By Maquis Leader



Author's note: This was a quick little piece for the Janeway's Got A Gun contest.

“I don’t understand, Captain.” Seven looked from the phaser Captain Janeway was pointing at her to the men in black suits that had stepped through the airlock.


“These men are going to help you adjust to being in the Alpha Quadrant.” Janeway said as if speaking to a child. “They’re from Section 31 and they’ll take good care of you.”


“I do not believe they have my best interests at heart.” Seven reached up for her combadge before remembering that she had handed it to Captain Janeway 2.5 minutes ago when the Captain had ordered her to do so. Perhaps complying had been a mistake.


“I’m sure you’re right as always, Seven. But you see, I don’t care.” Janeway smiled grimly. “For once I have my best interests at heart. I’ve waited too long for Chakotay to let a Borg in a catsuit get in my way.”


Seven raised an eyebrow. “You’re doing this because you’re jealous of my liaison with the Commander? Perhaps you will reconsider if I tell you that he says your name when he ejaculates inside of me? Therefore I am no threat to you.”


“Hmm…. let me consider that for a moment.... No.” She thumbed the trigger and Seven fell unconscious on the floor. “Especially not after that much information.”


“Her Borg implants and technology will aid the Federation greatly, after they’ve been removed of course. Too bad she won’t survive.” One of the men told her.


“Understood. Sorry, Seven, but a woman has to do what a woman has to do.”


“Thank you, Captain, and remember we were never here.” He flashed a beam from the silver object he was holding into her eyes.


“That’s it?” The younger man said. “Didn’t you hear what was going on? Okay, Captain, you were on your way to find Commander Chakotay and tell him you love him. And you want to live happily ever after and have lots of kids.”


The older man rolled his eyes. “Come on.” The men in black lifted Seven and carried her out the airlock.


Captain Janeway walked away without another look. “Excuse me, I’ve got to go tell someone I love them.”

The pants, off, now...

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