RDJverse Challenge Entries

3 sentence fics.

The rules were that only a period ended a sentence. And you know how bad I am at doing anything short...


Tony frowned, he was forty-five, though still drop dead gorgeous, and he needed to have children before he got too old to be a good father – but that meant marriage and he wasn’t sure he’d ever be a good husband. He’d need a woman with certain qualifications: looks, intelligence, patience, creativity, common sense, understanding, patience, sexual compatibility, spontaneous personality, patience, must love Iron Man as well, not think the arc reactor in his chest was a big deal, realize DUM-E and U were more than ‘bots, patience – Jesus, he needed Pepper to make help him with this – oh, and she had to be someone who wouldn’t be jealous of Pepper because after twenty some years he knew he couldn’t live without Pepper’s help on a daily basis – he really needed Pepper to... he needed Pepper… hmm… yes! Tony grinned, then smiled, “Pepper, I have a proposal for you.”


Pepper frowned, was he serious, had he lost his freaking mind – wait, he’d lost it years ago. Tony thought he could just propose marriage to her with a laundry list of why they were compatible – which it was hard to argue with because God knows she was the only woman he’d spent more than a few hours with and at least remembered her name the next day, and she didn’t even notice the arc reactor anymore, and he was still drop dead gorgeous and built like a man half his age – but marriage and children, that was just insane! She needed a man who was… well… not Tony, but like Tony only… would kiss her like Tony still did sometimes… who made her feel like Tony did… and… hmm… “Yes.”


The mod apparently doesn’t know I have trouble with drabbles… let alone limiting my syllables! The internet is laughing….


hai·ku:  (hī'kōō)
n. pl. haiku  also hai·kus

  1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.
  2. A poem written in this form.

[Japanese :
hai , amusement  (from Middle Chinese bəij, pha·j ) + ku , sentence  (from Middle Chinese kuəh ).]



eyes: hot promises
lips: sultry, sexy smirking
they'll never say no



Jarvis is my brain
DUM-E and U my children
Pepper is my heart



empty space within
He saves her smiles to fill him
tin man with no heart



world glitters below
between: freedom, peace, solace
stars glitter above

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