Best Laid Plans

By Maquis Leader




Rated NC17

Author’s note: Set after Faith’s divorce. The girls in the shipper thread said I don’t need a plot…






There was no answer, and Faith took another step into the small bathroom. “Anybody in here?”


The lights went off. She heard the door close behind her and the sound of the latch being thrown, but before she could turn – Faith found herself pushed against the sink and pinned there by a heavy male body.


“Let go – “ Her elbow shot back toward his stomach, but her attacker used the move to slide his arm around her waist. He pressed himself against her back, shoving her more firmly against the counter.


“No – “ Faith snapped her head back, and once again her attacker seemed to anticipate her move and dodged, looping his arm around her throat in a chokehold.


Her feet were kicked apart roughly, and she wobbled, trying to get her balance. Faith clawed at the jacketed arm under her chin with one hand while the other dropped to the gun holstered at her hip.


“I think not…” His voice was soft in her ear as the gun was jerked out of its holster. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”


Relief made her sag against her attacker. For a moment, she’d thought she was about to be raped and murdered. “Bos – “


“Shh…” Bosco slipped her gun into his jacket pocket. “No names.”


The bathroom wasn’t completely dark, Faith realized, just very dim. In the mirror above the sink, she could barely make out the two of them. Bosco was behind her with his arm looped around her neck.


“You like to meet strangers?” Bosco whispered. “Someone says to meet them in the bathroom – you go?”


“No – “ She struggled against his weight. “It’s not like that.”


“I think it is.” His free hand captured a full breast, squeezing and kneading roughly. “I think you came back here wanting to get fucked – wanting some man you don’t know to fuck you.”


“I didn’t – no – “ A familiar sweet ache had already started between her thighs. Whatever game Bosco had planned, she was all for it. “The waitress said someone needed me – “


He laughed softly. “Oh, I need you all right.”


“Someone’s going to miss me – “


“No, they won’t. You’re here alone – I’ve been watching you. Nobody’s going to miss you for hours.” Bosco slid his hand down her belly to cup her mound through her jeans. “You’re alone – and I bet you’re already wetter than hell at the thought of some stranger raping you.”


His fingers rubbed her clit through her jeans, and Faith gasped. “You – son of a – bitch – “


“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” He chuckled. “Unbutton your shirt.”


“No.” The arm around her throat tightened, and Faith felt a whisper of fear. Bosco wouldn’t hurt her – but it was still exciting to have that small danger. “I won’t help you.”


“I could just choke you ‘till you pass out – “ Nuzzling at her ear, he tightened his arm a fraction more. “Then just bend you over the counter and fuck the hell out of you. By the time you wake up, I’ll be gone and you’ll be well and truly fucked.”


Bosco pushed himself against her, rubbing his hard on against her ass. “But that’d be boring – “ Pressing his fingers harder against her clit, he pulled Faith to him and began dry humping her ass. “A little fighting – is so much – more fun.”


“Is this – how you get laid?” Damn, that’s good! Faith had to fight to keep from pushing back against him. Their first few sexual encounters had been nothing more than kissing and dry humping – and they both liked a little reminder of those times. “ Can’t get – a woman – without a fight – “


He went still, and Faith wondered if she’d pushed the fantasy too far. Bosco had a fragile ego – and she had an uncanny knack for shattering it on a regular basis. The arm around her neck shifted, his hand coming up to close around her throat just below her jaw. Another spark of desire shot through her as Bosco’s grip tightened dangerously.


Her pulse was jumping under his fingers, and Bosco grinned. Pulling her head back, he laid his cheek against hers. “Lucky thing for you, huh?”


“Just do it – get it over with!” She turned her face away, hiding a grin. “It’ll only take a minute, right?”


“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that.”


“Is that why you’re picking on me? Too cheap to pay a working girl?”


“You’re a working girl at heart, baby.” He ran his free hand back up her belly and tugged at the low neckline of her shirt. “Unbutton your shirt – show me the goods.”


“No – “ His hand tightened, and she shivered. “Don’t – I’ll do it – “


“Of course you will.” Bosco purred in her ear. “This is what you’re here for.”


Faith’s hands trembled as she unbuttoned her shirt. His hand jerked the front of her bra down and he palmed one breast. She couldn’t hold in a moan as Bosco squeezed and kneaded, pinching at the nipple until it was hard.


“My, my, what a lacy bra you wear to work… I knew you wanted it.” Whispering in her ear, Bosco weighed one full breast in his hand. “Nice big titties – just like I like ‘em.”


The hand around her throat moved down to capture her other breast, and she tried to pull away. Bosco shoved her harder against the counter, holding her there with his weight.


“Nobody told you to move.” He hissed in her ear. “I’ll use the handcuffs you so conveniently brought with you – “


“You – you’d cuff me?”


“With your hands behind your back – I can bend you over and have at it. If… you don’t behave…”


They hadn’t played with handcuffs, even though they both had a set. Faith heard the question in Bosco’s voice – he was leaving it up to her. Right now, she wasn’t ready to play that game.


“No – no, I don’t think I’d like that.” She held her hands up. “I’ll behave.”


“Undo your pants – “ Lowering his lips to her neck, Bosco watched her unbutton her jeans. Her belly quivered as he slid a hand down to slip under the waistband of her panties. “Pull ‘em down.”


The quivers were turning into full fledged shakes as his fingers found her clit and teased it. She pushed the jeans down as far as she could manage with her legs spread as wide as they were.


“Good and wet.” Sighing, he slid his fingers through the damp curls. “Put your hands on the counter.”


Faith made one last attempt to free herself, shoving an elbow back into his gut.


“Damn it!” The vest absorbed most of the impact, and Bosco knew Faith hadn’t used excessive force – as much to save her elbow as his gut. Still, it was defiance, and that demanded a response.


“I said – “ Putting a hand on the back of her neck, he shoved her forward, nearly face down. Moving his feet inside of hers, he kicked her legs farther apart. “Hands on the counter!”


Bent over, Faith could feel the rough uniform pants against the back of her thighs. Her panties were jerked down, and she shivered as his belt buckle pressed against her bare ass.


“Don’t act like you don’t want it.” Bosco ran one hand up the inside of her thigh, finding and pushing a finger inside her wetness. “You’re wet and ready for it.”


“Oh, God – “ Clamping her bottom lip between her teeth, she tried to stifle her moans as Bosco stroked a finger in and out of her.


Bosco was tempted to tell her he wasn’t God – she could call him Maurice – but the one time he’d done that she’d started giggling and spoiled the mood.


“Got something special – just for you.” Reaching into his jacket pocket, Bosco pulled out the condom he’d bought at Uncle Elmo’s Adult Toy Shop. “Saw it and said this is what every dominating bitch needs.”


The phrase made her shiver. Faith hated it, and every time Bosco said it – it excited the hell out of her. Possibly because he usually paired it with trying to fuck her into submission.


She moaned in protest as Bosco’s fingers slid out of her. There was the sound of a package tearing, and Faith turned, trying to see what he had.


“Turn back around.” He slapped her on the ass – not too hard, or she’d turn on him and kick his ass. Even in the dim light, he could see Faith’s eyes narrow.


“Bend over.” Putting his free hand on her shoulder, he shoved her forward again. “Wait for your fucking – don’t be so impatient – I got what you want right here.”


His macho crap was getting on her nerves – but he’d never yet failed to please. Faith leaned forward on the counter again.


Rolling the condom down over his cock, Bosco frowned. The damn thing was supposed to glow in the dark. Oh, well. At least it had the knobby texture the package had promised.


He ran his hand over it, making sure the raised surfaces weren’t too rough. Satisfied that the condom wouldn’t hurt her, Bosco put both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks open. “Very nice.”


Faith jumped as the head of his cock slid down the cleft of her ass, pressing for a moment against the anal opening.


When she flinched away, he chuckled and let his cock slide on down between her thighs. He’d never asked – it wasn’t his kink, and Faith had made it clear from day one that the back door was closed for business – but he liked to tease her with it from time to time.


“What – what the hell – “ Bosco’s was moving something slowly back and forth along her pussy, and whatever it was felt strange – exciting as hell – but strange. “What is that?”


“My cock.”


“Bosco, I’ve felt your cock and that’s not it.” She squirmed as the rough surface teased her clit.


“Number one – I’m supposed to be some stranger, so you wouldn’t know how his cock felt. Number two – “


“If you’re sticking something perverted between my legs – “ Faith met his eyes in the mirror.


“It’s a condom! ‘Textured for her pleasure’ according to the package.” Bosco slapped her hip. “And you’re screwing the game up – you’re making it hard for me to stay in character.”


“Sorry.” She giggled. “It feels weird.”


He stopped moving. “Good weird or bad weird?”


“Good weird.” Wiggling back against him, Faith shivered as the knobby surface rubbed her sensitive outer lips. “Okay, so… um… oh, please, don’t – don’t rape me, unknown stranger.”


“I feel less than convinced – “ Bosco reached between her thighs and guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. “But I’m a method actor – I’ll go with it.”


Faith gasped as his cock slid into her. The textured surface of the condom made her squirm as it raked along her inner walls. “Oh – my – “


“Fuck – “ Groaning as he buried himself to the hilt inside of her, Bosco closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. The package had not said it was textured for his pleasure or that he’d lose his fucking mind because of it. “Don’t move – “


“Have to – “ She pushed back against Bosco, forcing him in deeper and sending ripples of raw pleasure through her body. “Oh, my God – that feels good!”


“I’m gonna lose it – “ Bosco grabbed his balls with one hand, desperately pulling them down. They were ready to unload – as far as they were concerned, they’d had enough for now. “Don’t move – I’m gonna cum – “


“Bos – forget the game – “ Leaning forward, Faith planted her hands firmly on the counter. “Just fuck my brains out – “


“Oh, yeah – “ He pulled his cock partway out before sliding slowly back in. Faith’s inner walls clamped down, pressing the knobby texture into his cock. “This is fucking awesome – “


As Bosco began moving, she pushed herself back to meet the hard strokes. Long, slow, languid strokes that sent ripples rushing through her until she was gasping and clutching the edges of the counter for support.


“Harder – Bos – harder – “ Her muscles tightened up, the pleasure almost pain, and Faith waited for the glorious moment when it would shatter inside of her.


She needed to get a hand down to play with her clit – that little extra would send her over, but Faith couldn’t get her fingers to uncurl from the counter.


The moans and cries Faith was making told Bosco she was close to coming, even if her body hadn’t clued him in by arching up against him. By now, he’d normally have his fingers playing with Ms. Clit, but he couldn’t get his fingers to uncurl from her hips.


At some point his hands had started taking instructions from his cock which was insisting that Faith needed to be pulled back harder with each stroke. “Sorry – baby – “ He’d take care of her when he was done – he knew how to get her off.


Bosco grinned, picturing himself dropping to his knees and pressing his mouth to her sweet, wet pussy – and shoved himself over the line. His cock, his balls, and every muscle in his body demanded to cum now.


Hard, frantic thrusts forced Faith onto the counter. She reached back to grasp Bosco’s hip and pull him in closer, deeper. Her hand brushed something hard and cold. His pistol. A sharp ache shot through her. “Yes – oh God – yes – “


“No – “ Instinctively, Bosco reached down to protect his gun. His hand closed over Faith’s, jerking her arm up. The moment was like cold water, and his body stilled even as his mind registered that he didn’t need to protect himself.


Letting her hand go, he jumped as she groped for the pistol again. “You’re not – you’re not – gonna shoot me? “


“You’ve got your gun on – “ Wriggling back against him, Faith ran her hand over the cool metal gun butt.


“Didn’t have time – you like that?” The hot rivers of electricity that had died down to a throb shot back up at the idea. “You like me havin’ my gun on?”


“Jeez, Bos – “ Arching her back, she moved herself back and forth on his thick cock. Her hand stroked up and down the holstered pistol in the same rhythm. “It’s – it’s – yeah, I like it – “


“Oh, my God…” Bosco laughed. This was too good – finally, he’d found Faith’s kink! Shoving her hand off his pistol, he laughed again as she moaned. He pulled it from the holster and held it out in front of her face. “You like it?”


“Bosco – “ Faith snarled at him.


The clip slid out smoothly, and he ejected the bullet that had been up the pipe. Setting them on the counter, he double checked to be sure the gun was empty before grabbing a handful of Faith’s hair with his other hand and pulling her back against him.


“What the hell – “ The cold metal slid over her breasts and she jumped. “What – Bos – “


“I thought you liked it?” A quick pump of his hips made her arch back against him. “Don’t you?”


“Yes – “ The pistol slid over to tease the nipple of one breast and then the other. She rested a hand on the counter for support, clutching at Bosco’s hip with the other as he began pumping hard and deep into her once again.


“Tell me – “ He grunted. “Tell me – what you like – “


“Dangerous – “ In the dim light, she watched the pistol slide down her belly, the barrel easing down to gently rest on her clit. “Bos – “


“Yes – “ Her inner walls clamped down on his cock, and Bosco groaned. His free hand went around her waist, holding her to him as he pushed the pace up.


Inside her, the ripples were slamming through her breasts and belly, tearing down to where Bosco’s cock pushed in and out of her pussy. The pistol moved down to rest between her thighs as his body curved against hers.


The ripples burst in a moment, and Faith sagged against the counter. Bosco was draped over her back, his forehead pressed between her shoulder blades as he frantically fucked her.


Her mouth was dry and she swallowed, trying to get the words out to help push him over. “B – Bos – come on, baby – fuck me – come on – “


“Tryin’ – “ He was going to die before he could cum. The roughness of the condom and the hot tight pussy was going to kill him. In the dim light, he could make out the gleam of silver between her thighs. His gun, resting where he was fucking her.


“Faith – “ Bosco gasped, slumping against her in relief as his cock pumped the built up cum out and into her body. “Love – you – “


“You too.” She reached up to caress his cheek. “Can I have – a kiss – now?”


“Kiss – now – yes – “ Panting, he turned his face so that their lips met. It was a clumsy kiss, both of them trying to catch their breath but not wanting to lose contact with each other.


After a moment, Bosco leaned back. “Here, hold this.” He held his gun up, butt first.


“I’m flattered you trust me with it.”


“My gun, my cock – everything’s yours.” Carefully, he eased his cock out of her, holding onto the condom to make sure it didn’t slip off. “This damn thing nearly killed me.”


“Buy more.” Faith laid the 9mm on the counter. Turning on the water, she leaned on the counter and waited for it to get warm. The lights came back on and she blinked.


“I’m buying a box – no, make that a case – soon as I get off.” Bosco flushed the condom and zipped his pants up. Unsteadily, he made his way to where Faith leaned on the counter. “The damn things don’t glow in the dark, though.”


“Glow in the dark?” Giggling, she looked over her shoulder at him. “Bos, you have to get them in the light first – then they’ll glow in the dark. That’s how it works.”


“It didn’t say that on the wrapper. If it didn’t feel so damn good – I’d be taking the thing back and getting my money back.”


“You wouldn’t – I take that back, you would.”


 He slapped her bare ass. “Get your pants up before I think you want more.”


“You got more?” She teased.


“Fuck, no.” Laughing, he grabbed a handful of paper towels and handed them to her. “Say what you want about rubbers – the clean up is easier.”


“Says the man who doesn’t have to worry about getting his panties wet.” The water was finally warm, and Faith wet the paper towels, wringing them out before she reached down between her thighs to clean herself off.


“Damn.” Bosco held his gun up, rubbing at it with a paper towel. “I think we got it sticky.”


“You tell anybody about that, and I’ll shoot you.”


“Why would I tell? Who would I tell?” Satisfied the gun was clean, he reloaded then holstered it and snapped the safety strap down over the butt. “And who would believe me?”


“True.” Faith pulled her panties and jeans up. “I kinda messed things up, huh?”


“Well… “ He crossed his arms over his chest. “I’d planned to be some nameless stranger raping a helpless woman – somewhere, that all went south.”


“Sorry.” Working her hands under his arms, she pried them open and snuggled against his chest. “I’ll do better next time.”


“Well… “ A grin got out as she kissed him. “I’ll expect a better performance next time.”


He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers, meeting her tongue in a long and lazy kiss.


“79 Edward, are you still on meal break?”


“Crap!” Bosco leaned back and reached for his radio. “Yes – I’m still on meal break!”


“Sorry, 79 Edward – we’ve got an MVA that requires all units.”


“Of course you do.” He kissed Faith’s forehead as the dispatcher gave him the location.


“You left the damn radio on?” Faith straightened her clothes one last time as he opened the bathroom door.


“I had it switched off till we were done! I’m on duty – what the hell else was I gonna do with it?”


“Leave it in the car?” She ducked her head as they walked past a man waiting in the hallway. No doubt he’d heard everything they’d been doing.


“My new – partner – is a tight ass.” Bosco spit out the word. Nobody was his partner but Faith. Other people just rode in his damn car. “And let’s talk about you meeting strange men in bathrooms.”


“What? I was meeting you here! The waitress tells me someone needs me in the bathroom – I know it’s you! Besides, I got a gun!”


“That’s beside the point!” Outside the diner, Bosco stopped and pulled her gun out of his pocket. “And look how easy I took it away from you!”


“With fifteen years on the force!” Taking the gun, she shoved it back into the holster. “Are you working a double?”


“No.” Bosco glared at the parked RMP as his current partner goosed the siren to tell him to hurry up. “Jagoff – I gotta find me a woman to work with. I can’t deal with this guy.”


“Hurry home, okay?” Faith straightened the gold 79 on his collar. She missed his 55’s. “And be careful.”


“Gotcha.” He gave her a quick kiss.


“Bosco!” She called after him as he ran to the idling RMP. “Don’t forget to stop by the store for more of those… things!”


Getting into the car, he stuck his head out and grinned at her as it pulled away.


“Maybe I should go shopping? Have a little surprise for Officer Boscorelli when he gets home?” A smile curled her lips.

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