Anchors Aweigh

By Maquis Leader




NCIS drabble set after Judgment Day. Spoilerish…




Abby’s face was wet with tears, smile wobbling, trying to be brave. “We’ll email, web cam, i-it’ll be like you’re right here. Only… not here...” He hugged her tightly, kissed the pale cheek.


Over her shoulder he eyed McGee, “Take care of her, Probie. I’ll come back and kick your ass.”


Firm handshake turned hug from Ducky.  A gentle cuff to the back of the head from Gibbs, the boss’ eyes unwavering, suspiciously bright.


He turned to the last member of the team.


Her lips kiss swollen, cheeks pink, eyelids heavy with satisfaction.






He walked away. Agent adrift.


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