First Day Home

By Maquis Leader




Rated: NC17

Author’s note: Set immediately after Kingpin Rising




“Hey, what are you still doing here?”


“Finishing up paperwork.” Faith looked up at Bosco leaning in the doorway of her office and grinned. “I’m up to my ass in it, remember?”


“Yeah well…” He ducked his head, embarrassed by what he’d said to her the day before. “About that – “


“Don’t worry about it, Bos. We both know who does all the paperwork in our partnership.” The day had gone too well, the two of them talking and working together comfortably – she didn’t want to screw it up now. “Your shift over?”


“Finally.” Bosco walked into her office and sat down on the edge of her desk. “I swear Sully is even older and grumpier than he was before.”


“And you’re surprised?”


“No.” He smiled and then sighed.


“Tired?” It hadn’t been that long since he’d limped out of the hospital, barely able to make it to where 55 David had been parked.


“To the bone.” Another smile, brighter this time. “But happy.”


“Good.” Dropping her report into the outbox, Faith stood up and stretched. “Now I can confess to worrying about you all day.”


“No!” He laid a hand over his heart and looked shocked. “Imagine my surprise.”


“You’re such a smart ass.” She sat on the edge of the desk next to him. “So, you going home?”


“I dunno. Davis and some of the guys want to go over to Haggerty’s for a drink or two.” He shrugged. “I think they just want to stick me with the tab.”


“They wouldn’t – yeah, they would.”


“I’m just gonna go home.” Bosco got up. “See you tomorrow?”


“Sure.” Her phone rang and Faith pulled it out. “Emily? I’m just about to head home.”


“Hey, tell her I said hi.”


“Bosco says hi, Em.” She looked up at him and smiled. “She says hi back.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow, Faith.”


“Night, Bos. What, Em? Yeah this was his first day back.” Faith watched Bosco walk out of her office. “It went fine. I dunno, but I doubt he was scared. What? I can ask, but honey, it’s been a long day. Okay, okay.”


Walking out of her office, Faith headed for the locker room. “Bosco? Hey, you still here?”


“You just saw me like thirty seconds ago.” He was sitting in front of his locker. “Where could I go that fast?”


“Emily wants to know if you’ll come over.” She shook her head no. “I told her you were pretty worn out.”


“She wants me to come over?”


“She wants – Emily, I’m talking.” Faith frowned. “Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice. He looks fine. He looks – “


Bosco laughed as Faith rolled her eyes at whatever Emily was saying. “Tell her I’m fine and I feel fine and I look fine and it’s all fine.”


“Did you hear that?” She sighed. “Bosco, do you think maybe you could drop by for a minute or two? Just to save my sanity – otherwise she’ll whine all night. You will too!”


“Shouldn’t she be in bed or something?”


“Did you – Emily – “ Handing the phone to Bosco, Faith plopped down on the bench. “You talk to her, I give up.”


“Um… okay.” He lifted the phone to his ear. “Emily? Hey, yeah, it’s Uncle B. I’m fine. Don’t you think it’s – well, shouldn’t you – I mean it’s – okay sure, I’ll come over.”


“You see how she is?” Faith snorted.


“I promise – I’ll be over in just a few minutes. Yeah, I love you, too.”


The phone was shoved back at Faith like it was a snake, and she giggled at Bosco’s embarrassment. “Emily, you should be ashamed of yourself, his face is all red now. How would I know if he’s cute? How would you know he’s cute?”


Bosco slid down the bench when she gave him the evil eye. “What are you looking at me for? Like I’m stupid enough to hit on your daughter?”


“Emily, I’m going to go let Bosco change and then he’ll be over.” Faith stopped halfway into a standing position. “Because he needs to change. No, he can’t wear his uniform home – he’s been in it all day.”


“I need a shower.”


“He needs a shower.” She gave him the thumbs up as she stood all the way up. “What do you mean what for? Because he does.”


“I’ve been wearing this all day.” He tugged on his shirt front.


“No, Bosco doesn’t stink. Because at the end of a long shift, a person likes to change clothes. No, I’m sure he doesn’t stink – “ Leaning down, Faith sniffed next to Bosco’s cheek. “No, he just smells like Bosco. Why are you giggling?”


“You just sniffed me.” He smirked. “I’d giggle too, but you might hit me.”


“When have I ever hit you?” She glared at him. “Not that I haven’t thought about it. Emily, he needs to change.”


“I need a hot shower.” Standing up, Bosco unbuckled his gun belt. “A long hot shower and a warm bed.”


“Emily – you’re acting like you’re four years old. He’s coming over, be happy with that. What?” Faith turned to look at Bosco. “Well, yeah… “


“What?” He hung the belt in his locker. “You’re looking at me funny. What?”


“She wants to know if you look handsome. Of course he does, Em.” She reached out and straightened the gold double five on his jacket collar. “Bosco always looks handsome in uniform.”


“I do?”


“Sure you do. I’ve always been very proud of having the handsomest partner in the precinct.” She winked at him.


“Hey, I thought I was the handsomest man in the precinct.” Davis said as he came in.


“You? You’re a baby.” Faith laughed at the look on his face. “You’re the second most handsome, okay? Geez, men and their egos. I’m telling you, Emily – they’re worse than women any day.”


“Does she really want me to wear my uniform?” Bosco asked her. It wasn’t like he was filthy, but he’d been in uniform for over eight hours and there just wasn’t the same level of comfort and relaxation that street clothes had.


“She wants to see how handsome you are.”


“Uh, oh, Bosco, watch out.” Davis snickered. “Next she’ll have a ring on your finger.”


“She’s sixteen!” Bosco shot him a look. “That’s disgusting!”


“I dunno, if she’s sixteen – “ Finney stopped next to Bosco. “Sounds like she’s – “


Whatever Finney had been going to say next was choked off as Bosco’s hands shot out and closed around his shirt collar. Pulling the rookie up close, Bosco growled into his face. “She’s sixteen and she’s my partner’s daughter – to you, she doesn’t even exist – are we clear on that?”


“Your partner? She’s a detective – “ Finney grimaced as Bosco’s grip tightened.


“Whoa, whoa – “ Davis pulled Finney from Bosco’s grip. “He didn’t mean it, man. You know, he doesn’t know what’s goin’ on. It’s okay.”


“You watch your mouth.” Bosco pointed at Finney. “You just watch your mouth around me.”


“No, nothing’s wrong, Em.” Faith grinned at Bosco. “Your Uncle Bosco is just putting some jagoff in his place.”


“You tell her I’ll be over in a few minutes.” He took the gunbelt out of the locker and strapped it back on.


“I didn’t mean nothin’.” Finney whispered to Davis as he opened his locker. “And they ain't partners no more. I was just joking anyway.”


“I know, but there’s some things you don’t joke about.” Davis looked over his shoulder at Bosco. The other man was still glaring at Finney and disturbingly, his hand was resting on his gun. “Yokas’ kids – their partnership – never – never joke, man.”


“Got it.”


Faith folded her phone shut and put it in her jacket pocket. “I’m sorry, Bos. She’s been really anxious about how you were gonna do your first day back.”


“What am I – in kindergarten?” His tone was lighthearted, but an entire day of people asking him how he was doing had gotten on Bosco’s nerves. The few he had.


“Bosco – “


“Faith – “ Reading the look she sent him, Bosco sighed. “I know – I know – people worrying about me is a good thing.”


“Better than nobody worrying.”


“Right.” His duffel bag was in the bottom of his locker and Bosco stuffed his street clothes into it. He could shower once he got home and then he could hit the sack. “You need a lift?”


“Sure.” Faith had a car she could drive home, one of the perks of being a detective, but she’d missed Bosco. They hadn’t really talked since he’d asked her to shoot for him – not counting the spat in the locker room yesterday.


“Well, then.” Slamming his locker shut, Bosco swung the bag over his shoulder. “Let’s go.”





“You know, if you want, you can change here.”


“Nah, I doubt I’ll stay that long.” He shifted the bag on his shoulder. “I just didn’t want to leave this in the car, my off duty piece is in here.”


“Emily and I were supposed to watch movies tonight.” Faith rubbed her eyes, paperwork gave her a headache. “Mister vampire and his screwed up friend made me miss Brad Pitt’s butt.”


“I’m sure Brad is heartbroken.” Bosco laughed.


The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Bosco stepped out ahead of Faith, automatically scanning the hallway in both directions. She laughed softly as she walked past him.


“Like you don’t do the same thing?”


“Yeah, okay, whatever.” She did, but she wasn’t going to admit it. Being a cop didn’t stop once you left the precinct house.


“You say that like you weren’t checking out each intersection we went through and telling me they were clear?”


“We’re not talking about me.” When they reached her door, Faith turned and looked Bosco over. “Just a sec.”




He stood still while Faith straightened his insignia and smoothed the wrinkles out of his turtleneck. She frowned and pulled at his medal rack. “Take it off.”




“Your shield is dirty looking.” Taking the shield and the medal rack it was attached to, she breathed on it and rubbed it on her shirt. Critically, she eyed the medals before using her shirttail to polish them.


“You’re worse than old what’s his butt back at the Academy.” Bosco took the medal rack back and carefully put it back onto his jacket. “Shine that shield, Boscorelli!”


“Hey, she wants to see you in uniform and handsome.” Faith couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at him. “We’ve got to work with what we have.”


“Handsome isn’t something I can be anymore.”


“Don’t say that.” The damn scar was something she rarely noticed anymore, and she hadn’t meant for her joking to be taken to heart. “You’re still the most handsome partner in the precinct.”


“I don’t need you to lie to me, Faith.” The scar on his cheek was still healing and he had at least three more operations scheduled that the doctors swore would make it practically invisible, but Bosco knew it was disfiguring and always would be.


“We agreed not to lie to each other anymore.” She used the end of her scarf to polish his name plate to a brighter shine. “It’s not pretty – but it’s not as bad as you think. I doubt most women get past your eyes anyway.”


“Well lately – what about my eyes? They’re fine.”


“Never mind. I can’t believe one of your many conquests hasn’t told you about your eyes.” Digging through her coat pocket, Faith found her keys. “Go stare in the mirror tonight and pretend they’re somebody else’s – “


“Wait.” Grabbing her hand before she could put her key in the door, Bosco winked at her. “She wants the uniform, let’s give her the whole package.”


“What – “ She watched as Bosco raised his hand and pounded on the door. “Bosco – my neighbors are asleep!”


“Not anymore.” He pounded on the door again. “Police! Open up!”


The door swung open and Emily gaped at him. “Are you crazy? Oh my God!”


“I’m here to arrest some teenage girl.” Bosco leaned down and looked her in the eye. “It seems she’s prettier than the law allows – I gotta take her in.”


“Uncle B!” She rolled her eyes. “Come in before someone calls the cops.”


“I get no respect around here.” He walked into the apartment. “The Yokas women have me whipped.”


“Emily.” Faith closed the door as she followed him in. “Be nice.”


“You look good.” Emily wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. “And you look so handsome. Mom, he looks so good in his uniform!”


“Yeah. He does.” She tossed her coat and scarf onto the end table. “And he’ll be the first to tell you.”


“Shut up.” Bosco hugged Emily for a moment before he let her go. “So here I am in the uniform – happy?”


“Yeah.” She smiled up at him. “I just wanted to see how you looked today – I’m so proud of you.”


He didn’t know what to say to that. So far he wasn’t sure he’d done anything to be proud of. Getting up out of the hospital bed and getting his ass back to work was what he was supposed to do.


“Don’t embarrass him, Emily.” Faith gave her a gentle slap on the back as she headed for the sofa. “He’s hard enough to live with.”


“You want to watch movies with us?”


“If it involves some guy’s butt – no.”


“Mom!” Emily glared at her mother. “It’s Troy, and it’s got some great battle scenes in it. You’ll like it.”


“I’m sure there’s some half naked women to go with the half naked Brad Pitt.” Faith snickered. “A real family film.”


“We’ve got popcorn and hot dogs – just like at the movie.” Banking on still having Bosco wrapped around her little finger, Emily pouted and looked up at him pleadingly. “Please… Please, Uncle B…”


There was no resisting the kid. Never had been. “All right, I’ll stay. One movie. No more.” Bosco grunted as Emily threw her arms around him again. “Let me change my clothes first, okay?”


“But you’re so sexy in your uniform, Uncle Bos.” She looked at her mother. “Mom thinks so, too. Right, Mom?”


“What?” Faith looked up from reading the back of the DVD box. “I never said that.”


“Sure you did.” Emily looked back up at Bosco. “She’s in denial. I mean she knows how you smell – so come on.”


“Is she?” That was interesting. Bosco wondered if Emily was pulling his chain or if she knew something he didn’t.


“Emily!” Faith was tempted to throw the box at her daughter. “We spent years cooped up in the same car together for hours on end – of course I know how he smells!”


“Whatever, Mom.”


“I’m gonna go change.” Bosco headed for the bathroom. “The conversation is too weird in here.”


“I’ll start the popcorn!” Emily darted in to the kitchen as her mother got up off the sofa. “And I’ll make you a couple of hot dogs!”


“Mustard and relish – lots of mustard.” He told her.


“Emily – your brother’s going to be an only child if you don’t knock it off.” Faith threatened.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She dug the hot dogs out of the refrigerator.


“Be good – I can sell you and make a profit.” Following Bosco down the hall, Faith knocked on the bathroom door. “Hey, Bos?”


“You shoulda went before I got in here.”


“I was just gonna say you can take a shower if you want. I’ll close my bedroom door and you can go in there and change.” The bathroom opened into her room and he’d have more room to dry off and put on his street clothes in there.


“You don’t mind?”


“Nah. I know you were looking forward to a shower and by the time you get home you’ll be too tired.” She leaned on the door. “Thanks for putting up with Emily.”


“It’s no big deal. Give me a few minutes to clean up and I’ll be out, okay?”




In the bathroom, Bosco leaned on the bathroom cabinet and looked into the mirror. “Damn… I have great eyes!”





Faith realized too late that Emily had maneuvered things so that Bosco was sitting between them on the sofa for a reason. Five minutes into the movie, Emily got up to get the popcorn and then sat back down in the chair next to the sofa – leaving her alone next to Bosco.


As for Bosco, he was blissfully unaware of Emily’s plotting. He’d had a hot shower and was in clean clothes. He was happy to sit back and relax. Even better, he’d had two hot dogs – loaded with mustard and relish like he liked – and now a bowl of popcorn.


“This is nice.” He put his feet up on the coffee table. “All I need is a beer.”


“We’ve got beer!” Emily jumped up and ran into the kitchen.


“Can I rent her?” A little pampering was nice after a long day. “Just to cook and bring me beer – nothing weird.”


“I’m thinking seriously of selling her, actually.” Faith said sweetly as Emily brought Bosco a cold beer.


“I’d need a loan.” He took a drink and winked at Emily.


Thanks to Emily’s move, Faith found herself sitting closer than she’d like to a freshly washed and very clean smelling Bosco. A very unusual smelling Bosco. Leaning closer, she sniffed. “What do you have on?”


“I think it was harvest apple.” Bosco shrugged. “It was either that or vanilla, honeysuckle, and I forget what the purple shower gel was.”


“Violets.” Emily told him. “That’s Mom’s.”


“I figured this was the least puss – womanly smelling of the bunch.” He took another drink of beer. “When’d you start wearing violets?”


“It was a new scent.” Faith told him. “Since when do you know what I wear?”


“To quote you ‘We spent years cooped up in the same car together for hours on end’ remember?”


“I didn’t figure you’d notice unless I smelled like crap.”


“No, I only said something if you smelled like crap.” He corrected her with a grin.


“There’s too much of a glare on the screen.” Emily got up and turned the lights off. “That’s better.”


“If you like living in the Batcave.” The only light came from the television, and Faith had to wonder again what Emily thought she was doing.


“It’s more like the movies this way.” She told her mother.


“Shh!” Bosco pointed at the screen. “They’re finally getting to a fight scene.”


Settling for one last glare across the darkened room at her daughter, Faith relaxed back against the sofa. She’d spent years sitting in a dark car with Bosco, this was hardly any different.


Brad Pitt’s bare behind was met with giggles from Emily and Bosco’s loud protests as he covered his eyes. Emily got up a few moments later to go to the bathroom.


“Want me to pause it?” Bosco held up the remote.


“Nah, I’ve seen the good part.” She grinned at him. “I’ll be back in a minute.”


Dropping the remote back onto his lap, Bosco went back to watching the movie.


The movie wasn’t as good as she thought it’d be, and Faith stifled a yawn. The best part had flashed and gone as far as she was concerned. After a few minutes, she looked down the hall toward the bathroom. The door was open and the light was off. There was a dim light coming out from under Emily’s door.


“That little sneak.”


“What?” Bosco turned to look at her.


“Emily. She went to her room.”


“Maybe she didn’t like the movie?” He shrugged. “It’s not all that hot. Different, but not that great.”


“It’s got Brad Pitt, that’s usually all she needs.” Turning to look at him, Faith arched an eyebrow. “She’s up to something.”


“Think she’s got a boy in there? We could scare the hell out of him.” He grinned.


“I think – that she thinks – that she’s playing matchmaker.”


“For who?”


Faith laughed. Bosco was completely in the dark, and not just because Emily had shut the lights off. Typical man.  “Forget about it. Watch the movie.”


“It’s not that good.” He picked up the remote and shut it off. “What else’ve you got?”


“We’re not watching Armageddon.” Bosco had driven her nuts with that movie while he was recovering. At one point she’d threatened to throw the movie out the window – DVD player and all.


“Come on… you know you like it…” He elbowed her. “You get all sniffly at the end.”


“Bos, we’ve seen it so many times I know the dialog.” The ending did get to her, with its John Wayne larger than life scene.


“So?” Getting up, he rummaged through her collection of DVDs until he found it. “You know the words to your favorite songs, doesn’t mean you stop listening to them.”


“Shouldn’t you go home?” When Bosco sat back down, she nudged his shoulder. “It’s late.”


“Yeah, so? I can crash on the couch, right?”


The movie came on, drowning out her sigh. Not that Bosco hadn’t slept on her couch before, but she’d gotten used to the place being just a girls’ place and now she’d have to wear something less comfortable to bed than she usually did. In the middle of the night, she didn’t want to run into Bosco if she was only wearing a silk camisole and her panties. Sweats and t-shirt tonight, it looked like.


He’d sat down closer than he had before, and Faith realized she had very little room to get comfortable. “Scoot over.”




“Cos you’re practically on top of me.”


“If I was on top of you…” He snickered.


“What?” That laugh sounded dirty.




“Don’t nothin’ me. What?”


“If I was on top of you, we wouldn’t be watching a movie.” Bosco grinned at her.


“That’s disgusting.” She looked away. It didn’t sound disgusting, it sounded like something she might want to try out.


“So why are your nipples hard?”


“What?” Faith looked down. Her nipples were clearly visible through her shirt. She clapped her hands over them. “It’s cold!”




“Don’t make something out of nothing.”


“I’m not the one nippin’ out.” Bosco snickered again. “You think I don’t know what Emily’s up to? Planting us together on the couch – shutting the lights off – and then leaving us alone? She’s in there right now hopin’ we’re making out.”


“Emily is – is – “ Dead meat!


“Don’t get all bent over it.” He was pretty sure Faith was interested, but not a hundred percent. “Unless you’re hoping we’d make out?”


“No!” A minute ago she’d been pissed at Emily for shutting the lights off. Now she was glad that Bosco couldn’t see her red face. He was too close, he smelled too damn good, and now he had her thinking about kissing him. “I’m not the kind of woman you’re interested in anyway.”


Taking her hand, he laid it in his lap. “Says who?”


Involuntarily, her fingers curled around the hard bulge for a moment before Faith jerked her hand back. “Bosco!”


“Actually… “ He raised a hand to his chest and rubbed at his nipples. “I am nippin’ out. Wanna feel?”


“No – I don’t want to feel!”


“Come on… “ Leaning closer, Bosco rubbed his fingers suggestively over his nipples. “You know you want to.”


“Bosco – back off – “ Faith leaned back as he moved closer. “I’m warning you.”


“You’re not curious?” He reached out and brushed his fingers across her cheek. “Not just a little?”


“No.” Not unless she counted the mental images running through her brain of kissing the hell out of him. “Not – not even a little.”


“You’re lying.” Bosco eased closer until they were nearly nose to nose. “You’re forgettin’ we don’t have to talk to know what we’re saying.”


“Bos…” The midnight blue eyes got to her like they always did, only for once she couldn’t turn away or hide behind the safety of her wedding ring.


“I can truthfully say that while your lips say ‘no, no’ – your eyes say ‘yes, yes’.” Grinning, he moved until his lips brushed hers. When she giggled, he looked up.


“Sorry.” Faith giggled again. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.”


“It’s not even close and you know it.” His list of stupid things said was miles long and he didn’t want to think about the things at the top. “Kiss me – one time.”


“Just one time.” She agreed. “And only so Emily will realize she’s barking up the wrong tree.”


“What the hell does that mean?”


“It means just shut up and kiss me.”


“Fine.” Bosco leaned forward again and planted his lips firmly on Faith’s. Cupping his hand behind her head, he tilted her face slightly to get a better angle on what he was doing. 


The kiss was nice. Bosco wasn’t grinding his mouth on hers or shoving his tongue at her. Instead, he was moving his mouth along hers in gentle kisses. Faith slid her fingers into his hair and held him closer.


“Good kiss?” He pulled back, panting slightly.


“Not sure.” Faith licked her lips. They were tingling.


“Not – are you bullshitting me?” That was one of his best intro kisses and she wasn’t sure? Bosco watched her tongue slide over her lips again. “Guess I just need to try harder.”


This time, he was more aggressive, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth and nipping lightly. When Faith moaned, Bosco slid his tongue into her mouth, tickling the roof of her mouth before breaking the kiss.


“Better?” This time he was panting harder.


“I think so.” The look on his face made Faith giggle. Bosco had an ego made of glass. “Maybe if you had more practice?”


“You willin’ to be my partner?”


“I thought I already was.” She said softly.


“You are – I didn’t mean – never mind.” Leaning back, Bosco pulled Faith with him until she was lying across him. Women were too hard to figure out. Better to kiss them and shut them the hell up.


He’d had entirely too many fantasies of Faith crawling on top of him and screwing his brains out to pass this up. Once Faith was occupied with tangling her tongue around his, Bosco tugged on her leg, coaxing her to straddle him. She groaned into his mouth and pressed herself down on his hard on.


Perfect. Just perfect. Now all they needed was the RMP. And the handcuffs. And the uniforms. Bosco slid his hands up under her shirt, searching for her bra. The little hooks gave up without a fight, and he eased one hand around to cup a bare breast.


“Bos…” Faith pulled her mouth away.


“Shh…” Cupping his free hand behind her head, he brought her down to kiss him again.  His other hand squeezed her breast, teasing the nipple until it was rock hard and Faith was moaning and wiggling on his lap.


“Jeez, Bos…” She had to pull away for a breath, resting her face against his.


“Am I getting better?” Bosco laughed softly as he kissed along her cheek to her throat. “Maybe I need a little more practice?”


“Maybe…” Tilting her head to one side, she sighed as he licked at the hollow of her throat. His ear was handy and she nibbled at his earlobe.


“I like that…”


“How about this?” Faith kissed the soft spot behind his ear. When he groaned, she laughed. “That’s a yes?”


“That’s a yes.” Lifting her shirt up, Bosco cupped her breasts together and lowered his mouth to them.


“Oh, God – “ She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him to her.


Faith was suffocating him, but what a way to go. He had his face buried in her breasts and she was grinding down on his hard on like there was no tomorrow. On my tombstone – put that Maurice Boscorelli died a happy man.


With her breasts held firmly to his face, Bosco let one hand go free to cup her ass and guide her forward for a better fit. She responded by shifting and clamping her legs tightly against his thighs.


As much as he loved licking and sucking her breasts, air was getting in short supply, and Bosco turned his head to one side. Faith’s moan was followed up by her fingers twisting in his hair to turn his head back.


“Faith, gimme a second to breathe.” He pushed her back enough to look up at her. “Just gimme a second or you’re gonna be calling for a bus.”




She didn’t look sorry – she looked pissed at him. Bosco reached up and pulled Faith down to where he could kiss her again. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he mimicked the movements he wanted to be doing with her. She was a quick study and soon her hips were rocking hard against him, dry humping him roughly.


“Bos…make it…” There was a pressure inside of her, and Faith ground herself down on him, squirming against him trying to relieve it.


“I’m there, baby.” His cock was begging him to come. “Fuck me, Faith.”


“We can’t – Oh, God, what am I doin? “ Faith sat up, pushing at his chest when he tried to pull her back down. “We can’t – “


“We can.” They were too close to stop now. If he let Faith chicken out now, he’d never get so much as a kiss from her again.


“Emily is – “


“Not coming out of her room and you know it.” Bosco arched up into her, making her groan and press against him. “She’s counting on us getting hot and heavy – she’s not going to interrupt.”


“We can’t just – “ Faith looked toward Emily’s room. The door was closed and the light was off.


Reaching between them, Bosco unfastened his jeans and slid them and his boxers down far enough to free his cock. “Touch me.”


“I dunno…” Even as she said it, she was reaching for him, stroking her fingers over the smooth tip. There was a drop of pre cum leaking from him and Faith rubbed it into his skin.


“I’ve got – a condom – “ He gasped as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stroked gently up and down. “If you want – I don’t care – “


“I – I – should we?” She had no idea what the hell to do in this situation. Since Fred had left, she hadn’t even kissed another man, let alone had to worry about safe sex. “I’m on the pill – is that okay?”


“That’s okay.” Bosco smiled at how red Faith’s cheeks were. Here she was sitting on him and stroking his cock and she was asking him what was okay. “Let’s get your pants off.”


“Are you sure?”


There was real fear in the hazel eyes and it wasn’t the fear that Emily would come out her room and catch them. “Faith, I’ve been sure for a long time.” Bosco pulled her down to kiss her gently.


Rising up off of him, Faith unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. She blushed harder when she realized she had on plain panties. “I didn’t put anything lacy on – I was going to work.”


“Faith, panties are panties.” Hooking his fingers in the waistband, Bosco slid them down so she could step out of them. “Nothing wrong with cotton panties – you know how many fantasies involve white cotton panties?”


“A lot?” She asked hopefully.


“Millions – millions and millions.” Guiding her back onto his lap, Bosco slid his fingers over her clit and between the delicate lips to make sure she was ready. He eased the head of his cock into her and patted her ass. “Slide down, baby.”


“You don’t want on top?” Before he could say one way or another, Faith pressed down on him, sighing as his thick cock filled her.


“Jeez… no… “ Panting, Bosco watched her face as she slid down on him. “Easy, don’t hurt yourself – slow – “


“I’m ready, Bos.” Faith smiled at him as she took him fully inside of her. “I like it.”


“I know – figured that.” He grinned. “Most of my fantasies put you on top – ordering me not to come – “


“Can I do that?” Bosco hadn’t struck her as the type to take orders from anybody. Except… from her. She smiled. “We’ll talk about fantasies later.”


“Fuck me, Faith – “ Gripping her hips, he urged her to a fast rhythm. “Ride me hard – “


Throwing her head back, Faith rocked up and down on his cock, forcing herself down as far as she could before rising up until he nearly slipped from her body. Maybe someday she’d admit to Bosco that she’d had this fantasy a few times herself. And now she didn’t have to feel guilty about them.


“That’s good – more – “ Grunting, he arched up into her thrusts, driving himself as deeply as he could. Her pussy was tight and hot – exactly has he’d dreamed she’d be. All he needed now was the cage behind him to hang on to. And the uniform – he wanted her in her uniform.


“I can’t – “ The sweet feeling hit a peak and hung up. She ground herself harder onto Bosco, digging her fingers into his shoulders for leverage. As much as she liked being on top, she’d never been able to get off without being rolled over and fucked hard. “Damn it – “


“Hey, hey – “ Bosco pulled her head down and kissed her gently. “Relax, you’re fighting it.”


“I can’t come – Bos, I can’t – “ Tears sprang to her eyes in frustration. Her skin tingled and her clit ached – but she couldn’t get past this point. “I just can’t – “


“Shh…” Rubbing a hand up and down her back, he slowed her rhythm down to a gentle gliding up and down his cock. “Take it easy – don’t work it so hard.”


“You get on top – ” Faith stopped and pushed at his chest. “I can’t do it this way. I need you to fuck me hard – I can’t do it – ”


“Sure you can. Just look at me – “ He leaned back until he was looking into her hazel eyes. “Look at me and just imagine coming – easy and slow and good.”


“Slow?” Hard fucking was the only way she knew how to come. “I can’t – “


“Like this.” Rocking his hips up, Bosco guided her down to meet the slow stroke. In and out and in and out in an easy motion. His free hand slid between their bodies to tease her clit. “Look at me and just think how good it’s gonna feel, baby.”


A smile curled his lips as he stroked the swollen bundle of nerves. Fred was a clumsy son of a bitch if all Faith knew was getting it hard and rough. What a fucking jagoff.


“Relax, Faith. Look at me – I want you to come – I want you to feel so fucking good you’re gonna die – “ Bosco slid his fingers along the sensitive inner lips where they were stretched around his cock. The startled look on her face told him this was new to her. “You like that? You wanna feel?”


“I – I dunno – “ She swallowed hard. Fred hadn’t liked her touching his cock while they were having sex. “Do you want me to?”


“Touch us – “ He guided her hand down to where they were joined together, wrapping her fingers around his cock. “He’s going in and out of you, baby – feel that?”


“It’s sticky.” Giggling, she circled his cock, making a face as it slid through her fingers and into her pussy. “This feels weird – Bos, it’s sticky!”


“Life is sticky.” Her clit was getting his undivided attention now, and he pinched it gently. “Think about how it feels – my cock in your pussy – slippin’ in and out – sweet and good – “


The midnight blue eyes were watching her with something she’d never seen before from Bosco. Love was there – open and pure – like she was the only woman he’d ever seen. Lowering her lips to his, Faith kissed him gently, pushing her tongue into his mouth to taste him.


A soft moan from Bosco, and suddenly the painful build up of pleasure inside of her popped in a shower of sparks. Sitting up, she looked down at him. there was a stupid grin plastered on her face, but she couldn’t help it. “Oh my God, Bosco – I did it!”


Laughing, he pulled her back down for another tongue tangling kiss as he pumped his cock up into her. Her inner walls were still clutching at him, still quivering in orgasm as he worked towards his own climax. Taking his own advice, Bosco imagined coming inside of her – his cock pumping her full of cum – the stickiness coating them both.


His breath caught and he clutched Faith to him as his orgasm hit and squeezed him without mercy. Looking up at her, Bosco tried to force air in to tell her how good she made him feel. Another spasm hit him and he moaned helplessly.


“Shh…” It was her turn to comfort him and Faith pulled his head to her shoulder, stroking her fingers through his hair as his cock jerked inside of her. “I know it’s good, Bos – it’s so good – “


“Oh – my – God – “ Wrapping his arms around her, Bosco nuzzled his face into her throat. “The best – not lying – the best – swear – “


“Really?” Considering the long list of Bosco’s conquests, Faith found that hard to believe. She curled her fingers into his hair and pulled his head back. “You wouldn’t bullshit me?”


“Faith – really. You’re the best.” He looked down and then back up, trying to see her through his eyelashes without really looking at her. “I love you, you know?”


Shy Bosco? Little boy shy Bosco? Faith laughed and leaned down to rest her forehead against his. “No, I don’t know. Really?”


“Yeah.” He said softly.


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.” Looking up at her, Bosco tried to force his reluctant feelings out. He’d never been able to voice his feelings – he didn’t like feeling vulnerable. “I – I have for awhile – but – I didn’t know how to say – you know?”


“Yeah.” She kissed him. Softly and gently. “I know how you are – lucky for you.”


“I can’t promise to say it a lot.” He whispered against her lips. “I’ll try.”


“Just be yourself, Bos.” Her knees were starting to ache and she shifted slightly. The movement made Bosco’s cock slip from her and Faith groaned in disappointment. “Damn.”


“He’ll be back up in a little bit.” Patting her on the hip, he leaned around her. “Hey, they’re getting to the NASA testing stuff.”


“When I said be yourself – “ Faith slid off his lap, elbowing him in the side as she settled next to him on the sofa. “I didn’t mean it.”


“Hey, I love you, we’ve got Bruce Willis – “ He looped his arm around her neck and pulled her against his side. “It’s all good.”


“You’re hopeless.”  Pushing his arm off, she stood up. “I’m going to bed.”


Bosco watched her walk out of the living room, his eyes on her naked ass. “Movie time’s over, Bruce.” Switching the TV off, he held up his pants with one hand as he ran after her. “Wait for me!”


Faith pretended to ignore him, putting a bit more sway into her hips.


“Hey, you’ve got a nightlight, right?” He nearly ran her over as she stopped in the bedroom doorway. “You know I’m – nervous – in the dark.”


“Bos, I’ll be in the dark with you.”


“Oh…” Bosco grinned at her. “Yeah.”


She shut her bedroom door. “Of course, you might need to be – nervous – about me.”


Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her. “Never.”


“Happy first day back, Bosco.”


“Wow. Nobody told me I’d get presents.” Smiling against her lips, Bosco let his pants drop. “I guess I’d better start unwrapping.”





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