Truth And Consequences

By Maquis Leader



Rated NC17

Author’s note: Set immediately after Shattered



“Kathryn! Temporal Prime Directive!”


“Come on, you can tell me something!”


Chakotay laughed, Kathryn was leaning forward chin in her hand, dying of curiosity. “You know I can’t tell you.”


“Technically, its in my past, so you can.”


Technically – I can’t.  Part of what I saw was in the future.”


“Really?” Now her curiosity was really piqued. “You saw a future timeline?”


“Or it will be the future.” He shook his head. “Or was the future. I hate temporal discussions.”


“You can’t tell me about the future.” She tugged her boots off, set them aside, and reclined on the sofa. “But about the past…”


“This isn’t a game, we’re not playing twenty questions.”


“Sure it is. I’ll ask you a question and you give me an answer.” She laughed. “And I win.”


He took a drink of his cider. Maybe it was the alcohol or the long night, but he was suddenly tired of her questions. “You want to play a game? You want to know, Kathryn?”




“Fine. I’ll answer your questions if you do something for me.”




“Let me touch you.”


“Touch me?” Laughing, she laid a hand on his arm. “You touch me all the time.”


“Not like I want to.”


Blue eyes wide, she fell back. “We – I can’t – no.”


“Goodnight then.” He stood up.


“Wait! Chakotay, you’re asking –“


“I’m asking to touch your face, to run my fingers through your hair.” Hurt was evident in the tight set of his body. “Nothing… dirty.”


“I know that.” Standing, she took his hand and pulled him down to sit by her on the sofa. “But you’re asking me to break protocol.”


“How is touching you breaking protocol?”


“It puts things on a different level.” She bit her lip. “A more personal level.”


“I gave you mouth to mouth resuscitation, that was pretty personal.”


“I was unconscious!” She laughed with him. “I don’t think it counts!”


“I’ll be going. See you in the morning.” Chakotay smiled as he watched her chewing her lip again. Clearly she was torn between her insatiable curiosity and the strictures of protocol.


“Chakotay, you’re asking me to break Starfleet protocol.”


“And you’re asking me to break the Temporal Prime Directive.”


“That future may not happen. It could have been a result of what happened tonight. Didn’t happen tonight.”


“Maybe. Who knows?”


Kathryn was silent for several moments, sipping from her glass and watching the bubbles. “How does this game work?”


“You ask a question and I answer it.” He smiled slightly. “And I get to touch you.”


“Doesn’t sound like twenty questions.”


“Think of it as Truth or Consequences.”


“More like Truth and Consequences.” One of the reasons she limited her touching him to his arm or chest was the fear that anything else would end with them in bed.


“Do I repulse you, Kathryn?” He asked softly. 


“No! No, of course not.” She laid a hand on his chest. “You’re – you – no, Chakotay.” Just the opposite, I’m afraid.


“And I won’t tell you anything from the future that I saw – possible or not – so don’t ask.”


“Deal.” She rubbed her hands together. “What happened?”


“An energy bolt of some kind hit us from out of the anomaly.” He raised a hand to her face and touched her cheek.


Her skin tingled from the light touch. “And?”


“And?” He teased.


“What happened?”


“It hit us in main engineering and fractured the ship into different time frames.” He trailed his fingers along her jaw.


“Then what?”


“I woke up in Sickbay.” Cupping her chin, he tilted it up at a familiar angle.




“Kathryn?” The black velvet eyes twinkled mischievously.


“This is like pulling teeth.”


“I’m answering your questions.”


“Barely.” She huffed in frustration. “What exactly happened while you were in Sickbay?”


“The Doctor told me my body had been in a state of temporal flux. I believe he said I had the kidneys of a twelve year old and the heart of an eighty year old – or was it the other way around?”


“Are you okay?” She placed both hands on his chest. “You didn’t tell me you were hurt.”


“I’m fine. And I won’t count that as one of your questions.” His dimples flashed as he smiled at her. “He injected me with a serum to counter the effect.”


“Oh, my.” His fingers had followed the curve of her ear and tugged lightly at her earlobe. “What did you do after that?”


“I took a med kit with the serum and went to help anyone else who might have been injured.”


“And were there?” His fingers had slid into her hair. “Chakotay?”


“Hmm?” He rubbed the silky strands for another moment. “Not as far as I know. Good thing, too. Halfway to the Bridge, I passed through one of the fractures and the med kit disappeared.”


“Disappeared?” Both hands were in her hair massaging her scalp and making it hard to concentrate. “This may sound gratuitous, but why didn’t your clothes disappear?”


“I don’t know. But I’m glad they didn’t!” He laughed at the image of suddenly being naked in the turbolift. “I think the serum formed a temporal shield of sorts that extended out from my body to some extent.”


“Good thing.”  Closing her eyes, Kathryn relaxed as his hands continued to massage her scalp. “What happened when you got to the bridge?”


“You accused me of sabotaging your ship and ordered me thrown in the brig.”


“What? Why?” Too late she realized she should have been more precise in her questioning. His thumbs slid over her nose and along the arch of her eyebrows before massaging her temples.


“The bridge was seven years in the past, just as you were entering the Badlands.”


“Ah.” She smiled at the image of the Maquis Captain suddenly stepping out of the turbolift onto her bridge. “I’ll assume she – I thought you were still with the Maquis?”


Chakotay brushed his thumb along her lower lip, tracing the crooked smile. “Yes.”


“After I ordered you to the brig, what happened?” Kathryn threw the question out quickly to get his fingers off her lips before she started kissing them.


“The security guards disappeared on the way down. I ordered the lift to Engineering and Seska was there.”


“Seska?”  It was getting harder to ignore the growing ache in the pit of her belly. Strong hands slid down her neck and circled her throat lightly and the dark eyes locked on hers.


Letting his thumbs rest on her pulse points, he tightened his grip on Kathryn’s throat until he felt her blood rushing under the soft skin.  Her blue eyes never wavered. “Seska and a group of Kazon. One of them hit me with his rifle. Then she healed the cut with a dermal regenerator.”


“That was nice of her.”


“Wasn’t it? She was from the time when she stole the ship from us five years ago. She wanted me to transfer the computer codes to her. But I got away and ducked through another fracture.”


She grabbed his hand as he pulled at the hem of her turtleneck. “What are you doing?”


“Your arms – I can’t feel them through the shirt.”


“Oh.” After a moments hesitation, she tugged it off over her head. He stroked his hands over her hair to settle it back in place and when his hands settled on her bare shoulders, she shivered.




“No.” The tank top was proper clothing, so why did she feel naked? “Where did you go next?”


“Back to Sickbay. I explained to the Doctor what was happening and had him prepare another hypo with his serum.”


“For who?”


“For you.” Kathryn’s skin was soft and white, and his cock had hardened to an almost painful state.


“You injected me?” As one finger slid along the neckline of her shirt, she shivered again.


“Yes. I told you some personal things trying to get you to believe me. About your dog and Dante.” Chakotay smiled slightly. “We went to your ready room so you could scan the serum.”


“And I let you inject me with it?” Both of his hands encircled her upper left arm and began kneading the muscles.


“In a manner of speaking. I grabbed you and held it to your neck while I dragged you out into the corridor. You’d told me that your helmsman had disappeared walking down the corridor, so I assumed there was a fracture there.”


“And you injected me and dragged me through to help you?”


“Yes.” Her arm was slim and muscled. There was more strength than there appeared to be through her uniform jacket. “At first you wanted to go by yourself, but I wouldn’t let you.”


“You wouldn’t let me?” She laughed. “How did you manage that?”


“Just told you that you’d be walking into a future you knew nothing about.”


He’d moved his hands down to her forearm, carefully turning it back and forth, face intent as he studied the movement. “Considering some of the things we’ve seen, Chakotay, that’s a tame warning.”


“Um… hmm…” The fine bones in her wrist were getting his complete attention.


“What did we decide to do?”


“We went to Astrometrics and that’s where we found out that the ship was fractured into multiple time frames. I took you from there to the cargo bay to look for Seven.”


“She wasn’t in Astrometrics?” Chakotay’s fingers had intertwined with hers and he curled her wrist around so the back of her hand rested against his cheek.


“No. She was in the cargo bay along with several Borg drones. She came up with the theory of bringing Voyager into temporal alignment.”


“No doubt some Borg technology we knew nothing about.” He turned her hand and rested his cheek in her palm. “It’s a wonder we mere humans have survived so long.”


“Uh… hum…” Her other hand brushed over his tattoo and his eyes closed in contentment.


“How did you get this?” Kathryn followed the lines down to where it disappeared into his sideburn. “Did it hurt?”


“Yes, a wichasha wakan put it on me.” Chakotay chuckled as his combadge translated the phrase to “medicine man”.  He kissed her palm causing her to jump and jerk her hand away.


“Hey! That wasn’t a temporal question.” Her palm burned.


“It was about a past event.” He laughed. “I’ll give you an answer without a question just to be fair. We decided to inject the gel packs and put a pulse from the warp core through them to bring the ship back to my – our time frame.”


“Where you could use the deflector dish to absorb the energy when it hit us?”


“Yes. Burning it out, but keeping us from fracturing.” He rested his hands on her waist. Kathryn was tiny; he could almost circle her waist with his hands.


“Anything interesting happen while we were doing this?”


“Other than walking through the corridors looking like old western bandits?”




“The doctor rigged up these leather belts to hold the vials of serum so we could carry them through the fractures.”


“Sounds lovely.”


“They went around our waists and over our shoulders.” Chakotay’s fingers slid over her shoulders and down to the top of her breasts. Her breath sucked in as he detoured and went between them to rest his fingertips on her belly.


“I’m – I’m glad you told me.” She leaned back to break the contact.


“You don’t want to hear about meeting B'Elanna or about Dr. Chaotica?”


“Chaotica? We went to the holodeck during a crisis?”


“We needed to inject the gel packs there. The program was running.” He chuckled. “Chaotica had you restrained in the Cradle of Persuasion. He thought you were Arachnia.”


“Oh, lord.” She hid her face in her hands.


“Oh, it gets better.” He chuckled again when she peeked out from between her fingers. “You had to play along with him and pretend to be there to save his kingdom.”


“Just tell me I wasn’t in that hideous dress.”


“I liked that dress.” He dodged as she smacked his arm playfully. “No, no dress. Oh, and if anyone ever asks – there are only five dimensions.”


“I’ll remember that. I assume I convinced him I was there to help?” Chakotay’s hands were back on her shoulders.


“Yes, and you even got him to inject the gel pack.”


“Must have been the pheromones.” She laughed.


“He inhaled enough of them when he kissed his way up your arm.” He demonstrated, starting at her hand and placing soft kisses up her arm to the inside of her elbow, and then up to her shoulder.


Fire followed his lips as they touched her skin. She was afraid to ask what happened next.


“You turned your head.” He tilted her head to one side and brushed her cheek with his lips. “So he couldn’t reach your lips.”


“Good, his breath smelled like onions.” Chakotay’s breath was sweet and warm on her cheek. Suddenly she realized he was leaning over her and pressing his chest to hers. “And we left?” She raised her hands to his chest.


“After I punched him.”


“You didn’t!”


“I did. Right before we walked out.” He kissed the end of her nose. “Popped him one on the big nose of his.”


“I’d pay to see that.” Seeing that meglamanic on the floor holding a bloody nose was worth squeezing back into that dress.


“I’m sure we can recreate it on the holodeck.” He’d do more than kiss her arm if he had her strapped in the Cradle of Persuasion. An image burst into focus of her laying naked and restrained in the metal cradle while he stood between her thighs thrusting into her. He leaned back and drew in a shaky breath.


“And so we injected the gel packs and were okay.” Wishing she could rub at the throbbing between her legs, she settled for clamping her thighs together.


“After the battle.” His contrary nature prodded him to continue the dangerous game.


“Battle? What, did we run into the Hirogen?”


“It was more of a brawl really.” He brushed his lips over her cheek again and nuzzled her earlobe.


“Who – who were we fighting?”  Kathryn shivered and fresh desire rippled through her.


“Seska and the Kazon.” The spot behind her ear was soft and kissable. “We got a little help from Tom and Harry – B'Elanna, too.”


“And we beat her?” Her fingers threaded through the raven hair as he nipped lightly where her neck met her shoulder.


“Oh, no, she grabbed you and we surrendered.” He dipped his tongue into the hollow of her throat.


“How… did… we…” She panted as he suckled along her collarbone.


“Seven. Her Borg shield absorbed Seska’s phaser fire.”


Chakotay’s mouth hovered over hers and his body once again pressed into hers. Kathryn knew she had a question, but couldn’t remember what it was.


“Then we were alone and you asked me the Question.” His lips brushed hers softly.


“What question?”


“You asked me how close we get.” His heart beat against her breasts. “And I told you there were some barriers we never cross.”


“Was I – what did I say?”


“You were disappointed – she didn’t say it, but it was there in her eyes.” Chakotay teased her lips with his again. “I almost lied.”


“And said what?”  She shook from the intensity of the desire roaring through her.


“That we were lovers. That we had been for years.” He sighed against her mouth. “But I couldn’t.”


There was no need to ask why. Chakotay wasn’t capable of lying, not to her anyway. “She trusted you.”


“Yes.” He slid a hand up over a firm breast to cup and squeeze it gently. “She looked at me with those damned blue eyes full of trust and I couldn’t betray her – you.”


“And it was over?” Her hand moved down his chest to his stomach. The muscles quivered under her hand. If she’d been brazen enough to ask that, what else had she done?


“She shook my hand and left for the bridge. I set off the pulse and then used the deflector dish as a lightning rod.” He pressed his lips fully to hers for the first time.


When his tongue licked at her lips, she parted them and accepted his tongue as it thrust inside. Her hand curled over his erection, caressing and fondling him until he moaned and pulled his mouth away.


Pushing her shirt up, he tore her bra open and took a taut nipple in his mouth sucking it hard.  Working at the fastening of her pants, he ripped them open and forced his hand down inside of her panties.


Groaning into his mouth, Kathryn spread her legs and arched up as a thick finger pushed up inside of her. A second one followed and began pumping in and out of her while the heel of his hand pressed down on the throbbing bundle of nerves.


“Kathryn… Spirits… I want you…” Chakotay pushed her down onto her back and lay between her spread thighs.  Taking her mouth again, he mated his tongue with hers in a twisting dueling dance that left them both gasping.  Feeling her hands on his ass, he ground his hips into hers and pumped his fingers harder into her wet pussy.


Crying out as his fingers left her, Kathryn felt cool air on her legs as her pants were pulled off. “Chakotay…” He was on his knees over her jerking his pants open. His cock was long and thick. “Oh, god…”


He pushed her legs apart and hooked his fingers into the lace of her panties shredding them. Rubbing the swollen head in her moisture, he lunged forward and buried himself inside of her.


Crying out in pain, Kathryn gasped for air as he crushed his mouth to hers and his tongue thrust in and out. Tears burned and trickled down her cheeks as he thrust the hard shaft into her again and again. He was grunting strange words in her ear. His combadge translated his native language as it dug into her skin.


Chakotay knew he was hurting her, knew she wasn’t ready, but couldn’t stop himself.  Lifting her thighs up and apart, he pushed deeper into her, hammering his body into hers with seven years of unleashed lust and desire.


Forcing her muscles to relax as much as possible, she lay still as he pounded into her. Chakotay was big, bigger than Mark, and after seven years of almost total celibacy it felt as if he were tearing her apart. She arched in pain as he bit down on her nipple. “Chakotay!”


“Kathryn – Kathryn I love you – oh, Spirits you’re – so sweet – uh!” He pressed her thighs back against her breasts and rose up over her to thrust even deeper. “And so tight! Spirits – you’re tight!”


“You’re hurting me!” His weight was crushing her and the head of his cock was battering against her womb. She knew after holding back for so long, that tender and sweet lovemaking wasn't going to happen, but she desperately wished he would be gentler with her. “Chakotay, please!”


With a final violent thrust, his seed exploded inside her and he arched helplessly as his body jerked and spasmed.


Fresh tears were forced out and she screamed into his panting mouth as he tongue fucked her while he climaxed.  When he collapsed onto her, Kathryn sobbed softly and clung to his shoulders.


“I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you.”  His arms wobbled and refused to support him. “Forgive me, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”


“Can you get up?” She could feel his heart pounding against hers and his ragged gasps against her throat.  “You lost control. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have agreed to this game.”


“No, I shouldn’t have suggested it. I should have known that once I touched you, I wouldn’t be able to stop.”  He kissed her tear stained cheeks. “I love you, you have to know that.”


“I do.” She held him tightly. “And I love you. Oh, Chakotay, I love you and its not fair.”


“Kathryn, forget protocol.” He rose up to look into her eyes. “We love each other and we’ve been to hell and back on this journey. Don’t we deserve to be happy?”


“The crew – “


“Already thinks we’re lovers.”


“Tom’s pool dried up.”


“After New Earth.” Chakotay kissed her gently. “No one believes we weren’t lovers. Hell, I don’t believe it and I was there.”


“I don’t either.” She sniffled. “You told me that stupid story.” He stiffened in her arms. “Stupid, wonderful, sweet story that I treasure.”


“I didn’t know if you even remembered.”


“I say it in the dark every night. Right after I pray we make it home in the morning.”


Levering his body up off of hers, he fastened his pants and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go talk about this in the bedroom.”


“Oh, no!” She winced as he lifted her in his arms. “I think I’m going to need time to adjust.”


“To being with me?” His heart contracted painfully at the thought that Kathryn would push him away once again.


“You’re hung like a damn horse! I haven’t had sex in a long time.” She buried her red face in his neck. “Years.”


“We’ll go a little slower.” He kissed the top of her head. “Maybe we’ll play in the tub.”


“That could be fun.” She nipped his earlobe, making him yelp. “That’s for biting my nipple.”


“Won’t do it again, I promise.” As she sucked the injured lobe into her mouth Chakotay shivered and felt himself harden again.


“I didn’t say you couldn’t do it again. Just be prepared for retaliation. As soon as I’m able, I’m going to hold you down and rape you.”


“I know where we can borrow a Cradle of Persuasion.”


“Oooh….” She laughed huskily. “As long as we turn on the color. I want to see you naked and tied down in all your glory.”


“Let’s get you broke in.” He tossed her over his shoulder.


“Chakotay!” Laughing, she slapped his ass as he carried her into the bedroom.


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