A walk through of Starsky's apartment in season 1

Most of the pictures are from Running with a couple sprinkled in from A Coffin For Starsky.

Starsky's place in the 1st season. That gun looks ominous... A view from outside. Three garage doors? So why is the Torino outside? The steps to the right, behind the tree, go up to the front door. Notice the cute little porch?
The backsteps leading up to the back door. Starsky's home from another busy day!
No leaving without a shower! Guess Hutch had his shower?
Is the horse just for looks? Or a seat? Across the island, you can see the kitchen.
Through the archway you can see the small breakfast nook. A good view of the living room. Starsky has a sharp looking apartment.
A rather fanciful sculpture... what was he thinking? And a mobile made of engine parts?
Another angle of the mobile. I think those are pistons. Lots of sculptures as well as a large sailing ship on the shelves.
The sliding glass doors lead out to a porch. Behind the big chair is a wood stove for romantic evenings.
Notice the blender and the fondue pot? Think he likes to have people over? Starsky's tv isn't very big, guess he's not a tv fan? Are they fighting for the remote?
A toaster oven, too? Think he can cook afterall? The end of the bar is right by the door. Handy for cutting off exits.
You can see the breakfast nook right behind Starsky. And a glimpse of the stoplight. The back door. What are the odds this guy doesn't live through the epi?
The wall at the end of the kitchen just as you'd round the end of the bar. Another car pic there. Hutch says to check the date on that milk first!
From the kitchen you can see straight through the nook and into the bedroom. The place is a mess! What is that thing on the table?
And is that a barber's pole on the bedroom wall? Another shot from the kitchen and he's tided the place up!
The nook is a good place to sit and catch up on your reading. There's a small tv in the corner by the door. And there's a figurine of a woman's head on the shelf.
Looking down from where the mirror should be. This is the "cheat" shot from A Coffin For Starsky. Hmm... a mirror on the headboard, too? And is that a mailbox over there? For fan mail?
Vic Bellamy leaving Starsky's bedroom in ACFS. Bet he didn't leave fan mail. Hey! It's my bathroom and I gotta pee!
Wait your turn! Starsky's bathroom is fairly large but very empty.
Tiny, tiny shower! But I'd be happy to share with him! Back to the Starsky & Hutch story page!