Interview With The Vampire

By Maquis Leader




Author’s note: Recently, I received feedback from someone who was rereading some of my stories including End Of Days. My reply to her and her reply back ended up sparking this crazy idea that I put first into my Live Journal and, after a comment on the post sparked yet another idea, I decided to post it here as well.



My reply to her original feedback email:


I've written the Angelus sequel to End of Days, so it's good you're rereading it. Hopefully, we can get it up this weekend. It's 73 pages I think. Angelus is a methodical beast.


Her reply back:


You are too kind, thank you for replying. I just have to ask this one little question. When you say Angelus is a beast you do mean to everyone else but Buffy, right? I mean he still loves her (and only her) in his own way, right? Please say yes, I hate those “Angelus is a whore and he couldn't care less or treat Buffy different from the rest” fics. Now I'm scared *g*




Angelus is a tad... complicated. Let me ask him a couple quick questions...


Me: You're evil, right?

Angelus: To the core, sweetie.


Me: So you like to murder and maim? That type of thing?

Angelus: Let's not forget torturing and killing.


Me: And that's all humans, am I right?

Angelus: Hey, I don't discriminate! Humans, demons, deities –  I'll take them all on.


Me: What are your feelings for women?

Angelus: Use 'em and drain 'em. Make them crazy if I'm in the mood.


Me: So you think they should all just be fucked and then drained?

Angelus: You know me too well... *smiles and purrs*


Me: *glad to be sitting down* Does that include Buffy?

Angelus: *frowns* Buffy is... Buffy is... no.


Me: No?

Angelus: No. *glares*


Me: Just no?

Angelus: Buffy is different. She ah... *smiles* amuses me.


Me: Amuses you? So she's nothing special?

Angelus: I didn't say that... she's... she's the Slayer, you know. *shifts uncomfortably*


Me: Isn't it true that the scar on her throat is considered "marking"?

Angelus: What would you know about marking? *sneers sexily*


Me: *fans self* I know quite a bit, I've studied vamps – you and Angel especially. And that mark means you've claimed her as a mate.

Angelus: *looks bored* You could say that.


Me: Of course, it was Angel who marked her so I guess that she's his –

Angelus: *roars angrily* She's mine! Buffy is mine!


Me: *quivers* I agree completely!

Angelus: *growls softly* You'd better... Soul Boy was weak and I'm the one who fed from her! I would have turned her then –  *growls louder*


Me: Slayer blood healed him and he regained control?

Angelus: Unfortunately. *pouts*


Me: So... *pats Angelus' arm comfortingly. sighs over firm muscles* That means that you don't intend to just fuck her and abuse her? Drain her when you're done?

Angelus: Of course not. *smiles seductively* I intend to fuck her until she loses her mind from pleasure. *purrs* And then turn her.


Me: A bit of draining then? *tries not to pant*

Angelus: Well, duh! I have to drain her and feed her my blood.


Me: Hmm... Wouldn't it be sexy as hell to cut your throat just a little and let her nurse from you like she's already a vamp?

Angelus: Hey, that's good! *makes note* Better than the wrist.


Me: Thanks for clearing that up for me. I knew you treated Buffy better than some of those other writers would have us believe.

Angelus: Oh please! Like Buffy would let me put a dog collar on her and slap her around? *rolls eyes* She'd cut my balls off!


Me: Well, Angelus, it's been a pleasure, *stands* but I have a big story to edit.

Angelus: *blocks the exit* I'm feeling just a bit hungry after all that talking.


Me: Did I mention it's the alternate sequel to End Of Days? The one where you weren't captured?

Angelus: I can always get some take out later. *smiles angelically* If you need any help with details... you know where to find me.

Angel: Yeah, locked in your box. *frowns*

Me: Thanks for letting me visit with him. *drools over having both Angel and Angelus in one shot*



Hope that cleared it up for you! Never, never will you see me treat Buffy like some little sex toy or weak thing that takes whatever abuse he hands out. And Angelus, even early season 2 Angelus, isn't likely to treat her as a piece of meat. Er... blood?




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