Twist 'n Turn

By Maquis Leader






Rated: PG

Author’s note: This is just a little snippet based on the comments in the Starsky & Hutch Livejournal community about Starsky's being left handed and the problems that may have caused for Hutch in the epi Captain Dobey, You're Dead.




"Okay, we've almost got the damn thing on." Hutch slid the tubing over his side of the dryer vent. "Ready?"


"Yep." Starsky rubbed his sweaty face on his sleeve. "Say when."


"Turn it... easy..." Hutch turned the plastic tubing clockwise. "This shouldn't be this damn hard!"


"I know it." Starsky turned the plastic tubing counter clockwise. "A five minute job – tops."


"It's coming back off! Damn it!" Letting go of the plastic, he leaned back against the wall. "What the... you're turning it the wrong way! Starsky!"


"What?" Starsky jumped and the tubing slipped off the metal vent again. "Now look what you did!"


"What I did? What I did?" Hutch glared at his partner as he got up. "You know, if you were right handed – we'd have had this thing on there an hour ago!"


"You know what?" He got up from the floor. "You're the one trying to score with this chick. You're the one who told her you were Mr Fixit. And I'm going home."


"Starsky!" Walking after his partner, he ran into the aforementioned chick, who glared at him and pointed at her front door.


"I'll score with the Maytag man." She shut the door in his face.




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