The demon Angelus and the soul of Liam inhabit the same body. Together they are Angel. They share memories, experiences, and consciousness. And they share the same eternal love for one woman. Buffy Summers.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


A common thread through my stories is that Angelus ~ although powerless to act ~ is aware of everything around him. Angel can hear Angelus clearly, even more so when he is depressed or weakened. And in those times of hunger and need ~ especially sexual need ~ Angelus is able to exert some measure of control over Angel.


Angelus' thoughts are expressed in the font Monotype Corsiva, a font common to most computers using Windows. You can download the font here if you need to; otherwise, it will be displayed with the default font which isn;t nearly as... Angelus like.

 With Six You Get An Eggroll  Nc17 ~ 11/10/02
Buffy and Angel delve into the mysteries of the Gypsy curse.

Scent Of The Slayer  Nc17 ~ 11/10/02
Just how in tune with the Slayer has Angel become?

Fred's History Lesson  R ~ 11/10/02
Fred learns about Buffy, that "sex" curse of Angel's, and just how old he really is.

Promises In The Dark  PG ~ 11/10/02
Angel and Buffy's meeting after her return from beyond.

Tender, Loving Care  Nc17 ~ 11/20/02
Buffy’s carelessness leaves Angel to nursemaid.

If Wishes Were Kisses  PG13 ~ 11/26/02
Angel escorts Buffy to Xander and Anya's wedding.

Laughing At Fate  PG13 ~ 12/13/02
Angel decides he and Buffy have been Fate's bitch long enough.

Dear Fate  Nc17 ~ 01/01/03 sequel to Laughing At Fate
Looking back on her life, Buffy writes a letter to the only person who would understand.

Broken Bindings  ~ 12/22/02
Buffy deals with the damage from the Cruciamentum.

Revenge, Version 1.0  R ~ 1/09/03
Always read the fine print...

The End Of Days  Nc17 ~ 2/04/03
The final confrontation between good and evil is here.

Begin A New Day  Nc17 ~ 4/7/03 Sequel to The End Of Days
When the sun rises again, Buffy picks up the pieces.

Bring Forth The Night  Nc17 ~ 10/3/03 Alternate Sequel to The End Of Days
As the sun sets again, Angelus puts the pieces together.

The Gryphon's Secrets  Nc17 ~ 3/11/03
Who knows the truth behind Angel's tattoo?

Angelus  or  Angel? 

I Believe  3/20/03
Do you believe in ghosts?

Waiting On An Angel  PG13 ~ 4/13/03
Not all demons require the Slayer.

The Ghosts Of Vices Past  Nc17 ~ 5/21/03
The sins of youth can haunt a soul forever...

Demons And Cookies  PG ~ 5/28/03 ~ Spoilers for the final BtVS episode
How many Girl Scouts does it take to get the ultimate merit badge?

Life's But A Walking Shadow  R ~ 6/5/03
A newly resurrected Buffy isn't comfortable in her old skin and she turns to Angel
for advice, only to find he's not comfortable in his new skin.

The Night  PG13 ~ 6/12/03
What is one night in the scheme of things?

The Last Bus Out Of Hell  PG13 ~ 6/12/03 ~ Spoilers for the BtVS finale
What lies at the end of the road from hell?

Love In Vein  R ~ 6/20/03 ~ Spoilers for the BtVS finale
A captive audience learns about Buffy, shanshu, the truth, and much more...

Roses  ~ 6/30/03
A tasty little fluff snack to ease the angst!

Regrette Rien  PG13 ~ 7/2/03
In this life, which moment would you never change?

Aucuns Regrets au Paradis  PG13 ~ 7/17/03 ~ sequel to Regrette Rien
For Angel, the end draws near...

Halloween Goodies  Nc17 ~ 7/24/03
After the tricks come the treats...

The Last Of The Spirits  Nc17 ~ 8/5/03
What ghosts move in the shadows of things not yet happened?

Free To A Good Home  PG ~ 8/21/03
It's time for Buffy's birthday once again...

Chains Of Love  Nc17 ~ 9/2/03
Can chains of love bind a demon's heart?

Interview With The Vampire  R ~ 9/28/03
Forget Lestat, Angelus is the vamp to talk to.

Angel 101: Demons, Souls, And Consciousness  R ~ 9/28/03
From Liam to Angelus to Angel, who is Angel and how did he come to be?

Don't Wake Me  PG ~ 9/9/03
Giles talks. And Buffy listens?

Before I Wake  PG13 ~ 10/14/03
Confession is good for the soul...

Freshman Blues  PG ~ 11/11/03
Buffy deals with her cursed beer hangover.

Fashion Victim  R ~ 12/17/03
Some accessories are best left in the box.

In The Shadow Of the Gateway  R ~ 1/6/04
Companionship comes in many forms.

What Dreams May Come...  PG13 ~ 1/25/04
When dreams fade away the distance.

Revisited  NC17 ~ 2/10/04
Do we find the future in those places of the past?

No Strings  PG13 ~ 2/12/04
A little fun with what happens in Smile Time!

Idling  G ~ 2/22/04
Sometimes life is sitting and waiting for the key to turn.

Irony And Elvis  Nc17 ~ 3/13/04
A dash of irony in the eternal battle between Good and Evil. Just to keep things interesting...

Finding Angel  Nc17 ~ 5/22/04
Angel has to find his future in the remains of his past.

Jumping Off  PG13 ~ 7/10/04
When you're pushed to the edge, do you have to jump off?

I Only Have Eyes For You  PG13 ~ 7/18/04
A double drabble's worth of thoughts after my favorite Buffy epi.

Love Bites  Nc17 ~ 10/31/04
When love bites, do you hang out the white flag? Or do you just let it bleed?

Ever After?  Nc17 ~ 4/17/05
After the big ending, isn't there always a happily ever after?

The 600 Seconds Series
The series was based on prompts from a Live Journal community and it is complete.
Although I do reserve the right to come back and add more in the future.

Still Standing To Spite The Fall  R ~ 3/24/06
Some people are too stubborn to just fade away.

That Good Night  R ~ 4/1/06
Is there a time to give in to the dying of the light?

Cenodoxus  R ~ 7/15/06
What price immortality?

Skeleton Dance  R ~ 2/3/07
Some family secrets refuse to stay buried.

Unciatim...  R ~ 7/29/07
Little by little, twisted visions begin to piece together.

Through The Looking Glass  R ~ 8/25/07
When everything else is eliminated, that which remains must be the answer. Even if nobody likes it.

And What Alice Found There  R ~ 5/4/08
A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell

Trust  PG ~ 6/10/08
A drabble about... trust.

Full of Grace  PG ~ 8/24/08
A single moment in time, an eternity to remember.

Love Me When I'm Gone  Nc17 ~  This fic is complete.
The rating will vary by chapter, but the fic as a whole is Nc17

Shanshu [shan-shoo] -verb: to cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions; become dead;
to have life, as an organism; be alive; be capable of vital functions. (example: see Angel)

Chapter 1 ~  6/18/10

Chapter 2 ~  6/25/20

Chapter 3 ~  7/2/10

Chapter 4 ~  7/9/10

Chapter 5 ~  7/16/10

Chapter 6 ~  7/23/10

Chapter 7 ~  7/30/10

Chapter 8 ~  8/6/10

Chapter 9 ~  8/13/10

Chapter 10 ~  8/20/10

Chapter 11 ~  8/27/10

Chapter 12 ~  9/3/10

Chapter 13 ~  9/10/10

Chapter 14 ~  9/17/10

Chapter 15: The Finale ~  9/22/10

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