Love In 60 Seconds

Maquis Leader



Author's note: This was a series of fics written in 60 seconds or less for the 60 Seconds contest.  My story didn’t want to stop, so I wound up with a series!



18:00 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


Kathryn walked into the transporter room and dropped her bag.


Chakotay looked up from sorting through his own bags and smiled. “Ready to go home?”


“Just about. One last thing to do.”


“Forget something?”


“Yes.” Sliding her arms around his neck, she kissed him.




18:01 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


The kiss was unexpected. Chakotay couldn’t breathe as Kathryn pressed her body against his.


Recovering his wits, he kissed back with the pent up passion of seven years.


 Tongues mating and caressing, they clung to each other.




18:02 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


Seven watched jealously as Kathryn kissed Chakotay. He was kissing her back just as eagerly.


Finally they broke apart.


“We can stay at my mother’s.” Kathryn kissed him lightly.


He nodded, a smile on his face.


“Until we can find a house of our own.” She whispered huskily into his ear.




18:03 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


“Chakotay is coming with me.”


“Sorry, Seven, I don’t think so.” Kathryn shook her head.


“The Commander and I are in a relationship.”


“I don’t care. I’ve spent too many years waiting to be with Chakotay.”


“You have waited too long.”


Kathryn smiled crookedly. “That’s where you’re wrong.”




18:04 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


Her hatchling, her adopted daughter. Kathryn’s eyes narrowed. Her enemy.  “Why Chakotay? Why not Harry?”


“A mature male is more likely to be careful of my feelings.” Seven told her.


“The Doctor told you he loves you. He’s mature.”


“He had no right to do that.” Seven turned to Chakotay. “You must choose.”




18:05 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


“Seven, I’m sorry. I never meant to mislead you.” Chakotay took her hands.


“But we kissed.”


“I’m truly sorry, but…” He glanced over his shoulder at Kathryn. “If there’s a chance that Kathryn and I can – I have to take it.”


“But – “


“And be honest, Seven, you don’t love me.”


“I – “ she dropped her gaze to their joined hands. “I do care for you, Chakotay, but I can see that – “ A smile flitted across her face. “Resistance is futile.”




18:06 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


Kathryn watched Seven fade away.


“Our own house?”


She turned to look at Chakotay. “With trees and sunshine so the angry warrior can live in peace.”


A smile dimpled his cheeks. “Angry warrior?”


“You are still my angry warrior, aren’t you?”


“Of course.” He pulled her close. “For now and always.”




18:07 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1



Ensign Barton looked at the transporter room ceiling, then the door, and finally the walls.  Anywhere but at where the Captain and Commander stood kissing.


The Commander had his hands dangerously close to the Captain’s bottom and whatever he was whispering in her ear was making her giggle.


Clamping his eyes firmly on the transporter controls, he desperately wished he was somewhere, anywhere but here.




18:08 Hours ~ Transporter Room 1


“Does your mother know I’m coming?”


“She told me if I didn’t bring you with me – not to bother coming home.” Kathryn swatted Chakotay on the back as he laughed. “My own mother!”


“She knows what’s best for you.” He dipped his head down to kiss her again. “And that’s me.”


“So true.” She sighed against his lips.



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