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Author’s note: This is set a few years after Chosen and Home Time Bomb.
Just fluff and nothing but fluff! For Isa, list mommy at SDO, for letting me stray off topic.



Carefully, he cradled the rose in his hand. The vibrant pinks and oranges were beautiful, and he smiled as he turned it gently one way and then the other to admire the play of light on the soft petals.


"Angel, haven't we talked about this?" Buffy knelt next to him.


"I forgot." He let her put a cap on his head and then closed his eyes so she could slather lotion on his face and over the back of his neck.


"Remember the last time?" She wiped her hands off before handing him the pair of sunglasses that were hanging from the neckline of her shirt.


"The bath was… nice, though." The chocolate eyes glimmered over the top of the dark lenses at her.


"We can do the bath without the burning part." A grin fought her efforts to be stern and serious. "And Giles got a bit huffy that I stole all his tea for you to soak in."


"Soaking in English tea isn't my idea of fun either." Clipping the rose off the stem, Angel stripped the thorns away and handed it to Buffy. "Though it was a lot more fun when you got in with me."


"How about... we..." She brushed the rose across her cheek. "Go back inside… and…"


Angel licked his lips as he watched the rose slide down over her throat and dip enticingly into the v-neck of her shirt. "And?"


"And… do some… quality basking…" Leaning over, she pressed her lips to his.


"We could… bask… out here…" He nipped at her bottom lip.


"Do you really want to burn there again?" She giggled.


"Ah…" Standing up, he brushed off the knees of his jeans. "Last one inside is on top!"


"Angel!" Buffy jumped up and chased after him. "Cheater!"

Here's what was OT. Angel was looking at the Chicago Peace Roses .

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