What If We Watched?

By Maquis Leader



Rated NC17

Time: During Worst Case Scenario. Sequel to Stranger In A Strange Hologram,  please read it first or this won’t make much sense.




They were cuddled together in bed. “You could take some pointers from the Maquis Captain.”




“He had a little more staying power.” Kathryn nipped at his ear.


“He wasn’t dealing with real emotions either.” Chakotay smacked her on the bottom. “Photon’s and force fields don’t have three years of pent up lust just waiting to explode.”


“Oh no? You didn’t see them.” Their holograms had made love with the same intensity as she and Chakotay just had. “Come and see how beautiful it is. It almost makes me wish there had been a mutiny.”


He grinned at her. “Almost?”




They ordered the computer to replay the program from when the Maquis Captain had been brought to the quarters where Janeway was being held, with instructions for the holograms to ignore their presence.


“Chakotay, can you hear me? Please wake up.” Janeway cradled his head in her lap.


The Maquis Captain lifted his hands to his head and moaned. “That bitch really clocked me with her rifle.”


“Bitch? Bitch?” Chakotay laughed at Kathryn’s indignant squawk.


“Come on, we have to get you off the floor.” Janeway pushed at the Maquis’ shoulders.


He started to sit up then slumped back down. “No, I’m fine here, you can’t fall up from the floor. Basic law of gravity.”


“Get up, that’s an order.” She tugged at his arms until she had him sitting up.


Laughing at her he struggled to his knees. “I don’t think either of us is in any position to be giving orders.”


“Just get up.” She helped him to his feet. Supporting him as he sagged against her. “Oof! You could stand to lose some weight.”


“Wait – wait – “ Clutching at her, he gasped for air. “C – can’t breathe – “


“Easy, shallow breaths, slow and easy.” Staggering under his weight, she eased him to the sofa. He cried out as she laid him back. “I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay – not your fault.” He lay gasping, sweat beaded on his forehead despite the coolness of the room.


“You’re right, Kathryn, he could give me some pointers.” Chakotay laughed. “He can’t even stand up and he gets her in bed. Perfectly healthy it took me three years.”


Getting a wet cloth, Janeway washed the blood from his face and neck as best she could. One of his eyes was swollen shut and there were ugly gashes on his cheek and jaw. “You’ve looked better.”


“Huh, like you ever noticed.”


“I’ve always noticed.” She said softly. “Can you sit up just a little?” Helping him to raise up, she sat so he could lay his head in her lap then covered him with her blanket.


“Finally get close to what I want and I’m too weak to do anything about it.” The Maquis Captain quipped.


“I’m afraid you’ve got broken ribs, we need to keep you elevated.”


“I definitely don’t have the strength to be elevated.”


“Down boy.” Janeway smiled and ruffled his hair with her fingers.


“You’re cold.” He lifted a hand to her arm and rubbed gently at the goose bumped flesh. “Where’s your jacket?”


“They took it.”


“And your shirt?” He brushed his fingers across an erect nipple before she batted his hand down.


“Yes. Boots, socks, and my bra, too – kept it, no less.”


“What? Who?” He struggled to sit up.


“One of the men who brought you, I don’t remember his name, the dark one.” Putting her hands on his shoulders, Janeway pushed him back down. “Gave me a very thorough frisking.”


“He touched you?”


Chakotay almost laughed at the outraged possessiveness in the hologram’s voice.


“Lay down, it’s not like I haven’t been groped before.” Janeway told him. He pulled the blanket off and handed it to her before settling his head back down on her lap. After she wrapped it around herself, he closed his eyes. “A few dirty words won’t hurt me any, either.”


His eyes snapped back open. “Dirty words? What did he say to you?”


“It doesn’t matter, forget I said anything.” Her hands on his chest kept him from sitting up again. “Typical stuff, taking turns, two or three at a time. They were too scared of you to actually do anything.”


“Oh yeah, I’m really scary. Right now, I couldn’t protect you from a tribble.” His eyes drifted shut again.


For some time the only sounds in the room were his harsh breathing and occasional moans, and Janeway’s comforting murmurs. Then the doors opened to admit ‘Chakotay’ and ‘Kathryn’ in their Maquis clothing, they were carrying the medical equipment and blankets.


“Don’t lean over him.” Chakotay said in a loud stage whisper to “himself”.


“This is a replay, remember, he can’t hear you.” Kathryn laughed. “So now there’s six of us? And I thought Temporal Mechanics was confusing!”


The Maquis Captain grabbed ‘Chakotay’ by the throat. “Touch her again. And you die.”


‘Chakotay’ and ‘Kathryn’ left the quarters again.


“Why do you think they brought this to us?” Janeway asked.


“Most of the Maquis are good people. Seska wants to kill the senior staff and strand the rest of the crew, they’re not going to go along with that.” The Maquis Captain answered her.


“Looks like some of them are. Maybe you don’t know them as well as you think.”


“Maybe.” He lay quiet as she finished tending to his face.


“Sit up and take your shirt off.” He shivered as he pulled his shirt and vest off. “That’s what you get for making it so cold in here.” She ran the dermal regenerator over the bruises on his chest.


“It’s actually part of the Starfleet manual to make prisoners as uncomfortable as possible.” He told her.


“Starfleet doesn’t condone mistreatment of prisoners.”


“It’s not mistreatment for someone to be cold. Fatigue and discomfort are important factors in controlling prisoners.” He sucked in his breath as she touched a particularly nasty bruise on his stomach.


“Maquis, maybe, not Starfleet.” Janeway snapped at him.


“I taught at the Academy, trust me, its Starfleet, Kathryn.” He stopped. “Sorry, Captain.”


“You’re going to need more medical care than I can give you with this.” She probed his ribs gently, drawing a grunt from him. “I think you’ve got some cracked ribs and that deep bruise on your back makes me think you’ve got a bruised kidney as well.”


The Maquis Captain gave a humorless laugh. “Seska has sharp boots.”


“I’ll be sure to bury her in them. What about – did they – “ Her hand touched the waistband of his pants.


“Do you think Seska would let that opportunity go by?” At her stricken look, he touched her face with his fingertips. “ Here, I can take care of it myself.”


“Ouch.” Chakotay cringed in sympathy. He’d seen Seska use her boots on a Cardassian once; it wasn’t a pretty sight. “Good thing holograms don’t worry about fathering children.”


Children? Kathryn turned to look at him, her eyes wide in surprise. She hadn’t thought about having children. What would it be like to carry his child?


She pushed the Maquis Captain back on the sofa and undid the buttons on his pants. “Just lay still.” Pulling his pants open Janeway discovered the answer to the boxers or briefs question. None. “And it’s okay to call me Kathryn.”


“Are you sure?” He gasped as she touched him.


“Yes.” Handling him carefully, she ran the regenerator over his bruised testicles, trying not to notice the semi hard shaft just above them. When she finished, he fastened his pants and shrugged back into his shirt.


Handing him one of the blankets, she wrapped another around herself. Picking up one of the cups of coffee, she took a deep drink. “Can I ask you a question?”


“Sure.” He settled back on the sofa next to her.




He was quiet for a long time. “I really don’t know. I – I’ve been happy on Voyager.”


Chakotay hugged Kathryn. “I am happy on Voyager. That’s something Tuvok didn’t take into account in this scenario, Kathryn. I wouldn’t have been on the Maquis side.”


“I didn’t think that you would.” Kathryn kissed him. “I never worried that you might turn on me.”


“I’ve done everything I could to make our two crews into one.” Janeway’s voice was shaky.


“Kathryn, it’s not your fault, you’ve been a good Captain.”


“Oh sure, some Captain I am! First I strand us 70,000 light years from home, then I lose my ship to mutineers.” Her voice cracked. “I’m doing a hell of a job.”


“Don’t.” Taking her cup and setting it on the table, the Maquis Captain pulled her into his arms. “You’ve done everything you could. I’m sorry I’ve done this to you.”


She relaxed against him. “How did you wind up in here anyway?”


“Seska wanted to torture you to get your codes. I couldn’t let her do that.” His voice was bitter. “I am weak.”


“Why? Because you won’t hurt people to get what you want? Doesn’t sound weak to me. You’re an honorable man, Chakotay.”


“I’m so honorable I broke my word to you and handed your ship over to Seska.”


“Don’t.” Hugging him carefully, mindful of his ribs, she repeated his words back to him. “You’ve done everything you could. I’m sorry I’ve done this to you.”


His rich laugh filled the room. “We’re quite a pair aren’t we? Sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves.”


“Not a lot of alternatives right now.” Janeway leaned forward to get her coffee, grimacing as she did so.


“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He pushed her back on the sofa. “Where?”


“My ribs, but I’m okay.”


“You said he didn’t hurt you.” Picking up the hypospray he gave her a dose of pain medication. “I should have strangled him.”


“He didn’t. Seska has sharp boots.”


“I’ll be sure to bury her in them.” The Maquis Captain growled. Moving the blanket aside, he pulled her tank top up.


“What?” Chakotay bolted up from the chair. “Computer freeze program! Walking over to the pair, he could see Janeway’s shirt was pulled up far enough to expose part of an ugly bruise. “I hope Seska is burning in hell.”


“Chakotay, she’s a hologram, remember?” Kathryn stifled a laugh; she knew finding out about this part would set him off. “And so was Seska.”


“I don’t care!” He came back to where she was sitting. “Tuvok has a lot to answer for with this scenario.”


Kathryn hugged him, holding his tense body to hers until he relaxed. “Maybe we should have him and Tom delete it instead of finishing it.”


“Maybe. Imagine what B’Elanna would do if she saw the part we saw where she slapped Tom around. Tuvok’s life wouldn’t be worth a replicator ration.” He grinned. “Computer resume playback.”


“I’m okay.” Janeway tried tugging it back down. He ignored her and held it up to expose a bruise on her side. He was silent while he ran the regenerator over the area, hand shaking and his jaw was clenched so tight she could hear his teeth grinding together. “Chakotay, please, it’s –“


“Not my fault? Is that what you’re going to say?”


“Okay, so it’s your fault. Happy now?” Janeway asked sarcastically.


“No.” Leaning down, the Maquis Captain kissed the place on her side where the bruise had been.


“Is – is that supposed to make it all better?”


“It’s an ancient Indian remedy.” He kissed the spot again.


“You’re a fraud.” Laughing she tried to push his head away from her ticklish ribs.


“Fraud am I? I’ll have you know I’m a card carrying Indian of several varieties.” His teeth scraped across over the tender spot.


She shivered as his tongue slid down her belly and around her navel before dipping in. “What does that mean exactly?”


“It means I get to pick and choose among the different customs and traditions for the ones I – oh, spirits, he did take your bra didn’t he?” The tank top had been pushed up to reveal her breasts. The Maquis Captain caressed them gently, squeezing their fullness. “Did he touch you like this?”


“Yes.” Janeway’s husky whisper matched his.


“Remind me to kill him later.” Lowering his head, he took a taut nipple in his mouth.


Laughing, Chakotay shook his head. “I’m jealously watching myself touch you and he’s jealous of someone else – oh wait that’s me – touching you? This is worse than a time loop.”


“Chakotay!” Janeway pushed at the Maquis Captain’s shoulders. “We can’t!”


“Yes we can.” He moved up to kiss her. The weight of his body pinning her down.


Twisting her mouth away, she pushed at him. “No, there are rules – “


“No.” Grasping her wrists, he pinned her hands above her head. ”Right now you’re not the Captain, and I’m not your first officer. I’m a mutineer and we’re both captives. Tonight the rules have changed.” Capturing her mouth again, he plunged his tongue inside sliding along hers until she she stopped struggling and responded to him. Moving back to her breasts, he took them in his hands marveling at the whiteness of her skin against the brown of his own. Tangling her fingers in his ebony hair, she held his head to her while he teased and suckled her breasts. One hand slid down to her pants, pulling them open, tugging them down.


“Oh, God!” the cry broke from her as his hand slid under the waistband of her panties to touch the wetness between her legs. A strong finger curled inside of her while the heel of his hand rested on the swollen center of nerves. Pressing down, he rotated his hand in a circular motion drawing another cry from her. When a second finger joined the first, she began bucking against his hand.


The Maquis Captain slid himself down her body to nuzzle her through the silk of her panties. “Oh, please, don’t, please!”


His laugh vibrated against her. She was saying no while pushing his head against her. Sucking the swollen bud through the thin material, he laughed again at her shriek of pleasure.


Chakotay’s body shuddered with erotic tension as he watched the Maquis Captain use his mouth to bring Janeway to her climax. He had yet to give Kathryn that pleasure, but had no doubt he could do just as well as his hologram had. Pulling Kathryn onto his lap, he fondled her breasts, rubbing himself against her as he continued watching the pair on the couch. For a moment he had been afraid it was going to be rape. It was with a twinge of guilt that he admitted he found the thought exciting. What would he have done was the big question.


Sucking the taste of her off his fingers, the Maquis Captain moved up to kiss Janeway letting her taste herself as their tongues met. Undoing his own pants, he pulled her up to a sitting position. “Touch me….” He ordered huskily.


Pushing his pants down past his hips, she gently took his erection in her hands. “He’s soft….”


“Not hardly.” He laughed.


He let her push him back on the sofa. When she took him in her mouth, it was his turn to cry out. Pulling her long hair to one side so he could see her face, he watched transfixed as she took all of him in her mouth, rubbing her nose against him before pulling back to run her tongue over the engorged head. Ruthlessly, she plunged her mouth down on him again drawing her name from him in a gasp.


Kathryn understood now why she would so eagerly take him in her mouth. Really loving the man made all the difference. What she had with Mark had been a comfortable affection, but she hadn’t truly loved him. For Chakotay she would give him that selfish pleasure and happily lap up every drop of him. Just as soon as she got the chance.


Kissing Janeway, the Maquis Captain licked the taste of himself from her mouth. “I love you, Kathryn Janeway.”


“I love you, Chakotay.” She kissed him again. “My Maquis Warrior.”


Chakotay shuddered hearing the words that only hours before Kathryn had said to him as they made love the first time. Words he hoped to hear many times over the course of their lives.


Getting up, he pulled his pants back up and fastened them. He lifted her off the couch, carrying her to the bedroom. “My People have a tradition when it comes to captive white women.”


“Which one of your People?”


In the bedroom, he set her down on the bed. “All of them.”


“Should I be scared?” She laid the back of her hand to her forehead in mock despair.


“Never.” Kneeling next to the bed he kissed her, nibbling on her bottom lip then sucking it gently.


Janeway broke the kiss long enough to push his shirt off his shoulders. “No more tattoos?” Her hands slid up his chest and over his shoulders.


“Just the one, but feel free to look for yourself.” Her tank top was pulled up and off. “Beautiful, so beautiful….” He covered her breasts with his large hands, cupping and squeezing them. Dipping his head, he slid his tongue into the vee between them.


Moving down, he kissed one nipple then the other before kissing his way down her belly. Tugging her pants all the way off, he held up the black panties. “I wish I’d known you had these on under your Starfleet armor.” Stroking her calves and ankles, he pulled her legs apart and moved between them. Placing a kiss on the inside of her thigh, his fingers slid through the red curls. “Well that answers that question.” Thrusting two fingers inside of her he suckled on the swollen bud. “I guess you’re Irish all the way down.”


“Oh God!” Janeway threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled his mouth back up. Pushing his lips open with her tongue, she plunged into the wet heat of his mouth, drawing a groan from him.


Pushing her down, he moved his body over hers, nudging her thighs further apart with one knee. Unfastening his pants, he shoved them down just far enough to free himself from them. Rubbing his erection against her, he spread her wetness over the head.


“Yes, oh yes!” She arched up to meet him, twining her legs around his hips. “Chakotay, aren’t you overdressed?”


“I don’t want to be completely naked.” Eyes half closed, he watched the swollen tip slide up and down in her wetness, dipping slightly into and back out of her opening with each pass. “Someone might come in.”


Janeway’s eyes snapped open. “Wait.” She pushed at his shoulders. “We can’t – oh God!” She cried out as he plunged inside of her.


“No.” He put his hands under her hips to hold her to him as he knelt on the bed and began thrusting hard into her. “No more waiting.” Within moments she had stopped struggling and was whimpering and moaning under him.


Chakotay was holding Kathryn tight against him, panting as they watched the Maquis Captain and Janeway make love. “Computer, end program.” The scene in front of them disappeared leaving the bare hologrid exposed.


Kathryn turned in his arms, she was panting as well. “See what we’ve been missing?”


“We’ll just have to make up for lost time.” His mouth came down on hers, his tongue teasing her lips until they opened for him. Cupping her bottom, he pulled her against him so he could rub his erection against her belly. “I should have done what he did and not taken ‘no’ for an answer.”


As his lips moved down her neck, she tipped her head back. “Computer run Janeway New Earth. Setting: nighttime with a full moon.” As the scene materialized around them, Kathryn pulled his head back up to look into the black velvet eyes. “Would the angry warrior like to share a bath?”


“Only if we get rid of the damn monkey.” Chakotay lifted her up in his arms.


“Computer, delete the damn monkey.”




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