By Maquis Leader



Rating NC17



“What are they doing?”


Chakotay smiled. It was a game they played every night. After dinner, they settled in the swing he’d built and gazed at the stars and he told her a story.


In the early days of their life on New Earth, Kathryn had become depressed over the possible fate of her crew. She had grown more and more despondent until she rarely spoke. Her days were spent lying in bed and staring at the walls.


In desperation one night, he’d hauled her out of bed and taken her outside. Under the stars he’d told her a story of Voyager and how she was carrying their family safely home. That first night she hadn’t responded. But the next night when he carried her outside again and told her a new story, she had thanked him.


Slowly Kathryn perked up, each day becoming a little more like her old self. The stories continued to be a ritual even when it was clear to him that she had risen out of her depression. It had become a comfort for both of them to think of Voyager gliding safely through the stars.


“Let’s see, where were we?” He pushed against the ground with his feet and the swing began a gentle sway.


“Harry’s birthday.” She snuggled into his arms.


“That’s right.” He pretended to think it over. The reality was he spun the stories in his head during the day as he worked. Polishing them as he hunted for their food or worked on their home. “Tom had gotten everyone to go along with pretending to forget Harry’s birthday.”


Listening to Chakotay’s rich voice, Kathryn tipped her head back and found the star she’d secretly dubbed the North Star. Closing her eyes, she wished the same wish she did every night. Please let them get home safely.


Chakotay told her of Harry’s day, how Harry was afraid to mention that it was his birthday and miserable because no one, not even Neelix, seemed to remember. And of his surprise at his birthday party, a huge affair on the holodeck. Tuvok had even been drawn into the plan, staging a fake battle drill complete with invading aliens to get Harry to the holodeck on time.


“I’m sure it was logical somehow.” She laughed.


“Oh, of course!” He said with mock seriousness. “The timing and coordination of the entire event was an indication of the crew’s efficiency.”


“Of course!”


“There was a table covered with presents all wrapped in bright gaudy paper. New reeds for his clarinet and a PADD with ‘How To Pick Up Girls’ from Tom.  But… the one gift…” He dropped his voice lower. “The one gift he really wanted… wasn’t there.”


“Oh no.” She clutched at his shirt. “To go home?”


“No, silly.” He shook his head. “Lieutenant’s pips.”


“Oh, you!” She smacked him lightly on the leg.


“All the presents had been opened, all the bright paper torn away.”


“And no pips?”


“No pips.” Chakotay grinned at her sigh. “He didn’t show his disappointment. The party continued around him. And then… Ensign Manning sat down next to him.”


“The pretty Ensign from Sciences?”


“That’s the one.” An earlier story had told of her crush on Harry and the great lengths she went to in order to be in the mess hall when he was or how she found any reason to be on the bridge. “She had decided to take a chance and tell him how she felt.”


“Does she love him?” She asked wistfully.


“A little.” He kissed the top of her head. “And her love could grow if…”


“If?” She waited. “Well, come on!”


“Harry noticed for the first time how pretty Manning was. How her eyes were a blue gray and her long black hair was thick and lustrous.”


Kathryn sighed again as he wrapped his arms around her and held her closer to the warmth of his body while he spun the tale for her. Harry and his pretty Ensign talked and danced and even shared a kiss when he walked her to her quarters.


“That was sweet.” She pulled his head down and kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, tongues playing lazily. Kathryn moaned softly as he pulled away. “What about Tom and B'Elanna?”


“There is no Tom and B'Elanna.”


“Oh, come on, you know they’re attracted to each other.”


Tom has always been attracted to B'Elanna. He drove her crazy on the Liberty.”


“That’s because she loved him and just didn’t want to admit it.”


“B'Elanna’s too smart to fall for someone like Tom Paris.” He teased.




“All right, have it your way.” Kathryn had become more romantic in the last few months. She wanted to hear that everyone was pairing off. Voyager’s Ark, he kidded her from time to time. Splaying his hands across her belly, he built her a tale of Tom and B'Elanna. Sparks flying between them, moving around each other and drawing ever nearer during Harry’s party. Dancing closer and closer until Tom stole a kiss.


Kathryn waited. “Well?”


“Well what?” He bit back a laugh. He loved to keep her hanging.


“Was it one kiss or two? Did he walk her home? Did he come in for a nightcap?”


“Kathryn! I’m shocked! B'Elanna’s not that kind of girl!” He laughed at her expression. “If I tell you now, what will you have to look forward to?”


“You just don’t know what’s going to happen next.” She chuckled. “I’ll tell you what happens. They decide to get married, they have a baby – no, two babies – and live happily ever after.”


He laughed; Kathryn was definitely more romantic now that she was pregnant. A few weeks after they became lovers they discovered a side effect of the virus was that it rendered their contraceptives useless.


At first they had seriously considered terminating the pregnancy, neither wanting their child to be alone someday. They had kept putting off the procedure, inventing reasons to delay, until Kathryn noticed on the scan that the baby wasn’t infected with the virus.


After running more scans, they were overjoyed to find the baby had a natural immunity to the disease. They focused on two new plans. They would maintain the shuttle and their child would be able to leave New Earth, or there was the possibility of being able to develop a vaccine from the baby’s natural antibodies so they could all leave if they wanted.


“Hey.” Kathryn pulled one of his hands lower on her belly. “Feel. The baby’s kicking.”


Under his hand, the baby kicked vigorously and he felt a surge of love. “She’s strong.”


He has to be. With parents like us.” They hadn’t peeked at the sex of their child and it was a running argument between them. She laid her hand over his. “Stubborn and contrary.”


They sat in silence for a long time, rubbing her rounded belly and exchanging slow lazy kisses. Chakotay rested his cheek against her forehead and pulled her closer.


“If we can leave, do you want to?”


“I don’t know.” He hesitated before asking her the same question. “Do you?”


“I don’t know.” Chakotay had tensed next to her and Kathryn snuggled closer. “One minute I think we should and the next I can’t bear to leave our life here.”


“I’ve had the same thoughts.” He confessed. They hadn’t discussed exactly what they would do should they be able to make a cure for the virus. “I’m not sure we can catch Voyager.”


“And it may not be safe to try. There’s the Vidiians and God knows who else out there.”


“But, we have no medical facilities here. And eventually our daughter will be alone.”


“Hmmm… our son will need children to play with as he grows.” She lifted her head to look at him. “If we do leave – if we find Voyager – nothing will change between us, Chakotay.”


He couldn’t speak; fear he hadn’t been aware of lifted so suddenly that he felt dizzy. Kathryn’s hand stroked his cheek soothingly.


“Let’s go inside.” She stood and held her hand out to him.


Inside the shelter, Kathryn went into their bedroom while Chakotay locked the door and put out the lights. Even though they were all alone on the planet, he saw no reason to take chances. He smiled as he remembered the night the monkey had managed to open the door and scared them both half to death. The nosy beast had almost became a monkey skin rug.


As he put out the last light and walked to the doorway of their bedroom, he was still chuckling over the memory. “Kathryn, remember the night – “ He stopped as he saw her.


Kathryn was naked, auburn hair loose and flowing down over her shoulders and breasts. At five months, she was just beginning to swell with their child and Chakotay found the changes fascinating. Her breasts were fuller and heavier, the nipples had turned a dusky rose and he could see them peeking through her hair.


“Hello, oil boy.” She licked her lips as she looked him over.


Another nightly ritual was rubbing oil into her skin.  It was a duty they attended to faithfully. As she lay down on the bed, he began pulling his clothes off. The first night or two, they had made a pallet on the floor in an effort to keep the oil off the bed sheets. A futile effort as it turned out. They had both wound up covered in oil and the bed had been smeared as well. Now he simply washed the sheets each morning.


Lying next to her, Chakotay picked up the bottle of scented oil and drizzled it over her breasts. Sliding his hand through the oil, he circled around and between her breasts.


Kathryn sucked in her breath as his palms slid over her nipples. They were sensitive and tender. So much so that she had replicated a new bra out of softer material. Chakotay had told her not to wear one. She had smiled and nodded. Then put on the bra. It might be the 24th century, but firm tight breasts were still what women wanted.


When his tongue laved at her nipples, she jumped. “Oh, God!” Her breasts had never been a source of pleasure for her before. If a man wanted to suck and play with them, it was nice, but nothing to get excited over. Now, however, each lap of his rough tongue over a hard nipple sent bolts of raw pleasure ripping through her.


Chakotay chuckled suddenly. “This is much better than the other oil.”


Panting and laughing, Kathryn cradled his head against her. “How was I supposed to know you’d lick at it?” The first night Chakotay had sucked her oily skin only to find the oil she had replicated wasn’t exactly flavorful.


“I had to wash my mouth out.” He cupped her breasts together and plunged his tongue into the slick valley. “You should have known I’d want to taste you.”


“Umm…” She arched up into his mouth.


Smearing the oil over and around the plump white mounds, Chakotay lapped and suckled at the sensitive nipples until she was writhing and moaning.


Holding his head to her breasts with one hand, Kathryn slid the other down over her belly and through her curls. Finding the small excited nub, she rolled and teased it with her fingers, sending sparks of lightning racing through her.


Hearing her moan, Chakotay raised his head. Her eyes were closed and another moan escaped her parted lips.  He lifted her leg up over his hip and smoothed an oily hand over the inside of her thigh. Gently, he traced a finger along the swollen, pink lips. If her nipples had gotten more sensitive, her pussy was infinitely more so. A sharp cry broke from her and she arched up as he slid his fingers along the wet folds.


Nuzzling along her rounded belly, Chakotay murmured his love through the taut skin. Dribbling more oil over her, he rubbed it into her pale skin, working it in while Kathryn sighed and stretched under his hands.


Spreading her legs farther apart, he worked oil into her inner thighs while he watched her fingers playing in her own wetness. She was circling and sliding past the opening and he licked his lips as she dipped a fingertip inside briefly. When she slid it inside again, he groaned and leaned down to kiss the inside of the white thigh.


Resting the heel of her hand on the small bud, Kathryn added a second finger and began pumping in and out in a slow and easy rhythm. She smiled as she felt Chakotay’s mouth on her thigh. He couldn’t resist watching her finger fuck herself. Soon he’d be licking at her fingers trying to get a taste for himself.


Moving to lay between her spread legs, he rested his face against her thigh and lapped at her fingers as they slid in and out of her pussy. Pushing her knees up, he ran his oiled fingers down the backs of her thighs. His thumb rubbed the sensitive area below her sticky fingers making her squeal and jump. “Hold still.”


“No, I can’t stand it!” She tried to squirm away but he held her still. “Chakotay!”


“The book says we need to massage the perineal area.” He grinned as she squealed and giggled as he massaged the delicate area. “It’s very important.”


“I don’t – care what – stop – “ It was torture and it was ecstasy. A combination of giggling and moaning. His touch tickled and excited her all at the same time. “Please – Chakotay!”


When he was happy with the amount of oil worked into the sensitive spot, he slid his hands up into the curls on her mound. Nuzzling the slick outer lips, he lapped at her before he pushed his tongue up inside of her.


“Oh yes… much better…” Kathryn tangled her fingers in the raven hair as he sucked and licked at her. When he thrust a thick finger inside of her, she sighed and arched to meet his gentle strokes.


Watching her face as he slid a second finger in beside the first, Chakotay smiled as her groans grew deeper and her hips moved restlessly.  As she began whimpering and pulling at his hair, he gently sucked the over stimulated bud into his mouth and held it, laving and nipping it until she cried out.


With a final kiss, he pulled his fingers slowly from her, smiling at the clench of her inner muscles as she tried to hold on to him.  Sliding his hand up over her belly, he paused to kiss the slick skin where their baby kicked restlessly. “What are you feeling, little one?”  He kissed where the kicks were the most vigorous. “Do you feel your mother’s pleasure?”


“I hope not.” Kathryn tugged on his hair and pulled him up to kiss him hungrily. “Wouldn’t that be incest or something?”


“Kathryn Janeway, you are a warped and depraved woman.” He kissed her again, tongue teasing at her lips until they opened for him.


Sucking his tongue into her mouth, she slid her tongue along his, caressing and playing. When they broke for air, she grinned crookedly. “Tell me you’re not happy about that.”


Chuckling, he shook his head. “Never.” Rubbing the head of his cock against her, he slid gently inside until his body rested fully against hers. “Never.”


Rising up to kiss him again, Kathryn locked her legs around his hips and began to rock in rhythm with him.


The rough, urgent fucking of their early nights was gone, replaced with a sweet tenderness. Their lovemaking was slow and gentle, both intimately conscious of the tiny life between them.


Chakotay groaned at the crashing lightning and fire inside of him as he stroked in and out of her. He could feel the baby kicking and it added to the pleasure of joining with Kathryn.


As she lay back once more, he braced himself on his forearms over her, his flat belly rubbing her rounded one. Dipping his head, he suckled at her breasts while he pumped slow and lazy.


“I love you.” She whispered to him as she ran her hands over his shoulders and down the flexing muscles of his back. Her hands left oily smears on his golden skin. His answer was a grin and a hot kiss, his open mouth slanting across hers and his tongue thrusting into her mouth in an erotic mimicking of their bodies movements.


Placing her feet on the mattress, she dug her heels in and raised her hips up to meet him.  Chakotay’s head was bowed now, face buried in her neck as he groaned and strained toward his climax.


“Love you – Kathryn – “ He grunted as he pumped harder into her. The pressure was building to a near painful state as her inner walls clutched and held him tightly.


Kathryn cried out and arched up into his last ragged thrusts. A sweet explosion rolled over her and she dug her fingers into his shoulders to pull him closer.


Chakotay rolled off of her, holding her against him and she laid her head on his chest. Inside of her, his seed still spurted and he breath was panting in her ear. “We’re not going to be able to do that much longer.” She rubbed a fingertip in an oily spot on his shoulder.


“Did I hurt you?” He was instantly concerned and dropped a hand to where their baby kicked.


“No. Stop worrying.” She laughed. When they had first discovered she was pregnant, Chakotay had been scared to touch her. She had been forced to show him the medical texts that said it was okay for a pregnant woman to have sex. “I do miss getting on top, though.”


“Kathryn Janeway likes being on top, there’s a surprise.” He yelped as she pinched his nipple.


“Watch it, your favorite position could wind up on the endangered list.”


“Not likely.” He nuzzled along her neck and kissed the sensitive spot below her ear, making her shiver. “According to that book Tom gave us, it’s one of the last positions we’ll be able to do.”


“How did he get that book in there without Tuvok knowing?” Her cheeks flushed as she remembered the day she had found the PADD Tom had tucked in with their supplies. Chakotay had come into the shelter for lunch and caught her scrolling through the different sexual positions. The parameters of their relationship had been redefined not long after.


Holding back his thoughts on Tuvok’s security skills, Chakotay nibbled on her earlobe. “I’m just glad he gave it to us.”


“He didn’t have to mark the chapter on ‘positions for the parents to be’, the smart ass.” She snorted. “At least he won’t be able to collect on the pool.”


“Knowing Paris, he’ll figure out a way. He may be back on our doorstep in fifty years.” Reaching down, he found the edge of the sheet and pulled it up over them.


“You’ll have to wash the sheets again.” Kathryn snuggled more comfortably against his chest.


“I don’t mind.” He slid his hand down to rest on her belly where their child still stirred restlessly. “It’s worth it.”




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