The Rules Of The Game

By Maquis Leader




Rating: NC17

Author’s note: This is the prequel to How You Play The Game. Sometime during the second year after Basics but before Future’s End.




“Janeway to Chakotay.”


Putting down the stone carving he was looking at, Chakotay tapped his combadge. “Chakotay, here. Is something wrong?”


“No, I just thought you might like to see something I found.”


“Sure, give me a minute to pack these samples up and I’ll beam over.” Putting the samples carefully into the cases he’d brought, Chakotay had them beamed to the ship. Voyager had found an empty planet where a civilization had long ago fought until it destroyed itself.


The crew had been enjoying some needed time off. There were lakes to swim in and glades to picnic in. He had spent his time looking around the libraries and museums that stood empty. Chakotay found it sad and tragic seeing the beauty of the art they’d left behind in their ruined cities.


Beaming to Kathryn’s location, he was momentarily disoriented by the dim room he found himself in. “Kathryn?”


“Over here.” She waved her wrist light at him.


“Where are we?” It looked like a dwelling. Glancing around, he saw Kathryn standing next to a bed. She had on a sleeveless summer dress and her long hair hung loose down her back. He hadn’t seen her wear her hair down since New Earth.


Setting her light on the bedside table, she called him over to her. “Come here.” She spread out a blanket over the bed.


Curious, Chakotay walked over to her. “What have you found?”


Pushing him down to sit on the bed, Kathryn smiled at the confusion in the black velvet eyes before she switched off the light and plunged the room into darkness. “A bed.”


Startled, he felt her hands in his hair and her lips pressing down on his. “Kathryn? What – “ Her hand covered his mouth.


“Shh…” Sitting astride of him, Kathryn kissed him again. His mouth opened and she slid her tongue along his to taste him. His hands came up to rest on her hips as she rubbed against him.  He might have been taken by surprise, but he caught on quickly.  Rocking against the hard bulge between her thighs, she undid the clasps at the back of her neck and the front of her dress fell down to expose her bare breasts.


Her hands guided his head to her breasts.  Sucking eagerly at her nipples, Chakotay squeezed the soft mounds in his hands. Whatever her game was, he liked it. Her breath was warm on his neck as she nibbled at his ear. Small hands slid down his chest to unbutton his shirt. As she pushed it off his shoulders, he lifted his head. “Kathryn, I want – “ Her mouth covered his again.


Chakotay’s skin was soft and warm under her fingers. Wishing she could see the bronze skin, Kathryn nibbled and kissed her way up his face. His tattoo would be along his left temple and over his eye.  Sliding her tongue across his brow, she imagined tracing those exotic markings.


Under her skirt, his hands slid over her thighs to her soft mound.  His heart beat faster as he realized there were no panties to hinder him. Finding the small nub, he rubbed it making her cry out in delight. Slipping his fingers along her wet folds, he nuzzled her breasts again. “Spirits, I want you – “ Her hand covered his mouth firmly. Understanding washed over him. They would have to stop if he spoke to her.


“Shh…” Pulling at the fastenings of his pants, Kathryn freed his erection. Fondling the hard length, she slid off his lap to kneel between his legs. She rubbed the hot silken shaft against her cheek, enjoying the feel of the large vein pulsing against her skin.


It was the most erotic sexual experience he’d ever had. Chakotay could smell her perfume and feel her hands and mouth on him, but he was unable to see her.  His balls tightened and pulled up as his climax roared up on him.  Tangling his fingers in her hair, he tried to pull her back up to his mouth.


Kathryn let him feel her teeth, just a warning to let her have her way. His hands loosened and began stroking her hair and face. Tugging at his pants, she pulled them farther down to give her more access to him. His balls were heavy and full in her hand. Nuzzling the soft sac, she sucked first one then the other into her mouth.  Her laugh vibrated against the precious skin as he moaned and arched back helplessly.


Lying back on the bed, Chakotay gave himself up to the pleasure she was giving him.  Her hot wet mouth took him again, sucking and licking until he exploded into her mouth.  Groaning, he struggled to sit up as she milked him with her hands and lapped up the last drops of his seed. He pulled her up to straddle him again.


Her tongue gave him a taste of himself. Hungrily, he licked the taste from her mouth until he grew hard between her thighs once more.  Pushing him back, Kathryn moved up until she knelt over his face. His hands on her hips guided her down until his mouth found the hot wetness. Gasping as he suckled at the swollen bud, she tangled her fingers in his hair and rocked against his mouth.


Pushing two fingers inside of her, Chakotay licked and sucked at her until she was moaning and whimpering. When she began moving more urgently, he put his hands on her hips and held her to him, thrusting his tongue up into her.


In her mind’s eye, Kathryn could see them, see herself grinding her wet pussy in his face – forcing him to lick up the juices leaking out of her. Reaching back, she felt his cock, hardened again, and imagined it inside of her.  Shrieking, she came, feeling as if her body were bursting apart.


Panting, she slid back down Chakotay’s body leaving her wetness across his chest and belly.  Sitting up, she pulled him up, locking her mouth onto his and licking the taste of herself from his lips as he had done earlier. Shifting, she moved herself over his hard shaft and took him with one stroke.


Oh, God, he feels so good! Kathryn threw her head back as she pushed down to take him. He was big and thick, filling her completely. His mouth was on her neck, kissing and nipping at her skin as he thrust up into her and his fingers rubbed the sensitive nub just above where they were joined making sparks shoot through her.


Her hand joined his and circled the base of his shaft as it slid in and out of her.  Their juices coated her fingers and she lifted them to her mouth to taste.  Finding his mouth in the darkness, Kathryn let him suck her fingers, sharing their taste with him.


Grasping her hips, he held her down on him as he pumped up into her. Gritting his teeth, he held back the words he wanted to say to her. To tell her how good it was to be with her again. Chakotay wished he could see her face, see the pleasure he was hearing in her moans and whimpers.


Biting back his name, Kathryn rode him hard until the explosions inside of her sapped her strength. Lying limply on him, she rubbed his shoulders and back to urge him on to his own climax.  He was panting and groaning as he thrust up into her. Suddenly, her name burst from him as his body stiffened under her. Cradling his head against her breasts, she rocked and comforted him during the aftershocks. I love you!


Lying back, Chakotay pulled her down onto his chest. They’d kept their distance since they’d left New Earth. Kathryn had retreated behind Starfleet protocol and he’d been hurt and angry that she could set him aside so easily. Obviously, her feelings hadn’t changed after all.  Their time as lovers on New Earth had been brief, but wonderful. Voyager’s return had ended their relationship. But not their love. I love you, Kathryn!


With one last gentle kiss, Kathryn got up off of him. Fastening her dress back up, she felt for her wrist lamp and placed it in his hand. Tapping her combadge, she beamed back to Voyager.


Switching on the light, Chakotay sat up on the bed, but she was already gone.



Back in his quarters, he laid the blanket on the chair next to his bed. It smelled faintly of sex and he hadn’t been able to just leave it behind. His computer terminal blinked to alert him to a waiting message.



From: KJ

To: Chakotay

Subject: The rules of the game



“… there shall be no fraternization while on board ship. No senior officer may knowingly enter into a sexual relationship…”



Was she trying to remind him of the protocols they had just broken? There had to be another reason she had sent this to him. Kathryn wasn’t a cruel person.


Chakotay studied the message, tugging at his ear while he worked it out. Noticing the highlighted sections, he deleted the rest.  The words ‘knowingly’ and ‘on board ship’ remained alone on the screen. A loophole? They had been off ship – but ‘knowingly’? She’d called him to her.


The dark! They’d made love in the dark and never said a word to each other. They hadn’t knowingly had sex.


Chakotay laughed at her ingenuity. They’d followed the letter of the law, if not the spirit. His computer flashed up a new message.


From: KJ

To: Chakotay

Subject: Next stop


Sensors show a planet with possible dilithium deposits @1 week ETA. Recommend we check it out.




From: Chakotay

To: KJ

Subject: RE: Next stop


I’ll be ready when you need me.



Chakotay smiled as he sent the message. Starfleet made the rules, but he and Kathryn controlled the game.


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