By Maquis Leader




Rating PG

Author’s note: Set during Counterpoint




“Was the kiss really necessary?”


Kathryn smiled but didn’t turn. “I want him to know what he’s missing.”


“What if we’re wrong?” Chakotay asked quietly.


“We’re not.” She turned to him. “And you know it.”


“So, why the passionate farewell kiss?”


“Jealous?” Smiling, she patted his shoulder as they walked out of the shuttle bay. “I want him to wonder. Late at night when he’s all alone. I want him to wonder.”


“And regret?” The jealousy lifted, and he smiled with her.


“Of course.” She stepped into the turbo lift and leaned against the back wall. “What woman doesn’t want there to be a man in her past who regrets that he let her get away?”


“You’re a cruel woman, Kathryn Janeway.” Dimples flashed as he smiled again. “I almost feel sorry for him.”


“I bet.” She laughed as they stepped out of the turbo lift onto Deck 3. “And I almost believe you.”


Keying open the door to her quarters, Kathryn waved him in. “We’ve got a lot to cover before he gets back.”


Chakotay’s arms were around her the moment the door closed. His mouth came down hard on hers, and his tongue pushed at her lips until she opened for him.


Clutching at his shoulders, she moaned and arched her body into his. He nibbled and sucked along her lips, his tongue darting in to lap at her until she began to ache and shiver in need.


“Did that cover everything?” He panted against her lips.


“Not really.” She rested her head on his chest and smiled at the sound of his heart pounding beneath her ear. “But we don’t have time for the rest.”


“Later.” He promised with a soft kiss. Gently, he kissed away the roughness of the earlier kiss, tangling his tongue with hers in a slow and tender dance.


“Is everything ready?” She pushed away reluctantly.


“B'Elanna has the shielding installed on the shuttles and our guests are aboard and anxious to leave.”  Chakotay picked up a PADD and moved to sit on the sofa. “We’re going to use the Delta Flyer to hide Tuvok, Vorik, and Jurot. It won’t work for long, but it should be long enough.”


“Good, I hope I get the chance to rub his nose in the fact that we used the shielding he gave us.” Picking up the coffee cup Kashyk had used, she threw it in the recycler. “Did you hear him? ‘Make yourself at home.’ Who does he think he is?”


“Someone who had his foot on your throat.” Chakotay watched with amusement as Kathryn wiped off her desk and the table as though they were contaminated.


“I never thought I’d be grateful for those drama classes I had to take at the Academy.”


“I remember those.” He shook his head. “I put them off as long as I could.”


“Me too, hell, I think everyone did. Did you have Haouk?” She struck a pose and gestured grandly. “You have to drown yourself in the role.”


Chakotay laughed at her dead-on impersonation of the old professor. “I hated hearing him say that. I wanted to drown him before the course was over.”


“You and every other cadet.”


“Little did we know he was right about how well a Starfleet officer has to be able to act.”


“When we get back, we’ll have to thank him.” She sat on the sofa next to Chakotay and leaned into his warmth. “I’ve played so many roles since we came to the Delta Quadrant, I think I’ll go pro when we get home.”


“The Janeway Traveling Players?” He teased.


“Action dramas a specialty.” Smiling, she lifted her lips to his. “Um… and romantic comedy.”


“Only if I’m the leading man.” He nipped at her lower lip.




“Bridge to Captain Janeway.”


“Janeway here, is it showtime, Harry?”


“Yes, ma’am. Devore warships will intercept in forty five minutes.”


“And the shuttles?”


“They’re ready to launch.”


“Tell them I’ll be right there.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


After closing the comlink, Kathryn stood and held out her hand to Chakotay. “Come on, let’s say goodbye to our guests.”


“And prepare for our next guests?” Getting to his feet, he lifted her hand to his lips. “I’ll stay in my office while he’s here.”


“Chakotay.” Cupping his face in her hands, Kathryn looked into the beautiful black velvet eyes. “I’m sorry that I’ve kept our relationship a secret. I just wanted time to get used to things. To keep you to myself for awhile.”


“I know.” He covered her hands with his, savoring the feel of her touch. “But it’s a good thing that we did. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to play your game with Kashyk.”


“After this is over, no more hiding.” Rising up on her toes, she kissed him.


Pulling her tight against his body, Chakotay leisurely explored her mouth. The sweet taste of Kathryn was something he would never get enough of.


“Um…” Leaning back, she touched her fingertips to the sensuous lips. “So nice. More?”


“Later.” He stepped back and gestured toward the door. “Time for another masterful performance.”


“Ah, yes, showtime.”


“Break a leg.” He swatted her on the behind as she turned to go. “But no more kisses.”


Laughing, she linked her arm with his as they walked out of her quarters.



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