Home To Your Heart

By Maquis Leader


"You called me, and I came home to your heart." Robert Browning 



Rating NC17

Author’s note: Once again, after the fiasco that was Endgame…




Kathryn dropped the PADD she was reading as the red alert klaxon sounded and Voyager lurched to one side. “What the – “ She bolted out of her ready room onto the bridge. “Report!”


“We had a collision with a smaller ship.” Chakotay told her as he got up from the deck.


“A collision?” She rolled her eyes. “This is completely out of hand!”


“Sorry, Captain.” Tom flushed. “It moved in just as I was relieving Lieutenant Baker."


“No damage, Captain.”  Harry reported. “The Commander ordered shields up this morning after that reporter tried to beam on board.”


“A reporter tried to beam on board?” She shot a look at Tuvok. “And no one thought to tell the Captain?”


“We beamed him back to his own ship immediately.“ The security chief said calmly. “There was no need to disturb your meeting with Admiral Paris.”


Their spectacular return to the Alpha Quadrant had attracted droves of curiosity seekers and news agencies.  Small ships swarmed around them like wasps. Last night, Kathryn had been forced to order all viewports set to negative shielding after images of the crew in the mess hall had been broadcast.  Harry had been besieged with hails until he programmed the computer to answer any signal not from Starfleet with a prerecorded message. An “answering machine” Tom had called it.


“Looks like I need another meeting with the Admiral.” Turning, she noticed Chakotay’s condition for the first time. “You’re hurt.”


Wiping at the blood trickling from his nose, he grinned. “It’s nothing, I’ve had worse.”


“Go to Sickbay.” She cupped his face in one hand and gently ran a fingertip down his nose. “It may be broken.”


“Won’t be the first time.” His heartbeat hit double time at her touch.


“Maybe.” She smiled. “But one crook in your nose is enough.” As he left the bridge, she turned to Harry. “Get me Admiral Paris, now.”


“Yes, Captain.”


Settling back into her command seat, she noticed spots of blood on the console between her seat and Chakotay’s. No wonder he’s got a bloody nose! My poor baby. Ice water poured over her heart. He’s not my baby. Ever.


“Captain Janeway.” Admiral Paris appeared on the main screen. “I know – don’t say it! They’re already in custody.”


“We’re doing fine, Admiral, thanks for asking.”


“Sorry, Katie, any damage?”


“Just my first officer’s nose.”


“Well, it’s been a little crooked since his second year at the Academy.” Owen laughed. “A Vulcan as I recall. Lasted 6 rounds before Chakotay KO’d him.”


“You have to do something, Owen. This is getting completely out of hand.”


“We’re working on it.” He was serious once again. “Get your senior staff together. Thirty minutes.” He glanced down slightly to smile at Tom. “And kiss the baby for me.”


“Will do.” Tom smiled up at his father.



In the briefing room, there was a fuss over B'Elanna until she growled and pushed them away. “Give me room! I only had a baby! It’s not like it was life or death!”


“Not for you maybe.” The Doctor arched an eyebrow. “I was in fear for my holographic life the entire time.”


“And you came through with flying colors.” Kathryn laughed from her place at the head of the table.


The view screen snapped on displaying the Starfleet logo and a few seconds later, Admiral Paris appeared. “Captain, we’ve taken steps to keep the traffic away from Voyager.”


“Good. I don’t want a repeat of what happened earlier. Be a shame to lose people after we’ve made it home.”


“We’re ordering you to Jupiter Station and the spacedock facilities there.”


“That’s a little out of the way.”


“But secure.” He rubbed a temple as if he had a massive headache. “We’ve got everybody and their uncle trying to get a peek at the famed Voyager.”


“I don’t mind a peek, it’s the dents in the bulkhead that bother me.” She glanced at where Chakotay sat to her left. “Not to mention rearranging the Commander’s nose. I like it just like it is.”


There were chuckles around the table. Seven arched an eyebrow. “There is an imperfection on the bridge of his nose that should be repaired.”


Kathryn swallowed the bitterness. “Well, Seven, some imperfections are what make us unique as individuals.”


“At Jupiter Station, we’ll debrief the crew and settle the matter of the Maquis crew.”


“Settle?” A cold fist clutched her heart. “What exactly do we have to settle?”


“We’ll discuss it – “


“We’ll discuss it now.” She groped blindly under the table.


Chakotay flinched as her fingers dug into his thigh. Covering Kathryn’s hand, he twined his fingers with hers. Wincing at her bone crushing grip, he squeezed back reassuringly.


“The details – “




Admiral Paris appeared confused by her demand. “Very well, the council is still discussing the field promotions.”


Glancing at Chakotay, she tried to put her thoughts into that look. We’ll run for it, Chakotay! I won’t let them put you in prison! His dark eyes held hers confidently.


“Of course, the pardons were already signed – “


“Pardons?” She jerked her gaze back to the view screen.


“Of course. The Maquis were pardoned long ago.” He frowned. “It was in one of the packets we sent.”


Harry shook his head as attention turned to him. “No sir, we never received it.”


“Good lord! You mean you’ve spent the last six months – somebody’s ass will feel my teeth!”


Tom laughed at hearing one of his father’s favorite expressions.


“Katie, I’m so sorry. I thought you knew. You never said a word.”


“I thought we’d – I didn’t think actually.” She squeezed Chakotay’s hand again before letting go. “I just hoped it would all work out.”


“Put yourself at ease, your Maquis crew have received full pardons.” He smiled at the whoop Tom let out. “And so has a certain Lieutenant Paris.”


“That’s good to hear.” Kathryn allowed herself a smile as Tom and B'Elanna embraced and kissed.


“We’ve set up a group of starships around Voyager to block anyone from getting too close.  We’re bringing your families up to Jupiter Station. They should start arriving shortly after you do.”


“Our families?” It hadn’t occurred to her that they would bring her mother to meet her.


“Except, of course, for those who are too far away. Commander Chakotay’s sister is going to be here in…”


“In four days, sir.” Reg Barclay stepped into view. “The Defiant is bringing her in along with Ensign Wildman’s husband.”


“The Defiant?” Chakotay’s eyebrows rose in surprise.


“Of course, you didn’t think we’d let them deal with commercial ships now did you?” Reg joked. “The Defiant left DS9 an hour after you exited the wormhole and they were at Trebus sometime this morning. ETA is 4 days.”


“Thank you, Reg.” Kathryn noticed Chakotay’s eyes were suspiciously bright and moved the meeting along. “Owen, how long will the debriefings last?”


“I’m not sure.” He shrugged. “We’re going to postpone them for at least a month. Give you time to readjust and get settled.”


Kathryn was surprised; she’d always assumed they’d be immediately debriefed. And grilled and served with a light sauce in her case.


“We’ll expect your logs to be submitted immediately of course. We’ll go through them and the ship’s computers. That’s plenty to keep the eggheads busy for awhile.” Admiral Paris smiled as Reg bounced nervously beside him. “Mr. Barclay has set up a party – “


“A welcome home party!” Reg enthused. “With your families and if you don’t mind, some of us here at Pathfinder would like to attend.”


“Of course, Reg.” Kathryn smiled at him. “You’re family, too. But if there’s to be a party, we’d like to have it here on Voyager. It’s short notice, but I’m sure Mr. Paris can come up with something.”


“Yes, ma’am!” Tom grabbed a PADD from the stack on the table and began putting in notes. “I need to get some info on how many people.” He looked at Kathryn, who nodded. “Can you beam over, Reg?”


“Uh, I – I – “


“He’ll be happy to.” Admiral Paris clapped the stuttering man on the shoulder. “With your permission, Captain, Reg and I will both beam over.”


“Permission granted, with pleasure.”


“Give us ten minutes. Paris out.”


“Well, that went a lot better than I hoped.” B'Elanna rubbed Tom’s shoulder. “I was afraid we’d be sharing adjoining cells for the next 20 years.”


“I told you guys that everything would be okay.” Harry bounced up from the table. “Let’s go get the holodeck set up.”


“I’d like to talk to Tom, if you don’t mind, Harry.” Kathryn almost laughed as the young man flushed. “Everyone else, I suggest you get your logs in order and start packing. Dismissed.”


As they stood and began to leave, Kathryn noted with a twinge of jealousy that Chakotay let his hand rest on the small of Seven’s back as they neared the door. “Chakotay, if you would stay as well?”


“Of course.” He turned back to her.


“The Commander and I were going to the mess hall for lunch.” Seven put a possessive hand on his arm.


“I’m afraid you’ll have to take a rain check.” Kathryn watched as Chakotay patted the blonde’s hand before he went back to his seat. “Chakotay and I have ship’s business to discuss.”


Seven stared at her, ice blue eyes narrowed, before turning and stalking out of the room.


“Don’t worry, Captain, I’ll keep it tasteful.” Tom assured her.


“I’m sure you’ll do a good job.” She patted his shoulder. “I thought you might want to be there when your father arrives.”


“I, uh, I don’t know.” He studied the PADD’s display. “Maybe I should wait.”


“Your father has every reason to be proud of you.” Chakotay said quietly.


“I keep telling myself that.” He scrubbed at the display with his fingertips.


“Tom, you two have talked already.” Kathryn sat down next to him. “You’ve broken the ice.”


“Yeah, well, that was from 30,000 light years away.”


Lifting his chin up with a fingertip, she met his worried gaze. “We’ll be there with you. We’re your family, too.”


“Thanks.” The baby blue eyes teared up before he quickly blinked them away. “Come on, don’t want to keep the old man waiting.”




In the transporter room, Admiral Paris took in the sight of his son standing at the edge of the platform. “Per – permission to come aboard?”


“Permission granted.” Kathryn smiled. “Welcome to Voyager.”


“Thank you.”  Stepping down, he went to Tom and took his face in his hands. “Thomas.”




“I tried so hard – “ Owen swallowed the lump in his throat. “I knew you – could do so much – be a good man – “


“Dad, I’m sorry – “


“No, I’m sorry. I tried to make it easier – and I made it so hard for you.”  He stroked a hand over the blond hair. “I’ve been angry at you and disappointed and hurt and ashamed.”


“I know.” His face turned red and he hung his head.


“But I always loved you.” He tightened his grip on Tom’s face, forcing him to look at him. “I always loved you!”


Kathryn wiped tears off her face as Owen pulled Tom into a fierce hug.


Reg stepped around the pair and extended his hand to her. “Captain Janeway, it’s an honor to meet you.” He said quietly. “And you too, Commander. It’s so wonderful to see the both of you.”


“The pleasure’s ours, Mr. Barclay.” Chakotay motioned toward the door and they left father and son alone.


“I’m so sorry that you didn’t get the information on the Maquis.” Reg wrung his hands.“ It was in the packet six months ago along with the specifications for upgrading your communications equipment.”


“We received that.” Chakotay assured him. “But we lost some of the data in that packet.”


“The signal degraded.” The other man nodded. “One reason for the upgrade. I’m sorry, it n-never occurred to me to ask if you’d g-gotten that piece of information. I – I should have resent everything the next month.”


“Don’t apologize, Reg.” Kathryn laid a hand on his back. “We never thought to ask, either. Home was a long way off.”


“Harry!” Reg exclaimed as they entered the holodeck. “And B'Elanna! Oh, just as lovely as I imagined! And the baby? Where’s the baby?”


“She’s with the Doctor.” B'Elanna looked startled as Reg hugged her.


“Oh, I have to see her! And Naomi, too!” He shook Harry’s hand enthusiastically. “I want to meet everyone!”


Kathryn elbowed Chakotay as he laughed. “You will, Reg.”


“We were working on plans for the party.” Harry showed them the program he’d been working on.


As Reg moved over to the console, B'Elanna asked Kathryn and Chakotay quietly. “Tom?”


“He’s fine. He and his father are mending some fences.” Chakotay told her.


“Try not to notice the red eyes when you see him. You know how men are about crying.” Kathryn grinned. “Manly pride and all that.”


“He was so worried.” B'Elanna brushed away tears of her own. “Damn hormones.”


“Come on, let’s help plan the party.”


“Captain, I’m supposed to meet Seven in the mess hall.” Chakotay reminded her.


“Oh, I forgot.” Kathryn felt another piece of her heart fall away. “You go on.”


The hurt was covered with her Captain’s mask, but he knew her too well. “I’ll tell her we’ll have dinner instead.” He smiled. “There’s command decisions to be made here.”


The dimpled smile made her knees weak. “We have to be sure we don’t wind up in Chaotica's Fortress of Doom.”


He chuckled. “Could be fun, as long as you wear that dress.”


“Oh, lord! Don’t even think about it!”  She shook a finger at him. “I’ll toss you in the brig!”


“For what?’


“For poor fashion sense!” She laughed with him.  “I was thinking we might use the resort program.”


“Good idea.”


“Then you can look down my dress again.” He looked surprised. “Think I didn’t notice, Chakotay?”


“I was… merely checking to be sure your combadge was on straight.”


“I wasn’t wearing one!”


“I know.” He caught her hand as she smacked playfully at him.


“Bridge to Captain Janeway.”


“Janeway here.” She squeezed Chakotay’s hand before letting go.


“We’ll be docking at Jupiter Station in forty-five minutes.”


“Very good, Tuvok. Alert me when we’re ten minutes out.”


“Aye, Captain. Bridge out.”


“The first transport was due to arrive in an hour and a half.” Reg chewed his lip. “About thirty minutes after you dock.”


“How many are coming?” Harry pulled up the resort program. “We can expand the program to give us more room.”


“Around one hundred.” Reg furrowed his brow as he added up numbers. “Maybe closer to one fifty.”


“That many? On such short notice?” Kathryn wondered if having the party on Voyager was such a good idea after all.


“Luckily, the Voyager reunion was last week, so a lot of people were still on Earth or in the system. We've flagged down a ship or two and turned them around. Commander Chakotay's sister had just gotten home as a matter of fact.”  He laughed at their expressions. “For the last four years – or is it five? Anyway, the families have been gathering for a ‘reunion’ of sorts.”


“My mother mentioned meeting Chakotay’s sister and Harry’s parents.” Kathryn told him. “But she didn’t say anything about a reunion.”


“It was sad the first 2 years. Then we made contact. Oh, my!” Reg wiped his eyes. “What a party!”


“We’ll try to make this one just as memorable.” Kathryn wiped at her own eyes.


“Hormones? Ouch!” Chakotay rubbed his stomach where Kathryn’s sharp elbow had dug in.





“Do I look all right?”


“You look fine.”


“My hair?”


“Kathryn.” Chakotay caught her hands as she raised them to her hair. “You’re perfect. As always.”


“I’m so nervous.” She squeezed his hands. “I’m afraid I’m going to blubber like a baby.”


“Not very Captain like.” He nodded solemnly. “Sort of like the Admiral crying all over his son?”


“Touché.” She stepped closer to him. “Thank you for being here.”


“You’re my friend, how can I say no?”


Her smile froze and she pulled her hands away. “Maybe you should be with Seven. I’m sure she’s nervous about meeting her aunt.”


“She’s helping with some last minute programming on the holodeck.” He took her hand again. “And she says nervousness is irrelevant. Or illogical. I don’t remember which.”


She clutched his hand tighter as the airlock doors rolled open. “Oh, they’re here!”


Admiral Paris had beamed back to the station so that he could officially be welcomed on board. Behind him people were lined up to come on board and greet their families. Two of them rushed past the Admiral to where Harry stood and hugged him. Three others tearfully embraced Ayala. Two women walked into the corridor and stopped as though rooted to the deck.


“Mama?” Kathryn’s voice broke.


“Kathy, oh baby!” Gretchen Janeway stepped forward, arms held out.


“Mama!” Kathryn hurled herself into her mother’s arms. “Oh, I’ve missed you!” The other woman wrapped her arms around both of them.


Chakotay watched the tearful reunion for a moment before gently touching Kathryn’s shoulder. “We need to move, we’re blocking the corridor.”


“You must be Chakotay.” Gretchen laid a hand on his arm in a familiar gesture. “Goodness, Kathy, he is handsome!”


“Mother!” Kathryn blushed. “Let’s get out of the way.”


Phoebe laughed and took Chakotay’s hand. “She said you were dark and handsome.” She blinked as he smiled. “Good lord! Kathy, you were right, those dimples are adorable!”


Grasping her sister and mother firmly by the hand, Kathryn pulled them down the corridor. “Let’s get out of the way!”


Chuckling, Chakotay followed them. So Kathryn told her mother and sister I’m handsome and have adorable dimples? That’s… interesting.





Leaning back against the wall, Chakotay watched the groups of people. Crewmembers and their families were laughing and crying together, and Harry’s parents seemed bent on hugging every member of the crew. Now that he thought about it, everyone’s family members were going out of their way to welcome the crew. He’d been hugged, patted, kissed, and greeted by countless people, and called by name every time.  It seemed Voyager’s crew weren’t the only ones who had pulled together and become a family.


A hand on his ankle made him jump.  Looking down, he saw a small hand tugging on his pant leg. Crouching down and lifting the tablecloth, he found Naomi hiding under the buffet table. “Hello, little one, what are you doing under there?”


“There are too many people.”  She peeked past him at the crowd. “Make them get off the ship.”


“Naomi, we invited them here.”


“I don’t care.” Her lower lip trembled. “They keep hugging me and talking to me. I don’t know them. I don’t want to know them!”


Lifting her up in his arms, Chakotay patted her back soothingly. No one had considered the effect this would have on her. While they were excited to be home, Naomi was losing her home.  “Wait until you meet your father, you’ll change your mind.”


“I don’t want to meet him, either.” She kissed his cheek. “You can be my father.”


He had started to remind her that she was a big girl and shouldn’t be acting like this, but changed his mind. “I can’t be your father, Naomi. But I’ll always be your uncle. My people believe that an uncle is almost as important as a father.” He kissed her soft cheek.  “I get to teach you all the fun stuff.”


“A man who likes children. Kathy, he’s a prize.” Gretchen told her embarrassed daughter as they walked up.


“I don’t like children, Mrs. Janeway.” Chakotay told her, the broad smile making his dimples flash. “I love children.”


“Even better.” She reached out to pat Naomi’s arm, but the girl pulled away.


“She’s a little… shy.” Her forehead spikes dug painfully into his neck as she hid her face.


“Shy? Probably scared half to death with all these strangers tramping around in her house.”  She smiled at Naomi as she turned to peek out through her hair.


“Naomi, this is my mother, Gretchen, and my sister, Phoebe.” Kathryn patted the little girl’s leg. “Mom, Phebes, this is Naomi Wildman, my assistant.”


“There’s a job I wouldn’t want!” Phoebe laughed. “You’re a tyrant.”


“I am not! I’ve always been fair and kindhearted!” Kathryn protested. “Tell her, Chakotay.”


“Fair and kindhearted.” He repeated dutifully.




“Stubborn, unbending, and hardheaded.” Chakotay smiled as she glared at him. Naomi giggled in his ear.


“She gets that from her father.” Gretchen told him. Both daughters shared a look behind her back. “So, are you packed and ready to go?”


“For the most part.” He told her. “I really don’t have very many possessions.”


“Well, we’ll have room for whatever you have, don’t worry.” She turned to Kathryn. “If I know you, you haven’t packed a single thing yet.”


Chakotay wasn’t sure he’d heard right. Kathryn looked equally confused. “We’re not even sure when we’ll be allowed to leave.”


“Allowed? Kathy, you’re not prisoners.” Her mother told her. “Owen said you can come home tonight.”


“Tonight?” She could sleep in her own bed tonight?


“Phoebe and I will help you pack up. Chakotay, do you need us to help?”


“No, ma’am.”


“None of that ‘ma’am’ stuff, call me Mom.” She gave him an all too familiar glare. “We’ll settle you in the west guest room so you can sleep late. No more Starfleet hours.”


“Mom, I think Chakotay has plans.” Kathryn tried to push away the image of Seven and Chakotay in a hotel room together in some romantic place.


“Nonsense!” Her mother snorted. “You just got home, how could he have plans?”


“Besides, his sister is going to be staying with us when she gets here.” Phoebe told her. “I’m sure he’ll want to be where she is.”


“Aylian is going to stay with you?” Chakotay interrupted.


“She always does.”


“She always does?” He echoed.


“For the yearly reunions. Who else would she stay with?” Gretchen put her hands on her hips. “Do you think I’d let her stay in a hotel?”


“Um…” He risked a look at Kathryn. She was shaking her head and biting her lip to keep from laughing. “No?”


“Mom, we need to let Chakotay see what Seven wants to do.”


“Seven will be staying with her aunt.” Her mother told her matter-of-factly.


“She’s just met her aunt; she may want to stay with us.” The thought of the two of them in her mother's house made going home look less and less attractive.


“There won’t be room.” Gretchen said. “Chakotay will be in one guest room and Aylian in the other.”


“And I’ll be in my old room. Not to mention the old ball and chain and my brats.”


Kathryn looked at Chakotay helplessly. He shrugged. “I’m not taking on two Janeway women. I know my limitations.”


“Wouldn’t be very smart.” Naomi told him.


“Can I put you down? I need to go talk to someone.” Truthfully, she was getting heavy; she was no longer a little girl.


“Sure.” She grabbed Kathryn’s hand as he set her on her feet. “I’ll keep the Captain company.”


“Be careful, she’ll have you helping her pack.” Chucking her under the chin, he nodded to Kathryn and her mother and sister before he walked away.


Seven was talking with a gray haired lady and a young man. When she saw him, she smiled and introduced him. “Commander, this is my aunt, Irene Hansen, and my cousin, Brett.”


“It’s nice to meet you.” He accepted the kiss Mrs. Hansen pressed to his cheek while he shook Brett’s hand. “Can I – “


“I have decided to stay with my aunt.” Seven announced.


“Oh… good.” It wasn’t as if they had made plans, but it still stung that she hadn’t even asked what he might want to do.


“You can stay at my aunt’s house as well.”


“Actually, Annika, my house is rather small.” Her aunt said. “Brett is staying with me while he’s in school, you know.”


“I have a place to stay, Seven.” Chakotay assured her.


“With Captain Janeway?”


“With her and her mother.”


“And when did you make these plans?” Seven’s voice was as cold as her eyes.


“Actually, I didn’t make them. My sister did. Seems she’s become good friends with Mrs. Janeway.”


“I see.”


“I’ll talk to you later. Mrs. Hansen, Brett, good to meet you.” Turning, he walked away.


“Hey, old man!” B'Elanna hugged him as he returned to where Kathryn and her mother and sister were.


“Hey yourself, Mama.”


“Watch it, she’s still hormonal.” Tom told him.


“We thought you might want to see Miral before we leave.” B'Elanna elbowed her husband. Tom reluctantly gave Miral over to Chakotay so he could cuddle the little girl while Kathryn kissed her soft cheek.


“Leave?” Kathryn asked. “Where are you going?”


“To Tom’s parents’ house for tonight. We’ll come back and pack up tomorrow.”


For a single irrational moment, Kathryn wanted to swing Voyager around and head back to the Delta Quadrant. Her family was scattering already. A light touch on the small of her back and she looked up at Chakotay to find understanding reflected in the black velvet eyes.


“Attention everyone!” Reg stood on a tabletop. “We have transports for those who want to leave this evening. There’s accommodations for everyone either with a family member or at the Starfleet Officers’ complex. Our farthest family members will take about a week to arrive. We want to have a gathering then.”


Pausing, Reg looked over the Voyager crew and their families. “We are so very, very glad you’re home.”





Earth was in the viewport but Chakotay had eyes only for Kathryn. She’d fallen asleep almost as soon as their transport had left Jupiter Station, her hand on his thigh and her head lolling on his shoulder.


Around them other members of the crew bound for Earth dozed or talked in low voices. The toll of the last four days was catching up with them. Working frantically on the ship, followed by the ride through the hub, and a day spent putting things in order before they docked. The impromptu party had drained the last of their reserves.


Chakotay yawned and leaned his head against Kathryn’s. She was using his shoulder for a pillow, why shouldn’t he use her head for one?





“Chakotay, we’re here.”


A gentle nudge on his shoulder made him jerk awake, fists clenched. “What?”


“We’re here.” Gretchen was standing back a safe distance. Kathryn had told her about his habit of waking up swinging if touched.  She joked about guilting him out of a week’s worth of coffee after he’d split her lip on an away mission.


Blinking sleepily, Chakotay pulled off the blanket covering the two of them. “Kathryn.” She didn’t stir. “Kathryn, we’re home.”


“Poor baby.” Her mother stroked a lock of auburn hair back from Kathryn’s face.


“There hasn’t been much time for sleep lately.” Standing, he picked her up in his arms. Sighing, she snuggled her face into his neck.  “I don’t know if she’s slept at all in the last few days.”


Phoebe had the bags they’d packed with a change of clothes. “Some girls have all the luck.”


They followed the others as they left the transport. Stepping out into the bay at McKinley Station, Chakotay stopped to get his bearings.


“Transporter room is this way, sir.” An ensign pointed through a hatchway.


“Thank you.”  He knew where the transporter room was; this wasn’t his first trip to McKinley. It seemed surreal to stand here again. He’d thought the only way he’d see the inside of a Starfleet facility would be in restraints.  Looking down at Kathryn’s sleeping face, Chakotay wondered if the restraints were around his heart.


“Hey, old man.” B'Elanna slid an arm around his neck and kissed his cheek. “See you tomorrow?”


“Lunch in the mess hall?”


“A little leola root for old times sake?” She kissed him again.


“No.” He looked over her shoulder at where Tom cradled Miral against his chest. “Will you bring Miral?”


“Tom’s mother is going to watch her for us.” The disappointment in his eyes tugged at B'Elanna. “Sure, we’ll bring her. She can watch her on Voyager just as easily as she can at home.”


“She’ll be closer, too.” Tom nuzzled the baby’s cheek. “Just in case Daddy gets withdrawals.”


“Tomorrow then.” He kissed her cheek before angling around to kiss Miral’s downy head.


“What about me?” Tom grinned. “Don’t I get a kiss?”


“My knuckles to your nose maybe.” Shaking his head, Chakotay headed for the transporter.


They appeared in front of a two story house the full moon had painted a ghostly white. Gretchen led them up the steps and keyed the door open. A warm entryway greeted them and Chakotay looked over the pictures of Kathryn and her family that lined the walls.


“This way.” She started up the stairs. “Kathryn’s room is the first one on the left. We’ll get her settled first. She must be getting heavy.”


“No, she’s fine.” His arms were going numb, but he’d cut them off before he admitted it. He wanted to hold her as long as he was able. In Kathryn’s bedroom, he laid her on the bed and stepped back to rub at his aching shoulders while her mother tugged off the red and black jacket.


“Goodness, she’s really out of it. Help me with the boots?”


Together they pulled off the black boots. When Gretchen unfastened Kathryn’s pants, Chakotay turned to go. “Chakotay, I need some help here.”


“Mrs. Jane – Mom,” he corrected at her stern look. “I don’t think this is proper.”


“Piss and vinegar, I’m right here! What’s improper?” She tugged at a pant leg. “Lift her up a little.”


Carefully he slid his hands under her hips and lifted Kathryn up so her pants could be tugged down. Closing his eyes, he tried not to remember the sight of the black lace panties she wore.


“Shy thing, aren’t you?”  Gretchen chuckled. “Help me with her top.”


“I don’t think – “


“Relax, we’ll stop there. Won’t be the first time she’s slept in a t-shirt and panties.”


That was a picture he could do without, his cock was already demanding he throw her mother out of the room and tear the rest of Kathryn’s clothes off. Sitting on the bed and gently lifting Kathryn up to lean against him, he helped her mother pull her turtleneck off.


“Chakotay?” Kathryn’s voice was soft and husky. “Chakotay?”


“Shh… go back to sleep.” He smiled at her sleepy confused look.


“Don’t leave me.” She reached up to touch his face. “Please don’t leave me.”


“I won’t.”


Reaching between her daughter’s back and his chest, Gretchen undid the clasp on Kathryn’s bra and slid it out from under her shirt.


The black bra slithering out of the sleeve of the gray tank top was mesmerizing. Gulping, he looked away from it. Spirits! He could see straight down the neck of her shirt. Her breasts were creamy and white and her nipples had hardened in the cool air.


He looked up to see her mother leave the room. “Mrs. J – Gretch – Mom –” Wait! Please don’t go! He looked down again as Kathryn stirred. Her head lolled to one side exposing the slim column of her throat. It would be so easy to kiss down the pale skin to her breasts, to suck the nipples through the thin shirt. His cock ached and throbbed. Stop it! Tomorrow, I’ll pack my clothes first! Shirts – pants – the leather pants she likes – It wasn’t working. His eyes were drawn to where the gray tank had pulled up to reveal her navel, then down to the black silk covering her mound. Her legs were parted slightly and his cock screamed at him to rip the panties off, bury himself in her heat and wetness and fuck her until they died.




Guilt poured over him as Gretchen came back with a quilt. “I – I was – “ Mentally raping your daughter, Mom, hope you don’t mind!


“Just lay her down, dear.” She hid a smile as he flushed.


Laying her down, he smiled again as Kathryn whispered and stirred, her hand reaching out. “Chakotay?”


“He’ll be across the hall, Kathy.” Taking Chakotay’s broad shoulders in her hands, she steered him across the hallway. Phoebe gave him a quick hug as she finished putting his clothes in the dresser. “See you in the morning. And welcome home.”


“Goodnight, sweetheart.” Gretchen pulled him to her and squeezed him tightly before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. The door closed behind her as she and Phoebe left.


“Goodnight.” He sat bonelessly on the bed. His bag was folded on the dresser top, his shaving kit sitting beside it. The bed was turned down and a bright quilt lay across the end.


Rousing enough to strip his clothes off, Chakotay shut off the light and crawled under the covers.  He was just drifting off to sleep when the door opened. Kathryn stood in the doorway. “Something wrong, Kathryn?”


“I… thought you…” She wobbled a bit before turning back. “See… the morning…” The door closed again.


“Goodnight, Kathryn.” His cock had hardened again at the sight of her standing in her panties and shirt with moonlight bathing her body. Damn! Reaching down, he stroked the hard shaft, squeezing as he moved up over the head.  With his other hand, he cupped his balls and pressed his fingers into the sensitive spot behind them.


A familiar fantasy with a new setting spun itself out for him. Kathryn opening the door, she was naked and the moonlight turned her skin silver.  Red hair loose down her back and her nipples pink and hard.


Grunting softly, he pumped his cock harder as he saw her kneeling before him, opening her mouth to take the swollen head. Past the red lips and into her hot mouth until her nose nuzzled his pubic mound.  Her breasts soft and full in his hands as she took him down her throat.


Fucking his fist, Chakotay could see his cock glistening wetly as he fucked her mouth. Her hands cupped his ass to hold him close. Fingers tangled in her hair as he held her head still while he pumped the full length past her lips into her mouth and down her throat. Stroke after stroke. Pulling out to push back past the unresisting red lips.


Sweat beaded on his body and Chakotay kicked the blankets off. Spreading his legs, he pushed the fingers behind his balls harder into the thin skin over the excited prostate, massaging it as he pumped his cock frantically.


He’d push her down on the bed and force her legs apart. She’d smile and whisper. “Fuck me, Chakotay.” White thighs spreading open for him, her fingers trailing over her mound and dipping into her wet pussy. “Shove your cock in me and fuck me.”


Mounting her, he rammed into her in one hard stroke and began pounding into her tight pussy. Her legs were up over his shoulders as he fucked her. She was crying and begging for more. Chakotay bit his lip to keep from crying out as his seed spurted over his hand and belly. The last of the fantasy played out lazily as he milked his cock. She’d cuddle and kiss him, tell him how good he was. “You’re the best lover I’ve ever had, Chakotay.” A long slow kiss before they drifted off to sleep.


Wiping himself off with his t-shirt, he tossed it onto his discarded uniform. Sighing, he punched the pillow into a comfortable shape and drifted to sleep.







“Hmm….” Kathryn was rubbing her hands on his chest and shoulders.


“Chakotay, wake up.”


“Kiss me…” Brushing her breasts against his chest.


Kathryn’s eyebrows arched up. That sounded interesting. Should I wake him or – Seven! He’s dreaming of Seven! Reaching out, she smacked his bare shoulder and then jumped back out of the way.


Instead of jerking awake with his fists clenched, he rolled over lazily. The blanket slid down to expose his chest and belly and barely covered his morning erection. His hand moved across his belly and under the blanket to grasp the hard shaft.


Leave! Walk out now! Her feet weren’t listening to her. Don’t look! Her eyes weren’t obeying orders either. They were riveted to the movement of his hand under the blanket. Slow strokes up and down, his hips arching. Desire stabbed her, making her ache to take him inside of her.


“More…” he moaned softly. Kathryn teased him, lapping and sucking at the throbbing head while her hand stroked him slowly. “Please…”


Retreating at last to the door, Kathryn opened it and let it bounce off the wall. The crash made him jump.


The pleasant dream was shattered in a million pieces. Opening his eyes, Chakotay saw Kathryn walk into the room.


“Good morning!” She said cheerfully.


“Good morning.” He pulled the blanket up, hoping she hadn’t seen his hardon.


“Coffee?” She perched on the edge of the bed and held out a cup.


“Thanks.” He took the cup and sipped at it. “Ugh! No sugar!”


“Didn’t say there was.”


“Evil woman.” He set the cup on the nightstand. “And after I carried you in last night.”


“And undressed me. Phoebe had a field day with that.”


“I’ll have to report you for not having on Starfleet underwear.” A flush covered her cheeks. “Black lace? For shame, Captain Janeway, that’s not standard issue.”


She smacked his arm and he grabbed it and pulled her onto him. Rolling over, he pinned her beneath him.


“Chakotay!” Squirming, she pushed at his shoulders. “Let me up!”


“Say please.”


Through the thin robe and the blanket, she could feel the hardness pressing into her belly. His mouth dipped down and nuzzled her ear. “Chakotay, we can’t.”


“Why?” She shivered as he kissed the soft spot behind her ear.


“We just – “ Kathryn jumped as he nipped at her neck. “We can’t, you know that.”


“Not true.” Chakotay shifted his weight to rest between her thighs. Sighing into her ear, he rubbed his aching cock against her mound. “We can do whatever we want now.”


“Chakotay…” He was right. They were home and free of the burden of Voyager’s command. Pulling her legs up, she let him settle more fully into the cradle of her thighs. His mouth hovered over hers as he began rocking harder against her.


“Up and at ‘em, lazybones!” Gretchen’s voice broke the mood. Her footsteps sounded in the hallway. Sticking her head in the doorway, she saw Chakotay wrapped in a blanket and sipping coffee while Kathryn stood by the window. “Time for breakfast.”


Kathryn took the coffee from Chakotay as she left the room. He looked relieved.


Waiting until her daughter was halfway down the stairs before turning back to him, Gretchen planted her hands on her hips. “What’s the matter with you?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Bull! I saw her face and it’s been awhile, but I know what men are like in the morning.” She smiled crookedly. “Don’t go too fast, she needs time or she’ll think it’s just a knee jerk reaction.”


“What makes you think anything was going to happen?”


“Because you didn’t hear me the first time I came to the door.” She laughed. “Get dressed and get downstairs.”


“Yes, ma’am.” He chuckled as she left the room. She was right. If they had made love, Kathryn would have regretted it afterwards. She would have wondered if it was a spur of the moment fuck.


He chuckled again. Kathryn didn’t have a chance with her mother scheming against her. Luckily, neither did he.





Five boxes. His life was contained in five boxes. And all before lunch. Chakotay sighed and rubbed his neck. Maybe Kathryn needed his help with her things. He looked up as the door to his quarters swished shut. Did the prop get pushed –?


Seven stood inside the doorway. “Did you enjoy your night with Captain Janeway?”


“We went to her mother’s house and went to bed.”


“So I see.” She handed him the PADD she was holding.


His eyes widened at the image of himself carrying Kathryn through McKinley Station. The headline screamed in big red letters: STARFLEET CAPTAIN MARRIES MAQUIS LOVER! “There must have been a reporter hidden there somewhere.”


“So you did marry her?”


“Of course not! You can’t believe these things.” He snorted. “They’re trash.”


“Why would they print an untruth?”  She arched an eyebrow.


“To sell issues. Did you buy this?” It was a cheap disposable reader, rather than a Starfleet PADD.






“Because the – oh.” The connection became clear. “Because of the image and the headline. Why is this allowed?”


“Free press. We could sue them.” He shrugged. “But it just helps them sell more of these.”


“I understand. So you did not – “




“Good. Then we should proceed with the next step in our relationship.”


“Seven, we need to talk.” His eyes widened as she unzipped the front of her suit. “What are you doing?”


“On a fifth date, copulation is allowed.” She tugged the tight outfit off of her shoulders.


“We’re not on a date!” Backing away, Chakotay averted his eyes as her breasts spilled out.


“We can replicate lunch afterwards. I believe this is called a ‘nooner’.”


“Seven, I don’t – “ The door chimed. “Come in!” He called out frantically.


“Chakotay, are you ready for – “ Kathryn stopped at the sight of Seven standing half naked in the center of the room. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were busy.”


“Don’t go!” He walked toward her as she turned to leave. A hand clamped on his arm, jerking him around.


“Please leave, Captain. The Commander and I were about to copulate.”


“No, we weren’t!” He growled as he worked to pry her fingers off his arm. “Kathryn, wait.”


It should have been laughable. A man struggling to get away from a half naked blond who wanted to fuck him. Except this was her man the drone was putting fingerprints on. “Let go, Seven. The Commander obviously isn’t interested.”


“That’s because of your presence. He will be more affectionate once you leave.” The blond pulled Chakotay closer.


“Two things you don’t fuck with, Seven.” Kathryn grabbed Seven’s earlobe and twisted. With a scream, the other woman let go of Chakotay’s arm. “A Starfleet Captain and a limp dick.”


Backing away, he rubbed his wrist where her Borg hand had dug into his muscles. His dick wasn’t just limp; it had practically crawled up inside of him to hide.


“You are jealous.” Seven tugged her suit back up. “You wish to have the Commander for yourself.”


“Don’t be ridiculous.” The denial came out automatically. Of course I am, you stupid bitch!


“Perhaps the Admiral should have warned me about you.” Seven stalked out of Chakotay’s quarters still zipping up her suit.


“What was she talking about?” Kathryn turned to Chakotay. “What did the Admiral warn her about?”  Did the old bat tell her she married Chakotay?


“She told her that she would hurt me.”


Rolling up his sleeve, Kathryn frowned at the bruises already forming on his golden skin. “Seems she was right.”


“The Admiral? Or Seven?” He asked bitterly.


“What?” Looking up, she saw hurt reflected in the dark eyes. “Chakotay, I’m sorry. I – it was habit. I was jealous.”


The dimpled smile appeared instantly. “Really?”


“Power that down!” She put a hand in front of her face. “You’re blinding me.”


“Do you care for me, Kathryn?” He took her hand and pulled her closer. “Just a little?”


“Chakotay, I – “


“Torres to Chakotay.”


Damn it! “Chakotay here.”


“Are you coming to lunch sometime today?”


“We’ll be there in a minute. Chakotay out.”


“What’s this?” Kathryn held the PADD he’d dropped.


“Nothing. Trash.”


“Oh, my god! After seven years of living like a nun, they – they – print this?” She threw the PADD down. “I should have went ahead and fucked you the first chance I got!”


“I – uh…” He wasn’t sure what to say to that. He wasn’t about to say ‘no you shouldn’t have.’


“Come here!” She grabbed him by his shirtfront and pulled him against her. Just as her lips brushed his, the door chime startled them apart.


“It’s open.” Chakotay sighed.


“There you are.” Gretchen came in. “Let’s go try this leola root I’ve heard so much about.”


Kathryn shot Chakotay an evil look. “Of course, Mom. You’ll love leola casserole.”





By the end of the day, Kathryn was ready to strangle her mother and sister. Anytime she and Chakotay managed to be alone for any length of time, one or the other would come barging in. How could she tell him she loved him and kiss him if she couldn’t get a single minute alone with him?


Chakotay was equally frustrated. He knew what Gretchen was doing, but it was driving him crazy along with Kathryn. She had admitted to being jealous and it had looked like she was going to kiss him. Now they couldn’t get a minute alone together.


Gretchen surveyed the pile of boxes in her living room. “Goodness, Kathy! You’re still such a packrat!”


“I guess it would have been easier if I only had five or six boxes like Chakotay?”


“Oh, no, poor thing.” She patted his arm. “Lost everything he had, it’s such a shame.”


“He blew his own ship up!” Kathryn felt like she was 14 years old again. Turning, she stomped out of the house.


“I’ve never had many possessions.” Chakotay picked up some of the boxes. “I’ll take these upstairs for her.”


“She’ll be back, don’t worry.” Phoebe picked up a big box.


“I know, but she has a lot more room to walk here.” He grinned at her. “I could always find her on Voyager.”


By the time they had moved the boxes upstairs, there was a delicious smell wafting from the kitchen.  Gretchen stood by an old fashioned cooking stove. “Phoebe, put the corn on.”


Spying a pile of potatoes and a paring knife, Chakotay started to work removing the brown skins.


“Oh no, sit!” Gretchen took the potato out of his hand. “I’m not putting you to work on your first night home.”


“Which means she’ll wait ‘till tomorrow.” Phoebe told him.


“I’m frying chicken, but I’ve got plenty for you to eat. Kathy told me you’re a vegetarian.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“Mom.” She pointed the paring knife at him. “Or no peach cobbler for you.”


“Mom!” He smiled and filched a piece of raw potato as she started slicing them up. “Phoebe, I thought your husband and children were going to be here.”


“Not tonight. It’s just the Janeway clan tonight.” She grinned. “You’re one of us now. You should have run when you had the chance.”


Chakotay sat at the table watching while they prepared dinner. He’d found that all of the Janeway women were touchers. Phoebe had patted his arm and shoulder as she passed and Gretchen had done the same.  When she handed him the last piece of potato before she put the rest on to cook, she had stroked his cheek and hair before turning away.


The kitchen blurred as his eyes filled. An urge to bury his face against her and cry like a child startled him. You’re a grown man – not a child! You’re too old to miss your mother!


Gretchen was draining the potatoes when she saw Kathryn trudging through the field behind the house. As she turned, she saw Chakotay help himself to a biscuit. “Here now! Those are for dinner!”


“They’re good.” He mumbled around the hot bread.


“Here.” Getting a dish, she plucked a hot ear of corn from the pot and slathered butter over it. After sprinkling on salt and pepper, she handed the dish to him. “Outside before I scalp you!”


Phoebe laughed at Chakotay’s expression. “Better run for it. I was bald until I was five.”


Outside, Chakotay settled on the back step and took a bite of the corn. It was sweet and buttery, with a taste no replicator could ever reproduce. Taking another bite, he spotted Kathryn walking toward the house. “Come here and sit down.”


“Hi.” She sat down next to him. “Mom throw you out?”


“Threatened to scalp me.”


Kathryn laughed. “She’s always said that. Wait until Phoebe’s monsters get here. It won’t be five minutes before she yells ‘stop running through the house like a pack of wild Indians.’”


“I wasn’t offended. My mother yelled the same thing.” He grinned. “Of course, we were a pack of wild Indians.”


 “I’m sorry about what I said earlier.”


“Forget about it.” He licked his fingers. “I did blow up my own ship – I can’t very well complain.”


“Still…” She watched, captivated, as he licked the butter off his fingers. Her inner muscles contracted and began to ache.


“Want a bite?” Kathryn looked as if she were starving.


“Sure.” Taking the ear of corn, she bit into it. “Oh, this is good!”


“Better than leola?”


“Million times!” She took another bite.


Leaning close, Chakotay took a bite from the other side. The ear of corn almost hit the ground as she jumped. “Watch it.”


“S—sorry.” She quickly licked off the butter that was running down her fingers.


His cock jumped instantly to red alert as her pink tongue moved over her fingers and lips.  Butter was smeared on her chin. “You missed some.” Wiping it off, he sucked the butter off his fingertip.


“You, too.” She leaned over to kiss him.


“Dinner’s ready!” Gretchen came out onto the back porch.


“I’m going to kill her.” Kathryn muttered as she got up.


“Get in line.” Chakotay told her.





“And then, she takes out the bottle of pheromones – “


“Stop it!” Kathryn hid her face in her hands.


“And seduces this Lonzak into letting her loose.” Chakotay laughed as he told Kathryn’s mother and sister about Queen Arachnia.


“I did not seduce him, Chakotay!”


“He was drooling!” He ducked the playful slap she aimed at him. “Then she gets the ray gun and tells Chaotica the wedding is off!”


“I’m getting peach cobbler.” Kathryn stood up. “And you’re not!”


“Sounds good.”


“No!” She called over her shoulder as she left the den.


“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll get you a dish.” Gretchen followed her into the kitchen.


Kathryn already had a bowl sitting on the counter and was spooning peach cobbler into it.


“Shame on you, Kathryn Janeway! Where are your manners?”


“This is his, Mom.” She grinned at her mother.


“Oh, well. Don’t you want any?” She took the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer.


“He’ll give me a bite if I do.” Watching her mother add a scoop of ice cream to the still warm cobbler, she signaled for another scoop. “He’s got a sweet tooth.”


“Men eat more, I’d forgotten.” Putting the dipper in the sink, she smiled. “Your father could pack it away.”


“I remember.”


“What are you putting on there now?” Kathryn had replicated a bottle and was drizzling something over the ice cream.


“A little caramel syrup.”


“Good gosh, Kathy, are you trying to make him sick?”


Laughing, she kissed her mother on the cheek and took the bowl to Chakotay.


“Thank you.” The black velvet eyes lit up as he tasted it. “This is good.”


“My Aunt Celia’s recipe.” Kathryn sat down and threw her arm along the sofa behind him. “One more thing I can’t cook.”


“I’ll cook.” He told her, taking another bite.


“Did you do the cooking on the planet you were on? What was it? New Earth?”


Gretchen’s question made Chakotay choke on a mouthful of peaches. Kathryn handed him her glass of iced tea to wash it down. “How did you find out about New Earth?”


“Owen let me read the logs.”


“Mother! Those logs are classified!”


“Piss and vinegar, Kathy.” Her mother snorted. “It didn’t compromise the Federation to let us read your logs.”


“Us?” Chakotay had recovered his composure.


“Voyager’s family.”


“He let all of you read our logs?” He and Kathryn shared a look of surprise.


“I’m sure there were parts that were edited out, but yes, he let us read them.”


“They were our only contact.” Phoebe wiped at her eyes. “Our only proof that you were alive.”


“Then we started getting the letters.” Gretchen handed her a tissue. “But only once a month.  The logs kept us going.”


Kathryn went to her mother and sister and hugged them. As they cried together, Chakotay took his bowl and went outside to give them some privacy. Settling on the porch swing, he watched the moon rise over the neighbor’s cornfield.  He was hitting the bottom of the bowl when Kathryn came out and sat on the swing next to him.


They rocked in silence, content just to be in each other’s company. Occasionally she’d accept a bite of cobbler and melting ice cream. When the bowl was empty, he licked the caramel off the spoon before setting them aside.


Snuggling against his chest, Kathryn sighed as his arm wrapped around her. They rocked until the night air grew chilly and she began to shiver. Chakotay pulled her onto his lap and held her to his chest. There were scratches on his neck and she touched them gently.




“She’s frightened.” Kissing her fingertips, she pressed them to the scratches.


“She’s not the only one.”


“Are you afraid?” She tipped her head back to look at him. “What are you afraid of?”


“Losing you. Never having you.”


“Don’t be.” Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she nuzzled his neck. “Don’t be.”


When her lips moved from his neck to his cheek, Chakotay turned to capture her kiss. Gently, he kissed her, his tongue teasing her lips until they parted for him. Their first kiss tasted of peaches and ice cream and caramel. Sweet and warm.


Cradling her head with one hand, he cupped a full breast with the other, finding and tweaking the nipple.


Kathryn slid her fingers into the soft raven hair and held him closer, her tongue playing and dancing with his. Beneath her, his erection pressed against her and she moved, grinding until he moaned.


He was panting in her ear as she kissed along his tattoo when her mother came out onto the porch. Kathryn lurched up off his lap immediately.


“Kathryn, there’s a call from Chakotay’s sister.”


Halfway to the door, she realized Chakotay wasn’t behind her. Turning, she found him still sitting on the swing. “Chakotay?”


“I didn’t get to talk to her.” He had drawn a number halfway down the list.


“So you’ll talk to her now.” She held a hand out to him. Reluctantly he took her hand and let her lead him inside.


The comm unit in the study was lit up with the Starfleet logo. Chakotay stopped at the door. “Kathryn?”


“I’m right here.” Shutting the door behind them, she guided him to the chair. “Is this what I was like?”


“Yes.” He smiled slightly. She’d been a nervous wreck and he’d practically had to drag her to the airlock to meet her mother and sister. Now he knew why. “Stay with me?”


“You’re my friend, how can I say no?” Kathryn smiled and stroked his hair back into place. “And before you ask, you’re perfect.”


“As always?” He teased.


“As –” The comm beeped.


“This is Commander Worf of the USS Defiant.”


“Commander, I’m Captain Janeway.” She laid a hand on Chakotay’s shoulder. “My first officer, Commander Chakotay.”


“It is an honor to meet you both.” The Klingon smiled fiercely. “Your battles with the Hirogen were glorious. I look forward to discussing them with you.”


“Thank you.” It hadn’t felt glorious playing Maquis to the Hirogen Nazis. “I understand Commander Chakotay’s sister is with you.”


“Yes. A most…” His eyes narrowed. “Annoying woman.  I will put you through to her.” He nodded to someone off screen.  The image changed to a woman with long raven hair and dark eyes.


Wincing as Chakotay crushed her fingers, Kathryn waited for him to introduce her. And waited. Both siblings were staring at each other. “Aylian, I’m Kathryn Janeway. It’s nice to meet you.”


“I – it’s nice – “ She touched the screen. “Chakotay?”


“Yes.” He raised his hand to touch hers on the screen. “You look – well.”


“And you.” Aylian wiped at her tears. “So handsome. The tattoo is very dashing.” Her smile showed familiar dimples.


“I thought – there were no bodies – “ Chakotay’s voice cracked. “They told me – “


Wiping tears off her own cheeks, Kathryn tugged her hand out of the death grip he had on it and laid it on his shoulder. “You were in a coma for sometime, I understand?” She asked his sister.


“Yes, and when I awoke, I didn’t know my name. By the time everything came back to me, Chakotay was gone.”


“How soon until you’ll be here?” Chakotay finally swallowed down the lump in his throat.


“Tomorrow night or early the next morning.” She laughed and tossed her head. “I’ve hounded the Captain until he’s ready to get out and push!”


“You always were a pest!” He laughed with her.


“Me? You’re the one who followed me and my friends everywhere!”


“They were all pretty.” He shrugged. “And Kimimela was a good kisser.”


“Chakotay!” She laughed again. “Still shameless as ever!”


“She was your friend!”


“And you are his Kathryn?” Aylian’s dark eyes fixed on her.


“Um… yes.” His Kathryn?


“When will you marry my brother?”


“Aylian!” Chakotay flushed.


“What? I’m no fool, Chakotay? I can see what’s before my eyes, even if you can’t.”


“Don’t be a meddler!” He glared at his sister, trying to mentally warn her off. There had been steady growth in his relationship with Kathryn over the last two days and he was confident she would be his. If his sister didn’t scare her off.


“Tell me about this new sister I have.” She recognized the glint in his eyes and changed the subject. “B'Elanna?”


Kathryn stood listening to them slip into the easy banter of siblings for a few minutes before she squeezed Chakotay’s shoulders a final time. Outside the study, she leaned against the door. His Kathryn? That has a nice ring to it.





Rising from the chair, Chakotay stretched and yawned. His muscles popped and groaned. I’m getting old. The old fashioned desk clock read 2 a.m.. “No wonder I’m stiff.” He and Aylian had talked for hours.


Switching off the light, he made his way through the darkened house to the stairs. A lamp had been left on at the foot of the stairs and he turned it off as he went past it.


Pausing in front of Kathryn’s closed door, he wondered what she would do if he opened it and went inside. Would she open her arms to him and give him her love or push him away? With a sigh, he turned away. The kiss had been promising, but it was best to take it slow.


Taking a quick shower in the small bathroom, Chakotay toweled off and slid between the cool sheets. Punching the pillow into shape, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.


Twenty minutes later he was standing in the dark hallway outside Kathryn’s door once again. He had tossed and turned until he had kicked the sheets off and grabbed his robe. Now he stood with his hand on the doorknob more afraid than he’d ever been of anything in his life. The worst she can do is say no. I’ll say I want to talk, try to get a kiss, and maybe… maybe…  Quickly, he turned the doorknob and stepped into her room.


Kathryn stood by the window, bathed in the silver moonlight. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him before turning back. The light silhouetted her body though the thin gown and he felt his cock stir and harden.


His body pressed against her back and his breath fanned across her cheek. “Look.” She pointed out across the neighboring field.


In the moonlit clearing, dainty shapes leapt about and played. “Deer?”


“They come here to feed almost every night.” She leaned into him. “In the spring they have the little fawns with them.”


Sliding his arms around her waist, Chakotay pulled her tightly to him and nuzzled her neck.


Shivers ran through her as his lips moved up along her neck and his tongue teased the sensitive spot behind her ear. His hands splayed across her belly holding her to firmly to him and Kathryn could feel his erection pressing against her bottom.


Cupping her breasts in his hands, Chakotay squeezed and kneaded their fullness, learning their shape. Pulling open his robe, he rubbed himself along the silk covering her buttocks. The throbbing shaft slid between her parted thighs and the silk formed a cool barrier between them.


His hands moved over her body while he began sliding in and out between her thighs. One large hand stayed to tease a tender nipple while the other slid down over her mound to caress her woman’s jewel.


The feel of the silk covered shaft rubbing along the sensitive folds sent sparks shooting through her and she tightened her thighs around him to hold him. With a groan, Chakotay began thrusting faster and moved his hand down so the heel rested on the excited nub and his fingers could play in her wetness.


His teeth bit into the skin of her throat, holding it gently for his tongue to tease while he suckled. Kathryn flinched at the small pain, but didn’t push him away. Chakotay was marking her as his. A soft chuckle escaped her. She’d been his for years, it just didn’t show. The laugh caught in her throat as two thick fingers pushed up inside of her, the silk torturing her inner walls.


Kissing the small mark he’d made, Chakotay pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy in a rhythm counter to his cock stroking between her thighs.  The silk between them excited and frustrated him at the same time. The material had quickly become drenched with her juices, increasing the friction unbearably.


Moaning and arching back into him, Kathryn looped her arm around his neck and tangled her fingers into his hair. Her other hand covered the hand that was squeezing her breasts and nipples. A soft cry escaped her as he pulled his fingers out of her.


Chakotay jerked up the hem of her gown and pushed her legs apart once again. Rubbing the swollen head against her tight opening, he shoved himself up inside of her in one hard stroke.  Pulling back, he slid his cock out completely before slamming to the hilt in her warmth again.


Gasping at the ruthless intrusion, Kathryn clutched at the window ledge and bit her lip to keep from crying out as Chakotay thrust into her a third time. She’d been wet and ready for him, but he was big and it had been a long time since Jaffen. Forcing her muscles to relax around the hard shaft, she waited for the next thrust.


The realization that he was hurting her penetrated the sexual haze he was in. Panting with the effort, he held himself still within her. Sliding his hands up over her belly, he cupped her breasts once more. Placing kisses along the delicate curve of her neck, Chakotay waited for her to become accustomed to him. One hand stole back to her woman’s jewel and circled it lazily.


The moment of roughness had passed and his hands moved over her body playfully chasing the moonlight along her skin. Grateful this wasn’t going to be a rough fuck, Kathryn relaxed back against him again. Her hand joined his to play in her wetness and she reached down to touch him where they were joined. Her inner walls began to pulse around his shaft.


When he began moving slowly in lazy, easy thrusts, she sighed. Her pussy had decided the huge thing inside her was welcome and wetness flooded her to ease his thrusts. Leaning forward again, she braced herself on the window ledge and pushed back to meet him.


Grunting in pleasure at her response, Chakotay continued pumping into her with long slow strokes. Pulling out until just the head rested in her warmth and then easing back into her until his mound was pressed tightly to her buttocks.


Drawing the gown up, he ran his hands over her soft round cheeks. They were painted in shades of silver. Her ass was ghostly white and his hands on her were gray shadows. His cock glistened wetly in the moonlight as it slid in and out of her.


Chakotay began pumping harder, making her whimper and push back to meet his thrusts. Settling his hands on her hips, he held her to him and slammed into her trying to meld their bodies together.


Body jerking, Kathryn was moaning and crying out softly. Not sure how thin the walls were in the old house, Chakotay bit his lip to hold back the words and sounds that threatened to pour from him. The reality was more intense than his wildest fantasy had ever been. Her body was hot and welcoming, and her inner walls clenched and unclenched around his cock as it slid out and in.


A high keening sound broke from her and she arched up onto his chest with her hand pressed to her mouth.


“Shh…” Clasping her to him, he kissed along her neck and face.  The muscles of her pussy rippled and spasmed in orgasm and Chakotay stilled his movements to let her savor the peak moments. Even after she sagged against him, he waited until the spasms slowed before he began pumping into her again. Putting a hand on her neck, he bent her forward until her hands rested on the window ledge.


Kathryn gasped for air as he pounded into her once again as if it were possible to merge their bodies forever. Another firestorm was building inside of her, threatening to consume her. She could see their reflection in the window. Chakotay’s head was thrown back and his eyes were closed in ecstasy. The full lower lip was caught in his teeth as if trying to hold in the guttural moans and strange words coming from him.


Fire licked up his belly and down into his thighs from where he was joined with Kathryn. It crushed his chest until he couldn’t breathe and the room grew dim. His balls ached and squeezed themselves up inside of him until his seed finally exploded from him in an agonizing, exquisite rush.


Several hot gushes filled her, and she charged blindly over the edge once again. Crying out, Kathryn shoved herself back on him to grind helplessly on the still pulsing shaft inside of her.


Clasping Kathryn to his chest once again, Chakotay stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. When she turned her face to his, he captured her lips eagerly.  This kiss didn’t taste of peaches and ice cream, yet was just as sweet. She sighed as he kissed and licked at her mouth as if she were ice cream that had to be eaten before it melted.


As his cock softened, it slipped out of her, drawing a moan of protest from both of them. Resting his cheek against hers, he tightened his arms around her. “I love you, Kathryn.”


“Chakotay – “ Joy and happiness broke the wall down around her heart. “I –“ Throat closed, she couldn’t gasp out the words. Tears ran unchecked down her face. “I – I – I can’t –“


Numb, he turned and left. Crossing the hall to his own bedroom, Chakotay collapsed into the rocking chair by the window. There you are, there’s your answer. You’re a fool to think she ever loved you. He could hear her crying. Loud sobs as if he’d hurt her somehow. Forcing himself to sit and not go to her was agony. I’ve gone to her enough! I won’t be a dog on a leash for her anymore!


Tomorrow he would pack his things and leave. Turn his face from Kathryn and never think of her again. Go back to Trebus and make a place of his own. Marry a woman and have children. Women of the People weren’t taught these games. They loved or they didn’t. They didn’t rip your heart out with promises and maybes.


The door opened and Kathryn stepped inside. “If you’re here to tell me I stepped over the line, I don’t want to hear it.”


“I’m here – “


“Go away.” He made a chopping motion with his hand. “Hecheto aloe!”


Kathryn frowned; she didn’t know what the phrase meant, but it didn’t sound good. “I’m here to tell you that I love you.”


He turned away as she knelt at his feet. “I’m not playing this game anymore, Kathryn.”


“I love you.” She started to cry again. “I thought – I lost you – thought –  you and her -- you didn’t – love me!” She laid her head down on his lap and let the tears out once more. “Friends and – and – you – didn’t love meme!”


Pulling her up onto his lap, Chakotay stroked her hair and rocked her while she cried out seven years of loneliness. Tears streaked down his face as the last chunk of the dam broke away.





The late morning sun woke her. Kathryn stirred and rolled over to look at Chakotay. His face was peaceful in sleep; the years of stress had faded away, making him look years younger.


Last night they had held each other and whispered promises and plans of a home and children. Neither of them wanted to remain in Starfleet or take to space again. They hadn’t decided where home would be yet, Earth or Trebus, just that they would be together.


They’d made love in the predawn, giggling and laughing like teenagers and trying to be quiet. Touching and kissing each other as if they’d never made love before.


Slipping out of bed, Kathryn kissed the exotic lines over his eye and pulled on her robe.  The house was quiet, her mother and Phoebe nowhere in sight. A note on the coffee maker caught her eye.


Phoebe and I are going into town to get some things.

We’ll be back at 5.

Love, Mom


Pouring a cup of coffee, she drank it slowly. So she and Chakotay had the house all to themselves? How convenient. “You old matchmaker.” Pouring herself a fresh cup, she poured one for Chakotay and added cream and sugar the way he liked it. “Hope she gets some tea while she’s killing time.”


Chakotay woke with a start. His erotic dream wasn’t a dream at all; Kathryn was sucking and licking his cock.  Her laughter vibrated around the hypersensitive head.


“You’re not as jumpy as you used to be.” She told him. “I poked your shoulder at least three times and you didn’t move.”


“Must be the company.” He said huskily.


“All you did was roll over and there was this thing.” She pumped her hand vigorously up and down the hard shaft. “I was trained to take advantage of any situation, so I grabbed it.”


Laughing, Chakotay slid his fingers into her hair and forced her to take him in her mouth again. “I taught the class, remember?”


Cupping and squeezing his balls, Kathryn let him hold her head to him while he thrust up into her mouth. Mark would be jealous. She giggled. I always hated doing this for him. A loud groan from Chakotay and she giggled again knowing the vibrations must be killing him.


Rising up on his forearm, he kept one hand tangled in the auburn hair and watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth. She was holding her hair back with one hand and watching him. There was a mischievous sparkle in her eye and she giggled occasionally. “I’d ask – the joke – but –“ He pushed her nose down into his pubic hair. “I don’t – want you – to stop!”


Just to torment him further, Kathryn made sounds in her throat as if she were trying to tell him. His hips bucked and he groaned again.


Falling back, he arched helplessly, fucking her mouth as she pressed her fingers into the sensitive place behind his balls.  One finger pushed against his anus and he shuddered in fear and anticipation of what she might do to him.


Kathryn had made sure her finger was slick from the saliva that coated his cock and gently she worked it inside of him. Chakotay was moaning and thrashing on the bed. Both hands were in her hair now, holding her to him while the swollen tip battered the back of her throat.


Lightning ripped through him suddenly, spreading out from where she cupped his balls through his belly and up behind his eyes. The room went red – white – then black.


The spasms along the big vein alerted her and she backed off just in time to catch the first spurt of cum in her mouth. Swallowing quickly, she gulped the next shot. Licking and sucking, she milked him until he was soft and flaccid in her hand. She kissed the head one last time, smiling as it jerked in response.


The golden skin was covered with sweat and his stomach quivered as she kissed her way up to his heaving chest pausing to suckle on a flat nipple before moving up to his mouth. “Tekihila…” He gasped into her mouth.


“What does that mean?” With her tongue she traced the tattoo from his sideburn up over his eye. “Sounds pretty.”


“My love.” The full breasts dangling in front of his face were too much to resist. Capturing them, he suckled one pink nipple then the other. “Beloved.”


“Beloved, I like that.” Settling against his side, she traced idle patterns on his stomach. “I’m hungry.”


“Give me a minute.”  He patted her hip.


“I meant for food.” Rolling off the bed, she tossed his pants at him. ”You’re the cook, remember?”


“From XO to cook?” Chuckling, he pulled his pants on and followed her downstairs. “At least the sleeping arrangements are better.”




“You’re going to get burnt.”


“I hope so.”


Kathryn was plastered to his back and her hands were moving all over his body. “If you want breakfast, you better sit down and let me cook.”


A final nip to Chakotay’s shoulder and she pulled herself up to sit on the counter next to the stove. “You’re gorgeous.” When he laughed she shook her head. “Don’t laugh, I’m serious! Oh, there’s a little gray here and there… but overall gorgeous.”


“Thank you.” He leaned over to kiss her. “You’re very beautiful as well.”


“I feel beautiful today.” She stretched like a cat.


“Get the plate, beautiful, the omelet’s done.” Deftly he flipped the omelet onto the plate she handed him. Getting a fork from the drawer, Chakotay cut off a piece and held it to her lips.


Blowing on the steaming eggs and mushrooms, Kathryn watched the black velvet eyes spark with fresh desire. Carefully taking the bite off the fork, she closed her eyes. “Gorgeous and he cooks!”


“Maybe I should have had Neelix’s job after all.”


“Maybe.” She fed him a bite. “We’d have had more fun.”


“And there’d have been no leola root.”


“Good!” She kissed him between bites. “I wish I’d kissed you last night.”


“Me, too.”


“I’ll bet you tasted all buttery and salty.”


“Who knew eating corn could be so much fun?” He kissed her again.


They fed each other bites of the omelet until it was gone. Then Chakotay set the plate aside and pulled her to him.  Opening her robe, he spread her legs and stepped between them.  Unfastening his pants, he pushed them out of his way and took his cock in his hand.


Kathryn leaned back and braced herself on the countertop as he rubbed the head along her wet folds. The raven head dipped to suckle at her breasts as he slid slowly into her. “That feels so good…”


“Um hm…”


“I love you, Chakotay.” She wrapped her legs around his hips and parted her lips as he brought his mouth to hers.


“And I love you, Kathryn.”





Now that Kathryn had broken out of the cell the Captain had trapped her in, she was giddy and insatiable. Her hands went to Chakotay without conscious thought and the words ‘I love you’ fell repeatedly from her lips when they weren’t busy kissing him.


Outside, she had shoved him against her thinking tree and raped him. If it was possible to rape a man who was helping to pull his pants open. She’d ridden him ferociously, head thrown back and shrieking her orgasm to the sun. Once back in the house, they had made love on the kitchen floor before finally making it back to her bedroom.


Chakotay was discovering he didn’t know this Kathryn at all. She laughed and giggled and a smile was always hovering at her lips. She seemed to have grown a couple of extra hands while he wasn’t looking because she was touching him in too many places at once to have the normal two. And she was exhausting him sexually. “Kathryn, love, let me rest.” He pulled her hand away from his still spasming cock. “You’re going to wear him to a nub.”


“Don’t call me that, we’re home now.”


“What?” He frowned. “Love?”


“Kathryn.” She wrinkled her nose. “I’m home and I can be Kathy again.”


“I… I don’t know Kathy.”


“You’ll love her.” She leaned up on one arm to look in his eyes. “She’s much more fun than Kathryn ever was. She’s the person I was before I strapped on that damn Starfleet mask.”


“Kathryn – “


Kathy.” She corrected.


“I can’t call you that. Your name is Kathryn.” Chakotay hesitated, searching for the words to explain how he felt. “Kathy isn’t… right.”


“My mother and sister – “


“I’m not your mother and sister.” He pushed her off his chest and sat up. “It dishonors your name to shorten it.”


“I don’t understand.” Sitting up, she wrapped the sheet around her naked body.


“My name is Chakotay.” He tapped his chest. “Not Chak – remember when Tom called me that?”


“It was just a nickname.” Kathryn remembered him being irate enough that Tom had only done it once or twice.


“No. It dishonored my name.” He heaved a sigh of frustration. “The spirit of my name.”


The crooked smile played across her lips. “You think my name has a spirit?” Her smile vanished as his face tightened.


“It’s the way I was taught. I realize it’s primitive to you.”


“Oh, Chakotay, I’m sorry.” She laid a hand on his chest. “You know I respect your beliefs.”


“But you don’t understand them.”


“No, but you don’t understand all of mine, either.”


“True.” He cupped her face in his hands. “I love Kathryn, always Kathryn.”


“I don’t even know who Kathryn is.” Fear choked her. Fear that he wouldn’t love her now that they were home and she could be herself.


“I do. I met her once.” A sad smile flitted across his face. “I made a bathtub for her, remember?”


New Earth, lush and green, surfaced in her memory. “Before the Captain locked her away again.”


“Yes.” His thumbs stroked her cheeks. “I hate Captain Janeway for hiding Kathryn away from me – from us.”


“I know.” Tears burned her eyes.


“But I love my Captain, too.” His dimples flashed. “Loved the way she’d stalk across the bridge and plant her hands on her hips. Tilt her chin up.” A giggle escaped her as he tilted her chin up ridiculously high. “Defiant, stubborn, and proud. My Captain was all these things. And I love her.” He pulled her onto his lap. “And any alien on the other side of the view screen never had a chance.”


“What about that Maquis Captain? He was a tough case as I recall.”


“Turns out the guy had a glass jaw. At least where feisty redheads were concerned.”


“Feisty?” Turning to straddle him, she kissed him. “I think I like that.”


The front door slamming broke their kiss.


“Mom’s home.” Kathryn giggled. “She’d kill me if she knew we fucked on the kitchen cabinets.”


“Kathryn! We made love!” Chakotay acted hurt without much success.


“Of course we did, baby.” Giggling again, she kissed the pouting lips. “That’s why you kept saying ‘I love fucking your tight pussy, Kathryn’ over and over.”


“You’re laughing now, but your mother’s going to kill you.”


“For what?”


“For fucking on her cabinets.”


“She’ll never find out.” Kathryn arched an eyebrow. “Unless you plan to tell her?”


“Kathryn Janeway!” Her mother’s voice called from downstairs. “You get down here this instant!”


“Nope.” Chakotay leaned back and smiled. “My pants are on the kitchen floor.”


“Uh oh.”




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