The Maquis And Captain Miller

By Maquis Leader




Rating NC17

Author’s note: This is a prequel to Safe In The Arms Of Love and covers the time in The Killing Game that Kathryn spent with Chakotay  (aka Captain Miller) before they blew up Sickbay.




“We’ll have to wait here for awhile, Chakotay.” Kathryn settled back against the cave wall. Outside the Klingons, including Neelix, were singing songs of battle and passing around bottles of blood wine.


“I’m sorry, I’m not very fluent in French.”


“What?” She looked up to see Chakotay frowning at her. No, Captain Miller. “Sorry.”


“So what does it mean?” He settled down next to her.


“Um… it means…” She looked up into the black velvet eyes she knew so well. The eyes now of a stranger. “It means… handsome.”


He smiled and laughed. “That’s better than some of the things I’ve been called.”


Kathryn couldn’t help smiling back. “I can imagine.”


“We haven’t been properly introduced, have we?” He extended a hand to her. “Joe Miller.”


“Kat – Katrine.” The strange name almost tripped her up.


“Just Katrine?” He teased. “Katrine the Maquis?”


“Actually, it’s Kathryn.” She realized she knew absolutely nothing about who she was supposed to be. Remembered nothing about the scenario she’d been a part of. “Kathryn Janeway.”


“I didn’t think you were French.” He gave her a slow smile and a thorough once over. “You don’t have the look.”


Flushing, she looked away. “I’m an American.” The Hirogen had done too good of a job at burying the crew’s personalities beneath their programming. Chakotay would never have been so blatant.


“So, how long do we wait?” He pulled his helmet off and ran his fingers through his hair.


“A few hours.” Sickbay had received a sudden rush of injured Hirogen. There was no way to sneak in until they were treated and went back to the hunt.


“They can’t hold out against the Germans forever.”


“Just a few hours.” When he started to protest again, she shook her head. “If we go now, we’ll all die.”


She was right and he knew it, but it galled at him to sit and do nothing.  Luckily the scenery was nice and easy on the eyes. Katrine – Kathryn – was beautiful if a bit bossy. He let his eyes roam over her body again. Firm breasts outlined by the tight black sweater and a nice round ass he’d gotten a face full of when they were crawling through the tunnels. She was quite a dame.


It was chilly; holographic or not, the night was cool. Kathryn rubbed at her arms and pulled her legs up closer to her chest.


He watched her shiver for a moment. Typical. She’ll never admit she’s cold. For a moment, he wondered how he could know her so well after such a short time, and then he shrugged the stray thought away. Putting an arm around her shoulders, he pulled her up against his side. She stiffened for a moment before relaxing against him, her arm slipping under his jacket and around his waist.


Chakotay was warm and solid. Real in a fake world. Relaxing against him, Kathryn laid her head on his shoulder. One big hand was rubbing up and down her arm while the other held her hands, massaging her cold fingers. Without conscious thought, she twined her fingers with his as she had on New Earth.


He could tell she was attracted to him by the way her body curved into his and the easy way she was playing with his fingers. A lot of white women were attracted to him because of his dark skin. His cock hardened and he smiled; that was okay by him, because he liked white women. His father ranted at him constantly to stay away from them, but their creamy skin lured him back.


Tipping her head back, Kathryn was caught off guard by the sensuous smile and the lust in his eyes. She’d seen desire in Chakotay’s eyes many times before he hid it. But pure lust? Never. “What – what are you –“


“Thinking?” He laughed. “That my father would have a fit.”


“Your father?” That didn’t fit his expression.


“You’re beautiful.” He trailed a finger over the curve of her cheek. “Pale and soft.”


Is this what Chakotay’s really like? He was open and freer, smiling quickly, and his emotions were clearly displayed. Kathryn could tell he wanted her; the dark eyes were more expressive than ever before. Is this Joe Miller? Or is this Chakotay?


Lowering his lips to her cheek, he kissed her gently, then kissed along her jaw to her ear. Nibbling at her earlobe, he chuckled softly as she shivered. Licking at the soft spot below her ear, he dropped his hands to her breasts, skimming over them to rest at her waist.


Panting, Kathryn turned her face away as he kissed along her cheek and jaw, realizing too late the sensitive skin she was exposing to him. Her stomach quivered as his hand splayed across it. When his mouth moved over hers and his hand slid up to cup her breasts, she brought her hands up to push at his chest.


He pulled back slightly, his breath fanning across her lips. In her smoky blue eyes he saw the conflict and wondered if she had a husband or boyfriend somewhere. He should care, but he didn’t. “Kiss me…”


“Chakotay…” She whispered against his mouth. He’ll never know. The tiny voice whispered to her. Just a few kisses. Chakotay will never know.


When her hands slid up into his hair and her lips pressed against his, he knew he had her. A woman willing to share a few kisses was generally willing to share a lot more. Tightening the arm around her shoulders to pull her closer, his other hand searched through the sweater and bra to pinch a hardened nipple. When she moaned, he slid his tongue into her mouth to play with hers.


He was a wonderful kisser, lips firm but not forceful as he kissed and licked at her. His hands were another matter; one was cupping and squeezing her breast while the other was pulling her sweater up out of her pants. “Chakotay, we need to stop.”


“Why?” He worked a hand up under her sweater and tugged at the clasp of her bra until it opened. “We’re only kissing.”


His lips covered her again, caressing and teasing. Kissing, we’re only kissing! She sucked at his tongue eagerly.


He maneuvered them around until they were lying side by side. Pulling her sweater up, he lowered himself until he could suck a pink nipple into his mouth. The sight of his dark hands against her white skin made his cock throb and ache. Cupping the soft mounds together, he licked and suckled at them greedily.


When Chakotay pulled away and sat up, Kathryn moaned in frustration. Grinning at her, he pulled his jacket off and unbuttoned his shirt. Her tongue flicked out to lick her lips as he peeled off the shirt to reveal a pale green t-shirt that exposed his shoulders and upper chest.


He felt a surge of triumph and desire. Kissing was only the beginning; there was a hunger in Kathryn’s eyes like she hadn’t been with a man in years. Slowly, he pulled off the t-shirt, letting her get a good look.


“You’re beautiful.” Sitting up, she ran a hand over his flat belly and up his chest.


Pulling her sweater and bra off, he pressed her back and laid his body over hers. Rubbing his chest against her, he glanced down to see the pink and creamy breasts against his darker skin. “No, you’re the beautiful one.”


Soon they were panting and rubbing against each other, kissing and caressing. His hand had pushed down inside her pants and his fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy, making her arch up against him.


Kathryn realized dimly that she kept moving the stopping point. When Chakotay sucked on her breasts she had decided that wasn’t the place to stop, and when his thick fingers had pushed up into her, she’d decided that wasn’t the place to stop either. Now, with ripples of fire rolling over her, she put up one last stop sign. After she came, she’d make him stop.


Sucking hard on one pink nipple, he slid a third finger inside her pussy and pumped harder as he ground the heel of his hand against the swollen bud. She cried out and bucked up against him, her inner walls clamping desperately on his fingers.


Dazedly, Kathryn felt her boots slide from her feet and then her pants were being pulled off. “W – wait…”


“In a minute, sweetheart.” He pushed her thighs apart and settled on his belly between them. Nuzzling through the auburn curls, he kissed the small bundle of nerves, smiling at her gasp. “A mademoiselle in Paris taught me this.”


“Oh, God!” Clutching at his hair, Kathryn arched up into his mouth as he lapped and sucked at her. Biting her lip to hold back the cries that wanted to break free, she spread her legs wider as he pushed a thick finger inside of her once again.


When Kathryn moaned and clamped her thighs around his head as she came again, he laughed softly. If she loved this, she’d be willing to do what he wanted next. With one last nuzzle through her curls, he sat up and pulled off his boots, socks, and pants.


Sliding her fingers through her own wetness, Kathryn watched as Chakotay stripped. She knew she should stop him, but it was too good, too wonderful, and she wanted more.


Lying next to her, he kissed the curls on her mound once again.  Pulling her leg over his shoulder, he slid his tongue along the delicate pink lips of her pussy and lapped up the taste of her once again.


For a moment, she lay still. This wasn’t a position she liked at all. It was awkward and dirty somehow. His hard cock was close to her face and she knew he wanted her to take it in her mouth.


Sparks followed his tongue as it laved at her pussy. God! He couldn’t have learned this from a hologram! He’s too damn good at it! The fat head of his cock slid across her lips. He was rubbing it back and forth teasingly, clearly inviting her to suck him. What the hell, he’s damn sure giving me what I want.


Hesitantly, she opened her mouth and took the head, sucking gently. His moan thrilled her and she licked and kissed at him. His hips jerked and for a moment she worried that he would try to shove his cock down her throat the way Mark liked to do. Mark hadn’t been happy until she was gagging and choking.


One big hand slid along her body to tangle in her hair, but he made no move to push her to do more than she wanted. Chakotay’s sides were heaving as he panted, but his mouth and the fingers of his other hand never paused.


Carefully, Kathryn took him deeper into her mouth, relaxing around his thickness. She cupped his balls and rubbed her fingers along the soft place just behind them. When she pressed up against it, he moaned and jerked again.


He was close to coming; the big vein running along the shaft was pulsing against her top lip. She began sliding him in and out of her mouth quickly, her teeth grazing teasingly over the shaft and fat head while she squeezed and worked his balls with her hands.


A bitter taste and the swelling of the head were her only warning and she backed off as he came. Chakotay arched toward her and his cries of pleasure were muffled against her thigh. She curled an arm around his hips to hold him as she swallowed the hot, musky cum.


Stroking his back and ass, she waited for him to move away. Instead, he lowered his mouth to her pussy once again. He was murmuring against her, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying. Whatever it was, the vibrations were incredibly erotic.


Groaning as he pushed his tongue inside of her, Kathryn rested her face against his mound. His cock lay soft and flaccid against her cheek as a fresh firestorm ripped through her.


Panting, she lifted her face and took his cock in her hands. Even soft, he was good sized, long and thick. Curiously, she slid his foreskin back; she’d never been with a man who wasn’t circumcised and the extra skin fascinated her. It’s like a little sleeping bag. Chuckling, she kissed the head and sucked up the last of his cum. His cock twitched and began to harden once again.


Her eyes closed and she bit her lip again as the pressure in her belly built up to a painful explosion down into her pussy and thighs. Even her breasts ached and tingled as her climax thudded through her.


Rolling away, he moved up and over her, kissing her and letting her taste herself from his mouth. “Now I can last a long time, sweetheart.” He grinned as he pushed his cock into her.


“Wait!” Her hands came up to his chest, but it was too late, he was sheathed fully inside of her. “Oh, God!”


“Save the praying for later, baby.” He lowered his head to suck at her nipples and began pumping hard.


“Please…” Forgive me, Chakotay! She held his head to her breasts and raised her legs to lock around his hips.


Joe Miller was nothing like she imagined Chakotay would be. He was arrogantly smug in the pleasure he was giving her. He grinned down at her, watching her moan and whimper. Kathryn arched up as he rotated his hips and she clutched at his shoulders to keep him close.


“You’re beautiful, so creamy and white…” His head dipped down and his tongue traced patterns along her shoulder and down to her breasts. “I love your freckles.”


“I hate them.” She pulled him back to her for a kiss. “Ugly brown spots.”


“They’re a map.” He grunted as he began thrusting in a hard and steady rhythm. “A map for pleasure.”


She laughed and rocked with him, grinding her body against his as the ripples of lightning turned to waves.


“Beautiful – fucking beautiful – “ Holding himself up off of her, he looked down between their bodies. Her white thighs were spread wide around his darker ones and his cock was slick and wet sliding in and out of her body. “Your pussy – fucking tight – squeezing my cock – “


Is this Chakotay? The words were coarse and crude. And exciting. No one had ever talked to her this way. Her inner walls clenched and spasmed as the waves washed her over the edge once more.


Kathryn slid her hand down his belly to where they were joined and circled the thick shaft with her fingers. Chakotay began fucking her harder, grunting and panting out words in a strange almost guttural language. This can’t all be programmed into him! The occasional word in Standard tore from him. White, pussy, and cock. I love your brown skin, too, Chakotay.


With a final hard thrust, he came, spilling his seed inside of her. Collapsing onto Kathryn, he panted in her ear. “Good – so good –“


“Yes.” She held Chakotay’s heaving body tightly. “It was.”


“You have a man?” He rolled off of her and pulled her onto his chest.


“I – uh – no.”


“Good.” He kissed her forehead. “Maybe when this is all over, I’ll come back to St. Claire and we can have a good time.”


“Come back?” What the hell am I supposed to say to that? Sorry, there is no St. Claire?


He stiffened. What the hell am I thinking? One fuck and you’re ready to settle down? “Forget it. Forget I said anything.”


“No, it’s – if you can then – come see me.” She yawned suddenly. “We should get dressed.”


“Uh hmmm…” He nuzzled sleepily at her cheek. “In a minute…”






Kathryn sat down wearily on her bed. The Hirogen had finally been beaten back enough to agree to a truce. For the first time in days, she would be able to take more than a spit bath and pull on some clean clothes.


Tugging off the black sweater and bra, she noticed the small bruises on her breasts. Love bites. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself one small moment of grief. She’d made love to Chakotay. Finally given herself to the man she loved and he didn’t even know about it. Probably never would.


Tugging off her boots and pants, she hesitated before tossing them onto the floor. She would keep her Maquis clothing. Maybe someday she could tell Chakotay what happened and she’d wear them for him.


Reaching up to her earlobe, she tugged off the gold earring. Her fingers couldn’t find the second one. Glancing in the mirror, she saw that it was gone. Somewhere after leaving St. Claire, she’d lost the other earring. Opening her jewelry box, she laid the single earring inside carefully.


She stepped over to the bulkhead that separated her quarters from Chakotay’s. “I love you, Chakotay. And someday… I promise… someday…”


So where is the other earring? Safe In The Arms Of Love

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