Captain Proton and The Lost Orgasm


by Maquis Leader




Rated NC17

Author’s note: My turn at a "Chakotay and Kathryn are stranded on a really cold planet so they gotta share body heat to keep warm" story.  And let’s just pretend Tom isn’t here...





“We’ll be unable to beam you up until the interference clears.”


“Great.” Kathryn Janeway shook her head. “Get Voyager out of the way of the storm, Tuvok, we’ll be fine until you can come back for us.”


“Understood, Captain. We are beaming down supplies.  We will beam you back as soon as we are able to do so.  Voyager out.”


“How come they can beam down supplies but they can’t beam us up?”  Tom Paris asked.  A pile of mangled metal appeared a few feet away.  “I guess that answers that question.”


They were able to salvage three blankets, two sleeping bags, and two bags of rations.  The rest of the supplies were twisted, useless shapes.


“I found us a shelter.” Chakotay trotted up to the pair.  “It’s warm now, but it’ll get cold tonight.”  He looked over the pile of ruined equipment.  “On the other hand, it beats the alternative.” He led them through the trees to where a slab of rock had fallen against the side of a nearby bluff forming a triangular pocket large enough for the three of them.


“We need something to keep the wind out.  It’s going to be down below freezing soon.” Kathryn eyed the shelter dubiously. “There aren’t any caves?”


“None that I could find.  We can use branches from the trees to shield the front.  Come on, Tom.”  He pulled out his phaser and started toward the trees.  “Captain, go ahead and build a fire, we’ll need something to warm us up when we’re done.”


“Aye-aye, Commander.” Laughing, she saluted.


Chakotay and Tom used their phasers to cut limbs off the trees closest to the shelter.  Laying them over the top and across the front, the leafy branches cut the flow of air coming inside.

Kathryn had made a respectable fire just inside the entrance. Chakotay ran his hand over her hair. “Doesn’t look any shorter.”


“Some of us paid attention when they showed us how to make fire.”


“I did too.  It was with a lighter.” He dropped down beside her and warmed his hands over the blaze.  “The temperature has dropped about twenty degrees in the last hour, and it’s going to get colder.”


The planet was warmed during the day by a nice size sun, but at night plunged to frigid temperatures as another planet in the system blocked the sun completely.  They had intended to be back on Voyager well before nightfall, but the ion storm had changed their plans.


“Do we have enough supplies to make it through the night?” Kathryn shivered as a stray gust of cold air wisped through the shelter.


“We should be all right.  We can put the sleeping bags together and the blankets will help.  Too bad the parkas and thermal suits were damaged.”


Damaged was a polite way of describing what the transporter had done to the items Voyager had beamed down.  They were twisted and shredded as if they were ripped apart from the inside.  At least some of the down lining from the parkas had helped her start the fire.  “Did you see the heating unit?”


“Yes, it was – melded – into one of the water jugs.” He shuddered. “Remind me never to take the transporter for granted again. “


“That’s why we should have brought the Delta Flyer.” Tom came inside, stopping to pull a section of the branches over the opening to seal it off.


“We’d still be stuck here.” Kathryn handed him a cup of hot coffee.


“True, but we’d be stuck inside a warm ship.” His hands shook so badly that she helped guide the cup to his lips so he could take a drink.


“We’ll make do.”  Looking across the fire to Chakotay, she saw him stuffing pieces of the ruined parkas into cracks in the rock wall. “We’ll be fine.”



They zipped the sleeping bags together to form one large one and one of the blankets was pushed down into the bottom to help keep their feet warm.  There was an unspoken acknowledgment that they had to share body heat to keep warm.  For once, Tom kept his wise cracks to himself as they pulled their boots off and slid inside.  Another agreement was that the Captain was to be in the middle.  She did have some comments on the arrangement, but found herself outvoted.  As the smallest, it made the most sense for her to be in between their larger bodies.


Laying her head against Chakotay’s back, Kathryn put her arms around his waist and slid one of her legs between his.  “Why don’t we have sleeping bags that have heating units in them?”


“I don’t know, probably because the shelter or the heating unit would have kept us warm.” This was nice, now if only Tom wasn’t here with them.


“Neither of which survived beaming down.” Shivering, she pressed closer to him. “Remind me to set B’Elanna on this project.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.”


“Yes, ma’am!” Tom’s voice came from behind her.  He’d put his back firmly up against hers the moment he’d laid down. “I’ll tell her personally when we get back.”


They lay shivering for sometime, pressing closer trying to stay warm as the temperature dropped.  Finally Kathryn sighed. “We’re going to have to give up and do it.”  They all knew the drill. Direct body contact was warmer than wearing the uniforms.


“Lucky for me, I have on the boxers, Be gave me for Valentine’s Day.” Tom shoved his pants down into the bottom of the sleeping bag.


“Oh, God, don’t tell me!” Kathryn was laughing. “Big red hearts?”




“Do you think that’s something you should wear on an away mission, Mr. Paris?”


“It is when you’re planning on surprising a romantic Klingon when you get back.” The younger man grinned at her as he pulled off his turtleneck. “Under the circumstances, I think you should call me Tom, Kathryn.  We are sleeping together after all.” He caught a glimpse of an ice blue bra strap peeking out from under her tank top. Definitely not Starfleet issue.


“Watch it, Paris.”Chakotay glared at him over her head.


“I’m only kidding, Chief.” Tom held his hands up.


Stripping down to her tank top, bra, and panties, she snuggled into her blanket and watched Chakotay pull of his jacket and turtleneck. “Where’s your t-shirt?”


“I don’t wear one it’s too hot.” He lay back down.


“Um, Chakotay, pants?” She felt him tense as she touched his back.




Tom was laughing silently.  His back was shaking against hers. “This is no time to be shy. I’ve seen you in swim trunks. Think of this as the same thing.”


“No, now go to sleep.” His voice was sharp.


That was the second time he’d given her an order. Part of her liked it, but the Captain part put her foot down. “Chakotay, quit acting like a little boy who’s afraid to have someone see him in his underwear.” She could feel Tom trying to hold his laughter in. “And Mr. Paris, behave!”


“Yes, ma’am.” He choked out.  The Captain obviously didn’t know that Chakotay preferred to go ‘commando’.


“Fine, Captain, have it your way.” Chakotay undid his pants and pushed them off down into the bottom of the sleeping bag with angry, jerky movements.


“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Kathryn put her arms around his waist and snuggled against his back once again.  It took a few seconds to register that she was feeling his bare buttocks against her. Oh my.


Tom was laughing outright.  “Guess you’ll have to put him on report for not following the dress code.”


“This from a guy with hearts all over his ass!  Not exactly Starfleet issue!” Chakotay shot back.


“Enough you two.” Carefully keeping her hands on his chest. Kathryn pushed away the thought that he was lying completely naked in her arms.  A little distraction was what they needed. “Chakotay, tell me a story.”


“Why don’t you just go to sleep?” He was still angry with her.


“Because I’m not sleepy, and I know you’re a good storyteller.  Naomi told me so.”  The little girl positively adored Chakotay and loved to tell all about the latest story he’d told her or game he’d played with her.  Naomi had no idea that the Captain got a vicarious thrill hearing about her ‘Uncle’.


“Yeah, come on, Dad.” Tom added. “Tell us a story.”


“There’s the one about the smartass ensign that gets kicked outside to freeze to death.”  He sighed.  Maybe a story would help take his mind off Kathryn’s hands on his bare chest, her naked leg between his thighs, and the soft silky panties pressed up against his backside. “Long ago the People lived free on the plains.  They lived off the bounty of Mother Earth, following the buffalo, the women sang and smiled, and fat children played in the tall grass. Life was good.  Then one spring no rains fell and the grass was dry and brown.  Hunters ranged far, but the buffalo were gone, even the deer had vanished . . . ”




“... and each spring the bluebonnet flowers cover the ground to remind us of her sacrifice.  To remember to not just take the gifts Mother Earth gives us, but to give in return.”


“That’s beautiful, Chakotay.” Kathryn sniffled against his back. “How old is that story?”


“Old.” He shrugged. “It’s from the time before the Europeans came. Centuries old.”


“It’s a good lesson.”


“Okay, so she burned her doll and  flowers are blue, now would you two go to sleep?” Tom grunted as her elbow hit his back. “Ouch!”


“Sorry, Paris, I forgot your ancestors sprang full blown from the earth complete with scientific explanations for everything.”  Chakotay stiffened in Kathryn’s arms.


“Shh... he didn’t mean it.” She kissed the back of his neck. “He’s a cranky little boy who needs his sleep.” Tom snorted behind her, earning him another elbow in the back. “Shut up and go to sleep, that’s an order.  You too, Chakotay.”


Snuggled together they drifted off to sleep.






Someone was nudging him in the back.  Tom shifted but they kept nudging him.  Was it time to get up?  A passionate moan snapped him awake. B’Elanna? The next groan was male.  Not B’Elanna.  The nudge was the Captain pushing against his back.  Or being pushed back judging by the sounds of things.


Scooching as far away as possible and laying very still, he tried not to listen to the gasps and moans from the pair behind him.  Was it their first time?  She didn’t know he doesn’t wear shorts so... probably.  Lovely, and here he was to witness it.  On the other hand... there was the betting pool. And here he was to witness it.


The moans and cries were reaching a crescendo.  Funny, he never would have pegged the Captain as a noisy woman in bed.  The frantic movements slowed as she cried out.  Finally, now I can go back to sleep.  Closing his eyes again, Tom pulled the blanket farther up over his head.  The movement behind him didn’t stop.  It was slower, but showed no signs of stopping.  He should have known the Big Guy wouldn’t let it end with just one.


Tom did his best to ignore them, but by the fourth time he heard her coming, he was getting pretty worked up himself.  And he was jealous as hell of Chakotay’s stamina.  Jeez, they’d been at it forever and he showed no signs of slowing down.  Sliding his hand down inside his shorts, Tom tried to imagine the sounds coming from himself and B’Elanna.


He was close to coming, could almost see B’Elanna riding him when the nudges against his back became harder and faster.  Damn, can’t a guy jack off in peace around here?  Tom panted in frustration.  The moans were different now. Chakotay was groaning and the Captain was encouraging him softly, saying things he’d have bet his stash of rations that she’d never even heard of.


“I – can’t – “ Chakotay was panting. “Oh, Spirits – help me – I can’t – “


Tom knew what the problem was.  He’d held back not letting himself come and now he couldn’t.  Been there done that.  Luckily not in a sleeping bag with a third party in the way.  Although there had been that time Harry had been on the other end of the couch.


He could feel Chakotay’s hand braced on the ground between his back and the Captain’s in an effort to hold her to him.  No way was the big Indian going to get the leverage he needed to get in deeper and harder, not while he was laying on his side.  What he needed was to roll her over onto her back so he could pound into her. That was the best solution in his experience.  But there wasn’t enough room with him in here with them.  For a moment, Tom considered crawling out, but discarded the idea when he pulled the blanket off his head getting a freezing blast of air in his face. Brr! No way was he going out there.  That would probably make them remember he was here and they’d stop anyway.  Facing a sexually frustrated first officer wasn’t his idea of fun. Thank you but no.  Might as well just volunteer for permanent sparring partner duty.


Chakotay groans were becoming more and more frustrated and his movements jerkier.  Easing over onto his back, then onto his side facing them, Tom could see the strain on the other man’s face.  He knew from experience the feeling was both heaven and hell.  If this was their first time, and he intended to bet on it, the Big Guy was putting on one hell of a performance.  The Captain was whimpering and moaning like she was coming non stop.  She wouldn’t be able to sleep alone after this. Uh-uh, no sir!  Commander, my quarters, now!


It looked as if Captain Proton would have to come to the rescue.  Hmm... Captain Proton and The Lost Orgasm?  He and B’Elanna would have to visit the holodeck when he got back to Voyager.  Well, she can’t bust me down any farther.  I’m already an ensign.  Here goes nothing!  Tom put his hands on the Captain’s lower back pushing her against and down onto Chakotay.


The response was immediate.  Chakotay started thrusting harder and Tom had to brace himself so he could push the Captain against the movement and not let her rock back.  He was suddenly staring directly into the other man’s deep brown eyes, the pupils were dilated until they appeared almost black.  After a moment they closed and the dark head settled down onto her shoulder.  One of the Captain’s hands came up to tangle in his hair.   Don’t blame you Big Guy, I wouldn’t want to look over Be’s shoulder and see you either.


Keeping himself away from her bottom – God it was tempting.  Tom kept his hands carefully on her lower back.  The Big Guy was grunting and groaning finally reaching his climax.  Pushing her hard onto Chakotay just as he gave one last thrust, there was a squeak from the Captain and a sharp cry from Chakotay then both were still.


Rolling away from them, Tom slid his hands into his shorts and stroked himself until he came.  He didn’t try to be quiet. They sure as hell hadn’t been.  They couldn’t get mad at him considering what they just did.  Wiping his hands off on his shorts, he closed his eyes again.  At least it was nice and warm now.  He could hear them talking softly to each other, declarations of love.  The Captain was crying. This was so romantic. Wait until he told B’Elanna.


“Paris.” Chakotay’s voice was hoarse.


Tom tensed.


“One word and you’re a dead man.”


“Understood, sir.” He didn’t doubt it for a second.


“Tomorrow, the mess hall, 0730.”


“Ma’am?” Was that the time and place for his execution?


“The first public kiss.  Place your bet and we’re even.”


“Yes ma’am!”  What would he do with all those rations?  Captain Proton could go in search of the Lost Orgasm, and feed his sweetie lobster for dinner.  Guess the Captain wasn’t the only one who got lucky tonight.

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