The Boxer


by Maquis Leader





Rated NC17

Author’s note: Chakotay puts Michael Sullivan to good use (Fair Haven add-on)

Lyrics to The Boxer --  Paul Simon.  Lyrics to As Time Goes By – Herman Hupfeld



I am just a poor boy

Though my story’s seldom told

I have squandered my resistance

For a pocketful of mumbles,

Such are promises

All lies and jest

Still, a man hears what he wants to hear

And disregards the rest.




Sweat dripped off him as he worked his opponent into the corner.  How can she be in love with a hologram?  Brings him to the bridge and shows him off!  Chakotay threw a jab into his opponent’s ribs and another into his jaw.  What is it with her and fantasy?  She can fuck Captain Miller but not me?  He punched the other man in the kidneys and pushed out of his clenched arms.  Finally getting back on track after the Equinox disaster!  Damn hologram!  A flurry of punches ended with an upper cut to his opponent’s jaw.  The man went down.


“Jeez, Chief, you’re killing me.”  Tom Paris moaned from where he lay on the mat.


“Get up, Paris!” Chakotay motioned with his gloved fists.  “We’re not done yet!”


“I’m done.”  He held his ribs as he got up.  “Find someone else to kill.”


“Get back here!”


“No.” Tom crawled out through the ropes.  “Throw me in the brig if you want, I can’t do this anymore.”


“You afraid, Paris?”  Leaning on the top rope, Chakotay spit out his mouthpiece.


“Damn straight.”  He stopped by the door. “Why don’t you take it out on the guy you really want to beat up?”


After the other man left, Chakotay stripped and stepped into the gym’s showers.  Letting the hot water soothe his tired muscles, he thought about what Tom had said.  It was true; he had been rough on his sparring partners lately.  The Doctor had complained over the number of cracked ribs and broken noses he’d had to repair.  The one man he wanted to pound wasn’t even a man.  How could he fight a man who wasn’t here?  The absurdity struck him suddenly.  He was bathing in holographic water, so why couldn’t he beat up a holographic man?



The next evening Chakotay went to the holodeck after his shift ended.  “Computer, display Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan.”  Circling the hologram, he took a visual accounting.  Not as tall, not as heavy, definitely not as muscled.  He could take him even on a bad day.  Except, of course, holograms couldn’t be hit if they didn’t want to be or hurt.  And this one could tell the Captain he’d been used as a punching bag.  Unless... you changed the parameters.




“Here now, wait a minute!”


“Quit ducking, you coward!” Chakotay pinned Sullivan into the corner of the ring with a flurry of punches.


“Ouch, stop it!”


Dancing back, he easily avoided the hologram’s clumsy swings. “Here I thought you Irish were decent fighters.” He taunted.


“You bloody savage!  I’ll – “ Sullivan dropped to the mat, blood spurting out of his nose.  “Me nose, oh sweet Mary, you broke me nose!”


Standing over him, Chakotay smiled.  This was even more fun than he’d thought.  “Come on coward, on your feet.”


Boothby shook his head. “Where’d you get this tomato can?”





“You’re awfully chipper this morning, Commander.”


“I had a good night’s sleep, Captain.” Chakotay smiled at her as he sat down in his command chair.


Kathryn looked him over carefully.  The dark eyes sparkled and he was smiling, giving her a full view of his dimples.  “What are you up to?”


“Me?” He tried his best to look innocent.


“You.  If I didn’t know better... I’ve seen that look on Tom’s face too often.  You are up to something.”


If only you knew.  “I’ve been working through some issues lately and I’ve finally gotten past them.”


“Issues?  The last report from Starfleet?”  She touched his hand. “I’ve told you not to let that bother you.”


“And I’m trying.  I know you see us as one crew.  Not Maquis and Starfleet.”


“Well, to tell you the truth...” Glancing around, she leaned toward him and whispered. “I may always see you as a Maquis Warrior.”


He laughed drawing a raised eyebrow from Tuvok.




By the end of their shift, Kathryn felt like she’d stepped back in time.  Chakotay had a smile on his face all day. A slight tugging at the corner of his mouth that pulled into a full smile whenever their eyes met.  He flirted and teased with her as he had in the days before their division over the Equinox.


They ate lunch in her ready room, something they hadn’t done in months, even going so far as to indulge in a bowl of shared ice cream.  Technically, it had been her bowl of ice cream, but the black velvet eyes had followed the spoon from the bowl to her mouth until she’d offered him a bite.  The sensual thrill of feeding him had been almost more than she could stand.  He’d taken only half of the last spoonful, insisting she finish it since it was her ice cream after all.  Eating from the same spoon had been an erotic experience, but taking the ice cream left on the spoon after he’d had it in his mouth reminded her that it had been entirely too long since she’d been with a man.


Very carefully, she put the clean spoon in the bowl and the bowl on the table. Turning back to Chakotay she watched as he licked a bit of caramel sauce from his lips.  Her hand found its way to his chest.  She could feel the heat of his skin through the layers of his shirt and jacket, his heart pounding under her fingers.  What would he taste like?  Leaning forward her lips hovered over his.


“Tuvok to Captain Janeway.”


She jumped back like a guilty teenager.  “Janeway here.”


“The Pathfinder transmission will be coming through in approximately fifteen minutes, Captain.”


“Thank you, Tuvok.  Janeway out.” Chakotay was too close, his breath hot on her neck.  What was the penalty for raping your first officer?  What was she thinking?  With the hand that still rested on his chest, she pushed him back gently but firmly.  Judging from the heat in his eyes, it wouldn’t have been rape.


“We better go.”  His voice was soft and husky.


“Yes.”  Leading the way out of the ready room, she wondered if the Doctor was right.  Maybe she should take a holographic lover.  Maybe she should go to Fair Haven tonight.




“What the hell were they thinking?”


“Are they crazy?  We’re 30,000 light years from the Alpha quadrant!”


“What’s next?  Throwing us in the brig?”


“Enough!” Captain Janeway’s voice cracked over the angry voices.  “We’re going to discuss this in a reasonable manner.”


“You’re asking me to be reasonable?  How can we be reasonable – “


“B’Elanna!” Chakotay slapped his hand down on the table startling the room into silence.


“We will discuss the orders reasonably.”  The Captain stressed.  “We will not implement the orders.”  She looked around the briefing room at her senior staff.  A staff she had been ordered to divide.  “Starfleet has made this decision, however, I cannot in good conscience abide by it.”  Walking around the table, she placed her hand on Chakotay’s shoulder.  “Who knows, B’Elanna, I may be the one who ends up in the brig when we get home.”


Laughter rippled around the table.  Tuvok lifted an eyebrow.  “You realize, Captain, that Starfleet may stop their monthly transmissions to us if you fail to follow their orders.”


“I don’t believe they’ll go that far.”


“Knowing Starfleet, they won’t want to pass up the opportunity to chew you out every month.”  Tom smirked, the old bitter tone back in his words.  “I’m sure my father will look forward to it.”


Poor Tom.  The only communication he’d had from his father had included a long list of disappointments and failures that included Tom’s relationship with B’Elanna. “We wouldn’t want to disappoint him, now would we, Tom?”  She winked at him.


“No, ma’am!”


“I’m not about to demote key members of my crew just because someone has a burr under their saddle over the Maquis.”  She shook her head.  “Make sure everyone is aware that this one time when Starfleet rules don’t apply.  Dismissed.”


They filed out slowly. Chakotay lingered behind until the others left.  “Captain, with your permission, I’d like to take the rest of the afternoon off.”


“Of course.”  It had been hardest on him to have the Admiral order him away from her side not even allowing him to hear the orders that followed.  “Chakotay, I need you by my side and not just because of what it would do to the crew.  I need you.”


“Do you?”  His voice was velvety soft. “Do you need me, Kathryn?”


She colored under the double meaning in his question.  “Of course I need you.  You’re not just my first officer.  You’re my best friend.”


The dark eyes went blank as if a force field had snapped down.  “Understood, Captain.”


He was gone before she could call him back.  “Damn.”  She hadn’t meant to hurt him.  There were still some rules they had to follow.  Hopefully, he’d find peace in one of his visions.





When I left my home

And my family,

I was no more than a boy

In the company of strangers

In the quiet of the railway station,

Running scared,

Laying low,

Seeking out the poorer quarters

Where the ragged people go,

Looking for the places

Only they would know.


Sweat dripped into his eyes as he stood over Michael Sullivan’s prone body.  “Get up!  Come on, get up!”


Rolling away from the booted foot nudging him in the ribs, the hologram curled into a ball.  “I think you broke my ribs.”


“Maybe if you protected them instead of your pretty face.” Chakotay taunted the fallen man.


“Like you haven’t already broken my nose?  I’ll have you know I have a date with my Katie this evening and I’d like two clear eyes to see her with!” Sullivan smiled as he saw Chakotay stiffen.  “Ah, so that’s how it is, you’re sweet on my Katie, aren’t ye?”


“She’s not your Katie.  You’re not real!  She’s a flesh and blood woman!”


“Ah, that she is.”  He climbed to his feet.  “Tonight I may finally get more than a kiss from her if you know what I’m saying.”


“Oh, I know what you’re saying.” Chakotay unloaded a punch to the hologram’s jaw sending him back to his knees.  “But I wouldn’t count on it.”  His left fist crashed into the other man’s face.




After his shower, Chakotay found Sullivan still laying moaning on the mat.  “Computer, open file for Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan and make the following changes.”


Thirty minutes later Chakotay ended the program and walked back to his quarters.  If Kathryn wanted to have sex with her Irishman, she was going to be in for a surprise.  He’d been surprised to find that after making a few changes to the character, she’d locked herself out of accessing the file.  That made it a lot easier to cover his own tracks.  She’d added an education, made him taller, and deleted the wife.  Not the most romantic changes to be sure.


Neither were his.  He’d made sure that Sullivan’s education included the biased American historical studies of the time, including a course on the views on Indians.  He’d included the sexual mores and general close mindedness of the time.  Let her see how quaint people really were in the beginning of the twentieth century.


Settling down on his sofa with a mug of tea and a book, Chakotay snickered to himself.  She’d find out the physical changes weren’t very romantic, either.





“Michael!  My God, what happened to your face?”


“Ah, it was nothing, Katie.  A wee brawl that got out of hand.”


“A wee brawl?” Kathryn looked at Michael’s face.  Both eyes were black and blue and his nose was swollen so badly it must be broken.


“Don’t worry, sweetheart.  They didn’t hurt anything important.”  He hugged her to him, wincing at the pain in his ribs.


“Next time just let them fight it out.”


“Furniture’s expensive, better my skin than my profits.”


“Poor thing.”  Maybe she should adjust his program – damn she’d locked herself out.  “Tom!”  She hollered at the younger man.


“Yes, ma’am?”  Putting down his beer, he walked over to her.


“Can you, uh, fix him?”


“Fix him?”  He looked over Sullivan’s battered face.  “Uh, Captain, he broke up a fight.  Half the town saw it.  If I make it go away...”  He shrugged.


“You’re right, it does destroy the realism.  Never mind, Tom.”


“Sorry, Captain.”  Going back to his table, Tom hid his laughter in another drink.  He had the computer set to alert him to any change in Fair Haven or it’s characters.  He’d seen Chakotay’s changes immediately.  And wished he’d thought of them.


“I can’t believe she bought that.”  B’Elanna told him.


“Hey, she wants realism.”


“I can’t believe Chakotay did that much damage.”


“I can.”  Tom remembered their last bout and his subsequent visit to Sickbay.  “From what I can tell, he’s not using the headgear or mouthpiece.   Zero protection.  Maximum damage.”


“Well, he is just a hologram after all.”  She grinned.  “And Chakotay did seem a lot happier today.”


“If the other changes work out – he may be even happier.”




“Ah, Katie darlin’, you’re so lovely.”


Lying back on the bed, Kathryn held Michael’s head to her breasts.  His hand was pulling her panties down.  Now this was what she needed.


“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ve taken care of everything.”  He was fumbling with his own pants.  “Don’t you worry a bit.”


What would she have to worry about?  She rose up as she heard the crinkle of paper. “What is that?”


“It’s a ‘Widow’s Secret’.”  He held up something for her to see.  “That way my boys don’t get loose and make anything we’re not ready for.”


A condom?  Oh dear Lord.  “Are you sure we – “


“Don’t worry, sweetie.  It’s my sin not yours.  I’ll do penance later.”  He pushed her legs apart.


Okay... she’d forgotten about the Catholic attitudes of the time.  At least it wouldn’t be messy this way.  She raised her hips as his finger pushed into her.  Did holograms come?


“Oh, God yes!”  Michael lunged forward and collapsed onto her.


Obviously they could.  “Michael.”  She sighed.  “It’s okay.”


“Okay?  It was wonderful!”  He rolled off of her and went into the small bathroom.


“Wonderful?”  That was stretching it a bit.


“I know it was a bit hurried, Katie.”


She smiled.  Of course, it wouldn’t do to tramp on his male ego.  No doubt he’d just been over excited.  “We’ll take things a little more slowly next time.”  Kathryn held her arms out to him.


“Of course, darlin’.  Now let’s go have a pint.”  He walked out of the room without waiting for an answer.





How dare he look so damn happy?  Kathryn glared at Chakotay.  He was entirely too damn happy these days.  He laughed and smiled, his eyes had that flash she hadn’t seen in ages.  She, on the other hand, was miserable.


“Captain?  Is something wrong?”


“No, Commander, not a thing.  I’ll be in my ready room.”  Once inside, she threw herself on the sofa in frustration.  The last month had proven to be one disappointment after another.  Michael’s ‘accident’ the first time they had sex had proven to be no accident.  He either didn’t last more than two or three strokes or he came before he could put it in.  Not that it made a lot of difference.  Just when she’d been going to suggest he skip using his finger and go right to the real thing, she’d seen him completely naked for the first time.  Whoever said size didn’t matter had never seen Michael Sullivan.


Even worse was his attitude when she brought up the subject of control and technique.  You’d have thought she asked him to piss in the holy water. She’d received a stern lecture on how good women didn’t enjoy sex; it was only to please the man.  There was no such thing as female satisfaction and it was a sin to do anything but the missionary position.  Then he’d kissed her and thanked her for her sacrifice in giving herself to him.


Sacrifice?  He had no idea!  She sat down everyday next to a man who fairly oozed sex appeal and male virility.  And damn if Chakotay wasn’t looking trimmer and leaner than she’d ever seen him.  He was every inch the Maquis Warrior. Voyager’s female crewmembers were beating a path to his office on a daily basis.  Lately it seemed as if testosterone was dripping off of him.  I’ll bet Chakotay doesn’t have a problem with control or technique – or believe that women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex.  She sighed again.  It probably just seemed that way because she was so sexually frustrated. 


“Computer, open parameters for Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan.”


“Access denied.”


Was it her imagination or did the computer sound smug?  She’d forgotten she’d locked herself out.  And she couldn’t very well ask someone else to fix him for her.  Wouldn’t Tom love to get that request?  Maybe she should design her own hologram....



“Let’s see... tall.  He has to be tall.  Computer, make character six foot six.”  Oh wait, that was too tall.  After several modifications Kathryn had the image just the right height.  She had to tip her head up but not too far and when she laid her hand on his chest it was right over his heart.


She walked around the holocharacter for a minute studying the grid lines on the holodeck floor as she thought.  “Computer change hair color to red.”  Ugh.  “Blond.”  No, too Tom Paris.  “Black.”  Oh, that was nice.


“Skin tone... hmm...” Kathryn didn’t like her own pale skin.  “Computer make skin tanned – all over with no tan lines.”  A few more adjustments and he was a nice bronzed color.  “Eyes, brown.  Yes, definitely brown.”  She was making the cheekbones higher when she realized what she was doing.  “Oh, good Lord!”


“Please restate the instruction.”


“Shut up!  Computer, delete character.”  She’d been recreating Chakotay.  If she wanted to go that route, she could just get his file from Tuvok’s security files.  And have to explain it to him when she got caught.  She stalked out of the holodeck.





“Your young friend seems to be enjoying his birthday.”


“I think Maggie dancing with him has something to do with that, Michael.”  Kathryn clapped her hands in rhythm to the music.  Lieutenant Locke was smiling and laughing as he danced with Maggie.


Michael winced as he leaned down to get some clean glasses.


“What happened this time?”  He was always banged up and bruised lately.


“I fell down the back stairs, can you believe it?  Been down those stairs a thousand times.”  He pulled her to him.  “How about we go upstairs for a minute, Katie dear?”


Huh, a minute was about all it would take.  “I’m enjoying the music.”


“Oh, well, we can go into the back room.  Then you can listen to the music, too.”  He rubbed up against her.  “What do you say, Katie girl?”


“No.”  Walking away, Kathryn went to the table where Chakotay sat with Tom, B’Elanna, and Harry.  “May I join you?”


“Have a seat.”  Chakotay patted the empty chair next to him.


“I’m glad you came tonight.”  He looked especially handsome in the homespun clothes.


“Me too.”  He laid his arm across the back of her chair.


“Are you sure you want to sit with us, Captain?”  B’Elanna leaned forward to be heard over the music.  “We’re the oddballs around here.”


“Oddballs?” Kathryn frowned.  “I don’t understand.”


“Well, it seems I’m pretty enough – but too bad about the accident.  Harry here?”  She patted him on the arm.  “He’s had plenty of people ask when he’s going to open his laundry.”


“You’re kidding me!  They shouldn’t be able to tell we’re any different.”  She looked at Harry.  He shrugged.


“You’re forgetting, Kathryn, that they found out we are different.” Chakotay reminded her.


“I did forget.”  How could she have forgotten the pain in his eyes when Michael had shown up on the bridge?


“Its just part of the times, Captain.  Part of the charm.”  Tom patted her hand.  “I’m sure Chakotay thought it was cute when Mrs. O’Hara pulled her children away from him.”


“What?”  She looked at Chakotay.  He was studying the bottom of his beer glass.  “She pulled her children away?  From Chakotay?”  That had to have hurt him, he loved children.  Her hand went to the back of his neck, caressing the soft raven hair and rubbing at the tense muscles.


“I’m sure that ‘heathen’ comment was just part of the programming.  Or was it ‘painted heathen’?”  Tom jumped as B’Elanna elbowed him in the ribs.


“That’s enough, Mr. Paris.”  Kathryn glared at Tom.  There was no need for him to pour salt in the wounds. The muscles under her hand had tightened back up.


B’Elanna nudged Tom under the table.  Nodding, he thumbed a control on the small PADD he had in his vest pocket.


The musicians finished the fast jig they’d been playing and started a slower tune.  Tom stood and bowed over B’Elanna’s hand.  “Dance milady?”


“I’d be honored.”  She smiled up at him.


“Hey, Big Guy, maybe the lady would like to dance, too.” Tom winked at Chakotay.


Shaking her head at Tom’s matchmaking, Kathryn stood.  “What do you say, Chakotay, dance with me?”


“Thought you’d never ask.”  He led her to the dance floor.


They started out a respectable distance apart.  His free hand on her waist and her free hand on his shoulder.  As they turned around the floor they slowly drew closer until their bodies rubbed together as they swayed to the music.  His hand had slid down onto the small of her back just above the swell of her buttocks and hers had crept up around his neck.  Their joined hands were resting over his heart next to her head.  His face rested against her auburn hair.  Neither noticed the song had continued far longer than it should have.


“Look at them, Tom, you’re a genius!”  B’Elanna hugged him.


“I’m just a hopeless romantic, my sweet.”  He pulled B’Elanna closer, his thigh sliding between hers.  His teeth nipped at her neck painfully, sending a shudder through her.


“You and me, fly boy – out back now!”  She growled.


“Against the wall or on the ground?”  Tom pulled her toward the door.


“We’ll wrestle for it.”


With every move Kathryn could feel a tantalizing hardness rubbing her belly.  Pulling her hand free, she slid it down Chakotay’s chest to his waist then around to the small of his back.  Holding him closer, she could feel the heat practically throbbing against her belly.  Both his hands splayed across her lower back pulling her astraddle a muscular thigh.  The friction sent fire spraying through her body.


He was nuzzling her hair, breathing hot love words into her ear when a hand on his shoulder pulled him away from her warmth.


“Get away from her, you savage!”  Michael pushed him off the dance floor.  “Aren’t your kind supposed to be locked up on some reservation?”


“Michael!” Kathryn’s mouth dropped open in shock.


“And you’re what she needs?  The civilized man?” Chakotay was aware of the large circle clearing around them.


“Aye, at least I won’t drag her out into the wilderness to live like a squaw!”  There were gasps from the Voyager crewmembers.  He swung his fist at Chakotay.


Ducking under the wild swing, he caught Sullivan squarely on the jaw.  The hologram dropped like a sack of potatoes.


“Good God!  Watch out, he’ll scalp him next!”  A voice cried from the crowd.

“Heathen savage!”


Kathryn stood transfixed by the scene, staring at the unconscious man at her feet.  When she looked up, Chakotay was gone.  “Captain.”  Harry touched her shoulder.  “Let’s go.”  Looking around she saw the crew was leaving.


“Katie!  Katie, are you okay, darlin’?”  Michael staggered to his feet.  “Did he hurt you?”


“Dirty animal had his hands all over her!”  Seamus clucked his tongue.  “Poor thing.”


“My poor dove, don’t worry.  I still love you.  He didn’t soil you – “


“You pompous ass!”  Kathryn jerked her hands out of his grasp.  “He’s a wonderful, peaceful man!  You’re the savages!  Bigoted ignorant savages!”  Pushing past the gaping crowd, she rushed for the exit.


“Computer.”  Tom sighed.  “End program.”  Fair Haven shut down around them.


“We should have stayed by them.”  B’Elanna brushed at the tears on her cheeks.  “Protected them.”


“We couldn’t have anticipated this.  I knew he tweaked the program to make it more realistic.”  He shook his head.  “I’ll bet he didn’t count on it being like this.”


“No.”  They stood in the empty holodeck.  B’Elanna resting her head on Tom’s shoulder.


“You know... Remember the World War Two scenario the Hirogen ran us through?”


“Remember it?  I had a backache for days.”  She rubbed her belly where the holographic baby had been.


“The time period was very romantic.  Young men were going off to war.  Maybe we can get them together there.”  Tom’s mind was already spinning the storyline.  Men in uniform, women in soft dresses… “Computer, play some romantic music from the World War Two era.”  Soft music started up.


You must remember this,

A kiss is just a kiss.

A sigh is just a sigh.

The fundamental things apply

As time goes by.


 “Dance with me.  Tomorrow I go to war and may die fighting covered in the enemy’s blood.”  Tom placed a hand dramatically over his heart.


“I love it when you talk dirty.” B’Elanna grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled his head down to hers.





It took Kathryn some time to find Chakotay.  She’d headed straight to his quarters only to find them empty.  His clothes were scattered over the bedroom floor, his combadge still pinned to the white shirt.  “Janeway to Torres.”


“Torres... here...”  B’Elanna’s voice was breathless.


“B’Elanna where would Chakotay go?  He’s not in his quarters.”


“I don’t know, Captain.”  There was whispering in the background.  “He could be in the other holodeck.  He boxes to work off energy.”


“Thanks, B’Elanna.” She walked quickly to the lift and tapped her foot impatiently until it stopped on deck 6.  Holodeck 1 had the privacy lock engaged and was running something called Casablanca.  Holodeck 2 was running Chakotay’s boxing program.


Stepping inside, she paused to let her eyes adjust to the dim lighting.



In the clearing stands a boxer,

And a fighter by his trade

And he carries the reminders

Of ev’ry glove that laid him down

And cut him till he cried out

In his anger and his shame,

“I am leaving, I am leaving.”

But the fighter still remains.



Chakotay was hitting a small black bag that was hanging at eye level.  His fists were a blur against the bag making a sound almost like a heartbeat.  He was shirtless; wearing only the gray shorts she’d seen him in once before.


Leaning against the edge of the boxing ring, she watched the light gleaming along his damp skin.  He was in fantastic shape, even better than he’d been during their encounter with the alien in Chaos space. Sleek and sweating, muscles rippling under his skin. 


“Why aren’t you next door taking care of Sullivan?”




He stepped away from the speed bag.  “You just stood there.”  Walking past her, he climbed into the ring.  “Stood there while he insulted me.”  His voice was angry.


“I was in shock.  I didn’t know what to say.”


“You could have defended me.”  Chakotay began moving around the ring snapping out punches at an invisible opponent.


Kathryn licked her lips watching the muscles sliding under his skin, the sweat running down the flat sculpted stomach and bulging biceps.  He was graceful and light on his feet, muscles in his thighs and calves carrying him effortlessly as he danced around the ring.  The raven hair hung down into his eyes covering the tattoo on his forehead.  The ache between her legs grew and spread through her as she imagined his bronzed and sweaty body moving against hers.


Picking up a towel from the stool next to the ring, she climbed in between the ropes.  He slowed and stopped as she approached him.  His chest was heaving, air billowing in and out from exertion.  “I told them all to go to hell.”  She began wiping the sweat off his face and neck.


“What about Sullivan?”


“Him too.  Him especially.”  She wiped the towel over his shoulders and down onto his chest.  “Told me he still loved me even though you’d ‘soiled’ me or some gothic crap.”


It was incredibly erotic standing in the center of the ring with Kathryn wiping the sweat from his body.  His nostrils flared, catching the scent of her perfume as she stepped closer.  The towel was on his stomach, the rough material sliding slowly across his sensitive skin. “Kathryn...”


“Chakotay.”  The tape on his hands scratched her cheek as he tipped her face up.


“Do you think I’m a savage?”


“Oh, yes...”  She breathed.  “God I hope so...”


His mouth came down on hers.  Not the gentle kiss of a lover, but the rough aggressive kiss of a male animal seeking his mate.  He sank to his knees bringing Kathryn down with him.  Pressing her down onto her back he pushed her skirts and petticoats up and tore her panties away.  Testing her with his fingers, he found her wet and ready for him.  Pulling his shorts down, he knelt between her thighs.  “Look at me.” He growled.


When she raised up, he guided her hand to him.  Large and thick, Chakotay was much more than Michael Sullivan ever was.  Lying back down again, she spread her legs in silent invitation pulling her knees up to open herself to him.


Moving between her parted thighs, Chakotay plunged inside of her in one stroke, drawing a gasp from her.  He was slick and sweaty enough to ease the way, but six years of no sex gave her a few moments of discomfort.  A laugh bubbled up from inside of her.  Michael didn’t count.  It has to last for more than a minute for God’s sake!


Her dress tore under his hands but the corset defied him.  “Computer, I need a knife.”


“Specify type.”


“Bowie.”  It shimmered into existence beside them.


Kathryn watched fascinated as the glittering silver blade slid between her breasts.  The cool metal on her skin making her shiver.  A sudden jerk of his hand and the corset parted neatly down the center exposing her breasts.  He squeezed and caressed the creamy white mounds, suckling greedily at the rosy nipples as he thrust himself into her body.


She was being crushed, pounded into the mat – God it was wonderful!  Shards of pleasure streamed through her. Chakotay was growling and panting, his sweaty body grinding into hers.  Her combadge translated the love and sex words from his native language as he told her explicitly all the things he was feeling.  All the things he was going to do to her.  His taped hands scratched her sensitive nipples.  Kathryn had a sudden image of him as the townspeople had painted him.  A savage warrior taking her.  Her orgasm caught her off guard, the mental image sending her over the edge.  Shudders tore through her, leaving her gasping and limp.


He continued pounding into her relentlessly, his stamina not nearly tapped.  Part of him tried to slow down, knowing he was being too rough, but he was too angry and frustrated to stop.  Hooking his elbows under her thighs, he rose up on his knees above her.  Looking down on her, his sweat glistened on her breasts and belly, the pleasure on her face, and the cries she was making as her inner walls clenched around him as she came again and again.  His climax was upon him then, driving him on in a primitive urge to plant his seed within her womb.


Watching the ecstasy on his face, Kathryn smiled at how magnificent he was.  Sweaty, bronzed, and muscled in the dim light.  A savage, her savage.  Holding him as he collapsed onto her, she cradled him, stroking his back and soothing him.  Offering her protection while his strength was gone.


“I’m sorry I was so rough.” Panting into her neck, his heart still pounding. Chakotay felt a twinge of guilt at using her so roughly.


“Don’t be.  I loved it.”  She kissed the side of his face.  “There’s a scandalous family tale about Colleen Maclain.  She was captured by Indians – 1700's I think – they rescued her, only she didn’t want to come back.  One day this Indian rode up on his pony and off she went. I never understood why she’d want to leave civilization to go live with someone like that.”


“Some primitive savage?”  His breath was hot on her neck.


“Exactly.”  She kissed his face again.  Now I understand.  Next family reunion I’m defending her to Aunt Maggie”


Chakotay shook against her as he laughed.  “You think it was the sex?”


“Oh, yes, I know so.”  Her arms tightened around him.  “Could be she loved him, too.”


“I think he loved her to come for her.”  He nuzzled her neck.


“What the hell are you doing!”


Chakotay’s head snapped up at the voice.  “Boothby?”


The old man glared at him from outside the ring.  “You’re weakening your legs!”


“Computer, remove characters from program.”  The old man shimmered away. “He’s right.  I can’t even get up.”


“Good.”  Kissing his soft lips, Kathryn traced her tongue along the fullness of his bottom lip as she’d longed to do for ages.  “I love you, Chakotay.”


“I love you, too, Kathryn.”




Later, as they lay in her bed, Kathryn watched him as he slept.  Chakotay was sprawled on his stomach, head cushioned on her breasts.  The sheet was just barely covering his hips giving her a glimpse of the dimples in his lower back.  She hadn’t had a chance to kiss those dimples yet, but fully intended to take the first opportunity to do so.  Brushing the dark hair back from his forehead, she let her fingers trace the lines of his tattoo.  Since the first day she’d met him her fingers had itched to touch the dark lines curving over his eye.


Chakotay was a surprisingly aggressive man in bed, almost as if holding back all this time had left him without control once he’d actually gotten his hands on her.  After they’d gotten up from the mat, he’d led her to the gym’s showers to clean up.  One moment she’d been happily soaping his chest and the next he had her pinned to the tile wall.  No foreplay, no seduction.  He’d buried himself to the hilt inside of her, his tongue taking her mouth with the same ferocity as his body was taking hers.  Not that she minded.  After Michael’s weak attempts, she needed to be fucked.  Love could come later.


Stirring against her, Chakotay nuzzled his face against her breasts.  Sighing softly, he settled deeper into sleep.  No doubt he was tired.  He’d given her his robe to cover up the fact that her dress was torn as they walked back to their quarters.  He’d kept his hands to himself in the turbo lift, carefully leaning on the back wall.  His eyes had been hot and hungry staring at her until she wished the trip were longer.


They had barely made it inside her quarters before he pulled her to him for a kiss that made her bones melt.  Somehow her clothes had magically disappeared and she’d found herself lying across the table.  He’d told her that he’d wanted her this way every time they had dinner.  She’d had to confess she’d fantasized more than once about climbing onto his lap during dinner.  If it were possible to die from pleasure – she should be dead by now.  He’d had her screaming and whimpering before he was done.  His big hand on her belly had held her down while she begged him to stop and begged him for more.  When she’d finally felt his seed pumping into her, she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed.  She did know she’d never be able to eat dinner on that table again.


There were scratches on his back.  When did those get there?  Here she was thinking she’d be the one with marks on her and Chakotay had scratch marks scored down his back in several places. She’d never been one to scratch.  A soft laugh escaped her.  She hadn’t been noisy either.  Never more than the occasional moan or whimper had ever crossed her lips before.  Well, it was his own fault.  It started out innocently enough.  He’d been gently washing the stickiness from her thighs.  One soft kiss to the swollen nub had led to an all out assault.  By the time he’d moved on top of her to seek his own climax, she’d been absolutely crazy as her body spasmed with orgasm after orgasm.


“Janeway to Sickbay.”


“Sickbay here, Captain, is something wrong?”  The Doctor was surprised by her call.  The Captain never voluntarily called him. “Is someone holding a phaser to your head?”


“I need a dermal regenerator beamed to my quarters.”


“Are you injured?  It’s customary for the patient to actually come see the Doctor before being treated.”


“I’m not injured, Doctor.  Just beam a dermal regenerator to me. Now.” Nosy hologram.


“Yes, ma’am.  Far be it for me to question your medical judgment.  Doctor out.”


The medical instrument materialized next to her.  Switching it on, she ran it over the red marks on Chakotay’s back and shoulders.  There was a small bite mark on his shoulder as well.  When had she done that?  There was a shadow of a bruise on his jaw.  Surely she hadn’t done that?  From the looks of things she better keep the regenerator, they were as bad as Tom and B’Elanna.  Touching her fingers to her lips, she placed the kiss gently on the purple mark.  “I’m sorry.”


“You didn’t do that, Sullivan did.”  His breath was warm against her skin.  “He clipped me before I put him down.”


“I didn’t realize.”  The bruise faded under the glow of the regenerator.  “It was such a nice place.  It took awhile to realize how narrow minded they are.”


“I would have thought you’d figured that out when they wanted to burn Tom and Harry at the stake.”


“It’s not nice to point out your Captain’s mistakes.”  Kathryn tossed the regenerator on the bedside table.


He rose up to kiss her. “Forgive me?”


“Don’t I always?”  He moved back up over her, his weight settling between her thighs once again.  Chakotay’s tongue played with hers, drawing a moan from her.  His fingers were rubbing the swollen bud, starting the firestorm inside her again.


“Look at me.”  His dark eyes held hers as he stroked his fingers inside of her.


Kathryn had discovered that eye contact was important to Chakotay.  He liked to make the connection with her.  “I love your eyes...”  She arched up under him.  “Black velvet... chocolate... obsidian...”


He laughed softly against her mouth.  “I had no idea you’d noticed.”


“Oh, I noticed.  That first day you were giving Tom a look that should have made him burst into flame.  Then you looked down at me.”  She raised her hand to his face.  “I thought I’d burst into flame.”


“Both of us would have gone up.  Your hand on my chest was burning a hole straight through me.  And every time after that.”  He lowered his head to nip at her neck. “I live for your touch.”


Her fingers tangled in his soft hair, tugging his face back up.  “I’ve been wanting to do this.”  Her tongue traced the lines of his tattoo causing him to buck against her. Holding his head still, Kathryn forced Chakotay to submit to a very thorough tasting of the tribal symbol.


Finally he was able to break free and sat back on his heels.  “Roll over.  I want you on your knees.”


“Wanting to fuck the Captain?” She laughed at his surprised look.


“I hadn’t thought of that... not that I haven’t had those fantasies, too.”  He smiled slowly.  “We’d have to be in uniform for that one and preferably in your ready room.”


“Commander, shame on you!  How often have you had these fantasies?”


“Every time you say ‘Commander, please come to my ready room’.”  He guided her down onto her hands and knees. “This is the best position for a woman, you know.”


“In whose opinion?”  In her experience, it had seemed to be a male power trip the way it was for her when she got on top.  Something else she intended to do at the first opportunity.  Maybe later in the bathtub.  One of Chakotay’s hands was on her hip holding her to him while the other rubbed his hardness against her wet opening.


“A book I read on Risa.”  He pushed into her slowly.  “On your back, I come in at an angle.”  Pulling out, he slowly slid back. “From behind, I come into you straight on.  More stimulation for this little jewel.”  One arm wrapped around her hips, his fingers rubbing the cluster of nerves between her legs.  “Deeper penetration is possible.”  The next thrust proved that was true.  She pushed back against him, taking as much of him as she could.  “We both get better leverage.”  He gasped out. “You get your woman’s pleasure.”  His fingers wound into her hair pulling her head back.  “And I get the male satisfaction of fucking the hell out of you.”  He began thrusting hard into her.


Pushing back to meet him, Kathryn exploded inside, clamping down on his hardness.  Her arms buckled under the strain of meeting his movements.  He was too strong for her.  Her head sank down onto the bed, her fingers clutching the sheets as he rode her back up the insane heights to another massive orgasm.  His fingers were teasing her mercilessly as he pumped in and out of her, not letting her rest.  Her legs started to fold under her, but his hands clamped on her hips kept her upright.  “Please, Chakotay, please...  I’m dying... no more...”


“No, not yet!”  His voice matched his movements, desperate and hungry.


Whimpering, she lay under him as he pounded into her.  He was right; she’d never had such pleasure in bed before.  Too bad she was going to die of it.  “I love you.” She whispered to him.


The pace changed, becoming jerky and off rhythm as he allowed himself to come.  Lunging into her one last time, he emptied himself into her.  Falling over her, he carefully rolled them so they lay on their sides, cradling her against him.


Holding on to his arms, Kathryn felt tears flowing down her cheeks.  He’d made love to her as if he thought this was his only chance.  “Chakotay, I don’t want this to end.”


“I don’t either.”  He closed his eyes at the pain in his heart.  Here comes the lecture on protocol.  I love you, you’re a good lay, now let’s pretend it never happened.  Small comfort that she’d never go back to Michael Sullivan again.


“Chakotay? Are you asleep?” Kathryn twisted around to look into his face. “Where were you?”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”


“I said we need to keep a low profile.”  She smiled.  “The ready room is off limits. Unless we’re on the holodeck.”


“Low profile?”  His heart froze in his chest. “You want to – you – “ He couldn’t get the words out.


“Did you think I was going to throw you out and pretend this never happened?”


“Yes.”  He buried his face in her hair hiding the tears that burned his eyes.


“Are you kidding me?  You think I’d be able to forget what you just did to me?”  Rolling over in his arms, Kathryn wiped the dampness from his eyes.  “If you think I’d do something like this and then change my mind, you don’t know me very well after all.”


“I didn’t exactly give you a choice on the holodeck.”


“I could have said ‘no’.”  She put her fingers over his lips to stop his words.  “And you would have stopped.  I do know you that well.”  She snuggled back down into his arms.


“So we maintain things as is outside our quarters?”


“Exactly.” Kathryn smiled at the thought of having her cake and eating it, too.  “What we do in the privacy of our own quarters is no one’s business.”


“You should have thought of that before you rubbed all over me on the dance floor.”


“Oh, my God!”  He laughed as she pulled the sheets up over her head.





“I don’t know why you mess with this guy.  He’s not in your class.”  Boothby rubbed Chakotay’s shoulders, warming up the muscles.  “You could break your hand on this bum’s face.  At least put on your headgear, he could get in a lucky shot.”


“He was trying to steal my woman.”


“Drop him like a bad habit, son.”  The old man patted him on the back.


“Come on Sullivan, we’ve got to settle up for last night.”  Chakotay walked out to the center of the ring.


“Aye, you’ll not be putting your filthy hands on my Katie again.”  Sullivan struck an exaggerated boxing stance.  “I’ve been studying the Marquis of Queensbury rules.”


“Really?” Chakotay rabbit punched him, making the man’s head snap back. “Was that in the book?  How about this?”  He punched him in the stomach after the hologram’s hands went up to protect his face.


“Heathen!”  Staggering back, he clutched at the top rope.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  Boothby called from Chakotay’s corner.


“Jealous, you drunken Mick?” Chakotay had done a little research of his own.


“Jealous?  Of a savage?  I’m concerned for Katie’s safety – what things you might do to her.”


“Like making her scream and beg?”  He taunted with a combination into the hologram’s exposed gut.


“My God!  What did you do to her?”


“I tortured her.  Sweet.  Exquisite.  Torture.” He said the words salaciously.


“Torture!  Oh, my poor girl!”  Chakotay danced just out of reach of his swinging fists.


“I made her come over and over.”  He grinned at the memory.  “Had her moaning and whimpering under me in bed all night.”


“Animal!  Bloody animal – “ The air rushed out as he ran into the Indian’s fists.  “You raped her!”


“Oh, no, it wasn’t rape.”  He laughed. “She was begging for more.”


“The devil you say!  A good woman does her duty and no more!”  Sullivan rushed at him.


“Her duty?”  Chakotay stopped in surprise, allowing the hologram to slip a punch into his ribs.


“Sloppy, son, sloppy!”  Boothby yelled at him.  “Even a bum can get lucky!”


“That’s right.  A good woman doesn’t behave in such a manner and everyone knows women climaxing is a myth.”


“Yeah, right.” Chakotay laughed again.  “I’ve got claw marks to prove otherwise.”  He turned briefly to give Sullivan a glimpse of the red scratch marks on his back and shoulders.  He’d gotten those this morning when he’d held Kathryn down to take her with his mouth and tongue.


“You savage!  She was fighting – “ He went down under a flurry of punches.


“I wouldn’t call him that, either.  He’s just a little touchy on the subject.”  Boothby looked up as Tom Paris came in.  Tom held a finger to his lips.


“Get up, Sullivan.  The only fighting she was doing was when I tried to take my face out of her pussy.”


Tom’s eyebrows shot up.  Was Chakotay just trying to make Sullivan angry? If he wasn’t, he going to be paying out a ton of rations. Ouch!


“You’ve drug her into sin with your pagan ways!”  Launching himself at Chakotay, he wrapped his arms around him in a bear hug.


“What’s ‘pagan’ is to think a woman doesn’t deserve any satisfaction.” He punished the other man’s ribs and kidneys until he let go and stumbled back.  “Of course, if you can’t last long enough to get it in...”


“Did Katie talk to ye?”  His eyes narrowed suspiciously.  “What do you know?”


“I know a man isn’t a man if he can’t satisfy a woman.  Computer, remove the changes I made to Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan.”


“Me winkie has grown! Good Lord!”


“Don’t get too excited, Mick, I’ve still got you beat.” Chakotay leaned back on the ropes watching Sullivan pull his shorts out to look at his suddenly larger penis.  “Computer, for a human couple, what is the average length of time for sexual intercourse?”


“Average time of intercourse is 15.3 standard minutes according to Starfleet medical texts.”


“15 minutes?”  Sullivan let the waistband of his shorts snap back into place.  “That’s forever!  Good God, what I could have done to her!”


“That’s your problem, you would have fucked her – not made love to her.”  Growling, he advanced on the Irishman.


“What else are women for?  Katie is a sweetheart, but fucking is for a man.  15 minutes of pumping her – “ Pain and fireworks exploded in his head.


“Good job!”  Tom clapped as Sullivan was lifted up off the mat with the force of Chakotay’s uppercut to his jaw.


“Show, nothing but show.”  Boothby shook his head.


“Are ye jealous, Indian, didn’t get your 15 minutes?”  Blood ran out of his mouth as he spat out a tooth.


“You don’t even want to know how long I can last with her – 15 minutes wouldn’t even cover the foreplay.”  He stood over the hologram, chest heaving angrily.  “I made her moan and sigh with pleasure – she cried out my name as I made her climax – again and again – I should make you watch!”


“Computer, delete Michael Sullivan.”  The hologram cowering at Chakotay’s feet vanished.


“Paris!” Chakotay whirled on the younger man.


“Enough, Chief, he’s only a hologram.”  Tom leaned on the top rope.  “Computer, delete Fair Haven programs and all characters.  Remove from main memory.  Program and characters are not to be used again.  Authorization Paris Zeta Charlie.”


“Deleting Fair Haven Program and characters from the database.”


“So, she scratches does she?”


“One word, Paris and you’re scrubbing the warp nacelles with your toothbrush.” Chakotay threatened. “From the outside.”


“I’m not going to say a word.  Don’t have to.  Half the ship saw you two doing the bump and grind on the dance floor last night.”  Grinning he stepped away as the other man got closer. “Add to that the computer logs show you two in the holodeck for an hour or so, and you called for a site to site beam out from her quarters at 0715 this morning.”


“Tom, if you scare her off...”


“Listen, Chakotay, I’m not going to say anything.  I remember how skittish B’Elanna was.  But if someone shows me proof to collect on the pool...” He shrugged.  “I have to pay off.”


“So who cashed in last night?”




“Harry?”  He shook his head. The ensign continually surprised him. “ I think he’s really a four hundred year old man in disguise sometimes.”


Tom laughed.  No need to mention that Harry was in on the fix and split the rations 50/50 with him and B’Elanna. “Looks like you need a new sparring partner.”


“You want to spar with me without getting into trouble first?”


“Hell no!”  Tom jumped down off the ring apron.  “I programmed someone new for you.  He’s got a real attitude – I figured you’d like that.”


“Bigger attitude than yours?”


“Oh, without a doubt.  Computer, add character Paris CC.”


A dark-skinned man appeared at the other end of the ring.  He began dancing and shuffling, snapping out jabs and punches.  “Come on, sucker!  Come on!  You afraid of me?”  He danced gracefully on his muscular legs. “I’m young and pretty, and cannot possibly be beaten!”


Boothby stepped over next to Tom as Chakotay went to the center of the ring.  “What’s that boy’s name?”  The old man frowned.  “He looks familiar.”


“Cassius Clay.” Tom smirked.


“Cassius – Chakotay no!”



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