Assuming You And Me


By Maquis Leader



Rating: NC17

Author’s note: One more way to fix Endgame




Earth turned slowly outside the ready room viewports. “Big deal.” Kathryn slumped on the sofa and wiped away the tears that refused to stop. “Big fat hairy deal.”


After 7 years of scrapes and near misses, Voyager and her crew were home.  Everyone was happy except the Captain. When they burst out of the guts of the Borg sphere, she’d turned to share the triumph with Chakotay. Only to find he wasn’t at her side. He was standing next to Seven.


“Two timing cheat.” Kathryn sniffed. All these years he’d stood by her side. Through thick and thin he’d been there. They’d fought and argued, teased and smiled and he had always been at her side. “Guess the angry warrior legend had a hidden clause about blondes with big breasts.” Another painful sob tore from her.


Part of her hadn’t really believed the Admiral. How could Chakotay possibly marry Seven, he didn’t even like her! And that was in the future when they didn’t get home and she couldn’t allow herself to love him openly. If the old bat knew the two of them were cheating on her right now, why didn’t she say something? Fresh tears ran down her face. Maybe that’s what she was trying to do when she told her about the two of them.


It was her own fault. She’d assumed he’d wait, assumed he’d always love her. You know what you get for assuming, Kathy! Her father had always said. A kick in the ass!


At least she wouldn’t have to live with the two of them like the Admiral had done. No wonder she was a cranky bitter old woman. Going to the small bathroom, Kathryn washed her face and fixed her makeup. She’d put on a smile, congratulate him, and tell him she hoped he and Seven would be very happy together.


Tossing the lipstick into the drawer, she slammed it shut and turned to leave the bathroom. Her reflection in the mirror caught her eye. Who was that resigned, defeated woman? Admiral Janeway in the making. A Janeway fights for what’s theirs. Her father’s voice echoed in her mind again. Tell Seven she was happy she’d stolen Chakotay from her? “Like hell I will.”


“A plan, I need a plan.” She paced in front of her desk. Chakotay hadn’t let anyone know he was dating Seven –  that was a good sign. If he loved Seven, he wouldn’t be hiding their relationship. He was hiding it because he didn’t want anyone to know – didn’t want her to know.


They’d had dinner just a few nights ago and Chakotay had sat comfortably between her and the Admiral afterwards, an arm around both their shoulders. A few weeks ago, when he’d woken up in Sickbay after the Doctor had knocked him out when he became suspicious of “Captain Janeway’s” actions, Chakotay had clutched at her and hugged her.


While he was sedated, he’d had nightmares that she’d been killed and replaced by a shape changer. He’d stayed in her quarters half the night questioning her to be sure she was who she was supposed to be. Before he left, he had hugged her again and kissed her, something he’d never done before. Granted, it was a light and friendly peck. But it was on the lips and she had counted it as a kiss. When he left, he’d paused in the doorway and looked back at her, “If I lost you…” Then he’d left. She’d snuggled into her blankets and replayed the precious moment. Assumed it was a reaffirmation of their love for each other.


Through it all, she’d assumed he still loved her. Assumed Seven had only used Chakotay’s hologram because of a random choice. Assumed nothing had happened between the two of them on that planet they’d been stranded on. Assumed he’d wait. Assumed he knew she loved him. Assumed they’d be together when they got home. If Admiral Janeway hadn’t told her about Chakotay and Seven, she wouldn’t have known until it was too late. She would have gone right on assuming.


“That’s it!” She had her assumptions and Chakotay had his. He assumed she didn’t know about him and Seven. So what would he do if she played along and pretended she didn’t? Did a little playacting of her own? Kathryn chuckled. Assuming had gotten her into this mess and assuming would get her out of it.


“Janeway to Chell.”


“Chell here, Captain.”


“Chell, I need you to do something for me.”




After giving Chell his orders, Kathryn put on a big smile and left the ready room. Stepping out onto the bridge, she stopped so quickly she almost stumbled. Seven was sitting in the Captain’s chair. She blinked. Still there. Seven. Captain’s chair. Miss 2 of 38D was in her chair! She shot a glance at where Chakotay sat in his chair. He gave her a weak smile and his cheeks darkened to a deeper bronze.  Seven smiled smugly at her. The bridge was absolutely silent. Harry’s eyes were the size of saucers as he looked from the Captain to Seven and back.


Walking up to the command level, Kathryn turned to Tuvok. “Tuvok, you have the bridge.” She turned back to Chakotay. “Commander, you’re with me.”


He rose and followed her to the turbolift. Seven was right on his heels.


“Sorry, Seven, but Chakotay and I need to speak privately.” It was her turn to be smug as the doors closed in the drone’s face. And keep your cat suited ass out of my chair!


“Was there something we needed to discuss?” Chakotay asked curiously.


“Yes, but first let’s go see the baby.” Kathryn laid a hand on his chest and smiled up at him. “I love the way babies smell, so fresh and pure. Don’t you?”


“Yes.” he smiled down at her.


 “I can’t wait to hold her.” She sniffled and pretended to wipe a tear from her eye.


“What’s wrong?” He was instantly concerned.


For a moment she felt guilty at manipulating his feelings. Then she remembered standing alone in the center of the bridge at her moment of ultimate triumph. “Nothing. Just…” She sighed and looked at the floor. “Nothing.”


“Kathryn, you’re not sad now that we’re home, are you?” Chakotay tipped her head up. “I know it’s sudden, but it’s what we’ve been working for all these years.”


“I guess maybe I am.  I just didn’t have any real plans once we got here. Except…”




“Just the one.” She smiled again. “We’ll talk about it later.”


He felt a lurch in his chest as his heart slammed up into his throat before crashing down into the pit of his stomach. After all this time, was it possible she might love him?


Numbly, he followed her to Sickbay, where she appropriated Tom’s newborn daughter out of his arms. “Captain’s prerogative, Mr. Paris. I have certain cuddling rights.” She snuggled the baby into her arms.


Peering at the small face, Chakotay couldn’t stop the goofy smile that covered his face. “She’s beautiful.”


“Computer, I need a seat next to Lieutenant Torres’ bed.” A chair shimmered into existence. “No, something softer, a loveseat.” The chair changed into a comfortable loveseat. “Might as well take advantage of the holoemitters in here for a change.”


Chakotay arched an eyebrow at her as Kathryn sat down with the baby. When she patted the cushion next to her, he sat obediently, not realizing just how close they would be. They were pressed together from shoulder to thigh.


“Look at her little forehead ridges, they’re so tiny.” She handed the baby to him.


“Hello, little one.” He held her comfortably. Unlike most men, he’d always loved babies and was happy to hold one any chance he got. “What’s her name?”


“We’re still arguing over that – ow!” Tom winced as B'Elanna smacked his arm.


“Her name is Miral.” She glared at her husband. “It’s the middle name we can’t decide on.”

“She wants Taya and I want Kathryn.”


“Why not use both?” Kathryn slid her arm around Chakotay’s shoulders. Leaning over she kissed the tiny forehead, brushing his fingers with her lips as she did so. His body tensed against hers. “Or use our initials? How about KC or CJ?”


“CJ? CJ Paris?” Tom smiled. “I like it.”


“I’m not sure it goes with Miral, but I like it, too.” B'Elanna pulled him to her for a kiss.


Chakotay shifted nervously as Kathryn began playing with the back of his neck.  Every time she leaned down to kiss Miral, her breast brushed against his arm sending sparks shooting through him.


“Do you want a baby, Chakotay?”


He shivered at her soft voice in his ear. Did he want babies? Was she blind? He was ready to run off with baby Miral right now. One more thing she didn’t notice about him. He looked up, ready to hit her with a sarcastic remark, when he saw the yearning in her smoky blue eyes. “Do you?”


“Yes, but…”




She gave him the crooked smile he loved. “But there’s only one man I want to have a baby with. I think he wants children, but he hasn’t told me yet.”


“Oh.” What did she mean by that? Mark had already remarried.


“Do you want children, Chakotay?”


“Yes, very much.” A whole gaggle of red haired little girls if possible.


“Good.” She kissed his cheek. “That’s good.”


Lifting the baby out of his arms, Kathryn cradled Miral against her and leaned back against Chakotay’s chest. After a moment, his arms moved around her to hold them both. Tipping her head back, she kissed the underside of his jaw. “You always smell so good.”


Tom and B'Elanna watched entranced. As badly as they wanted to hold their daughter, they wanted even more to see Kathryn and Chakotay finally come together. They looked at each other and smiled, here was an entry for the baby book.


Chakotay relaxed and enjoyed the forbidden luxury of holding Kathryn in his arms. Resting his cheek against hers, he breathed in her soft scent. “You smell pretty good, too.” His whisper into her ear earned him a shiver and a press of her body against his.


After some time, Kathryn handed the baby back to Chakotay and stood up. “I’ve got to take care of something, I’ll be right back.” Walking into the small bathroom off the Doctor’s office, she hit her combadge. “Janeway to Tuvok.”


“Tuvok here.”


“Tuvok, I want Seven to take all the information we collected on the Borg hub and prepare a report for me. Everything, no matter how minute, is to be included. I want her to start immediately.”


“I’ll see to it, Captain.” If the Vulcan thought it was strange that she didn’t issue the order directly, he kept it to himself.



“Also, shut off my combadge and Commander Chakotay’s. Route all calls to us through you. We are not to be disturbed except in an emergency.”


“Yes, Captain.”


“A life and death, four alarm fire, bulkheads are blowing, red alert emergency.”


“Understood, Captain.”


“How long until we reach Earth orbit?” She smiled. Tuvok’s voice didn’t betray him, but she could almost see his eyebrow slanting up.


“3.2 hours.”


“Notify me 30 minutes before we enter orbit. Janeway out.” Exiting the bathroom, she caught the Doctor’s attention and motioned for him to meet her in his office.


“Isn’t she lovely, Captain? I think she may be my prettiest delivery yet.” He set his holoimager down on his desk.


Kathryn bit her tongue to stop herself from pointing out he’d only delivered two babies so far. “I need a favor, Doctor.”


“Anything, Captain.”


“I want you to give me the counter for my contraceptive.”


The EMH stared at her. “Did I hear you correctly?”


“I want – “


“Captain, many women feel strong maternal urges following a birth.”


“Doctor, I assure you – “


“This is something that will pass.” He said in a condescending tone. “In a few days –“


Now.” It was a tone that worked on her dog and Starfleet ensigns. Apparently it worked on holograms as well.


The Doctor prepared a hypospray and injected her with the contents. “There. Just remember, I tried to warn you.”


“I’ll take it under advisement.” She rubbed her neck. “I need to ask for your discretion.”


“Of course.” He drew himself up indignantly. “I’m a Doctor, not a gossip.”


“Remember that.” Leaving his office, she walked over to where Chakotay was leaning on the end of the bio bed and laid a hand on his back. B'Elanna was nursing Miral while Tom stroked the downy baby hair.


The Doctor snatched up his holoimager and took a quick image.


Tossing a wink at him over her shoulder, Kathryn slid her hand down Chakotay’s back to his hip and over the rounded butt, causing him to jump. The whirr of the imager told her that the moment had been captured for posterity.


“Kathryn?” Chakotay caught the mischievous glint in her eye.

“Couldn’t resist.” Smiling at Tom and B'Elanna, she pulled him toward the door. “Come on, Uncle Chakotay, we have someplace to be.”




Outside her quarters, Chakotay hesitated. Seven had mentioned wanting to talk before they reached Earth.


“Chakotay? Don’t you have just a few minutes for me?”


He melted under her smile. “I always have time for you.” He followed Kathryn into her quarters. “What’s all this?”


“I had Chell set it up for us.”


The large dinner table had been broken down to a smaller table. There were flowers and candles in the center and places set for two. The lights had been dimmed, making for an intimate setting.


“Have a glass of champagne with me first?” She lifted the bottle out of the ice. “The real thing, not replicated.”


“2340? You’ve been holding out on me.” He deftly twisted the wire until the cork popped free.


“For far too long.” Kathryn held out a champagne flute for him to catch the golden liquid in.


“Hey, where’s mine?” There wasn’t another glass on the table.


“There’s only one glass.” She took a sip. “Guess we’ll have to share.” She held the glass to his lips.


As he took her hand, she turned the glass so that Chakotay drank from the same place she had. A tingle ran through him at the thought of touching the same spot where her lips had been only a moment before. “Delicious.”


“Sit down a minute.” She sat on the sofa and patted the cushion next to her. “I’d like to tell you something important.”


Settling next to her, he wondered at her suddenly serious tone.


“I made a decision recently, one I didn’t get a chance to act on.” She hesitated. It wasn’t quite a lie; she had made the decision – she’d just chickened out on following through. “What happened on Quarra made me realize something.” Taking the glass from him, she took a sip. “I need – I miss what I had there.”


“You wish I’d left you there after all?” He couldn’t hide the bitterness he felt.


“No, oh no!” Kathryn put a hand on his chest. “I told you I didn’t regret for a second your coming to get me, and I meant it.”


“You miss Jaffen?” Pain flashed in the black velvet eyes.


“No.” She shook her head. “I don’t miss Jaffen, but I do miss what I had with him. The closeness and the companionship, I miss that.” Her hand stroked his cheek. “A loving relationship. It’s been something I couldn’t have.”


“No one kept you from having it, Kathryn. No one but yourself.”


“True.” She sighed. “When the Doctor was pretending to be me, I can’t tell you how happy it made me that you saw right through him. Everyone else went along with his charade, but you know me too well.”


“He – didn’t act right.” Didn’t sound right and didn’t smell right. But he couldn’t tell her that.


“It scared me when he knocked you out. Oh, I knew he wouldn’t really hurt you, but still…” Her fingers slid over his tattoo. “It scared the hell out of me.”


“Didn’t do much for me either.” Chakotay grinned. “I grilled you for hours afterwards, afraid I was still caught in my nightmare.”


“Pulling open that drawer in the morgue and seeing you lying there, so still – “ She shuddered. “How many nightmares have I had of that?” Another shudder went through her.


“It’s over now.” He rubbed his hands up and down her arms. “We’re home.”


“You want to hear something funny? Something guaranteed to make you laugh?”




Taking a deep breath, she began the speech she’d prepared that night after he’d left her quarters. The one she’d dreamed and practiced, but never had the courage to say to him. “I decided that night to throw protocol in the recycler.” She laughed nervously. “I decided to tell you how much I love you and want to be with you.”


Heart pounding, Chakotay gasped air in through suddenly empty lungs.


“I just haven’t been able to work up the nerve – then bam! Here’s the Admiral and we’re home!” She laughed again. “Isn’t that funny? I finally give up and here we are. Wouldn’t I have looked silly? Asking you to be with me for the rest of our voyage?” Cupping his face in her hands, she caressed the high cheekbones with her thumbs. “A couple of weeks, some voyage, huh?”


“Kathryn, what – what are you saying?” His heart was bursting with joy, but his head was warning him that she’d hurt him before.


“Oh, God…” She pulled back. “I thought – you really don’t love me anymore, do you?” Tears welled up in her eyes. Have I assumed too much, after all?


“No! Kathryn, I do love you! Always!” He pulled her into his arms. “I thought you didn’t love me!”


“Chakotay, oh, Chakotay, I’m sorry.” She kissed him hesitantly. “I never meant to hurt you. I thought you knew how much I love you.”


“I did, I used to. But…” He sighed as Kathryn kissed him again. “It’s been so long and I thought it had died. I thought we were only friends.”


“We are friends.” A slow smile crept across her face. “Friends and hopefully lovers. Parents someday maybe?”


“Friends and lovers?” His dimpled smile set her blood boiling. “Man and wife?”


“Yes.” His mouth came down on hers hard with the lust and desire he’d held back for years. Panting when he finally pulled back, she slid her fingers through the jet black hair. “Make love to me, Chakotay.”


His answer was to sweep her up off the sofa and carry her to the bedroom.


When he sat her on the bed, she pulled her jacket off and tossed it to the floor. His eager hands slid along her belly and breasts as she pulled her turtleneck and tank off over her head. Unhooking the black bra, she cupped her hands under her breasts. “They’re not very big.”


“They’re perfect.” His hands covered hers and pushed the soft mounds together so he could suckle them in turn. “My grandfather told me that anything over a mouthful is a waste.”


“Wise man, your grandfather.” Pulling her hands free, Kathryn tugged at his jacket. “Did he say anything about how rude it is to be dressed when someone else is naked?”


“You’re only half naked. And no.” He sat back on his heels and pulled his jacket and turtleneck off. “But he did say that a man should do whatever it takes to please a woman in the bed robes.”


“A very wise man.” Kathryn ran her hands over his chest and stomach. “You’re skin is almost as soft as the baby’s.”


“I suppose my manly pride should be injured.” He grinned.


“But it’s not?” Standing, she pulled her boots off and undid her pants so he could slide them off.


“No, an old story comes to mind instead.” Chakotay ran his fingers around the waistband of her black panties.


“A legend of your people?” She couldn’t wait to hear this one.


“Not exactly.” Nuzzling her belly, he pulled the panties down and tossed them aside. “A child’s story about a wolf and a little girl in red.”


“Little Red Riding Hood?” How in the hell did that figure into this? She shivered as his warm breath blew through the curls covering her mound.


“The better to touch you with, my dear.” Pushing her down to sit on the bed again, he smiled wickedly up at her as he knelt in front of her and placed a big hand on each thigh. “You remember the other part of the story?”


“No…” Grandmother… wolf… teeth... oh God! “Chakotay, no!”


“Yes.” He wedged his shoulders between her legs before she could close them. “The better to eat you with, my dear.” His tongue searched through the auburn curls looking for her woman’s jewel. Very slowly and deliberately he circled it.


“Oh, no!” She gasped as he kissed the aching nub before suckling it gently. Arching back on the bed, she clutched helplessly at the bedspread as he pushed a thick finger inside of her.


Chakotay took his time to tease and torture. Alternately suckling and licking at her until she cried out his name as she climaxed. Lapping up the taste of her, he slid a second finger inside of her, enjoying the clenching of her tight muscles.


Kathryn panted as he stroked his fingers in and out of her. His other hand caressed and played with her breasts. “Oh, Chakotay, please…”


“Save the begging for later, beloved.” His laughter against her quivering flesh made her squirm in pleasure. “We’re just getting started.”


“Cruel man – oh!” His tongue circled, causing pleasure that bordered on pain it was so intense. Another orgasm was building up inside of her as his fingers pumped deeper and harder.  Kathryn jerked as he stroked the space behind her wet opening. When his thumb paused and pressed against her other opening, she struggled to sit up. “No!”


“Relax, Kathryn.” He smiled up at her. Chakotay doubted that anyone had ever touched her there. “A little pressure, nothing more.” He nipped the inside of her thigh.


She cried out, as he pressed down harder. It did feel good. Wicked and wrong, the pressure heightened her awareness of his mouth on her and his fingers moving in and out of her. Falling back on the bed, she let the fire tear through her again.


With one last taste of her sweetness, Chakotay stood and pulled off the rest of his clothes. “Kathryn.”


Opening her eyes, she found him standing over her. His hand slowly stroked his erection. She licked her lips at the size and thickness of it.


“Sit up.” He ordered harshly, his dark eyes glittering with lust.


Knowing what he wanted, she sat up and took the thick shaft in her hands. Gently she stroked him and cupped the heavy balls.


“Suck me, Kathryn.” His hand tangled in her hair, pulling her off the bed to kneel at his feet. “Suck me.”


He didn’t really want her to suck him off; he wanted her to be submissive while he fucked her mouth. Kathryn allowed Chakotay to force himself past her lips and into her mouth. Relaxing her throat against the intrusion, she held onto his hips as he pumped into her mouth. His fingers clenched painfully in her hair, holding her face buried in the crisp black hair covering his pubic mound, and it was all she could do not to gag as he pushed deep into her throat. After 7 years, she owed him. Owed him for every time she had pushed him away. He was punishing her and she deserved it for assuming too much for too long.


Looking down at Kathryn on her knees, her mouth open wide as his cock pumped into it and her small hands stroking his balls and buttocks, Chakotay felt more powerful than he ever had with any woman. His strong and fearless Captain as submissive as any Orion slave girl. He fucked her mouth harder and deeper, his balls clenched up preparing to let go of his seed. He could feel the saliva she couldn’t control or swallow coating his cock, running down the shaft and his thighs. Small whimpers came from her as she gasped for breath around the thick shaft.


“Kathryn – look at me!” When her eyes opened and flicked up to him, he clasped her head closer to grind the last short strokes as far down her throat as he could. The smoky blue eyes glowed with love and acceptance of what he was doing. “For New Earth – for seven – fucking years – Kathryn!” Groaning, he exploded into her willing mouth.


Falling to his knees, he rested against the bed. “I love you…” Hearing her coughing, Chakotay pulled her to him and rubbed her back. “Sorry… I’m sorry, Kathryn.”


She shook her head, still trying to catch her breath. “S – okay –“ I may have a hell of a time explaining to the Doctor how I got cum in my lungs, but it’s okay. Leaning against him, she coughed again. Never had she allowed a man to treat her like that. Maybe someday she’d let him know that. Paybacks were a bitch, after all.


“Kiss me.”


“You sure?” Kathryn wiped at the stickiness on her face. She hadn’t been able to swallow all of it as she choked. His seed had splattered over her face and down onto her breasts.


He didn’t answer; instead he covered her lips with his, tongue gently sliding into her mouth to taste.


“Are you crazy?” She pushed him back. “Men never kiss afterwards.”


“Says who?” He laughed. “Is there a rulebook? Nobody gave me a copy.”


“I – it’s just – “ It had been her experience that a man would rather suck on a plasma injector than kiss a woman who just taken a mouthful of his cum.


“No one else ever has? Kathryn, I’m not like anyone else you’ve ever been with before.”


“That’s no lie.” The crooked smile was back. “No one else ever made me come with their mouth before.”


“Really?” He wasn’t surprised. It was an art most men never took the time to perfect.


“Oh, boy, now you’re going to be impossible to live with!” Her smile faded. “You will live with me, won’t you?”


“The man/wife thing will be easier that way.” Getting up from the floor, he lifted her up to sit on the bed.


“Just checking.” Kissing him, she slid her tongue over and around his, darting in and out of his mouth. “I didn’t want to assume.”


Chakotay felt himself hardening again as her hands caressed his shoulders and back. Pressing her down on the bed, he moved his body on top of hers.


“Chakotay, give me a baby.”


“A baby?” His hands tightened on her thighs. “Right now?”


“Right now.” She stroked the velvety shaft, rubbing the head in her wetness. “I want your baby, Chakotay, I always have.”


Pushing forward, he let her guide him into her body. “Should I consider it an order?”


“An order?” Kathryn laughed huskily. “Sure, why not? Why should we start being normal now?”


He didn’t answer, only grunted as he drove deep inside of her. Giving himself a moment to adjust to the feel of her tight heat around him, he kissed her again, sucking her tongue into his mouth. Bracing himself on his arms, Chakotay settled into a steady rhythm while nuzzling and sucking at her breasts, lapping his seed from her nipples.


Wrapping her legs around his hips, she met his easy pace, stroking the soft ebony hair as he pulled a nipple into his mouth and suckled it. “This feels… so good… I’m so stupid…”


“Stubborn… not stupid…” He began thrusting harder as the lightning tore at his belly and groin. “I’m stupid – I should have – jumped you –“


“I wanted you to.” Lowering her legs to the bed, Kathryn dug her heels into the mattress to leverage herself into his powerful thrusts. “The mutiny – when you had them – bring me – oh god!” She clutched at his flexing buttocks to pull him deeper. “In the ready room – I thought – hoped you’d – rape me – “


“What?” Chakotay froze over her. “Are you serious?”


Her face turned crimson in an instant. “Yes.” She said so quietly he could barely hear her. Oh jeez! He thinks I’m a pervert!


He started laughing sending fresh ripples of pleasure through them both from where they were joined. “Oh, Spirits! If I’d only known!”


She laughed with him. “I couldn’t exactly ask.”


“No, I don’t suppose you could.” Kissing her between laughs, he added. “Can you imagine Tuvok’s reaction if you had?”


“Oh lord, we’d have had to get a prybar to get his eyebrows out of his hair!” She clenched her inner muscles around the hard shaft. “Hey, on with the baby making.”


“Now that…” He began thrusting hard again. “Was an order.”


“Thank god for blind loyalty.” Kathryn clung to Chakotay as he pounded into her. Deep inside a rumble started building until it burst over her like a shockwave. “Chakotay!”


“Look – Kathryn –“


She rose up on an elbow so she could see where he slid in and out of her, his shaft shiny and wet with her juices. Reaching down between their sweating bodies, she wrapped her fingers around the sticky hardness. Watching his face, she squeezed gently until he moaned and began moving faster.


Pushing her legs open wider, he pumped frantically, gasping her name as he was driven to the edge of ecstasy. Pleasure danced with pain as his seed burst from him to fill her.


Collapsing onto her, Chakotay gasped for air. “Kathryn…” His heart was pounding so hard that he couldn’t hear if she answered or not. “No baby… this time… later I promise…”


“You can tell that?” She ran her tongue over his tattoo, tasting his salty skin. “Some kind of native instinct?”


His laugh rumbled against her breasts. “You’re on a contraceptive. You’ll have to get it countered.”


“I already did.”




“Earlier, when I talked to the Doctor.”


“That damn sure, were you?” Chakotay rose up to glare down at her. “Knew I’d come crawling the minute you crooked your finger?”


“No!” Kathryn grabbed at his shoulders and locked her legs back around him as he tried to get up. “No, Chakotay! I hoped and I prayed! Prayed it wasn’t too late!”


His anger vanished in a heartbeat as tears filled her eyes. No doubt she’d been as scared as he was that their love had died.


“Please, don’t go.”


“Never.” He dropped a quick kiss on her trembling lips. “And no begging, unless it’s for sex.” Rolling them over, he cradled her against him. “Maybe a baby then.”


“Could be.” She sighed contentedly. “We might want to try again just to be sure.”




“On the table might be a good place.”


“That could work.” Chakotay slid his hand up her side to cup a full breast. “The sofa might be better.”


“How many nights have we sat on that sofa?”


“The question is, how many nights have I wanted to jump your bones on that sofa?”


“We’ll never make up for all that lost time.” She sat up. “We should at least try though, don’t you think?”


“Kathryn Janeway, you’re insatiable.”


“I’ve been celibate for seven years. Seven long and lonely years.”


“What about Jaffen?”


“No sex organs.”


“Seriously?” Chakotay’s eyes widened at that revelation.


“Single sex race.” She laughed and pulled on his hand. “Why do you think I wasn’t sad to leave?”


“You were happy with him.” He let her pull him out of bed.


“Yes, I was.” Hugging him, she enjoyed the feel of his skin rubbing across hers. “He cuddled and it was wonderful in every other way.” Kathryn hesitated before confessing the rest of the secret. “He used a – a – dildo to make me – you know to – make me happy.”


For a minute he was too shocked to even breathe. “A dildo?” He couldn’t help the laughter that came out. “Maybe you’re not as repressed and straitlaced as I thought!”


“I knew I shouldn’t have told you!” She stomped into the other room and threw herself on the sofa.


“I’m sorry.” Following her, he sat on the sofa next to her. “It’s just not what I’d expect to hear from you.”


“Everyone thinks I’m a cold frigid bitch!” She climbed up on his lap and straddled his thighs. “I am a passionate woman for your information!”


“So I can see.”


Sliding her fingers into his hair, she kissed him hungrily, tongue darting into his mouth.


Pushing his fingers up inside her wetness, Chakotay teased her until he was hard enough for her.


“Hold him for me.” Kathryn decided it was her turn at revenge. “You want fucked?”


“Yes.” He held his hardon with one hand while the other squeezed her bottom.


“Put him in me.” When he had the swollen head inside of her, she sank down on him the rest of the way. “Hands off.”


Obediently, he stretched his arms out along the back of the sofa.


“Now beg me to fuck you.” There was an evil glint in her eyes. “Beg me.” She rocked against him.


“Please, Kathryn, please fuck me…” No problem, I’ve begged in my dreams often enough. “Fuck me hard – I need your sweet tight pussy squeezing my cock!”


“Nice improvisation. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.” She rode him hard until he was moaning and gasping. “Tell me you love me, Chakotay!”


“Oh, Spirits, I love you, Kathryn!” His fingers dug into the sofa cushions in the effort to keep from touching her.


“Do you love me?”




“Do you want to touch me?”


“Yes! Yes, Kathryn, yes!” This was the Kathryn Janeway he’d expected to find if they made love. Aggressive and feral.

“Swear to me you’ll never touch another woman.” She ground down onto him making him cry out.


“I swear!” Chakotay tried to kiss her, but she pushed him back.


“If you do – “ Kathryn grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him to look at her.


“I swear, Kathryn! Never will I so much as look at another woman!”


“Good. Because if you do…” Reaching down between them, she squeezed the sticky shaft until he squirmed. “I’ll cut your cock off!”


Her grasp was bordering on being painful, but her possessiveness excited him. “Love me, fuck me, Kathryn, I’m yours – I’ve always been yours!”


Locking her mouth onto his, she guided his hands to her breasts. Riding hard trying to bring each other to their orgasm, they didn’t hear the door to her quarters open.


“Explain your actions!”


Kathryn jumped and turned to look over her shoulder. “Seven? How the hell did you get in here?” Damn! Forgot to order a lockdown my quarters!


“Explain your actions!” Seven stalked over to the sofa. “Chakotay, you are in a relationship with me now! Cease this activity immediately!”


“Seven, get out!” Kathryn ordered as firmly as she could considering the fact that she was sitting naked on Chakotay’s lap. “We’ll discuss this later.” After our wedding perhaps?


“Chakotay, you will explain your actions immediately!”


“Seven – I – “ Chakotay looked from one woman to the other.


“This is the part where you tell her it isn’t what it looks like.” Kathryn got up off his lap, sighing as his now flaccid cock slipped out of her. “Seven, you don’t have a ‘relationship’ with Chakotay “


“You are mistaken!” The woman’s ice blue eyes were filled with fury. “We have been dating for 1.5 weeks now!”


“1.5? How romantic. When’s your anniversary?” Kathryn pulled the afghan off the back of the sofa and threw it across his lap.


“Kathryn, we have been dating.” He avoided her eyes. “Three dates.”


“Four! It was four!”


“Seven, calm down.” Kathryn sat down next to Chakotay and pulled part of the cover over herself. She had to tread carefully. If she attacked Seven, Chakotay might feel honor bound to protect her. “Oh, Seven, I’m sorry – ”


“You should be! You’re jealous and – and –“ Tears began streaming down her face. “Horrible!”


“I knew you were infatuated with him.” Balance the tone between ‘mom’ and ‘catty’, Kathryn! “Considering what you did with Chakotay’s hologram. Emotions are so new to you, I should have realized you might confuse fantasy with reality.”


“Infatuated? I love Chakotay!”


“Hologram?” Chakotay asked.


“This is just a passing fancy – puppy love.” Kathryn smiled as unsmugly as possible. “Now that you’re experiencing emotions for the first time, it’s understandable to assume he would love you.”


“Hologram?” Chakotay repeated.


“Puppy love is a condition suffered by adolescents and young teens!” Seven stomped her foot. “I am an adult!”


“Of course you are, dear.”


“Hologram!” Both women jumped as he bellowed the word. “What hologram?”


“Seven programmed a romantic, ah, encounter with you. With your hologram.” Kathryn bit her lip. “I didn’t want to tell you.” True all true!


“I was experimenting with human experiences!” Seven glared at Kathryn. “Not engaging in pornographic activities!”


“I didn’t say that you were.” Kathryn rubbed her hand across her forehead to shield the smile she couldn’t contain. Not when the truth is so much more damning.




Kathryn instinctively tensed at the velvet soft voice. Chakotay tended to get quiet when he was angry. No doubt he would strangle someone with a voice as soft as a lovers. Seven may have just signed her death warrant. Let’s make sure. “Being with a man can be frightening, Chakotay. Seven was trying –“


“I do not need you to explain my actions, Captain!” The other woman cut her off. “My experiments were necessary research!”




Seven didn’t seem to realize the danger in his whisper. “I was unsure if I wanted to experience human emotions.”




Should I call security? Or just figure out where to hide the body? Kathryn wondered.


“Experimentation was necessary.” The former drone had begun to wilt under his angry glare. “Research was – was – necessary to form – “


“Get out.” When she tried to protest, Chakotay shook his head. “Get out. Now.”


Kathryn felt a twinge of guilt as Seven fled her quarters. But it was a small one.


“I was Seska’s dupe, your lapdog, and now Seven’s lab rat.” He rubbed at his forehead.


“You were never my lapdog.” Her fingers stroked through the ebony hair. “Never.”


“I notice you didn’t say I wasn’t a dupe or a lab rat.”


“When have I ever lied to you?”


Laughing, he turned to Kathryn and pulled her into his arms. “Never, and don’t start now.”


“I love you, Chakotay. Now and always.”


“Are you sure you can love someone so stupid?”


“Look at me.” She cupped his face in her hands and locked her eyes onto his. “You are trusting and kind. You always see the good in people. That leaves you open to those who want to take advantage of you. And I wouldn’t want you to be any different than you are.” She smiled. “You’re a sweet and gentle man and I love you.”


“So you didn’t buy the angry warrior legend?”


“Oh, yes I did! Hook, line, and sinker.” Rubbing his nose with hers, she chuckled. “Even angry, you were still a sweetheart.”


He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’s the look I was going for. Maquis rebel and sweetheart.”


“Promise me you’ll keep those leather pants.” Kathryn pulled the afghan out of the way and climbed up on his lap again.


“If you’ll put on that little black outfit you wore as a Maquis.”


 She frowned as the memory of the time spent on the holodeck as Hirogen prey came back to her. “How do you know about that?”


 “Me? Not a thing.” Chakotay smiled slowly as he pushed himself up inside of her once again. “You’ll have to ask Captain Miller.”


“You –“ Her mouth hung open in shock. He couldn’t remember! His neural interface was still working… wasn’t it?


“Bridge to Captain Janeway.”


“Janeway here.” She  gave Chakotay her “this conversation is far from over” glare.


“30 minutes to Earth orbit, Captain.


“We’re on our way, Janeway out.” She wriggled on him. “Guess this will have to wait.”


“Story of my life.”


“Sonic shower will have to do for now.” Kathryn looked back over her shoulder as she walked into the bedroom. “But you and I have an appointment in my bathtub as soon as possible.”


“Yes, ma’am!” He smacked her bare bottom causing her to yelp and skip the last few steps into the bathroom.


When she came back out, Chakotay had laid a fresh uniform on the bed for her. She gave him a quick kiss. “You’re so sweet, how have I gotten by without you?”


“Not very well. You don’t eat right, drink too much coffee, and don’t get enough sleep.”


“It was a rhetorical question!” She called after him as he headed for her sonic shower. Pulling on her uniform, Kathryn picked his uniform up off the floor and laid it out on the bed. Picking up the turtleneck, she brought it to her face. “Ugh!” A musky perfume covered his usual spicy scent. “That won’t do at all.”


Pulling his rank bar off the collar, she stuffed the entire uniform in the recycler. Replicating a new one, she laid it on the bed just as he came out of the bathroom. “The computer didn’t have a template for your underwear.”


“That’s because I don’t wear any.” Dimples flashed as he smiled. “Too restrictive.”


“I can see why.” She cupped him in her hands. Soft and flaccid, he was still of an impressive size. His foreskin came to just behind the rounded head. “You’re not circumcised.”


“No, we don’t do that.” Trembling, he watched her small white hands gently slide the protective sheath back. He hissed in his breath as she touched the exposed skin underneath.


“I don’t remember seeing it earlier. Of course you were ramming it down my throat at the time.” She arched an eybrow playfully. “So, where was it – it wasn’t there.”


“Always have to know everything, don’t you, beloved? “Chakotay laughed at the confusion in the blue eyes. “He gets longer and thicker, and it stretches out, I guess.”


“Oh. I thought he looked smaller, but I didn’t want to ask.” She watched in fascination as his cock began to grow thicker and harder.  “Men are sensitive about size.”


Moving away, he took the new uniform pants and pulled them on. “We’re not going to get to the bridge if you keep doing that.”


“And that would be bad how?” She sighed in disappointment as he fastened his pants, hiding his hardening erection.


“Do you want to explain to Starfleet why your Security chief was in command when we came home?” Picking up her comb, he waited until she nodded before he combed his hair.


“Why not?” Smoothing his jacket over his shoulders, Kathryn pinned his rank bar on his collar.




“Yes, but there’s no time. We need to go.”



In the corridor, they passed several crewmembers who smiled at seeing the command team walking arm in arm.


“You know what they’re thinking?”




“That we’re lovers.” He guided her into the turbolift.


“Oh, come on!”  She rolled her eyes. “It’s not the first time we’ve walked down the corridor like that.”


“It’s the first time your face had that look.”


“What look?”


“Secretive smile, lips swollen, cheeks glowing…” He laughed as her hands flew to her face.


Leaning against the back wall of the lift, Kathryn looked him over carefully. His eyes were heavy lidded and his lips were slightly swollen as well. And that smile…  “I wouldn’t talk if I were you.” Nobody could mistake that smug smile for anything other than what it was. Chakotay was the very picture of male sexual satisfaction.


“I know and I don’t care.” As the lift slowed, he held out his hand to her.


Taking it, Kathryn squeezed his fingers. “Let’s get down there as quick as we can.”


“You want to see your mother?”


“Oh, yeah, sure. That too.” She made him wait.

After a few seconds he gave in. “Well?”


“We’re going to get down to some serious baby making.”


His laugh rolled across the bridge as the doors opened and they stepped out of the lift together. The Earth curved under them as Voyager slid into a graceful orbit.




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