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Ye olde standard disclaimer: I don't own Starsky & Hutch or Riggs & Murtaugh or the casts of Third Watch or Iron Man or the Avengers or NCIS ~ tho I'd sell my firstborn to own Starsky, Riggs, Bosco, or Tony, or the other Tony – if you're selling! I make absolutely no money from my fanfic, and actually spend more on this hobby that I care to admit. Happy now?

Me and thee...

Starsky & Hutch was my first love, my first steps into fandom and the craziness of it all. My first fanfic stories were written in junior high and high school, way back in the late ‘70’s and they’ve long since been tossed. That’s both to the good and the bad. Since the release of the season 1 and 2 DVDs, I’ve rediscovered my love for the boys. Especially for Starsky… something about that boyish charm…

Thanks for the nominations at the Bay City Library and the award for Best New Fanfic Writer of 2004!


Growing Old Friends ~ 5/6/04  Rated R or light NC17 for language

The story is set in the present day with an older S&H, and helped me to catch up with what they've been doing for the past 25 years. And it answered at least one question for me.

2nd place Reunion/Current Day Story


Goodbye Yellowbrick Road ~ 6/21/04 Rated R or light NC17 for language and sexual situations

Someone is leading runaways down a path that doesn’t lead to the Emerald City, and the boys are there to put a stop to it.


Shell Game ~ 8/29/04 NC17 for language and sexual situations

Truth is always a delusion.

3rd place Missing Scene/Epilogue


It's My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To ~ 8/30/04 PG

It isn't old age that's making Hutch dread his birthday.


Twist 'n Turn ~ 9/19/04 PG

Righty tighty, lefty loosey?


A Time To Heal ~ 10/2/04 R

Funny how you can know another person better than you know yourself, and find there's still a lot about them you don't know.


The Hard Stop ~ 10/10/04 R

It isn't the fall, it's waiting to cushion that hard stop at the end.

2nd place POV Story and 2nd place Canon Bad Guy Portrayal


The Picture In His Pocket ~ 12/5/04 PG

Hutch is given a surprising piece of Starsky's past.


Rebuilding The Future With The Past ~ 12/27/04 R

The boys have picked up the fragments of their lives and moved on after Starsky was shot, but an important piece was left behind.


A Time To Grow ~ 1/23/05 R ~ Companion story to A Time To Heal

What brings a person to the place in the road that begins the rest of their life?


Starsky's apartment on Ridgeway Avenue

A screen cap walk through of Starsky's apartment on 2000 Ridgeway Avenue.



My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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Welcome to Camelot

Third Watch is my newest addiction and Bosco and Faith are my modern day Starsky & Hutch. I'm not a Bosco/Faith shipper but the edge of that cliff isn't too far off. Okay... so I fell over that cliff... I'm a B/F shipper after her divorce from Fred and a friendship only B&F fan before the divorce.

So What Did You Do Today? ~ 12/5/04 Rated R

Bosco's in the hospital, but he's not out of the loop.

The Ties That Kill ~ 1/6/05 Rated R ~ Follow up story to So What Did You Do Today?

Bosco and Ty discover that there's not anywhere near six degrees of separation between them and CT Finney.

But For Luck... ~ 3/3/05 Rated R

Sometimes the only thing that separates two people is a shade or two of luck.

Meeting Uncle Bos ~ 3/3/05 Rated R

Bosco's the child Faith never wanted.

Small Talk ~ 3/30/05 Rated PG

Two cops walk into a bar...

Odd Man Out ~ 4/23/05 Rated R to light NC17

Two's company – three wasn't in the plans.

Double Exposure ~ 5/7/05 Rated NC17

Can the camera expose the person kept hidden away?

The Fault Lies In Truth ~ 5/14/05 Rated R

Bosco gets to the heart of who's really at fault for things.

Best Laid Plans ~ 5/17/05 Rated NC17

You can plot and plan, but in the end, it's best to go with the flow.

Accession ~ 5/27/05 Rated NC17

Can broken parts be reassembled to form a stronger whole?

Taking The Chance ~ 6/11/05 Rated PG13

Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take the chance and be great?

The Spound Of Comfortable ~ 9/5/05 Rated R

Faith muses on the most important lesson in her life.

Thinking On The Crime ~ 10/1/05 Rated PG13

Trying to recover from his wounds, Bosco finds himself with the rest of his life in his hands.

See Yourself ~ 10/22/05 Rated R

Age and experience bring wisdom, and the ability to see ourselves in the mistakes of others.

Respectable Fears ~ 10/29/05 Rated R

Bosco's got a lot in common with Rodney Dangerfield.

That Was Then... This Is Now... ~ 3/19/06 Rated R

History is given to the victors to rewrite.

First Day Home ~ 4/16/06 Rated NC17

Everybody's curious about Bosco's first day back on the job, and what they can do to make it memorable.

If Heaven Was A Tear ~ 2/11/07 Rated R

After bidding farewell to Camelot, Bosco and Faith find a new place for their friendship.

Be This Way ~ 6/10/08 Rated PG ~ Follow up story to If Heaven Was A Tear

Faith has a revealing heart-to-heart talk with Bosco.

I was disapointed in how the last season played out, as were a lot of my fellow Third Watch fans. So began a rewrite of the last season...

How Many Straws On The Camel's Back? ~ 7/15/05 Rated R
Rose discovers what's happened to her son while she was in surgery.

M Is For The Many Things You Gave To Me ~ 7/4/05 Rated R
Grace stops by the hospital to check on the woman she helped at the funeral home... and her son.

Making Advances ~ 8/2/05 Rated R
Carlos stops by to ask Bosco for answers.

Think Of Only Good Things ~ 8/12/05 Rated R
While Bosco lingers in a coma, his friends begin to piece together a complicated picture of the man they only think they know.

Sweet Prince In Blissful Slumber Unaware ~ 8/26/05 Rated R
Rose begins to fear that the doctors may be rightand that her only surviving son will never awaken.

Time Carries Off All Things ~ 9/16/05 Rated R It's up to Faith to explain to Bosco what's happened to him and how life has continued on without him.

Visiting Jersey ~ 11/18/05 Rated R Bosco takes a long look at his feelings and finds they're not buried in a shallow grave in Jersey after all. Especially the ones for Faith.

Christmas Ain't Christmas ~ 12/23/05 Rated R ~ This Christmas, he was in the hospital. This Christmas, she was alone.

With A Capital J ~ 1/27/06 Rated R ~ For over fifteen years, John Sullivan has lived with the knowledge that CT Finney murdered his partner. Keeping silent was part of the code -- the blue line of silence. He's never broken it. Until now.

No Eye In Team ~ 5/10/06 Rated R ~ Struggling to recover from his injuries, rebuilding his wasted body, Bosco never suspected that the one talent he'd taken for granted had been taken away.

...Or So It Seems ~ 6/16/06 Rated R ~ It's the first day back at the 55 for Bosco, but does he still have a place there?

What Makes Us ~ 6/30/06 Rated R ~ If two people are flip sides of the same coin, can they make a whole?

Plus ça Change… ~ 7/14/06 Rated R ~ For thirteen years, through good times and bad, they were partners and worked side by side. Now, they’re separated, but they find that old habits are hard to break.

Plus C'est la Même Chose ~ 7/21/06 Rated R ~ Every rookie learns that there's only one thing worse than being a rat, and that's turning on your fellow officers. For the blue wall to stand firm, trust is all they have. It's a crime that cannot be forgiven.

Lonely Hearts Club ~ 7/25/06 Rated R ~ Partnered once again with Faith, Bosco has everything he needs, including a fresh start on love.

Run Away To Home ~ 8/18/06 Rated R ~ Everyone needs someone special in their life as they’re growing up. Someone who makes a promise and never ever breaks it. For Charlie that someone is Bosco.

Attack On Camelot ~ 9/23/06 Rated R ~ The Reloaded finale. All their hard work and trust will be tested in one night of fire.

The links here are for my chapters. They stand alone, but were part of a group effort on which has since shut down. The first 4 chapters can be found here: Season 6 Reloaded at LiveJournal

The banners were made by Gigglz and Schmoo just for Reloaded.

My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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Iron Man

Iron Man After watching the two Iron Man movies, I fell hard for Tony Stark. And why not? He's a genius and sexy as hell.

One Time Tony Was In A Video With His Clothes Off ~ 6/17/10 Rated R for language

"I can't tell you how refreshing it is to finally see you in a video with your clothes on, sir." This is one of those other times.


Clueless ~ 6/25/10 Rated R for language

There's no describing this crack fic that was in reponse to a pair of challenges in RDJverse. It was supposed to be in first person pov from the killer's pov. Only... I misread the challenge instructions and thought I had to write how Tony and some of his party guests figured out who the killer was. Oops! The first scene is in third person and the last scene is in first person from the killer's pov. This fic bears no resemblance to any canon, btw.



RDJverse Challenge Entries ~ updated 7/27/10

Some three sentence fics, haiku, and graphics done for different challenges in RDJverse. Be kind...


Nostalgia ~ 7/11/10 Rated PG

A simple scent can bring back memories.


As Dirty As You Like It ~ 7/27/10 Rated NC17

Tony follows Natalie's advice to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.



Legacy ~ 11/25/10 Rated PG

Our children judge us on what we leave behind.


Those Shoes ~ 12/18/10 Rated NC17

Tony loves Pepper's shoes.



Job Description ~ 9/10/12 Rated G

How do you take care of Tony Stark?



Living Light ~ 9/9/12 Rated PG

A SHIELD agent never has much to pack, except the things in their heart.

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson


The Coulson Variable ~ 10/28/12 Rated NC17

There are some things that even the most careful planning can't prepare you for.

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson


Something Else Happened ~ 11/11/12 Rated NC17

After leaving the Roxxon station, Phil is too keyed up for his own good.

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson


Silence ~ 2/26/13 Rated PG

Sometimes the quiet is the worst part


Roomies ~ 7/3/13 Rated NC17

There's an unwritten rule for SHIELD missions that Barton bunks alone.



The Key To A Heavy Door ~ 8/6/13 Rated R

Some memories get locked away for our own protection (An Avengers/Bourne Legacy crossover)

Clint/Coulson Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing


Tony Stark: Champion Of Women's Rights? ~ 9/2/13 Rated G

Tony notices sexism in an unexpected place and he's having none of it. There's a first time for everything.



Happy Hangover ~ 1/12/15 Rated PG

Clint just loves people with hangovers



Just You And Me. And... ~ 1/23/15 Rated G

Pepper and Tony had planned a life with just the two of them. Funny thing about plans...



The Privilage Of A Lifetime ~ 3/23/15 Rated PG

Jimmy Stark knew he lived a privileged life, he just didn't know how privileged

Tony/Pepper Clint/Coulson


Plastic WMDs ~ 12/16/16 Rated PG

Always watch where you step and never ask a scientist "why"



Reassembling The Broken Heart Of Tony Stark Rated NC17 ~ This fic is complete and being posted by chapter weekly.

The rating will vary by chapter, but the fic as a whole is NC17

The world believes Tony Stark doesn’t have a heart. They’re wrong. Tony’s heart was shattered by his first love when he was sixteen. He put the pieces in a pile, built a wall around them and vowed it wouldn't happen again. Decades have passed and he’s never wanted to tear them down. Until now. Until Pepper. Tony thinks it’s safe to bring his patched up heart out and share it again. He’s wrong.

Tony/Pepper and Clint/Coulson

Chapter 1 ~ 5/28/18

Chapter 2 ~ 6/3/18

Chapter 3 ~ 6/10/18

Chapter 4 ~ 6/17/18

Chapter 5 ~ 6/24/18

Chapter 6 ~ 7/1/18

Chapter 7 ~ 7/1/18

Chapter 8 ~ 7/8/18

Chapter 9 ~ 7/15/18

Chapter 10 ~ 7/22/18

Chapter 11 ~ 8/8/18

Chapter 12 ~ 8/8/18

Chapter 13 ~ 8/8/18

Chapter 14 ~ 8/8/18

Chapter 15 will be be posted on 8/12/18

My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes gave me two pairings: Holmes/Irene and Holmes/Watson. My first slash pairing, and no, I don't see any conflict between my pairings. They'll work it out.

The Grand Hotel Intrigue ~ 7/13/10 Rated NC17

Between the drinking of the drugged wine and the screaming of the housemaid lies the mystery.

My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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NCIS is a great team show, with keep-you-guessing storylines. Up till now, I haven't written any NCIS fic, all that technology scares me. But the muse goes where she goes...

Anchors Aweigh ~ 6/10/08 Rated PG

A drabble sized goodbye to Tony after the end of Judgement Day

My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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Doin' the job...

Lethal Weapon caught my attention back in the mid ‘80’s. Right away I was struck by how close Riggs and Murtaugh became as partners and friends. Of all the buddy cop shows out there, this is the only one to capture a part of the magic I saw on Starsky & Hutch all those years ago. Riggs is such a gold mine of angst…


Play Toys ~ 5/22/04 Rated R

Someone is handing out dangerous toys to girls and boys, and it ain’t Santa.




I’m hoping to post a few of my older stories here. Teen Titans – no kidding! – a Star Trek story from the original series, and a couple more Lethal Weapon stories that were in a fanzine a few years ago.

My Buffy/Angel fic

My Janeway/Chakotay fic

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