Halloween Goodies

By Maquis Leader



Rated NC17

Author’s note: This is set right at the end of Halloween



Angel sat on Buffy's bed, waiting for her to finish her shower. He could smell the vanilla soap she was using, as well as the slight scent of spice and desire. Was she thinking of him as she touched herself?


Lying back, he closed his eyes and imagined her spreading the fragrant gel on her body, her hands moving over her breasts and down her belly. He licked his lips, thinking of Buffy's fingers sliding through the blonde curls – his eyes opened. Blonde? Dark blonde? Angel smiled slowly. Something worth finding out.


He was imagining her standing in the shower, fingers teasing and playing with herself while she imagined him touching her, when her heartbeat started moving closer. Propping himself up on one arm, he smiled as Buffy opened the door.


“Tada.” She paused in the doorway, the light from the hallway outlining her slim body. “Just little old 20th century me.”


“Sure you're okay?” The desire in her scent had been washed away by a sadness he didn’t understand.


“I'll live.” She shrugged.


He sat up as she walked over to the bed. “I don't get it, Buffy. Why'd you think I'd like you better dressed that way?”


Buffy sighed as she sat down next to him. “I just wanted to be a real girl for once. The kind of fancy girl you liked when you were my age.”


“Oh.” He laughed at the irony of the situation.


“What?” There was an irritated edge to her voice.


He laughed softly once again. “I hated the girls back then.” Angel looked up into her eyes. “Especially the noblewomen.”


A smile slowly curved her lips, and she nodded slightly. “You did?”


“They were just incredibly dull. Simpering morons, the lot of them.” He glanced away, not sure if he should tell her his weakness. “I always wished I could meet someone... exciting...” Turning back to her, he looked into her eyes once again. “Interesting…”


“Really?” Tossing her hair back, Buffy rose up on her knees and moved closer. “Interesting how?”


It was all he could do not to lick his lips as she bared her throat with the move. The soft skin mere inches from his mouth was entirely too tempting. “You know how.”


“Still, I had a really hard day.” She tossed her head again. “You should probably tell me.”


Did she have any idea how much it excited him when she bared her throat like that? Angel moved closer. “You're right. I should.”


Leaning down until her lips hovered over his, she nodded again. “Definitely.”


Their lips met in a gentle kiss. Her warm hands cradled his face as the kiss quickly became more passionate. He loved Buffy's tongue in his mouth, all nice and hot. Angel moaned as she curled her tongue up to tickle the roof of his mouth.


“Like that?” She panted as she leaned back for a breath.


“Love it.” Pulling her back to him, he kissed her again, this time dueling past her tongue and into her mouth.


It was her turn to moan. Sucking at Angel’s cool tongue, Buffy slid her fingers into his hair, holding him to her. His arms tightened around her and she relaxed into his hard body.


Lying back, Angel pulled Buffy down onto his body. She tensed and pushed up off his chest, breaking the kiss. “I don’t know about this.”


"Just relax. We’re both dressed.” He rose up to kiss her again. “My virtue’s safe for the night.”


“It’s not your virtue I’m worried about.” Even as she said it, she was relaxing back onto his chest. Since the snake boy frat party, she and Angel had moved past coffee and into kisses. And the last few nights had added in limited groping and full body pressing. Lying on top of each other was a whole new territory she wasn’t sure she was ready for.


“Relax.” He repeated as he slid a hand down her back. “We’re both dressed and you’re on top. Nothing will happen unless you want it to.”


“That’s part of what I’m afraid of.” She ran a finger over the sensuous lips. “I’m not sure what I want.”


“Let’s just start with kisses.” Angel tangled his hands in her hair and pulled her lips down to his again.


However much brooding Angel had done for a hundred years, at some point he’d done some serious kissing. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, nipping and biting before tickling the corners of her mouth with his tongue. When she opened her mouth, his tongue immediately went after hers. Cool and wet, twisting and swirling until she was gasping for air.


“Angel…” Panting against his throat, Buffy shivered as his lips moved across her cheek to nuzzle at her ear. He nipped her earlobe and she shivered again.


The skin of his throat was soft and cool under her lips. Angel’s low growl vibrated through her as she licked and nipped her way down to where the top button of his shirt blocked her way. Tugging at it with her teeth, she blew warm air through the silk, giggling when he growled again.


Pulling open the buttons, she licked her lips at the expanse of pale, muscled chest. With her tongue, she traced a path down to one taut nipple, circling and teasing it until Angel’s body arched up into hers as if begging her to take it in her mouth. Suckling at it, she smiled as he moaned and bucked up against her again.


There was a hard bulge pushing into her belly, and Buffy cautiously slid a hand down his stomach. For a moment, her fingers hesitated, trailing along the waistband of his pants before moving down and touching it.


Angel sucked in an unneeded breath as her fingers traced the outline of his hard cock through his pants. His own hands slid up to cup her firm breasts, squeezing gently, his fingers searching for her nipples.


The hardness was intriguing but very scary, and after a quick squeeze, Buffy moved her hand back to the safety of Angel’s chest. He moaned softly as she brought her mouth to his again.


“No fair.” He murmured against her lips. “My shirt’s off – yours is still on.”


“It’s not off – just open.” Part of her really wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin. The other part was saying that was a bad idea. Before she could make them play rock, paper, scissors, Angel’s hands had slid up under her shirt and were cupping her breasts.


“Better.” Rolling her nipples between his fingers, Angel lapped at her mouth with his tongue. “God, lass, I love your titties…”


Her nipples had already been hard and aching; now they were absolutely screaming as his cool fingers squeezed and played with them. “Angel, oh God – wait – “


Reluctantly, he let her push his hands away. To Angel’s surprise, Buffy pulled the top off over her head and tossed it aside. “Beautiful.” He captured her pert breasts in his hands again. “So beautiful.”


“They’re small.”


“They’re perfect.” Pulling her back down, he rubbed against her, his nipples tightening as hers slid over them.


“You’re so cool.” She kissed him, chasing into his mouth to lick at his coolness. His skin sliding against hers was better than she’d imagined. Soft as velvet, firm and oh so cool.


“And you’re nice and warm.” Buffy was hot and satiny smooth where she covered him.


“Guess we go together.”


Better than you know. Laughing softly, Angel shifted his body until Buffy's legs were outside of his. Sliding one hand down her back, he pressed her to him. Breast to breast, belly to belly, groin to groin.


Instantly her scent was flooded with fear and he eased up on the pressure, letting his hand rest on the small of her back. The demon inside him twisted and struggled, savoring the sweetness and demanding more.


Oh, God, how did I get here? Buffy closed her eyes as Angel kissed her face and throat. One big hand squeezed and kneaded her left breast while the other was splayed across her back, just above the waistband of her sweatpants. But it was the hard thing digging into her that had her attention. That’s his dick – Oh my God!


“Relax, lass.” Nuzzling at her ear, he waited for her trembling to ease and the fear to fade. “Why don’t you rub against me a little?”


“I – I don’t know how.” Oh, God, I’m such a moron! Angel was surely used to women who knew what to do with a hard dick when they had one between their legs. “I – don’t – I’m sorry – “


“Nothing to be sorry for.” Pulling his legs up, Angel arched up into her as he pressed down on the small of her back. “It’s instinct, just let it move you.”


“O – okay – I – “ His mouth caught the rest of her words, his tongue pushing into her mouth again.


It was scary and exciting, and she found the rhythm only too easy to match. Rubbing back and forth over the hard bulge made strange sparks shoot off and ricochet through her body.


A sharp ache demanded attention, and she spread her legs wider, grinding down on him, trying to appease the pain. A cool hand slid down inside her sweatpants, cupping her ass and pulling her harder against him. That was good but –  she shifted and pushed down meeting his up thrust and making him groan – still not right.


“God – lass, yes – “ Angel panted. “That’s it – “


Power surged through her. Rising up, Buffy looked down into Angel’s face. His eyes were half closed, and his teeth bit into his bottom lip as he arched up into her.


“Like it, lass?” A soft burr accented his words. “This is your position – your strength – “


“I like it.” Grinding down on him, she watched as the chocolate eyes closed and another groan escaped him. “I like it a lot.”


“Sit up.” Panting for air he couldn’t remember he didn’t need, Angel slid his hands up along her sides and urged her to sit up. “You’ll like that even better.”


Slowly, Buffy sat up, uncertain of what to do next. Angel put his hands on her hips and shifted her forward, pulling his legs up until she rested snugly in the cradle of his hips. “Oh, my…”


“Now rock, lass.” Raising his hands to her breasts, he pinched the hard nipples and thrust up into her.


The ache was worse now, and she didn’t know if it was good or bad. “Angel… hurts…” She rubbed herself against him seeking relief.


“Just ride me, lass.” Letting his hands fall to her hips again, he guided her into the right rhythm. “Squeeze your thighs together.”


There was no squeezing her thighs together because he was between them. Oh well. Dutifully clamping her thighs tightly to his hips, she gasped. “Oh…” Now he was hitting all the right spots. The ache grew and sharpened, making her cry out and force herself down harder onto him. He grunted and she wondered for a second if she’d hurt him, but his hands tightened on her hips and he shoved himself up into her even more roughly than before.


Sometimes at night, alone in her bed, Buffy had touched herself. It had been pleasant but always ended in frustration, as if there was something more she needed. The hardness she was riding on seemed to be the answer.


Her hands moved down over where Angel’s hands covered her breasts once again, one staying to play with her nipples as they peeked out between his fingers. The other slid down inside her sweatpants and panties to rub at the small aching nub. “Oh… yes… Angel…”


The sight was too much for Angel to resist. His hands went into her pants, one cupping her ass and forcing her harder onto his aching cock while the other joined hers in stroking through her wetness.


The cool fingers startled Buffy, and she opened her eyes. “Angel – “


“Shh… just enjoy it lass.” He smiled up at her. “Come for me.”


He bucked his hips up and gently pinched the throbbing bundle of nerves, and she forgot the strangeness of it all. Covering his fingers with her own, she pressed hard and the ache burst. Her breath caught and her eyes flew open again. Agonizing bolts of pleasure ripped through her, forcing a cry out of her.


“Oh my God – Angel – Oh my God – Oh my God – Angel – “ Buffy wrenched her fingers free from his and held them up, staring at them as if she'd never seen them before. “Oh my God – “


Pulling her fingers to his mouth, Angel sucked her juices, growling softly at the sweet taste.


Gasping for air, she leaned back against Angel’s legs. His eyes flickered to gold and back, and his teeth nipped at her fingers as he licked them clean.


Abruptly, he sat up, his mouth going to her breasts, sucking and licking. Both hands gripped her ass, holding her to him as he pumped his aching cock against her.


This is – almost – sex – Her hands slid into the thick soft hair, holding his mouth to her. Angel was grunting and growling as he moved up against her, and suckling voraciously at her breasts. All that was between them were a few layers of cloth.


Suddenly, he was lifting her off, pushing himself off the bed.


“What’s wrong?” Buffy covered her breasts with her hands, feeling suddenly vulnerable.


“Nothing.” Angel choked out. “I – I have to go.”


“Why?” She watched helplessly as he fastened his pants. “What did I do wrong?”


“Nothing.” He turned back to her, the pitiful note in her voice pulling at him. “I just need – more – “


“Oh.” Her eyes dropped to where his erection was pressing against the front of his pants. “You need to – to – you know – “


Her innocence was refreshing after all the jaded and hardened people – and demons – he’d known. “Buffy.” Sitting on the bed, he put an arm around her shoulders. “Buffy, I need to come.”


“And you don’t want to?” Curling into his side, she could still feel the pleasant hum inside her body. Why wouldn’t Angel want that?


“I want to. But – you’re not – “ He hesitated. “Not – “


Experienced? Attractive? Desirable? “I can help though!” Turning, she kissed him hungrily, pushing at his lips with her tongue.


“Buffy.” Gently, Angel took hold of her arms and pushed her back. “No.”


“Why? Am I not – pretty enough?”


“Oh, Buffy, no.” The shine of tears in the gray eyes broke his heart, dead or not. “Buffy, you’re beautiful, truly beautiful.”


“Then why not?”


“It’s a private – a man doesn’t – “ His face had to be red. Embarrassment this acute crossed the no circulation boundary. “It’s not something – “


“Angel, I know that guys jack off. I’m not stupid.” Buffy giggled at his shocked look. “Sometimes you really are old, you know that?”


“Okay, so you know. That doesn’t mean – “


“Yes it does.” She leaned forward and brushed her lips across his. “Just show me.”






They could have argued all night, except his cock, which had been softening, was once again jumping to attention at the very thought of Buffy helping him jack off. “I hear the word gross and – “


“Nope. Promise.” She made an x over her heart. “I won’t say gross or any gross like words.”


“I’m going to regret this.” Angel muttered as he unbuttoned his pants. “You’re going to think I’m disgusting. I’m going to – “ Buffy's eyes were wide. “Have you ever seen a naked man?”


“No.” Those Playgirl magazines didn’t show anything like this. This wasn’t some limp, funny looking thing like she and her friends back at Hemery had giggled at. Angel was hard and thick, and it looked dangerous.


“Still want me to do this?” Buffy's face was red past her chin and all the way down to her perfect little breasts. Without thinking, he wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked up and down.


“Sure – sure – “ She watched wide eyed as he lay back on the bed and began to stroke himself slowly. From the base up over the head and back down. His other hand reached out to trail over her breasts and she moved closer.


“Just lay down next to me.” He smiled up at her. “Lay here with me and kiss me.”


“Kissing – I’m good at kissing.” Snuggling against Angel’s side, she lowered her lips to his.


Buffy tried to concentrate on kissing Angel. Tried to focus on warming his cool mouth with her tongue. Tried to pay more attention to the strong fingers teasing her nipples.


But there was that interesting thing his other hand was doing. The motions jiggling his body and making Angel make those funny grunting, growling sounds.


Finally she gave up and looked, watching in fascination as he stroked himself. Tentatively, she reached down to touch the fat head as it disappeared in and out of his fist.


Angel groaned and jerked as her warm fingers touched him. “Did I hurt it?” She snatched her hand back.


“No – God, no – “ He panted.


“Is it okay then?” Before he could answer, Buffy stretched out a cautious fingertip to the drop of glistening fluid on the very tip of it. “What’s this on it?”


“Buffy – “ Angel choked back a laugh. “Please don’t call him an it.”


“Not very romantic, huh?” She looked at him again. “So what do I call – it – ah – “


“I like the word cock.” Her cheeks turned redder, and he stroked a finger over her face. “There’s a lot of words, but I prefer that one.”


“Oh. Um… okay… cock…” Turning back, she rubbed the drop of fluid over the soft skin. “So, what is this stuff on – um – your cock?”


He couldn’t draw in the air to speak. Seeing Buffy's pouty lips form the word cock almost made him come right then and there.


Buffy giggled as his cock jerked. “Oh my God – it moves!”


“He does that.” Angel finally found the strength to breathe in. Thank God he didn’t actually need air to survive. “Give me your hand.”


“I can’t touch it anymore?” She pouted. Now that she’d touched it, it didn’t seem so scary.  At least not until she thought about where it was supposed to fit. Not going there! Mentally or otherwise!


“Oh, you’re going to touch him, lass.”  Chuckling, Angel took her hand and lovingly licked her palm and fingers. “There now. Wrap your fingers round him.”


“What was that for?” Her hand and other faraway places tingled. Carefully, she curled her fingers around the thick shaft as she’d seen him do.


“A bit of moisture helps.” Rising up on his forearm, he wrapped his hand around hers and guided her into the rhythm he liked. “A bit tighter – over the head – there, lass – “


“Oh, it’s soft – but hard – “ Buffy bit her lip as she concentrated on what she was doing. “This is good? You like it? Angel?”


He was staring at her hand and panting, his tongue darting out to lick his lips.


“Okay, stupid question of the day goes to Buffy.” A smile curled her lips as she realized she had him literally in the palm of her hand.


These look interesting. With her other hand, she cupped Angel’s balls. He growled and she smiled even wider. “I like your cock, Angel.”


“Buffy – oh God – “ Angel fell back on the bed, his free hand reaching for her breasts. “Just – a little – more – “


His hand tightened on hers, urging her into a faster, rougher rhythm. Growling moans came from him, along with her name. Buffy slid her free hand along his belly and chest, raking her nails over his skin lightly the way he liked it, before cupping his balls once again.


Delicious fire burned in his thighs and belly, forcing itself through his cock and into his balls. “Buffy – Buffy – wait – “


“Wait?” Something was happening; the hard shaft had gotten harder, and the head was fatter and darker than it had been. What’s with the waiting?


“Buffy – I’m – “ He tried to pull her hand away but she began stroking him harder. “Buffy – please – “


“Come for me, Angel.” Watching his face, she was rewarded with a moan, and Angel arched up off the bed. And the Slayer scores! Something cool splashed over her fingers.


Looking down, her eyes widened as she watched the milky fluid spurt onto her hand and Angel’s heaving belly. For a crazy moment she thought she’d broken it somehow. Then it dawned on her what she was seeing. “Oh my God!”


“Buffy – please – “ Struggling to sit up, he brushed her hands away. “I’m sorry – I tried to warn you.”


“No, it’s – “ She dabbed at a drop with her fingertip. “Kinda cool, in a weird – but not gross – way.”


When he didn’t answer, she looked up at him. The familiar guilty expression was on his face. “Hey, no guilt. You came and I came – oh! Is that what I did? Oh my God!”


“I’d say so.” He smiled at her wide eyed wonder. “So you never…”


“No. Wow. No wonder they write books about it.” Picking up her discarded tank top, Buffy wiped her hand with it. “Guess you figure I’m a complete moron, huh?”


“No.” Taking the shirt from her, Angel wiped his belly off. “You’re innocent and I like that. Though I’m thinking that’s not going to last long.”


“What? You liking it?” Why should he? He can have someone who knows what she’s doing. Someone like Darla.


“You being innocent.” Tugging up his pants, Angel buttoned them securely. “Don’t pout, you’ll get me wanting you again. If the nakedness doesn’t do it first.”


“Oh!” It hit her that she was still half naked, and Buffy scrambled out of bed. Opening a dresser drawer, she pulled out a clean tank top and put it on. “There, all decent now.”


“Buffy.” Angel put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “You do know that, back in the day, you would probably be married by now.”




“At sixteen – maybe fifteen – you’d be trotted out in search of a husband. If you hadn’t been betrothed from the cradle.” He pulled her against him. “By now you might have a babe in your belly. Maybe suckling at your breast – ah no – not if you were one of the upper class.”


“Why not?” She liked the image of carrying Angel’s baby, of nursing a pretty baby with big dark eyes and dark hair. Many, many years from now when she was old and had no social life.


“Only peasants and lower class women nursed their children. Nobility – upper classes – hired wet nurses.” He smoothed a hand over her hair. “The point is, we didn’t do anything indecent or wrong.”


“My mother might argue with that.” Rising up on her toes, Buffy brushed Angel’s cool lips with her own.


“True.” Lifting her up, he carried her to bed. Pulling up the covers, he switched off the light. “I better go.”


“Wait!” Sitting up, she held her arms out to him. “Kiss? One for the road?”


“One last kiss.” He smiled as Buffy bounced up on her knees to throw her arms around him. She pressed her mouth to his, caressing until he parted his lips for her. Instantly, her warm tongue lapped at him, playing her favorite game of lick the cool from Angel’s mouth. When he pulled reluctantly away, she gave a frustrated moan and nipped at his lower lip.


“Greedy now, aren’t you, lass?” Catching her bottom lip, Angel sucked it into his mouth and bit down firmly. She whimpered and pressed closer to him, rubbing her body against his. Releasing her lip, he kissed and soothed it with his tongue. “And that’s how you do that.”


“Umm…” Sucking her lip, she watched as he went to the window.


Slipping over the ledge, Angel smiled at her and then was gone.


“Angel!” She touched her fingers to her lips. “Good night.”


“’Till tomorrow.” His voice drifted back to her.


“Tomorrow.” Smiling, Buffy laid back and snuggled into her Angel smelling blankets. She and Angel had a lifetime of tomorrows. “Tomorrow, Angel.”




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