A Line In The Sand

By Maquis Leader




Rating: PG13

Author’s Note: This was originally written for the Picnic Prose contest using the picture to set the story.




“It could have happened to anyone.”


“It could.”


“A simple miscalculation.” Kathryn wiped sweat off her face. “These things happen.”


“They do.” Chakotay agreed.


“No one will be able to fault you.”


“I’m not taking the blame this time, Kathryn.” He shook his head. “You were the one flying.”


“Chakotay.” She stumbled in the shifting sand and grabbed his arm for support.


“Not this time.”








He stopped. Kathryn’s voice had dropped to that husky tone he couldn’t resist. “Kathryn, my reputation has already taken a hell of a beating.”


“Just this one time.” She laid a hand on his chest as she stepped into his personal space. “Please?”


“This is the fourth ‘one time’, Kathryn!” Damn it! She knows all the right buttons to push!  “The crew is getting scared to fly with me!”


“Please?” Kathryn smiled her crooked smile up at him.


“On one condition.”


“Name it.”


“Kiss me.”


“What?” She had expected replicator rations or a shift swap.


“I’ll take the blame – this one last time.” The black velvet eyes simmered with desire. “For a kiss.”


A kiss? How much trouble could it cause? “One kiss?”


“A real kiss, no peck on the cheek.” Chakotay smiled slightly. “A lover’s kiss.”


Her dry mouth had nothing to do with the heat and everything to do with the thought of finally kissing Chakotay. “One kiss. A real one. No tongue.”


“I’ll leave that up to you.”


Sliding her hands up his chest and over his broad shoulders, Kathryn tangled her fingers into the soft raven hair. Tentatively, she touched her lips to his.


“A lover’s kiss, Kathryn.” Chakotay pulled her to him, one hand cupping her bottom to hold her against him and the other cradling her head.


Breathlessly, she clung to him as his lips moved over hers, nibbling and licking as if she were a candy treat. Proof of his desire throbbed against her belly.


Chakotay grunted when her tongue pushed against his lips and he opened eagerly for her. His tongue dueled with hers until they were both gasping for air.


Kathryn slid her hands down his back to squeeze his ass and pull him tighter against her as he thrust a muscular thigh between her legs.


“No more.” Pushing her back a step, he gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the hum of his body. “Or I’ll have you down in the sand.”


Kathryn’s blue eyes were smoky with lust and desire, and she pressed against him once more. Her combadge chirped, making them jump. “Let’s save that for later.”


“Voyager to Captain Janeway.”


“Janeway here.”


“Stand by for transport, Captain.”


“Acknowledged, Janeway out.” She raised her fingertips to her lips as they vanished in the transporter beam.




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