Good Morning Beautiful


By Maquis Leader



Rating R

Author’s note: This is the fifth story in the Song Series. Please read the previous chapters first. Endgame never happened in this world. Good Morning Beautiful written by Todd Cerney and Zack Lyle.  Performed by Steve Holy.




Good morning, beautiful

How was your night?

Mine was wonderful with you here by my side.

And when I opened my eyes

To see your sweet face,

It’s a good morning, beautiful day.




She looked younger. While she slept, the lines faded away and the ever present tension eased away as well. Kathryn was even more beautiful.


Chakotay brushed a stray lock of auburn hair back from her face. A glimmer of silver caught his attention. Sliding the lock of hair through his fingers, he smiled at the single silver strand. Should he tell her or not? Not that she was vain, but as often as she changed her hairstyle, she might want to cover it up.


That bun. He smiled at the image of the bun she once worn. At least five different styles before she gave up and put her hair into a braided ponytail. Much prettier. Womanly but still professional. Then she whacked it all off one night. He sighed. The least she could have done was given him a lock of hair as a keepsake.


She’d stepped between him and Paris that first day. Even with her hair piled up, Kathryn was still just shoulder high. He could have pushed her out of the way, as he was much stronger, but he couldn’t. Could not raise a hand to her. They’d stood pressed against each other for an eternity, looking into each other’s eyes, before he’d stepped back.


That one move had sealed his fate. He’d backed down that day and every day that followed. New Earth, the Borg, the Kazon, Species 8472   until Equinox.



I couldn’t see the light

I didn’t know day from night

I had no reason to care

But since you came along

I can face the dawn ‘cos I know you’ll be there



Kathryn had changed as the years passed. Become harder and colder.  Their battle over the Equinox had nearly destroyed them both. Looking back, he had to wonder if she’d fallen back into the depression she’d suffered while they were in the Void. Five years with no relief from the constant stress and struggles of their voyage. The decisions that had to be made with no support to fall back on. No Admirals to hand over the big decisions to. Looking at a lifetime always in command with no shore leave, no rest, and no way to spend time with family and friends. The rest of her life on duty.


Chakotay placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. He’d almost lost her, almost let her retreat into herself. His own fear of insanity had kept him from reaching out to her. Going into her darkened quarters had been as much a battle against himself as against her.


In the Maquis, he’d welcomed the insanity, hoping it would consume him. Killing and destruction were his bedmates along with the snake called Seska. Kathryn had changed him, drawn out the anger and given him new purpose.



Good morning, beautiful

How was your night?

Mine was wonderful with you here by my side.

And when I opened my eyes

To see your sweet face,

It’s a good morning, beautiful day.


I never worry if it’s raining outside,

Cos in here with you, girl

The sun always shines.



Kathryn sighed in her sleep and snuggled closer against his side. One of her small white hands rested on his chest. How often had she touched him that way? A hand on his chest or arm and the occasional clasp of hands as they hit crunch time. Looking back, he knew now that it was the only way she knew to show him that she loved him. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. All this time he’d thought Kathryn had been tormenting him when she brushed his fingers with hers as they worked on the console between their chairs.


Pulling back the sheet, Chakotay splayed his hand across her belly. The contrast between the darkness of his skin and the creamy white of hers caused him to harden against her thigh. A series of small purplish bruises on her hip caught his attention. Frowning, he touched one with a fingertip. Laying his hand on her hip, he found the bruises matched up perfectly with his fingers. Damn! I should have realized she’d bruise easily!


“It’s okay; I don’t remember you doing anything I didn’t want you to do.”


He looked up into Kathryn’s sleepy eyes. “Good morning, beautiful.” Leaning over her, he kissed her gently, his tongue tracing along her lips for a quick taste.


“Good morning.” Tugging at the sheet, she tried to cover up.


“I want to see you.” He pulled the sheet out of her grasp.


A flush covered her face. Despite the passionate night they’d just spent together, Kathryn was suddenly shy. No one had seen her naked in a long time. Except for Jaffen.


Chakotay watched the blush slowly move down over her neck and breasts. “You’ve nothing to be ashamed of, beloved, you’re a beautiful woman.”


“I’m not ashamed.” How could she be when the love in his black velvet eyes made her feel like the only woman in the world?


“Good.” He grinned as he trailed his fingers over a pink nipple. “I may keep you naked from now on.”


“We’ll shock Harry.” She arched up so that his hand cupped her breast.


“He needs a shock.” He laughed at the vision of Harry’s face at Kathryn on the bridge, naked.


“He needs a promotion, poor kid.” The heavy muscles in Chakotay’s chest drew her attention.


“We can bump him to jig.” He sucked in his breath as her fingers traced along his chest and down his belly.


“It’s not fair that there’s no room to advance.” Against her thigh, she could feel him stir and harden.


“We could retire and spend all day in bed.” He squeezed and kneaded the breast he was holding.


“And let Tom run the ship?”


“Now there’s a scary thought – Captain Proton’s Delta Quadrant adventures!” Laughing, he leaned down for another kiss, a lazy kiss that left them both panting.



Good morning, beautiful

How was your night?

Mine was wonderful with you here by my side.

And when I opened my eyes

To see your sweet face,

It’s a good morning, beautiful day.



When she’d drifted off to sleep last night, Kathryn had been sure it couldn’t get any better. It seemed she was wrong. Sliding her hands up into Chakotay’s soft raven hair, she played with his tongue, sucking and nipping at it until his erection was throbbing hot and hard against her. Breaking for air, she leaned her head against his shoulder. “Speaking of shocking people – “


“I know, I won’t kiss you on the bridge.” He nuzzled along her neck. “Which part of you is that?”


“Let’s keep Kathryn and Chakotay separate from the Captain and the Commander.” She slid a hand down his side and over his hip. “Let’s go slow for now, can we?”


“Sure.” As long as they were together, the pace didn’t matter. “It’s not like we’re not together most of the time anyway.”


“Exactly.” One good thing was that the crew was used to seeing them together constantly. “Only now, you don’t go back to your quarters after dinner.”


Chakotay rolled onto his back and stretched out with his hands behind his head. “Now I get to warm the Captain’s bed?” He jumped as her fingers attacked his ticklish ribs.


Laughing and giggling, they tickled and teased each other until they almost rolled off the bed. Pulling her back from the edge, Chakotay gave her a quick kiss. “Let’s go to the holodeck. I want to see the sun on your bare skin.”


“We have to be on duty in a little while.”


“No, we don’t. I’ve scheduled us off for today and tomorrow. Before you say this is why we can’t be together – “ He laid a finger over her lips before she could speak. “We had tomorrow and the next day off. I just swapped the one day.”


“I was going to say – “ She nipped at his finger. “Get dressed and let’s go.”



Good morning beautiful day

Good morning, beautiful

It’s a beautiful day

Good morning, beautiful

What a beautiful day

Good morning, beautiful



The sun rose slowly on New Earth, creeping up to the shelter and climbing in the window to shine on the couple in the single large bed. In the main room, the monkey sat on the table and stuffed his face with figs and sugared grapes.


Chakotay watched the golden rays move across her fair skin as she slept next to him. “You’ve given me such peace, Kathryn.” He whispered. “The anger and hatred eating at me has long since vanished.  When I sacrificed the Liberty, it was because I knew you would take me in and keep me at your side.” He kissed her cheek. “You saved me.”


“But you’ll still be my Angry Warrior sometimes?” She smiled but didn’t open her eyes. “You’ll be my Maquis stud?”


“Always.” He kissed her soft lips and slid his tongue into her mouth to dance and mate with hers.




Chapter 6 Bring On The Rain