His and Hers

By Maquis Leader



Rating PG13

Author’s note: My first try at a drabble. They’re harder to do than I thought!



Glorious sunset outside their window. Hours of indescribable pleasure. Tongues mating and hands caressing. Soft feminine whimpers and moans. Silken body moving beneath him. Love and sex becoming one. Delicate hand stroking his chest. Her breath tickling on his neck. Creamy white skin nestling warmly. Steady heartbeat against his side.


Strong heartbeat under her hand. Bronze skin soft and warm. His breath in her hair. Male hand resting on her hip. Sex and love blurring together. Hard body moving over her. Husky voice whispering hot words. Passionate kisses and fevered touches. Night filled with ecstasy. Beautiful sunrise outside their window.



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