On The Good Ship Liberty

By Maquis Leader



Rated NC17

Author's note: Chakotay's question was " would you have served under me? " Here's what I think the answer is! (Parallax add-on)



Kathryn's attention kept wandering from the supply report she was reading. At the other end of the ready room’s sofa, Chakotay was frowning at the PADD he was using. She spent a moment gathering enough courage to bring up the question running through her mind. " I'm curious about something. "


He looked up from the duty roster he was working on. " What? "


" You asked me a question a few weeks ago and I wouldn't give you an answer. But now, I'm curious. "


" When I asked if you'd have served under me? " He hadn't intended for it to sound as suggestive as it did. At least he didn’t think so.


" Yes. I hate to admit it, but I've been wondering what would have happened if we had ended up on your ship instead of Voyager. "


" I could show you if you'd like. " Chakotay smiled. He'd had his own idle thoughts about that, too.


Her auburn eyebrows arched upward. " Planning a mutiny, Chakotay? "


Laughing, he shook his head. " No, I have a holodeck program of my ship. We could have dinner in my quarters tomorrow night. "


" 1800 hours? "


" Consider it an order. " He dodged away from the the pillow she threw at him.





Kathryn stood nervously at the holodeck entrance. Now that she was here, she wasn't sure it was a good idea after all. Alone in his quarters. Get a hold of yourself! You've been alone with him in your quarters! This is perfectly innocent. You’re the one having the hot dreams, not him! She keyed open the door.


Chakotay was setting plates on a small table. "Right on time. That's a good quality in a first officer."


" Thank you, Captain. " She looked around his quarters. Perhaps half the size of her main room with a single viewport above the bed. The wall hangings and other decorations she recognized as the ones he currently had in his quarters.


" Not quite what you're used to? "


" No. But I suppose I could get used to it. " She flushed as she realized how that sounded.


Chakotay looked her over carefully. He liked the leather pants, a holdover from Tom's pirate adventure, and the soft green sweater. Her hair, however, was not acceptable. " First thing to learn your hair would be down. " He pulled the pins out of her hair. " Protocol is different on a Maquis ship. "


" It’s dangerous to have it hanging in my face. " He was ignoring her and gently combing through her waist length hair with his fingers.


" You could pull it back in a braid or ponytail, but no bun. " She was right, with her hair down she was dangerously hard to resist.


" Is that an order, Captain? " She asked teasingly.


" Yes. " At least it had been in the hot dreams he’d been having of her lately.


They sat down at the small table. The dinner he'd made was excellent. " Maybe I should make you do all the cooking from now on. " Kathryn rubbed her full belly.First officer and chief cook. "


" Just what I need, Neelix’s job. " Chakotay picked up the bottle of wine and his glass and moved over to sit on the bed. Leaning back against the headboard, he patted the bed beside him.


She arched an eyebrow. " Just how loose is protocol on this ship? "


" Do you see a sofa? "


" Well, no. "


" If we want to sit and talk, we have to sit here. " He patted the bed again. "Unless you're afraid of me? "


" No. " She sat down next to him and leaned back against the headboard. " So, Captain Chakotay, what are Commander Janeway's duties on the good ship Liberty? " Her cheeks colored at how suggestive that sounded.


" There’s no rank system, Kathryn. You’re the first officer, period. The crew would follow your orders without the pips or the title. " He poured more wine in his glass and took a sip. " You'd make sure everyone was doing his or her job. B'Elanna’s the head engineer, Seska is in charge of security " He stopped.


" What? "


" Tuvok would be best at security. "


" That’s not going to make her happy. " Not that Kathryn thought the woman was happy anyway.


" Doesn’t matter. " Chakotay shrugged. " What I want is what counts. "


" Your ship was smaller. There'd be some crew without a clear duty. Harry what would we do with him? "


" Hmm... maybe he got killed. "


" Chakotay! " She elbowed him. " You want to kill Harry? "


" I won't kill him, the Kazon will. " He protested. " There’s no way all of our crew would fit on the Liberty. We have to assume there would be more deaths in this scenario. "


" Not Harry. " She said firmly. " We’ll find something for him to do. "


They spent some time talking about her duties and how their Delta Quadrant adventures would be different without Voyager. Chakotay had moved an arm along the headboard behind Kathryn’s shoulders and her head rested back against his shoulder.


Tipping the last of the wine into her glass, she set the empty bottle on the floor. "I think I could handle my duties. I'm not sure I could handle the smaller cabin. Mine would be smaller than this wouldn't it? "


" They’d be the same. "


" On a ship of this size? The first officer's quarters are the same size as the Captain's? "


Chakotay smiled as he shook his head. " Kathryn, if you were on my ship – you’d be in my bed. "


" Chakotay, I am in your bed. " She giggled as she took a sip of her wine.


" You’re on my bed, not in it. Let me explain the difference. " Kathryn shivered as his breath fanned across her neck. " I’d kiss you first, nibble on your bottom lip and suck on it. I'd run the tip of my tongue along your lips until you part them for me. Then I'd slide my tongue along yours and play with it until I could suck it into my mouth. "


Kathryn gulped the last swallow of her wine as Chakotay’s arm settled around her shoulders to pull her closer.


" I'd kiss my way down your neck, stopping first to suck on your earlobe and the soft spot just below it. I'd unbutton your shirt, very slowly, kissing and licking your skin as I pull your shirt open. " He moved his hand down her side, stopping just under her breast. " The place where your shoulder and neck meet looks so tempting I'd bite you there very gently of course I don't want to mark that perfect white skin. " Chakotay dipped his mouth down and nipped at her shoulder. "Not too much. "


Fire flared from his mouth on her shoulder. Kathryn let the wine glass slip from her fingers onto the carpeted floor.


" With your shirt off, only your bra would be between my mouth and your breasts. You’d unhook it for me so I can suck and kiss them. I’d cup them in my hands nice and white against my brown skin. " He cupped her breast in his hand and gently pinched the hardened nipple. " Pink rosy nipples begging to be sucked and licked. You'd have your fingers in my hair holding my face to your breasts and you'd be panting, like you are now. "


She was panting. The ache inside her was making it hard for her breathe. His voice in her ear was hypnotizing – she could see the two of them, almost feel his mouth on her and the silky hair beneath her fingertips.


“I’d kiss my way down your belly, stopping to dip my tongue in your belly button. Then I’d unbutton your pants and pull them off – not your panties, though. What color are your panties, Kathryn?”


“Pink… silk…”


“Pink silky panties? I like that.” He laughed huskily, and felt her shivering in response. “I’d spread your legs so I can nuzzle you through your panties. Suck your woman’s jewel through the silk. Make sure it gets the attention it deserves. I’d slide one finger inside of you and stroke you slowly until you were moaning. Then I’d put a second finger inside of you.”

She clutched her thighs together as a ripple of desire shot through her causing a rush of wetness.

“I’d stroke you harder and faster, listening to you whimpering and moaning. Your body would be arching up off the bed and your hands would be tangled in my hair to hold me to you.”

It was hot, very hot, and she squirmed slightly trying to ease the aching and quivering inside of her.

“I’d rip your panties off and push my tongue up inside of you. You’d hold my face against your wet pussy and your hips would be thrusting up to meet my mouth. I’d lap up your juices as you came.” His hand moved under her sweater to unhook her bra. Tugging it out of his way, he stroked her bare breasts. “I’d make you come again and again, Kathryn, fucking you with my fingers and mouth until you’re dazed and helpless. And then…”

Kathryn didn’t resist as he took her hand and laid it in his lap over the hard bulge. The heat of him radiated through the leather pants and she rubbed at the hardness, measuring him. He was big. Another rush of wetness flooded her.

“And then I’ll mount you and my hard aching cock will push inside of you. Slowly, inch by inch until I’m buried inside of you as far as I can go – until I’m touching your womb. We’ll kiss so you can taste yourself on my lips. Then you’ll spread your legs wider for me and beg me to fuck you. I’ll go slowly at first. Pulling out until just the head is inside of you. Then…” He kissed her neck. “Then plunging back hard inside of you so that we both cry out with pleasure.”

Kathryn moaned softly. Unconsciously, she spread her legs and her free hand crept down to the throbbing bud to rub it. Her other hand continued to stroke him in the same rhythm.

“The sight of my brown hands on your white creamy thighs will drive me crazy until I’m pumping into you, fucking you as hard as I can, pounding you into the bed. You’ll cry out my name as you come again and again." Chakotay was breathing hard into her ear. His hand covered the one between her legs helping to bring her closer to a climax. “I’d put your legs over my shoulders and get up on my knees so I can pump into you as deep as I can. I’m going to fuck you until you’re screaming and begging – I want to hear my name on your lips when I come. Feel your pussy squeezing me, milking me of every drop of my seed.”

The shakes started deep inside her, forcing a soft cry out of her as she came. Chakotay caught it with his mouth. His lips were firm and soft as he kissed her and Kathryn sucked at them greedily.

He pulled her down to lay on the bed and moved to cover her with his body. He kissed her hungrily, his tongue thrusting into her mouth. Pulling her sweater up, he moved his mouth to her breasts. They were just as white as he’d imagined.

She ran her fingers through the raven hair as he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. He was right, she would hold him to her and spread her legs for him. Arching up, she slid her hands down his back and over his buttocks to pull him closer.

He rubbed against her, groaning at the pleasure that ripped through him. When her legs wrapped around his thighs, he began thrusting against her. He was going to come soon.

“Oh, God…” She was going to come again. He was only dry humping her and she was going to come. Always before she’d needed penetration and hard fucking to come. Chakotay had already gotten her off once and hadn’t actually touched her yet.

He was sucking and nipping at her breasts leaving red marks to brand her as his. The thrusting was harder and rougher. Realizing he was as close to coming as she was, Kathryn squeezed the tight flexing buttocks trying to pull him even closer. She needed him inside of her. Wanted to feel him come inside of her.

Chakotay held her hips and ground himself harder against her. Raising his head to look in her eyes, he moved his mouth to hover over hers. “Tell me – you want me – tell me – you want – me to fuck you – “ He grunted out.

“Chakotay… “ Yes fuck me! “Ye – “

“Bridge to Captain Janeway.” Tuvok’s voice was a cold shower.

She took a steadying breath as Chakotay stilled and buried his face in her neck. “Janeway here. What is it, Tuvok?”

“Long range scanners have picked up a Kazon ship. Ensign Kim estimates 30 minutes to contact if we maintain our current course.”

“I’ll be right there. Janeway out.” Chakotay lifted his head to look at her. The black velvet eyes burned with lust and desire. He dipped his head to kiss her again. “No.” She placed a finger against his lips. “I wish things could be different.”

“Someday?” He kissed the soft finger.

“Yes.” She gave him a quick kiss as she got up. “Someday.”

“I’ll be waiting.” He watched her fasten her bra and put her hair back up. Together they headed for the bridge.

Behind them, the good ship Liberty faded away as the holodeck doors closed.



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