With Six You Get An Eggroll

By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17

Author’s note: after watching the season opener of Angel, I knew I had to do something to fix the mess. Angel/Cordy is even worse than the C/7 abomination of Voyager. As always, Angelus’ thoughts are in monotype corsiva, which you can download from the main page.





The scent of vanilla teased him to wake. No. She is not here. He knew how it worked now. He’d open his eyes to see her smiling at him, opening her arms to hold him and raising her lips to his for a kiss. No! And he would take her in his arms and savagely rip her throat out.


The vanilla tormented him and he could almost hear the sound of her heart beating. No! She is not here. He’d only open his eyes to see her bleeding and dying or worse. No… Smiling at him, her face hideous with a vampire’s aspect. No, please…




Her voice was soft and breathy. No! You’re in the box! She’s not here! Angelus, you son of a bitch!


Not mine this time, wimpy. The demon’s voice taunted him.




Slowly, he opened his eyes. She was there, smiling down at him, hazel eyes full of tears. A strand of honey blond hair fell across her face. Carefully, he reached up to brush it back.


“Angel – Angel – “ Tears overflowed and trickled down her cheeks.


He smiled as his muscles screamed while he wiped the tears away. He took his time. This was real. There had been no pain in his hallucinations. Not physical pain. “Buffy.”


His voice was raspy and low. Buffy leaned down to kiss him gently, mindful of his cracked lips.


“Are you here? Really here?” Exhausted, Angel let his arm drop.


“I’m really here.” She smiled. “And lucky for you it’s only me. You’re getting lazy. Time was, I couldn’t have snuck up on you.”


“I have been laying around too much lately.”


Frowning, she ran a finger over his cheek. Angel’s skin was off color, waxy looking, as if he wasn’t real and his lips were cracked and chapped. The chocolate eyes were dull and he wasn’t pretending to breathe as he normally did. He was cold, not cool as he usually was, but cold like the grave. “So… anything exciting…” She stopped and squeezed her eyes shut against the fresh tears.


Struggling to sit up on the bed, Angel pulled her into his arms. “Please don’t cry.”


“I thought you were dead.” Her arms locked around him. “I wanted – I tried to find – and I was so afraid – “


“I’m here now.” Her tears wet his neck as she burrowed her face into his skin. In between gulping sobs, Buffy poured out her anguish against his throat. Being torn from heaven, abandoned by Giles, Dawn’s rebellion.


Take her!


Shut up. He ignored Angelus


Just a little nip… she tastes so sweet…and we’re so weak…


Angel rubbed his hands weakly up and down her back as she cried, in an attempt to soothe her. He stopped as her litany of pain included something he surely must have misheard. “Spike? You had sex with Spike?”


Fucking cockney fop! Dipping into my private pool! Angelus snarled and snapped.


Guiltily, Buffy avoided his eyes. “I – I – “


This was betrayal of the worst kind. She was supposed to move on not down. “Why?” He rasped out.


“I hated myself. It was disgusting and I couldn’t stop. But it was better than not feeling anything.”


Buffy met his eyes at last and the pain and self-loathing there tore at his heart. “I can’t talk.” He sighed. “I went to bed with Darla because I wanted to lose my soul.”


She was shocked. “Why?”


What’s the matter, lover? Don’t you miss me?


“I was tired of hurting and missing you. Everyday I thought it would be easier and everyday it was worse. All I could see was an eternity of suffering.” His pain was mirrored in her eyes. “I hated myself and my life. Darla had manipulated – “


Is that what it was? Angelus laughed.


“No, I let her – “He mentally slapped the demon down. “It doesn’t matter.”


“We’re a pair.” She smiled crookedly and brushed her lips over his. “I’m happy you’re here and I’m happy you had bad sex with Darla.” She frowned. “Well... That you still have your soul, anyway. Not the sex part. Even bad.”


“The sex wasn’t bad. It just didn’t work.” Now it was his turn to look away.


Good move, moron. Women love honesty. There was a mental snort. Why don’t you go ahead and tell her you banged Darla for hours ‘cos you felt so… bad?


“That’s because it’s a ‘true moment of happiness’ curse and not a ‘get laid’ curse, remember?”


She’s smarter than you are.


“If I had been thinking straight, I might have realized that.” Angel sighed both at Angelus’ comment and Buffy’s flippant attempt to cover her jealousy and hurt. “And ah… that moment for a man… especially a vampire…”


Say cumming, nancy boy!


“Nuff said.” Buffy shook her head. “Curse not lifted is great. But you did wind up with a homicidal son. Next time – safe sex.”


“What do you expect from Darla and I?” His back was aching and his head was too heavy to hold up anymore. He let his forehead rest against hers.


“Darla, yes. You, no.” She said firmly.


“Angelus, yes.” He countered.


Sighing, Buffy eased him back down onto the bed. “I’d say something bad, but I kinda had the hots for the guy – don’t tell on me.”


Now she tells me?


“Never.” A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “You liked him?”


“Hated him.” She grinned impishly. “But he was a major hottie. Tall, dark, and handsome.”


Don’t forget the big cock, lover.


“And evil to the core.”


“That’s why I liked you better. The whole bad boy thing was not so much fun. What with him trying to kill me and all.”


“He wouldn’t have killed you.” Angel said softly. There was another mental snort from Angelus.


“Sure seemed like it at the time.” She shivered. “He hated me.”


“You drove him crazy.”


Shut up.


“Me? He was the crazy drawing pictures guy.”


“He hated you because he loved you.”


Shut up! A fierce growl rumbled through his mind.


“He couldn’t just send flowers?” There was something in his eyes. “How do you know?”


“He’s – he’s inside of me. We share memories and thoughts.” Angel hesitated, unsure if he should tell her. “He – he fell in love with you and it really made him crazy.”


Shut up! SHUT UP!


Pulling away, Buffy sat up once again.  She had always assumed Angelus was dormant. “He’s in you? You’re – you’re separate?”


“Yes.” Her eyes grew wider and he felt a stab of fear that this might be the thing that finally disgusted her and drove her away from him.


“Can you hear him? Can he hear us?” Her stomach clenched at the thought of the demon listening to their most private moments. Was he listening when they – Oh God! “Even when we...”


Every moan and cry, sweetie.


“Most of the time, no. Just sometimes.” He said the lie easily, wanting to spare her the reality that Angelus was aware of everything that had went on between them. “Like when I’m locked in a box at the bottom of the ocean.”


Lying back down to rest on his chest, Buffy brushed back the dark hair from his forehead. “You must have been crazy, trapped down there.”


“Just a little. I started hallucinating.” Closing his eyes, he savored the feel of her fingers brushing through his hair. “ Angelus tormented the hell out of me. The bastard did me a favor, though.”


Always happy to oblige.


“How? By keeping you occupied?” Her nose wrinkled as she frowned. “Insane movie of the day? Seating for one, no waiting? And no popcorn.”


“No.” Her sense of humor never failed to amuse him. “Lately, I’ve been getting closer to Cordy and everyone thinks I love her. That last night, Lorne even told me to tell her.”


Like we could love that shallow bitch?


“Oh.” Laying her head down on his chest, Buffy blinked back fresh tears.


“Angelus kept showing me this happy life with Cordy – appropriately ending in horror of course.”


Don’t forget the bloodshed. And the shopping.


“Not that he meant to, but he helped me realize what my true feelings for Cordy are.“


“She’s missing, too.” Idly she traced a pattern over his heart. “You must be desperate to find her.”


“We’ll find her, don’t worry.” He hugged her to him and kissed her forehead. “I’m afraid she was taken at the same time I was. I was supposed to meet her out there.”


Meet her? As in a date? “Did you ask Connor?” Cordy got May Queen, wasn’t that enough?


“He said he doesn’t know anything.”


“And you believe him?” The little brat was just lucky she hadn’t gotten her hands on him. Yet.


“Another unexpected bonus was Angelus tearing apart everything Connor ever said to me. Showing me the lies that I didn’t want to see.” Angel sighed and hugged her again. “Lying little shit. But at least this time I could see that he was telling the truth.”


The first fucking time.


They lay in silence for a few moments. Angel nuzzled her hair and breathed in the soft vanilla mixed with Buffy’s own unique scent. The sound of her heartbeat had almost lulled him back to sleep when she spoke.


“You’re not talking to Angelus now, are you?”


“No. He’s not talking to me. He’s unhappy that I got some good out of his tormenting.”


Fuck you, soul boy.


“So the big bad wasn’t so bad?”


Fuck you, too.


“One big bad and two good. Almost even.”


“I hope you’ll be happy with Cordy.” Buffy spit the words out before she could change her mind.


She’d said it so softly, Angel thought he’d misheard. “Didn’t you – I do care for Cordy – “


“It’s okay, really. I’m happy.” Sitting up, she plastered a fake smile on her face. “See me being happy?”


Yeah, and I’m St. Francis.


“She’s changed, she’s not so shallow or such a pain anymore. Most of the time.”


There’s a shovel downstairs to help you dig your grave faster.


“She’s family, but I don’t love her.” He raised a hand to her cheek. “I love you. They all tried to convince me otherwise. I almost convinced myself.” Cradling her face in his palm, he rubbed a thumb over a delicate cheekbone. “But I love you and only you.”


Christ, I may throw up.


“I love you, Angel.” Leaning down, she pressed her lips to his. The kiss was sweet and gentle. Their lips caressing and rediscovering each other.


Good start, now get her clothes off.


Shut up. As gentle as the kiss was, Angel’s lips stung and he was forced to pull away. “I’ve done a lot of thinking lately.”


Snuggling against his side, Buffy giggled. “Wherever did you find the time?”


“I took a little vacation, an ocean front view. Not as exciting as my trip to hell – “ She stiffened against him. “You did what you had to.”


“Don’t I always?” She said bitterly. “That’s in the Slayer Handbook – right after ‘the Slayer shall be miserable’.”


“Thought you didn’t get a handbook?”


“Making my own.” She made an invisible list on his chest. “’The Slayer shall be a total loser in love’, ‘the Slayer shall live her life’ – edit that! ‘Very short life alone. Nobody will ever love her’.”


His heart ached for her. For both of them. How could she think that he didn’t love her?


Maybe because you ran off and left her? Angelus twisted the knife.


“Buffy, loving you is the worst thing that ever happened to me – well, next to being turned into a vampire.”


“I hate you, too.” Buffy choked out as she rolled away from Angel.


Yeah, that’ll convince her you love her.


“Worst day – my life – meeting you – “ Her shoulders shook.


“Come here.” Angel grabbed her wrist and she struggled for a moment before letting him pull her back against his chest. “Loving you – loving you   is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”




She was quivering against him. “Really.” He kissed her cheek as he laid them back down on the bed.


“This good twin/bad twin thing is really overrated.”


Depends on which twin you’re getting. The wimpy one or the one that will fuck your brains out.


“I have been miserable, depressed, lonely – all because I love you and can’t be with you.” Angel told her.


“Hey, and those are the good points.” She sniffled.


“I’ve also been deliriously happy.”


“Yeah.” She smiled and patted his chest.


“For at least one moment.” He chuckled as she popped up to glare at him.


“Is that all it was?” She poked a finger into his belly. “One moment?”


“Angelus likes to torment me with it sometimes when I’m really missing you.” He tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “There was a lot more than one moment.”


A smile brightened her face. She trailed her fingers across a strong cheekbone. “You’re so pale.”


“I don’t get out much.” Her hands moved down to knead his shoulders.


“You’re weak, too.”


“Should I be afraid for my virtue?” His eyes fluttered shut as she lowered her lips to his.


“And… “ A delicate sniff. “You stink.”


Sounds like your virtue’s safe.


“Ouch.” He opened his eyes to see the impish grin he loved so much. Her nose was crinkled up and her eyes sparkled with mischief. “You try living in a box for months.”


“Only if you’re in there with me.”




And naked.


“Two things you need.” Buffy tapped him on the nose with a fingertip. “Bath and food.”


“All I need is you.”




“Whatever. Bath first, big boy.” She rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. “Wow.” A bathtub big enough for two people dominated the bathroom. Nearby was a separate standing shower. “Posh digs, Angel.”


Walking back to where he lay on the bed, she helped him sit up. Opening his shirt, Buffy managed to pull it off one arm before he collapsed back onto the mattress. Worried, she sat down next to him. “Maybe food first, huh?”


Angel watched wide-eyed as she pulled her shirt off, revealing a blue satin bra. “Buffy?”


She crawled up to sit astride his hips. “Don’t want blood on it. Real bitch to wash out. Hey, something else for the Buffy special edition Slayer handbook.”


He realized with a start that she was offering herself to him. Offering to let him feed from her. Inside him, Angelus growled in approval. “No.”


“Yes.” She leaned down nose to nose with him. “You need strength and I got it. Blood of the Slayer and all that.”


“No.” Pushing up, he realized too late that she had effectively pinned him to the bed. “Buffy, no!”


“Angel, you need to build your strength up. Pig’s blood isn’t going to help.”


“Fred and Gunn are getting – “


“From the blood bank? I know.” She tilted her head as she looked down at him. “And you’ll eat that, too.”


A soft moan escaped Angel as she lowered herself onto him, her breasts pressing into his bare chest. Her heartbeat drummed in his head and her scent overwhelmed him. Vanilla and cleanliness and purity mixed with a tang of arousal. He turned his face away from her neck. Angelus roared with frustration inside of him.


Buffy kissed along his cheek and temple. “I love you, Angel.”


“Buffy, I almost killed you the last time.”

“You were sick and angry.” Soft kisses across his face moved her throat over his mouth once again.


“Buffy, please…” He could see the scar on her neck from when he’d fed off her when Faith’s poison was killing him. Considering her healing abilities, it took a great deal to scar her. “Don’t… “


“Angel.” She whispered in his ear. “Didn’t you tell me my blood sings to you? Listen to it…”


“Yes, oh, yes…” He nuzzled along the silken skin of her throat. Her blood did sing to him. Of love and passion. Of eternity.


Take her! Angelus growled. He pushed forward the image of suckling at Buffy’s throat.


Panting, Angel felt his features change. “Buffy – Angelus wants me to hurt you – he’s stronger than I am – “


“No, he doesn't. He loves me too, remember? And besides – “ Buffy lifted her head up so she could look into his eyes. “I love Angelus, too. He’s part of you.” She kissed his vamped face and lips before offering her throat again.


Yes! Take her! The growl built to a roar.


Buffy forced herself to lay passively as Angel nuzzled and nipped at her throat in a vampiric ritual of foreplay.  I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. Vampires could smell fear as easily as blood and she didn’t want him to pull away. I. Am. Not. AFRAID!


Unlike the pain and violence of the last time, Angel gently and delicately slid his fangs through the scar and into her jugular vein.


Careful! Don’t hit the artery! Angelus cautioned.


I know! I know! Angel slid his fingers into Buffy’s hair and tilted her head to a more comfortable angle, his other hand coming up to cup her face.


Kissing his palm, she relaxed into him. The delicacy and tenderness surprised her. After the first sharp prick of pain, there was only a gentle tugging as he suckled in time with her heartbeat. A smile crossed her lips as he growled softly.


Yes… oh God… yes! Buffy’s blood did sing to him as it slid through her veins and into his mouth. Sang of power and strength. It filled him, renewed him. Aroused him.


Rolling her onto her back, Angel settled between her thighs and ground his growing erection against her mound. He sucked harder at her throat, drawing her blood deeper into his own throat.


Gently… gently… Angelus urged.


Buffy smiled again as she threaded her fingers into his thick hair and held his head to her. Angel tugged open her bra and began fondling her breasts. His chest vibrated with a steady purring growl that teased her nipples.  A sensual tingle ran from his mouth to her breasts and down into her belly as he began humping against her with more urgency. The world began to lose focus.


You’re taking too much! Angelus growled. Back off!


He considered asking Angelus if he’d gone soft in his old age, but wisely decided not to antagonize the demon. Right now, he had a little too much control.


Hearing a whimper from Buffy, Angel gently withdrew his fangs and laved the twin punctures with his tongue. Placing his hand over the wound, he applied enough pressure to stop the bleeding. His saliva contained an anti-coagulant that would only keep the wound open if he continued to lap at it.


“Are you okay?” He brushed his lips gently across hers.


“Fine.” Her eyes opened and she smiled. “Fuzzy, but fine.”


Another soft kiss and she drifted to sleep. Angel spent a few moments admiring her body. At seventeen, she’d held the promise of beauty. But now at twenty, she had ripened into lush womanhood. Her breasts were fuller than he remembered and he couldn’t resist nuzzling at them and sucking the pink nipples for a moment before reluctantly covering her up.


Oh, come on, just a quick feel! She won’t mind.


Behave. He shot back to the demon.


She had her hand on your ass there at the end – our ass? You can smell her…


No. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his shirt loose.


Come on… just one finger? Angelus crooned. Or two? She’s got to be good and wet after that…


Sighing, Angel went into the bathroom and shut the door. Firmly.





Angel stood under the hot shower for a long time, letting the heat seep into his bones. When he finally stepped out and toweled off, he was hit with a sudden wave of weakness.  Three months of starvation offset the euphoria of Buffy’s blood fairly quickly. Even Angelus was quiet.


Taking a pair of sweat pants out of a dresser drawer, he put them on before he crawled into bed with Buffy. Pulling her into his arms, he smiled as she sighed his name in her sleep.





Intense hunger woke Angel. The bed was empty and he could hear Buffy singing in the shower. The scent of blood caught his attention. Turning his head, he saw the blood bags sitting in a bowl of warm water. He drained them ravenously.


Buffy came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. “Hey sleepy guy.”


Hello there! Off with the towel and on the bed!


“Hey.” She sat on the bed next to him and began combing her hair with her fingers. Part of him wanted to just sit and stare at her while the other wanted to strip the towel off and make love to her.


I’m for option two, if you’re taking a vote. The demon drawled.


Hell, it’s what I want, too. The water beaded on her neck and shoulders was mesmerizing as it pooled in the hollow of her collarbones before trickling down between her breasts.


“I’ve been thinking.” She tipped his face up with a finger under his chin. “Something isn’t right here.”




You’re sitting here with a half naked woman and not fucking her. I’d say that’s wrong.


Angel tried to squash down the demon’s thoughts. He could hear Buffy talking but couldn’t register the words. He followed the beads of water as they trickled down her throat.


Soft, soft skin… remember? And her thighs… so sweet and strong…


Shut up.


And that tight, schoolgirl pussy squeezing my cock… oh baby…


“Shut up!”


“Excuse you?”


“What?” Looking up, Angel saw Buffy staring at him.


“My eyes are up here. And did you just tell me to shut up?”


“Sorry.” He must have said it aloud without realizing it. He gave her a sheepish grin. “He’s – he’s a little closer to the surface than he usually is.”


“So I see.” She looked down.


Looking down, he saw his hardon clearly outlined by his sweatpants. “Sorry.”


And it’s all yours, lover.


“Don’t be. Not a bad thing.” She grinned. “If you weren’t interested, that would be the bad thing.”


See there? She wants it!


Tugging the blanket up over his lap, he asked. “You were saying?”


“The curse was you got your soul back.”




“And if you knew one moment of true happiness – then you lost it.”


“Yes.” He whispered. A spasm of guilt stabbed his heart.


Reaching out, Buffy took his hands; the hurt in the chocolate eyes echoed inside her. “They told you the first part, right?”


Angel flashed back to lying on the ground at the gypsies’ feet. “Yes.”


“So why didn’t they tell you about the second part?”


“I don’t understand.”


“Think about it.” She got up to pace alongside the bed. “I’m laying a curse on – “ She spun and pointed her finger at him. “You! You’ve been bad – here’s your soul. Now go suffer with your badness.”


“Uh huh.” Angel nodded as she started pacing again.


“Oh, and by the way – “ She stopped and pointed at him again. “If – if you’re ever truly happy for one second – we’ll take your soul away.” Buffy made a snatching motion with her hand. “So you’re big bad evil boy again.”


Is there a point here?


Angel frowned and almost voiced Angelus’ thought aloud.


“Wouldn’t you have been more miserable?” She sat back down next to him. “If you had known, you would have – “


“Would have stayed away from you.” He finished the thought. He was beginning to catch the gist of her argument. “And been more careful.”


“More alone.” She pouted. “More Mr. broody lonely guy.”


“I suppose you have a point there.” He was a little miffed at the ‘Mr. broody lonely guy’ remark.


She’s got you pegged. Angelus cackled. Boo hoo! I’ve been so bad!


“And.” She bounced on the bed and his eyes widened as her towel slipped down a bit. “Jenny didn’t know why you shouldn’t be happy, just that you shouldn’t be.” Before he could focus on that particular sin on the ever so long list, she continued. “Until her uncle gypsy guy told her that they were trying to keep you from losing your soul again.”


She lost me.


“How does – “


“Don’t you see?” She rolled her eyes. “Think about it! If I curse you – why wouldn’t I want it to happen?”


“You wouldn’t.” A frown creased his forehead. “The whole point of putting a curse on someone is so that it does happen.”


“So why would they follow you for a hundred years making sure it didn’t?” She waggled her eyebrows theatrically. “Maybe… maybe… there’s two curses.”




Two? Damn gypsies!


“One they want. Soul equals suffer.” Buffy tapped his chest. “Oh, have you been working out?”




“Sorry, I like your chest.” She pulled her hand back. “Okay, where was I? Oh – one they don’t want. No soul equals Angelus. And no suffering.”


“Unless you’re his victim.” Jenny Calendar’s face and Willow’s fish swam through his mind.


Jeez! Stake me now! You feel guilty over the damned fish?


“Exactly. Give the broody guy a kewpie doll.” She leaned forward for a quick kiss.


“I don’t know, Buffy. It seems like – “ Angel sighed. He wanted to believe, but what if she was wrong?


“You said her clan cursed you. Group effort, right?”


“I think so.”


“What if one of the group wasn’t totally with the program?” Buffy leaned forward again until they were nose to nose. “What if somebody wanted a little extra revenge?”


Closing his eyes, Angel thought back. A group of angry old women and men. Faces contorted in rage and hate. Taunts at his pain and helplessness. Other faces farther back. Lying on the ground for hours. Two people talking. Waking in the brush. He opened his eyes. “I don’t know. It – I was – “


You were being a squalling momma’s boy.


“And you were ranting like a two year old!” He snapped out, making Buffy jump back from him. “Sorry.”


“S’okay, just give me a little warning next time.”


“I’ll try.” He lay back on the bed. “Two curses? If we could be sure…”


“When I… died and then came back. Weren’t you… “She concentrated suddenly on checking her towel. “Happy about it?”


“Just a little.” He’d been ecstatic and wild with joy. So much so that he’d driven like crazy to Sunnydale to hold her in his arms.


Not happy enough to bang her brains out.


“And when Connor was born?”


Again, he’d been so happy he’d been ready to burst. “Oh.”


And yet… you’re still soul boy. Moron.


“So, when Willow did the spell – “


“What if she was doing one of two?” Buffy finished


With a grin Angel sat up and tugged at her towel. “Let’s see.”


Now we’re talking!


“Whoa! Down boy!” She slapped his hand. “Much as I’d love to – and I really would love to – let’s not take any chances.”


“You’re right.” He sighed regretfully. “We’ll find someone to make sure for us first.”


Damn! Life was a lot more fun before safe sex.


“I really don’t want to play with Angelus again.” She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. “Not for real anyway.” She nipped playfully at his neck.


Laughing, Angel lay back on the bed again, pulling her down on top of him. While she suckled at his neck, he ran his hands over her towel-covered body.


Pulling back to look in his eyes, Buffy traced his lips with a fingertip. “I love you, Angel.”


“Show me.” He tangled his fingers into her hair and pulled her down for a kiss. His tongue teased her lips open and moved into her mouth to play with hers.


Angelus was uncharacteristically silent as Angel and Buffy kissed and caressed each other. Soon the towel was on the floor and Angel’s hands cupped her bottom to hold her to him while he arched up against her.


“Buffy, we can’t   we can’t – “ He rolled her off of him.


“I know.” She sighed.


“We can’t.” He leaned over her to kiss her again. “But I can.”


“You can?” She looked confused. “Can? Can what?” Did he want her to watch him jack off? She’d done that with Riley and it was no fun. And a lot gross.


His answer was a wicked grin. Kneeling between her thighs, he took a pert breast in each hand and lowered his head to kiss one nipple then the other.


“Oh, that’s – “ His mouth moved down, kissing a path down to nip at her flat belly before swirling his tongue into her navel. “Oh my.”


Another equally wicked grin, and he nuzzled through the dark honey curls to the small swollen bud hidden there. She arched up off the bed with a cry.


“Angel! No – oh no!” Buffy reached down to push him away, but instead her fingers curled into his thick hair and held him closer. She was horribly embarrassed at the intimacy of his mouth on her and at the same time she helplessly spread her legs wider as he licked and teased her.


The scent of her arousal was nearly unbearable, and Angel rubbed his aching cock against the mattress seeking a small measure of relief. Gently he slid a finger along the sensitive outer lips before spreading them open and lapping at the tight opening.


Buffy’s head thrashed back and forth on the pillow as he pushed a thick finger inside of her. His name broke from her as ripples of fire spread through her body.


As her cries became more broken and her breath came in harsh gulps, Angel slid back up her body to capture her mouth with his.


The fire rumbled and grew as his fingers pumped into her. The heel of his hand pressed down almost painfully on her center. Holding him to her, Buffy thrust her tongue into his mouth in the same erotic rhythm as his fingers. With a moan, she arched up as the fire exploded within her.


Tremors shook her body as Angel rolled to his side, pulling her across his chest. One big hand moved in soothing circles on her back while the other brushed her hair back from her face.


As her heartbeat slowed to near normal, Buffy slid her hand down Angel’s chest and belly to the waistband of his sweatpants.


“No.” He pulled her hand back up to his chest.


“But you didn’t – “


“No, and I hurt.” He gave her a pained smile. “And so, I’m not happy.”


“Ah, I see.” She rose up to kiss him. “Not happy is good. For now.”


For the record, I hate both of you.




They dressed and went downstairs. Buffy didn’t shower, she liked the wetness between her legs. She walked into the lobby feeling wicked and wanton. Very unSlayer like. Note to self. Next entry in the Slayer Handbook – ‘the Slayer should take the time to feel wicked’.


Fred and Gunn were waiting by the counter. Fred smiled at her and Buffy smiled back.


Angel went into his office and came back with the checkbook for Angel Investigations. “I’m signing a check.”


“For what?” Fred asked. “Oh, are we going out? We can take Buffy out to see the city.”


“You’re leaving.” Gunn said.


“Pay the bills and tell the bank we’re not renewing the lease. “ Angel held out the check to Gunn.


“You’re leaving?” Fred turned to Angel. “But we haven’t shown Buffy the city.”


“I grew up here.” Buffy told her. Leave it to Angel to jump right to the heart of the matter. Ouch! No pun.


“You’re just walking out on us?” Gunn didn’t take the check. “She shows up and you bail?”


“I’m going back to Sunnydale.” Angel tossed the check on the counter.


Hellmouth, sweet Hellmouth.


“But you’re cursed.” Fred’s lower lip quivered. “You have to stay.”


Buffy shook her head. “What Angel’s trying to say – “


“I know what he’s trying to say.” Gunn whirled on her. “He’s saying you’re more important than fighting vamps and demons!”


“Leave her out of this.” Angel stepped between Gunn and Buffy. “There’s more evil in Sunnydale than you can imagine.”


“Why can’t you and Buffy stay here?” Fred asked.


“Excuse me.” Buffy poked Angel in the back. “Being macho much?”


“And maybe there’s a little more evil in Sunnydale once you’re there?” The other man stepped closer to Angel.


Obviously my reputation precedes me.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Angel took a step and his chest pressed against Gunn’s.


Buffy rolled her eyes. “Oh my God.”


Fred stepped over to Gunn and pulled on his arm. “Stop it.”


“You know what it means. You and blondie.”




A low growl rumbled through Angel’s chest.


Buffy jabbed her finger harder into Angel’s back, and he snarled and half turned. “Enough with the little boy games.”


“Curse or no curse.” Angel stepped back and laid an arm around Buffy's shoulders. “I’m tired of living this way – I can’t live this way anymore.”


“Yeah, well, remember that when Angelus gets out.” Gunn shook off Fred’s hand. “So he doesn’t come back for us.”


Don’t worry, boy, I don’t like dark meat.


“We think that part of the curse is gone.” Buffy told him.


“Gone?” Fred echoed. “That’s wonderful!”


“Curses just don’t get ‘gone’, Fred.” Gunn said skeptically.


Shh… don’t bust their bubble.


“We think there were two curses originally. “ Holding up two fingers, Buffy ticked one off. “Willow did the spell of restoration.”


“Giving me back my soul.” Angel splayed a hand across his chest.


And there was much rejoicing… yea…


“Which you can lose again the first time you and Buffy tear off – ouch!” Gunn winced as Fred jabbed her elbow into his side.


I prefer the term humping like bunnies, myself.


Buffy grabbed Angel’s arm as a fresh growl vibrated through his body. “The point is – it was the spell of restoration. Not a ‘spell of restoration until you’re really happy then you’re unrestored’ spell.” She frowned thoughtfully. “Would it be called a spell if it has spell in the name?”


“So then how did he lose his soul?” Gunn let Fred pull him back to sit on the sofa.


“We think there was a second spell.” Angel walked back to the counter. “One specific to me.”


“And if it’s true…” Fred sat down next to Gunn.


“Then we may get the happily ever after part of the fairy tale.” Buffy looked wistfully at Angel. “Or until a vamp takes me down.”


Only vamp taking you down is me, lover. Or is that the other way around?


“That’s not going to happen.” Angel held out the check once again. “Come to Sunnydale. You want to kill vampires?”


“Sunnydale is vamp central.” Buffy grinned crookedly. “Not to mention demons, werewolves, ghosts – “


“It’s a real spook central!” Fred said excitedly. When the others stared at her, she ducked her head. “What? Nobody else watched Ghostbusters?”


“Who you gonna call?” Buffy laughed.


“What about Cordy?” Fred asked suddenly. “We’re not going to – “


“Stop looking for her?” Angel shook his head. “No. But there are… people… in Sunnydale that may be able to help us.”


“Nobody here knows crap.” The other man smirked. “Except Wolfram and Hart, and they aren’t talking.” He took the check from Angel. “We’ll close up shop here.”


Angel nodded.





“Angel! Angel!”


“Oomph!”  Angel staggered as Dawn ran down the stairs and threw herself into his arms.


“I’ve missed you!”


“I missed you too, brat.” He held her out to look at her. She giggled as he held her hand up over her head and twirled her like a ballerina. “How many boys am I going to have to scare off?”


“None.” She wrinkled her nose. “They’re all such – boys.”


“No boyfriends?” He placed a hand over his heart and pretended to be in shock. “A beautiful girl like you?”


Sweet and innocent… yum… like Kathy?


A shiver ran through Angel as he remembered his sister’s innocent face. Big brown eyes lit with joy to see him. Are you an angel in heaven, Liam?


“Angel?” Dawn touched his shoulder. “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine, brat.” He hugged her and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.


“Are you okay?” Buffy asked after they carried Angel’s bag up to her mother’s old room. She closed the door so they could talk privately.




“Gosh, all that wild enthusiasm.” She slid her arms around his waist. “We better spike your blood with Ritalin.”


“Sorry.” He laid his cheek next to hers.


“Want to talk about it?”


“You wouldn’t want to hear about it.”


Oh, come on. Angelus drawled. What woman wouldn’t want to hear how you murdered your baby sister?


“Is he talking to you?” Buffy took Angel's face in her hands and looked deep into his eyes. “You shut up in there.”


Tell her to bite me.


Angel sighed. When she frowned, he told her what Angelus had said.


Standing on tiptoe, she nipped at his neck, making him moan softly. His arms tightened around her to lift and mold her to his body. “Does he get to feel what you feel?” She whispered in his ear.


“Yes, but not as much – he… ah… “ She was sucking on his earlobe. That was nice. “Ah… just has to watch.”


“Oh, really?” Buffy grinned impishly. “So he doesn’t get the total Buffy experience?” She slid her hands down his back to cup and squeeze his ass.


“No.” He grinned back.


“So… this…he doesn’t feel this?” She licked her tongue teasingly along his lips. “Or this?” One hand crept between them to squeeze the hard bulge pressing into her belly.


“No…” Angel moaned into her mouth.


Bitch! Angelus growled.


Buffy was sucking on his tongue, making it hard for him to laugh at the demon’s frustration.


“What’s his favorite thing?” She panted against his mouth. “What does he like to do?”


“Besides torture and killing people?”


“Umm… that would be more than I’m willing to do.”


“He…” Angel hesitated. A vision of a woman kneeling at his feet, whimpering and gagging.


“If it’s something super kinky…” Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.


“He likes…”




“He likes…” Angel closed his eyes. I’m two hundred and forty years old and I can’t say blow job? “ A woman to use her mouth.”


“A blow job?” Buffy giggled at his embarrassed look. “Here I was imagining like whips and chains and kinky stuff.”


If I could get my hands on your neck!


For once Angel was thankful to be dead; he couldn’t blush. “But it wasn’t – “


“He didn’t play nice?” A honey blond eyebrow arched up. “That’s a given.”


You think?


When she started tugging at his belt buckle, Angel grabbed her hands. “I don’t think this is such a good idea.”


“Think you’ll be too happy?” She kissed him again. “I’ll try not to be too good. Or you can think sad thoughts?”


How about how she learned to suck cock? Angelus taunted viciously. How quick did Soldier Boy get her on her knees?


“Did you do this for Riley?” Her cheeks instantly turned pink.


“There’s your sad, huh?” She couldn’t meet his eyes. Strong, cool fingers under her chin tipped her face back up.


“Buffy, I can’t judge you.” The chocolate eyes were somber. “Whatever you do – I’ll have always done worse. And I did tell you to move on.”


Move on, move down, spread your legs for the first man you met. Angelus sneered.


As always, Angel was way too understanding. Buffy cringed inside at the thought of the things she’d done with Riley. And Spike. She’d be mad if she were Angel. She would have ripped her from limb to limb.


“Your eyes are grey.”


“What?” She blinked back to reality.


“When you’re sad, your eyes are grey.” He kissed her gently. “Don’t be.”


She didn’t answer, instead sliding down his body to settle on her knees. Tugging open Angel’s belt, Buffy pulled his shirt up so she could nuzzle his flat stomach.


Although he didn’t need to breathe, Angel found himself gasping for air as she unbuttoned his pants and slipped a warm hand inside to touch him. He was already rock hard, no encouragement was needed on her part to work him up.


“Whoa, forgot you’re a big boy.” She had been too shy to really look at Angel’s body during their one night. He had felt huge, but she had chalked it up to virgin nerves. “No wonder it felt different.”


A surge of satisfaction went through him. So Riley wasn’t all he could be.


One nice thing about your body, soul boy, you got a cock like a horse.


Before he could bask in that thought, Buffy had taken him in her mouth. A cry tore from him as her warm, wet mouth surrounded him and his knees nearly buckled. One small hand held the thick shaft while the other cradled his balls lovingly.


Buffy glanced up and watched his eyes as she licked and sucked the swollen head before sliding down the cool shaft. His eyes widened and he slid his fingers into her hair. Gradually, she worked more of him into her mouth. He was thick and long and her throat wouldn’t relax enough to take all of him as she had Riley.


Shove it down her throat!


Angel’s fingers tightened in her hair as she pulled away, but he didn’t force her back. He let his head drop back as she slid back to where only the tip rested in her mouth before going back down on him. She set a steady rhythm that quickly had him gasping and moaning in pleasure.


The fat vein along the base of his shaft throbbed and pulsed as she squeezed and rolled his balls in her hand. When she scraped her teeth along the velvety skin, she heard a soft growl from him. She growled back.


Fire licked through his body, racing up his thighs and through his belly. Angel stroked Buffy's hair and face as she sucked and teased him. Inside him, Angelus raged in frustration. He wanted him to hold Buffy's head still and fuck her mouth with no mercy. This gentle tenderness was driving him crazy. Angel groaned; it was almost as pleasurable as what she was doing to him. Almost.


Sliding her hands around to cup the taut ass, Buffy began pumping him into her mouth faster and deeper. Angel’s groans and growls of pleasure made the normally not so much fun blow job much more enjoyable. She was starting to ache and throb uncomfortably just listening to him. Clamping her thighs together, she tried to ease the ache.


Damn it! Angelus growled. Force it in!


Angel smiled. He knew exactly what Angelus wanted. He shot back a mental image of Buffy choking and gagging on his cock and the demon’s mental scream was almost deafening.


Uh oh. Buffy saw the smile curve his lips. The dark eyes were full of love and happiness. Too much happiness. Rocking back on her heels, she slid the thick shaft out of her mouth and kissed the swollen head. “This is so much better than it was with Riley.” She whispered.


The flash of pain in his eyes echoed within her. I’m sorry, Angel. Engulfing him in her mouth once more as tears ran down her cheeks, she worked to get him off.


The fire raged through him and Angel found himself thrusting into her hot, wet mouth despite his best intentions. One hand cupped the back of her head while the other locked around her face, holding her to him as he pushed deep into her throat.


You want it, too, soul boy. You just don’t want to admit it.  Angelus panted.


When the explosions started, he tried to pull away, but Buffy dug her fingers into his hips and held him to her to swallow the cool gush of his seed.


His knees did buckle then and Angel collapsed to the floor. Pulling her to him, he kissed her, pushing his tongue past her lips to taste himself from her mouth.


Oh, Christ, you would like that!


Buffy was surprised and sat limply as he licked and lapped at her. Riley wouldn’t kiss her afterwards, not until she’d rinsed her mouth. And after he made her swallow even when she didn’t really want to. She blinked back fresh tears.


“Don’t cry, lass.” Angel cradled her in his arms and kissed her swollen lips tenderly. “I didna mean to hurt you.”


“You didn’t.” She brushed the tears away. The soft lilt in his voice made her smile. The night they’d made love, he’d slipped into the same soft accent. “You sound sweet.”


You sound like a fucking Mick peasant.


“Sweet?” Humor glinted in his eyes. “Not something I’m usually called.”


“Might ruin that dread creature of the night image?” She nodded.


Fastening his pants, Angel helped Buffy to her feet. “If the curse is gone, torturing Angelus will be my new favorite pastime.”


“Mine too.”


A growl rumbled through Angel’s mind.





“That’s an interesting theory.” Giles pushed his glasses up. “It is possible of course. Especially considering the earlier circumstances.”


“Like me coming back from the dead?” Buffy asked.


“Yes, quite.” The sarcasm was clear even through the phone line. “All things considered, Angelus should have been set loose when Angel found out you were alive.”


“And yet, not.”


“I have Jenny’s book, but unfortunately, no way to translate it.”


“Yeah.” Jenny had died at Angelus’ hands before she was able to pass on the secret of how she had translated the text in the Rituals of the Undead. If not for that one spell saved to disk, Angel might have been lost forever.


“Still.”  Giles cleared his throat. “There is another way to verify the details of the curse. Which might be the best thing to do at any rate.”


“How?” She gripped the phone so hard the plastic cracked. Angel gently loosened her fingers.


“The Orb of J’way allows for the viewing of past events.”


“Sort of a History Channel thing?”


“Not exactly. You will actually be placed into the past.”


“More like ‘you are there’?”


“Well, I – yes, I guess you could say that. Your body will remain behind, however, and you will inhabit the body of someone in the past who was close to the event but not actually involved.”


“Why not someone in the action?” She wrinkled her nose. “And what if I’m in some old saggy man?”


“There’s a danger that you could change things and destroy history if you inhabit someone who was directly involved. And well – “ He sighed. “You may very well be in a saggy old man.”




“You and Angel will still see each other as you are. However, everyone else will see you as the people they know.”


“So nobody burns us at the stake or anything.”


“That would be a bad thing, as you say.” He agreed. “Also you will need to set up protective wards. It will only be a few moments, but your bodies will be vulnerable.”


“Oh, well, Xander and Dawn will be there.” Buffy shrugged. “They can deal.”


“I meant vulnerable from psychic attack. Demonic or spiritual possession.” He hesitated. “Or Angelus attacking them before Angel’s return.”


“You mean he won’t be – “ She bit her lip. “Should we tie him up or chain him? I’d hate for Xander to stake him.” Angel’s eyes widened.


“It might be best, yes. It should only take moments, but it is best to be prepared. And if I understand correctly, Angelus and Angel’s soul are separate entities occupying the same body.”


“Wait – if we’re only there a few minutes – “


“No, you’ll be there for hours or possibly days. That’s why you must be careful not to disturb events but merely watch.”


“Demoted from Slayer to Watcher?” She pouted. “Bummer.”


“Think of it as a vacation.”


“Some vacation.” She covered the receiver with her hand. “Angel, in the basement is a trunk with chains and stuff, you wanna?” He nodded and headed for the basement. “So… Giles… our spirits will leave our bodies and go into someone else’s?”


“Essentially, yes.”


“And… what we do there…”


Dawn tilted her head. She could almost see the wheels spinning in Buffy's head.


“How does it affect us here and now?” Buffy finished.


“Well, it doesn’t. Not unless you do something of significance. Say for example…” Giles thought for a moment. “Say you stop the gypsies from cursing Angelus. That could have a major impact on our reality. History could be significantly altered.”


“Uh huh, he could kill somebody like Abraham Lincoln and someone else would be on the penny?”


Lincoln was already dead.” Dawn told her.


“Theoretically, however, Lincoln was already dead.” Giles chuckled. “I meant more in terms of not being here to help us defeat the Master for example.”


“But something small. That wouldn’t do anything?” She looked through the doorway where Angel had disappeared. “Something like… kissing?”


“Well, I, hmm….” Giles pulled his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I – that wouldn’t – oh dear – I suppose it wouldn’t.”


Dawn giggled. Buffy shushed her. Hearing Angel coming back up the stairs, she changed the subject. “What about Cordy? Any word?”


Willow says that Cordelia is safe and… “










They met Xander at the Magic Box. “So, I get to chain Dead Boy up?” He rubbed his hands together. “All righty, let’s get started then.”


“Chill.” Buffy rolled her eyes.


“Excuse me.” Anya came out from behind what was left of the counter. “We’re closed.”


“We need the Orb of J’way.” Buffy told her.


“Oh, oh! Is that all?” The vengeance demon said sarcastically. “You mean you don’t want to blow the place up? Steal what little I have left?”


Angel turned to Buffy. “I thought Giles owned the shop?”


“Uh…” Xander shook his head. “Long story.”


“And not happy.” Anya retorted. “Let’s see… jilted at altar, business destroyed – am I leaving anything out? Did you want to set wild bunnies loose?”


“You dumped an ex vengeance demon – “


“Excuse me!” She snarled. “Once again vengeance demon!”


“You dumped a vengeance demon?” Angel looked Xander up and down. “You’re braver than I thought.”


And stupider than he looks.


“Thank you.”


“Will this meeting of the Xander fan club come to order?” Buffy walked over to Anya. “We need the Orb and Giles says you have it.”


“And why should I let you have it?” She crossed her arms.


“Because I’m asking really nicely.” Buffy stepped up nose to nose with Anya. “Pretty. Please.”


“Fine.” The brunette whirled and stomped over to a crate and pulled out a small box. “Here. You break it. You buy it.”


“Whatever.” Buffy grabbed the box. “You still owe me for that bridesmaid’s dress.”




In the basement, Xander and Buffy wrapped Angel securely in chains. “He needs to touch the Orb.” Buffy sat back on her heels. “If we chain his hands down – “


“It’s got to touch bare skin?” Xander ripped open Angel’s shirt. “Voila! Bare skin!”


“That was a two hundred dollar shirt.” Angel said.


“Yeah? And?” Xander patted his cheek. “And what are you going to do, all chained up?”


I’m going to get loose and beat you to death with the chains.


“Let me rephrase that.” Angel smiled slightly. “Cordy paid two hundred dollars for this shirt.”


“Cordy?” Xander picked a button up off the floor. “Anyone got a needle and thread?”


“Cordy bought you a two hundred dollar shirt?” Buffy dropped the box on Angel’s chest. “So does she do all your shopping?”


“I don’t get out much.” He grunted.


You have lousy taste anyway.


Dawn held the book of spells she’d brought from Willow and Tara’s room. Willow’s room now, if she ever came home again. “The protection spell is simple enough. Xander and I can do it.”


“Hello?” Xander froze. “Since when am I spell boy? I am the muscle here, remember?”


“Oh, for goodness sake!” Anya sat down next to Dawn. “He’s no help. He’s only good for sex.”


“I’ll have you know – “ Xander looked thoughtful. “Never mind. I’m good with that.”


Buffy sat down next to Angel. Leaning over, she kissed him. “This could be fun.” She kissed him again, tickling his lips with her tongue and pulling back when he tried to kiss her. “Much fun.”






“Oh, chains are fun.” Anya nodded and smiled. “But be careful with silk scarves. Xander almost lost his hand – “


“That – that – “ Xander glared at her. “No!”


“More information than I needed.” Angel shook his head. “And I knew about the silk scarf thing anyway.”

“Shut up and concentrate.” Buffy lifted the Orb out of its box and set it on Angel’s chest. Laying her palm over it, she closed her eyes. “Focus and take us there.”


Taking one last look at Buffy, Angel closed his eyes and concentrated as Giles had instructed. Romania, 1898, the Kalderash clan, Angelus…


A flash burned through his closed eyelids and he threw his arms up over his face. The flash died away and he lowered his arms. Blinking, he looked around. There were trees and grass and the sun shone down on colorful gypsy wagons. With a start, Angel realized he was standing in the sun. Panic sliced through him and he bolted for the shade.


“Scared of her already, Janni?” Someone shouted and there was laughter from the others.


“I didn’t burn.” He whispered. Looking at his bare hands and arms, he found them unmarked. “I didn’t burn.”


Buffy was standing in the sun looking down at her bare feet. She had on a calf length, brightly colored skirt and a low necked peasant blouse. “Authentic peasant at that.” Around her throat was a necklace of flat metal disks and on her wrist was a matching bracelet. A shake of her head made her earrings jingle.


She was so beautiful. The sun turned her honey colored hair golden. Angel walked slowly and carefully back into the light. There was no pain. No fire.


Looking up, Buffy smiled as Angel walked hesitantly toward her. “It’s okay.”


Reaching her side, he tipped his head back and let the sun warm his face. Laughing, he picked her up and twirled her around. Her necklace and earrings jangled merrily. “I’m alive!”


“You’re goofy!” She held on as he spun them around in crazy circles.


Sitting her on her feet, he kissed her. “Feel my heartbeat!” He pulled her hand to his chest. His heart was pounding under her hand. Pulling her tighter against him, Angel lowered his lips to hers again.


Every kiss he had ever shared with Buffy had been carefully cataloged and packed away in gauze so he could remember and cherish them when he needed a reason to go on. This kiss was by far the sweetest yet. Her slim body molded to his perfectly as her lips opened and her tongue played lazily with his.


“Behave, you two!”


“They’re newlyweds, leave them alone!”


Laughter floated from the gypsies around them.


“Let’s go someplace more private.” Buffy took Angel’s hand and led him towards the wagons. “We need to figure out where we are.”


“You mean when we are?” He sucked in a deep breath, the first real breath in ages. “God, that smells good!” He stopped suddenly. “Food! I want food! I want –  they don’t have peanut butter, damn.”


“Peanut butter?” She shook her head. “Two hundred and forty years with no food and you want peanut butter?”


“And chocolate. And ice cream.” He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her against his side. “I want to lick ice cream off your belly.”


“You’ve thought way too – what flavor ice cream?”


“All of them.”  He whispered in her ear.


A child ran up to them holding an armload of flowers. “Janni! Tanya! Fresh flowers for your wagon?”


“Uh... Yeah, sure.” She shot a look at Angel, and he nodded. “Why don’t you carry them for me?”


They followed the boy to a wagon set a little apart from the others. He took the coin Angel offered and then ran off to play. The inside of the wagon was small but cozy. There was a table with a window seat and a bed that took up most of the space.


“Wagon, sweet wagon.” Buffy sat on the edge of the bed. “Makes the housework easier.”


“Come nightfall, they’ll gather for supper and to talk.” Angel pulled the curtains shut out of habit.


“Then we can find out what they’re planning to do to you – Angelus.”


“Hopefully.” He eyed the bed warily.


“So…” She ran a hand over the soft coverlet. “What did newlyweds do in  -- when are we?”


“1898.” Desperately, he tried not to think of what newlyweds of any time would do.


“1898.” Buffy lay back on the bed.


Angel looked away. His cock had hardened and was throbbing with exquisite pain.


Lifting the loose neck of her blouse, she exclaimed. “Whoa! Going commando!”




“No bra.” She smirked at him as he turned to look at her and wiggled her bottom on the bed. “No panties either.”


Swallowing hard, he turned away again. “Not what I needed to – “ He tilted his head to one side suddenly.


“Angel? What’s wrong?”


“I don’t hear him.”


“Who?” The look of wonder on his face brought a rush of tenderness. “Oh, him.”


“He must still be in my body. Giles was right.” His head felt strangely empty. “For the first time in a hundred years – I’m alone.”


Getting up from the bed, Buffy went to Angel and sat on his lap. “Giles said we’re not really here.”


His heart was pounding and he couldn’t seem to get enough air. “Is this – normal – I – “


“Very.” She grinned at him. “Very human.”


“I don’t remember it being like this.” The last time he had been too busy ripping Buffy's clothes off to pay attention to little things like breathing.


“Get used to it.” Nuzzling his ear, she nipped at his earlobe.


“Are you sure we should do this?” Tipping his head back, he let her kiss along his neck to his shoulder while he slipped his hands up her thighs under the loose skirt.


“No time passes here.”


The laces of Angel’s shirt untied easily so she could slip her hand in and caress his warm skin. “What we do here – stays here.”


When her lips pressed against his, Angel didn’t resist. Eagerly he opened his mouth to her, their tongues dueling and mating until they were forced to break apart for air.


Lifting Buffy in his arms, he laid her back on the bed and knelt between her spread thighs. Pushing the colorful skirt up, he cupped a hand over the dark honey curls of her mound. Lowering his body down on top of hers, he captured her mouth once again.


Angel’s kisses were rough and passionate, his tongue thrusting into her mouth hungrily. His hands roamed over her body squeezing her breasts and pushing her legs wider apart. When his hands twisted in the neckline of her blouse, Buffy stopped him. “We don’t know how many shirts she – I have.”


He rose up so she could lift the blouse off over her head and pull her skirt off. For a moment, he took in the sight of her lying beneath him, hair tumbled around her face and her pert breasts covered only by the metal disks of her necklace.


“Will you forgive me?” He jerked his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants to push them down. “This is going to be quick.”


“Yes.” Smiling, she held out her arms to him.


Settling her body on hers again, Angel rubbed the head of his cock against her, finding her wet and ready for him. With one hard stroke, he buried himself inside of her. Buffy arched up against him with a soft cry. “Hurt?” He gasped out.


“No.” Her legs wrapped around his hips and her mouth curved into a smile. “You feel so good.”


Any thoughts he had of being slow and gentle vanished with that smile, and Angel found himself pumping hard and fast into her. Gasping and straining to keep up with the lightning ripping through him with each stroke.


Holding him close, Buffy kissed his neck and shoulders as he arched helplessly against her. Her own orgasm was too far off, so she relaxed and urged Angel to his.


“Ah, God, lass! You’re so sweet – and tight!” He gasped out. “I canna hold it – “ Out of habit, his face went to the curve of her neck as he finally crashed into his climax. He grunted as his seed gushed out in hot spurts. “Hot – it’s – hot – “


His arms wobbly and weak, Angel propped himself up to look down into Buffy's eyes. They were green, a sure sign that she was happy. “Forgive me for being such a clod?”


“No big.” She smiled up at him. “It was fun.”


“Fun?” Rolling off of her, he pulled her onto his chest. “Just fun?”


“Well… big on fireworks but short of the big bang.”


“Sorry.” He kissed her forehead. “I was a little over excited.”


“Just a little.” Sighing, Buffy slid her hand over the muscled planes of his chest. “Still, very nice. And the accent – again sweet.”


“Especially without Angelus to tell me I sound like a peasant.”


“Or tell you anything.”


“Exactly. Wait.” He eased out from under her and rummaged around the cabinets built into the inside of the wagon. “Here, take this.”


Taking the small wooden stake, Angel was holding out, she bit her lip. ”I don’t think – “


“Just in case.” Pulling off his pants and boots, he laid down on the bed again. “And stake me if it happens.” He held up a hand to stop her argument. “Promise me.”


“Angel – “


“Promise me.”


“I – I – “ Tears flooded her eyes and overflowed. “I promise.”


“I love you, Buffy.” He settled her against his side again. “Never forget that.”


“I won’t.” She kissed him gently, tenderly. “I’ll always remember.”


Involuntarily, his mind flashed back to the one day he’d been human again and she had given him the same promise. Hopefully, this time they would have a better ending to the story.


They lay together, not speaking, merely holding each other. Occasionally they would kiss or caress each other as the time crawled by. Buffy held the stake in the hand she had curled next to her heart and prayed she wouldn’t have to use it.


The setting sun was splashing orange and pink through the windows before Angel relaxed and rolled over to face her. “I think you’re safe.”


“Darn.” She grinned impishly. “Here I was hoping to be ravished.”


“Ravishing I can do.” He pulled her closer and rubbed himself against her belly. “Slower this time?”








There was some good natured laughter and teasing when Buffy and Angel left their wagon to join the others for supper. Although Angel no longer had the stamina of a vampire, he had been able to bring a blissful smile to her lips and a dreamy look to her eyes.


Settling down with a bowl of stew and a piece of fresh, dark bread, Angel moaned in pleasure. “Oh, this is so good! Spicy!”


“Whoa boy! Slow down!” Buffy watched as he wolfed down his bowl of stew. “You’re going to make yourself sick.”


“Let the boy eat, Tanya!” Someone laughed. “He needs his strength!” There was laughter from the others.


“He already has strength! Did you hear them?” A man near them said. “I may have to move my wagon!”


“Afraid your wife might get ideas, Berin?” Someone yelled from across the fire. There was a burst of laughter at Berin’s expense.


Buffy ducked her head but Angel laughed along with them. Bending, he kissed her cheek. “Gypsies aren’t shy people.” He whispered.


“So I noticed.” She tore her bread into pieces and dropped them into her forgotten stew. “Was I really that loud?”


“Let’s just say Janni should thank me for helping his reputation.” He said smugly.


She laid her head against his shoulder. “Rat.”


You going to eat your stew?” He plucked out a piece of stew soaked bread from her bowl.


“Revising last opinion.” She handed him her bowl. “You’re a pig.”


After supper, the children were tucked away in their parents’ wagons and a large space cleared around the bonfire. Instruments were brought out and before long lively music filled the night. Soon, women were dancing around the fire lit area. Occasionally a man would join them in a very sensual dance.


Buffy sat with her back to Angel’s chest, rocking with the music. It was a wild and uninhibited sound, and it almost felt as if it were pulling her to join the other women who were dancing.


“They’re a very passionate people.” Angel whispered in her ear. His hands rested on her belly, and his thumbs rubbed over her breasts. “They live life to the fullest. Wild and free.”


“Um… hmm…” She rose to her feet and walked to the circle. Letting the music carry her, she was soon lost in the exotic rhythms.


Watching her graceful, fluid movements, Angel found himself more aroused than he could ever remember. She was beautiful, the fire turning her hair a ruddy gold and gilding her bare arms and legs.


Spinning around, her hair flying, Buffy stopped abruptly as strong arms wrapped around her and she was pulled against a hard male body. Looking up, she saw Angel staring down at her. A sensuous smile curled his lips and his eyes were almost black with desire.


They moved together in a passionate dance, hands moving over each other’s body, lips meeting and fusing. He lifted her up in his arms suddenly and carried her out of the firelight. Hoots of laughter followed them into the darkness.


Setting her back on her feet, Angel backed Buffy against a tree. “I’m thinking I could go for this lifestyle.” She laughed between kisses.


“Me too.” He lifted her up and pushed her skirt out of the way. Her legs locked around his waist.





“You’re sure this will work, Lela?”


“We have the orb to hold his soul.” The old woman nodded. “All we need to do is bring the demon to us.”


“Must we bring him here?” Another old woman asked. “He could kill us all!”


“Bah! Hide under your wagon if you fear!” Lela spat. “When his soul is forced back into his body, he will be in too much pain to hurt anyone!”


Buffy and Angel crouched in the darkness outside the circle of light cast by the dying bonfire. The elders had waited until the rest of the clan was asleep to gather.


“Why do we not just kill him and be done with it?”


“And how will you explain to her mother that you granted the vampire a quick death?” Lela answered. “Do you think Angelus felt pity for her when he murdered her? When he tore her throat out and bathed in her blood?”


Beside her, Buffy felt Angel wince. She patted his leg sympathetically. Nothing like hearing what a horrible monster you are. Were.


“Two nights hence is the full moon.” Telgan the clan chief leaned forward. “We will draw him here then and force his soul back into his body.”


The others nodded. One woman, younger than the others looked troubled. “But… it is not his soul.”


“What?” Lela turned to her. “Of course it is.”


“The demon took the body after the soul fled.”


“So what is that to us?” Lela snorted.


“The soul does not belong to Angelus. It belongs to another – someone innocent of his crimes.” She looked around for support and found none. “Is it justice to make an innocent suffer for another’s crimes?”


“No.” Telgan told her. “It is vengeance.”




Angel was quiet as they walked back to their wagon. Inside he sat down and stared out the small window.


“Angel?” Buffy knelt by his side.


“I felt sorry for them.” He whispered.


“Sorry for them?” A frown creased her forehead. “For what?”


“After I went back to Darla – she drove me away.” The betrayal of his sire still ached over a hundred years after the fact. “Then she came here with Spike and Dru – “


“And killed the elders?”


“They killed them all.” He closed his eyes. “She wanted them to reverse the spell.”


“She didn’t get them all.” She raised a hand to his cheek. “Jenny was Kalderash.”


“And I killed her. And her uncle.” He laughed bitterly. “I finished what Darla started.”


“Angelus killed them. Not you.” She turned his face to her. “And I’m not sure you should feel sorry for them. They knew they were forcing you to suffer for what he did. And they didn’t care.”


He leaned over and rested his head on her shoulder. “I know. But it doesn’t make it any easier.”


“Angel – “


“Buffy, I didn’t just murder her. I raped her. Darla and I – “ He looked away. “More than once. And we tortured her. I think she died more from fright than when I finally fed off her.”


You did not.” She forced him to look at her again. “He did.”


“Then why do I remember?” His voice was anguished. “Why do I remember her cries and the feel of her body – the smell of her fear – “


“I don’t know.” Pulling his head down to her shoulder once again, Buffy stroked his back soothingly. “I just know it wasn’t you.”


“At least they were wrong about one thing.” He sighed into her neck. “I didn’t bathe in her blood. There wasn’t any left.”





In the morning, Angel was in a more positive mood, possibly because of the big breakfast he had eaten. “I forgot how good honey and butter is.”


“It’s a good thing we’re not staying here.” Buffy poked his stomach with her finger. “You’d be way fat. And no liposuction.”


“I probably would have ended up fat.” He lay stretched out next to her on the blanket they had put down by the stream. “I did everything to excess. Food, drink, fight – “ He leered up at her. “Wenching.”


“Wenching? How medieval of you.” She arched an eyebrow. “So you’d have been a fat horny old man?”


He laughed. “I would probably have been killed in a brawl or by some jealous husband before much longer anyway.”


“Pleasant thought.”


“You’re beautiful in the sunlight.” Angel smiled up at her.


“You – “ She wrinkled her nose. “Look funny.”




“I’m used to seeing you in moonlight.” She slid her finger down his nose. “And candlelight.”


“Now that you’ve had a good look at me in the light?”


“Relax, you’re still majorly hot.” Buffy followed the curve of his lips. “You’re warm.”


“And that’s not good?”


“It’s just… weird, you know? You’re always so cool. What’s that saying? Like the other side of the pillow?”


Chuckling, Angel captured her hand and kissed it. “At least now I don’t steal your body heat.”


“I like warming you up.” She lowered her lips to his.





Angel and Buffy spent the next two days enjoying the gypsy life. Angel spent as much time as possible in the sunlight; he woke up at daybreak and stayed outside all day. They splashed and played in the stream and made love on a blanket next to it with the sun shining down on them.


The nights were filled with music and dancing and they made love until they were exhausted, both knowing this might be all they ever had.


During the second night, they were drowsing lazily in the sexual aftermath when a low chanting drifted in to their wagon.


Dressing quickly, they crept out to where the elders had gathered to sit in a circle and chant in a singsong rhythm.


“This must be it.” Buffy whispered. “El curso chanto.” Beside her, Angel was silent.


A figure burst out of the forest and into the clearing. He looked wild eyed, and snarled in frustration as the chanting pulled him on. There was a clear struggle as he tried to stop his feet and legs from carrying him forward.


“That makes three spells.” Buffy shook her head. “What? Were they getting a discount on eye of newt?”


“Angelus!” Telgan stepped forward. “For your crimes we curse you!”


“When I’m free of your spell, I’ll rip your throat out, old man!” Angelus strained to reach the clan chief. “And every lousy gypsy brat you’ve spawned!”


The chant continued steadily even as the elders flinched at the growls as the vampire fought the spell. Lela’s voice rose up strongly above the others.


Quod perditum est, invenietur.
Not dead nor not of the living. Spirits of the interregnum I call.
Let him know the pain of humanity, gods. Reach your wizened hands to me. Give me the sword. Gods, bind him. Cast his heart from the evil realm. I call on you gods.

Te implor, Doamne, nu ignora aceasta rugaminte.
Nici mort, nici de-al fiintei, Te invoc, spirit al trecerii. Reda trupului ce separa omul de animal!

Nici mort, nici al fiintei.
Lasa orbita sa fie vasul care-i va transporta, sufletul la el.
Utrespur aceastui. Asa sa fie! Asa sa fie! Acum!”



Beside Buffy, Angel stiffened and she laid her arm around his shoulders as a golden glow enveloped the vampire.


An inhuman scream of agony ripped from Angelus and he fell to his knees. Angel cringed against Buffy's side.


The glow faded and Angelus looked around, clearly confused and bewildered, looking much like a child awakened unexpectedly in the middle of the night. “Where – where am I?”


“We curse you, Angelus!” Telgan shouted. “To an eternity of suffering!”


As Buffy watched, the look of confusion on Angel’s face – she knew Angelus was trapped inside and this was now Angel – changed to one of fear and then horror. The chocolate eyes were wide with agony. He collapsed to the ground, crying out and clutching at his head. His sobs carried to where they hid in the darkness.


Angel turned away, unable to watch. He remembered only too well the memories rushing in, each evil fighting to display itself. Buffy drew him closer and he buried his face in the soft curve of her neck. He flinched as he heard his sister’s name cried out in grief.


The elders gathered their things and walked away from the figure writhing on the ground. Quickly, they went to each wagon and ordered the camp struck.


Rocking Angel in her arms, Buffy watched Angelus as he lay in the firelight moaning and crying. Tears trickled down her cheeks at his obvious suffering.


Two figures came out of the darkness and stood over the helpless vampire.


“Who is that?” Buffy nudged Angel. “That’s Faltar, but who’s with him?”


“I don’t recognize him.”


Delivering a vicious kick to Angelus’ side, Faltar said to the other man. “I want him to suffer.” Another kick snapped Angelus’ head back.


Angel clutched Buffy's arm as he felt her tense beside him and move forward. “No.”


“I want him to suffer as I do!” Faltar kicked the defenseless vampire once again.


“Of course you do.” The other man said. “He should suffer. He deserves it. If you could only wish…”


“I wish – I wish – “


The other man leaned forward eagerly. “Yes?”


“I wish that if he ever knows a single moment of true happiness again – if his soul ever – ever – knows a moment’s peace  that it is all ripped from him!”


His companion smiled. “Done.” The firelight flared and the man’s true face was revealed. There was a fresh scream from Angelus as the second curse hit him.


Faltar stumbled back. “What are you?”


“A fucking vengeance demon.” Angel growled softly.


I. Am. Going. To. Kick. Anya’s. Ass.” Buffy squeezed his hand until her knuckles hurt.


“Why, I’m the one you called. Did you not want vengeance?” The demon laughed.


“Get away, you foul creature!”


“Hey, watch it with the ‘foul creature’ business.” The demon snarled. “You wanted me here. Ingrate.” The demon vanished.


“What have you done?” Lela ran up to Faltar. “What were you thinking?”


“I want him to suffer! Suffer as I do!” He kicked Angelus again, drawing a cry from the whimpering figure. “He killed my love – may he know love and suffer for it!”


“If he loses his soul, the demon will be back! Think you he will care? He will kill this ‘love’ with joy!” She slapped his face. “You fool!”


“Hit him again, grandma.” Buffy growled.


“That wasn’t what I wanted.” He staggered back as she slapped him again.


“It’s what you asked for!” She pushed him. “Get a stake, we’ll have to kill him now. You’ve robbed us of our vengeance!”


“Uh oh.” Buffy looked at Angel. “If they stake him – “


“Yeah, let’s not let that happen.” He crept out of the brush they were hiding in.


Together they hauled Angelus up and led him deep into the forest. He was moaning and babbling incoherently, and Buffy was forced to gag him to keep him quiet.


They hid, listening to the voices as the gypsies searched for Angelus. Beside them, the vampire whimpered and thrashed about until Angel was forced to lie across him to hold him still.


They heard Telgar’s voice clearly as he shouted at Faltar. “You fool! Now we’ll have to follow him – watch him! You have cursed us as surely as you have him!”


Buffy and Angel exchanged a look. Now they knew why Jenny and her clan had followed him and tried to keep them apart. Over time, even the gypsies had forgotten why they had this duty.


The voices moved away after a time and Buffy relaxed. “Hope we didn’t mess things up. Giles will be angry if Lincoln’s not on the penny.”


Lincoln’s already dead.” Angel pulled the gag from Angelus’ mouth. “And I remember being in the forest when I – finally – came around.”


Buffy knelt next to Angelus. He was moaning and babbling, crying and digging his fingers into the dirt. She laid a hand on his chest.


“He’s still dangerous.”  Angel pulled down Angelus’ hand as the vampire reached up toward Buffy's face.


“You said you never fed on anybody after this.” When he didn’t answer, she looked up. “Angel?”


“I – “ He felt his face get hot. Blushing was highly overrated. “Murderers, thieves – not – “


“Not innocent people?” She nodded. Part of her was disgusted but she understood why he had done it. “He’s not Angelus anymore. He’s you.”


Angelus whimpered and reached for her again. The chocolate eyes pleaded for her to end his pain.


“It hurts to watch him suffer.” Buffy caught Angelus’ hand and held it to her lips.


“We have to go.” Angel stood up and held out his hand to her.


“I don’t want to.”


“Buffy, we can’t stay here.”


“Why not? We’re married.” She looked up at him. “We can be happy.”


“We don’t belong here.”


“We can have children.”


The longing in her eyes broke his heart. “We don’t belong here.” He pulled her to her feet and into his arms. “I’m sorry.”


“We can buy stock in Ford, IBM – “ She wheedled. “Microsoft.”


“We have to go.” He kissed her nose as she wrinkled it up with a frown.


“You’re right, Giles would just come after.” Kneeling next to Angelus again, she brushed back the silky hair from his forehead and stroked his face. “I’ll see you in about a hundred years.”


Angel held out his hand again. “Buffy.” Taking his hand, she let him pull her to her feet.


Angelus rolled over and reached out. A soft red glow blinded him and they were gone “B – Buffy?”





“Okay, they did the flashy thing.” Xander waved his hands. “And big nothing.”


Anya rolled her eyes. “You don’t understand how it works. Oh, wait! That’s nothing new.”


“Hardee har har – whoa!” Xander jumped back as Angel growled and his face changed into vamp mode. “Uh oh. Not good.”


“Relax, he’s chained up.” Anya smirked. “Coward.”


“Not all of us can transport out of danger.”


“Oh, I so want to be a grown up.” Dawn muttered.


A red flash lit the room and there was a howl from Angel.


“Either they’re back – “ Xander jumped. “Or disco is.”


Buffy jumped up. “Anya!” Stalking over to the vengeance demon, she grabbed her arm. “A vengeance demon cursed Angel!”


“Yeah? I knew that.” She pulled away. “So?”


“So?” Buffy gaped at her. “So? You could have said something!”


“You didn’t ask.”


“I didn’t – oooh!” Turning away, Buffy smashed her fist into the wall.


“Would somebody take these off me?” Angel asked.


“Not until you say the secret password.” Xander told him.


“Or else?”


“That would be… “ Xander pretended to think it over. “A big… no! Nu uh, not happening.” He caught Dawn’s hands before she could unlock Angel’s chains. “No, no, mustn’t undo the nasty vampire.”


“Xander!” Buffy knelt down next to Angel and unfastened the chains.


“He growled.” Xander grabbed a stake. “Big ugly nasty growl.”


“He does that.” She freed Angel’s hands.


Angel set the Orb on the floor next to him. “And he’s growling now.”


“Pissed off is he?” Buffy pulled off the chains around his ankles.


“Just a little.” He grinned. Inside his head Angelus was snarling and growling and throwing a mental fit.


They quickly filled the others in on what they had seen.


“So, there was not one, not two, but three spells?” Xander asked.


“Looks like.” Buffy nodded.


“What? Was there a discount on eye of newt?”


“Déjà vu.” Angel shook his head. “Maybe it was with six you get an eggroll.” When they all stared he frowned. “What? You guys are the only ones that can make jokes?”


“So you knew about the curse?” Dawn asked Anya. “And you didn’t tell?”




“That’s so mean!”


“Well, I am a vengeance demon.” Anya huffed. “Besides, I couldn’t tell. It’s against the rules.”


“There are rules?” Xander shook his head rapidly, as if he were a cartoon character. “Rules?”


“Of course.” The former and current vengeance demon sounded pissy. “Of course there’s rules. You can’t just have unruly vengeance everywhere!”


“So the spell the gypsies cast – “ Buffy started.


“Oh, a very nice spell, a very old one.” Anya bobbed her head. “The classics never really go out of style, you know.”


“And the spell Willow cast?” Buffy bit down her urge to strangle the other woman.


She bobbed her head again. “Not too bad for an amateur either – whoa though! If we could have seen what would happen later. Wrecked shop – “


“And the other curse?” Before she could get on a roll, Buffy interrupted her. “What about it?”


“Gone.” She smiled. The others stared at her. “What? Oh for gosh sakes!” She planted her hands on her hips. “You people and your ‘gotta have proof for everything’!”


“It’s kinda important, Anya.” Xander said as if to a slow child. “Otherwise we could have an evil vampire trying to murder us all and then drawing pretty pictures of our dead bodies.”


“If I thought he would start with you.” She smirked. “Fine, don’t believe me. Maybe you’ll believe the demon who cast it?”


“Can you summon him?” Angel asked.


“Can I summon him? Huh!” She held out her hand. “Cell phone?”


“You want my cell phone?” Xander clutched it to his chest.


“You want the proof?”


“Give her the phone, Xander.” Buffy ordered.


Xander sighed as he watched Anya punch in numbers. “There go my minutes. For eternity.”


“Oh, relax, he’s in Palm Beach.” Anya snorted. “Marty? Hi! How’s tricks? Can you do me a favor?”


Moments later a man appeared next to Anya. “Anya, sweetie!”


“Marty!” She hugged him. “It’s been forever!”


“Eighty five years? That massacre in India?” He kissed her cheek. “Those were good times.”


“This is all really sweet and touchy feely – “ Buffy said. “But we need to know about the curse you put on Angel.”


“Sure, sure.” Marty looked Angel up and down. “You look a lot better than the last time I saw you.”


“Considering I was rolling on the ground in torment?” Angel said dryly.


“Exactly! You’ve got a great sense of humor! I don’t know why they say you don’t.” He stopped and smirked at Buffy. “Okay, getting on with it.”


“Thank you.” She said sarcastically.


“I was so young then. I screwed up, you know. It didn’t occur to me that it would take a hundred years for him to get happy!”


“Maybe if I had suffered less?”


“There’s that humor again.” Marty slapped Angel on the back.


Kill him now. Angelus growled.


Through sulking? Angel thought back.


Sorry to see you back, soul boy. Hey – where – you two fucked nonstop for three days? Look at these memories!


Angel sighed as the demon began pawing through the new memories.


“Anyway, the dumb Romani never even saw it backfire on him! And that’s half the fun!” Marty sighed. “Although it was fun to see them tagging along after Angelus where ever he went.”


“Sort of like they got cursed instead.” Anya added. “That’s actually really good.”


“It is, isn’t it?” Marty exclaimed.


“Excuse me.” Stepping between the two vengeance demons, Buffy gritted out. “Your curse. Is. It. Gone?”



“That’s it? Just yes?”


“He wished. I granted. Angelus got his ‘moment of happiness’, yada yada. Curse took effect. The end.” Marty frowned. “Really Anya, I don’t know why you hang out with these humans. They can be so dense.”


“Well… and thank you for shopping the vengeance demon network.” Xander smirked. “Where each curse has no freaking instructions.”


Angel had collapsed into one of the few remaining chairs. Buffy walked over to him. “So, no curse.”


Angel didn’t answer.


“So you and the Buffster can make with the getting happy.” Xander offered helpfully. “And I can’t believe I just said that.”


“If you – want – “ Buffy swallowed hard. Angel was still staring off into space. “Unless you – don’t – want – “


He moved between one breath and another. His lips came down hard on hers in a kiss that left no doubt as to what he wanted.


“So, Dawny.” Xander steered the teenager outside. “Want to stay at the fabulous Xander manse for a few days?”


“Can we do each other’s hair and put on makeup?” She asked in an excited voice.


“Alrighty! Once more in touch with my feminine side.” He thumped his chest.


Dawn giggled. “Pizza and scary movies?”


“Whew!” Xander pretended to wipe sweat off his forehead as he opened the door of his car for her. “Pizza and scary movies it is! But – I really need a facial, don’t you think?”


Anya waited not so patiently until Buffy and Angel came up for air. Angel cradled Buffy's face in his big hands and smiled down at her. “Oh, good, you two – “


Angel lowered his lips to Buffy's again.


“Okay.” Anya tapped her foot. “It’s been awhile, I understand.”


Buffy stood up on tiptoe and molded her body to Angel’s as the kiss deepened.


“True love… yada yada…” Anya rolled her eyes. Walking over to them, she tapped Angel on the shoulder. “Okay, enough. Get a room.”


They broke apart, Buffy panted and leaned into Angel’s side as he guided her out the door.


Once out in the moonlight, they walked hand in hand to his car. Opening the driver’s door, he let her slide in before settling behind the wheel.


Laying her hand on his thigh, she rested her head on his shoulder. “So, big decision here. Left side or right?”


Smiling, he put his free arm around her shoulders to pull her closer. “As small as your bed is? Better question is top or bottom?”


Top, always on top! Although bottom can be fun…


“Note to self, buy bigger bed.” She slid her hand up along his inner thigh. A soft growl rumbled.


“And some soundproofing.”


“Are you saying I’m noisy?”


“No, not at all.” He shook his head. “Not if you don’t count the screaming.”


“That was not – “ Her face grew red hot. “What about you?”


“Me? I’m quiet.”


“Huh? All that grunting and growling?” Her hand slid up over the hard bulge between his thighs, drawing another soft growl from him.


Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants.


“Sweetheart – “ Angel grinned wickedly as he braked the Plymouth to a halt at a stop sign and slipped the gear shift up into park. “You haven’t heard me growl yet.”


Buffy shivered as the growl started deep in Angel’s belly and rolled up out of his throat. His chest rumbled against her breasts as his face changed to his vamp face and his head dipped toward her throat.


Her eyes fluttered shut and she threaded her fingers into his thick hair to hold him to her as he nipped gently at her neck. Their love would forever be a mix of lust and danger. The razor sharp fangs slid over the pulse in her throat without leaving the faintest scratch.


“What does Angelus think of this arrangement?” She whispered.


How do I feel about you banging Buffy 24/7? Is she kidding? Two words: Kama Sutra. Or maybe KY Jelly?


“Let’s just say…” Angel laughed softly as he let his face change back before he kissed her. “For once, I’m in total agreement with Angelus.”


The Plymouth purred as it pulled away from the stop sign.



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