Passive Resistance

By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17



“I loved the look on Tom’s face when you collected the pool.”


“It was priceless.” Chakotay smiled at the memory. “Maybe this will break him of running betting pools.”


“I doubt it.” Kathryn sipped at the cup of cinnamon tea he’d given her when she had asked for coffee. “Not bad, but it isn’t coffee.”


“You’ve had enough coffee for one day.”


“First officer and head nurse?”


“Chief baby sitter.” He yelped as her elbow dug into his ribs. “Be nice or I won’t share my ill gotten gains with you.”


“Just how did you know that Ayala was going to propose to both Delaney sisters?”


“He came to me for advice.”


“You? For advice on romance?” She laughed. The laughter died in her throat as his face hardened. “Chakotay, I’m sorry.”


“For what? Pointing out the obvious?” He snarled at her. “Pointing out what a mess I’ve made of my own attempts?”


“I didn’t mean it that way.” She laid a hand on his arm. “You’re the father figure to the crew. Trying to decide whether or not to marry one twin or another – or both – isn’t something you’d talk to your father about.”


Chakotay rubbed his hands over his face. “I’m sorry, Kathryn. I’m just a little tired; it’s been a long day.”


“Stay another minute or two. I’ve got something I want to show you.” She dug inside the end table next to the sofa. Pulling out a small blanket, she laid it across his lap. “What do you think?”


He examined the pink and white blanket carefully, admiring the work. “When did you have time to do this?”


“Odd moments here and there.” She ran a finger over the soft yarn. “I can crochet while I’m doing my logs.”


“Or when you can’t sleep?”


“Or when I can’t sleep.” She admitted with a laugh. “Think B'Elanna will like it?”


“She’ll love it.” Folding the baby blanket, he held it and imagined Kathryn crocheting a blanket like this for their baby. He sighed and his hands twisted in the soft material. A fantasy blanket for a fantasy baby.


The sadness on Chakotay’s face tore at her heart. Stroking a hand through his hair, she leaned over and kissed his cheek.


Turning, he brushed his lips across hers before she could pull away. The brief contact shot a sizzle of electricity through him. Kathryn gasped as if she’d felt it, as well. Sliding a hand behind her head, he pulled her closer and kissed her softly.


His lips caressed hers gently, warm and soft on her own. Chakotay’s hand in her hair was just as gentle; his thumb stroking the skin just under her ear. Stop! Stop! Fire poured into her from his touch, washing the thought away.


Finally, the need for air forced him to pull back. With a final caress, Chakotay tilted his head back to look in her eyes. The blue eyes were half closed, pupils wide and dilated with desire.


When his lips touched hers again, Kathryn was sure he’d shove his tongue into her mouth and smash her lips as men usually did when they were excited. Instead, he nibbled at her lower lip, tugging gently and sucking. His tongue slid over her lips, tracing along the edge and tickling the corner of her mouth.


Parting her lips for him, she waited for the rough intrusion. Chakotay stopped and let his mouth rest against hers, lips slightly parted. Breathing with her in and out until they shared the same air and the same rhythm.


When his tongue finally dipped into her mouth, she was shaking with anticipation. Sucking at his tongue as he lapped at her, Kathryn tangled her fingers into his hair to hold him close. Ruthlessly, she plunged her tongue into his mouth to taste him.


Stop! I should stop! The ache grew inside her and she squirmed restlessly trying to relieve it. Hardness pressed between her thighs and she moaned, spreading her legs involuntarily. Reaching down, she found Chakotay’s hand cupping her mound and massaging the swollen aching nub through her dress and panties.


Jerking her mouth from his, she rested her forehead against his. Panting, she focused on the hand between her thighs and the other hand that was squeezing her breast. When had that happened? The tingling in her breasts had been adding to the throbbing inside of her without her being aware of it.


When will he get aggressive? When will he demand what I can’t give? I should stop him! Should – oh God! Chakotay’s fingers slid inside her panties to stroke her. “Chakotay…” She gasped against his mouth. He swallowed his name with a kiss.


Tense, Kathryn waited for him to shove his fingers inside of her. Agonizing moments went by as his fingers slid up and down past the tight opening, smearing her wetness over and around the sensitive nub.


Gently rubbing and stroking, Chakotay continued playfully kissing and licking at her mouth, his other hand rolling and teasing her nipples through her dress. As she relaxed and arched into his body, he allowed himself to smile against her lips in triumph.


Kathryn felt the orgasm burst over her as his hand cupped and stroked her. His fingers were wet and sticky between her thighs and he slid them teasingly past the aching opening, but never so much as dipped a fingertip inside of her. Crying out, she crushed her lips against his, tongue fucking his mouth with deep thrusts.


Trembling with the aftershocks, she let him pull her up onto his lap astraddle his muscular thighs. His hands on her hips settled her down firmly on the hard bulge between them. Blinking the sexual haze away, she looked down at him. Still no aggression, instead he’d maneuvered her into her favorite position. “Damn you.”


Chakotay looked up into her face; her cheeks were flushed with passion and her hair was in disarray around her face. Sliding a hand back inside her panties, he teased her wetness again until she moaned and sighed.


If he’d only give her a smug smile or grope her roughly, she could shove him away. He’d done nothing she was prepared to defend against. He hadn’t choked her with his tongue, pinched her nipples, or shoved his fingers into her to finger fuck her. Smile damn you! Give me that look! Say you’re going to fuck me! Help me say no!


The black velvet eyes regarded her seriously, his love shining raw and exposed as it had when they were on New Earth. “Damn you.” Reaching between them, Kathryn unfastened his pants and carefully freed the hard shaft. Hot and velvety soft, he throbbed in her hands, the big vein pulsing under her fingers. His balls were heavy and drew up close to his body as she cupped them. “Damn you, Chakotay.”


A flash lit his eyes and he tore her panties away and spread her open with his fingers as she positioned the swollen head against herself. “Wait.”


The only words he’d spoken so far. Not “fuck me” or “you want my cock, don’t you”, but “wait”. Kathryn held herself still while he rubbed the fat tip in her wetness until it was slick and well coated with her moisture.


“Now.” His voice was soft and husky.


“Yes.” She pushed down on the thick length of him until he was buried fully inside of her. Sighing, she squeezed him with her inner muscles until the stinging faded. “It’s been awhile.”


He nodded. Stroking the swollen bud above where they were joined, he coaxed the fire into a full roar inside her once again. Chakotay was sure she’d been celibate or nearly so for the last seven years and he knew he had a big cock. His lovers had always told him so, and he didn’t want to hurt her. Better to take it slow and let her get used to him.


Unbuttoning the front of her dress, she pulled it down, cursing herself for not having sexier underclothing, and undid her bra. Guiding his head to her breasts, Kathryn sighed as he took a hard nipple in his mouth. His large brown hand cupped the other breast, rolling the nipple and pinching it gently.


Rocking forward, Kathryn felt him slide from her until only the head remained inside. Plunging back down, she smiled as he groaned. Continuing the long slow strokes, she waited for the moment when he would grab her hips and hold her still so he could pump up into her and use her body to pleasure himself.


The tight wet heat encasing him was the best thing he’d ever experienced. Chakotay groaned as she rode him in slow and agonizing strokes. He was going to die before he could come inside her. Die and be happy for it.


When is he going to turn? When will he revert to type? Kathryn grabbed a handful of his raven hair and pulled his head back to look into his eyes. Desire was there in the dark depths. Love not lust. “Damn you.” Picking up the pace, she rode him harder and faster until he was writhing and twisting under her. Grunting and gasping in pleasure. She fucked him and used his body in a futile payback for Mark and the others who had never let her be the dominant one.


“Oh God!” The fire expanded into a massive explosion within her. Grinding down onto the hardness inside of her, she held his head to her as he suckled and licked her breasts. “Oh… God… yes!” Collapsing onto him, she trembled and shook. His hands caressed her, rubbing up and down her back and through her hair. Soft whispers in her ear in a strange tongue she couldn’t understand that soothed her nonetheless.


Gradually the explosions stopped and she could breathe again. And gradually she became aware that Chakotay was still hard and throbbing inside of her. “Chakotay?” Lifting her head from his shoulder, she looked down at him. Lust burned in his black velvet eyes. She was abruptly rolled onto her back and  she cried out as his cock was jerked out of her.


Chakotay knelt between her thighs, draping one of her legs over the back of the sofa and the other over his shoulder. For a moment he hovered over her. Now there was a smug smile on his face. Now that it was too late.


Guiding her hand to him, he wrapped her fingers around the wet sticky shaft. “Put him in, Kathryn.” He said softly.


“You want to fuck me?” She shivered, already knowing what was coming. Chakotay wouldn’t deliberately hurt her, but he was going to pound himself into her and it had been a long time since she’d been thoroughly fucked.


“Oh, yes.” He laughed. “From the day we met.”


Placing the head against her swollen outer lips, Kathryn guided him into her, sighing as his balls came to rest against her.


Many nights he’d dreamed of this, how he’d fuck her until she screamed herself hoarse. Make her pay for making him wait. How he’d love her gently and tenderly. Make her sigh with pleasure. Cupping her ass in his hands, Chakotay began to stroke into her wet heat. For now, he’d settle for somewhere in the middle.


Reaching up to touch him, she pulled his shirt open and ran her hands over his broad chest and flat belly. Rising up on her elbows, Kathryn grunted at how deeply that drove him into her. Between them she could see the thick shaft sliding in and out of her, glistening with their juices. Circling him with her fingers, she squeezed until he moaned and began thrusting harder. Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she licked the stickiness off. Grasping him again, she waited until her fingers were coated once more before putting them to his lips.


Eagerly sucking the taste of them off her fingers, Chakotay let the animal out and began pumping into her harder and faster. Grinding and slamming his body into hers, he squeezed her ass tightly, holding her up to meet his thrusts. His mouth nipped at her breasts, marking the white skin.


Gasping, Kathryn fell back on the sofa as he pounded into her. She was going to die under him. Die as the ecstasy ripped her apart as surely as his cock was ripping her pussy apart. Crying out his name, she arched up to meet him and fuse their bodies together.


Pleasure twisted with exquisite pain sliced through his thighs and belly and down into his cock as it slid in and out of her heat. “Kathryn – Spirits – I’m coming!”


“Yes, Chakotay, yes!” She clamped down hard on him as he exploded within her. A harsh cry tore from him as he arched back, his fingers digging painfully into her buttocks and his pubic mound grinding so hard into hers she knew that they’d both hurt later. When he collapsed she was ready, and wrapping her arms around him, she cradled him. A fierce protectiveness surged up inside of her, the urge to keep him safe while he recovered his strength.


A soft laugh jiggled Kathryn’s breasts against his face. “W – what?” His mouth was dry from the air he had sucked in.


“I have the craziest feeling.”


“Hopefully, it’s love.”


“Oh yes.” She kissed the raven hair. “But that’s not the crazy part.”


“Then what?” Was she admitting she loves me? His slowing heartbeat pumped back to double time.


“This urge to protect you and keep anything from hurting you.”


“How’s that crazy?” Chakotay lifted up off her, propping himself on wobbly arms.


“Do you see any wild animals in my quarters?” Kathryn laughed again, sending a shiver through him as her inner walls clenched around his softening cock. “It’s not like somebody’s going to jump out and get us!”


“Genetic memory?” He brushed his lips across hers. “Maybe from when our ancestors lived in caves and had to worry about predators taking advantage of weakness?”


“Interesting theory.” She pulled him down to kiss him. “We should run a few more trials.”


“Umm…” His tongue twirled around hers. “Many… more… trials…”


“Oh my!”


“What?” He pulled his lips away from hers.

“The baby’s blanket?”  She pulled it out from between them. “Guess I’ll have to make her a new one.”


“You’re not going to recycle it?”


“I can’t give it to anyone after we just had sex on it.” Kathryn laughed, squeezing his hardening shaft. “I should save it just in case we need it.”


“In case? We?”


She laughed again at his expression. “What do you think our ancestors were doing at night in those caves – oh, oh, Chakotay…”


It was his turn to laugh at her cry of pleasure as he began moving within her once again.





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