In Dreams Of You


By Maquis Leader





Rated NC17

Author’s note: Kathryn and Chakotay have reminded me that this is their story not Tom’s! You need to read Captain Proton And The Lost Orgasm  to find out how they got to this point.





She thought......


His mouth was on her breasts, sucking and nipping. His fingers were inside of her filling her, sliding in and out sending ripples of fire through her. Wrapping her leg over his hip, Kathryn held him to her. “Chakotay...” Please don’t let the dream end too soon this time.


Grinding against him, she slid her hands up over his shoulders and down over the muscles flexing in his back. “Yes... oh God, I’ve wanted you for so long...” Reaching down between their bodies, she rubbed the swollen nub sending sparks shooting through her. His hand was there as well, his fingers pumping into her. She could feel the stickiness of herself on his fingers, smell the spicy scent of him mixed with the strong smell of sex. She’d never had a dream of him that was this intense. “Please don’t stop... please let me come...” The dream always ended before she could come.


She felt him hot and hard between her legs. Sliding her leg up around his waist, she groaned as he slid into her with one hard thrust. God! He was bigger than she’d ever dreamed before! He pulled out until just the swollen tip remained inside before plunging back in until she felt his balls resting against her and the tip pulsed against her womb.


My God! She wasn’t dreaming! Opening her eyes, she found herself looking into Chakotay’s sleepy and slightly surprised brown eyes. He was throbbing inside of her.




And he thought . . .


Her hands were on him stroking him until he was so hard he thought he’d die of it. One of her small hands cupped and squeezed his balls. Her breath was hot on his neck. “Kathryn . . . ” Please don’t let the dream end too soon this time.


Rolling over, Chakotay pulled Kathryn to him, his mouth going to her breasts. Impatiently shoving her tank top out of his way, he sucked through the bra until that too came undone under his expert fingers. Happily sucking and nipping on the cream and pink breasts he heard her whisper his name.


His fingers slid down over her belly and onto the silk covering her mound. With a twist, he tore the panties away so he could get to what he wanted. Stroking the tight jewel, he had her moaning and gasping. When his fingers slid into her, she wrapped her leg up over his to pull him closer.


She was grinding against him and moaning how much she wanted him. Her hand slid down between their bodies so she could touch herself. Pumping his fingers in and out of her he could feel the stickiness of her on his fingers, smell the sweet rose scent she always wore mixed with the strong smell of sex. He’d never had a dream of her that was this intense. “Please don’t stop... please let me come...” The dream always ended before he could come.


He pushed against her wet slick heat and she slid her leg up around his waist to open herself more for him. With one hard thrust he slid into her as far as he could. Spirits! She was tighter than he’d ever dreamed before! He pulled out until just the swollen aching tip remained inside before her hands on his back urged him to plunge back in until his balls rested against her and the tip pulsed against her womb.


Oh Spirits! He wasn’t dreaming! Opening his eyes, he found himself looking into Kathryn’s sleepy and slightly surprised blue eyes. She was throbbing around him.




Now what?


“I thought I was dreaming – “ They said at the same time.


“I love you – “ Again at the same time.


They smiled at each other before Chakotay lowered his mouth to hers. Stroking her tongue with his, he began moving inside of her again.


Kathryn locked her leg tighter around him as the sweet friction set off an explosion in her belly that rolled through her body until she cried out his name.


Slowing his pace, he brought her down slowly through the aftershocks. He was going to make this last, she’d be begging and whimpering by the time he was done.


The determined look on his face made her shiver in anticipation. She’d seen that look before. When he set his mind to something... she shivered again as his head went back to her breasts.


Through steady strokes, hard and fast, slow and easy, sucking her breasts, his fingers teasing her woman’s jewel, he brought her to her pleasure over and over.


Finally the pressure began to build to where he could no longer put off his own orgasm. Pumping harder into her, he worked his way towards it to find it was just out of reach. Groaning, he braced a hand on the ground behind her to get better leverage while holding her tightly to him with the other.


Sensing the problem, Kathryn whispered in his ear. “Chakotay, I want you to feel you come. Hot and sticky...”


“Yes...” That’s what he was trying to do but he wasn’t getting there. She was saying dirty and naughty things to him that he would have bet she’d never even heard of. Normally that would be more than enough to send him over the edge. “I can’t – “ he panted. “Oh, Spirits – help me – I can’t – “ It was heaven. It was hell. The pleasure was becoming excruciating. If only he could roll her onto her back and pound into her until he exploded.


Kathryn was whimpering and moaning as she came over and over. Could a person die from this much pleasure? Poor, Chakotay, his groans were becoming more and more frustrated and his movements jerkier. She didn’t know a man could have trouble coming. Men always came. It was the woman who got left behind.


They were rocking back and forth with the force of his movements. She felt something on her back. Hands? Before that thought could fully register, she groaned as Chakotay lunged into her and the hands on her back pushed her against and down onto him


Chakotay began thrusting harder into her, his deep brown eyes opening briefly to look over her shoulder. The pupils were dilated until they appeared almost totally black. Then they closed and his head settled down to her shoulder. She tangled her fingers into the raven hair.


He was moving harder, grunting and groaning into her neck finally reaching his climax. He gave one last hard thrust up into her just as she was pushed hard from behind. Kathryn let out a squeak of pain feeling as if he had pierced her womb. He gave a sharp cry and went still.


Panting, she cradled his head to her. He was gasping and she could feel his heart pounding hard against her breasts. His stomach muscles were still clenching as his seed pumped into her. A soft groan escaped him as her inner walls milked him.


Behind her, she heard Tom breathing hard and moaning. Well, she couldn’t expect him to be quiet. They sure as hell hadn’t been. They couldn’t very well be mad at him for what he was doing considering what they’d just done. Oh God! With Tom right here!


“I love you, Kathryn.” Chakotay’s soft voice broke into her thoughts. “Did I hurt you?”


“No, no, it was wonderful.” She kissed him tasting him with her tongue. “I love you.” Tears spilled down her cheeks.


“Don’t cry, please.” He kissed the tears from her cheeks. “Please don’t be sorry –“


“Sorry? Chakotay, I’m just sorry it didn’t happen sooner.”


“Do you mean that?” Hope lit up in his eyes.


“Yes.” She laid her forehead against his. “Yes.”


“Paris.” Chakotay’s voice was hoarse.


Kathryn felt Tom tense at her back.


“One word and you’re a dead man.”


“Understood, sir.” Tom’s voice sounded like he didn’t doubt it for a second.


“Tomorrow, mess hall, 0730.”




“The first public kiss. Place your bet and we’re even.”


“Yes ma’am!”


She snuggled deeper into Chakotay’s embrace. What would Tom do with all those rations? Maybe she’d make him share some. He’d probably just waste them on some Captain Proton holo adventure. Hmm... guess the Captain wasn’t the only one who got lucky tonight.


Captain Proton And The Lost Orgasm Wanna know how they got to this part?

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