Tender Loving Care


By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17

Author’s note: Before What’s My Line



“Come on, two stakes, no waiting.” Vamps One and Two in front of me. Where’s Three?  “What? Scared?”


Both vamps rush me. Not smart. I barely have to move to stake One then Two. No big. So where did Three go? Hiding? Running in fear from the Slayer?  “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”


Something makes a funny sound and flashbulbs go off. Am I at a party? The ground is getting closer. It hits my face. Something heavy lands on my back. My ribs creak and ask to move to a new location. Too heavy…


Can’t breathe… can’t… “Get off…” Can’t breathe…


Air pours in as the truck moves off my back. Through the ringing in my ears, I hear a roar. Deep, angry, murderous roar. Angel. Vamps all growl and snarl, but I can always tell Angel from the others.


My ribs and head fight to hurt more than the other as I roll over. Vamp Three is struggling in Angel’s grip.


My stomach crawls up my throat as Angel twists the vamp’s head. Twists it again. And again. Until it rips off and the vamp explodes into dust.


Mom’s meatloaf barely stays down as I rest my face on the ground. Nice cool ground. I love you, ground.


The ground hates me because it starts shaking and growling. “Stop and let me off…” The shaking stops. “Thank you…” The ground is still growling. Opening my eyes, I see a boot next to my head. Big and black – I look up the leather clad leg past the heaving chest to his snarling face. Fangs bared, amber eyes narrowed.


Now I wish Vamp Three had killed me.


I’m a coward and close my eyes as he crouches down. Strong fingers dig into my arms. The growling deepens. I know what’s coming.


Angel’s touch is exactly the right amount of strength to lift me and the gentleness not to hurt me. I may have – will have – bruises tomorrow. But not by his hand.


“You’re getting sloppy!” He snarls.


No, I’m not. I say. Except my tongue isn’t working right and trips over my teeth so it comes out, “Naa, I’mm naa.”


“What the hell are you doing out here alone?”


I’m the Slayer. Only that sounds like “I seyer.”


Bells and lights are still going off in my head. My back and ribs hurt, and Angel’s yelling at me. He’s still vamped out, a sure sign of how angry he is. He’s beautiful in some crazy obscene way. I reach up to touch his face and he pulls away. Flinches back and lets go.


He catches me before I hit the ground, but the graveyard drops into tilt-a-whirl speed and my ribs file for divorce. I can’t help the tears. Can’t help the pain and hurt that he doesn’t even want me to touch him. Don’t hate me. I try to say.


The growl turns to a whimper. Of course, only “hate” came out. I reach for his face again despite the pain and dizziness. I don’t want him to think that I hate him like this. But his face changes before my fingers touch him. Vamp face sliding behind his handsome face to hide. Infinite pain he can’t hide in his beautiful chocolate eyes.


“You have to be more careful.” Now his voice is soft, barely a whisper. My head rests on his chest as he carries me out of the graveyard.


Suddenly, I’m in my own bed. How did I get here? I can’t seem to move, I feel heavy all over. Oh God! I can’t help panicking. Then I see Angel leaning over me and the fear fades away.


My boots are pulled off, then my jeans. His cool hands slide under my shirt to undo my bra. Then it’s gone and my shirt follows it. I’m laying here in just my panties and socks. Didn’t I have a dream like this? Not with the socks. And sexier panties. “No socks.” I say to him. A tilt of his head and then Angel peels my socks off. I bite my tongue to keep from saying panties.


He disappears. Is he undressing? We’ve been fooling around more and more every night. Is tonight THE NIGHT?  Closing my eyes, I imagine Angel stripping and getting into bed with me. Climbing on top of me and – oh God… My eyes pop open as he touches me again.


A big warm sweatshirt slides carefully over my head. I’m safe. Not being molested. So am I disappointed or not? My dream comes back to me… Angel on top of me, inside of me, and me holding him and loving it.


Looking up, I see the same dream in his eyes. “Angel.” He smiles just a little, but for him it’s like a belly laugh. His hands cup my neck and the back of my head. So cool, so good. Better than aspirin.


“I want to touch you.” He whispers in my ear.


I nod. Slowly, so the world stays out of cuisinart mode. He pulls the sweatshirt up and a big, cool hand settles on each breast. My nipples ache. His thumbs seem to know and slide up over them to make them feel better.


His mouth covers mine. God, I love his mouth! Full and soft… sexy… his tongue… and… I forget…


When he lets me breathe again, I miss his mouth and tongue. I want to suffocate. Who needs air? Smoochies, I need smoochies!


His mouth has moved down to suck my breasts. Gently and reverently. Not like the time I let Ford do it. He was rough and no fun. A boy. Angel is no boy getting his first feel of bare tit.


The sweet sucking stops and I can’t hold in the moan. “More.” I tell him. A soft laugh blows across my wet nipples.


“Patience, lass.” His voice is all soft and Irishy.


Score one for the Slayer; he’s turned on big time.


Cool mouth and tongue licking and kissing over my belly, so much better than my dreams. Angel’s mouth moves down to my pussy and I’m scared. This is new. Weird scary no don’t!


His big hands hold my legs apart while he nuzzles and licks at me through the silk. A fire starts and it hurts. I don’t know what I want… but I want it! Now!


Handsful of his thick hair and my legs go up. Who’s making all that noise? I want… I want… what? “More, Angel, more!”


The panties are gone and he’s growling against me. The fire hurts so much, so good! He’s sucking and something thick and cool pushes into me. Yes! Oh yes! I want that!


Somebody is moaning and crying. Me? I want the fire to stop and I want it to go on forever.  Something inside of me – then more – thicker – oh God! My hips can’t keep up – up and down – until – oh my…  He moves on top of me and his tongue fucks my mouth while my pussy clamps down on something thick and cool inside of me.


Angel’s kiss is musky. Is that me? He laughs. Calls me lass and sweetheart. Kisses me again so I can taste myself. Shouldn’t this be gross?


“Your pussy is sweet as honey, lass.” Angel whispers.


Okay, not gross. Giggles get loose as I think about tasting like honey.


Between blinks the sun comes up. Angel is laying beside me. He’s dressed. I have on the sweatshirt and… panties? Did I dream it? I put my lips to his. No. the smell and taste is real.


Angel blinks sleepily at me and pulls me against his chest. I feel stupid. And not just because of the aching knot on the back of my head. But I have to ask. “Did we make love?”


“No.” One of those little smiles of his.


It’s official. I’m stupid. Don’t even know if you’ve been fucked – or not. Angel nuzzles at my hair and kisses my forehead. Bet he wishes I were a real woman.


“Just my mouth and fingers.” He kisses my forehead again. “More than I should have. Forgive me?”


“Sure.” A real woman who’s not a virgin who thinks she slept through sex.


“I just wanted to kiss your nipples. They’re pink and pretty. I got carried away.” He kisses me again. “I want you so much, but you were helpless. I shouldn’t have.”


“S’okay.” Helpless? I’ll bet. When I was holding his face against my pussy and clamping my legs on his head so he couldn’t move. Yeah whatever. Good thing he doesn’t need air.


“I was so afraid… afraid… he’d killed you… so afraid…”


Angel’s voice fades out like a bad radio signal and his chest stops moving. He’s asleep. Does he love me? Maybe so. I love him.


His throat is nice and cool. I could sleep like this with him forever.



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