kathryn, are you alright?”


“Sure, yeah. I’m fine.” She looked up at Chakotay and smiled brightly. “Why wouldn’t I be?”


“I – B'Elanna thought maybe you were upset that I was here with Seven.”


“No, I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” She sighed. “Long hours of negotiations are not my favorite thing to do.”


“They wanted the information on the Borg so badly they gave us everything we wanted, including use of their spacedock.” He reminded her.


“True, but with so many ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ to save face.” Kathryn grimaced.


“Politicians always have to make it look like they won some sort of victory.”


“Guess we should send the Borg Queen a thank you note.” She laughed.


“We can attach it to one of those transphasic torpedoes the Slymarians gave us.”


“Do you believe they’ll work as well as the Slymarians think they will?”  The nebula they had skirted had been crawling with Borg ships. She shuddered at the thought of this beautiful world and its people being assimilated.


“The test results were pretty impressive.” Chakotay rubbed her back soothingly. “The sample of Icheb’s blood with its pathogen will help them as well. I understand everyone on the ships they’ll send out to the nebula will have it in their bloodstream.”


“Did you ever think we’d see someone attacking the Borg instead of running in the opposite direction?” Kathryn let her hand slide down from his shoulder onto his chest. His heartbeat was comforting under her palm.



You shouldn’t kiss me like this,

Unless you mean it like that.

‘Cos I’ll just close my eyes and I won’t know where I’m at.

And we’ll get lost on this dance floor

Spinning around

And around

And around

And around



They drifted closer, bodies brushing together. Her hands stroked up and down his back and her breath whispered against his neck. What was she doing? Kathryn had always maintained the proper distance, never allowing her hands to stray from the proper positions – one in his hand and the other on his shoulder – now she had both arms around his neck and her fingers were stroking the hair at the nape of his neck. Her breasts were pressed to his chest and her belly was brushing his groin.



They’re all watching us now,

They think we’re falling in love,

They’d never believe we’re just friends.


When you kiss me like this,

I think you mean it like that.

If you do, baby, kiss me again




Kathryn looked up suddenly, the blue eyes smoky in the dim light. She pressed her lips to his hesitantly as if afraid he might pull back. When Chakotay didn’t move away, she slid her tongue across his lips.


Gasping, he opened his mouth, allowing her tongue inside. This wasn’t a kiss from a friend. This was a passionate lover’s kiss. Their tongues danced and slid over each other. He slid his hand down her back until it rested just above the swell of her buttocks and pulled her closer, letting her feel how she excited him.



Everybody swears

We make the perfect pair.

But dancing is as far as it goes.

Girl you never move me

Quite the way you move me tonight.


I just wanted you to know.

I just wanted you to know.



Suddenly, Kathryn broke the kiss.  His black velvet eyes were dazed as he looked down at her. “I – I’m happy for you, Chakotay. I want you to be happy.” Even if it’s not with me.


“What makes you think I’m happy?”


“I just thought – I’m sorry.” She turned and walked away.


“Kathryn!” Chakotay called after her, but the crowd had swallowed her up. Why was she so upset? Could it be she still cared? Did she love him after all?


Slowly he walked through the dancers, his lips tingling from her kiss. Why did she kiss me?



You shouldn’t kiss me like this,

Unless you mean it like that.

‘Cos I’ll just close my eyes and I won’t know where I’m at.

And we’ll get lost on this dance floor

Spinning around

And around

And around

And around



Carefully, Chakotay threaded his way back to the table where Seven was waiting. “Did you enjoy your dance?” The ice blue eyes raked over his body.


“I’m going back to the ship. You can stay if you like.” He shifted uncomfortably, hoping she couldn’t see how aroused he was.


“Proper etiquette states that it is appropriate for individuals on a date to leave together.” She rose and put her hand on his arm.


“Seven, you should – “ He stopped and reminded himself that she was trying to learn from a list what she should have learned from a lifetime of experience. “It is appropriate. But it is also your choice.”


“My choice is to return to Voyager with you.”


Tapping his combadge, he had the two of them beamed back to the ship. In the turbolift, he called for Deck 8, where her new quarters were located.


“I thought perhaps we would go to your quarters tonight.” Seven stopped the lift.


“Seven, I think I should escort you to your quarters.”


“On this date, it is acceptable to go to the male’s quarters.”


“I’m – I’m not comfortable with that.” Chakotay started the lift again. “I’d rather not.”


“Whichever you prefer.”


When they arrived at her quarters, Seven invited him inside.  Shaking his head, he tried to decline. “Seven, it’s late.”


“I wish to discuss some of the behavior that I found confusing this evening.”


“All right, but just for a few moments.” He followed her inside. Her quarters were sparsely decorated with standard issue furniture. There were no personal items except for a dream catcher on one bulkhead. He hadn’t had a chance to ask where she had gotten it.


“Please sit, I will be right back.” Seven went into the bedroom.


Sitting on the sofa, Chakotay thought back to the only other time he had been in her quarters. Date number five. Date number four had been interrupted by their discovery of the nebula. That time she had beamed directly into his quarters and surprised him with a kiss. Her reasoning was to end the tension the first kiss might bring. It hadn’t been much of a kiss and he decided she needed a lesson or two. While she was quoting the statistics on second kisses, he’d silenced her with that second kiss. Her mouth had been hard under his, lips frozen, pressing against his. A child’s kiss.


A few evenings later, they had shared another dinner date and he had given her a second lesson. Unfortunately, Seven didn’t seem to grasp the concept of gentleness. She kissed the same way she did everything else. With ruthless efficiency.


“I find this apparel more comfortable. Do you like it?”


Looking up, Chakotay almost fell off the sofa. Seven had on a slinky black negligee. Her blond hair was loose around her face. “Uh, very… pretty.”


“I hoped you would like it.” She sat down next to him. Leaning close, she put her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.


His lips were smashed against hers and her tongue pushed against his teeth. Pulling away, he cupped her face in his hands. “Seven, it’s supposed to be exploration – not conquest.”


Her blue eyes were confused. “I do not understand. The texts say the lips must press together and the tongues are to go into the other individual’s mouth.”


“You’re reading the wrong texts.” He smiled. “Just hold still for a moment.”


“I will comply.”


Letting his mouth hover over hers, he shared her breath for a few moments before brushing his lips across hers. Settling on her bottom lip, he nibbled and sucked it gently into his mouth. Sliding his tongue along her lips, he lapped at her as they parted. There was no response.


Opening his eyes, Chakotay found her staring at him. “Didn’t you like that?” He was more than a little insulted. When he was a cadet at the Academy, he’d had the reputation of being the best kisser on campus. There were too many women who could vouch for his skill.


“It was… intriguing and stimulating.”


That soothed his ego. “Then why didn’t you kiss me back?”


“You said to be still.” Seven was confused by his loud sigh. “I have read that males like females to be obedient.”


“Not – not that much.” Standing, he pulled her to her feet. “I have to leave. This isn’t working.”


“Wait. I understand, I’ll try.” Her bottom lip was trembling as her arms went back around him and her lips hovered over his.


The kiss was better than the others, but he felt nothing. She was doing exactly what he had shown her and no more. Kissing back, he let her see what the proper response was. She pulled one of his hands to her breasts. “Seven!” Her other hand grasped his crotch painfully. He yelped and jumped back.


“On this date, a sexual encounter is acceptable.” Seven undid the front of her negligee.


“I’m not in the mood!” He backed away.


“You were sexually aroused earlier.” Her voice was harsh. “After you danced with the Captain.”


So she had noticed. No doubt made a note of his blood pressure and hormone level. “This just isn’t going to work out, Seven. I’m sorry.”


She pulled the scrap of black silk off. “I am younger and have a more socially acceptable body shape. My breasts are larger, something most males desire. You will enjoy copulating with me.”


His heart lodged in his throat, choking him. There were Borg implants on her stomach and one breast. Her mound had a star shaped implant similar to the one on her face. “I – I can’t!” The old fear of the Borg and assimilation urged him to run away. Turning, he fled out the door.


In the turbolift, Chakotay leaned against the back wall, panting and gasping for air. He had run the entire way to the lift, thankful there was no one in the corridor to witness his panic. His heart was pounding so hard it felt as if would burst from his chest. Gray dots danced in front of his eyes as his vision dimmed.


“Doctor to Chakotay.”


“Chakotay here.” He gasped out.


“Are you all right, Commander?” The EMH sounded concerned. “The computer has alerted me that your blood pressure has risen dangerously high and the oxygen level in your blood is dropping. Are you feeling any chest pain, or numbness and tingling in your left arm?”


“I – I just had a – fright – “ He wiped the sweat off his brow. “I’m fine.” That was all he needed, Voyager’s internal sensors ratting him out.


“Take deep breaths and if you need something to relax, stop by Sickbay. Doctor out.”


Forcing down deep breaths, Chakotay calmed as the lift stopped at his deck. Walking to his quarters, he stood looking at the doorway just down from his. The red light on the panel was on, indicating the door was locked. Kathryn was probably sleeping.


He wanted to ask why she had kissed him. Why she had held him like she did and what did it mean?


“Computer, is Captain Janeway asleep?”


“Negative. Captain Janeway is awake.”


“Chakotay to Janeway.”


After a long moment she answered. “What is it, Chakotay?”


“I just wanted to be sure you were okay.” He leaned against the bulkhead.


“I’m fine.”


“Goodnight, Kathryn.”


“Goodnight, Chakotay.” Her voice was soft and husky, like good whiskey. “Thanks for the dance.”


“Anytime.” Going into his quarters, he settled on the sofa. The dance was just that. The kiss was just a spur of the moment thing. She probably didn’t mean it like that. But what if she did?



They’re all watching us now,

They think we’re falling in love,

They’d never believe we’re just friends.


When you kiss me like this,

I think you mean it like that.

If you do, baby, kiss me again


Kiss me again.




Chapter 3: Complicated