Safe In The Arms Of Love

By Maquis Leader



NC17 Adults Only

Author's note: Killing Game Add-on. In this story the Delta Flyer and Fair Haven have already been created. Otherwise the timeline would be screwed up. We can't have that now can we?



Chakotay woke suddenly to a sharp pain in the back of his head. Wincing, he opened his eyes to see the flicker of firelight and heard Klingon voices bellowing a drinking song involving death, blood, and battle. He wasn’t sure which song since the few he knew of all involved death, blood and battle. He winced again as the chorus got louder; he’d forgotten the glory.


He relaxed against the warm female body in his arms. He didn’t remember a party and he’d never drank so much as to forget going to bed with a woman – but there was always a first time for everything. A chuckle escaped him, not that they’d made it to a bed and that wouldn’t be the first time.


The woman stirred next to him and burrowed her face into his neck. “Chakotay….” The voice was soft and breathy. A voice he’d heard many times, but only in his dreams. Kathryn? He breathed in her scent, hidden under a perfume that was muskier and more exotic than she usually wore, but unmistakably hers.


While it was possible he’d had too much to drink and made a pass at her, there was absolutely no way she would be drunk enough to accept it. Still, he pulled back slightly to see firelight reflecting off auburn hair. Definitely her.


She stirred in her sleep, small hands on his back pulling him closer, lips placing a soft kiss on the side of his neck. “Chakotay….”


He became very aware of their nudity, of her soft belly pressed against his groin. Should he wake her up and let her be embarrassed or let her wake up on her own and be embarrassed. Or he could just go back…. to….sleep….”


Kathryn slid her leg up over his and pulled him even closer. His erection slid easily between her thighs to nestle against her womanhood. Sleep was no longer an option.


Groaning, Chakotay tried to ignore the heat and warmth he felt. Tried to ignore the small voice telling him how easy it would be to slip inside of her. Just a slight movement… whispered….she’s wet and ready…. Tried instead to focus on the second small voice that insisted he should let her go and put his clothes on. She shifted again, rubbing her breasts against his chest. The first voice was swiftly bludgeoning the second one to death.


“Uh-hum!” Turning his head, he saw the EMH standing in the entrance to the cave. “Com – er, Captain Miller, I believe it’s time for you and… Katrine to proceed with the mission.”




“Yes, against the … er… Nazis.”


“Oh.” Nazis? Had the Doctor been drinking too much? Suddenly, it all came rushing back. The attack on the ship, the Hirogen boarding parties. Chakotay clutched her tighter, remembering the moment when he had raised his phaser intending to kill her himself rather than let her suffer the ritualistic torture and death the Hirogen inflicted on their prey. He had been brought down before he’d been able to thumb the trigger. Burying his face in her hair, he thanked the Spirits she was still alive.


“Captain Miller?” The EMH sounded annoyed.


“You’re crushing me.” Kathryn’s voice was muffled against his chest.


“Sorry.” He let her go enough to look into her eyes. “Are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine.” She was thankful it was too dark for him to see the blush that covered her face. She was only too aware of his erection throbbing between her legs. “We need to get up.” Poor choice of words. “We need to get dressed.”


“Sure.” He reluctantly pulled away and began to dress in the strange clothes the Doctor handed him.


“I assume, Doctor, that this falls under doctor/patient confidentiality.” She gave him a look that told him this was not a question.


“Of course, Cap – Katrine. I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone about this, especially,” He cocked an eyebrow at Captain Miller. “Especially Chakotay.”


“Dismissed Doctor.” The Doctor walked back outside and she dressed quickly, her back to Chakotay.


He finished pulling on the Army uniform. Should he tell her he knew he wasn’t this Captain Miller or –


“I’m sorry that I took advantage of the situation Ch -- Captain Miller.”


“No – “


“Please, I know this isn’t – “ She fixed her eyes on a spot just over his left shoulder. “This isn’t something the ‘girls back home’ would do… but please….”


The decision was already out of his hands. Kathryn’s obvious fear of disapproval almost broke his heart. “Its okay. We both took advantage of the situation.” He had to assume he did anyway.


“I just wish…”


“So do I.” Taking her face gently in his hands, he kissed her. He might not get to remember Captain Miller’s night of lovemaking with Katrine, but he’d have the memory of Chakotay’s kiss with Kathryn.


He intended to be gentle and loving, but she wouldn’t allow it. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and she ground herself against him. Giving in to the passion that erupted, he slid his hands down to her bottom and pulled her up against him, thrusting a muscular thigh between hers.


He had her pressed against the cave wall, tongues dueling, and hands running over each other’s body when the EMH interrupted. “Oh my gosh! Captain, please!”


They came apart slowly and reluctantly with one last soft kiss. With a final trailing touch over the tattoo on his face, Kathryn walked past the gaping EMH and out of the cave.


Chakotay stood panting, painfully aroused. He ignored the frown the hologram was giving him.


“I’ll have you know, she’s not that kind of girl!” the Doctor said indignantly.


Since there wasn’t any standard apology or protocol for being caught dry humping your Captain against the wall, he settled for sarcasm. “Sure seemed that way to me.”


“There are certain – boundaries – lines – you – “


He wished he had someway to capture this moment; the EMH was speechless for possibly the first time since he’d been activated. Smiling, Chakotay went past the sputtering hologram and followed Kathryn out of the cave.





The Hirogen were gone but their spirit remained. Chakotay felt as if they haunted the ship. Shadows seemed threatening, every sound amplified and ominous. Those crewmembers in the mess hall around him were quiet and subdued. No one had any memories of what had happened, but they felt the trauma nonetheless.


He had some memories, but had let it be assumed that his neural implant had gone out at the same time as everyone else’s. Harry had told him that he had tried to shut his down much earlier, but hadn’t actually asked, so Chakotay hadn’t felt obligated to answer. Neither had he specified in his report. Let Kathryn believe he didn’t know what had happened. He smiled to himself, after reading her usual precise report; he knew that she had not been Katrine when she gave herself to him. That hopeful piece of information was something he’d keep to himself for a while.


Looking again at the padd he’d been reading, he scanned the report it held. The Doctor had noted that approximately seventy-five percent of the crew were experiencing insomnia, nightmares, and irregular sleep patterns. The crew slept uneasily when they managed to sleep at all. He was prescribing sleeping meds to a large number, more than an eighty percent increase over the norm.


The miasma was causing short tempers and irritability. Crewmembers were snapping at each other and Tuvok reported that several incidents had escalated to shouting matches and even fistfights. The brig was full and several crew were confined to quarters, including B’Elanna. The day before Tom and Harry had almost come to blows, it was even affecting the strongest of friendships.


Except for him and Kathryn. Every time he felt like snapping at her, he’d remember the feel of her soft lips, her breasts pressing against his chest. He suspected she was thinking the same things. He’d catch her looking at him with a slight, secret smile. He sighed, that was a wonderful thing, however he wasn’t getting much sleep and he was seriously over worked. Chakotay sighed again and rubbed his hands over his face before running his fingers through his hair.


“Love your new hairdo, Commander.”


He looked up to see Kathryn standing next to his table, a cup of coffee in her hand. “It’s a wonder I have any left.” He tugged at his hair in mock frustration.


“You look like you’ve been out during a tornado.” Sitting down next to him, she smoothed his raven hair back down. “It’s hiding your tattoo.”


“Why Kathryn, I never would have guessed that you were the type that went in for tattoos.” One good thing had come out of the experience; she was more relaxed around him, touching him more often.


“Well….” She brushed the last wayward strands back from his forehead. “A girl has to have some vices. Coffee, trashy romance novels, big guys with tattoos….”


They laughed together drawing frowns from some of the crewmembers seated nearby. A few of the looks were even a little hostile.


“Kathryn, we’ve got to do something.”


“I’m open to suggestions.” She rubbed her own bleary eyes. “I’d like a good night’s sleep for a change.”


“I had an idea.” He stopped, not sure of how to explain and half afraid she might laugh at him.


She laid a hand on his arm reassuringly. “Go on, Chakotay.”


“We need to cleanse the ship.”


“I’m not sure I understand.” Her brow furrowed. “We’ve cleaned up everything. You can’t tell the Hirogen were ever here.”


“But you can! The physical things are gone, but the Hirogen are still here, Kathryn. Voyager – “ Chakotay stopped, searching for a way to put his feelings into words for her.


“You’re saying we need to cleanse Voyager’s spirit?”


“Yes!” He took her hand. “We’ve healed the body….” He laid her hand on his chest over his heart. “But the soul – the spirit is still hurting…”


She was quiet for several moments, feeling his heart beat steadily under her hand. “I think you’re right.” She looked into the black velvet eyes and saw the truth in his words. “So, how do we… cleanse Voyager?”


“I’m not sure. I always turned away from what my father tried to teach me of the old ways. By the time I returned and accepted my people’s culture…. “


“It was too late.” Kathryn knew how much he regretted that part of his past. “There was no way for you to know, Chakotay. What’s important is that you went back and embraced your heritage.” She traced the lines of the tattoo on his face. “Your father is right here with you, always.”


“Now who’s playing ship’s counselor?” He teased. “I’d thought about seeking a vision, would you come with me?”


“Yes, I think I will.”





In her quarters, they settled down on pillows in front of the sofa. Touching the akoonah with joined hands they chanted softly together and let the walls of Voyager fade away….


Chakotay opened his eyes to the dark sky above him. Cold rain pelted him. “Kathryn!” Had she made it into the vision with him? She was not as adept with the vision quest as he was; he’d thought being in her quarters would help her.


“Chakotay!” She stood a few feet away from him, the wind whipping her hair around her face. “We’ve got to find shelter!”


Together they ran towards a nearby bluff. Finding a cave, they ducked inside out of the storm. Kathryn shivered. “I hope there’s not a bear in here. Your guide isn’t a bear is she?”


“No, but if she was, you’d be safe with her.” He looked around the small cave. There was a fire pit in the center of the cave floor and several large rocks to rest against. “Lucky someone built a fire for us – I was sick the day they taught us how to rub sticks together to make fire.”


“At least I don’t have to sacrifice any hair this time. Although I seem to have more than usual.”


Grinning, Chakotay lifted a handful of her waist length hair. “My fault, I always liked your hair long.”


“You wouldn’t if you had to brush it every morning.” She got as close to the fire’s warmth as she could. “What do you think this means?”


“It sounds like you’re inviting me to brush your hair.” He pulled his wet shirt off and laid it over one of the rocks close to the fire. “The storm could be Voyager. In here it’s warm and safe, protected from the storm. Could be our relationship.”


“We are the only ones not at each other’s throats.” Kathryn watched the firelight reflect on his wet skin. It reminded her entirely too much of another cave.


“So how do we get the warmth and light to spread?” Dropping down next to her, he ran his hands through his wet hair. “Neelix’s party didn’t work.”


“Not unless you count arguments and fistfights as a success. We need a way to deal with it and…. and….” She shook her head.


“We need to face the problem, not just cope with it and go on. Stress relief, we need stress relief somehow. It’s weighing us down with its weight.”


“We need to go back to the holodeck.” She hugged herself, chilly despite the fire.


“What?” Lifting her wet hair off her shoulders, he rubbed it between his hands to dry it. “Kathryn, I don’t know if I can ever go back to the holodeck.”


“But, Chakotay, we liked the holodeck. It didn’t do anything wrong. It’s like they spoiled it somehow, made it dirty.”


They spent several minutes in silence while he rubbed her hair and ran his fingers through it until it was nearly dry. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his strong hands doing such gentle, delicate work.


“Its like they raped Voyager.” She leaned back against him. “They forced her to do things – things she does for us willingly.”


“That could explain the feelings I’ve been experiencing of darkness and oppression – of being dirty.”


“Listen to us, talking about Voyager as if she’s alive.” Kathryn laughed.


“Sounds silly alright.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “About as silly as believing in visions and spirit guides.”


“You’ve got me there.” She turned to face him. “So, now that we know the problem, how do we fix it?”


“One way rape victims recover their sense of self worth is by realizing that they have done nothing wrong and to forgive themselves.”


“Victims often blame themselves.” She agreed. “We need to show her that we haven’t turned away from her. By avoiding the holodeck, it’s like we were blaming her instead of the Hirogen. Punishing her.”


“When the Cardassians took Maquis captives, they would rape the women. Sometimes the men as well. They wanted to humiliate them, break their spirit.” Chakotay was silent for a long moment. “The most difficult part was learning to touch and be touched again. To trust.”


“Chakotay.” Kathryn rose up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Oh, Chakotay.”


“No, Kathryn, not me.” He hugged her to him. “But enough of my friends that I felt…. violated…. in a different way.”


“I would love you anyway.” Her heart was pounding at the vision that had risen up from his words.


Pulling back, he looked into the blue eyes wet with the tears she would have shed for him. “And I love you.” Lowering his lips to hers, he kissed her gently with all the tenderness he could, as if she might break.


She moaned softly and opened her mouth to him, letting his tongue slip inside. The taste of him was wonderful, sweet and hot. His skin under her hands was soft and silky over the muscles rippling under her fingertips. Velvet over steel.


Her shirt was cold and clammy against his chest. Sliding his hands up to the collar, Chakotay pulled until the buttons began to pop off one after the other. Peeling off the wet shirt, he tossed it to one side.


He felt her shivering and pulled her against him to warm her. Kathryn’s breasts were cool against his chest. Rubbing his hands up and down her back, he dipped his head down for another kiss.


“Wait…. my pants are wet too.” Sitting back, she pulled off her shoes and pants while Chakotay did the same.


Naked, she laid back, holding out her hand in invitation. Chakotay moved over her, easing his body down onto hers. She parted her thighs to cradle him and opened her arms to hold him.


She arched up as he slid a finger inside of her. Resting the heel of his hand against the sensitive bud he rubbed gently, causing her to moan his name. Pulling him down to her breasts, she held his head as he suckled the swollen nipples, teasing and nipping at them until she was moaning and moving restlessly under him. She cried out when a second finger slid in to join the first in stroking in and out of her.


“Look at me, Kathryn.” She opened her eyes to find him hovering over her, black eyes glowing in the firelight. “I want you to see me when I come inside of you.”


“Yes….” Pulling her knees up, she spread her legs open farther for him. She kept her eyes locked on his as she felt his hardness press against her then slide in slowly until he was buried deep inside of her. He stopped to kiss her gently. “I love you.”


“Yes….” Holding his weight off her with his forearms Chakotay began thrusting into her with slow steady strokes. Pulling out nearly all the way before sinking back into her wet heat.


They kept up this rhythm kissing and touching until the pressure began to build within them. Their movements became rougher and faster until he was thrusting into her with all of his strength. Kathryn’s legs were locked around his hips as she met his frantic pace.


The tremors took her by surprise, shaking her body with an intensity that was frightening. Her night with ‘Captain Miller’ had been good – this was incredible, like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Her muscles clenched around his hardness inside her as she came and her nails dug into his back. “Oh, God, Chakotay…..” He lunged against her, pushing harder as if he could fuse them into one person. She felt his climax start, the muscles in his stomach clenching, his back arching. “Yes, Chakotay, yes…..”


He was grunting and panting strange, foreign words in her ear, exciting her even more. Giving one final deep thrust Chakotay cried out her name. She felt another orgasm peaking within her. As he collapsed on top of her, his seed pumping hot sticky bursts inside of her, she felt it crest and break. Arching up against him, she let it wash over her.


Later as they lay quietly by the fire, she chuckled softly. “We’ve go to stop meeting in caves.”


“Uh hum…..” He answered non committaly.


“Chakotay, look! The storm’s gone!” Sitting up, she pointed at the sunlight streaming in through the mouth of the cave. “You were right – this is what Voyager needs.”


“Kathryn, are you suggesting I have sex with our ship?” His shook his head. “I’m not sure I have that kind of stamina.”


“Chakotay! We have to go back to the holodeck and show her it’s going to be alright.” She looked up and down his naked body. “And don’t sell yourself short.”


Lying back down across his chest, she kissed him as the cave began to fade away….



They were leaning back against the sofa in her quarters. Both of them were panting and Chakotay felt the wetness between his legs as proof of the intensity of the vision.


“Talk about safe sex.” Kathryn’s hands shook as she placed the akoonah on the coffee table.


“Don’t be sorry Kathryn, I’m not. I do however need to wash up.” He walked into the other room.


It wasn’t until he’d been gone for a few minutes that she realized he hadn’t exactly asked to use her bathroom to clean up. Not that she would have refused. Still…. Give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile, her mother always said. “The washcloths and towels are in the closet to the left.” Not hearing a reply, she went into the bedroom. “Chakotay?” Crossing to the bathroom, she got just close enough to trigger the sensor. “Did you find – “


The shower was running. He was in her shower! A mile? Huh! A light year was more like it! She’d have to set him straight. Stepping into the bathroom she marched up to the shower door intending to see that he – he was naked in her shower…. She spun on her heel and retreated back to the living room.


The image of his naked wet shoulders above the smoked section of the glass door, water pouring over his raven hair and down his chest…. She tried reciting the Federation Charter…. The dark outline of his body behind the glass as he soaped himself off…. The ache between her legs intensified. “Kathryn Janeway get ahold of yourself!”


“Kathryn, do you mind if I replicate a new pair of pants?” Chakotay’s voice behind her nearly made her jump out of her skin.


Spinning around, she saw that he had one of her towels draped loosely around his hips. “Sure, okay, fine. My replicator is your replicator.” Watching as he requested a pair of black jeans. No underwear? The ache became a steady throbbing as she tried to get herself back under control. Maybe Vulcan poetry would help.


Chakotay hid a smile at the emotions running across her face. He was getting close to getting what he wanted. Taking the jeans from the replicator, he tossed his towel to her. “Here, hold this for me.” Pulling the jeans on slowly, he buttoned the bottom two buttons before reaching out to take the towel from her. She held on to it, staring at his bare stomach, at the black hair that showed where the top buttons were undone. “Kathryn, I need to dry my hair.”


“What?” Looking down, she realized she had a death grip on the towel. “Sorry.” Her nipples were so hard they hurt and the throbbing between her legs was driving her crazy.


“I’ll try to think of a good way for everyone to come back to the holodeck. We need something comforting and friendly.” Chakotay finished toweling his hair dry and handed the towel back to her before he buttoned up his jeans. Gathering up his medicine bundle and uniform, he leaned down and kissed her gently. “I’ll see you in the morning.” He paused just short of the door. “And Kathryn, we really have to stop meeting in caves.”


She stared at the door for a long time after he left. He knew! No he couldn’t, could he? No, he had believed he was Captain Miller; his neural implant was still working then. He had to mean the cave in the vision. Oh God, the vision….. Walking over to the sofa, she sank down exhausted they had made love with no thought of boundaries or protocol. But it wasn’t real…. was it? Lying down on the sofa, she held the damp towel to her face and breathed in the scent of him that still clung to it. Tears rolled down her cheeks onto the towel.





Back in his own quarters, Chakotay sat down on the sofa and put his feet up on the table. He laughed aloud; once again he’d had sex with Kathryn without actually being there. He’d been surprised by the turn the vision took, but he’d take it as another sign that her resolve was weakening. The vision was guided by the unconscious thoughts and desires and her desire had been pretty clear. Her declaration of love was something she wasn’t ready to say aloud, but it was there in her heart.


Sorting through the contents of his medicine bundle, he pulled out Captain Miller’s insignia taken off the uniform he had worn when he had believed himself to be an American GI. He rubbed it between his fingers for a few minutes before pulling a single gold earring out of the bag. He’d found it on the floor of the cave when he’d been putting the army fatigues back on. It must have come off while they were making love. It was a strong token tying her to him.


Smiling to himself, Chakotay remembered the vision he’d had just two nights ago….



Chakotay watched his grandfather take another puff from his pipe. “Huh, the young have no time to listen to the ways of their elders.” The old man waved his pipe through the air, the gesture sending the scent of tobacco wafting to him.


“Forgive me, grandfather.” He relaxed against the wicker seat back. The old man would speak in his own time.


“I have a story for you, Possum, of a woman of the People. She was beautiful, but then are not all women of the People beautiful?” He smiled widely. “Ah, she was strong willed, like the eagle. She wanted the world her way. She was her own woman and would bow to no one. Many men tried to court and woo her but she spurned them all. Her father despaired of ever seeing her grow fat with his grandchildren.” The old man paused to puff on his pipe.


Waiting for him to continue, Chakotay studied him. The golden eyes reminded him of a wolf. Was this his grandfather’s spirit or his spirit guide? Or were they one and the same. “What happened, grandfather?”


“A young man came to her village and he told her she would be his bride. She laughed. Her father laughed. Her spurned suitors laughed. The whole village laughed. But the young man had a plan.” Again the pause for a puff. “His plan, Chakotay? He ignored her! Oh, he smiled at her if she looked at him. Spoke softly to her if she spoke to him, and never tried to force her to make a decision. And yet….”


“Yes?” He leaned forward eagerly.


“And yet they married in the Moon of Awakening.”


“But how did he win her, grandfather?”


“He lured her in gently. His heart was open to her and he was mindful of her fears of losing her place in the world.”


“I don’t understand.”


“Ah, Chakotay, how would you lure a wild bird to your hand?”


“I don’t know, grandfather, I – “


“If you try to catch a bird, it will fly away. That is its nature.” Smoke rings drifted upward. “But if you lay very still, the bird will creep slowly into your hand.”


The crackling fire was the only sound for a long time. Carefully pondering his grandfather’s words, Chakotay finally spoke. “So, I should just sit back and wait? But that’s what I’ve been doing for four years!”


“Yes, but did you have birdseed in your hand? Hmmm….” The old man pointed his pipe at him and laughed. “Bait the trap. Make her want to come to you.”


“I think I understand.” He smiled wolfishly. “I think I understand, grandfather.”


He’d opened his eyes with the realization that she was like a half wild animal that needed to be lured in and taught to trust. From that moment on, he’d done anything he could to make her want him. From touching her fingers with his when she was accessing the control panel between their command chairs to leaning in to whisper “good morning” in her ear when they met in the turbolift on the way to the bridge. Chakotay smiled; so far it seemed to be working pretty well.





“You want me to do what?” Tom Paris looked at Chakotay like he’d lost his mind.


“We need to go back to the holodecks, Tom, and no one is better at the programming than you are.”


“You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t want to go near the holodeck, Chakotay. Not now, maybe not ever. Every time I think about what they did to us. Especially to B’Elanna!”


“Tom, the baby was a holographic projection.”


“It wasn’t the baby – “ Tom dropped his head into his hands. “She doesn’t know if she had sex with the hologram or if that was just part of the information programmed into her neural implant. And what did I do?”


“Does it matter?”


“Hell yes it matters! Damn it, Chakotay, doesn’t it bother you that they did things to us that we can’t remember? And what did we do when we were playing their damn games?”


Chakotay understood what Tom was feeling. He’d wondered too, what he might have done in the various ‘hunts’ the Hirogen ran them through. “The holodecks were something we enjoyed and loved. They used them against us.”


“And now we just go back and forget about it?”


“Tom, what would you do, if you knew that B’Elanna had been raped?” Chakotay asked quietly. “ Would you hate her?

“What? Of course not.”


“Would you turn from her? Would you stay with her but never make love to her again?”


“The younger man got to his feet and leaned over the desk. “Are you saying she was raped?”


“I’m not saying anything. I asked what you would do. Would you still be able to make love to her or would you push her away?”


Reaching over the desk, Tom grabbed Chakotay by the front of his uniform. “What are you saying? What do you know?”


Surging to his feet, he glared into Tom’s eyes. “Take your hands off me lieutenant.”


Tom stared back for a few seconds before letting go and stepping back. “Sorry, sir.” He hadn’t seen anger and hatred like that in the Indian’s eyes since Chakotay had first found out he was on board Voyager. He suddenly realized how big the other man was. “I’m sorry, Chakotay. I need to know what you’re saying. I love B’Elanna.”


“It was a hypothetical question, Tom, nothing has happened to B’Elanna.” Chakotay sat back down. “The Captain and I feel that our problem is our anger and fear at what happened to us. And one the things we turn to for relief is corrupted. Our own ship was used to hurt us and we’re not able to recover and move on.”


He sat silently for so long that Chakotay wondered if he didn’t believe the question was merely hypothetical. Finally, Tom broke the silence. “You’re saying that Voyager somehow needs us?”


“Aren’t you the one who’s always saying that Voyager and the Delta Flyer are ‘your girls’? If anyone on board believed a mechanical thing could have a spirit it’s Tom Paris.”


“Yeah.” He grinned. “I’ve always felt a connection like she’s responding to my touch, not just instructions from the computer.”


“The Liberty felt like she moved more to my thoughts than the controls sometimes.” He nodded understanding. “How’s Voyager felt lately?”


“Sluggish and skittish somehow. I thought it was just me.” Tom stood and leaned on Chakotay’s desk again. “I’ll think of something. Maybe Fair Haven – “




He’d forgotten that was Chakotay’s least favorite holodeck program. The blue eyes lit up mischievously. “I dunno, Commander, everyone really liked it, especially the Captain.”


“Find something else.” Gripping the arms of his chair to keep from strangling Paris, Chakotay ground out. “Something new.”


“Sure, sure!” Tom backed towards the door, remembering that the XO occasionally solved problems with his fists. “I’ll think of something.”





“You should have seen him Be, smoke was practically coming out of his ears.”


“You shouldn’t tease him, Tom, you know how he feels about her.” B’Elanna lay across her bed with tom rubbing the kinks out of her shoulders and back.


“I can’t help it, it’s the way I am.”


“And when he decks you someday, I’ll remind you that he can’t help it that’s the way he is.”


He worked on her back for awhile, kneading the knots and tension out of her muscles. “That’s nice…..” She was almost asleep when Tom suddenly slapped her bottom. “Ouch!”


“Where’s the last place you felt safe?”


Growling, she rolled over and threw him off of her. “You’re the one in danger, helm boy!”


“Seriously, where’s the last place you felt safe?” Tom held his hands up to fend her off.


“Safe? Oh, god, before we came to the Delta Quadrant, I guess.” She shook her head. “What about you?”


“When we were out there together in the suits. Thinking we were going to die together.”


“That made you feel safe? You’re unbelievable!” B’Elanna stopped at the look in his eyes. Tom was rarely serious but this was one of those moments. “Why?”


“I was in your arms Be, and I felt safe and loved. Secure – and once I admitted that I love you – I felt so free.”


“Oh, Tom!” She threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercely. “I felt that way, too, and stupid for feeling that way. We almost died and I was so happy.” Tears trickled down her cheeks onto his shoulder.


He hugged her back. “This is what Voyager needs.” He whispered into her hair.


“How are we going to hug a starship?” The cynical Klingon was back.









They were in the Captain’s ready room and she and Chakotay had just finished reading his proposed holodeck program. “Let me see if I understand, Tom.” Captain Janeway leaned back in her chair. “You want to create a simulation of the Utopia Planitia shipyards with Voyager in spacedock?”


“Right, a launching party. Voyager’s family celebrating.” Tom was just warming up to his subject. “We can remember the good times we’ve had – maybe even touch on the bad. She’s gotten us out of some close shaves.”


“I’m not sure I see how this is going to help.” She looked over to where Chakotay leaned on the corner of her desk. “What do you think?”


“Think about it for a moment, Captain, when you’ve been held in someone’s arms and they’ve comforted you. Voyager came out of a shipyard, spacedock is as close as we can get to a comforting embrace.”


“We recreate the mess hall as the entry point of the program. Neelix can coordinate the food and drinks, we’ll have music, and a good view of Earth out the viewports.” Tom leaned forward. “To remind us what we’re trying to do out here.”


“I kind of had a picnic in mind.” Janeway looked at the two of them. “Okay, okay, I know when I’m beaten. Go ahead, Tom, but not a word to anyone.”




“Besides B’Elanna and Harry – no one else.” She told him sternly. “Dismissed.”


After Tom left, she turned again to Chakotay and found he’d moved over to sit on the sofa under the viewport. She swiveled her chair around to face him. “What do you really think?”


“I think it’s the silliest idea I’ve ever heard.”


“Then why didn’t you tell him that?” She gestured at the door Tom had just exited through.


“Did you see how excited he was, Kathryn? No doubt Harry and B’Elanna are too.” Resting his arm on the back of the sofa, he turned and watched the warp trails stream by. “It’s good for them and once word gets out, it’ll be good for the rest of the crew.”


“I just told Tom not to say anything.” The man was absolutely exasperating sometimes.


“But you didn’t tell me not to say anything.” He smiled at her.


“Don’t give me that smile, Chakotay, I’m immune.” Liar! Those dimples were irresistible.


“Oh?” He sighed and turned back to the viewport.


“Spacedock? Voyager in her mother’s arms? Leave it to Tom! And a party? The last one didn’t go very well as I recall, now did it?” She waited for several moments, but he didn’t answer. He’d lowered his head down on his arm. “Chakotay?” Had he fallen asleep? God knows they weren’t getting enough sleep these days. “Lights at twenty-five percent.” She ordered softly.


The lights dimmed obediently as Kathryn went over to the sofa and sat down next to him. His eyes were closed, but she didn’t think he was asleep. He looked young and vulnerable with the starlight playing over his face. Had she hurt his feelings with her offhanded remark? Reaching out, she patted his hand. When he didn’t move, she slid her hand up to his shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. He sighed, but didn’t move.


Maybe he was asleep after all. Feeling brave, she stroked his black hair. It was so soft and such a deep blue black. Scooting closer, she let her fingers slide through his hair and down to the back of his neck kneading the muscles there. Her hands moved over his broad shoulders and down his back. She remembered the feel of his muscles flexing under her hands. It was her turn to sigh at the memory of Chakotay’s body moving over hers.


One hand slid down to his trim waist and rested there. He was a big man, but there was no fat on him. Moving on to his hip, she nodded to herself. No, no fat, he was nice and lean. With her other hand, she brushed his hair back from his forehead then followed the arch of his eyebrow came back up across the high cheekbone and down over the strong nose. There was a slight bump on the bridge, evidence of having been broken in the past and not healed properly. Nothing she could see, but it was there, a tiny imperfection. She pressed a kiss to it.


A soft sound escaped him and he shifted slightly towards her, his head lolling back on his arm. The hand she’d let rest on his hip was now practically in his lap. Holding her breath, Kathryn waited to see if he was waking up, but he remained still, eyes closed and breathing evenly. “Chakotay?” She asked softly, but he didn’t answer.


His face was tempting, as beautiful as it was, but entirely too sensitive. Instead, she slid her hands over his broad chest. His uniform jacket was unzipped and there was only the gray turtleneck between them. Nice of him to move so she could have better access. His chest was firm and well muscled but not overly so. Kathryn licked her lips, the feel of his soft bronze skin against her breasts and belly that night on the holodeck had been wonderful. Mark had coarse chest hair that irratated her nipples, Chakotay’s chest was smooth and hairless. Brushing her fingertips over his nipples, they hardened in response and his breath came faster. Lowering her head, she nuzzled one gently still teasing the other with her fingers, allowing her other hand to slide down his flat belly to the hard bulge between his thighs. Her palm rested over it, feeling the heat before curling around him and squeezing gently. He moaned softly.


“Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway.”


The chirp of her combadge caused her heart to leap into her throat. Turning away from Chakotay, she slapped the badge hard enough to make her fingers sting. “What is it, Seven?” She hissed.


“I have the survey report on the next system that we will be entering, Captain. I’ll bring it to you now – “


“No, no, Seven, I can read it later.” That’s all she needed was for the inquisitive former drone to ask why she and Chakotay were in her ready room in the dark. Just put that padd on the desk, Seven, I’m busy molesting my First Officer while he’s asleep. Dismissed.


“As you wish, Captain. Seven out.”


Kathryn turned to see Chakotay’s eyes glittering in the semi darkness. Did the combadge wake him or had he been awake the whole time?


He was panting. “I was having this dream….”


“You were playing possum.”


“Possum?” He threw back his head and laughed loudly.


“What’s so funny?” Now that he wasn’t angry with her, she felt a little angry herself. How could he not notice she was touching him?


“My mother called me Possum because I was always into everything when I was little.”


“So now I remind you of your mother?” That wasn’t the comparison she was after.


“Never, Kathryn, never.” He leaned towards her and gave her a quick kiss. Getting to his feet, he headed for the door leading to the bridge. “Thanks for letting me take a nap on your sofa.”


The door hissed shut behind him, leaving her in the dark.





It had been torture to lay still and pretend to sleep while Kathryn ran her hands over his body. He’d almost given himself away when she’d kissed the bridge of his nose. Every fiber of his being cried out to embrace her and kiss her, but he’d forced himself to stay still and breathe evenly. And the slight move he’d made before he could stop seemed to encourage her to touch him even more. Thank whatever Spirits had inspired him to unzip his jacket before sitting down.


Chakotay’s hands shook as he pulled his uniform jacket off. He’d hoped that by pretending to be hurt by her comment and putting his head down as if asleep, she might sit close to him and rub his shoulder as she did sometimes. Maybe run her fingers through his hair if he were very lucky. Never in his wildest dreams did he think she’d run her hands over him as she did. He hardened again, remembering how she’d teased his nipples. Her hot breath through his shirt nearly killed him. When she’d caressed his hardon – Damn Seven for interrupting! Who knows what might have happened.


Walking into his bedroom, Chakotay took off his uniform and tossed it on the bed. Padding barefoot into the bathroom, he stepped into the shower “Computer, shower setting Chakotay two.” He let the hot water pour over his head, once again going over what had happened in the ready room. His hands slid over his chest just as hers had. One hand moved down over his stomach while the other paused at a nipple. He gasped as it hardened and desire raced down into his groin. Spirits, how had he never noticed how sensitive his nipples were? Maybe because Kathryn had never touched them before.


Leaning back against the shower wall, he gave himself up to the fantasy of what could have happened in her ready room. Closing his hand over his throbbing erection she was touching him, rubbing him through the cloth, sliding the zipper down, taking him in her cool white hands, stroking him. Panting hard, Chakotay cupped his free hand under his balls, squeezing. Kathryn would hold him gently, her fingers pressing and stroking the sensitive place just behind them. She kissed him, her tongue playing with his, telling him how big and hard he was, then moving down to take him in her mouth. Stroking himself faster and rougher, he imagined her taking him into her mouth, sucking and licking, rubbing her nose into his pubic hair as she took the full length of him. Swallowing his seed as he came in her mouth, licking it off her lips, kissing him so he could taste himself… “Kathryn, oh Spirits, Kathryn….” He let the hot water rinse the stickiness off his hands.


Taking the soap in his hands, he wondered if she were in her bathtub touching herself and thinking of him. A shiver ran through him. “Stop that – you’ll go blind.”






There was a slow steady change in the crew’s morale over the next week. Word had ‘leaked’ out that Voyager had suffered as much as they had and needed their help to recover. Some of the crew were skeptical, but the majority were enthusiastic.


“Morale is up, that’s a relief.” Captain Janeway put down the padd. “They’re really buying into this ‘healing Voyager’ idea.”


“I think what they’re buying into is helping someone else instead of focusing on what happened to themselves.” Chakotay answered.


Around the briefing room table, the senior staff nodded in agreement. “Chakotay’s right, but the real stroke of brilliance was declaring the holodecks off limits.” Tom Paris gave a mocking bow in his direction.


“I fail to see how banning an activity that the crew was not participating in will be of help.” Seven raised an eyebrow.


“Forbidden Fruit, Seven.”


“Captain? I do not understand the reference.”


“In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve could eat anything except the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.” Janeway explained. “So guess which one they wound up eating?”


“Yeah, thanks for that by the way. Ouch – “ Tom rubbed his shoulder where B'Elanna had hit him.


“Nobody made you eat the damn apple!” She snarled at him.


Seven appeared more confused than ever and Chakotay took pity on her. “It’s human nature to want something that’s denied us.”


“I have to agree with the Commander, Seven, let someone say we can’t have something and – “ Janeway turned and caught him looking, the smoldering heat in his dark eyes caused her to stumble over her words. “And we – desire it – that much more.”


“Desire is irrelevant.”


“On the contrary, Seven, desire….” He smiled at the Captain. The sexual tension between them was almost combustible. “Desire is everything.”


Tom and B'Elanna looked at each other and grinned. If the meeting continued along this topic, the Captain and Commander might wind up on the table as the next item of discussion. Tom winced as B'Elanna’s fingers dug into his inner thigh. If he and Be didn’t beat them to it.


“I’ve got quite a menu planned!” Neelix blundered in breaking the mood. “Champaign punch, Andorian – “


“We have your proposed menu, Mr. Neelix.” Tuvok interrupted before the Talaxian could list the entire menu. “I have had ten incidents of crewmembers attempting to enter the holodecks since the restriction was announced. It would seem that lieutenant Paris is correct in his assessment of the Commander’s tactics.”


The Captain had regained her composure. “When will your program be ready, Tom?”


“I just need another day or two to put the finishing touches on it and…” He paused dramatically. “And to let the anticipation build a little more.”


“I do not understand your line of reasoning, lieutenant.” Seven informed him. “I will assist you in completing the program. Together we can complete it in less time.”


“Seven, you’re missing another facet of human behavior.” Chakotay told her. “Anticipation of an event often heightens the…. pleasure…. of the actual…. consummation. Wouldn’t you say, Captain?”


Sensing another level to the conversation, Seven noted the increased temperature and respirations levels in both the Commander and the Captain. Clinically she noted the pupil dilation, increased blood pressure, and other signs of sexual arousal. She was, however, unsure what that had to do with the current situation.


“Tom, keep working on the program, let me know when it’s ready. Neelix stand by with the food and entertainment. Let’s set a tentative date for two days from now. Dismissed.” She turned to the viewport at the back of the room as they began filing out. Sighing to herself, she turned to go and found Chakotay was still seated at the table. Or rather on the table. He lounged back on the tabletop, one foot on a chair. The black eyes roamed over her body as if he were mentally stripping her uniform off.


Reminding Kathryn of a wolf stalking his prey, Chakotay snagged her wrist as she tried to slip past him. “That was a perfect answer, Kathryn.” His voice was low and husky.




“To our problem.” He pulled her closer until she stood between his spread legs.


“Which problem is that?” Her wrist burned under his hand.


Pulling her to him, he slid off the table. With his other hand on the small of her back, he pressed her firmly against him. Her hands settled on his chest. Our problem.”


Kathryn could feel his heart pounding under her hands and his erection throbbing against her belly. The Starfleet material was no protection from the heat. Chakotay’s eyes were half closed as he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. “Helping the crew get past our encounter…..” He nuzzled her ear. “With the Hirogen.”


Moaning softly as he placed a kiss beneath her ear, she tipped her head as his mouth moved down her neck. Her hands clutched his shoulders holding him close to her.


“Let me be the first to thank you.” He brushed her lips lightly with his.


“Yes….” She leaned into the kiss and abruptly found herself stumbling forward into the table as he moved aside. “Chakotay?”


“Yes, Kathryn?” He flashed her a smile complete with dimples. “I really need to get on the duty rosters for next week.” He was out the door and gone before she could answer.


Leaning on the table, she panted in agonized arousal.





Your presence is requested in Holodeck 1

1800 hours Tomorrow

To celebrate the relaunch of Voyager

Dress casual – no uniforms allowed



“Nice touch, don’t you think?” Chakotay ran a finger over the raised letters on his invitation.


“Good job, Mr. Paris.” Captain Janeway sat in her command chair examining her own invitation.


“Thanks, Captain, but I can’t take the credit for this one.” Tom swiveled his seat around at the conn. “It was Commander Tuvok’s idea to send out paper invitations.”


The command team turned to look at the Security Chief. “In keeping with the spirit of the event, a more personal touch seemed appropriate.”


“Flawless logic as always, Tuvok.” The Captain hid her smile behind her hand.


Chakotay leaned over and motioned her closer and whispered. “I think he’s a closet romantic.”


“I think you’re right.” Turning back to Tom, she asked. “Is everyone aware that attendance is required? No excuses?”


“Yes ma’am, the Doctor has been making sure everyone knows the EMH will be on duty to cure any illnesses that might keep anyone from attending.”


“Why isn’t the Doctor coming? He’s part of the crew. Let the compute run things for awhile. Tell B'Elanna we need to stop and run a full diagnostic sweep. Besides, somebody’s got to take the holoimages.”


“Yes, ma’am!”


“I’m putting this up as a keepsake, something to show off when we get home.” She rose from her chair and headed for her ready room.


“Captain, would you mind keeping this for me until later?” Chakotay held his initiation out to her. When she stepped over to him, he pulled it back, forcing her to bend down. His voice was pitched low and husky for her ears only. “Put it in the same place you keep my heart.”


“That would be the recycle bin.” She snatched the paper from him. He smiled at her, dazzling her with his dimples. Just as she went through the doors, she heard him start laughing. Insufferable man!





At the end of Alpha shift, Kathryn picked up the two invitations from her desk and stepped out of her ready room. Chakotay had already left the bridge. No problem, she could drop his at his quarters on the way to her own.


She’d hit the call button twice and was begining to think he wasn’t in his quarters when the door hissed open. Stepping inside, she looked around the main room. “Chakotay?”


“Over here.” He was lying on the sofa. “Sorry, can I get a rain check on dinner? I don’t feel very well.”


“What’s wrong?” She moved quickly to the sofa. It wasn’t like him to be ill; the man had the constitution of a bull.


“My head.” He sighed and ran his hands over his face and through his hair. It was a gesture she’d seen often in the last few weeks.


“Have you been having headaches lately?” In her concern for the crew’s welfare she’d somehow overlooked her first officer and best friend’s health. “Computer lower lights to twenty-five percent. I’ve got just the thing.”


Going to the bathroom, she wet a washcloth down with cold water. Coming back to sit next to him, she ordered. “Take off your jacket and shirt.” After he’d removed both of them, she wondered if she’d made a tactical error. He wasn’t wearing the standard issue Starfleet tank top. The starlight coming in the viewport gilded his bronze skin with silver.


“Kathryn? Voyager to Kathryn.”


“What?” She realized he must have said her name more than once. “Oh, I was just thinking what a rotten Captain I am not to notice my XO is under the weather.”


“I wouldn’t expect the Captain to notice.” He lay back down. “A friend would have noticed.”


“Chakotay, you are my friend, my very best friend.” She pulled his arm away so she could see into his eyes. “I’m sorry that I haven’t seen what this is doing to you. You’re always the one who’s so grounded. Everyone comes to you and unloads their problems – myself included.”


“Its alright, Kathryn.” He squeezed her hand. “Its just tension. I just need to rest.”


“First you need Grandma Janeway’s headache cure. Sit up and turn around.” When he was sitting with his back to her, she pressed on his shoulders. “Now lay your head down.”


“Aye-aye, Captain.” He chuckled. Crossing his arms on the back of the sofa, he laid his head down on them. “Bossy wench.”


“That’s Captain Bossy wench to you.” Kathryn had been intending to massage his shoulders, now looking at his bare back, she wasn’t sure it was safe. Taking a deep breath, she put a hand on each shoulder at the base of his neck and began to work the tense muscles.


He winced as she dug into the knotted muscles. “Kathryn, are you trying to help me or hurt me?”


“Sorry, Chakotay, but the best way to loosen up tense muscles is hard pressure.”


“No, gentle, firm pressure is better than – ouch!” He twisted away from her. “I notice you never mention your grandfather – did she break his neck?”


“If you would just sit still – “


“Huh, so you can strangle me? Was your grandmother in the Obsidian Order?”


“That was uncalled for! You take that back!”


“And this is how you give a massage.” Chakotay put his hands on her shoulders and began gently kneading the taut muscles.


“Oh! Oh…..” She rolled her head forward. “Maybe you’re right….Grandma Janeway was a cranky old bat come to think of it….”


“Think you have the hang of it now?” He gave her a quick kiss before turning back around.


This time Kathryn’s hands were gentle and the knots began to ease away. Working her way up the back of his neck, she ran her fingers through his hair massaging his scalp. “Much better, there’s hope for you yet.” He stretched luxuriously as her hands slid back down to his shoulders.


“Why thank you kind master, I live but to serve.”


“That’s what I like – a meek, obedient woman.” His laughter rumbled through her hands.


“Obedient? Possibly. Meek? Never.” Lowering her head she sank her teeth into his shoulder.


“Ow! I take it back!”


After kissing the red mark she’d made on his skin, she continued massaging his shoulders and back. Pulling him back to lean against her chest, she laid the wet washcloth over his eyes. “Relax.”


Relax? When he was laying between her legs? Granted, he was facing the wrong direction, but he’d take what he could get. Rubbing his back against her breasts, he sighed and let his head loll back on her shoulder.




“Very.” Turning his head, he kissed the side of her neck. “Thank you.”


Wrapping her arms around his chest, Kathryn hugged him. “You’re always the one taking care of me. Making sure I eat and get enough sleep. Guess I never realized you might need someone looking after you.”


Chakotay was quiet, enjoying this new nurturing side of Kathryn. His headache had long since faded, but he’d keep that piece of information to himself.


They lay there for sometime, not speaking or moving. He stroking his one hand up and down her leg, she tracing patterns on his chest with her fingertips. The patterns grew larger until her hands were moving farther down his chest, one gradually working its way onto his stomach. The other teasing one of his nipples until it was hard and aching.


It was erotic, not being able to see what she was doing. His sight blocked by the washcloth, lying passive in her arms as she touched him. If he’d known this was the way to get her to come out from behind her Starfleet barricade, he’d have had a headache the first week on Voyager. Maybe the first day.


Not being able to see heightened his other senses. He breathed in her sweet scent, soft and floral. Did anyone else know she loved roses? Wore it under her Starfleet armor? The uniform sleeves were rough against his skin as she caressed him and her Captain’s pips were cold against his cheek. Taking one in his teeth, he tugged until it came loose. Turning his head, he let it drop onto the floor. He continued until she was down to lieutenant, then ensign, and finally stripped of rank completely. Her sigh echoed through his skin as the last one came free.


Chakotay was kissing and sucking the soft skin of her neck when he felt her hands move to the waistband of his pants. His breath jerked to a stop and the muscles in his chest and stomach pulled taut. Kathryn undid the fastening and slid the zipper down, revealing that he didn’t bother with Starfleet shorts anymore than he had the t-shirt. Her hands were cool as she took his erection between them.


He stifled a groan in her neck, wary of scaring her. Lying submissively was one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do. His hands clenched on her knees as she began stroking him, slowly sliding from the base of his shaft up to the engorged head and back down, squeezing him in a firm grip. When her other hand slid down to cup his balls and press into the sensitive spot behind them, he couldn’t stop the cry of pleasure that tore from him.


Arching back against her, he kissed along her neck and jaw until she turned her head and captured his lips with hers. Straining blindly into the kiss, he felt himself building to a climax as she sucked his tongue into her mouth before thrusting her tongue into his mouth ruthlessly imitating the stroking of her hand.


Kathryn felt more powerful than she ever had with a man. To have a man as big and strong as Chakotay helplessly writhing under her hands in ecstasy was almost enough to trigger her own orgasm. Her gasps matched his as his body pressed and rubbed her through her uniform pants. She wondered when he’d have had enough and try to get her on her back, but he never tried. Didn’t grab her breasts or force his tongue into her mouth. Draping one leg over his, she pulled his legs apart. Let him feel what it was like to be spread open at someone’s mercy.


Stroking him faster, she worked to bring him to his climax, whispering to him that she was going to make him come. He moaned and whimpered against her mouth until with a sudden jerking of his hips, his seed spurted over her hands and onto his stomach.


Chakotay pulled the washcloth off his eyes so he could see himself coming onto her hands. He had to see it to believe it was real. Had to see her stroking him gently for a few more moments, milking him until he had no more to give. Putting one hand over hers, he reveled in the stickiness covering their joined fingers. Reaching his other hand behind her neck, he pulled her head back down to his for a fierce kiss.


She gave him that. Let him take her mouth as she slid her other hand down inside her pants and rubbed the swollen bud between her legs until her own orgasm exploded through her.


They lay together panting, hearts pounding. She watched as he raised their joined fingers. Now would be when he expected her to lick it up and lie about how good it was. Instead, she watched shocked as he sucked her fingers into his mouth, licking the palm of her hand, lapping himself off of her. The sight caused the throbbing between her legs to start again. Men wanted a woman to swallow, but she’d never met a man who’d taste it himself. Hell, most men wouldn’t even give you a kiss after you’d gotten lockjaw sucking them off.


Pulling Chakotay’s hand to her mouth, she returned the favor, licking and sucking his seed from his fingers. He pulled his hand away and pressed his mouth to hers again. The taste of him intensified the aching inside of her. Suddenly she wanted him inside of her, wanted his weight on top of her. “Chakotay.” Pulling at his shoulders, she pleaded. “Please….”


He didn’t need any more encouragement. From passive plaything he turned into aggressive sexual animal. Pulling at her jacket, he jerked it open and shoved his hands under the gray turtleneck, pulling it up, tearing the tank apart. Sucking her breasts, nipping and biting them through her bra. His knees pushed her legs apart grinding himself against her.


He was tugging her pants down when her combadge chirped. “Bridge to Captain Janeway.” Damn! Could no one on this ship take a piss without asking her to hold their hand? “Bridge to Captain Janeway.”


She fumbled for her combadge. “Yes!”


“Ships approaching, Captain, they will be in range in 15 minutes.”


“I’ll be right there. Janeway out.”


Chakotay had already pulled his shirt and jacket back on and was holding out a hand to help her up. Brushing aside her shaking hands, he straightened her shirt and closed her jacket. “Chakotay, I – “


“Shush.” He kissed her gently. “Later.”


She led the way to the bridge.





The ships turned out to be nothing more than automated drones monitoring an invisible border in space blaring out warnings to avoid this sector of space by order of the Patni’rQ.


Giving the order to skirt around the area, Captain Janeway handed the bridge back to Beta shift. Standing next to Chakotay in the turbolift, she wanted to say something to him about what had happened in his quarters, but Tuvok and Tom were also in the lift with them.


“I need your help with one last walk through, Captain.” Tom was saying. “It looks perfect to me, but I’d like you to take a look just in case I missed something.”


As much as she wanted to talk to Chakotay, with no valid reason for not going, she agreed.


“Uh, Captain, speaking of missing….” Tom fingered the pips on his collar.


Her hand flew to her collar now clean of pips. She felt the color rising to her face.


“Tom, the Captain was off duty.” Chakotay chided him. “We’re lucky she’s not here in her bathrobe.”


The two men laughed and she forced herself to laugh along with them. It was a logical excuse, but she still felt like strangling him. The idea of logic drew her gaze to Tuvok who was silently regarding her. A raised eyebrow could mean anything or nothing at all with him.





She had just finished dressing when the door chime sounded. “Come in!” Turning back to the bedroom mirror she resumed her struggle with her earrings. The back of one refused to slide on the post.


Chakotay lounged in the doorway watching her. She was dressed in a light blue dress that brought out the blue of her eyes. It was modest, showing just a hint of cleavage, but still emphasizing the curve of her breasts and hips. “I give up!” Frustrated, she tossed the earring back in the jewelry box. As she started to pull the other one off, he stepped behind her.


“Let me try.” Taking the earring from the box, he slid the back on and off a time or two. “The post is bent.”


“Can you fix it?”


“Um hum….” He straightened the post before placing it on her earlobe. The back slid on easily. Picking up the matching necklace, he laid it around her throat and waited until she lifted her hair to one side so he could close the clasp. Placing a kiss on the back of her neck, he slid his arms around her waist. “Very pretty.”


“Thank you.” She leaned back in his arms, studying their reflection in the mirror. “We look good together tonight.”


“We always look good together.” His breath was warm on the side of her neck.


She couldn’t argue that. They complimented each other perfectly. He was broad and tall next to her petiteness and her white skin contrasted with his duskier skin. “We do, don’t we?”


They stood this way for awhile, his arms crossed under her breasts, her fingers twined with his, rocking slightly back and forth, eyes locked in the mirror.


“Paris to Captain Janeway.”


“I swear, I’m ripping the comm system out by its roots.” She lifted one hand still linked with Chakotay’s and tapped her combadge. “Janeway here, what is it, Mr. Paris?”


“We’re ready to go Captain, just waiting on you and Chakotay.”


“We’re on our way, Janeway out.”


“Wait a second.” Going into her bathroom, Chakotay came back out with a bottle of her perfume. Taking the stopper from the bottle, he dabbed it lightly behind each ear, then along the tops of her breasts drawing a gasp from her, before touching it to the inside of one wrist. She rubbed her wrists together to spread the scent.


His free hand pulled her skirt up. “Chakotay!” Kathryn tried to pull it back down, but he continued until it was bunched up under her breasts. She sucked in her breath as he touched the glass piece to her belly and down to just under the waistband of her panties. The scent of roses wafted about them as he rubbed the perfume through her curls. He stepped back and let her skirt drop. “Now I know why my mother always asked my father to help her get dressed.” Her voice was shaking.


Chakotay put the stopper back in the bottle and offered her his arm. “Ready?”


“Very.” But not for the party she thought as they left her quarters.


In the lift, he leaned back against the wall, and she took a good look at him. He had on a white shirt that emphasized his bronzed skin and a pair of buckskin colored pants that hugged his body and emphasized much more than his uniform ever did. Maybe I can get the replicator to make his uniforms just a little tighter.


“What are you thinking, Kathryn?” He arched an eyebrow. Her expression was one of someone thinking wicked thoughts.


“Oh, just wondering who helped you with your perfume.”


“I had to do it myself. I’m not sure I did a very good job. What do you think?” He tugged her into his arms. Sliding a hand into her hair, he pressed her face against his neck. “Enough here?”


“Just enough, I think. Let me check the other side.” She inhaled his spicy scent. Nuzzling the other side of his neck, she nipped at his earlobe. “Missed a spot.”


“Next time we’ll have to get dressed together.” His eyes were smoky with promise.


When the lift stopped they pulled apart. Naomi and Sam Wildman stepped into the lift. “Captain.” Sam greeted her.


“Please, Sam, it’s Kathryn. Tonight we’re all just family.” She lifted Naomi up into her arms. “You can call me Aunt Kathy and he’s Uncle Chakotay.”


“Oh, I already call him Uncle.” The little girl hugged her.


Kathryn smiled at him over Naomi’s head. “You’re already ‘Uncle’, huh? Trying to steal my assistant?”


“It’s custom. We believe a child belongs not just to their family but also to all the People. “ He explained. “A man is called Uncle and a woman Aunt, unless they’re older then it’s Grandfather and Grandmother.”


“Let’s stick with Aunt and Uncle shall we?”




“Now you’re a pair!” Naomi pulled him over to hug him against her and Kathryn.


“From the mouths of babes.” Chakotay kissed the top of the little girl’s head


The lift stopped again, and they got out walking along the crowded hallway to the holodeck. The doors were locked in the open position; after B'Elanna had felt nervous hearing the doors snap shut while helping on the program.


Going inside, Kathryn was amazed at the sight of Voyager’s mess hall decked with bunting and crepe paper. Outside the viewports they could see the metallic arms of the Spacedock surrounding the ship, and worker bees zipping around between the supports and the ship. Earth glimmered in the distance. Tears filled her eyes making the blue and white sphere waver.


“We’ll get there, Kathryn, we’ll get there.” Chakotay put his arms around her shoulders.


“Attention everyone!” Neelix was standing on a chair. “Tonight we gather here as family. Our ship, our friend needs us to forgive, forget, and resume the voyage. Here’s to Voyager!” There were cheers as everyone lifted their glass in response.


“To Voyager’s family!” Kathryn called out the toast. Again there was cheering.


“Well said, Captain!” Neelix applauded.


“Please, tonight it’s Kathryn. Tonight there’s no rank, no protocol – just a family celebration.”


“Well, said, Kathryn!” The Talaxian winked. “There’s plenty of food and drink. Everyone’s favorites are here, so enjoy. And remember to thank Tom Paris for this wonderful program!”


There was a loud chorus of “Thank yous” and those around him patted Tom on the back and shoulders. “I can’t take all the credit, Chakotay and Kathryn are the ones who asked me to do this for us. Here’s to ‘mom and dad’!” Much laughter and clapping followed that toast, and Kathryn hid her face in Chakotay’s back.


After mingling for awhile, Kathryn and Chakotay found themselves at a table by the viewports with Tom, B'Elanna, and Harry. “Good job, helm boy.” B'Elanna patted his leg. “I have to admit, this seemed like a really silly idea, but now that we’re here, it’s great.

“It’s not silly!” Tom protested. “Voyager has always been on our side. Even when the Kazon stole her and dumped us on that planet, she came back for us. This time they used her against us – we had to scare the ghosts out!”


“How did you make the mess hall large enough for the whole crew, Tom?” Chakotay was looking around. “It doesn’t seem any bigger.”


“There’s actually two mess halls. Neelix’s galley is in the center with a mess hall on each side. Mirror images except the decorations are in different colors. It was Harry’s idea.”


“Good job Harry.”


“Thank you Cap – Kathryn.” Harry’s face flushed. “I just thought why be crowded and – “


“And the view out the other side is a slideshow!” Tom interrupted. “It cycles through everyone’s home planet.”


“Mr. Paris, you deserve a commendation for this.” Kathryn reached across the table and patted his hand.


“No rank, tonight, Kathryn.” He brought her hand to his lips. “Its just Tom.”


“Tom.” She winked. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten that ‘mom and dad’ crack.”


Festive music flowed through the room as Voyager’s family laughed and talked. Tables were pushed aside so people could dance. Groups formed, broke up, and formed again as they reminisced about their time in the Delta Quadrant. The Doctor was everywhere snapping holoimages.


Kathryn was watching the ‘slideshow’ as Tom called it, waiting for Earth to come back by. Trebus shimmered onto the screen. Knowing Tom, it was no accident that Earth followed Chakotay’s home.


“Even today, Coyote’s children still bear the scorch marks from the fire he carried to the People.” Chakotay finished the story to find Naomi had fallen asleep, her head on his lap. “Computer I need a flannel blanket and a pillow.” The holodeck computer obediently placed a blanket and pillow on the table next to him. He spread the Starfleet logo over her and gently lifted her head to slide the pillow under it.


Watching him stroking Naomi’s blond hair, Kathryn saw the sad, wistful expression on his face. Her heart twisted, realizing how badly he wanted children. He would never get the chance out here. He should move on, meet someone, fall in love, and have children of his own.


Chakotay looked up suddenly and smiled at her and she knew he would never move on. The love was there in his eyes and had been almost from the moment they’d met. Her eyes filled with tears again.


“Kathryn, are you okay?” She looked away from his concern. “Just tired, I guess.” She brushed a wayward lock of hair out of Naomi’s eyes. “I feel like I’m always swimming upstream.”


“Then stop. Maybe if you let yourself float downstream…” He leaned over and kissed her. “You might find you’ve been swimming away from what you want.”


“Maybe.” She kissed him back.


“Oh my God!” Tom pulled B'Elanna away from the buffet table. “Look!”


“What? I’ve seen the slide show already.” She rolled her eyes. “Earth’s a lovely planet; hope we get to visit someday. From the outside of a prison.”


“Yeah, well, it’s gotten an addition since the last time you saw it, look.” He turned her to face the viewports.


“Oh my God!”


“Am I going crazy or are they sucking face?”


“Tom, that’s awful!” B'Elanna laughed. “Appropriate, but awful.”


“We’ve got to make sure they’re not disturbed.” He looked around, the crowd had thinned out, but there were still plenty of crewmembers in the holodeck.


“In the middle of a party? Good luck.”


“Watch and learn Klingon wench. Computer add a floor to ceiling wall one half meter in front of me.” A gray wall shimmered into existence effectively cutting off his view of Kathryn and Chakotay. “Now, change it to run Paris’ Home Movies.” In front of the two of them was an exact duplicate of the mess hall viewports complete with the slideshow of the crew’s home worlds. “Viola, a private room!”


“Well, I am impressed, here I thought you’d call for witnesses so you could collect on the betting pool.” B'Elanna hugged him. “Guess you’re a romantic at heart.”


“Of course I am, sweetheart.” Tom set the Doctor’s holoimager back on the table. What B'Elanna didn’t know wouldn’t get him hurt. Especially if he bribed her with chocolate cherry ice cream with some of the rations he’d collect.


“Speaking of private rooms, fly boy.” B'Elanna nipped at his neck. “Do you still have that pirate program?”


“I believe it’s still on file, let’s go see.” Looping his arm around her neck, he pulled her to him and gave her a bite of his own where her shoulder met her neck. The shiver that ran through her echoed in his own body. He pulled her toward the door.


“Hey wait for me!” Harry took B'Elanna’s other arm. “Pirates? Sounds like fun!”


Tom and B'Elanna groaned but kept walking. “Maybe we should run the Three Musketeers program.” B'Elanna said sarcastically.


“Hey, yeah, good idea, Be! I think Constance likes me.” Harry said confidently.


“She’s programmed to like you, Harry.” Tom laughed. “Still….. French could be fun, right Milady?”


“That palace has a lot of rooms, right?” B'Elanna ran her hand down his back to his butt and squeezed hard.


“As many as we need, my darling Klingon.”





Kathryn and Chakotay had been kissing gently and tenderly, caressing each other’s face and hair for some time when they heard a giggle. Looking down, they saw Naomi smiling up at them.


“You’re kissing!”


“And you think that’s funny?” Chakotay playfully swatted her behind.


“I think it’s about time!”


“Really? You think we should have kissed sooner?”


“Everybody does! What were you waiting for?”


“Naomi, there are rules, protocol. When we get home – “ Kathryn tried her best to look stern.


“Aunt Kathy, when will we get home?” Naomi climbed up to sit on Chakotay’s lap.


“Maybe thirty years, but when we started, it was seventy. We’ve managed to cut forty years off. Who knows, we could be home next week.”


The little girl grew solemn. “Or maybe never.”


How could she explain the importance of maintaining the command structure to a child? “The rules are there for a reason. How can I send Chakotay on a possibly dangerous mission if we’re, if we’re – “


“Married?” He supplied helpfully.


“So if you love someone, you wouldn’t be able to be a good Captain because you’d worry about them all the time?”


“Exactly.” Maybe she’d underestimated Naomi, she had immediately understood the conflict.


“So…. how is that different from now? You already love him.” She said it slowly as if Kathryn were the child.


“I – I – “


“Everybody knows, Aunt Kathy.” Naomi assured her. “It’s not a secret.”


“Starfleet has rules….” She fell back on the old defense weakly.


“They have a lot of rules. One is that I can’t be on Voyager, or Seven and Neelix either. I wouldn’t get to be the Captain’s assistant.” She said sadly. Chakotay hugged her and kissed the top of her head.


Kathryn watched him cuddle Naomi. “The rules can’t change just because we’re so far from home.”


“Why? Maybe some of their rules aren’t very good. At least not in the Delta Quadrant. Wouldn’t they say you could do things different if we could talk to them?”


“I don’t know.” It was a question that haunted her nights. Would Starfleet set certain protocols aside given how long Voyager’s journey might be?


“I’ll bet they would.” She nodded confidently. “I’ll bet they’d want everyone to have a family and be happy. We may be here our whole lives!”


Naomi wasn’t saying anything Kathryn hadn’t thought herself. What good was it to get home and be able to be with Chakotay if she was an old woman who’d never be able to have his children because she’d waited too long? Tears threatened.


She looked at Chakotay; he’d been silent through the entire conversation. Of course, Naomi was making his case for him, saying everything he’ already told her while they were on New Earth. If the voyage did take another thirty years, who would care if she’d fallen in love with her first officer?


“Aunt Kathy, what if something bad happens? I cried when Kes left, but I’m glad that I loved her, even if she’s gone.”


The tears broke free. If Chakotay died before they reached the Alpha Quadrant she would have nothing to return home to. And she would have wasted the time they did have together all because she’d been hiding behind rules. Rules made by people 70,000 light years away.


“Don’t cry, Aunt Kathy!” Naomi threw her arms around her. “I’m sorry!”


“No, it’s okay.” She wiped the tears away. “You’re right.”


Chakotay kissed her over the top of Naomi’s head. “Well, I’m glad that’s settled.”


“Neelix to Naomi.”


She tapped her combadge. “Naomi here, Neelix.”


“Your mother’s looking for you, dear heart, it’s time to go. Where are you?”


“I’m with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chakotay by the viewports.”


“I don’t see you.” Neelix sounded confused.


Naomi turned to look across the room. Instead of the galley, there was a blank gray wall. “Computer, remove that new wall.” It dissolved to reveal Neelix and Sam. “Thank you.”


“Now how did that get there?” Neelix held out his arms to her. Giving Kathryn and Chakotay each a kiss, she hopped down and ran to him.


“Guess we had our own private room.” Kathryn said watching her leave.


“Tom’s work, no doubt.”


“Did you see how she answered her combadge? Just like any other member of Voyager’s crew.” She sighed. “She’s right, you know. If we get back to the Alpha Quadrant Sam would have to transfer to another ship or take a posting planet side somewhere. Neelix and Seven won’t be allowed to stay on.”


It hadn’t escaped his notice that she’d said ‘if’ and not ‘when’ for once. “Kathryn, Seven would probably be dissected.”


“Chakotay!” Her mouth dropped open in shock.


“You have this rosy picture painted of our return to the Alpha Quadrant, Kathryn. If we got back right now.” He tapped the table top for emphasis. “Tom and B'Elanna would be in prison, the Doctor would be deactivated so they could study his program, and I’d be on my way to Cardassia Prime.”


“No.” She shook her head. “No….”


“Yes! The Federation is so anxious to keep peace with the Cardassians they’d hand me over wrapped in a bow.”


“No!” She grabbed his shoulders, her fingers digging in painfully, clutching him to her. If he were turned over to the Cardassians, he faced certain death after weeks or possibly months of torture. The Obsidian Order prided themselves on their techniques. She knew first hand their expertise at keeping their victims alive for further ‘interrogation’. The thought of him screaming in agony, begging for the death they held just out of reach was more than she could bear. “I wouldn’t let them, Chakotay!”


“You won’t have a choice.” His gentle voice was bitter.


“Then why are you helping Voyager get home?” She pulled back to stare into his eyes.


“Why not, Kathryn? We’ve managed to take some time off the journey, but we’re still decades away. The wormhole in the Gamma quadrant that leads to DS9 and Bajor – if we can find it – that’s still fifteen or twenty years. By then, things will have changed. No one will care about some old Maquis.” He wiped the traces of her tears away. “And if they do, I’d hope you’d care enough for me to go back through the wormhole and drop me off in the Gamma Quadrant somewhere.


She was quiet, holding on to him. She’d never thought about what would actually happen when they got home. All her energy went into getting there. That she and Chakotay would be able to finally be together was the only post arrival thought she’d had.


If they got back in a year or so, everything he said would happen. Starfleet would put the Maquis in prison, ship Seven to a lab, and hand Chakotay over for sadistic murderers to play with. If they made it home twenty or thirty years from now, no doubt they’d be allowed to live in peace. By then the Federation would have worked it out with the Cardassians. They’d still be young enough to enjoy each other – maybe in the Gamma Quadrant as he’d suggested – but she’d be too old to give him children. If he’d wait….


“I’ll wait how ever long you need me to.” His voice was soft and low in her ear.


Had she spoken aloud or did he know what she was thinking? “For thirty years?” Why had she never realized how long that really was? Pulling back, she was stunned by the love shining in his eyes.


“If you want.”


“What about children?”


“There’ll be plenty of children on Voyager.”


“They won’t be your children.”


There was a flash of pain in the black velvet eyes. The image of fat babies laughing and smiling tore at him. “I know.”


She pushed him out to arms length. “What would you do if I asked you to wait thirty years?”


“I’d wait.”


She pulled him back halfway. “And if I asked you to wait twenty years?”


“I’d wait.”


Closer still. “And if I asked you to wait ten years?”


“I’d wait.”


Their lips were almost touching. “And if I asked you to wait until we get back to my quarters?”


“I’m not sure I can wait that long.” His smile was slow and sultry. “I may have to rape you right here on the table.”


Her smile matched his. “Shut up and kiss me.”


“Is that an order, Captain?” He gave her a quick kiss.


“Consider it a standing order, Commander.” Threading her fingers through his raven hair, she pulled his lips to hers.


Pulling her onto his lap, he deepened the kiss, opening her mouth to slip his tongue inside. He shifted her so she was astride his thighs, hands on her hips pressing her down against his arousal.


She was rubbing against him riding the hardness between her legs panting into his mouth when her combadge chirped. “Bridge to Captain Janeway.” She rested her forehead against his with a thump. It’s a Goddamn conspiracy. “Bridge to Captain Janeway.”


“What?” She demanded.


“Captain, the diagnostic is finished and Gamma shift has reported for duty.”


“Then resume course! Tuvok, I don’t want to be disturbed tonight, not for anything.”


If he was startled by her testy reply he didn’t let it show. “Understood, Captain. I will leave orders to contact Commander Chakotay sho – “


“Commander Chakotay will also be unavailable. You’re in charge. Unless we hit an iceberg, we’re not to be disturbed.”


There was a fraction of a pause. “Understood, Captain. Tuvok out.”


“Let’s go, Chakotay before we need to put that wall back up.” Kathryn got up off his lap. He wasn’t sure which wall she was talking about as he took her hand and led her across the room.


In the turbolift, she pressed him up against the wall. “Should we stop the lift and fool around?”


Laughing, he pushed her back a step. “Not until I find out what the odds are – I want to skin Tom out of his replicator rations. I’ve got a Captain to keep in coffee rations.”


Once they were in her quarters he pulled her into his arms. His mouth came down hard on hers, his tongue forcing her mouth open. Kathryn was breathless, surprised at his sudden aggression. She felt him lift her up against the bulkhead, his hands pulling at her skirt, tearing her panties away. She cried out as he thrust his fingers inside of her. This was the angry Maquis Warrior she’d met that first day in the Delta Quadrant. Nuzzling his ear, she took his earlobe between her teeth. “My Maquis….”


He grunted, busy trying to pull down her dress to get at her breasts, finally tearing it down the front. Her bra met a similar fate. He sucked a taut nipple into his mouth.


“Wait.” She shoved at his shoulders.


“No.” He bit down hard enough to make her jump.


Plucking his combadge off his chest, she threw it over his shoulder. Finding her own in the tattered remains of her dress she tossed it away as well. Just in case they did hit an iceberg.


Holding his head to her breasts as he suckled her, Kathryn rested her head against his shoulder. Waves of pleasure spread through her from where his fingers stroked frantically in and out of her. There was no finesse in his movements, just raw need that had been held in check too long.


Chakotay shifted, opening his pants and freeing his painful erection to plunge inside her. She was hot, wet, and tight around him just as he’d always dreamed. Hands under her thighs, he held her open as he began thrusting hard and deep into her. His orgasm was already upon him, her whimpers and moans spurring his strokes faster and harder.


Clutching his shoulders, she held on as he pumped frantically into her, slamming her into the wall. Nipping and sucking her breasts, he moaned and groaned love and sex words to her, sometimes in a language she didn’t understand. With one last violent thrust, rearing up to crush her mouth with his, tongue stabbing into her mouth, he exploded inside of her.


It was over as abruptly as it began. His face was buried in her shoulder, groaning softly as the last of his seed pumped into her. She knew she’d have bruises tomorrow, her lips and breasts stung from the rough treatment, and she hadn’t gotten within a light year of an orgasm. But she was happy, deliriously happy! Wrapping her arms and legs tight around him; she nuzzled his soft ebony hair. “I love you, Chakotay.”


“Kathryn, forgive me.” His voice was so soft she could barely hear him. “I couldn’t wait.”


“You’ve been waiting for four years, I forgive you.”


Raising his head, he kissed her gently. “I love you, Kathryn. I never meant to use you so roughly.” Lifting her in his arms, he carried her to the bedroom. As they pulled off their clothes, she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Chakotay, I have a confession to make.” He sat next to her stroking her hair. “When the Hirogen were on Voyager. When we were in St. Claire, we…. we made love then.”


“It’s alright – “


“No, hear me out, Chakotay, I knew what I was doing. My neural implant wasn’t working, but yours was. You thought you were Captain Miller.”


“And you thought I wouldn’t find out.” He nodded, understanding.


“And I’d have the one time to cherish until we got home. But it was wrong to take advantage of you. It was the same as rape.”


“Kathryn, I may not remember, but I doubt seriously that you had to force me.” He pulled her back onto the bed to lie in his arms. “Was it good?”


“Yes, it was wonderful.” She curved against his side.


He smiled and kissed her. “I’m glad, I’d have hated to disappoint you.”


“I’m sure I’ll regret feeding your male ego.” She laughed. “But the other two times were pretty good, too.”


“Three times? Oh, Kathryn this is so unfair! I’m sure I’d be pretty smug if I could remember.”


“I’m sure you’ll manage to be smug anyway.” She nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. “The bad part was that instead of satisfying me until we got home, it just made me want you that much more. God, it’s been so hard keeping my hands off you lately!”


“I’d noticed that. I have a couple confessions of my own. I was playing possum the other day in your ready room.” Her delicate snort told him she’d already figured that one out. “My neural implant went out sooner than you think it did.”


“What?” She sat up and glared down at him. “You knew? Oh! That crack about caves, I knew it!”


“Now, Kathryn – “


“Don’t you ‘now, Kathryn’ me!” She hissed. “And you never said a word!”


“I don’t remember what happened. I woke up in the cave lying with you. It didn’t take a warp field scientist to figure out we’d made love, but I didn’t remember it.” He pulled her back down.


“And when we kissed?”


“That I remember.” Chakotay eased his body over hers. “You know, you could see if you can jog my memory….”


“Purely in the interest of science I assume?” She shivered at his hot breath in her ear.


“You always said you were a four pip scientist.”


“Speaking of pips, where are mine, anyway?” He’d never given her the pips he pulled off her collar the night before.


His hands slid down over her breasts and belly. “I’ll never tell.”


“Hmmmm…. one project at a time….. first let’s see if we can’t get Captain Miller’s memories of a certain Maquis to surface….”


“Oh, I’m sure they’re in there somewhere….”


“May take several tries. Are you busy for the next twenty or thirty years?”





“So did she come to you?”


“Yes, grandfather, you were right.” Chakotay held the four shiny pips up before the fire.


“See, you should have come to me sooner. Your father was the same way, it’s a wonder you were even born.” The old man puffed on his pipe. “So, when will I see my grandchildren, Possum?”


“One mountain at a time, grandfather.”




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