Love Me When I’m Gone ~ Chapter 8







Her skin was soft under his hands, warm and alive.


“I love you, Angel…”


“I love you, too.” He nuzzled along her throat, kissed the scar he’d placed there to mark her as his.


God, she was so warm – so hot to the touch, his fingertips sizzled as they slid over her body.


She moaned, and arched up into his touch, and he smiled.


This was what he wanted, more than anything, to give her pleasure. To show her how much he loved her and how much her gift meant to him.


“More…” Her arms wound around his neck, trying to pull him to her for a kiss.


“Be patient.” Cupping her breasts in his hands, he lowered his mouth to first one pink nipple and then the other. Another soft moan and he smiled again.


Perfect breasts, perfect nipples. “Nipple pink.” He blew across the damp skin, and her nipples hardened even more.


“What? Just kiss them!” Her fingers tangled in his hair, tugging him down.


“I’ll never find this shade of nipple pink.” Dragging his teeth across her nipples, he laughed softly as she cried out and tightened her grip on his hair.


“And I’ll never, ever….” He surrendered her breasts to one hand and let the other slide down over her ribs to her flat stomach, teasing her navel for a moment before easing into the honey blond curls. “Ever…”  His fingers searched through the softness to the delicate bundle of nerves that hid there. “Ever find the colors for this.”


“Oh my God! Oh my – “ Her voice broke off, a sharp cry of pleasure as he gently pinched her clit.


“More now?” One finger, then two slid inside her, and he hissed in his breath at how hot she was. Stroking her gently, in and out, round and round, he kissed and suckled at her breasts, rubbing his face against the perfect pink nipples and licking along the delicious cleft between them.


“Yes – yes – Angel – oh, God!”


He laughed softly, rising up with her body as she orgasmed around his pumping fingers. “See? A little patience goes a long way.”


The green eyes were soft and hazy. Love was there, pure and innocent. All for him.


He moved up to kiss her, sliding his fingers gently from within her body. Bringing them to his lips, he licked them clean, savoring the taste of her.


“I love you – love you – “ She whispered between kisses.


Gently, he drew her legs up and rested his weight fully on her, his free hand teasing the head of his cock along the delicate lips. She was ready, but he wanted to be sure this was what she wanted. In a moment, there would be no turning back.


“Yes.” She smiled up at him, answering the question he’d been about to ask. “Now, I don’t want to wait. Not anymore.”


Love so sharp it hurt drove through his heart. He lowered his lips to hers once again as he guided himself inside of her. The slight resistance her body offered was gone in an instant, and he kissed the pain away.


“Good – good – “ She was so hot that he had to grit his teeth and hold back the urge to pump ruthlessly into her until he came. No. Gently, slowly, he began to stroke in and out of her, watching her face as it transformed in wonder at the new sensations.


“Angel, oh my God, this is so good.” She wrapped her legs around his hips. “So good.”


“We’re only getting started, baby.” He began to thrust harder and deeper into her body as she adjusted to the new sensations. When she began to move with him, urging him on, he let himself go.


Growling softly, he attacked her mouth, chasing her tongue and sucking it into his own mouth. They moved and moaned together, their bodies fused to the point that their pleasure was shared. His skin warmed as hers cooled so that they were the same inside and out.


As they kissed and touched, moving together toward orgasm, she threw her head back, crying out at the overwhelming sensations. “Angel! Angel!”


He felt the change come over him – his face shifted, teeth morphing into fangs. Fangs that slid into her throat.


Hot, fresh, glorious blood surged into his mouth. He swallowed greedily even as he continued to pump his cock deep into her warmth. One searing moment, and his body arched into hers as he came, driving his seed deep within her.


She stroked his face and back as he collapsed onto her, nursing a few last sweet drops from her body and his before he pulled away.


Rolling over, he cuddled her into his arms.


“That was… wow.” She sighed.


“Happy?” Not that he didn’t know. A smug smile curved his lips.






Booth opened his eyes and smiled. Now that was a dream. He stretched and reached down to rub his tingling balls. He frowned as he felt something wet and sticky. “What the – “


Pulling the covers back, he saw that the dream had left him with more than a good feeling. “Oops.”





“I had the weirdest dream last night.” Booth put down his coffee cup. “Freaky as hell.”


Bosco sopped up the last of the gravy on his plate with a biscuit. “Sex kind of freaky or going to work in your shorts kind of freaky?”




“Oh, yeah?” Crawford pushed his empty breakfast plate away. “You got my attention.”


“Mine, too.” Bosco grinned.


After Booth had showered and dressed, he’d headed downstairs to join his friends for breakfast before the day’s events. The dream had stayed with him, teasing at the edges of his mind until he decided that sharing it might make it go away.


“All right. I was in bed with this hot little blonde. I mean she was just… fucking beautiful. She had these perfect little nipples – ” He leaned on the table and motioned them in closer. “The prettiest pink I’ve ever seen, and tanned skin. Like golden all over, and she was a natural blonde, the hair on her pussy was this dark honey blonde – do you guys dream in color?”


“Who gives a crap, get on with it!” Bosco said.


“So I’m giving lots of attention to these pretty nipples, and…” He winked. “Other nice, wet places and things are moving along pretty good, you know? I had my fingers inside of her and she’s begging for more.” Booth closed his eyes for a moment and smiled. “Then I’m on top of her and sliding my dick inside of her – it was so fucking vivid – I mean I could feel how hot and tight her pussy was – “


“So where’s the weird part?” Crawford asked.


“I’m getting there.” Booth assured him. “So she’s moaning and sighing, and we’re moving hard and fast and I’ve got her coming – “


“Yeah, that’s weird all right, you making a woman come.”


Glaring at Bosco, Booth continued his tale. ”You know that old joke about being as funny as a crutch? You’re not even that funny. The weird part is just as I’m coming, I turn into a vampire and bite her.”


Both men stared at him. “A vampire?” Crawford asked.


“I’m serious! I grew fangs and my face felt like it was changing – and I bit her neck and drank her blood.” Booth said. “And she liked it, didn’t act like it was anything out of the ordinary. She didn’t scream and call me a monster – she loved it. I mean, fucking loved it.”


“That is weird.” Crawford signaled the waitress over for another cup of coffee. “Did you watch a vampire movie before you went to bed or something?”


“No, I hit the sack without even turning the TV on.” He shook his head.


“That’s not weird.” Bosco shook his head. “Being tied down or something, that’d be weird, maybe some whips. You were fucking some blonde chick, pretty standard.”


“No, it wasn’t like that.” Booth said defensively. He wasn’t sure why, but the dream felt like it was special. It wasn’t just a horny sex dream. “It was… I dunno, special, and vivid. It was like it was real.”


He could see they were skeptical. “Seriously guys, I can still remember the scents and the way she felt. And… “ He motioned them closer again. “I hope the maid doesn’t look at the sheets too close.”


Bosco burst out laughing. Crawford covered his face. “I can’t believe you just said that.”


Booth shrugged. “I’m just saying, it was intense, and I don’t know where it came from.”


“Not getting laid on a regular basis.” Crawford said.


“Unlike some people, I don’t have that problem.” Booth shot back. “You know what was even weirder?”


“There’s more?”


“Before I bit her, I saw a scar on her throat on the other side. “ He put his hand to his neck. “And I knew that I’d put it there, that I’d bitten her before. I get the feeling I know this woman from somewhere, but I don’t know where.”


“It’s probably somebody you’ve screwed before.” Bosco shrugged.


“I leave you alone five minutes, you’re talking about sex.”


The three men jumped and looked up at the blonde woman standing next to the table. She had her hands on her hips, blue eyes narrowed suspiciously.


“Hey! Uh… no, no!” Bosco assured her. “We were talking about… “


“Scars.” Booth said quickly. “Scars, like the new one I’ve got.” He tugged the collar of his shirt to one side and revealed the top of the scar on the upper right side of his chest.


“Oh hell, that’s nothing.” Crawford tugged his sleeve up to show a ragged scar on his bicep.


“I got you both beat.” Bosco touched the scar under the left side of his jaw. “Bullet went in here – “ He touched the scar on his right cheek. “Came out here.”


“Are you shitting me?” Crawford leaned in for a closer look. “You gotta be making that up.”


“No, I visited him in the hospital after it happened.” Booth shuddered. “He’s lucky he’s alive.”


“Can we not talk about this?” The blonde woman sat down next to Bosco.


“Sorry.” He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.


“You going to introduce us, or just make us wonder who this beautiful woman is and why the hell she’s with you?” Crawford prompted him.


“Forgive him, he doesn’t have any manners.” She extended a hand to Crawford. “Faith Yokas, I’m Bos’ partner.”


Booth started as he felt lips brush his cheek. Looking up, he saw a petite brunette leaning a hip on the edge of the table. No one else seem to notice her. She winked a brown eye at him and blew him a kiss. “Five by five, big guy.” She vanished and he blinked hard.


“You okay, Booth? You look surprised to see me.” Yokas brushed a lock of blonde hair back from her face and gave Booth a concerned look.


“No, I’m just… tired. Hey, you and Bosco are a little more than partners these days, I hear.” Booth winked at her.


“Yeah, well, you know how it is. A woman starts running out of options at a certain age.” She joked.


“Like I believe you don’t have options.” Booth leaned across the table to kiss her cheek. “You decide you’re tired of him, let me know.”


“All right, all right, break it up.” Bosco pushed Booth back in his chair.


“I was wondering how you got the scar.” Crawford tapped his own cheek.


“Being stupid.” Yokas told him.


Bosco glared at her. “I was not!”


“He saved her life.” Booth told Crawford. “Or maybe he just tripped.”


“Watch it! Ranger buddy or not, I’ll kick your ass.” Bosco said good-naturedly.


“You’ll try.” Booth replied. He and Bosco had had a few bouts in the Gulf before they’d figured out that they’d end up fighting all the time if they took each other seriously. “I meant to say something yesterday – the scar looks a hell of a lot better than it did the last time I saw you.”


“Thanks to a butt load of plastic surgery.” The other man touched his cheek self-consciously. “Anything’s better than that huge crater.”


“Okay, can we please not talk about it?” Yokas asked again.


“Sorry.” Bosco laid his hand on top of hers. “I forget you’re all sensitive about it.”


“Nobody’ll ever make that mistake about you, Bos.” She shot back, but a smile curved her lips.


“That’s no joke.” Booth said as he got up. He grabbed the check and headed for the cash register before Bosco could register the insult.







Her skin was soft under his hands, warm and alive.


“I love you, Angel…”



Booth jerked away and bolted to his feet. “What?”


“It’s your turn.” Crawford backed away. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”


“Sorry.” Stretching, he yawned. He’d been catching a catnap between events. Even with the hot and sexy dream he’d had last night, Booth hadn’t gotten enough sleep in the last few days, and it was catching up to him.


“I told you not to touch him.” Bosco grinned. “I told you to poke him with a stick.”


“You look wrung out, man.” Crawford eyed Booth. There were dark circles under Booth’s eyes, and he looked worn out.


“I’m thinking about making an early night of it.”


“I think you’d better.”


Booth walked up to the firing line. He was exhausted and jumpy. Several times today he’d let himself drift off in a futile attempt to get some sleep, and every time he’d slid into the same erotic dream he’d had the night before.


The dream, while wonderful and intense, wasn’t exactly restful. Or, he adjusted himself discreetly, comfortable. Vainly seeking to focus on the task at hand, he slid a full clip into the gun.


“Shooter on the line!” The announcer barked.


He jumped and cursed as the first target popped up and he needed two shots to nail it. The next one popped up and he barely nailed it before it turned away.


Come on, Booth! Calm down! Pulling in a deep breath, Booth forced himself to focus on the targets, to sense the moment they’d turn. The third one was easier, and by the fourth, he’d found his rhythm.


Each target turned and was shot cleanly through the black center before it turned away again. When the final target was done, he allowed himself a smile. Waving to the crowd, Booth dropped the empty clip into the bucket provided and holstered his gun. Loaded guns weren’t allowed at the competition except on the firing line.


“Good job.” Crawford slapped him on the back. “I think you took first with that round.”


“In your dreams, buddy. Those first couple of targets took too much time. I’m gonna kick your ass.” Bosco bragged.


“Whatever, jagoff.” It was a halfhearted protest. Booth knew he’d taken too much time on the first few targets. Still, he would place at least third in the event, if he couldn’t hold on to second.


He’d been too jumpy, too on edge. It was a good thing this hadn’t been the range or the danger house events. He’d have nailed some poor innocent bystander right off.


“Shooter on the line!” The announcer said over the PA system.


Booth watched, yawning as the short rush of adrenaline wore off. Within seconds, he knew Bosco was right – he was getting his ass kicked. The other man shot each target mere moments after it turned, one shot each, with such ease that even the other contestants knew that second best was the most they could aspire to.


The event ended with Bosco as the clear winner, Booth third by only a fraction of a second, and Crawford at fifth. Bosco offered to pick up the check for a victory dinner, but Booth begged off. He was exhausted.


“Here, my treat.” He pulled a fifty from his wallet.


“That’s okay, Booth.” Yokas protested even as Bosco grabbed the money. She’d come down from the stands after the event was over to congratulate them.


“It’s not right for the winner to pay for dinner.” He gave Bosco a minute to preen. “Especially since I’m gonna kick his ass tomorrow.”


“In your dreams, maybe.”


Hopefully not. “I’ll see you guys in the morning, I’m going to hit the sack early.” He gave Yokas a quick kiss on the cheek and headed back to the hotel. Now that his dreams had turned to smut instead of shock, Booth was anxious to get to bed. Sleep and porn, what more could a man ask for?





Toweling himself off, Booth surveyed the bed the maid had turned down. It looked inviting, but he hesitated.


Despite what he’d told his friends, he wasn’t anxious to get to bed. One night of good dreams didn’t balance out the nightmare-ridden nights before.


“Be a good soldier, Booth.” He told himself.


He’d stalled, eating the lunch he’d had room service bring up and keeping Parker on the phone long past the time when his son was ready to go back to playing with his cousins.


A long, hot shower had relaxed him to the point he was practically falling asleep on his feet. He’d even leaned against the shower wall and closed his eyes long enough to drift away and feel warm hands sliding over his body.


Shaking away the thoughts and his reluctance, Booth said a quick prayer and crossed himself before sliding into bed. The shorts he’d put on twisted at his waist and he resisted the urge to pull them off. If he had a repeat of last night – and he desperately wanted a repeat of last night’s dream – he didn’t want the maid to think he was a pervert. Or an inconsiderate slob.


Here’s to porny dreams. He grinned as he bunched a pillow under his head.





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